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Full text of "The Samaritan Liturgy, the Common Prayers"

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THOU iacial oi Ltreneet i 
SADIE ea iy 

as * aay ‘ Sie! 
y rf Pe vig hese iis 
i a SEA Co 

i > Nis 
aed ath 

SEE TP SE eA rere ee 6 ar eee 

tba ot at 


pe Ly See 


PA vom se eo 


ita S 

pa) HEN 
Moa? sheeiet > 
aretha ree mh } 
spite ae 





Hye ti 




asa kk 

aia gree) iia 
iE bath ities Bias ti 

Ras Nuestra eet 

| an Stl Sete terete eas 
ts Thabet M seadeishehi Ke petessta sate 
eee se 
Eas fs ct 
BL yibhetes pera aka ig 

ee ot ea oe ae 


ee be 


Sd erat Sy : 

ethane tas 


faa a ‘ ee, 
sesitsictiiases Shite rasitetisie i 78 esse Epa its 
7% it Si 5 : 5 * i. : ek 
he yrtis ‘ iat 


‘ aye ai ssa! 

ar 4g ¢ 
Re esr CURMeLR Lead ot ue 
ie hii oe 14 fit 
2 Ap hari 



Wa ie asichty im : 
SRAM UAL eye mete entre CARN iin 
ae Mrtacet A terebM thie mena 
sTetitt ite th 

tt neath btieaee ea rn ber Sele ins i 

‘s * 


See py: 

Se eethc a oe 
weg en Ps 

mi . Wins 19. o) sh bes i Rg ler it f 
uettint sneha UMM i A ny SRO 
lise uta sia cid ai TNA a 
Stale rite Baatelca sat Hd aye iB ate 

Shigeo? rebel ett cfr) tsb ae eh i } hs Pe 
fj Brot tit tite Baglle! ; i bigest 
oO Neh eed ty) " s Ta Levi bs ‘- ‘ ft ~\y 

vn ; ae, 
A tt eat 



od a 








ee ee — ees ee ee CS —_ 

—_ =. 



THE present work was begun in 1890 at the suggestion 
of the late Dr. Neubauer, who also helped in the revision 
of the first few sheets, printed in 1892-5. Its progress 
has been much hindered by other work, and by the diffi- 
culties of the undertaking. The whole of the text had 
to be transcribed by my own hand from MSS. in Samaritan 
character into Hebrew square character, and could only 
be done in leisure moments, at long intervals and during 
hurried visits to various libraries. I hope that scholars, 
who will appreciate the difficulties, will make allowance 
for the defects, and consider only the interest of the new 

The texts are mostly edited for the first time, and the 
few that have been published before, appear now, it is 
believed, in a more correct form, as well as in their proper 
setting. It is quite possible that some hymns or prayers 
may have been omitted, but the collection includes all that 
were found. The introduction (pp. xx to xxxiv) represents 
a first attempt at tracing the history of the liturgy by 
putting together all the scanty information that can be 
gathered as to the various authors. The Glossary, though 
short and incomplete, will, it is hoped, throw light on some 
of the obscurities in the Aramaic texts. 

It only remains to express my obligations to the late 
Dr. Neubauer for his advice and help, and to the late 
Padre Bollig, Librarian of the Vatican, who most generously 
handed over to me his transcript of the MS. V 3, which 
I then copied into square character and made the basis 
of the text on pp. 3 to 81. I must also thank the 

a 2 


Earl of Crawford for his great kindness in sending his 
MSS. to me in Oxford; the Delegates of the Press for 
their patience with my unavoidable delays; their Oriental 
reader, Mr. Pembrey, for his minute care of the proofs; 
and above all, the members of Magdalen College, whose 
liberality enabled me in 1894 to pay a most profitable 
visit to the East. 
sim) pat wn pe > pat “mde 

MaeGpaLen CoLuece, 



Meruop or THis Epirion . i ‘ ; oo. WE 
List or MSS. usep . : ‘ - aah ix 

Dates oF THE Texts (seE INDEX oF AUTHORS). XvViil 

List oF Hien Priests. ‘ : ‘ i TS 
GENEALOGICAL TABLES : 3 é ; oo omd¥ 
GLOSSARY : ‘ ; : ; , e ee 
INDEX OF FIRST LINES ‘ : : ; . lxxili 
INDEX OF AUTHORS . 4 : : ; . Xevi 
CORRIGENDA . 3 ; : : ? ; . xeix 
Common Prayers (Drrrer) 3 , ; : 3 
Passover SERIES : ; : ; ; : 93 
Pentecost SERIES. ‘ ; : : » 884 

BuRIAL . : ; : : . 852 
APPENDIX . : : ; : : : « 1,869 

Ty, a < 7 
= oe. Va 
et as 

fi E52 2. - 
_. ptt eee 1 = 
‘ Me, ; ates : s . 7, c ’ 

;3 ’ ie 

« ee 
Siti Suro mis * 5p eee 

Abel G2 2:2 Sl = tet 


Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2007 with funding from 
Microsoft Corporation 

ei re > | htip:// rgy02co' vl : 

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Parts of the Samaritan Liturgy have already been published 
by Gesenius (Carmina Samaritana, Lipsiae, 1824, reprinted in 
Square character by Kirchheim in Karme Shomron, Frankfurt 
a. M., 1851), by Heidenheim (in his Vierteljahrsschrift, Gotha, 
1860+, and Die samaritanische Liturgie, Leipzig, 1885+), by 
Geiger (in ZDMG., xviii, pp. 813+, xxi, pp. 169+), by Peter- 
mann (Brevis ling. Sam. Grammatica, Carolsruhae et Lipsiae, 
1873, Chrestomathia, pp. 12 +), by Merx (Atti dei Lincei, ser. 4* 
Rendiconti, iii, 1, pp. 550+, 2, pp. 160+, Actes du 8” Congrés 
Internat. des Orientalistes, ii, 1, 119+, in Pertsch’s Catal. Die 
orientalischen Handschriften...2u Gotha, 1893, pp. 29+, and in 
Binsch-Drugulin’s Marksteine aus der Weltlitteratur, Leipzig, 
1902), by Hilgenfeld (in Ztschr. fiir wiss. Theol., xxxvii, pp.233 +), 
and by S. Rappoport (Journal Asiatique, 1900, pp. 207+, and 
La Lnturgie samaritaine, Paris, 1900). 

These are mostly isolated hymns. Heidenheim’s collection, 
which is the most extensive, is very inaccurate both in text 
and translations! Many of the pieces are extremely difficult 
in any case, and only become intelligible when compared 
with others, and when the peculiarities of Samaritan style 
are studied. In the present edition it has been thought best 
to follow the MSS. closely, reproducing the traditional, or at 
least customary, spelling of the scribes, and correcting tacitly 
only what, as being departures from established custom, are 
clearly mistakes. Many difficulties, however, still remain on 
which the MSS. throw no light. It is not possible to deal 
with the texts by the ordinary rules of Hebrew and Aramaic 
(see below, p. xxxv), and to attempt to do so would be to 
destroy the character of the compositions. The later Sama- 
ritans, living in almost complete isolation, and from about 
the eleventh century a.p. speaking only Arabic, developed 
the use of Hebrew for religious purposes entirely on their 
own lines. Whether it was worth while to try to reproduce 

1 The same is true of Gesenius’s work, but it must be remembered that his 
translation represents a first attempt, and that he had to rely on a single 
incorrect MS. in each case. 


their form of the language, as has been done, is a question 
which need not be discussed here. The quality of the various 
compositions varies of course with the degree of the author's 
learning: the trustworthiness of particular MSS. depends on 
the intelligence of the particular scribe. The method adopted 
has been to select the MS. which seemed on the whole most 
correct, and to make it the basis of the text. The more 
important variants of other MSS., if any were accessible, have 
then been given in the foot-notes, which therefore sometimes 
contain the better reading. Where no complete MS. existed 
(e.g. for circumcision, pp. 818+) the text has been pieced 
together from the fragmentary copies. As a rule the variants, 
though numerous, are trivial, consisting of differences of 
spelling or mere scribal errors. In the case of inferior dupli- 
eate copies it was thought unnecessary to note such variants 
except for special reasons, but it is believed that none have 
been omitted which could in any way throw light on the 
meaning of the text or the usage of the scribe. The first 
part (pp. 3-81, containing the Defter) is based on P. Bollig’s 
very careful transcript of the Vatican MS. (V 3), but since the 
Aramaic in which it is mostly written, is of the fourth century, 
and important in connexion with the language of the Targum, 
all variants (except those which are classified below, p. xxvi) 
are intended to be given in this part. The other texts are 
based chiefly on the MSS. in the British Museum’ (Li &c.) 
and on the Crawford collection’ (Cr 11 &c.) now in the John 
Rylands Library at Manchester. The rubrics, or headings, are 
mostly in very corrupt Arabic, which, after much hesitation, 
has been reproduced with all its errors. As their form seems 
to depend on the taste of the scribe, variants in them are 
given only when the sense is concerned, but they are printed 
in the most explicit form in which they appear in any of 
the MSS. used, and sometimes compiled from two MSS. 
Liturgical MSS. are so numerous that it would have been 
impossible to collate them all. Moreover, little would have 
been gained by attempting to do so, since they all* represent 

1 These will be described by the Rev. G. Margoliouth in his catalogue of 
the Hebrew and Samaritan MSS. 

? A catalogue of this is in preparation. 

8 Except the fragments of the Damascus ‘use’ (p. xii) and MSS. of the 


the same tradition. They are, with few exceptions, modern, 
and as they are uniform in character a detailed description of 
them is unnecessary here. They are usually of stout oriental 
paper, about 8 x 61 inches, written as a rule in a cursive hand, 
not in the formal character used in copies of the Pentateuch ; 
and bound in native leather. The biblical passages, which form 
a large part of the liturgy, are written continuously, the hymns 
generally in double lines, forming two columns. To save space 
the biblical passages are here omitted and the hymns are printed 
continuously, but a single point is placed at the end of the first 
half-line and a double point at the end of the second half. 
These points are not to be regarded in any sense as stops, 
especially in the earlier parts (from V 3). They simply indicate 
the arrangement of the text in the MS., or, in prose passages, 
perhaps pauses in chanting. The MSS. used for the various 
parts of the liturgy are noted at the beginning of each division, 
and the folios of the copy on which the text is mainly based 
are indicated in the margin. 

The following is a list of the MSS. used :— 

At Berlin (Royal Library) : 
Most of these were not collated throughout :— 

B1=M5S. or. 4to 531. Ff.69. The acrostic (usually found 
only in Pentateuch MSS.) gives the scribe’s name 
as Shelah b. Isaac Danfi. Date 1163 H.(=17504.D.). . 
For Harvest. 

B2=MS. or. 4to 532. Pp. 301. Written by Isaac b. 
Abraham Danfi in 1213 H. (=1798-9 a.p.). The 

~ Defter, agreeing, even in the Arabic version, with 

Cr 11, but incorrect. The writing also is like that of 
Cri11. Perhaps both are copies from the same original. 
It was collated to p. 108, thence only in the rubrics, 
Page 286 dated 1217 H. 

B 3=MS. or. 4to 533. Ff. 58. Written by Shelah, as in 
Bt, in 1167 H. (1753-4 A.D.). For Mod ha-Succéth. 

B 4=MS. or. 4to 534. Written by Mufarrij (= Marhib) b. 
Joshua in 1201 H. (=1786-7 a.p.). For Passover and 
the 1st of Nisan. 

B5=MS. or. 4to 535- Ff. 115. Written by Tabiah b. 
Isaac, the Priest (an intelligent and careful scribe), in 
1200 H.(=1785-64.D.). For Succoth. A good copy. 


B 6=MS. or. 4to 536. Ff. 128. Written by Marhib, as 
B 4, in 1201 a. (=1786-7 a.p.). For Passover. 

B7=MS. or. 4to 537. Ff. 125. Written by Ghazal 
(=Tabiah, as B 5), mostly in 1200 n. (=1785-6 a.D.). 
For Mo‘ed ha-shemini. 

B8=MS. or. 4to 538. Ff. 109. Written by Ibrahim b. 
Isma‘il Mufarriji, in 1242 oH. (=1826-7 a.v.), For 
Zimmiuth Succdth, Mo‘ed hodesh ha-shebhii, ten days 
of Selihath. 

Bo=MS. or. 4to 539. Ff. 129. Written by Ibrahim, as 
B8, in 1241 nH. (=1825-6 a.v.). For anapo nb», 
p35 naw, m3 Yypnan. The only MS. available 
for this part of the text. Ff. 2-9 are by an earlier 

B 1o=MS. or. 4to 530. Ff. 133. Written by Ibrahim, 
as Bo, in 1249 H. (=1833-4 A.D.). For the seven 
Sabbaths following Passover. 

Bir1=MS. or. 4to 529. Ff. 71. Written by Mufarrij 
(=Marhib, as B6), in 1201 oH. (=1786-7 a.p.). For 
Hag ha-mazzoth. 

B 12 and 13=MSS. Petermann 6, 7. Written by Ghazal 
(=Tabiah), as B7, in 1199 and 1177 H. (=1784=5, 
1763-4 A.D.). For the day of Atonement. 

At Manchester (John Rylands Library), formerly in the 
library of the Earl of Crawford : 

Crit. Pp. 317. Written in 1209 H. (=1794-5 A.D.) by 
Mufarrij (= Markib) b. Joshua b. Mufarrij, as B 11. The 
Defter in the later recension. It contains the begin- 
ning, which is wanting in V 3, and some later additions. 
In two columns, that on the left being an Arabic 
version. Both columns are in Samaritan character, 
mostly majuscule in the early part, but in the latter 
part cursive Samaritan and Arabic characters are used. 
An excellent copy, well written and correct. 

Cri2. Pp. 38. Written by Joseph b. Israel b. Ishmael 
Danfi in 1277 H. (=1860 4.p.). For the eve of the 
first month. Cursive and incorrect. 


Cr13. Ff. 57. Written by Muslim b. Murjan b. Ibrahim 
Danfi in 1120 H. (=1708 a.p.). For Hag ha-mazzoth. 
Careful. On fol. 41 an addition by Salih b. Ibrahim 
Danfi in 1276 H. (= 1859-60 A. D.). 

Cr1g. Ff. 55. Written by Muslim (as Cr 13) in 1144-5 H. 
(=1732 a.v.). On ff. 515-55 are later entries. For 
Burial. A good copy. 

Cri16. Pp.19. Written by Muslim (as Cr 15) in 1140 u. 

| (=1728 a.p.). His prayer in time of drought (see 
p- 85) with an Arabic version. 

Cri8. Ff. 112; 6x4 inches. Written by Ghazal (as B 12) 
in 1179 H. (=1766 a.pv.). The Defter, beginning (as 
P 8, f. 22>) with the prayer of Joshua (see p. 4). The 
rubrics are mostly in Samaritan. A very good copy, 
but containing less than Cri11, and with no Arabic 
version. Ff. 107-112 were added by Salih b. Ibrahim 
Danfi in 1256 u. (=1840 A. D.). 

Crig9. Pp. 121; 6X4 inches. Written by Muslim (as 
Cr 16) in 1115 H.=2016 sy, (1703 A-D.). Pp. 110, 
111 are dated 1132; pp. 112, 113 IN 1134, pp. 114, 115 
in 1143 by the same scribe. For Circumcision and 
Marriage (cps)! Jegl1). Some lacunae. On paper of 
various colours. Pp. 109, 116-121, and two pages at 
the beginning, contain later entries. 

Cr 20. Pp.125; 6x4 inches. Pp. 3-24 (and perhaps 
others) written by Amram b. Solomon, the Priest, in 
1248 H. (=18334.D.). Pp. 25-124 by Ishmael b. Abd- 
hanuna (= Abd-al-latif) Danfi, in 1117 H.(=1705 A.D.). 
For Hag ha-mazzéth. On p. 2 an addition by Salih, as 
in Cr. 13, in 1262 H. (=1846). 

Cr27. Ff.17. Written by Mufarrij (= Marhib) b. Jacob 
in 1075 H. (=1664 a.pv.). For the Sabbath of 
Zimmitth ha-pesah. Ff. 1, 2, 9, 10 are a later 

At Gotha (Grand-Ducal Library): 
Gr (see Merx in Pertsch, Die oriental. Handschriften . 
p- 29), a fragment containing §§ 7 to 5 of the etait 6: on 
P- 555. No date. Probably about 1150 H. (=1737 
A. D.) or later. 


G 2 (ibid., p. 31). Ff. 61, loose and out of order. Written 
by Ghazal b. Abi Sardar and Murjan Danfi, in 1168 a, 
(=1754-5 A.p.). Contains various pieces from the 
Defter, &c., and most of the service for marriage and 

In the British Museum : 

H1=MS. Harl. 5481. Ff. 47 (and some leaves in an 
European hand). Not all by one hand, nor continuous. 
Copied from an early MS., partly in the sixteenth cen- 
tury (G. Margoliouth), partly earlier. Contains parts 
of the Defter, marriage service, &c., as used at 
Damascus, some with Arabic version. 

H2=MS. Harl. 5495. Ff. 25 (and some leaves in an 
European hand). Probably the earlier part is by the 
same (sixteenth century) hand as H1, the rest is 
later. Contains parts of the service for marriage and 
circumcision, &c., some with an Arabic version, 
and (pp. 33-48) some leaves of calendar. 

H 3=MS. Harl. 5514. Ff. 220, folio. Ff. 204-220 in an 
European hand. Various contents written by many 
hands at different dates. On f. 18 begins the liturgy for 
the eve of the first month (to f. 70), as used at Damascus. 
The text is very corrupt and often unintelligible (see 
extracts in the Appendix). Probably not laterthan goon. 
or about 1500 A.p. Ff. 71sqq.contain Marqah’sCommen- 
tary with Arabic version: ff. 85-171, 174-203 calendar. 

H 1, 2, 3, although of more interest than most Samaritan 
MSS., were only occasionally consulted, since, being frag- 
mentary, they did not help to establish the form of the Liturgy. 
Moreover H1 and H 3 represent the use of Damascus, which 
differed from that of Shechem. It is hoped to deal with these 
three MSS. elsewhere. 

In the Library of Keble College, Oxford : 

K 4. Ff. 35, sm. gto. It is a fragment of the Defter, 
mostly early, in a majuscule hand, perhaps of the 
thirteenth or fourteenth century, on paper. A later 
hand has supplied ff. 1, 10, 11, 22, 24-27, part of 32, 
33-35. No scribe’s name or date is found in either 
part, but the name Ibrahim Ishaq, signed on f. 11, 


may be that of the scribe of the later part (nineteenth 
cent.). The old part originally represented the earlier 
recension (see below, p. xxv) as in V 3, but it has been 
altered by the late hand to agree with the later 
recension as in Cr11. Many of the original readings 
are in consequence illegible. Vowel-points are few 
and probably added by a later hand. The rubrics 
are in Samaritan (as in V 3), not in Arabic. A pecu- 
liarity, not found elsewhere, i is the use of Arabic dia- 
critical points, thus 4, 4, ™ »%, in writing Aramaic. 

In London (British Museum) : 

L1=MS. add. 19,005. Ff. 75. Written by Solomon b. 
Jacob Danfi in 1162 oH. (=1749 a.D.). For Hag 
ha-mazzoth. Ff. 1-5, 75 were added by Solomon b. 
Ghazal, the Priest, in 1228 H. (=1813 A.D.). 

L2=MS. add. 19,007. Ff. 143. Written by Marhib b. 
Joshua Marhibi, as Cr. 11, in 1184 H. (=1770 a.D.). 
For the znd Sabbath of the 1st month, and for Mo‘ed 
ha-pesah. A good copy. 

L3=MS. add. 19,020. Ff. 118. Written by Marhib, 
as L 2, in 1184 Hw. (=1770 a.v.). For the rst of 
Nisan and the 1st Sabbath of Nisan. A careful 
copy: The beginning is missing. Ff. 112>-115%, 117, 
118 were added in 1187 and 1198 H. by Solomon b. 
Sardar: ff. 1155, 116 by Tabiah. 

L4=MS. add. 19,650. Ff. 141. Written by Tabiah 
(= Ghazal, as Cr. 18) in 1197 H. (=1783 a.D.). For 
the 1st of Nisan and the 1st and 2nd Sabbaths of 
Nisan. Mostly followed for this part of the text. 
The beginning is missing. 

L5=MS. or. 1448. Ff. 68, 8vo. Written by Benjamin b. 
Jacob Danfi in 1289-91 oH. (=1872-74 A.D.) For 
Moed ha-pesah, with additions. An inferior copy 
perhaps from L 6 and partly from L2. Ff. 43-46, 
48-50, 52-55 are earlier. 

L 6=MS. or. 2689. Ff. 161. Written by Ab-Sakhwah 
(=Murjan) b. Ibrahim Danfi (cf. Cr. 13) in 1149 Hu. 
(=1737 4.p.). For Mo‘ed ha-pesah and Mazzoth. 



L7=MS. or. 2690. Ff. 101,sm. 8vo. Written by Solomon 
b. Amram, Kohen, in 1299 H. (=1882 4.p.). For the 
rst and 2nd Sabbaths of the 1st month, for Passover 
and the 7 days of Mazzoth, with some additions. 
Very cursive and careless. 

L 8=MS. add. 19,006. Ff. 174. Written by Tabiah (as 
L 4) inr177 w. (=17644.p.). For Zimmith Succéth, 
Mo‘ed hodesh ha-shebhii, and the Sabbath of the 
10 days of Selihaith. Mostly followed in this part 
of the text. F. 174 is a later addition. 

Lo=MS. add. 19,008. Ff. 92. Written by Solomon 
Danfi (as L1) in 1185 nH. (=1771 A. D.). For the 7 
days of Succoth, and the Sabbath of Hag ha-Sucedth. 
Ff, 90%, gt were added in 1254 H. by Solomon the 
Priest b. Tabiah. Ff. 2, 92 by Amram the Priest 
in 1261 H. (=1845 A.D.). 

Lro=MS. add. 19,017. Ff. 62 (about 7x54 inches). 
Written by Murjin Danfi (as L 6) in 1095-7 H. 
(= 1684-6 a. p.); ff. 1-3, 57-60 written by his grand- 
son Solomon (as L 9) in 1166 H. (=1753 A. D.). 
For Mo‘ed ha-shemini. Ff. 61-63 composed and 
written by Muslim b. Murjan in 1151 H. (=1738 A.D.). 

L 11=MS. add. 19,018. Ff. 56. Written by Ghazal (= 
Tabiah, as L 8) in 1177 H. (=1764 A.vD.). For Hag 
ha-Succoth. Ff. 55> is dated 1239 H. F. 56, 1261 u. 
by Amram the Priest. 

L12=MS. add. 19,019. Ff. 102. Written by Solomon 
b. Sarfr in 1197-8 H. (=1783-4 a.D.). For Moed 
ha-shemini. Ff. 1-3 dated 1226 nu. by Solomon the 
Priest b. Tabiah. F. 96%, 1198 mH. F. 102, 1204 H. 

L 13=MS. add. 19,791. Ff. 90. Written by Murjan 
Danfi (as L 6) in 1152-4 H. (=1739-41 A.D.). For 
the 10 days of Selihaith, and the 7 days of Succoth. 
Ff. 1-3* are later additions. 

L14=MS. add. 25,880. Ff. 41. Written (badly and un- 
intelligently) by Isaac b. Ibrahim (as B 2) in 1229 un. 
(=1814 a. D.). For the Sabbath of the Zimmith 
Succoth, and the 1st day of the 7th month. 


Li15=MS. or. 1449. Ff. 53, sm. 8vo. Written (badly) 
by Benjamin, as L 5, and ‘finished in 1288 Hn. (=1871 
A.D.). For Moed ha-shemini. Ff. 51-53 contain 
only scribbling. 

L16=MS. add. 19,009. Ff. 156. Written by Solomon 
b. Sarar (as L 12) in 1195 u.(=1781 A.D.). For the 
day of Atonement. Inaccurate and different in 
arrangement from the other copies. 

L17=MS. add. 19,010. Ff. 82. The earlier part, ff. 6-36, 
44-80 (about 1180 H.) is perhaps not all by one hand. 
Ff. 1-5, 37-43, 81, 82 were written by Amram the 
Priest in 1266 oH. (=1850 a.pv.). For the day of 
Atonement, It omits the long hymns. 

L18=MS8S. add. 19,651. Ff. 196. Written by Solomon 
b. Jacob (as Lg) in 1184 oH. (=1770 a.D.). For the 
day of Atonement. It includes the long hymns 
composed by the scribe’s brother Abraham b. Jacob 
(see p. 609). A good copy. 

L19=MS. add. 19,652. Ff. 53. Written by Solomon b. 
Sarair (as L 16) in 1199 H. (=1785 A.D.) For 

L 20=MS. add. 19,790. Ff. 72, sm. 8vo. Written by 
Zedaqah b. Ibrahim b. Zedagah Danfi in 1145 4. 
(=1733 4.D.). For Circumcision and Marriage (_»| 
oil). On paper of various colours. The end is 

L 21=MS. add. 19,655. Ff. 78. Written by Solomon b. 
Ghazal (= Tabiah) the Priest in 1261 H.(=1845 A. D.). 
For the seven Sabbaths following Passover. 

L 22=MS. add. 19,654. Ff. 55. Written by Ghazal= 
Tabiah (as L 11) in 1177 H. (=1763 a.v.). For the 
feast of Harvest. 

N=MS. or. 5034. Ff. 72, vellum, sm. fol. Written mostly 
in 656H.(=1258a.pD.). From f. 50> about fifty years 
later. Containing part of the Defter. See a full de 
scription by G. Margoliouth in ZDMG.., vol. 51, p. 499. 
It was bought by the Museum after the text was 
already printed. Extracts from it are given in the 
Appendix, pp. 872+. 



At Oxford (Bodleian Library): 

O1=MS. Samar.e. 1. Ff. 48. Written by Jacob b. Isaac 

b. Murjan in 1152 H. (=1739 A-D.). For the 1st of 
Nisan if it falls on a Sabbath. Ff. 47, 48 were 
added by Abraham b. Jacob b. Ab-Sakhwah in 1154 H. 

(=1741 A-D.). 

O2=MS. Samar. e. 2. Ff. 101. Written in 1305 H. 

(=1887 a.p.). The scribe is not named. For the 
Sabbath of the Zimmtth Pesah and for the 
beginning of the 1st month. Incorrect: a very 
cursive hand. 

O3=MS. Samar. e. 3. Ff. 62. Written by Ibrahim b. 

Ismail al-mufarriji (as B 10) in 1239 H. (=1824 A.D.). 
Ff. 53-62 were added by Amram b. Solomon, the 
Priest, in 1247 H. (=18314.D.), For Hag ha-Succéth. 

O4=MS. Samar. e. 4. Ff. 45. Written by various 

hands between 1750 and 1890. No date or name 
is given. For the eve of Passover and for the 3rd 
Sabbath of the rst month (f. 22). Not continuous. 

O5=MS. Samar. e. 5. Ff. 108. Written by Joshua b. 

Joseph Mufarriji (= Marhibi) in 1260-2 u. (= 1844-6 
A.D.). For the Sabbath of the Zimmith Succéth, 
Mo‘ed hodesh ha-shebhi‘i, the 10 days of Selihath, 
and the day of Atonement. 

O6=MS. Samar. f.1. Ff. 38; 6x4dins. Written by 

Selim, called (ols (?), b. Salim (Danfi) in 1294-5 u. 
(=1877-8 a.p.). Forthe 1st Sabbath of the rst month. 

At Paris (National Library): 

P8=MS. Samar. 8. Ff. 38, sm. 8vo. By various hands, 

mostly early. Perhaps it was a compendium of the 
Defter. F. 22 seems at one time to have begun 
a volume, with the prayer of Joshua, as Cr 18, Some 
pieces occur twice, showing that the present volume 
is composite, and some differ much from the text of 
the other MSS. (see Appendix). Carefully written. 
The name Ibrahim b. Abdallah b. Ibrahim b. Ghazal 
on f. 38 is in too late a hand to be that of the scribe 
of most of the volume. Ff. 22'-30 have an Arabic 


P 18=MS. Samar. 18. Ff. 74. Incomplete. No scribe 
mentioned. For the Sabbath of Mazzoth. Ff. 7-59, 
: 61-63 in a good hand like that of Tabiah b. Isaac. 
/ Lacuna between ff.16 and 17. Ends on f. 63°, with 
} a catchword mby shewing that another service 
q followed. Ff. 4-6, 64-74 additions by a late bad 
hand like that of L 7. The early part was specially 
collated for the vowel-signs, which are carefully 

3 The following 7 MSS. were not collated throughout : ue 

P19=MS. Samar. 19. Written by Jacob b. Aaron, the 
present priest, in 1285 H. (= 1868 a.p.). For the 
Zimmith Pesah and beginning of Nisan. 

P20=MS. Samar. 20. Written by Benjamin b. Jacob 
Danfi (as L 5) in 1289 H. (=1872 A.pD.). For ANApD ov 
and omatwn naw. Ff. 8-12, 17-24, 28-30 are 

P 21=MS. Samar. 21. Written by Ab-Sakhwah (= Murjan, 
as L 13) in 1083 mw. (=1672 a.v.). For Succoth. 
Ff. 1, 2 later. 

P 23=MS. Samar. 23. Written by Jacob, as P 19, in 
1301 H. (=1883~-4a.D.). For Passover. 

P 24=MS. Samar. 24. Written by Shelaby b. Jacob (?) 
in 1290 H. (=1873 A.pD.). For the eve of the ist 
month, and the 1st of the 7th month. A few ff. are 

P 25=MS. Samar. 25. Written by Solomon, as L 18, in 
1148 H. (=1735-6 a.p.), and Jacob, his father, in 
1149 H. The Defter, with an Arabic version. A 
good copy. It begins with the rules for the reading 
of the Law,’ followed by some of the first prayers. 
Then (f. 10) anew beginning with the prayer of Joshua, 
as Cr 18. | 

P 26=MS. Samar. 26. Written by Mufarrij (= Marhib, 
as L3) in 1170 nH. (=1756-7 a.v.). For the seven 
Sabbaths following Passover. Ff. 22-24, 44-46 are 

1 See the translation in J. Q. R., vii, p. 134, from a Berlin MS. 



At Rome (Vatican Library): 

V3. Ff. 193, vellum, sm. 4to. No scribe or date men- 
tioned; ascribed to the thirteenth century by Bollig 
and Neubauer, but most probably of the fourteenth. 
The Defter in the early recension. The present text 
(pp. 3-81) is based on Bollig’s transcript. The most ~ 
important of all the liturgical MSS. 

W. Some fragments belonging to the editor, containing 
parts of the Defter, in an early hand, like that of K 4 
but smaller, perhaps of the fourteenth century. 

Other MSS., belonging to Mr. E. N. Adler, Mr. Marcus Adler, 
and Dr. Gaster, were most generously offered by the owners for 
the purposes of this edition, but as the texts were already 
printed, they could not be used. The liturgical collection 
(modern copies) said to be complete, at Heidelberg, was not 
available for the present work. Besides collating the various 
copies where they coincide, it was necessary for the sake of 
completeness to incorporate the parts peculiar to each. All 
MSS. of a service do not contain the same amount of text. 
The hymns are regarded as an expansion of the service, or 
as fitting into the original framework, and appear to be not 
all necessarily used on every occasion to which they apply. 
Hence individual scribes include more or less of them according 
to taste, date, or other circumstances.1 Some copies seem to 
be meant as outlines, and again additions are often made at the 
beginning or end of a volume, which do not properly belong 
to it. In spite of every effort to collect these scattered texts 
and fit them into the appropriate places, some must have been 
overlooked, especially in the less accessible copies, which were 
not fully collated, for the difficulty of dealing with so much 
material in manuscript is great. 

With regard to the dates of various parts of the liturgy, 
obviously the only sound basis for investigation is the evidence 
of the chronicles, checked by one another, by genealogies, and 
by quotations or notices in other authors. It is true that the 
chronicles are most bewildering in their inconsistencies, their 

1 In a MS. belonging to Mr. M. Adler there is a note of a decision to insert 
a hymn in the service for the 1st and 2nd Sabbaths of Nisan, This is the 
only note of the kind I remember. 


vagueness and their disregard of dates, but some definite 
results can be obtained from them, There are four extant: Me 
(1) the book of Joshua,! in Arabic, not used for the present 
purpose ; (2) that called El-tholideh * (Et-taulideh), here quoted 
as Elt; (3) that of Abu’l-fath® (Abf); (4) that belonging to 
Mr. E, N. Adler* (Ad). Of these, Elt, in Hebrew with an 
Arabic version, is largely the basis of Abf and Ad. The 
earlier part of it was compiled by Eleazar b. Amram in 
544 H. (=1149-50 A. D.), it was continued by Jacob b. Ishmael, 
priest at Damascus, in 747 H. (=1346-7 A.D.), and brought 
down to modern times probably by Jacob b. Aaron the Priest, 
who copied it in 1276 H.=1859-60 a.p. For the periods 
immediately preceding these two dates (544 and 747 H.) it 
may therefore be regarded as fairly trustworthy. Abf, in 
Arabic, mentions (p. 5) the chronicles he used (now lost, except 
Elt and the book of Joshua) and seems to have made some 
effort to distinguish fact from fiction. He wrote in 746 H. 
(=1355 A.D.) bringing his record down to the time of 
Muhammad. The various copies have additions by the scribes. 
Ad, in Hebrew, follows Elt, but is fuller and better arranged. 
Though not an independent authority, it is useful, since the 
compiler is intelligent and seems to have had other sources 
of information. It is brought down to the year 1900. The 
copyist, who is no doubt also the compiler, is called Ab-Sakhwah 
b. As‘ad b. Ishmael b. Abraham ha-danfi, and is the same as 
the Murjan who wrote the Hebrew ‘ Book of Joshua’ published 
by Gaster.°® 

From these three authorities it has been possible, with 
much wearisome calculation,® to draw up a tolerably certain . 

Sen Maden] dy Pie Theory of Rich ws ww LL ow iche 7 (4zaw) 

1 Ed. by Juynboll, Lugd. Bat., 1848. 

2 Ed. by Neubauer in the Journ. Asiat., 1869, p. 385, The references here 
are to the extract. 

8 Ed. by Vilmar, Gothae, 1865. The translation never appeared. A small 
part (to p. 33) was translated by Payne Smith in Heidenheim’s Fiextoyaies, 
schrift, vol. ii, pp. 303, 431. 

4 Ed. by E. N. Adler and M. Seligsohn in the Revue des Etudes Juives, 
vols. 44-46. The references are to the extract (Paris, 1903). 

5 ZDMG., \xii, p. 237. 

* It is unnecessary to give this here. For the later priests, with whom alone 
the liturgical dates are concerned, see the tables below (pp. xliii-xlvi). Where 
dates are given here it is to be understood that they are based on calculation 
from the chronicles. 

b 2 


list of High Priests! with approximate dates, as a foundation 
for the chronology, and ultimately to arrive at the dates of most 
of the liturgical compositions, where their authors are named. 

A large number of pieces are indeed anonymous, giving no 
clue to their date, but these are mostly short wl=*~ (ascrip- 
tions of praise). The longer compositions are generally 
attributed in the headings to their authors, and as the MSS. 
are careful in this respect and nearly always corroborate one 
another, and are again often supported by external evidence, 
there is no reason to doubt the attributions. 

The earliest collection is that called the Defter (255 Sipbépa, 
the ‘ Book’) contained in pp. 1-92 of the present edition. It 
is, however, by no means all of the same date. A considerable 
part is by Marqah, another part, the Durran? (‘string of 
pearls’) is mostly by Amram Darah? (755, AN, also jp and 
weil, ‘the ancient’), and one piece is by Nanah b. Marqah. 

The chronicles (Elt, p. 19; Ad, p. 55; Abf, p. 125) relate that 
Baba the great, contemporary (son, Ad, Abf) of the High 
Priest Nethanel (who died in 332 a.p.), built or opened the 
synagogues, AYWP NiwO'NX mdi, and enjoined the reading of the 
Law (AniwAN N-pDd ADN}). Ad, p. 55, looks like an account of 
the earliest form of synagogue worship. We need not here 
inquire how much historical fact underlies the exaggerated 
story of Baba. It seems clear at least that some important 
movement did take place in the fourth century, and since 
Margah is mentioned by all three chronicles as living at the | 
time, his work no doubt was written for the liturgy drawn 
up then.* The date of Baba’s ‘appearance’ (x53 =was born ?) 

1 It may be thought that at any rate the earlier names in this list are 
purely fictitious. It is possible, however, that they rest on a genuine, though 
distorted, tradition. In a papyrus, dated 408-7 B.0., edited by Sachau 
(Abh. d. Preuss, Akad., 1907), one of the authorities of Samaria is named 
Daliah. He was not governor, since his father Sanballat held that office, 
The name is uncommon, occurring only once in the list of Priests, and then at 
a date which seems to be about eighty years later than the papyrus. If he 
was a High Priest it would appear that the names in the list are right, though 
the years of office are not always correct, 

2-2 There is no doubt some connexion between these two names, though 
it may be only due to paronomasia. 

5 Geiger, ZDMG., xxii, p. 534, contends that Marqah cannot be put so 
early because he uses the ‘Giirtelreim’, which does not appear in Arabic 
poetry before the ninth century. He is referring to the hymn on p. 193. 
But this, the only instance, is probably not by Marqah, The style is not his, 

a 5 on a el 


is given with great exactness by Ad, p. 56,as=308 a.p. He 
‘reigned ’ forty years and died about 362 a. p. 

Margah’s father was Amram b. Sered (Abf, p. 133 s,) oy; 
P- 130 72 ps eree)s also called 7»1H,! a priest. fti is not definitely 
stated that nei is the same as Amram Darah’ the author of the 

Durran, but it is probable that the two are identical. At any 

rate Amram Darah’s language is the same as that of Margqah, 
namely the Aramaic of the Samaritan Targum. All the Durran 
is, however, not of the fourth century. Some pieces contain 
Hebraisms and even Arabisms, indicating a much later period. 
These are in some cases no doubt merely due to the scribe, 
but there remain pieces (e.g. nos. 21, 22, pp. 46, 47) which 
must be really later. In the heading on p. 31 Amram Darah 
is called (by V 3) 92 MND, though according to the lists there 
was no High Priest named Amram in the fourth century, nor 
at any date at which the Aramaic of the Durran could have 
been written. The heading evidently confuses two persons, and 
the hymn on p. 31 (which is not in the style of the Durran) is 
not by Amram Darah, but by the author of the hymn on p. 30, 
a later Amram who was High Priest (see below, p. xxv). In 
later times Margah and Durran were used as general terms, 
so that e.g. the heading Dn». “WD jd API Nay JN NS 
(p. 81) only means that the two pieces are composed on the 
model of the Durran and Margah, being really by Pinhas, and 
in Hebrew. Similarly two 33, ...2 on p. 37 are in Hebrew 
by Eleazar. 

Margah’s son Nanah is the author of the hymn on p. 15 
and of the short piece on p. 410 (cf. p. 442) but hardly of 
the hymn ascribed to him on p. 689, which in language and in 
its use of rhyme belongs to a much later period. 

The reading of the Law, which: Baba enjoined (or taught 
or instituted), was no doubt the original, as it always remained 
the essential, part of the liturgy. The work of Amram, 
Margah, and Nanah was the earliest addition to it which can 
be dated. For liturgical purposes the Law was divided into 

he does not use rhymes in the pieces which are certainly by him, and the 
acrostic may be accidental. [The only other acrostic is in the hymn on p. 846, 
Ad, p. 63.] On his date see Baneth Des Sam. Marqah’s ... Abhdg., p. 12. 
Baneth’s identification of the author of the prayer of Joshua and of the book 
of Joshua with Joshua b, Baraq (Elt, p. 20, Ad, p. 56) is very unconvincing. 

1 If now = Titus, np = Marcus, and 7 (his son) = Nonus, the family must 
have lived in the time of the Roman government of Syria. 

* Meaeri lid p26 e Artouak Leeds U pid Oriente | See 


»yp,! an arrangement which perhaps originated at this time. 
The 9up is a string of phrases from the Law, connected by 
a common idea. 

With regard to the anonymous compositions in the Defter, 
the prayers of Moses, of Joshua, and of the Angels, there is no 
evidence for determining their date. From the position of most 
of them at the beginning of the collection, from the high 
esteem in which they were held, and from their invariable 
use in all the services, it is probable that they were composed 
some time before the date of N and V 3 in which they mostly 
occur. They give the impression of being much earlier, but 
there are no means of dating them precisely. Moreover, it 
was natural that prayers should be attributed to Moses and 
Joshua in early times. In the eleventh century and after- 
wards they would bear the author’s name. The Av p (p. 11) 
as found in the later MSS. is an amplification of the earlier 
form, and perhaps something of the kind has happened to the 
prayer of Joshua. 

To this nucleus further additions were gradually made: 
the compositions of ed-Dustan, Tabiah b. mn 5, Ab-gelugah, 
Abu'l-hasan of Tyre, Joseph ha-rabban, Pinhas b. Joseph, and 
perhaps Eleazar b. Pinhas. 

The meaning of the name ed-Dustan is quite uncertain. It 
occurs in Abf, where Vilmar (p. lxxiii) takes it to mean the 
followers of Disis. If Diasis is the Dositheus mentioned by 
Epiphanius and others, as Vilmar considers, he was a con- 
temporary of Philo, but Abf (pp. 151+) followed by Ad, puts 
him after the time of Baba, and so Elt, p. 21 (o’nD15). On the 
other hand ed-Dustén are mentioned by Abf as an heretical 
sect just before he speaks of Alexander the Great (p. 82) and 
again several centuries later (p. 162). It is, however, unlikely 
that compositions by heretics would be included in the liturgy 
or that they are of any great antiquity. All that can safely 
be said as to the date of these pieces is that they oceur in V 3, 
so that they are earlier than the fourteenth century, and that 
they borrow from the Durran (fourth century). The style 
suggests a date in the eleventh century. 

Tabiah b. AN 7 seems from his style to belong to about the 
same period as Ab-gelugah (see below). The father’s name is 

1 See Jewish Quarterly Review, vii, p. 134. 



unusual. Vilmar (p. lxxxii), in his analysis of the additions to 
the Paris MS. of Abf, mentions a Duratha who helped to 
restore the synagogue shortly after the death of the High 
Priest Nethanel (died c. 274 u.). If this Tabiah is his son, 
he would belong to the tenth century a.p. He is quoted 
in a treatise’ on repentance in the Leiden MS. (no. xxvii 
in de Jong’s catalogue), p. 318, but the passage does not occur 
in the only prayer by him in the Defter.2 Nor does this 
mention of him fix his date, since the date of Abu’l-hasan 
b. Ghanaim (not the same as Abu’l-hasan of Tyre, see below), 
the author of the treatise, is also uncertain. On various 
grounds it is probable that this Abu’l-hasan lived some time 
early in the twelfth century, which would be consistent with 
a tenth-century date for Tabiah. 

With regard to Ab-gelugah and Abu’l-hasan of Tyre the 
chronicles are very much confused, Both Elt (p. 25) and 
Ad (p. 95) mention an Ab-gelugah as famous for his good 
works, which included the building of a synagogue and an 
interest in its services, apparently soon after the time of 
Al-hakim ibn al-Mu‘izz, about 1080 or 1100 a.p. We should 
naturally identify him with the liturgical writer, who lived 
at any rate before the fourteenth century, since his work is 
included in V 3. But he is said by the chronicles to have 
been the son of Ab-hisdah (= Abu’l-hasan) and his genealogy 
is given (by Elt) for 200 years, whereas in the heading in V 3 
he is called son of nbp and in H1 son of Tabiah® son of mp. 
The account in Elt, p. 66, however, does seem to refer to the 
liturgical writer, and if so, he lived in the time of Aaron b. 
Amram, who was High Priest from 509 to 531 H. (=11I15- 
37 4.D.). Both Ab-gelugah and his father lived at Acco. 

Abu’l-hasan (or Ab-hisdah) of Tyre is not mentioned as a 
liturgist in the chronicles. He may be one of the men of 
that name in the genealogy of Ab-gelugah, though it is not 
mentioned that any of the family were connected with Tyre. 
His father’s name is not given in the headings in any MS., 

1 In Arabic. He is consequently called Ghazal, the regular doublet of 
Tabiah (Jie = cote). The name is never written 7210. 

2 In V 3, not in any other MS, known at present, There are fragments of 
a (different?) prayer by him in H 3, f. 48; see Appendix. 

* In Elt, p. 66, the translation is wrong. The MS, has 20 pox -xon jo = 
of the family of these good men. 


but in H 3, f. 83 he is called ale, i.e. of priestly family, 
He is not later than the thirteenth century, since a hymn by 
him is found in N. He is generally said by recent writers’ to 
have lived in the eleventh century, but without any reasons 
being stated. This is probably about his date, although it is 
founded on a wrong assumption. In the preface to an anony- 
mous commentary edited by Neubauer (Journal Asiatique, 1873, 
p- 343) an Abu’l-hasan Daud b. Amram b. Levi is mentioned 
who had a son Abu Said, in 1033 a.p. It seems to have 
been assumed that this Abu Said is the same as the author 
of the Arabic version” of the Pentateuch and that this Abu’l- 
hasan is identical with Abu’l-hasan of Tyre. The only ground 
for the former assumption is that Abu Said’s translation is not 
used in the commentary, which is surely an insufficient 
argument. Moreover, Kahle* has recently shewn reasons for 
dating Abu Said in the thirteenth century, and in any case he 
cannot have been the son of Abu’l-hasan of Tyre, since in 
the preface * to his version he speaks of Abu’l-hasan, not as 
his father, but as a person who lived considerably earlier. 
There is a quotation from Abu’l-hasan of Tyre in the Leiden 
MS. (Catal. de Jong, no. xxvii), pp. 317, 318, which is not found 
in V 3 (the hymn on p. 79 of this edition being incomplete 
in V 3) but occurs in N. The quotation, however, does not 
help to fix his date owing to the uncertainty as to the author 
of the treatise (see above) On the whole, the commonly 
accepted date, the eleventh century,’ best suits the facts and 
the character of his work. | 

A little later, in the time of the High Priest Aaron b. Amram 
(509-531 H.), the chronicles® mention a certain Mattanah= 
Isaac b. Abraham as having established the ritual of the 
synagogues, and the order of the hymns (snbn b> an 

1 e.g. Nutt, Sketch of Sam. History, p.139,n.2. Montgomery, Samaritans, 
p- 293. Juynboll, Lib. Jos., p. 115, says tenth century. 

2 Hence dated about 1070 by Nutt and others, 

8 Die arabischen Bibeliibersetzungen, p. xi and note. 

4 In the Paris MS. C in Kuenen’s ed., p. r. The preface in the other Paris 
MS. (B) has been falsified by Abu’l-barakat. See also De Sacy in the Mémoires 
de lV Académie, vol. 49, for a collection of material on the Arabic version. 

5 When, according to Kahle, the version was composed, He seems inclined 
to think that Abu’l-hasan was its author, Abu Said being only a reviser, See 
also de Sacy, op. cit. 

6 Ad, p.95. Elt, p. 31 and p. 25, where the translation is faulty, 

ar i ae Sal 


>) pwr ain mewn [Elt ndx]). The hymn quoted with 
his acrostic is not found in the liturgy, and no composition 
of his occurs in the Defter. Probably therefore the Mattanah 
(ha-mizri) of the later liturgy is a different person, see 
below, p. xxix. 

It was pointed out above that the High Priest Amram, to 
whom are ascribed the hymns beginning on pp. 30 and 31, is 
to be distinguished from Amram Darah. As to his date we 
have only the negative evidence of N, which omits these two 
hymns with others by later authors, i.e. all from the heading 
on p. 30 to the heading on p. 38, and continues with the 
Durran immediately after the hymn of Amram Darah ending 
on p. 30. As the other authors on these pages are all later 
than N it is probable that there is the same reason for the 
omission of Amram High Priest. He is, however, included in 
V 3. The only high priest of the name who satisfies both these 
conditions held office from 653 to 668 H. (=1255-69 A. D.). 

The remaining writers who appear in the Defter, Joseph 
the High Priest or ha-rabban, Pinhas, and Eleazar, will be 
discussed below, as belonging properly to the next period. 

Till the fourteenth century then, the Defter was the Corpus 
Liturgicum from which prayers and hymns for the various 
festivals were selected. This view is corroborated by the fact 
that V 3, which was written not later than the fourteenth 
century, prescribes the portions to be used for the particular 
occasions.’ In the later MSS. (as Cr 11) these directions 
are not given, because they are not required, the special 
services being by that time instituted. At some time after 
the fourteenth century the Defter thus completed must have 
been revised. At any rate there is a clearly marked distinc- 
tion between the recension found in the early copies (as V 3) 
and the later (as Cr 11). Nor is the distinction merely 
accidental. It is so consistent that it has been found possible 
to mark the additions, alterations, and omissions thus :—(not 
in V 3 and the earlier MSS.); [not in Cr 11 and the later 
MSS. ]. Peculiarly interesting in this respect is the frag- 
ment K 4, on which see above, p. xiii. The differences are 
not due to gradual corruption of the text, but are evidently 
intentional, and extend to details of spelling and grammar. 

1 See pp. 66, 67. It was thought unnecessary to print these, 




following is a list of those which are not mentioned in 

the notes :— 

(a) confusion of gutturals, as 
V 3 770n, *ny3, Wyb, Man Cr rr PANY, Ayryy, TWD, MAN. 

(b) transposition of gutturals, as 
V 3 y33, Nn, “yow, mndp Cr rr yraa, jaN, yyw, mmbps 
(c) return of quiescent letters, as 
V3 pos, no, 9, 385, kT) Or rr poas, ns, ‘a5, jand, 
and }'7 jx". 
(d) insertion of a vowel-letter, as 
V3 7755, Dn, JO, PI, Cr xz f735, DDN, Pp, Ty, 
DY, 3M, pyr, jr Dy, 3M and An, piyt 
and Pt, Py FRG fT 
(e) vowel-letter omitted, as 
V3 nrm, amds, ps and Cr x1 ostnt, ‘my, 4A. 
Jn and 7A 
(f) omission of prothetic &, as 
V 3 WBN, VYINI, YIN Cr ii wna, 1822, ys. 
(g) return of original } consonantal for 3 (but not consis- 
tently), as 
V 3 many, mad Cr 11 minx, ind. 
(h) hebraizing forms, as 
V 3390, TN, “1 (genitive) Or 1x nam, 7, 7. 
(i) miscellaneous, as 
V 3 325, jordp, -p Cr 11 75, D1, jd. 
V 3 frequently omits } connective where Cr 11 has it. 

V 3 is uncertain as to O” or}, ior. Cr 11 gene- 
rally prefers O°~, 17. 

Both are uncertain as to jm or 53 batine the relative “4, 
owing to the similarity of the characters. 

Some of the changes seem to be due to a desire to remove 
difficulties, anthropomorphisms or otherwise dogmatically 
incorrect expressions, e.g. on p. 57, NN, p. 58, 1. 23, Cr, &c., have 
ANOS M34 instead of Mand ‘4, and in the last line, even of 
Angels, jx’ynd for mynx. The Arabic version is equally 
scrupulous, e. g. in rendering 1. (of God) by 33. Again, as 


would be expected, the rubrics or headings in V 3, &c., are 
very short and in Samaritan (Hebrew or Aramaic), which still 
remained the traditional language for the purpose. In the 
later MSS. they are longer and in Arabic, which had become 
the only language really familiar to the writers. 

The results obtained for this second period (about the 
eleventh century) are far from certain, but there are no data 
for arriving at any more definite conclusions; With the 
third period we are on firmer ground. The contents of the 
special services, so far as they can be dated, and so far as they 
are not merely taken over from the Defter, are all of the 
fourteenth century or later, and are written in Hebrew. In 
fact it seems that a definite beginning was made at that time 
to fill out in a more dignified manner the framework already 
existing. A reason readily suggests itself. From 708 to 764 H. 
(=1308-1363 a.p.) the office of High Priest was held by 
Pinhas b. Joseph, evidently a man of character, and earnest 
in promoting the interests of religion among his people. It 
was at his instigation that Abu’l-fath compiled his chronicle in 
7568. (=13554.D.), by him (as stated by Abf, p. 35) the famous 
roll of Abisha was ‘discovered’ in the same year, and it is 
probable that to him is also due the new development of the 
liturgy. His aim evidently was to bring about a religious revival. 
He is the author of the hymn on p. 34 which is found in V 3 
(but not in N), and of the earliest work in the other services, 
thus forming the connecting link between the two periods. 

His father Joseph is probably the author of the two hymns 
on pp. 63, 64 who is described in some MSS. (cf. p. 714) as 
High Priest. There was only one High Priest of the name, 
who held office from 690 to 708 H. (=1291-1308 A.p.). The 
two pieces are in the same style and both are in V3. The 
second is also in N, in the part which is certainly later than the 
rest, but probably not much later than 1300. The Joseph 
ha-rabban, to whom some MSS. ascribe the hymn on p. 63; 
is no doubt a different person (see below, p. xxxii). 

Pinhas had two sons, Eleazar and Abisha (Elt, p. 28; Ad, 
p- 101). The former who succeeded as High Priest (764- 
789 H. = 1363-87 A, D.) is the author of several liturgical pieces, 
in the headings of which he is called Eleazar b. Pinhas (some- 
times+b. Joseph) or Eleazar the High Priest (sometimes + b. 
Pinhas) the brother of Abisha. From the similarity of style 


there can be little doubt that the remaining (three or six) 
pieces (see Index), ascribed simply to Eleazar (once + priest), 
are also by him. He also wrote on Grammar: see Néldeke, 
Gott. Nachrichten, no. 17, p. 337. 

The other son, Abisha (iZo\! Elt smpn dys, ef. Ad), had 
a great reputation as a writer. About seventeen pieces are cer- 
tainly by him. Probably also seven others, but some of these 
may be by his grandson the High Priest Abisha b. Pinhas b. 
Abisha. The difficulty is that in the headings of these seven 
pieces he is called High Priest, in his acrostic on p. 511 he 
calls himself Abisha b. Pinhas 735 man, and on p. 504 actually 
Abisha b. Pinhas b. Joseph 729 7AIAD. If we had only the 
evidence of the headings. we might suppose that this was a 
case of confusion, but the acrostic cannot be so explained. 
Abisha b. Pinhas b. Joseph, though he was a jn3, was certainly 
not High Priest. Petermann (Grammar, p. vi) says that he 
‘munus sacerdotale superstitionis causa respuisse dicitur’, 
which must be a tradition he heard at Nablus. Whatever 
the explanation’ of the acrostic may be, as no compositions 
are definitely ascribed to the grandson (who was a quite 
undistinguished person) the presumption is that all these pieces 
are by Abisha b. Pinhas b. Joseph. He died in 778 u. (=1376 
A. D.) leaving a son, Pinhas, one year old, who was brought up 
by his uncle the High Priest Eleazar. When the latter died in 
789 H. (=1387 A.D.) he appointed the child Pinhas (then aged 
Io years 11 months) as his successor, and put him under the 
guardianship of Abdallah b. Solomon. See p. 490 heading, 
and p. 491 top, and Elt, p. 28. Pinhas b. Abisha, who was 
also a liturgical author, died in 846 Hu. (= 1442 A.D.) after 
holding the office of High Priest for fifty-six years. 

His guardian, Abdallah b. Solomon, of priestly family,? was 
a prolific writer. As he must have been a man of mature 
years in 789 u., his work may be dated (about or) before 
800 H. (=fourteenth century a. D.). 

About a century earlier Ad (p. 100) mentions Sa‘dallah (or 

} e.g. he may have been the elder son and resigned in favour of Eleazar, 
but kept the title. Or the acrostic may mean Abisha son of the High Priest 
Pinhas, and have been misunderstood by copyists. Or there may be a distinction 
between 39 and 473, the usual adjective. 

? See his genealogy (acrostic) on p, 819. He is called jm> on p. 178, &e., 
and ancestor of Solomon b. Tabiah on p. 295, cf. Ad, p. 101. 

SS, ee ee eS ee 


Sa‘d-ed-din) el-Kethari (on p. 533 b. Zedaqah) and Ibn Manir. 
The former is chiefly the author of the marriage service. 

A ben Manir is mentioned much earlier by Elt, but his 
name was Zariz, whereas the ben Manir of the liturgies gives 
his name (in an acrostic, once, p. 644) as Aaron. The passage 
in Ad, p. 100, seems to indicate the liturgist, the words ond) 
nidv3 maa mSy meaning that Sa‘dallah and Ibn Manir composed 
lamentations, and not as the editors translate. They would 
then, according to Ad, both belong to the early fourteenth 

The compositions ascribed to ha-Mizri are difficult. to date. 
In the headings of certainly four pieces his name is given as 
Mattanah: in six others as Hibat-allah. In one of the latter 
(on p. 632) the acrostic is Nethanel b. Obadiah b. Ab-Zehutha. 
Hence it appears that Hibat-allah is merely the Arabic of 
Nethanel. If Mattanah is also a form of the same name (as 
in Harkavy’s catalogue,! p. 68), all the pieces are by one 
writer. He cannot be identical with the person mentioned 
in Ad, p. 95, Elt, pp. 25, 31 (see above), whose other name 
was Isaac b. Abraham. Nor is he the scribe in Harkavy, p. 68 
(840 H.), whose other name was Nethanel b. Ishmael. In the 
absence of any evidence we can only say that in style he seems 
to belong to the period about 800 H. 

About this time Elt (p. 29) appears to place Pinhas b. 
Ithamar who was High Priest at Damascus. The statements, 
however, are confused. Probably the date 793 H. is right for 
the beginning of his term of office, and is not to be altered to 
993 as Neubauer has in his translation, for we find Pinhas b. 
Ithamar High Priest at Damascus witnessing a sale in 807 u. 
(J. Q. R., xv, 636). Then the writer of Elt must be referring 
back to a previous date, and earlier in the paragraph we should 
read MIND yaw) Dyan) pwn (749) instead of “p ywni DANN yaw 
(947). The phrase sty5s 33 one Swan inom po mond wD nM 
ought to mean ‘those were the days of Pinhas b. Eleazar ’,? 
who was High Priest at Shechem and died about 955 H. (=1548 
A. D.). This is clearly impossible. According to the genealogy 
given by Elt, Pinhas b. Ithamar must belong to the earlier 
period (793-834 u.). Jacob b, Ishmael, who wrote part of Elt 

* Opisanie Samarityanskikh rukopiset ... , St. Petersburg, 1875. 
? So the Arabic version ; not as Neubauer translates. 


(see pp. 10, 11) in 747 H., is the same as Jacob the High Priest 
at Damascus on p. 29 (where Pinhas is to be read for Joseph 
in the genealogy), so that the date 749 Hu. for his death is quite 
possible. He was succeeded by his son Ishmael for one year, 
and in 750 u. Ithamar succeeded till 793 H., when he was 
followed by his son Pinhas, the liturgist. The chronicler 
would therefore have been right if he had said ‘those were 
the days of Pinhas b. Abisha’, who was High Priest at Shechem 
from 789 to 844 H, The mistake perhaps arose from the fact 
that Pinhas b. Abisha was preceded in the office at Shechem by 
Eleazar, who, however, was not his father but his uncle (see 
above). The statement of Elt (p. 35) that the chronicle up to 
that point is taken from Rabban Jacob, cannot be strictly 
accurate, since the death of Jacob and subsequent events are 
narrated, This part is really by the later continuator (his 
statement on p. 35 referring only to the preceding genealogical 
matter), who has made a mistake of 100 years in his chronology,. 
and confused Pinhas, High Priest of Damascus, with Pinhas, 
High Priest of Shechem; for the Eleazar who, he says, 
succeeded, is undoubtedly the man who was High Priest at 
Shechem from about 955 to 1003 H. (1548-95 a.pv.). The 
alternative is that the chronicler made a mistake as tothe 
Ithamar who succeeded Ishmael b. Jacob, and passed over 
a period of 100 years. It may be noted that he implies (p. 36) 
that Ishmael had no son, so that the office passed to another 
branch, whereas on p. 11 Jacob, who must have known, speaks 
of the sons of Ishmael.’ One of the sons may therefore have 
succeeded and with his descendants have occupied the missing 
roo years. In that case Pinhas b. Ithamar, the liturgist, may 
have lived a century later and be rightly made contemporary 
with Pinhas b. Eleazar of Shechem (914 to 955 H.=1508-48 
4.D.). As far as Elt is concerned, this would be the simpler ex- 
planation, but as we know independently (J. Q. R., xv, 636) of a 
Pinhas b. Ithamar, High Priest at Damascus in 807 u., and do 
not know of another person of that name as High Priest there 
a century later, the former explanation is the more probable. 

Whether the two liturgists Jacob ha-rabban and Jacob the 
priest (or either of them) are to be identified with the author 
of Elt, there is nothing to shew. 

1 The translation is incorrect here. The text means not wow ay but °23°, 
The phrase 7ny1 wow is descriptive of Ishmael, like LS Une 



Several authors were connected with Damascus about this 
time. Abraham (b. Abi-‘uzzi) ha-yithrani and (his nephew ?) 
Abraham b. Faddal b. Abi’l-izz are each called 5yaw paw. 
They are perhaps descended from the Yithranah! who is 
mentioned by Ad (p. ror) as Senu» Sy pew. In Harkavy, 
Pp. 95, a deed of sale is signed by Abraham b. A[bi-uzzi] of 
the family of Yithranah, who is pwnsa bxw paw. The date 
is lost, but as the transaction took place before the High Priest 
Abisha b. [Pinhas] it must have been between 844 and 878 H. 
(=1440-74 A.D.) In Harkayy, p. 181, an Abu’l-fath b. 
Abraham (Zw [*p]pw 3») of the family of sn’ bought a Torah 
in 929 H., a date which is quite reasonable if he is the son of 
one of the authors under discussion. Perhaps the Abu’l-‘izz, 
who is the author of one hymn, is of the Yithranah family and 
father of this Abraham. 

Another inhabitant of Damascus is Seth Aaron b. Isaac, the 
author of two compositions. Unfortunately the genealogy is 
Seth (Aaron) b, Isaac b. Seth Aaron b. Isaac (b. Seth Aaron) ; 
see the colophon in J.Q.R., xv, p. 637, written in 874 H. 
(=1469-70o Aa. p.). Abraham b. Seth Aaron wrote the MS. 
described in J. Q. R., xiv, p. 31, in 909 H., and witnessed the 
sale in Harkavy, p. 181,in 929 H. There is nothing to shew 
which Seth Aaron b., Isaac is the liturgist. If the earlier, 
his date will be about 830 H. (1427 A.D.); if the later, about 
860 H. (1456 A. D.). 

In 945 H. (=1538 A.D.) the High Priest Pinhas and his son 
Eleazar were brought (back?) from Damascus under the 
protection of Zedaqah b. Jacob, of the family of Munes (Elt, 
p- 36; Ad, p. 103). The date is well established, for Zedaqah’s 
father, Jacob b. Abraham Munes, is the person for whom the 
Bodleian MS. Marsh 15 was written in 911 un. and who sold it 
in 935 H. His brother, Japhet b. Jacob (b. Abraham) Munes, 
was witness of the sale of it in 935 H. and also of the sale of 
the Berlin MS. or. fol. 534 in 941 nu. With them came, 
according to Ad, Abraham b. Joseph ha-qabazi, the liturgist, 
usually called Abraham Qabazi,’? and associated with them, 
according to Elt, was Abdallah b. Abraham Anan (Arab, 

? Elt, p. 72, has pS: for this name in the Arabic version, so that they may 
be members of the family of Kethari mentioned before (1m = = 525), 
? See his account of himself on pp. 466, 552, 812, 


(ssl24il! not as printed in Elt, p. 81, note 1), also a liturgist,? who 
is a witness in 929 H. (Harkavy, p. 181). It seems that the 
office of Haftawi was hereditary, and that the holders of it who 
were liturgists are probably to be connected as follows :— 


abiash I 
Gedadeh | -lAbdalich TH 

Ma‘yan ? 

With regard to Abdallah b. Berakhah, the end of the 
acrostic (bar Matar) on p. 432 is probably accidental and is not 
to be taken into account, as there is no evidence that the 
family of Matar was connected with the office of Haftawi. In 
the other piece by him (on p. 345) a section is by Pinhas who 
must be the High Priest who came from Damascus in 945 H. 
(1538-9 a. pD.). All the family, except Berakhah, were liturgists 
and must have written between about 920 and 960 F., i.e. 
early in the sixteenth century. There is also a Joseph 
pwot nnay whose father is not named. He probably belonged 
to the same family and the same literary period at Damascus, 
Perhaps he is the same as Joseph ha-rabban, mentioned above, 
since the title of Rabban seems to be associated with Damascus. 
Pietro de la Valle found Samaritans there in 1616, but the 
congregation must have come to an end soon after, since it is not 
mentioned in later epigraphs or documents. It had a special 
32D (rite) of its own ; see above, p. xii, on MSS. H 1 and 3. 

Ismail b. Badr er-Ramihi (Rumaihi) may reasonably be 
identified with the author (in 944 H.= 1537 4. D.) of a work in 
praise of Moses (Nutt, p. 132). He was a pupil of Abraham 
Qabazi, and is quoted by the commentator Ibrahim (see below). 
Since M77 = i» he is no doubt the same as the Ishmael b. 
Zaharah ha-ramihi who in 939 H. (=1532-3 A.D.) witnessed 
the sale of MS. Bodl. or. 139, with his father Zaharah b. 
Abi-uzzi b. Remah. 

As a summary of the preceding remarks and as the basis of 

1 The title of the assistant priest (at Damascus ?).. The origin of the word is 
unknown to me. 
- 2 See p. 449, where he is called pwnt (Anam =) mnay. 


what follows, reference should be made to the tables on 
pp. xliii—xlviii. 

The later writers belong chiefly to three groups: the Levitical 
(or Priestly *), the Danfi and the Marhib (= Mufarrij) families. 
They are more easily identified than the earlier authors, because 
their names (and genealogies) frequently appear in the colophons 
of MSS. In the headings also where the author is the same as 
the copyist, the composition is ascribed 5 

Of the Levitical or Priestly family the liturgists are Abraham 
b. Isaac who died in 1145 w.? (=1732 A. D.); Tabiah or Ghazal 
b. Isaac (died in 1201 H.=1787 A.p.), a prolific writer ; his 
son Solomon b. Tabiah (died in 1273 n.=1857 A.D.); his sons 
Amram b. Solomon (died in 1291 H.=1874 A.D.) and Isaac 
b. Solomon (the hymn, on p. 257, of Isaac the Priest is 
probably also his, unless it be by Isaac b. Zedekiah, Priest, 
who died in 1105 H.=1693-4 A.D.); Pinhas b. Isaac (died 
in 1898) and his brother Khidr. Tabiah b. Abraham is 
probably the son of Abraham b. Isaac, but there is no proof 
of this. 

The genealogy of the Danfi family can be collected with cer- 
tainty from their colophons, for they ‘were assiduous copyists. 
The only difficulty is to distinguish the two Murjans and the 
two Muslims. Murjin I (=Ab-Sakhwah) b. Ibrahim is the 
author of several pieces, and perhaps those ascribed simply to 
Murjin the Danfi are his also. If he were Murjan II, he 
would no doubt be distinguished in some way from his grand- 
father. Muslim I (=nobwn) b. Ab-Sakhwah (=Murjan I) [ef. 
Ad 107] is the author of certainly two pieces, and probably 
of those ascribed to Muslim b. Murjan, or simply to Muslim. 
In one case (p. 311) Muslim b. Ibrahim b. Murjan is a mistake 
for Muslim b. Murjan b. Ibr. The Abt. Murjan, author of 
two pieces, should be a member of this family, but the reading 
of the name is not certain. Abraham b. Jacob b. Murjan I 
(=Ab-Sakhwah) b. Abraham (see his acrostic on p. 796), 
the liturgist, also called Abraham x.sJ|, or simply Abraham 
ha-danfi, wrote the Arabic commentary* on the Pentateuch, 

In 1033 H. (=1623-4 A.D.) the High-Priestly family (descended from 
Aaron) died out. From that date the priest is not called ‘yan jn but pron 
“on, being descended from Uvzziel, a younger son of Kohath. 

2 The dates are calculated from the chronicles and from colophons of MSS. 

* Parts of it were published as doctor’s dissertations by M. Klumel, Berlin, 



existing in MS. at Berlin, to which attention was first drawn 
by Geiger in the ZDMG., vol. xvii, p. 723.1 He is mentioned 
by Ad (p. 108) as a benefactor (though nothing is said of his 
commentary) in the time of Tabiah b. Isaac the Priest, and he is 
also the copyist of several MSS. He belongs to about the 
middle of the eighteenth century ; see the table, p. xlvii. 

The family of Marhib is important in liturgy and also in 
the copying of MSS., though not so distinguished as that of 
Danfi. Marhib by interpretation is Mufarrij (an5 =e yp) as 
appears from several epigraphs and is definitely stated by 
Huntington in 1695 (Epistulae, London, 1704, p. 55): (litteras) 
scripsit Merchib Ibn Yacob, vulgo Mopherrege, vir inter illos 
primarius. This Marhib b. Jacob, the earliest of the family who 
needs to be mentioned heré, is also called simply Mufarrij al- 
mufarriji. He is the author of the two letters in1086 and 1099 H. 
(=1675 and 1688 ..p.). The rest of the family are chiefly im- 
portant as copyists. The latest member of the family to write 
liturgical compositions is Abraham b. Ishmael (b. Joseph al- 
mufarriji), who was living in 1828 (see also Notices et Extraits, 
xii, p. 160). It is not certain where Abdallah b. Joseph b. Jacob 
b. Marhib ha-marhibi fits into the genealogy. 

To sum up the results of this inquiry: it appears that the 
composition of the liturgy may be divided into three main 
periods,—(1) the fourth century a.p., when Aramaic was the 
language used; (2) the tenth and eleventh centuries, when 
Aramaic had ceased to be the vernacular, but was still used in 
liturgy, though it had become artificial and was mixed with 
Hebraisms ; (3) the fourteenth century and after, when Hebrew, 
mixed with Aramaisms, had become the liturgical language. 

On the basis of this division it is possible to class most of 
the compositions whose authors are either unknown or cannot 
be dated, under one of the three periods. But not without 
reserve, since e.g. Abu’l-hasan ha-Sari wrote his 35 nbs (p. 70) 

1902, and S, Hanover, ibid., 1904. The former puts him in the fifteenth 
century, and identifies him with the liturgist, knowing only the bymns 
published by Heidenheim, Hanover notes that Abraham mentions coffee and 
tobacco, and consequently puts him two centuries later. 

1 He calls himself Abraham apy 2201, which does not mean ‘of the tribe of 
Jacob’, but simply ‘one of the sons of Jacob’. He describes himself so because 
his father Jacob had other sons, among them being Solomon, a great copyist (see 
the list of MSS. above), and Zedaqah lt (=, ale), ancestor of the well-known 
Jacob Shelaby. Z ot 


in Aramaic, and AN 373 (p. 79) in Hebrew. Moreover, some 
Hebrew pieces at the beginning of the Defter cannot be ascribed 
to the third period. 

That Aramaic had ceased to be commonly understood by the 
eleventh century is probable on other grounds, and is made 
evident by the appearance, about that time, of the Arabic 
version of the Pentateuch in place of the Targum. No doubt 
Arabic became the only current language soon after the Moslem 
conquest of Syria in 638 a.p., while the knowledge of Aramaic, 
and even of Hebrew, gradually decreased with the lapse of time.* 
We consequently find in the later compositions an increasing 
number of Arabic idioms and words, Hebrew (or Aramaic) 
words used in the Arabic sense, and even phrases adapted from 
the Qur’an.” 

The grammar of Samaritan Aramaic has been well treated * 
by Petermann in his Brevis Linguae Sam. Gram. (Porta Lingg. 
Or., Lipsiae, &c., 1873). The following remarks, referring 
chiefly to the liturgical texts, are only intended to supplement 
his work. It must also be observed that the Aramaic forms 
here noted may equally well appear in Samaritan Hebrew. 

Pronunciation: as the gutturals 8, 4, n, » are not sounded 
and merely serve to support a vowel, they are often either 
omitted in writing, as abi for Aden, “pb for “DYD, or inter- . 
changed (& with 4, n, »; 7 with x, rarely with n, y; n with y), 
as ON for 3n, Hy for pn, nn with v.1. nds, or transposed, as 
mninn and Anni (commonly), Jnans and Jn (often), mx 
and "nx (p. 14 n), 553 for Syda (p. 45 1). 

The hard (dageshed) sound of 3 and 5, and the consonantal 
sound of }, are usually marked by an overline, as MY=5, but 
ma=nan; wp)=soul, but w5s (Pa. meppesh)= deliver. 3 inter- 
changes frequently with 3} and sometimes with 5, as in papD (V 3) 

1 There is no evidence to shew the date of the Arabic versions of the earlier 
liturgy which are found in some MSS, That of Cr1z and B2 was not made 
by the scribe from the text before him, but was copied from an existing 
version, since it often translates a different reading. It sometimes gives a 
wrong rendering, or translates literally, using identical words, without under- 
standing the sense. 

2 e.g. ova monn neo = LO Le oy s=*, DIT yt Tw = > 
a yes) . No doubt too the frequent ams xbx mx mm is of Muhammadan origin, 
but earlier varieties of it (in Marqah, &c.) are derived from Deut. xxxii. 39, &c. 
Its addition at the end of each hymn of Marqah and Amram is of course not 
due to the author. 


Me tg «ay fan mK ms ¥ 


for pip» p. 373. The other begadkephath letters always have 
the hard sound,’ according to Petermann. 

wv is always &; & is represented by D; ¥ and D are confused 
in the MSS., and sometimes D and }. 

x is used as a vowel-letter, e.g. in nnxvob, INNO, as in 
Arabic, or may be omitted, as anid p- 14, 7M'3 = the covenant 
or creation, j8oN or jona. Sometimes 7 is similarly used, as 
D'NND p. 12, JANW p. 14, INAWH) p. 60%. The vocalic ° often 
has the sound of é (*\—) as in the (Hebrew) termination oO”, 
yo" and j15nd (see on vowels). 

Words beginning with a consonant bearing shewa are usually 
pronounced with a prefixed vowel (a or e, according to Petermann 
also i), which is sometimes represented by ~ or 8,? as 1211’ 
(122) = emdebber, YS or YY3I8, Thus the prefixes 3, 1, 5 
with shewa, are pronounced ev, ed, el (hence interchanging with 
Sx and 5y), but 2, and formative », when followed by a labial, 
are pronounced with a full vowel, as }ip"22=bamison, not 

Vowel-signs, which Botaraaech says do not exist, are largely 
used in the later MSS.* In the present text they have been 
carefully added in accordance with the MS. which seemed to 
be most accurate in using them, but, since all diacritical marks 
may be omitted, they are not printed when their shape or 
position is uncertain, as it often is in careless writing: They 
are 4 or --* (the Arabic fath)=a or e, which may stand before 
or after a consonant, as oV.’=evyom, Dy’ =em (with) as Joy’ 
p. 21 °, DY=am, nniax=effata, ‘on, ‘no =-emma, -kemma (ef. 
Arab.): — printed —=2, as in 3nn=tazb, 5d. batél, and 
commonly on the last syllable of (what would be in Hebrew) 
segholates, as vwbo=nafesh, vbwp=gashet, but the form pnw is 
also used: — the Arabic damma, =u or 0, as ‘ria =ho-i, n&t= 
got, 08 utak= nk, but TS ettak= JOX. It is sometimes written 
plene as 73. It is often confused with or indistinguishable 
from —, and indeed evident mistakes in the use of the vowels 
frequently occur. 

' 1 Tn transliterating Arabic, > is never used, as by the Jews, for + 
_? Cf. the prothetic x in such words as pitty = pitt in Hebrew. 

' * A more rudimentary system is found in N (and perhaps in V 3). Possibly 
the invention dates from the twelfth century, when Ibrahim ibn Faraj wrote 
on grammar. The signs used in N are printed in the Appendix when certain. 

* Generally +, but printed + in the middle of words for typographical 


Other signs are: the overline —, already mentioned as 
indicating the hard 3 and 5 and consonantal 1. It is also 
used for 4 on a final letter, as H232=/n>~, Abnpt=’nbyp or 
nndyp, and initial 3 seems to be for 2 (with the Hebrew 
article) as distinguished from 1’=ev. Since the suffixed 
pronoun of the third pers. sing. masc. is pronounced with é, 
as in Jewish Aramaic, 72 (im him) would be be, Any’ emme, 
ef, Aw she, but the overline may be only a differentiating mark, 
for elsewhere the vowel is written, as “bap p. 6r1¥. It is 
generally said to have only this differentiating use, but it is 

probably to be explained otherwise in most cases. 

The signs te and = are used only with n and y. They 

seem to imply something as to the quality of the guttural, 
perhaps that it is to be pronounced instead of being, as usual, 
silent; e.g. Ubyle (p, 258) being associated with Je, ripple 
(wrongly on p. 213) with +6, but sy" with xs. Ifso, the differ- 
ence is only due to traditional pronunciation, and is not based on 
linguistic affinities, since we find e.g. (p. 151) nawnis p> syle 
corresponding to 1.c and W..>, as well as n'an* from the root 

The marks of punctuation in liturgical MSS. are *, : and |:, 
rarely +;, <: and other combinations. The single point, 
dividing words, is omitted in the printed text; the double 
point, marking off hemistichs, is represented here by a single 
point; and |:, marking the end ofa line or of a stanza, is 
represented by a double point. These points, however, as 
noted above, are not to be taken as marking pauses in the 
sense. They sometimes even divide a word into two parts for 
the sake of the rhyme. 

Of the pronouns, the following compound forms are used: 
ANS =NI7 ANN, WAX=N JAN (this is), Mt=KN 7. Similarly 
1993 =I JAIN, 130 7) 134 AY (p. 82 1) =A AY NI AN AD 
xin. With the relative, n= Heb. ANN AWK, T= NIT We. 

Suffixes: j~ 3rd pl. fem. for }-, jn-, as fay p. 39 3, doer 
of them (nnx*e), but ji" is often used for this, at any rate in 
later MSS. p>=j85 p. 69n, nan p. 74, 1. 7. “p> to thee fem. 
3rd masc. 1" is found in Margah, as YD, YY p. 13, ANN VII 
M33 blessed is he whose shield thou art, and in Nanah b. Marqah, 
as yon, yon p. 16, unless such passages are corrupt. 

1 The 3rd pers. fem. is sometimes so written, but it is no doubt a mistake. 


Demonstratives, besides the ordinary forms, are: }4, }47, 
M7 =sie, 7 and ANT a vulgar form of the same, properly 
fem., Nn or jmN this (also an adverb where, md whither), ron, 
wbisn or pone. these. 

Relatives: %,74. In the Hebrew texts never"w.2 A common 
compound. is 12="4 ND which, also whereas, since; 11), WO= Nd 
x77, “7 7D. The genitive is also expressed by ™ (in Heb. 
never 5w) and the possessive pronouns, as 72". 

In the verb the form 5ypx is ambiguous. It may stand 
either for Peal (i.e. bop with prothetice 8) or Aphel, or Ithpael, 
’ &c., with the formative nN assimilated. 

Apocope of a weak radical may take place in the Imperative, 
as 37 from 37, "0 and xw (both also probably in 3rd pers. Peal) 
from 73, XW; less often in other parts of the verb, as yD 
Infinitive from yt, 9by from bx. At the end, as 43 or 42 
for 22". The transposition y'2) for ‘y2) is merely due to the 
weakness of the guttural, mentioned above. 

In the perfect the znd pers. sing. is MoUp or ANdup 
(ANDI =D): rst plur. in {3 or 3" (to be distinguished from 
the ptep. with suff.): 2nd plur. ’ onbyp: 3rd plur. fem. »p>p 
p. 16, Pa) p. 49 3. The 3rd pers. sing. future in “3, as in 
Syriac, is perhaps found e.g. in 73D1W) p. 40 4. 

The participle active in Peal regularly has the form Sp 
(also in Hebrew), as nndyt may maker of the world, 2” 
mnnyo dwellers in the cave (the Patriarchs), nan the Giver 
(God). Another common form is Sap (or Swip), as prt dabég= 
helping, Jin p. 14; 3A tab. Rarely the hebraizing form Ssop 
is found. The arabizing form } "Nn is fairly common. The 
passive participle in Peal is burp, as Py thy created things. 
Also Syyp, as 703, and in a stative sense O'W) resting. The 
active (217) and the passive (2°) are both written 37’ in 
early MSS. (as V 3). Where bp appears to be active, it 
is only so by confusion with Sip, as ony Samaritans for 

The Imperative form 5ypx (also in Hebrew) may be due to 
Arabic influence, or the 8 may be merely prothetic. Instances 
are (DN p. 39, NNAX, WIN. 

Peal and Pael are generally alike in form, and cannot always 
be distinguished. 

+ In Harkavy’s catalogue, p. 48, mbo»w is no doubt a wrong reading, 


_ Aphel is regularly 5ypx, less often xpx and Sypn. As noted 
above, it is indistinguishable from Peal with prothetic x. 

Shaphel only (?) in sayy and 55aw p. 868. 

Niphal participle occurs, and indeed Hebrew forms and 
words are often found where there is a quotation or remi- 
niscence of a passage of the Pentateuch. Other forms which 
might be future of Niphal are probably to be explained as 
disguised Ithpeel, &c. (see above). 

Ithpeel, Ithpael and Ittaphal are not distinguished in form, 
and are noted in the glossary as Ithp. 

The assimilation of the n is regular in roots beginning with 
a dental, as "27N="37NN, but is also found in others, as w33N= 
moons, ddox p. 56 3, pois p. 56 2. Some of these, however, may 
perhaps be explained otherwise. In roots beginning with }, bD, 
¥ or w, the usual transposition of the n takes place in Ithp., 
sometimes with a change of dental, as pyti called, ptep. Ithp. 
of pyr. 

Since the confusion of gutturals is a common feature of the 
dialect, and since the guttural verbs present no other pecu- 
liarities in an unpointed text, they need no special treatment. 
Attention may be drawn to the following interchangeable 
forms: O5n and osy know, ‘on and ‘My see, WAN and Ay 
beloved, 72" and JAN turn, IND and “Syd (TDD) testify, nn, 
nS and ny), nysx descend, nx) and ‘yn strike. 

In verbs 35, infinitives like 3DD, jn, 70D, pad, with 
corresponding imperfects, are usual, but the 3 is often retained, 
always (so Petermann) in 7738. Imperatives, 3D, jn, 10, PD, 
as noted above. Of the same class are pbp ; np>, infin. pon, 
np, imperat. pd, mp. 

In verbs &"5 (n”5), infinitives like “1. (mimar), bo, JE’ 
have dropped the silent guttural, and the ' is merely a 
vowel-letter. Hence it is not written in forms where the 
vowel is a, as 959 (mallef, ptep.), Jans, “n’. 

In verbs 5 the » is dropped in y1%, Ny" for Ny". 

Many verbs \’y have y or 7 for the second radical, as Oyp, 
“5, wy3, ty, amn (also Nn), Tyy¥=W¥="y". Others have 2 
in Pael, as 105, nan. In these verbs Polel forms are common, 
and the Ithpalpel yrytts. 

Verbs x”, 7”, 1b form one class, generally v%. Their 
2nd pers. sing. perf. is formed with 7", as 7N&, 3, IN 
Twans, but this use has also been extended (rarely) by false 


analogy to strong verbs, as 7'D"1p, p92. The active par- 
ticiple is frequently 171 (besides 77N3, &e., p. 15, an Arabism ?) 
Creator, and similarly in verbs y”, n> (the silent guttural 

being however retained), as »yow (often written “ynw), nndp 

or n~. The imperative takes “n~ before suffixes, as jn5, 
jny p. 26, jMYD p. 28 y, mone p. 35 0 fill us (to be dis- 
tinguished from jx thou hast filled us). For the infinitive, 
Petermann quotes the Pael-form nxyp, Aphel mANind, besides 
the common "nd. 

The weak verb nin has 3rd pers. pl. fem. ‘HH p. 27 9 his 
words were his workmen; 3rd pl. imperf. jm, pin, wy, 7. 

mn has Aphel infin. and participle ‘ny. It is to be dis- 
tinguished from ‘jn shew, in which the } is strong. 

‘DN has impf. °D» (to be distinguished from *D'= ws.» b), 
ptcp. emph. 7NXDN healer, Aphel ptep. ‘ond. 

mt has Aphel "is, 78, ptep. OW. The noun is ANT. 

$n usually drops the 5 in the impf., as Jnx, infin. non, and 
even in the perf. Jn, but it is often retained as 75n) (also 759). 

With suffixes the use of -n- (in n% imperatives) has been 
mentioned, It is also used in the perfect, as mAniy they 
answered him, An\paw they left him, and even n2paw p. 13 we 
left thee. The epenthetiec 3 is also used, as 72nIw* (because the 
nis silent ?), J20N7) p. 55 Nn. 

Nouns take 7~ in the emphatic form, never x. 

A plural (or collective) in n- is found in 7w3x p. 13, p. 42 0, 
ney p. 14 ¥ and often, noon? p. 43%. The many abstract 
nouns in (n)~ make plural in {x\~ (sometimes dropping the x), 
as JN1249, jNN (from ANN = ANN). The ordinary fem. plur. 
is in {7 (sometimes jN*), as [TID } IN mb p. 17 © because of him to 
whom they bow down, but the mase. }- is often used instead, by 
a confusion, especially in later MSS., as jx fem. p. 69. The 
emphatic form of j-, XN" is ANN as JNWDI, NNNWDI, ANN’DS, and 
so with other suffixes; also ANAID = nia\w7. 

2x makes plural j73x and nnax. 

The emphatic of ‘Nop is AND. 

Of the numerals note nawn psn msn nd the eve of Sunday 
following the Sabbath (naway for nawa 4h occurs in headings of 

V3). Of mn in this sense the plural is 111n jirst days. Some © 

numerals have the longer form, as ‘nwnn, *n-py. For Axo the 
MSS. often have np, plur. xo and Hebr. mixp. 


* Particles: for “> usually nj3, 193. For -) often nib,‘ but also, with 
suffix, n>, With 5 (pron. el) 5x and 5y are often confused. 

15 takes suffixes as 120. 

For (})o7p, &e., generally (7')op, &c. 

mS takes suffixes regularly, as mS non ego, but also 1 (for 
som) non nos. Compounded, ‘mos =nnw md yw nisi tu. 

Syntactically, Hebraisms in the later Aramaic and Aramaisms 
in Hebrew are too common to notice. In the earlier Aramaic 
of Amram and Margah Hebraisms probably only occur in 
quotations from the Pentateuch or reminiscences of it. 

Arabisms occur frequently in the later (not in the early) 
Aramaic, and more frequently in Hebrew, as nnx nin= J} ae 
1" MN = Jp ate The use of a verb in the fem. sing. with 
a masce. plur. subject as })*8DN 3D (owr sins abound) is perhaps in 
imitation of the Arabic broken plural with a singular verb. 

The object of the verb is sometimes introduced by ~5, as jN3 
nd p. 42°, but not as often as in Jewish Aramaic. 

ns with the subject perhaps on p. 36 5 (by Eleazar b. Pinhas). 
On p. 37 3 (by the same) read probably nxznd in V 3, for which 
Cr 11, 18 have j392) nnd, but cf. p. 38 2. 

Particular constructions: note jp jD Smt we fear when we 
read, p. 33.3; PND jd nbpr xd cease not from repeating. 

anno 3D although much is owed (Marqah, p. 21 D, quoted 
from Durran, p. 41 nm) and so frequently. On p. 38 & and 
often AMID °7 AD My’ Awd (v. 1. 9237, 133 fF) °395 WNT fd 
tiehkec s le Julio oye Land yl JU wy whoso says that there 
is a prophet like M. let him consider what is his (M.’s) greatness. 

min’ is pronounced and rhymed as nDw=eshma, whence the 
accusation that the Samaritans worshipped a god Ashima. 
orn is always written as one word. 

With regard to metre in the poetical compositions, no cer- 
tainty is possible since pronunciation varied at different periods 
and we know little about it at any time. Some pieces seem to 
be metrical, as e. g. that by Joseph on p. 63, by Nanah(?) on 
p. 689, but the majority are probably at most only in some sort 
of rhythm, the lines being of about the same length and short 
syllables being neglected or not asrequired. The usual form from 

1 But the modern pronunciation, according to Petermann, is /ut, 

2 On p. 51, which is probably by Marqah, in § 2 perhaps nmx 17 should be 
read for 711, and similarly elsewhere. 


Amram (not in the Durran) and Margah onwards is alphabetical. 
They both use a double alphabet (the first and third lines in each 
four beginning with the same letter), but this sometimes breaks 
down, unless the defects are due to scribal corruption. In the 
alphabetical arrangement the gutturals x, 7, n, » are inter- 
changeable. ‘The earliest acrostic is (once’) in Margah, in the 
hymn for circumcision on p. 846. In later writers it is very 
common. Amram and Margah do not use rhyme, which 
becomes usual later, and in the long hymns is carried through 
a whole section of twenty or thirty lines on the same syllable. 
Hence nndyn mniay p. 34, which is rhymed and has other signs 
of late style, is no doubt by Pinhas (as V 3) or Eleazar (as Cr 11) 
and not by Margah (as Cr18, B 2). Similarly /7\.y ANN p. 30, 
in which rhyme is attempted, is by the High Priest Amram, 
not by Amram Darah. Strange forms are frequently invented 
by most writers for the sake of the rhyme, and a word may 
even be divided for the same reason between two lines. 

The Arabic of the headings is the vulgar language used by 
the later Samaritans, but as the headings or rubrics have no 
literary character and may be varied according to the will of 
the scribe, the language is more than usually debased. They 
are very cursively written, often hard to read, and harder to ex- 
plain. They are printed here, with all mistakes, as in the MSS. 
Where the reading is uncertain the correct form is printed. 
The following spellings are usual, but not invariable: ~ for 

&, » for 3, Vo for V2, Ue for b; La for Cast; 5 for \, in 

the 3rd pers. plur. perfect; final » without dots, final ¢¢ © 

with dots. Hebrew words are introduced at will, as 942 WH) 
gels = oy mm pyr. 

1 As to the hymn on p. 193, see above, p. xx. 


Nathaniel 32 years died 332 A.D. 

(Abf, Ad omit) Baba rabba 4o ,,  Abf says (p. 178) a) wm, Le 
tS, sls svg eras 
sly ign> 3 Kh, LoLel 

which probably ie that 
he was not High Priest. 

Aqbon 26 ,, brother of Baba. 
Nathaniel 31 ,, 

Aqbon a0. 5 

Eleazar at. % (Elt, Ad, 25.) 
Aqbon 45°. 

Eleazar Pe ae (Elt, Ad, 17.) 
Aqbon ate 

Eleazar Py eee (Elt, Ad, 40.) 

Nathaniel 31 ,, (Elt says his 12th year =e. 
490, but it should be c. 556 

Eleazar an (abe says in his 12th year 
‘came’ Muhammad. Ad 
says at the end of his 
priesthood arose Muham- 
mad =601 = 4893 A.M. This 
should be 612. [M. was 
born in 569 and ‘arose’ at 
the age of 43.]) . 
(Abf omits) Nathaniel 20 ,, 

Eleazar 5S Xs (Ad says Caesarea was taken 
in his time. This was in 
638 A. D.) 
Aqbon 30).< 55 
kee ee (due to dittography and must 
: on a3), ue to dittography and mus 
(Abf omits) | Tleamar 22 5, be onided t agree with 
the dates.) 
Aqbon 21 55 
Eleazar on 
Simeon ae (Elt, Ad, 7. Died c. 129 H.) 
Levi ae 
Pinhas Ts. 3 
Nathaniel ts’ 55 
Baba 3 ae (Ad, c. 233 H. ?) 
Eleazar 9 is 
Nathaniel 20 ,, (Ad, c. 247-267 H.) 
Eleazar ; tye 
Pinhas + Sogte (Ad, c. 279-289 H.) 
Nathaniel 55 ,, te, c. 289-334 H.) 
(? omit) Abdel 1G Elt, Aqbon. Ad, c.334- -3631.) 
mit) ) Bleazar 2g "y, (Ad, c. 363-422 H.) 
Abdel 20° 5, (died c. 344 H.) 
Eleazar 2a 
(Adomits) 4 ay) ea 

Aaron i (son of Eleazar.) 

xlv~=~=~—s INTRODUCTION 

Eleazar 38 years (died in 444 H. So Elt in 
agreement with Ad.) 
Aaron 14, (died c. 458 H.) 
Zedaqah 0 Wews 
Amram 39 , (son of Aaron. Died in 
| 509 H. [Elt].) 
| | ; 
Aaron 22 ,,  Eleazar who wrote Elt in 
| 544 H. (see list IT). 
Amram 28 , (Elt25. Succeeded in 532 
| H. and so Ad.) 
Aaron 20: -s; 
Nathaniel 19 ,, (died c. 605, ? 602 H,) 
Baba 13° 4, 
(Ad omits) {Una ars. ; 
Levi 7 ,, | these are to be omitted. 
Amram Oke Elt — “ gee er 
Aaron tae genealogy of the author, 
(Ad er Eleazar 1D Ss Jacob. 
ae Nathaniel Be 
Eleazar a0); 
Pinhas Amram 
| Ithamar 48 ,, (came from Damascus in 
Jacob Uzzi 602, died c. 650 H.) 
i se 
Uzzi $2): 
Joseph 10. ws 
cea 56 ,, (died c. 764 H.) 
Abisha Eleazar 25, (died in 789 H. Elt.) 
a ee 
Pinhas 56 ,, (died in 846 H. Elt.) 
eer Joseph  Abisha 34 ,, (died in 879 H. Elt.) 
young) Eleazar 36, (Elt 56.) 
Pinhas aoe 
Eleazar AD. xn 
Pinhas 19" 5s 
(Elt omits) | 
Shelomiah Io ,, 

(Ad 11: died in 1033 H.) 

—— SS eS. 



*pozqturo oq 03 A[quqoid are samvU aseyy JO OUIOS 10 [[V 

(9£9 ‘ax “a Of 908 
“H og snosemug 7% qH) sequtg 

jovUlysy ydesor | 
| | 7 sunt 
(‘H 6bZ : worvy 
ur porq “HY (I a | 
ul enuryuo 98) IvUIvyyy, ¢ 
qe iene qe sean qoovr dH Ee Sac pete | 
| | | : . (mos ou) 
ae dH seyurg — dH wal 
TPPPAV dH wav ae dH wey 
| i | 
qoovr 1221) (‘H 0%9 ‘0 perp) dH TemeNyT 
| | 
| | 
seyurd Tey 

| | | | 
y (HPS ut 4[q JO Javed AOT[Tve OY} 9}01M) Coie 
dH sien 
dH pee 
dH sa 

Tao] ue 

a4 Saat 1% Wee.” AT \T * * ont wy TIT ; 6 + - ver waa ¥ aT TAWITH ts 

wos suos ¢ 

ie (61.419 si cee | | 
(61 19 ‘vEz1 °q) ‘vEzi-q) (‘aH ZSz1 ‘q) : (‘HOgzI‘q) (‘H 14z1°q) ‘Iq yuesord 
ydesor voooqey uwomojog a i 7 ond pee. — (‘H £Sz1 ‘q) qoovr 
| | | 
| > + | 
6 mmIeg peg WIYVIgy ia (‘H 1621 ‘p) ‘1g il (‘a Z$z1 “p) si 
| | | 
(61 J ‘6611) | 
mere c [ezeyy (€ ry 69611) names baa (‘H €Lz1"p) ‘ag i A ss th 
(g‘trqut‘HZZ11) | (‘H 0021 ‘p) a 
v7 (z 9 ur “H g611) ie | irene? 8 ; Iq (1ezvy) =) gered 
= mareay vi nqy mies ows] (1H Sort *p) tq HOT 
: = é ydosor ‘apes [ezeqy mn1eg (‘HH SPII "p) “Ig wmeyeqy 
eS | | | | 
) | | | 
eo (qeqjnyeZ-qy =) 708 nay (‘H Sort "p) “td onl 
Z oe 
("H Ogo1 perp) “1g ss 
(Iezeqy=) =n a meen 
ydesor se if 
ureyeqy Tern gen 
s (qerqeL=) Wet 
” meyRIqy 





(oz q foo£1) (oz g “6gz1) 

(py ‘21£1) 
psp el 
OBES] irs oe i 
(19 S11) = (aq Szgrt) 
WY VAqy] uowo[og 

(z119 ‘Ziz1) stoyjo£€  bapez  urmvfueg 
i ic. | | | 
(61 19 : [VIS] (zi€1‘p)  (S€z1 °q) 
ydesor = ‘99z1) ITVS. qoovr = waBRAGY 
is | ($ q ‘oozt) (61 19 ‘ggrr) | 
| qeupryy =qerepqy é [ews] | 
(61 19 ‘vEzr) ay | : | | ebepoz 
Bs Va mle Bibb ie i. some 
(19 °HzS11) (1 g ‘E912) | | 
qoove TRS, uylin py a7* qebepez 
| | | | 
| | | 
suos 10430 OVUST ($1 “6149 “H SP-S111 GAG) unengy (‘H ZE11) qoovg 

(qeaqyeg-qy=) te Tal 


(0z 19 *H ZIII) aa 






J nee 
Marhib (= Mufarrij) 


| | 
Mufarrij ( 1184, L2 ) Joseph (1247, O 3) 
teat 1201, B 4, 6, 11 

| | 
Ishmael (1201, B 4) Joshua (1260, O 5) 
a son 

(1225, L6) sano ge (1241, Bg. winx» ? B 8) 

| | 
Solomon Sa‘d (1285, B 4, 5, 9) 

The dates (A.H.) are those at which they are known to have 
been living. 



As a rule, only words used in an unusual sense, or not found in 

ordinary Aramaic, are included. 

The Arabic meanings quoted are from the version found in the 
MS. (generally Cr 11), on which see p. xxxv, n. 1. 

Heb. means that the word occurs in a Hebrew text. 

Ut al. means that the word is used as in ordinary Aramaic (or 


IN = 47. 
Tas fut. 12°3, p. 39 3, ma, 
P- 34 *- 
aux Af. from 31) answered. 
Is=7 hand, pl. constr. “NX, 
p. 17 5. 
=IN, 3? 
noi, nbis=xd sy, p. 23, for 
which x5, p. 24. 
=nby, Pp: 54 0. 
DIN =D" blood, ut al. 

ms, xn oh ! 

anx to love; infin. mand, mann, 
p- 81 (Heb.). See also 

m’AS as proper name (from Exod. 
iii,14); soalsoMnNAWNANN. 

pom, power, pow. these. 

js this, ut al. WAN=NIN jis. 

IN, INT where; mNd whither. 

INTIN praise, p.44 1; pl. patna 
Vv. 8. iT. 

MN in the phrase my AP wad 
of Moses, wearing the ray 
of light, from 35 “Wy jApP 
Exod. xxxiy. 29. 

YU =Ms path, 



MN, PUN tome, pp. 449, 76 DB. 
Ay, p. 43.29 (K 4). ANNI 
wm its (proper) t2me, p. 44 2. 
MnWS mistake for ANS law, 
p. 73 5 
SINS, 3>|= INN, p. 43 2. 
Pos = jn. 
mans the hereafter, future life. 
nnw Af. of nna. 
"ox rod (of Aaron) sles, p. 56¥ 
(Targ. Exod. vii. 9, &c.). 
TN, WI how, as, like, p. 45 15 
IDN=NIW PN, p. 27. 
no's day-teme, p. 15, 22 2; 
noms by day, p. 13, 405. 
DMN, WD'N, IMD side; puaxta? 
pl. boundaries, pp. 70, Site 
JS=T), Pp. 47 S. 
mas here (=al. x3). 
Sax cat, impf. b>, p. 74? 
po2x, 3xAos, pl, pp. 218, 55 Be, 
bs, olall God. 
xdw unless, but. 
=wnb2 without. 
=n 4y, JL.3 before, pp.14, 20, 
57 ¥, 6883 cm p.6r¥. 
—suNds, 7 xox but, p. 22. 


ads, Pp. 46 DY, Sw except (v. 1. 
ox =n Ne 2). 
(n)inbs Godhead, p. 21 7. 
‘ob if it were not, pp. 15, 30D. 
(n)dybss idolatry, wickedness, p. 
253 *L, hypocrisy, p. 42D; 
hs* folly. 
nods — xordiy maiden, p. 841 
yoy its sheaves, Pp. 52% 
pox=pbny, &c., p. 47 43 these. 
mx, v.8. md, 
AON Learn; fut. 95, p. 39 3, 
neon, p- 59; infin. Ab. 
Pa. teach, c. suff. mone, 
p- 46 n°; infin. and ptep. 
abun, Abn, p- 49 1; ¢. suff, 
mnxabn, p-52 4; impf. F255», 
p- 568; npbn, p- 59; imp. 
iDbN teach us, p. 55 M. 
mds accustomed, c.~), p. 29 P, 
c. ptcp., p. 20% c. infin., 
P- 39 15 d94z, P- 39 I. 
bn, wbn instruction = 
pox, 51 create [perhaps p.57D], 
p- 361, but really=sq. 
pox kindle, p. 521; ptep. nbn, 
p. 877 3. 
pbx luminary, torch, p. 61 3, 

AMX = AM city, p. 68 &. 
MON peoples, p. 22 (ut al. N*O38), 
MIWX—NiI, p. 33M; v.s. 30. 
jos believe, &c., perf. NNION, p. 51; 
fut. p12, p. 39 Nj JON) we 
are firm’? p. 72% Pa, 
establish, &c.t p.27D. fON 
}YNND strengthen us against 
fear. Hif. fut. pon, p. 30 y. 

Af, c, suff, }20°N entrusted to 

us, p. 51. Ithp. fons, p. 
39 8, p. 46M was entrusted 
to, ¢. infin. 
jo enduring. NID» the eternal 
(God), pp. 39 3, 46 b. 
jon, jo» believing, faith- 
ful (esp. of God and Moses), 
pp. 18, 46 b. 
JON artifex, p. 27 9, p. 70. 
mon faith. (nN, inz,4 
the Law, p.39%. NIN cus- 
tom, JNIION "TIN according 
as thow art wont; order of 
service (esp. in titles). 
Wrox defect 1 
“ON, ptcp. MNDN the speaker 
(Moses), p. 53. Ithp. "on 
and 33. “Wnn, p. 44 head+ 
ing; ptep. ION, p. 15. 
10", Js word, composition. 
“ON = Wy bind up (as a sheaf),, 
P- 77: 3 
Nios bitterness or? from “W9N 
burdens, p. 76 4. 
nox (ut al. now) when. 
}N, Ore. 
MIN here, this; pl. PIN hi, Px 
hae, masc. p. 869 3. 
PIN=jiT IN, p. 69 N, tf they. 
MMIN satesfaction, advantage. 
LYNN, Vv. 8. TVD. 
MWIN, Coll, pl. men, p. 14; 
p. 52 3. 
AMIWOWIN, v. 8. “Ow. 
NDN, "DN heal; impf.}2D»; ptep. 
(Af.?) ‘OND. 
MNDN the physician, 
ION healing, pp. 30%, 563, 68). 
MNDN, p. 846, officer. 
JDN= 757, pp. 62,761; imp. MDX 
turn tt, p. 62, 


WBS, “Bn (B 2 sogaie) his inten- 
tions, p. 14 6, 
byx=bwyn, p. 65 y (Heb.). 
, dala, p. 21 are derived 
from. | 
“PR=“PY root, ovaia. 
J>prd, whl, p. 19. 
JIPN, eee, p. 31M, but read 
“px ? p. 78, see IP, 
PR=Mp, p. 36 9. 
ANAAI=A WN, p. 5015 pl. AM. 
JN, impf. JN, p. 36 Pp; ptep. 
JNY continuing, p. 75%. 
j27x, a title of honour = ey 
(not dpxwv ? ut al.). 
w29N (from 435) prostration, 
DIN, PON betrothed? p, 47 35 
‘yas below, p. 15. 
AYN, id., p. 51 7; adj, pl. 
DYN, p. 75 1. 
DY¥-() oppression, p. 31 ?. 
WN, ol beginning, pp. 33, 
563; pl. p. 4733, Jal. 
PWN patriarchs, ancestors. 
‘AMD wax = ‘ot ‘dys, 
Pp. 75 7 
INWAN, p. 26.3, .pscve but?=our 
commandment (i.e. duty) is. 
ws prayt, command (from 
WY, int, p.185 yl, p. 50 2. 
MIN, 132, p. 14; agic, p. 16, 
inws hardness, 
874 5. 
UN shame, p. 69 N, v.s. DY. 
NWS, p. 45 7, ‘nnw(X), Nw, 
p- 31 =v. 

pp: 75 NS, 

MNWN fire, p. 41 4. 
WAS=i7 ARS. 

MNS=NN®, p. 73 3. 

=nnnr, p. 840 (Targ.). 

‘NN, NNN, ist: pl. pn, c. infin., 
p- 55 & (V 3), JAN, «. 
impf. (Cr 11); ptcp. InN 
coming, p. 56 3. 

ndwa ‘ns welcome! p- 617 

‘NI= YI, p. 73 f. 

WI=13, p. 75 7. 

NN33, p. 75.8, in his coming, 

“NI. Pa. AW Lyd declared. 
Ithp. "83x was expounded, 
p. 56 3. 

52 gather? 

pa. j35, p. 53 7 (V 3) which 
gives us understanding, v.1. 
(Cr rr) p2739 Lay ol 
which is our foundation 

1913 entelligence, p. 33 4. 

3D, p. 14 (=o 0N *D Num. 
vy. 18), waters of cleanness, 
but Ar. »» of the well. 

bya, ptep. pow, sal perish- 
img, i.e. mortals,  yllere 
resting t, p. 45M. jble wse- 
less, p. 21. 

nbva=ndh vae ill, 

pa. . 

nnd between them, p. 20. 

‘PI=PI, p.871t; ="PVIY, p. 74 
i, y. 

2, ly, p. 62%, for 3? 

MAD" school-house, p. 16. ocak 
Pp. 54 *s 

Tthp., p. 531 4 



INNW'A our wickedness, pp. 28°, 
672. ‘nvra, p. 62; adj. 
fem. emph. Anw3, p. 73 3, 
evil. See also under w”. 
bs thought, care (as Dan. vi. 15), 
unless it be a mistake 
for 2. 
35a, ptep.(Pa.?) than, ak stupe- 
bos p. 147. 
‘i?3 stupor, p. 143. 
oa perish. 
enya, bb, p-30¥, our affliction. 
qryba(o), &c., praeter te, &e. 
ws, ptep. wnd2 begging, p. 34.3; 
mun. petition, pl. mnswroa, 
P- 35 P- 
DDI spreading out? ‘Sonu. 
D2= 3 in both senses. 
ya, nya ask, wish, require, with 
infin. or impf. (p. 45 1); 2nd 
sing. }Y1(7), pp. 22, 410; 
impf. y'33=*y13; ptep. 3, 
p. 21, and *y3 (p. 25, thou 
wilt). Ithp.*yand ts sought, 
Pp. 27. 
yyan, p. 68 3(? form), require- 
WWI supplication, Mya my sup- 
plication,p. 62. jn, pp. 68%, 
42%; =ptep., p. 21 Ub. 
nips deliverance, p. 76 4. 
MWNII creation, p. 323 (Heb.), 
the book of Genesis. 
INA = Gop papyrus, p. 840 
MO, jo, bring to, 2nd sing. c. 
suf. j33"D43, p. 15: 
93, N12 create, 3rd sing. c. suf. 
‘pnN 74, p. 16; 2nd sing. 

P25, pp. 678,719; IND, 
p- 75 4(or from “391); impf. 
"2, p. 41M; ptep. A723, 
m(s)2 the Creator, p. 43 
»; M2 id., p.37 8; ANN, 
P- 43 9°; ‘N32 my Creator, 
P- 7585 "NS NI creature, p.' 6; 
pl. jx’n3, p. 16. 

HN73, ANN 73 creation. 
P. 70 dipim. 

j2'13, pl. blessings, p. 36 N. 


31 =). 
nard in it, Pp. 20. 
33 body, pl.1yn33, p.48 (Heb. , 
qn, 13, eels, p. 71 3, 
penalizes. "Y31D, s—85, pp. 42°, 
59 1, and pl. jNvGD, (Pp. 42°, 
60 5. 
wai height, p. 56.5 (Jala). 
*N71D) °NII3 on high and below, 
P3577 (jl (dy 94! 2), P70 
? = inside and out. 
PNIII in thy height? p. 39 3, 
or judgements, elas. 
m3) punishment of ?, p. 81 
(Heb.), v. 1. ma pride. 
yA=AII. Hif. ptcep. AWN MyIId 
raising the man, p. 80(Heb.). 
ANI power ; pl. 33, ANN WII 
Suva pets. 
T1. . 
NN, p. 46 DY, sds renew 
(Arabism due to scribe of 
V 3), v. L330. 
by, ptep. “11 growing great, seid 
nds greatness. 


13 blasphemy, p. 69% . 
3.3 or 3°) ut al.. 
{a an answer. 
mi or m3 ut al. Impf. Af. nw 
attack ; yd), p. 19 N. 
mio, p. 71 52 
m3 body, emph. nn}, p. 214 
(or plur.?); pl. jx*3, p. 21. 
mmx, p. 7. Seealso 33. 
D3 various kinds, ut. al., pp. 
34D, 723. 
Dy — DI. 
Wis, p. 44 7, his people? 
aba, 2 = (proclaim, i.e.) err 
p53, pl. glory, p. 6% cf. 593, 
603. 53 thy glory, p. 13. 
53, p. 36 4. 
baby, ptcp. babi glorifying, p. 23 
(Qread: 3530), but p. 57 8, 
bringing abundantly. | 
by, 153, nda reveal, then create, 
cause; inf. c. suff. mda, 
p- 64m’; 3rd sing. c. suff. 
nda, p- 32 5. Pa. ptep. ec. 
suff, na, p. 49 n. Ithp. 
2nd sing. oar, p: 56 0. 
xb) revealing, p. 72 3. 
+53 the visible world, ‘D3. 
-ansy’ha visible things, opp. to 
nnida revelation 1 
Obi = je 
ag om p- 557 7 Leh) 
p- 58, heading, un- 
covering of the roll. 
bia what is earned or deserved. 
~ ybna (of God) His dealings 
with men, p. 72 3. 
M103, p. 76 1, destruction. 


193 shame, pp. 20, 77, 623, death? 
{7N1I, p. 13 I. 
3. Ptcep, Af. p31 protecting ; 
imperat. JIN, p. 75 3. 
[1 gratis, ut al. 
Was pass through, over, away, 
pp. 13, 623; infin.and ptep. 
Twat praeteritus, p. 153 
ptcp. PY mortals, p. 26 3, 
mndy nyi, p. 25 2. 
yI=F2, p. 31 ) in V3 (Cr 
/ AD, WHS). 
jon, n. pr. Germanus, p. 846. 

ANT, 7, 7 this. 

“+ 11 525 because, p. 13. 

ns, usually mn, q. v. 

pat cleave to, i.e. help, with ace. 
or 5; keep the Law; trust 
in, Ist sing. NPIIN, p. 75 
3,5; ptep. pias ne a 
Pp. 47 13. 

pas help, p. 22 v. 

“at. Pa. ptep. "2% ordering, 
p- 73 3, and passive, is 
ordered, p. 18 3. 

1127, ps0 their director, pp. 15 
- 360; talso WNI4, p. 75 3. 

O34, os? deny, p. 33 0D. 

pt. Af. IN, yao cause ta 
sprout, p. 50 t (in Cr). 

vit by, Jo because of, p. 15 
(cf. Gen. xx. 3, Targ.), 
p- 46 ay wae ids: 

ny, WIN=s32=]". 

=NW WR. 

N1, ptep. jNT judgeng, p. 25 5 [NT 

judge; jY12, dgh>, p. 20. 

Af. imper. pS look at- 

tentively upon, sq. by, p. 

432. ' 



“11, I generation, pl. constr. 17, 
p- 35% See also ys. 

wit toil, weariness, p. 74M. 

‘3, rel. pron. = 87 WR. 15%, 
&c., thy, &e. Sy by myself. 

pup’t name of a spot on Mount 

25, ptep. m4, p- 4773; ptcp. 
pass. '2(k), p. 846; imper. 
77 = "IN remember, p. 
47 13. 

WI remembrance, p. 77 7. 
“107 name of a hymn, p. 109. 

Fo, Ja, p. 40 77 (=N0d, Heb. 
xnow), if haply, p.72 8 | g>- 

I, D7, ptcp. 10 lke, p. 40 1. 
Ithp. 2nd sing. 278 wast 
made like, p. 57 ¥- 

my likeness. 

pow, ptep. pon pon mens 
wena covered i.e. secret 
things, p. 16 (\pwges). DID, 
p- 192 (Heb.), id. 

yo selected, special, best, p. 20 
ole, p. 68 4. 

DN TNIN pOI=s S| > (Moses). 

YIM, p. 521. 

ay, INT= NI dwell, p. 40 7. 

YqNT, p- 42 0, dwellers wm, pp. 
51, 62, 68h. 

“yI=N7; pl. generations. 

x75, wlys ( pearls, with a play 

on 777), name of a series of 
liturgical pieces by Amram 

mxnst, id., p. 62 heading. 

35 degree, dignity, often. 


_ wai supplication, p. 754, 
and generally a liturgical 
composition, p. 689. 



ns law. 
‘NNT gue venit. 

NT, AN oh, behold. 

INT, JON where. “Tt INN when, 
Cus, p. 40t. rnd whither. 
ind id., p. 76 5. 

5 an, 35 12m, UW Gel, we ought, 
let ws, c. infin., p. 51. 

13n, p. 44 V, for 11m be ye. 

Sinan destroy 

pin with obn, q. v. 

Gda=ide, pl. cVyle. 

min, 2nd sing. Jn; impf. 3rd 
pl. jim, p. 43 3°; 3rd pl. 
fem. ji’, p. 61 b, 

“I=, p. 49 1. 

jVA=jVN, p. 75 1, who? what? 

0 how, as; JA, 1 74, and 
in one word, id. 

nan=NAsN here. 


midsan prarses. 

obn with oan also, &c. 

Mn, MIN here. 

jpn, rst sing. NDBX, p. 761, 9; 
impf. 72°, pp- 39 3, 68, 
75. ‘JB, p. 76 5. Ithp. 
JENN, p. 20. 

orn, Mt. Gerizim, always as 
one word. 

1 woe! 
bt} wae nobis. 
mny7(3) = Any ww, obs! 2, 
pp. 439° (Cr), 44 3. 

INT, MI, jt; ptcp. PNt gee 
pascit. pst fed, p. 74 5. 
Ithp. NTT, p. 26. 


Mayit food ? see pir. 
jat owr glory 2 
333= 3 marry. Ithp. 33517), 
p- 760. 
3 marriage. 
jar time, p. 15, often confused 
with jt. jIaIN our time, 
ey me 78. 
(n)int splendour, glory, p. 74%. 
yi quake, fear, p. 35 3. 
Dy, Jj movement, calamity, 
p-. 48. good p: 22 t (or 
from jNt 1). 
yit= py? move, set wn motion, 
trans., pp. 22, 343, 42 0, 
50 &, 3 (cf. 533), intrans., 
pp. 23, 341 (V3). Ithp. 
YIN was moved: but? p. 
429 (53!) yrain, p. 547; 
ptep. pra, SH2, Ps 401. 
yi movement, p. 34%, trembling 
from fear, p. 47 13; ‘yyM?, 
Pp. 49 ?. 
Ppt, id., pp. 17, 19. 
IN=M, P. 5275 seg, P- 53 7. 
not. Ithp. PWN thou hast been 
justified of us (i.e. been 
gracious to. us), p. 43 3°. 
ND righteous, clean; plur. 
INI, p. 57 3; pl. fem. 
MND, p. 14 Ye 
Mat righteousness, merits. 
pdt, as Syr. draw water ; impft., 
pP- 49‘; ptcp. mydr, p. 49”. 
jot bring together ; imperat. oN, 
85, p. 31.9. Ithp. jotms 

WD, wl! p. 20: 
jo"? assembly, meeting-place, 
p. 327; cf. p. 53. 
mMyr=nt, p. 840 (Targ.). 

PY, p- 447%; ptep. pass. Pry, 
pp: 47 13, 33, 68 4 (called, 
appointed to); ptep. act. 
Piyt, p. 758. Ithp. pytns 
named. PYTIN, p. 54D. 

PY a ery, pp. 301, 68. pryt, 
Pp. 75 &. 

VWyt= yt small, p. 67 t. 

MAYI=AIW? moon, p. 63 fF. 

35}, in titles, name of a method 
of chanting. 


rita in haste. 
pt=jor. Ithp. ord assembled. 

mnan, vnay, ‘an, c,lall the 
second priest (usually at 

Sin=bay seé. 

In one; pl. 10, sail Sun- 

TIN (quasi NIN), ode renew, 
create, p. 32 2; imperat., 
p.76n. Hif. infin. In 
renew, p.75 3. Ithp. 33nn3, 
sds” (of the resurrection), 
p- 30 &. 

TIN, Wis’, p. 34.0, renewal. 
nvin, id., p. 28 (but read 
nisin as V 3). 
nin what is new, i.e. created, 
Pp. 79. ) 
ANN its creator, id. 
an, AYN senner. 
by ayn it is the duty of, 
Pp: 44.7 


Din, imperat. (Af.?), DMN, p. 39 3, 
mn, py the freed (of Joseph), 
p- 42 0. 
SINn=NNN appearance. 
mn, tn, ptep. (emph.?) MIN see- 
ing, p. 297, and tn p. 19 5. 
mn, ptep. Pos, p.18 3. Af. ptep. 
na by your life (I adjure 
bn. Pa. ndon strengthened it, p. 
45 %. Ithp. ptep. dnnn, 
as 5,2 was strengthened, 
raised (voice), pp. 411, 61 5. 
nbyn power, variant for 72x; 
Gem P- 703 pl. noon = duvd- 
pes, angels. 
Syn mighty, pp. 16, 21, 846 
npn tree, pp. 465, 70. 
Don, ptcp. pass. nD*DnN acknow- 
ledged, p. 74 y. Af. ptep. 
nD dnd teaching. 
DIDN wise. 
i.X> name of a hymn, p. 149. 
nbn=)bin dies profanus, p. 70. 
abbn=nddy, q.v. 
np dn nw Seth the successor (of 
Abel), pp. 42 0, 77. 
npn change, swecession. 
nn instead of. 
1DYdN a succession, or ptep. pl. 
succeeding, p. 15. 
ove dn, p.9 (V 3), vel. for 
py’ 1prdn. 
ipimiebe., p. 12. 
vbn draw forth (increating),p. 16. 
dil = m'yay congregation(sitting 
in a circle). 

man, 2; 75 INT 4 as it pleases 

thee, p. 404; ptep. (Pa. or 
Af.?) m1 benefiting, pp. 13), 
429, 72 p (jowp 0). [Ithp. 

ptep. Maynn, acc. to the Ar. — 

Fdude, p. 42 0.] 

yon thy will, p. 18% A 
nnn, p. 59M. 

mind, p. 72, ? ptep. (but Ar. 


nin descending of the scroll to 
the congregation (Cr 11 
Jsj5), p- 49 heading. 

bon. Ithp.pannn, bic awaken- 
ed, p. 40°. 

pn. Ithp. pnns, p. 61y. PIM, 
p- 442°. > PNND praying. 

‘DN ='DN heal; ptep. Pa. *onn, 
p- 737 (or ‘DN=DIn); wash, 
p. 841 (Targ.) for nD». 

sbon far be it from thee! p. 31 4, 
with infin. or impf. p. 68 ¥. 

son. Ithp. by spn =érd0yoe 
yearn for, p. 570 M (Heb.). 

spn the non-existence before 
creation, p. 37 3. 

Dn, ptcp. DDN dug out (a place 
for bathing), p. 68 3. 

WiAs light (lyrical) chant, often. 

“Bn see YBN. 

(slzém see NNIN; v. 1. for ele , 
p. 489, ef. p. 821. 

MII wan mw, v. 1 way (ab 
backs), p. 71 71, looses the 
loins of the great, i.e. breaks 
their strength. 

awn, ptep. nawn thinker, rea- 

mawn the reason, p. 33 1, 
thought, p. 44 7. 

ee ee eS 


bay to be immersed, p. 63 0 

bay a bath, metaph., p. 63 DB. 

myay or nyay, asl the circle 
of the congregation. 

ap=1N0 mowntain. 

Iw, Av the Good (God). 


ANAAY good things, JNNAD. 
ANY, beks fall in drops, p. 848 

DID, pp. 143, 146. 
bybpn changing, removed, pp.15, 
34 P, 46 Dd”. 
my, Jlebl children, p. 47 22. 
wlrwall, Pp. 54 0. 
bby drop dew, p. 340; ptep. 
p. 570! 
by dew, p- 31°, and Obn p.63D3 
by dewdrops, p.513. 
by protection, p. 32 0. 
nD protection, p. 23, and ptep. 
protecting, c. by, p- 572. 

bon tents, p. 47 22. 

pody formed. Ithp. pndpx, 
p. 709 end (Heb.!). 

MANNY uncleanness, p. 39. 

yd, es (cf. Sy) to be or make 
wide; impft. Syys, les 
spread open, p. 61 5; 
perat. yy spread out, 
Pp. 49 0 (i.e. open it where 
you will), 

Coyne, glasl space, p. 20 . 
jyo. Pa. jy we bear, p. 13. 
70 pluck off, reject. 

470 leaf, p. 14. 
3b a method of chanting. 


ny, . INN praise (noun), 
P-45 19; pLMNAT, [NITTN, 

pp. 15, 45.3. ANT praise. 
yt, infin. yD; ptep. yr’ know- 
ing, and yo.” 
AY mind, p. 33 4. 
YD intelligence, mind as opp. 
to matter; (butp.21= elle); 
of God, p. 33 7. 
wt knowledge, p. 71 1. 

3’, imperat. 37, 137 q.v.; ptep. 
(M)aiM (the) Giver; parm 
placed; impft.1st sing. 358, 
p. 841 (Targ.). 

mim pronounced DY, and so 
rhymed: in alphabetical 

P= F|DN, impf. 4M, p.35 w; com- 
mit sin, become liable, p. 149; 
ptcp. PDS, p. 133. 


NINN oneness. 

M=AN’ beautiful (MSS. some- 
times ‘=’ or by mis- 

12° swear, 2nd sing.]"D, pp. 33 Ps 
75 4. 


N31 that which comes forth, 
produce, p. 37 3. 
(a= Cal regularly in Cr 11. 
ay’, ptep. ayo = Dy nate, 

Pp. 74 9 
p- 31°, 1b, 1. @. 

pp’ a burning, 
Pa. 1p’ bestow glory, le, 
p. 32% Af. “pis, p. 36 w. 
{NIWP*, p. 32°, TNIVP*; p. 41M, 
glories, p. 44 7. 
nye glory. 
Pp? praise. 


MIAN, q. Vs 


nv, ptcp. My inheriting, p. 420. 
wa in his existence, pp. 462, 
815 > (Heb.). 
‘nyw", p. 75 7, mistake for *nyw 
my cry. 

Af. pws, or In hand over 
(the law on Mt. Sinai). 
DUIS DVN, Pp. 52. NOW, 
p. 613; ptep. Own, p. 59; 
ptcp. pass. Dwi delivered, 
p-58; pl.p.7o. Ithp.pwiny, 
P- 59: 

n’, c. suff. 57 nm), Pp: 33 P, to 
those righteous men. }\n' 
4 y0"3 those bones of J., 
Pp. 47 25. 
an’, ptcp. an dweller, he, 
p. 423 infin, 3nd, p. 38 &. 
Af.! mane he set him, 
p. 38 &. 
‘21ND dwelling-place, p. 61 3. 
main degree, status, position. 
yanin his dwelling, p. 38%. 
anin stranger, &c., p. 29 Y. 
“Nid IWS IND Ty. 
j1n’ abundance, p. 77 N. 


13 the Glory (of God) per- 

yaa name of anangel (cf. Nutt, 
p. 69, n. I). 


33="Wws> when, &c. 

13 now, p. 62. 

Sao=bs, c. suff. pons, podno, 
ibn; also mb, bp. 

3. Pa. jiD; imperat. c. suff. 
md, ut43), p26 2. 

"5 ='5, WIS, Pp. 41 15 except, 


pp. 39 8 (xe MI), 573 
(Jze5), i.e. never so much 
as when; verily (and so *3, 
p. 27 n),c.suff. }1"3, pp. 38 &, 
14 vw, jms bb, p. 16; 
when ? p. 45 % (sls). 
name of hymns on the 
theme pant Sy pyown 13 
(e.g. p. 152). 
"5 as Syr. 
MIN WS, sy Ls handwriting, 
pp: 39 &, 57°. 
so Sy ts dy. 
m3, p. 49 D="53, or ANN “3. 
qnis=nnw 3, p. 69 & (for 
sn’ »5, v. 1. 7n 93). 
noisy without a negative, p. 12, 
pds 5p. 
bo, v.1. pyay, p. 13 B, beseeching. 
Ob», Ithp. Sbox was crowned, 
pp. 23, 563; ptep. bbap, 
P- 55} 
ws= iw like him, p. 361. 
wn2 wretched, feeble, —iaclai, 
p- 31°. 
D9 upright, p. 63 5* (Heb). 
‘DIN hidden, p. 79. 
‘D> the unseen world, opp. to by. 
Anx'o> hidden things, ra otpa- 
via, Ta vonTA, Opp. to ans’3. 
MIMS atonement. 
np subdue; ptep. mS sub- 
ject, obedient, rsl>, p. 28; 
cpoliee, p. 71 2. INES 
Ithp.? they submit them- 
selves, p. 29 ?. | 
INDI submission, p. 75 N. 
$5 return (to God), death, p. 852 
12 cry out, proclaim ; ptep. 13 



(of God), p.-26. j™ND, 
p- 84, and PDN) POND 
crying out and saying. 

pra(s)> proclamations, p. 53). 


Ithp. ? or Af. 58 Jj>) p. 611, 
stored up i.e. replenished all 

2 heap; pl. jrind, p. 13: 
abyss j.c\ before creation ; 
matter as opp. to intelli- 
gence (yD); stock Jol, p. 
4733; store ;=*, pp. 61 0, 
69°; plur. j(x)9, p. 61}. 

j= generation. 

YD outweigh, ut al. with by 
ptep., pp. 754, 76 b. 

wa, ptep. MWD, 3=% »y who 
devotes himself wholly, p. 21. 

3n3, ptcp. pass. 3nd =a'n2’, 

Pp. 49 4, 60 3. 

NIN the scripture, p. 49 N. 

Ana) writing, book, esp. ADD 

1n3, > waited, p. 49. 

nvd, 1° to. 
med. yd to labour? p.46 0 v.1. 9nd 
(. 4); ptep., p. 74.5. Ithp. 
pydnx wast wearied, p- 868. 
md, syd weariness, trouble. 
ynb, yy id., p. 31 7. 
nind=nynbd id. 

WN, gs it is fitting; as adj. | 

125 Id mnt for thou art 
worthy of it, p. 44 3°, Nn. 
pad, nnd, pys=md; ptep. nad 
cursing. ondn, cysk ede 
cursed, afflicted, p. 23 ¥. 
noad a@ curse, 
~ ma) id., p. 757. 

125, 3rd pl. c. suf. mad, ty, 
p. 874 5. 
madn, ints antiphon in head- 
nnwadn supplication, p. 12. 
105, ptep. Palpel adadin flashing, 
pnd=nnbd be hot. 
md, Vv. 8. and. 
ynd oppress, distress; ptcp. pass. 
ynd, p. 73 7. Ithp. ptep. 
prin, p. 72 4. 
nynd affliction; nixnd, p.75 8. 
bib, pl. bib pp.13n,16; Ans, 
P. 34°. 
m5. 13° we cannot, with infin. 
or impf., p. 39 3; ¢. suff. 
and, n> (=sn m5), pp. 20, 
39 &. md non ego. 1% non 
sumus, p.13 0; but ano = 
}i?, fin’, p. 16. 
mox=n wy, p. 149; FON nisi 
tu, p. 13 1. 
npon= nbn. 
ayb=anb flamed. 
siyb= ind. 
ry, v. 8. nnd. 
mbad bloom. 

Nd, MD rarely =|. not. 
DIND something, p. 859 (Heb.). 
=n misfortune. 
0, p. 42 » (v. 8. 723), he ts seen 
in every judgement % 
ji «ut al. for nought, in vain, 
p. 21; freely, p. 72%. - 

3, V.8. MD. 
9 from ;15 strife. 
TI="T AD. AAW quod in eo. 

712 quoniam, p. 38 & (3!) 
“92 = WN. 


on Y1 md aceording to our 


“7 ADI= Jels, p. 407. 

MO=ANN, pl. NW, p. 36 ¥, ae 
MD, Pp. 77: 

m=. not. 

170, infin. of 75n. 

“mm, Wo, jlo feed (pascitur), 
pp. 51, 61%; ptcp. wn», 
Synee feeding on it, p. 50 7. 
pan, p. 55 p. Af. ptep. 
“1 feeding (pascens), p 
50 7. 

1, ijn0 food, p. 61 0. 

bw over against (esp.Mt. Gerizim). 

My for AyD. 

nd, ptep. j2NNd our dead, p. 12. 
NNO mortals, pp. 51, 53 ?- 
PNM, p. 52 0. 

ym, ptep. pass. "Md, p. 747, 
assured, enforced. 

nono=nbo inn, p. 629 3 (Heb.). 

Pnid blot owt, &e., p. 39 & (the 
sentence ends at mn). Pa. 
ptep. Apna ibid. 

‘01D, ptep., p.49 0, find, get to the 
end of a thing, grasp it. 
rN reach to, come upon, 

‘ acquire, p. 49 0; 3rd pl. 
WONT, p. 846, c. infin. swe- 
ceed in clothing ; impf. ‘110° 
attain to, p. 846, ¢. infin. p. 
732; supply, p.76%; im- 
perat. c. suff. ‘m1, p. 76 3. 

nbyn, v.s. Sop. 

"019 infin. of 90). 


1 (all) kinds of. 

Pid", perov, middle, 

{ND 2 suffices us, p. 28 4 (88), 

p. 67 1 (Lime), Pe 53 7 

qnop, WS, p. 392. 

mmo (v. 1. AnDy), p. 62.N, 
umm he is sufficient (God, 

cf. ay)\. Chemo). 
199 descend, p. 508. Pa. ptep. 
pony, p.52n. Af. 3rd pl. 

fem. ‘38 bring down. 
ma below. 
MisdN a bowing down, oppres- 
8t0n, Pp. 33 N.- 
120, Jae, p.71N, condescending ?, 
gracious, cc. DY’. 
doo, 3rd sing. c. suff. andy, pp: 
34 9, 44 7 (but andy his 
word, p.16). yndox filled 
them, p.44 i"; 3rd fem. nbn, 
pp. 17,363; 2nd sing. c.suff. 
cae p- 15; ptep. 1 
filling, pp.17,213; Ju able 
to, pp. 38 &, 411 jdm, doing 
perfectly, p. 28 19; SK, p: 
460°; sek, pp.537, 740, 9; 
imperat.\n PN fill, i.e. enable 
me, p.753. Ithp., 3rd fem. 
monn was filled; p. 6171. 
yo fullness, completion. 
hae id., p. 21M (&). 
bn id. , p. 46 3. 
nb word. 
not nnd by, ety deb de 
in obedience to their Lord, 
p- 42 0. 
pia’, Loginle (as if weAorouprys), 
a lyrical poem, in headings 
(as p. 269), cf. N-Heb. pip. 
mab, nodnn kingship, king- 
dom, and 1259, p. 715. 

: bb, with accus., p. 35 0. Ithp. 


‘SSpx, p. 54.0; 3rd pl. fem. 
bbw, p. 61°. 

jd, ‘V. 8. fION. 


WO=NIN jp who? — jo who. 
pyr. | 
psn middle, p. 76 B. 

bl:. appendage, a prayer, &c., 
added for a special occasion, 
in headings, as p. 38. 

ININ=jNT jd whence. 


sm x4 without number. 
so Nb5 id., p.777. 

apd, p. 15, Hofal of 33D (or 
ps)? v. 1. pn. 

‘DD, p. 24 Y (perhaps infin. of 
‘DI=NwY), DD AwT yd, oh 
(i.e. S31) sod Gs to 
him who ts worthy to receive 
i. But cf. p. 8460. 

nn’Dn, v. s. ND". 

NIDD, + 

MID wretchedness, p.29 W. 
PDD, p. 451", dxae (Af. ptep. of 

PD) sending up. 

MNyd inferiority. 

ID, = refuse, restrain, p. 43%. | 

‘Yo= Ind smite, p. 13. 

DY, Dyn take care of, Sato = DMD, 
p. 20. 

(x)Nyin(3) (by) means of (him), 
p- 789, line 5. 

Mypo=Niyyox middle, 

pry id., p. 76 2. 

wor lack? 

Dpppr? possibly a corruption of | 
péyvotos, p. 846. : 

DPD =puxpods, p. 846? 

"10 lord, used of God. 

"0, p. 45 M,,and 9, A. 

ab vienier-oevenicnenin ts 


}79, also a name of a hymn, as 
p. 111. 
119 rebel. Af. ptep. "10, p. 39 3. 
INN, pl. rebellions, p. 62. 
po. Pa. ptep. pana make equi- 
valent, ah, p- 19 3. 

s3,2, in headings yo cn» often 
means a hymn in the (sup- 
posed) style of Marqah. 

nwo= Ww, p. 841 (Targ.). 

wo (ptep. of Aw), p. 69 n, who 
neglects, makes a reproach of. 

nd be cooled, quenched, p. 31°, 
grox2. Pa. ptcp. jn cool- 
ing, allaying, p.56.2. 25) 
cooled, p. 42 03 imperat. 
NON, p. 76 ft. 

TOwM=TpoOy thy good things, 
P- 75 4. 

I= 13, WW, p. 57 2. 

N13 give prophetic power to, p. 
35 5. Ithp. masns, p. 74. 

‘3)=N'33, emph. 72). 

123 (or M123) portion, lot, p.25 Nn. 

529 guide, &e.; mmbw Any’ 
brings his peace with him 
(sodlw sx0 29%), p.45 1; ptep. 
Ma the guzde, p. 13 Nn. 

mM guided, follower, p.13 NM. 
372. Pilpel 3353 enfeeble, Wascl, 
P- 34% 

Af. 3rd fem. nix, pp. 
29 3, 841 (Targ.), bring for- 
ward, bring to pass, pals 
P- 55 WY; 2nd sing. 738 
(but p. 53 M also brought 
thee); impf. "9n, p. 38 5B; 
ptep. "19D offering sacrifice, 
p. 46 82. MDD, p. 451, 
bringing, | 



"m3, ptep. WN shining. AN, 
Jui! the glorious (Moses), 
p- 465. myyo (God), p. 52. 
Pa. Af. ptep.1n30 enlighten- 
ing, p. 567, 

snd (pl. pana), mn Light, 
brightness. “MN, p. 75 3. 

“m3 remember, p.739(Y33); ptep. 
"3, p.19. Af. (?) imperat. 
Wh, p. 22; ptcep. 773, pp. 
13, 47 23, reminding. 


Sei act disgracefully, p. 638 

mo. Af, infin. min by giving 
rest. Ithp. infin. (? or noun) 
wmonNd, p. 447; ptep. mann 
resting, p. 15. 

MAIS rest. 
MIN id. 

Mp1] = vourxds, law-giver, p. 
629 D (Heb.). 

3 sprout, progeny. 

sy=n). Af. 3rd fem. n 3x, 
Pp. 49- 

mI, p- 29 Y, Ge shut a door, 
Pp. 30M, wes reject (v. 1. 
Anon), p. 77 Mn. 

nn. Af. nns sent down, p. 570; 
as Pe. came down, p. 57 352; 
ptep. nn descending, p. 
61 1. 

MO), ptcp. pass. My) stretched 
out, p. 367 (cf. MYN=D"IN). 

"0, imperat. "0, p. 46 3, ¢. suff. 
ION, p. 78; infin. wy ; 
ptcp. 103, pp. 40 4, 327. 
Ithp. ptep. p03, p. 55 Nn. 

mvp (or infin.) observance, 
ahslx*, pp.32N, 69 Y, 74 5. 
DIN, 1D'I=vopo0s, 


DIDI—=ypis"2, p. 634 9 (Heb.), 

‘33. Ithp.? ptep. "329 ceasing, p. 
13 3, wearied, \x, pp. 76D, 
72D; suffer harm, Sul; 
Pp. 557: 

noa> plucked, choice (fruits), 
p. 41}. 

"33. a 

725 Y3'="5 3D), p.856(Heb.). 

113, ek, p. 23, he is not asso- » 
ciated with another in it; 
P- 43 &’. 

3p) take; ptcp. }31DI, p. 74 D; 
infin, c. suff. 71D. 

‘D) take, receive, p. 43° (Gs); 
impf. 3rd pl. }1D', 54>b, pp. 
411, 43°; 3rd sing. c. suff. 

3D’, p. 49 5 ; infin, 'D», 
p. 846 2 ¢. suff. p2DD, 
p- 47 35. MDD, p. 57 ¥. 

AN DI=N' WI, p. 42D. 


MyD) removal oftherollfromthe 
congregation, p. 50, heading. 

§yI= NI, “WB. 

nyj=nni, 3rd fem. nny3, p. 840 

(Targ.). Af. nyS = nn; 

impf. 3rd sing. Ny” z should 

descend, p, 61%, 

Af. PBX, imperat. {ppn, 

p. 68. 

PID exitus, conclusion. 
AN Psd utterance, p. 507, but 
? construction (read ‘\wt ?). 
wb) soul; pl. jRWD, c. suff. 

wba, Pa. spread out, p. 1873 
relieve, save; ptcp. wD? 
p- 60 3. 

murps relief, salvation, pl. 

‘PIE, pp. 22, 75 I 


oe See) 



ayo, ptep. ay) planted, set; a 
plant,p.45%. Ithp.¢nayon, 
p- 51) (or=nyy’). 
A¥3, Y¥I, ptep. ANS, YNY3 con- 
}N¥) victory, p. 45 1. 
bys, Hof. ? ptep. dyn, vale 
saved, p. 22 1d. 
982, ptep. AVY(N) saved (of 
Tsaac),p.420;}) SIN, p.407. 
Af. YIN act sincerely, p. 
215 > ptep. p83, p. 43 3. 
WYI(N) sincerity, p. 42%. 
a3 ery; pl. niypa, 
P. 37 ¥. 
DP) (oy) (day of) judgement. 
spa. Af. HPN join, p. 32 w. 

RY = DD NWI, pp. 63 7, 64 5 


wd, 3rd pl.(Af.?) wor, p.47 39; 
impf. won, p. 55 n (V 3). 
Af. ptcp. ‘wo forgetting, 
p-47.2. Ithp. pwan’ for- 
get, p. 55 NM (in Cr). 

DYW2, 3rd fem. Now3X, p. 45 1; 
ptep. DW) resting, pp. 40 4, 
673. Pa. give rest, p. 34%; 
ptcp. Dw. 

MOWID rest, 

nyow3(s) id., pp. 34 5, ¥, 44). 
Mw), p. 44 1. 

WI, ptep. ww weak. 

— NWw3 weakness, pp. 34¥, 710. 

Ani to be stretched out (hand), 
bdige, P. 315. 


PN gefts, pp. 33 0, 72 3, 73 3. 

refreshment, p. 

bap as Nw pardon (sin), p.72 3, 
or bear with, p. 71%, 


(5) anow Sap, ne Jex, 
p-. 673, bear ( feel) the fear 
of God. 

yaID= yay, p. 61 BD. 

jY9ID, [NID he who feeds, p.60N. 

yYID=yays=—MN¥ cry out, pray. 

73D. Po. 2nd sing. J731D, p. 43 2° 
(xSpol hast been patient), 
imperat. [72\D comfort us, 
pp- 17 0, 24D; hope for, 
ptep. pass. J3D0, p. 76 3. 

M™31D comforter, p. 24 D. 

MID comfort, p. 43 2. 

1D, ptcep. WD worshipping. 
Ithp. non thou art wor- 
shipped, p. 29 3. 

‘D1 place of worship. 

NID, Axe adoration, pp.21, 40. 

N1(1)1D expressions of worship, 
in headings. 

‘ID, “7D although (thou testifi- 
est) much, p. 39 3. In p. 

61 y the 1 is pleonastic. 

NID plentiful. 

bap, ptep. 5D eleet, chosen, or a 

“1D order, assembly. 7°"D, 
Ycsem the rows of the con- 
gregation, p. 45 1. 

AMD= 3D, ;.*% elder, ancestor, 

pnanpD =’no, eels round about 
them, p. 43 ». 

3D, imperat. 1ND protect, ¢. by, p. 
78; ptcp. pass. I'YD, p. ~ ’ 
fenced in, 

DYN'D, lL defences, p. 421. 

1D, Pilpel oad, glol bring to an 
end, p. 31%; ptep. DED, 

p- 77 7. 

INDY, jNDD owner (ya), p.355. 


MIND. possessron. 
mynoe id. | 

“ND, IND surround, p. 28 3, dans. 

“D(k), us! remove, p. 305 (for 
“nb or confused by the Ar. 
translator); impfapon, 55, 
p-68n. Ithp. ptep. ? yD", 
p- 69. 

my'D, emph. ANY'D congregation. 

2D, ptep. 3D hoping for, p. 758; 
ID(s) expecting, asking for, 
P- 39.3, wasel, Ithp.*apno, 
p- 4ont. 

INIDD our hope, pp. 29 D, 30M. 
2D hope, p. 30%,-M. 
MDD IN, 2. pr.=yley. 

NID estimate; impf., p. 49°, come 
to the end of it; infin. npn, 
Pp. 33 M. 

DiND completion, end. 
IDK id., p. 42.0, HLS. 
mimp pardon. 
imp id., p. 56 D. 
omdp oy =o psd, p.479. 

ndp, impf. 3rd pl. fem. jpp’, p 
41m. IAthp. ptep. poop is 
removed, p. 42 0. 

oD, ptcp. pass. OD supported, 
Pp. 75 4. 

(nbmp) sop title of respect 
 -(cf. epall LS). 

mod medicine, p. 85 (, s+). 

px, Le travellers, strangers, 
Pp: 29 Y. 

‘9D, ptcp. JID enemies, p. 77 YW. 
MID, p. 35 D. fID, p. 13, 
their enemies. {NIW, p.35Y. 

ID enemy, P. 35 5, P- 77- 

MID=NID, gle bush, p. 38 &. 

IYD=IND witness. Af. TDN id., 


p- 27%; 2nd sing. IDN4 
ptep. and infin. pp, p. 39 3. 
NYIWD, ‘MD evidence. . 

“YD. 4" 
mnnyD his help, p. 75 2. 
TMD, Pp. 75 7. . 
syp="y usque. sydd, np id., 

p- 13. 
mnoyo (in V 3)=/oD, pp. 
49 9, 507, treasure. 

ANXABD=NNvVa'D lips, -p. 73°. 

‘HD=HD destroy; impf..(Nif.4 or 
Ithp.) ‘DD’, p.14 ¥.(v. 1. BS*)s 

PSD. jos ptcp. pap supply ng, 

MAD, velo his faishae p. 20, but 
on p. 35 J=n"5D (for the 

HPD to be high; ptcp. MED the ~ 
High. (God), p. 173 pd 
mow above in heaven, p 
846; "PD, p. 57 D, high 
(ladder). Hif. »ppn raised 
up, p.73¥. Pa. id., p. 77 

JEPD, del high, p. 35 7. 

MEIpDd a lifting wp, p.249(axs,). 

(7)2EPDd heaven, loftiness, p. 77. 

‘DPD, dss, a lifting up, glori- 
fication, pp. 12, 72 N. 

np act foolishly, wickedly, p. 20, 
lxssl; ptep. ANIMD wicked, 
MAYIND, NNAD id., p. 39 3. 

mM 9D wickedness, pp. 43 3°, v6: 

“nd destroy, p. 20. 

say make, generally; infin: 
maynd to keep it, p. 46 me 
ptep. Way creator; “Diy 
created thing. Shaf. Tayw 
worship ; ptep. IAYwId serv- 


ing, p. 69. Ishtaf. ptep. 
SIynwy serving, p. 55 7. 

mMPay, May work, service, p. 
45%; pl. INN ay, p. 24° 
(so to be read). 

TNiIAYY reverence, p. 50. 

say=ed, Ux, p. 362; with 
by. &c., it is incumbent upon, 
with ~5,.p. 69 &, so p. 46’, 
or he made tt incumbent ; 
with nom., p. 58 &, praise 
is due. 

y= 17. 

Day=21n friend, uncle. 

NIway=Kawsztn, p. 15 (in V 3). 

Any, Anan, ‘3 minister (usually 
at Damascus), p. 551 ¥. 

Oy see, p. 45 1°, p. 840 (Targ.). 

xday, xdax antequam. 

}TY teme, ut al.; j1y1 in our time, 
Pp. 313; fit time, p. 43 9, 
with ptep.; pl. ;s7y=D ye, 
p: 61 ¥. 

pry delight, p. 44 7° (jelo). 

PTY TA, peas wks Lden ; cf. p. 23 
(of the Law), p. 57 5. 

by enter, impf. byen, p. 3313 Sys, 
p.34n. Af. dys bring in, 
p. 29 P (Lis) 

Syn entrance, pp.70,74 0,761. 
yy nN. 

pWy=) on. 

“ty help. 

="1n return. Pa. ptep. WY 
rediens, p. 223 turning 
away, p. 42; impf. A NyNn 

_ turn him away, p. 75%. 
MWY a return, p. 764. 
Ary id., p. 13 YO. 
FY In suddenly, p.14 . 




by=in, Ithp. yms, p. 59? 
(= bnny, p. 59 °). 

Soy — 150, 

Py. Pa. ptep. "yD watching over, 
el, Pp. 70 & (confused with 
xy ?). Ithp. ptep. yn 
seen, p. 15; bys, p- 42%. 


m73y, us; 4! misfortune, p. 42 0. 

dy high, p. 15. 

maby, adv. on high, p. 517. 

mddy, nddn, glell heaven, p. 45. 
alé harvest, crop, pp. 47 23, 
pot; aide, p. 579 (2). 

Moy, My ON see, 2nd sing. jN 
poy if thow seest, p. 28 Y; 
grd sing. fem. nay, p. 840 
(Targ.), ntend? p.28?; impf. 
my, p. 717 in V3 (Crit 
‘yD? as in g}, but Ar, isla), 
face, stand before or beside 
thee. 3rd pl. c. suff. TIDY", 
p-56; ptep. Dy, p. 28°F, y. 
Af. ptcp. yn shewing, 
pp. 9, 12, 23 9 (ble). 
Ithp. ptep. ‘pyntd seen, p. 
43 2. 

MMDy a pause in reading the Law, 
p- 551 ¥ (Heb.). 

byy do, p- 19. 

(nw1) Spy for the sake of 
(Moses), p. 62. pdoyd for 
their sake. 

“HY= pc mend, restore, pp. 11; 
34 2. | 

‘Y, imperat. c. suff. jn3y, pp. 
26,68. Ithp. ptep. »ynn 
answered, p. 70, W\s*. 

Nady = Ku. 

Spy=dpn, PP: 34 ¥, 69. 

TWbyY ten, p. 34 &. 


Spy 1 = seq., p. 619 D. 

"DpY= DN search. 

NY, (gos? number, limit, pp. 46 d°, 
73 5 (a reminiscence of the 
same passage). 

apy define, name, WSS, p. 45 ¥. 
MOY APY, pp. 34, 74,77 P- 

apy end, limit; Wis punish- 
ment, p. 40 7. 

IPYA propter. 

NIpy last, p. 17. 

MApy name, attribute, sire, p. 
45%; pl.warpy, Wl, p.4739. 

TPY, P. 44.), >> prostrating him- 
self, but perhaps in the sense 
of an:)| age, q. v. 

Al, ais, p. 3, heading=adp ns 

npy distress, jNPY, p. 39 3; pl. 
Pry, p. 763. 

Soy = Spr field, p. 47 35. 

“py foundation, &e., p. 11 (v.1. 
PX), P- 49 3. 

my, Jaf be surety for, &c., p. 
86 m (Heb.). 

ANIA ov, ut al. Priday (in V 3). 

™y lay bare, ptcp. c. suff. pry 
revealing them, p. 73 MN 

(corrupt ?). 

MWY, Crlysl enpurity, pp. 
13 4 60 5. 

yoy nakedness, defect, VosS\, 
p- 61b. 

PAY, ptep. Py, p. 75 &. 
nApiay m3 refuge, p. 30 7. 
wiy= 5 ,¢, p. 700 top (Heb.); 
throne of God, ibid. 
INy, ptep. jf TNY, pods, p. 4739. 
Tnyn preparation of food, p. 
60 &. 

45, imperat. c. suff. jn 4D deliver 
Us, PPp- 75 4, ae v. 
71D thy salvation, p. 37 D. 
nD. Po.inf. nnaD relieve, comfort 
(but x). 
my, p. 70, heading in V 3, 
hymn of comfort, | 

“nS = “NS. 


DD console, impf. ¢. suff. jO°5', 
p.52N; ptcp.D°D (44,237), 
pP-19 3. Wigp, p. 46 ND. 
Me, p. 56 B, pardoning. 

See also DYD, 
nbn, impf. nde, p- 79 (Heb.). 
bp obscure, hidden, p. 76M (so 
for D3). dp, p: 289; a 
wonder, ibid.; pl. jvdp, 
nns>p wonders. 

ap, ptep. ¢. suff. pdp who ap- 
portions, euaie, P. 30 B. Pa, 
ptep. idpn, id., p-17¥. 

myst Sy abp differ, disbelieve, 
p- 5° 1. 
bby prayer, p. 66, heading. 
ipoby our prayers, p. 34 Mi. 
n=, pl. emph. m5. 

mp twrn (to or from), imperat., 
p. 65 © (Heb.). 7350 xx, 
W5par) 3 before we turn 
away, p.14N; ptep. D35D, 
ces perish, p. 405 (v. 1. 
pda), p- 25n? 

3D, p. 19 5, ess. 
mn time of God’s turning 

bpp reject, disappoint, p. 21 ,) 
(ob), pp 492,74 25 ptep. 
pass. Span, p- 72 7. 

Span defect, p. 846 (Marqah). 
Span, ex gathering-place (of 
waters), p. 16. 


bopp made a covenant, p. 57°. 
bippp covenant (cf. Targ. Gen. 
ix. 13, &c.). 

DYD=pd'D, q.v. Ithp. DyDSN) we 
confess, p. 79; ptep. DYDSND 
be appeased, p. 42 N, de (Cr 
DYHSD, with n assimilated). 
DYHD convinced, (zis*,p. 711 
(V3 p'y9), pl. p. 52. 



MIND release, p. 335; pl. SIND, 
PP: 33 Y, 36 N. 

WA MH=wHlej v2 5. 


POD DY, p. 6r?, Vals ps 
ten commandments. 


MND fruitfulness, p. 14 ¥. 
Mb, ze fruitful tree (from 
Gen. xlix. 22), p. 57 B. 

DIND, ptcp. DINHD cultivating, 
Pp. 51). 

DIN} cultzvator, p. 463; gover- 

nor, p. 767. 

p15, 2nd sing. ]'D1D, p. 29. 

mom» spreading forth of the 

hands, name of a prayer. 

P75, ptep. AINTIy pimp thou 
madest him a_ deliverer, 
P- 33 2. 

{PD release, rest, p. 34 BD. 

N75 fragment, p. 57 5. 

Wd stretch out the hands, pp. 295, 
49. Ithp.(?) DwEK, p. 59° 
(=0W1N, p. 59 1). 

WE, ptcp. WE, (ols, p. 25. 
ole, p. 56 2. 

NWA, 0 \> deliverance, p.35D. 
nna. Ithp. nnax, pp. 49 5, 545. 
‘ND, 3rd pl. nb are wide, i.e. 

abundant, p. 75 N. 


YAY=NNN, ere pray, pray for, 
with accus., p. 131. 

MYIY supplication, pp. 68 ¥, 

yas wash, p.20%¥%; ptep. pass. 

yay bathed, p. 51 7. 
vias bath, p. 68 3. 


“T8, ptcp. pS desolate, con- 
founded, p. 31 ¥. Af. or Pa. 
ptep. ps make desolate, 
p. 13 5. 

IT¥ desolation, itmg, P. 31 ¥. 

PIs, ptep. prs (? form) distressed, 
p- 74 2. 

aby. Ithp. ptep. nadoyn, p- 14 bs 
— . 

nby, 3rd pl. indyx, p. 33 2. 

indy prosperity. 

ndy, imperat., p. 77. Pa. ptep. 
NdyYd uniting, p. 38 P. 

MY conjunctiow (astronomi- 
cal), name of a festival. 60 
days before Passover and 
Succoth respectively, meet- 
ing, unton. 

My pot (of manna), p. 56 ¥ 
(Targ. Ex. xvi. 33), a3). 

PIX shut, impf. c. suff. AIpsyn, 
p- 676; ptcep. psy, p. 60 5. 
Ithp. ptep. paps, p. 70. 

“4y¥, imperat., p. 78, withhold ? 
ptcp. Tyy holding, possess- 
ing, p.9 (eels), p.21 (le), 

. depending on, p. 25 (Wuniee), 
with 3. 

DYY=DI¥, p. 57 ¥. 

DN’S a fast, 

WY=VN¥=— 3", 2nd sing. c. su 
MDS, p. 71%, thou didst 
form him ; ptep. ny creator, 



p- 567. mys created thing, 
p- 79 (for Myry). 
TMUY=MyPy created thing. 
“yy distress, p. 77. 
‘DY, imperat. c. suff. jn°D¥ look 
Upon US, Pp. 29 I. 
MDs, , p-. 22, providence. 
ix will (of God), p. 23 ¥. 
May sight, p. 765 (Heb.). 
WIND petition, p. 131 (syahl). 
_ ‘PY tt ts necessary, with impf. 
_yoye, WSI¥ name of a hymn in the 
matriage service, p. 827. 
“WY, (jn6 distress, p. 35 2. 

MONP = AYP standing corn, Pp. 

Sap accept praise, &c. (of God), 
p- 407. Ithp. Sapx, p-503; 
complain, p. 14 P. 

bap= Js. Sand before, p. 21. 
bap according to. 

yap name of a hymn, p. 111, 
heading (v.1. }719). 

Sap, bap grow dark, ptep., p. 14P 
( 3,31, GLs9I), or as above ; 
p. 868. 

Sap (v.1. bpp) darkness, p. 631. 
See also 25p. 7 
yap, vip ji a limit, or a name, 
p- 16 (3s3| lay foundations). 
YIPN, wad, p. 56 35 ptep. 
pass. YIP, pp. 68 &, 46 NM. 

DIP storm, p. 14 Y (Jy). 

(n)brp, ? for (n)dyp, wyall, p. 23% 

Dip, see Dyp. 

Wih3, HOP a string of scriptural 
passages, connected by one 
idea or word. 

nop=ny'yp? p. 740. 

bp=bip, pl. '2P, 9? 


moydp self, of God; alone, p. 57 P; 
constr. DP, p. 40. 

yop be exalted, p.411, cot 

yop=pbp ? ptep. pydp ‘pratsing, 
rejoicing, p. 115 N. 

‘op=n ap before. 

Mpn= HD because of. 
‘NOP first, ancient, p. 28 3. 
Minop beginning. 

mop self, of men; c. suff. 7213p. 

‘2p be zealous, p.69 w (H 3 le). 

PsIPp=jN 3p, p. 17 ¥, owr master. 

DYINIP=DOIIP possessions, p. 
35 P- i 

Dyp= ip, 2nd sing. JOyP, pp. 67 7, 
78; infin. DIpD, p. 39 3; 
ptep. Dyp (niyp) lving 
(God, angels). Af. npNset up. 

NOIp=AYIpn, p. 31 9, ols. 

DN'p covenant, often confused 
with D'yp. 

Mmnpip in an erect posture, 
p. 37 (v. 1. nv). 

WP= Ip; ptcp. Psyp, p. 26 Y, 
our owner. MIYP, p. 40 7, 
possesses, i.e. limits it. 

MREP firmament. 

bap, p. 30 5, uss hide; ptep. 
pass. Sep folded up, with- 
drawn, pp.15, 420 (sylece), 
869 3. 

‘bpp, p.76n (form 4). 
See also dap. 
NP cut off. 
ryp xd1 without ceasing, p. 
18 5. 
P¥P sections of the Law. 

Y¥P cut off, abolish, p. 68 3. 

3p war; fighter, p. 40% (Cr ix 
ap, e »)\=*). 

a" near, p. 66. 


ad proclaim, 3rd sing., c. suff. 
ANP, p- 49; read, p. 62P; 
ptep. AXP the proclarmer 
of the Law (God), p. 49; 
reader of the Law, i.e. 
scholar, a title of respect. 
mnhdpry proclamation, p. 46 9, 
INP name of a hymn, p. 676. 
Dp=xdpos ? child, p. 846. 
“7p to be cool. Af. “px, p. 78(%); 
ptep. 9p, p. 79. 


NW below, p. 35 7. 


NWN creation. 

‘27. Pa. glorify, 3rd pl., c. suff. 
Ania, pp. 49, 613. nan 
(they glorify them), p. 51; 
2nd sing., c. suff. poraan af 
thou glorify them, p. 69 w. 

199 glory; pl. jMAN prazses, 

"35 song of praise, p. 56, 

i819 greatness, p. 47 N2. 

nya quarters, pp. 177, 22 35. 


S40 (di,» guidet), p. 25 B; 
priie powerful (God), p. 48. 

2 », a method of chanting. 

mn. Pa.nin, nan. Af. MTN set 
free, p.13; ptcp.ninn, p.737. 

mnnyn «deliverance, confused 
with AMIN. 
nan, NM (space), relief, p. 77 v. 
DN, DAN, ON, DYN=/YN run. 
DM, ptcp. jON, p. 62. 
maa om the highest of the 
prophets (Moses), p. 44 7. 


mn glorification. 
MON lofty, p. 44 7. 
nan Roman, p. 846. 
AnA=nAyr=nya. Af. (2) on 
pleased, p. 77. Ithp. 2nd 
sing. PNINN, w,ksl, p. 9, 
thow wast pleased to, c. 
infin.; p. 869. 

AMINA, ANIMA, ylys, God's 
will, pleasure, MYM, p. 43 3, 
and specially the time of the 
restoration of God’s favour, 
p- 44 1, opp. to AN. 

Jinn thy pleasure, p. 855 


on friends, those who love 

won lovingkindness, p. 18; 
love of God, p. 43 3’. 

pn trusty person, ground of 
trust, p. 187. 
win calanuty, p.14 3. 
mn, ptep. MD pleasing, p. 22 N, 
p- 563 (or from nn), p.77. 
Ithp. mn) he pleases, p. 37°, 
p- 38 5. 
NO = pyrup, title of honour. 
139. FIDAN, ea5,|, p. 21 0, 
c. impf., thou detgnest to, 
p- 719, c. inf. Pa. ptep. 
399 humbling himself, i.e. 
worshipping, p. 443° (Jb). 
Af. mop JOIN, sls, Gamo, 
p- 388, condescended. Im- 
per. j278, p. 40M, lec! vouch- 
safe, p.45 MM; impf. j37 
bow the head, p. 52. 
WIN humility. 


ndyn wo in great condescen- 
_ ston, p. 52 1. 
7, ptep. 104, es comes to pass, 
p- 4201 
"1. ; 
I my murmuring, p. 76 Y. 
MI murmurings, p. 134. 
Amy A=AnN". 
From y, wickedness. 
by (=p, q.v.), p. 68; ptep. 
Poy hastening, yao pms, 
}DAN, pl. weak, p. 14M. 
DY was angry, p. 22 Y, with by 
ptcp. pass. DD'S afflicted, 
p- 265. 
ONIN affliction, pp. 75 8, 60 3. 
movi id., p. 79. 
apr. Ithp. ptcp. Dapand shut, 
p- 79: 
wo. Af. "ws command, p. 76 n. 
VN, V. 8. N. 
MW, y=? licence, i.e. wicked- 
ness, Pp. 42 OD. 
no. Afni pity, 2nd sing., c. 
suff. MIDNA, p. 71%; im- 
perat. c. suff. jn», pp. 68, 
78, MN", p. 75 &. 
NN pitiful. 
mn pity, AMNA, p. 76 OY; 
pl.jNins, p. 77%. JNsin, 
p. 19 t. 
‘no tremble; ptcp. ANN, aol, 
p- 213; pl. MN, p. 55 4. 
Pn, p. 55 4; fem. jnsx4, 
p- 22 2. 
nn and nn, p. 47 33. 
jminn7 our fear, p. 30. 
INNA fear, p.75N. 


Saw, impf. Sw, p.30y. Swe, p.77: 
(n)bww question, petition, pp. 
29u,77n. podoy noyw 

to greet thee, p. 55 0. 

ONY = DW estimate, p. 76 
(t{ptcp.). Ithp.ptep. oxnwD, 
p-77 0. 

TNIY, Un.ue causing (7 from "W), 
Pp. 25 VU. 

naw =nayv, pl. paw; c. suff. 

to, man pl. ols, as 
noun, ascription of praise, in 

inaw a hymn of praise, p. 115. 

‘w= DY, p.44 7; ptep. pay like, 

p. 42°. 
mawn form, likeness. 
yiaw name of a hymn, p. 178. 
NPaw missiones, pardon, dsm), 
Pp. 27 Ws. 
naw, 2nd sing. ANNIY, p. 32}. 
MMIVS rest. 
=]iNIv, p. 47 43. 

“Ww (58), p. 21, 3 sufficient, 
ef. Midr. R. on Gen. xvii. 1. 

Tw be at rest, and JW, p. 61 D. 

MIDI silence, peace. 

Ww, “aw be worthy, able to, pp. 
32D, 40% (see) eae 
70 (7). MW, p. 523; 3rd 
fem. NW, p. 32 3; Ist sing. 
nNwWN, p. 76 y; 3rd pl. 
Ww, p. 15 with 3. WSK 
deserved, p.14D, cf. ¥; p. 

22M, Je shail? ast pl. jy, 
p-13 7, with infin.; impf. wv, 
p- 6713 ptep. DW, p. 675. 
Ithp. “nwx was found 


worthy, p.593. Hif. im- 
perat. "wn make worthy, p. 
"8. | 
“Ww place, 1st sing. NWN, p. 76 b 
(2 corrupt); impf. Yw2 we 
set ourselves, P. 9, (Soimi, 
Pp: 44 7 (3223). 
mawaw foundation, p. 563 
(JUS), p. 42%, Gull, p.450 
(sol) ; pl. jeawaw, p. 16. 
Dw estimate, p. 341 (es p72) P. 
41 1; impf. Ow (1), 
p- 62 p, v.L Awe". 
ONY value, p. 341 (ha yy!), pl. 
P- 75%. 
maw=o nw heaven. 
“ww see. Ithp. ptcp. INNWD,,p.79. 
—w. Af.? 3rd fem. NVWN sang, 
p- 411. 
ja, ptcp. paw inhabitant. 
nbw. Pa. ptep. ndwy nbyp per- 
fectly prospering, p. 39. 
(n)nbw perfection, pp. 31 7, 
334, 39%. 
pw. Ithp. ppanw be tormented, 
p- 132. 

(R)p wn calamity, pp. 591,78. 
Dyw=o nv, p. 63, bowed down. 
yo, ptcp. Yynw, pp. 26, 77 wv. 

“yow, p. 11, c. suff. fem. 
grd pl. myow, p. 72 vu. Af. 
or Ithp. pow, p. 54m and 
¢D (yw). Inf. Af. or Pa. 
_ PPI, p. 55 2. 
Ayows (v. L ANOWN, ¢ 4)= 
AYN, p. 47 35. 
“nw, ptcp. Mow keeping. 
pnw, “ow id., and Samar- 
titans; sing. "DY, p. 82 7. 
myw hour; pl. Myw, wleLJl, p. 
34 D. 


“yy, ptcp. Wyy, p. 27 ¥, JL 
suppliant, but ? 

av neglect (cf. Fwn Deut. xxx. 
18 Targ.). Pa. or Af. ptep. 
wD, p. 69 n. 

UN, p. 69 N, a thing neglected 
or despised, AYN {WI PIN) 
spun p> avo 55 and if 
they are made a contempt, 
every one that despises them 
shall be rooted out. 

MD aY neglected condition, 
poverty, misery, pp. 29 &, 
307, 31N. 

yw = npw= now find. npwr, 
p. 76D. pYPWN we find, 
p-74 0; ptcp. pass. mp, 
pp: 277, 77; pl.fem.jnpy, 
p- 76. Ithp. ypwns, p. 
42 8. 

mY, plell, p. 22 4, the waste, 
i.e. matter. 

(}})"w, p. 9, veolence, 

"w, 3rd fem. nw, p. 47 53. 
Af. "we make to dwell, 2nd 
sing. c. suff. J2""WN, p. 79. 

mew abode, js*, p. 25. 

“Ww begin, trans. p. 23, intrans. 
p- 401 with infin. (?); im- 
perat.n, sa2|,p.49; ptep. 
Pw, p.51N; Pw, p. 867. 
Ithp. Nw, p. 5622 

yaw the begenning. 

‘Nw the first, p. 28M, cause, 
Jie, p. 29 7. | 

w loose. Ithp. NWN, glo were 
dissolved, p. 563. ‘Nw, 
p.114N, broken, annulled. 

Vy = “INI. 

nw, &c., six; NNW id., p. 32 9; 
mANws, id. 


DNVN sixty. 
mpinwy silence, before God 
said ‘1, 

2Nn, INN=\n, ptep. Isn, Inn 
he who repents, p. 74 N. 
anxn, p. 63; imperat. 
VN, p. 74 NM. 

ann quasi Messiah, p. 45. 
mann repentance, p. 36 N. 

war WN, Pel Lselé, p. 62. 

pinn = pinn, .=, p. 44 ‘7 (the 
boundary of the Sabbath, 
but not in the Rabbinical 
sense), pp. 46 n’, 68 8. 

‘mn repent, with dy, p. 27. n. jn 
we repent, 

wn, p. 76Y; ANWN penitence, 
Pp. 45» 

“in, ptep. INN, p. 21. Ithp.? 
ptcp. "NND, p. 21 Nn, ex- 
plorabilis, p. 79 (V 3). 

myn, pl. prin laws, p. 497. 

+n, 2nd sing. "pon, p-32 5; infin. 
no to raise, p. 30 5 (v.1. 
nb m=pbm). dns, p.240 
(v.1.% nxt), for Ithp. 

pn brother. 


whn Yconvulsion, p. 69 Nn. » 

nbn, ptep. Pa. pndnn suffering, 
p.737. Af. nbn with 5, 
gels cause trouble to, p. 31 B. 

indn(x) misery, p. 75% (and 
wrongly i5nx). 

xbn (for nbn) sufferer, inid, 
p. 88. 

non="Nn, impf. 3rd pl. fem. 
mon, p. 61d. 

mon, noun, p. 43 2. 

YON =(or 3) 14 Won, p. 60 B. 

nyYon=mimwn perfection, p. 855 

‘IN repeat, relate, with 3, p.10; 
ptcp. pm (may you be) 
celebrating again. Ithp. 
INN, p. 26. 3M, pp. 393, 
43 1. 

yun (and ‘3n) a@ repetition, 
hymn, tp. 72 n, but Ar. 
Lingii Sic aslG, 

Jad (ie. Suis) a heavy (solemn) 

chant, opp. to Vast, 
dauny Jxii a somewhat solemn 

nan=yn gate, pl. constr. nN, 
p- 28 n (for which often 


The numhers refer to the pages of the text. 

‘ Anon.’ means that in the heading the author is said to be unknown. 

834 “PMN oOnas NN VIN 

838 (Abdallah b. Solomon, or Sa‘d-ed-din) 153 ny» vas 
407, 794 (Abraham Qabazi) Sy oy 727 7258 
12 (Margah) jo irdy ps 

665 (Abraham b. Jacob Danfi) Aywp by PN 
647 nap j2 305 IN 

647 (Ibrahim ws!) yown aud IN 

362 (Amram b. Solomon) widx1 nvm aud aN 
648 ROP neD aud ITN 

124, 477 ndyd sy and opomw 


819 (Sa‘dallah) byo x2 ‘ANWN WIN 

44 (Durran, no. 14) A7PN IN AP'S 

63 (Joseph ha-rabban) pony on bX 

66 oI8 AN onTdN 

172 (Abraham b. Jacob) ‘x7A3y b> 1n3 

859 }DDD AN DIN f3 

856, 865 (Muslim b. Murjan) j2DD AN DIN [2 
860 ‘ND SY DIN j3 

42 (Margah) mnnd myti jt 

75 (Ab Gelugah) Annas nbn 

843 (Er-rais Joseph) Nd’ AN jnn 

85 (Margah) "30 mds AID 7 

216 (Amram b. Solomon) "wap m>4 nay 

217 (Amram b. Solomon) pndys nap 

743 (Amram b. Solomon) ynnay 7» ADdys nan 
257 (Isaac, Pr.) 1yow ‘ny 

44 (Durran, no. 15) 773 DY 

69 (ed-Dustan) nds jo oD oF 

45 (Durran, no. 16) wapes wp oY 

263 (Mufarrij al-mufarriji) spews Sw 

775 (Abdallah b. Solomon) adn *by Sxnw 



193 (Abu'l-iz) awd naw Sx 

843 (Er-rais Joseph) Diy AN jAD AN 

56 wp) WN) IND AN 

187 (Eleazar, H. Pr.) y"n yi Ty AS 

26 (Margah) 3 nsnw ADDAN $0 mx 

a cf also p. 867 (Tabiah b. Anat) 1 nady 55 1 yp AN 

872, 873 (see also ’D NT) ANNWDI PyaD AN 

864 pow ny AN 

(ascribed to Marqah [p. 249] but really later) "ws bse Sap me 
162 (3 p. 164, N p. 165) 

199 (Muslim) syn daw Sap ax 

84 (Margah) Dy. p38 73D 734 AS 


425 (Abraham b. Ishmael) phy nN AAS TWN TAN 

392 (Marhib b. Jacob) 3” xda IN TAN WS nN 

454 (Pinhas, H. Pr.) sw xb. Sn WAN IWR TAN 

gt IN 92 TAN WN WAN 

644 (Aaron ben Manir) "add Nd) INNT AN IWR TAN 

488 Dt WN WW TN 

124 ayd ot AN Wwe TN 

134 (Joseph ha-rabban) wnbs mn mn Iw AN 

83 (Margah ?) 75yna pinns mn AWN mnN 

70, and see p. 869 (ed-Dustan) M29'D 35 jO.D jnN 

59 (Margah) nn Awsp AIAN. AN 

53 (Margah) nsdn eins man mans wnKN 

51 (Margah?) 3) [3°NT 434 AIAN wAS 


56 mmr 55 man Aan WAN 

49 (Margah) ma mdaps nan mand wAKN 

649 fT Aw) PANN 

688 77253 m2 FAN 

59 (Margah with additions) nwn ms 1373) ID 'DIN 

190 (Abraham Qabazi) 125 =x) wpm aN 

489 (Eleazar, H. Pr.) nbs ows spb on TN 

488 (Abraham b. Jacob) “y337 Ow “es bnn tN 

460 (Murjan Danfi) min ows wok Onin Ie 

553 (Ismail Ramihi) mn ows spd brn iw 

243 (Abraham Qabazi) 33597 vw sw MN 

15 (Nanah b. Margah) odw ow ndw Six 

48 (‘ Moses’) 32937 MM’ 17 INN 

36 (Eleazar b. Pinhas) 33527 M7 NIN INN 



834 (Ab-sakhwah Danfi) yida mann ons 

543 (Abraham Qabazi) ‘D5 2) y25 now 

684 (Abraham b. Jacob) 35) DA ANON 


494 (Abisha b. Pinhas b. Joseph) pw S85 px 

659 (Pinhas) wind awys IS 

215 (Abraham Qabazi) py 53 7 mm “DDN 
654 (Joseph ha-rabban) ovndyn tabs bx 

6 onder nds bx 

652 (Joseph ha-rabban) mn’ ods bx 

149 (Tabiah b. Isaac) yx 139 ods bx 

136 (Ghazal b. Isaac) 0% nxt dn ta Sen bx 
106 (Abisha ha-rabban b. Pinhas) nnax 13 otpn bx 
475 amaq3 on pin bx 

309 joon ayn on jon bx 

650 wipn py ds 

94 (Pinhas, H. Pr.) pax pow op indy dx 

841 (Er-rais Joseph) ow oy by 

842 (Er-rais Joseph) toad md a) my Oy 

169 (Tabiah b. Isaac) x33 py nna bx 

504 (Abisha b. Pinhas) ty wnds on nnp dx 
511 (Abisha b. Pinhas) wa Jronn nna bx 

175 (Tabiah b. Abraham kohen) Sew mds py be 
126 (Pinhas, H. Pr.) waxd mena sw dx 

488 (Abisha, Pr.) jp3 oyown spy dx 

218 (Pinhas b. Isaac) 29n2 Pow ayy dx 

663 (Abraham b. Jacob Danfi) 92237 nan 5x 

4o (Durran, no. 6) nna md) an nbs 

yo (Abu'l-hasan es-Stri) Anis md) a9 nbs 

404 (Abraham b. Jacob) ny wan ax ‘nby 

783 (Murjan b. Ibrahim) nn pon ax ‘nds 

"304 (Abdallah b. Solomon) 4h NX OAIIN ‘TON 
155 (Abraham b. Jacob Danfi) An\213 ANN nbs 
299 (Joseph Anan) *NNT nN mon 72 onIN NS 
318 (Eleazar b. Pinhas) 1nNo43 nn 72 oATAN ‘nbs 
295 (Abdallah b. Solomon) nnd’ man ;2 oAnaN ‘Abs 
292 (Eleazar, H. Pr.) xo 520 non ja omas ‘nbs 
332 (Joseph nnay of Damascus) J>sw non j2 onan ‘nds 
316 (Joseph anay) naan Sya nnTay nox 

176 (Abraham b. Jacob Danfi) nyawn d5y2 onnaN md 
321 (Ben Manir) Jonna jp27 DAIAN ‘APN 


311 (Abdallah b. Solomon) ppm) jp3t oATIN ‘AN 
411 (Abdallah b. Solomon) pt v22ndt pATaN ‘Abs 
“61 (Mufarrij b. Jacob) “ayn DAIIN sbi 
699 (Abisha b. Pinhas) apy" pny) On7IN bs 
444 (Abdallah b. Solomon) nbnap mx Jou paaN mds 
| 696 (Abisha b. Pinhas) N's DAIN ‘ON 
481 (Sa‘d-ed-din) “YON }D TNS OAIAN ‘APN 
313 (Abdallah b. Solomon) yn 530. 320) DATIN “APN 
146 (Tabiah b. Isaac) won’ OAIIN ‘TPN 
148 (Tabiah b. Isaac) 1n‘933) JAW" OATS mbx 
9 Ja 75 onsas ‘aby 
302 (Joseph kohen Anay) 202 ANDI DAI ‘APN 
309 (Abdallah b. Solomon) *23 ‘pM PIN ‘DN 
481 (Abisha) *ndn way itn IPN nbS 
323 (Abdallah b. Solomon) nw DIN) NYNID NPN 
474 Tox ondoxn ‘nbs 
428 oy m wp poo daa onbdyn nbs 
ww an bean ombdsn ‘nbs 

435 (Eleazar, H. Pr., brother of Abisha b. Pinhas) 
8or (Eleazar b. Pinhas) Np) ND WNT At oONT ‘nN 
303 (Abraham pnan) aan mman ‘ds 
326 (anon.) wt md mds ASIN Min TPN 
463 (Tabiah b. Isaac) n3 wwe 55) paNm Dw TN 
95 (Pinhas, H. Pr.) oxy dene nbs 
97 (Pinhas, H. Pr.) 12 by 55 sab 
285 (anon.) aN'3 dx 53 nbs 
152 (anon.) 53 2p 5x 53 nbs 
380 (Sa‘d-ed-din [b. Zedaqah ?] b. Kethar) An213 “yt jd bss 
130 (Abdallah b. Solomon) ax xdy ox 15 xd pp wb 
152 (Abraham b. Jacob nna. *2207) naw ‘Tox 
345 (Pinhas, part of "'2 by Abdallah) non Wwe Dopy 2 TWH dN 
446 (Murjan) imort obs Nw nbs 
426 (Sa‘d-ed-din Kethari) jon asi obs ww nds 
823 (Sa‘dallah) may onp wns 
623 (Abraham ssl b. Jacob Danfi) “Ww See aa dis ond 
37 (Eleazar b. Pinhas) ‘7’ OX 3 bx onde 
481 p5no Sx pbs 
368 Jana 32 pdm 5s pbs 
470 (Eleazar) sw dx nxn bs by Si: ond 
25 (Marqah) pnawn px To yv>y Ss ond 
52 (Margah?) mow 2? mdy dae orndys 


oapost wads ods 

32 (probably Eleazar, wrongly ascribed to Margah) 
25 (Margah) nny ns sx nds 
ANY mn mew ods 

271 (probably Pinhas, wrongly ascribed to Margah) 
| 82 (Pinhas, H. Pr.) espn) qram ods 
23 (Marqah) ndyd ops axnp onds 
33 (Hleazar (?), or Marqah) b> moot am yp onds 
24 (Marqah) odyd sy oypt no yp onbds 
29 (Amram Darah) Jon jp37 m2oM7 Ody 
nyonn 52 v2 mn indy 

670 (ascr. to Amram Darah, but really later) 

88 (Muslim b, Murjan) sow SPX 134 pox 
753 (Khidmah b. Muslim) Soon qad van pox 
68, and see p. 870 ANAY OY AY AMS 
74 .N) JNAWN DN 
820 (Sa‘dallah) own md) oiwnd Sonos 
348 (Abraham Qabazi) mind jnawn *S osaN 
449(Abdallah b. Abraham nny of Damascus) 19 70) jnawn Sp praN 
451 (Muslim b. Murjan) ovmbsyS annawn ‘So pnp 
578 (Abraham «.9!!) *yp) mm> %S2 wre 
248 (Abisha b. Pinhas) nan nyta nnasx 
238 (Abdallah b. Solomon) jnawn “1012 2D NN|aS 
281 (Solomon b. Tabiah) Dn‘ D¥ AN IN'¥N 
329 (Eleazar, H. Pr.,b. Pinhas) mo *orned myn in'yy 
410 (Nanah b. Margah) ‘say my nx ndbwa wips 
469 (anon.) ANION 32 dw WIP 
688 (Sa‘d-ed-din b. Zedaqah) °333 13"n JN 
832 n> awe Abnp wnD4N 
_ 278 (Solomon b. Tabiah) mn ny naive was 
533 (Sa‘dallah b. Zedaqah Kethari) "px "2D W>N 
457 (Mufarrij b. Jacob) min’ DY APN "DD WAS 
117 (Isaac b. Solomon) 7AX7 bs sy Sx mn ow Mawes 
398 (Solomon b. Tabiah) jnawna nn DY nIws 
731 (Murjan b. Abraham) xda onan mn ow naws 
352 (Solomon b. Tabiah) opr myn oY NIwS 
240 (Abisha b. Pinhas b. Joseph) son odyd mn ow naw 
742 (Solomon b. Tabiah) nap oo mn’ ow nawe 
375 (Abisha b. Pinhas) nbs npty dws 


195 (anon.) 5¥99 ada ws 

187 (Eleazar, H. Pr.) nso baa mand wN 


472 AYN PON Noye TWN 


206 (Pinhas b. Isaac) “18M NN NI WRN 

472 DOWN N12 WWE 



371 yo) DYowN 22> swe 

472 DID9N NAY 3D4 AW 

310 (Abdallah b. Solomon) pyn mm) awn WE 
366 (Solomon b. Tabiah) ndw? od a wT 

609 (Abraham x!) mara’ sAnxi Sdans 

17 (Margah) ymax ‘nbsy ayads sane 

18 (Margah) jnnax mds) pads wns 

67 (in Cr 18 ascribed to Marqah) moby ya5 innN 
28 (Amram Darah) 95% amindss msn inane 

35 (Eleazar b. Pinhas) nody 5 Syp may tans 

41 (Durran, no. 8) ndin mp" Ns 

22 (Margah) }x31) ADdyT may wANN 

30 (Amram, H. Pr.) ova xb) 7 sAT pay wns 

21 (Margah) 9'2n"7 AON WANS 

249 (Abisha b. Pinhas) ndwa wns pbdws one 

464 (Abdallah b. Solomon) an 73 ndwa ons 
180 (Eleazar, H. Pr.) 7 nbwy nbdwa ons 

178 (Abdallah b. Solomon) 2p ANAID OY ndwa *nx 
62, 666, N° 478, N 435 (Marqah) aD39 AIT AM Oo ndw3 nx 
114 (Margah, see p, 154) 73957 AyD nbwa ons 
95 (Ben Manir) on mist my Ddwa ons 

424 ‘WN DY my odwa ons 

Sor (Pinhas) ‘wn oy myn odwa ons 

716 (Amram b. Solomon) mispn an bude» xd aty ndwa ons 
276 (Pinhas) nym xd mayo obwa ons 

291 (Pinhas) “yypn an *anwo xd mo odbwa ons 
678 (Abraham Qabazi) 1\53n OY In PN 

179 (Ben Manir) nDpaA AyD In TNS 

651 (Abraham Qabazi) wna Dip) pp’ns 

830 jnot2 2d3nN) onan 

484 (Abisha, H. Pr.) may ox ax pop ddan 
85 (Muslim b. Murjan) mp) aN yop dSdanx 




77 (Ab Gelugah) mmx swe max yop Soans 
440 (Pinhas, H. Pr.) ns» wip dx Ea WANN 

833 DIN ponNa 

209 (Abraham ss!) oN pdx 

807 (Abraham Yithrani) wy dspx 

361 (Amram b. Solomon) dsxqw wy diox 
695 myay AnD wrEN 

480 (Abraham Yithrani) m3w2 Sxw> wes 
151 (Abraham b. Jacob) j12 1Ow) OON “ANI 
338 oy Sxaw yoy ana 

129 sow) Sew wy ana 

425 JANI 

368 Sew’ aN Jans 

g2t Sxqw* ASX Jans 

145 (Tabiah b. Isaac) 9272 Synw aN Jan 
224 Tow Sxaw ax yona 

338 AY Ma Jow Senw aN ona 

127 xomy Ssaw aX Jona 

326 (Solomon b. Ghazal) 53 5yy yS3ps) Jana 
210 (Khidr b. Isaac) AwNon ADI’ 

209 (Khidr b, Isaac) nw NTI 

420 MIND NI 

207 (Pinhas b: Isaac) yyprn x13 

428 wap) 773 

309 DYN A wap) 77 

315 innax Syn 

316 innax dyn 

294 ynnax dyn 

301 (twice) jnnasx Syn 

285 innax Syn 

284 p’naiws jnnax Syn 

128 oyon jnnax Syn 

366 oon inna Syn 

339 DYND WI oy ynnay Syn 

339 pansy DMD jnnaN Syn 

285 (Solomon b. Ghazal) Sen me Ton 
285 In2 43 

30r DN? DY in 3 “7st 

312, 315 DN? DY In. “ADT 

284 ya pyr 



210 (Abraham b. Jacob) 7x32 Onn 

295 JO’) NN mY TON! 



295 (Muslim Danfi) ‘p> 5y) xn ADD JON 
203 (Amram b. Solomon) 77's 451 
204 (Amram b. Solomon) Jn* %3m 

204 (Amram b. Solomon) 7235 simu 
204 (Amram b. Solomon) 4n120's 2°D" 
673 qNon ndp’ 

688 (Abraham Qabazi) p>y “ry 

204 (Amram b. Solomon) J7nX “Dy 
124 Jray my 

474 Iwy nos 

207 (Abraham b. Jacob) 3p" sy 

444 pnd S290 75 ni 

210 (Pinhas b. Isaac) inna 555 

204 (Amram b. Solomon) pw xd 
432 (Pinhas, H. Pr.) men jo nb nd 
bye msn jp pow xd 

646 nwod a9 

343, 361, 362 Wy Ind 

339 (7D an Seay amp 

284 yoy pnd mop 

396 {NNN Pr 

650 jNNIN PID 

688 py wp’ 

315 nnaw oY wap 

208 (Abraham Danfi) n> nip 

475 (Amram b. Solomon) ‘23 025 mby 
228 son nw nby 

152 (Abraham Danfi) nOIp An jAX ow 
366 Toyon mt ow 

687 “N55 ov mr ow 

61 DDN Dy Ar ow 

126 ops Syaued ow 

145 (Tabiah b. Isaac) nDBNM jaqp ow 
209 (Abraham b. Jacob) nD paw 


819 (Abdallah b. Solomon) m’39 ft 13533 
492 (Abraham x Jl) 19219 pA JIDNA 


674 (Jacob ha-rabban) noes Ssaw min ans 
385 (Ben Manir) naw: snp 353 
678 (Ben Manir) myn jp ‘95 3253 
360 oyn Sx Seay apy sins 
357 (Abdallah b. Solomon) wy 33° “NM DIpds 
856 AMD “Dt DSN 73 
676 (Ben Manir) 25 55 99 s23 
679 (Ben Manir) yay 79 “23 
687 (Abraham b. Jacob) mynawn dys +23 
835 (Murjan Danfi) Ann ‘aay 23 
12 YON Hwpry ¥22 
4 yen 9 55 sb. JapDs 
362 (Abraham Qabazi) *n'N4 abn [ya 
466 (Abraham b. Ishmael Marhibi) synay nndnn Spys 
667 (Pinhas b. Joseph) naw wtp nD3 
832 (Abdallah b. Solomon) “0° pn 5yp2 
7, 132, 147 JIDNI ANS JW3 
79, and see pp. 869, 875 (Abi Hisdah of Tyre) wynbx mm ans 12 
156 wos mn ANN W413 
818 (Sa‘dallah and Abdallah b. Solomon) jynbx min’ AnN 3 
177 (Abraham b. Jacob) owndo nhyn na 
4, 237 wood 197) INI 343 
181 (Ben Manir) ods min ows 
368 (Pinhas, H. Pr., b. Ithamar) Sma inde mn ows 
855 27 WN Mn Ow 
50 (Marqah) *3°D wy by abs naywa 
50, and see p. 877 (Margah) nans JDP IO) Nayw3 
796 (Abraham b, Jacob Danfi) ‘39 ‘225 on3 
pdwm nbs mms sn2 
105 (ha-rabban Pinhas b. ha-rabban Abisha b. Pinhas b. Joseph) 

366 ynnax Syn os oan 33 

9, 737 &c. no pr swe mds by 

479 nwo a Sy pemfyiny po 

837 (Abdallah b. Solomon or Sa‘dallah) maw Ann no 
647 (Abraham Qabazi) a5 AD 2d3 

403 (Abraham b. Ishmael) pi¥y5n ‘9°3 INDN7 
165 (anon.) 773 AWA inpsn37 
301. AWD DYN jd AWN 



69 (ed-Dustan) nbn wn my yop sya 
138 (Pinhas ha-rabban) nwy md) xb25 
10 (‘Angels’) 253 xOv ny wp INT 

47 (Durran, no. 11) wx NdT mAD ANT 
4 nbx Pua apy mwa odyds 

696 (Ma‘yan b. Zedaqah .¢,lxa>) 70 *3 See AN yt 
489 On Mm wIps 


660 (Murjan b. Ibrahim) 72198 bs Anw 
472 mown moa Ap  xdnt 

420 MINN MDW. AYP  NdnT 

694 NP 7D °21Y NT 

681 (Murjan) 7739 oY NA 

56 Wp) Wm) IND NA 

60 and see p. 872 (Margah) jnnwe) jy"aD NA 

163 (Abraham b. Jacob) 7730 “AY NT 

649 (anon.) 77299 “BY NA 

479 772 IA WwW INNA 

298 (Solomon b. Ghazal) 14) 39 WN by 

468 (Solomon b, Ghazal) pipon Ar wapr Jat bn 
209 aim Synn Syn 

317 (Muslim) nad joxon Syn 

465 (Amram b. Solomon) n'D¥d {> “NDI by 

21 (Durran, no. 7) }OYP PNT INT 


gr (Margah ?) nans> mann 3b an 

263 (Isaac, Pr., b. Solomon) nyy boa nna jb an 
681 (Abraham b. Jacob b. Ab-sakhwah) 253 mnawn > on 
19 —— mind mnawy b an 

20 (Marqah) )>s3 od ANnawn 13 

660 (Mufarrij b. Jacob) yoo yaa Syn 

860 yon mmd> mbun 

hoy TEM ANY In 

340 (anon.) ney nvd>y vndya opin 

384 (Abdallah b. Solomon) mtn wpn ayn 

154 (Tabiah b. Isaac) wr d> Sy wn 

148 (Amram b. Solomon) \no3n Int AD 7A 

260 (Abraham Qabazi) nninows amby nddsn 

823 (Abdallah b. Solomon) mam pym adn 

766 (Solomon, Pr., b, Ghazal) nonn nin ‘yawn Iyiwn 


827 (Abdallah b, Solomon) ‘yan smion SSppn 
yar I. yen nn 
295 Dox daa ywion nso 
128 Syn adaa wpa an 
462 (Pinkas, H. Pr.) wa nyonn wpa on 
735 (Abraham b, Faddal b, Abil-‘izz) o™px yaa jo moon 
280 (Tabiah b. Isaac) Sxnw yown npn 
pint) pon Sx wn pra 
312 (Abraham b. Obadiah b. Berakhah mnay of Damascus) 
661 (Muslim I) byp oven syyn 
304 (Eleazar) san Sy mdwm mbyn 
685 (Abraham b. Jacob) 1° n& ‘non 
372 (Abraham Qabazi) ni “pDN myawn 
371 (Pinhas, H. Pr.) oy “BON mylwn 
233 (Abdallah b. Solomon) Arn wtpn nawn 
311 (Muslim Danfi) mm ‘yann nawn 
383 (Sa‘dallah Kethari) mn ¢yawn navn 
113 (Zedagah c¢.all) pawn iminbsa sonn 
303 (Meshalmah) o'n2nn pon imnbsa Tonn 
829 (Abdallah b. Solomon) Awe jo pannm dann 

858 OUT Nyy AN 
840 (Targum) 5 n'a 923 Sx 
396 (Muslim) man wd pom 
185 (Ben Manir) thx OD 10x) 
144 (Amram b. Solomon) *w9n) ‘nnawna ‘nest 
776 (Amram b. Solomon) 334 55 Joan 7% 
777,778 (Solomon b. Tabiah) qo haa) 
237 (Pinhas b. Eleazar) oaan tnsnd ndpy 
839 (Targum) 792703 ‘ns pny’ 
834 (Murjan) monn ‘nN 723) 
836 (Murjan) mND7N) ADD 725) 
399 (Abraham b., Ishmael) -¥mx jD "n ADM jr 
844 (Joseph er-rais) yon 9m sw (>) 
237 (Pinhas b. Eleazar) sore ‘dy indy 
852 ndyd jon nid 
283 (Amram b. Solomon) tnx wyn mow ANDI 
676 pPYT PX ID 
845 (Targum) nwo oy mar d5p 
477 (Solomon b. Tabiah) ayswn sn by mwyn 
291 ap) monn dyn 

f 2 


836 (Murjan) fi YP, 

421 (Abraham b. Ishmael) poy wymM 

448 (Sa‘d-ed-din Kethari) 7729 j30n Syn AT 
729 (Sa‘d-ed-din Kethari) 2nd Dwin nawn at 
304 (Amram b. Solomon) 129 7D Naw At 
243 (Murjan) myn an Sy naw Ar 

! 726 (Abraham Qabazi) bap anns “3n 
112 (Isaac b. Solomon) 728 NN) ap amns “an 
784 (Murjan b. Ibrahim) Inns ap man 

766 (Solomon b. Ghazal) you Iny MIP “AN 
139 (Abdallah b. Solomon) pda essa won 

448 (Murjan) )20 7D AM YwawA won 

45 (Durran, no. 18) j>48 327 7D'n sin Syn 

40 (Durran, no. 5) En non son Syn 

489 mm in nan nbyn 

146 (Tabiah b. Isaac) wonn nr CaN 
r25 Sxaw wy wren Supe 

673 nw) SINT 

410 Dy 7 PINT 

93 nioyd Naw mM WENT 

494 Swed wrest 

429 Sxaw a > WENT 

640 ot po 45> yo S34 

425, 780 59D DIN “INI 

93, 125 onan 52D DSN «Na 

428 Sew wy nat 

339 DYoym Sony Sse soy sn3s 

667 (Eleazar b. Pinhas) wip wow Ssaw wy ans 
: 428 Syne’ AX Jonas 
308 p>iony Sxqw AN Jona 

673 55 dy Sew ax Jonas 

208 (Khidr b. Isaac) ambn npyat 

206 (Abraham »s!|) DY 8135 

478 53DN) wap) JI 

648 “520 oY AP III 

338 o’non own Ara Nd3t 

308 ova Sse Nevin 

224 (note 7) jnnax Syn 

97 maxn n3 4215 



145 (Abraham Qabazi) nyvown py ina tom Ady 
317 (anon.) awbwn oy ina 32M i Be 
164 Sor oy Ina It adn 
312 (Muslim) news py ina 42m nen 
410 (Abisha) wep sy pat nbn 
373 (mw awe 5S adn 
474 fy pp yost ndn 
129, 224 OMIN MIND Nw adn 
320 DYN mt Many xwot adn 
125; 129 Spy’ main swt nbn 
145 (Tabiah b. Isaac) any p73 Sneed pnt nbn 
164 jnnaNx mast nbn 
320 Seow apy ppt hen 
138 (anon.) oa andn pa nost abn 
272 (Pinhas, H. Pr.) os») j2 noyy’ nbn 
254 (Abisha) p22 paps nbn 
648 nwo saw abn 
208 AwD ps owt adn 
: 474 DwID nnaw yA ows adn 
203 (Amram b. Solomon) M27) ANY fT DT nbn 
161 (Mufarrsj al-mufarriji ) ayn bys ppt ows nbn 
694 MipoA “yen ows adn 
151 (Abraham Danfi) oydy Ssaw owt adn 
165 owen dxsw owt adn 
151 (Abraham Qabazi) 84m pa ppt ows abn 
308 NN IA Anaw ows Abn 
: 443 Woman ows adn 
46 (Durran, no. 20) pp Ap ADT adn 
43 (Durran, no. 12) }>p3 yow mo Ady 
: 863. NPY ANP nn 
462 wpa “ON OMNNA jon 
161 (Jacob, Pr.) "wm pyYn DNA jn 
ymdip yow on pon 
493 (part of 13ND MND ascribed to Amram Darah but really later) 
834 NbO) Mn. ay mann 

770 (Tabiah b. Isaac) apron bs vm ay 
814 (Tabiah b. Isaac) sw> pap 7M 75 3D 
40 Cente, no. 4) mobyd ays ma 
853, poy “aD nIH 


673 mY ‘Dp SY 
298 (Muslim b. Murjan) j29p 12 34p* "D *319 
147 (anon.) j25P 13 Ip» % *31 
262 (Abraham Qabazi) mown Sxiw aN paw 
52 (Margah?) jw my p31 
475 JID ‘OP DYN Fw 
152 (Abraham Danfi) }24p 13 apn 7310 
290 (anon.) j39p 13 3pN 7Aw 
253 jp 12 29pn Iw 
442 (Ismail b. Badr Ramihi) j29p 13 APN 73 
298 (Pinhas, H. Pr.) j25p 13 Apn Faw 
sazvd ynawn yap 13 Jpn yw 
436 (Abraham ha-yithrani b. Abi ‘Uzzi) 

483 (Murjan) sayd jnawn jaqp 12 pn Jw 
198 (Tabiah b. Isaac) 1B) ab %p bY 
143 (Tabiah b. Isaac) tex 197 55 SpE p30 
146 (Tabiah b. Isaac) ndwyn ‘S31 pov 
132 (Tabiah b. Isaac) nawn dy »27 AD 
mM tO pnynd op 

400 (Mattanah ha-mizri, acc. to others sz! i.e. Abdallah b. Solomon) 

63 (Joseph ha-rabban or H. Pr.?) oy m1 1p 1929 

660 (Pinhas) xda swe yan Sa 

52 MOwp NNN pPyT 

212 NANSwnd 37 

4 Ayn jon mds mn 

4 (‘Joshua’) mxnmy pon mds mn 

293, &c. MoD mNN fon Ady mn 

340 myn Snx may ands mm 

661 (Abraham b. Jacob and Ghazal b. Isaac) mIm 3537 Dy 
808 (anon.) 77 AD AM wn OY 

792 (Abdallah b. Solomon) 39 AD AIM syMwWA OY 

234 (Abdallah b. Solomon) 13 10) 730 OY 

666 (Margah; part of the nx) ANIWN naw oY 

234 (Abdallah b. Berakhah ¢¢,l:al!) myon an pray oY 

109 (Abdallah b. Solomon) obw2 “nx Amy7 anaw oY 
109 (Pinhas b. Isaac) nbwa xnx Anos Ana ov 

859 MONT YD 

472 pre mes mdi 

y20 pau AVP mds 

846 (Eleazar, H. Pr., brother of Abisha) ods: stains ad) 


64 (Joseph; on p. 714 called H. Pr.) 995 ndp nypnan oO 
360 (Amram b. Solomon) pny Axor Sew apy 

173 (Isma‘il Ramihi) ow Swed sexi ney 

313 (Joseph ceil) wap oy nnw 15 Seay 95 ne 
170 (Abraham b. Jacob) na Sy abs nba 

362 ‘30 55 yor mn Sap om 

843 (Joseph er-rais) pnnowx 7b pw 

650 1332 pwn A 

339 on 1433 Own se 

396 pp $n3,,.. 0% aw 

9 (‘ Angels’) ona ie ae 

816 (anon. and Salih b. Isaac Danfi) nb me Sew 
423 (Abdallah b. Solomon) omrby ins See 

197 (Murjan) o25> dss 

196 (Mufarrij b. Jacob) tos ndxd tnaw Ssaw 

161 Snx xox nds ps ody mane 

414 (Isma‘il Ramihi and Solomon b. Tabiah) wpa ‘483m Nanw 
757 (Khidmah b. Muslim b. Murjan) aN SWS AAS OIA Hany 
: 284 San ain ody nonw 
36x 5yam may ndyd mane 

661 ANDP yD nan” 

423 MNDP pI mane 

162 MIO'D “Nay mane 

205 (Solomon b. Amram) ADMINS jT In 

237 amis m5) nbs yoan 

81, 94 (Pinhas, H. Pr.) ssn ods wpm Joan 

651 MND NID wD dsm 

348 (Pinhas, H. Pr.) wwnds mn sin... aNnp addins 
187 InN Nos by pe oondy SSany 

494 ANN j3 ‘an 

86r DMP... TN AWN NDI 

861 DNIN... PN AINNT *3In 

48 (‘Moses’) Svan own at ‘ann 

$39 (Abdallah b. Solomon) nin" mn Ow ‘aqN 

840 (Jacob b. Isaac b. Sadun) own min AY sa5n! 
432 (Abdallah b. Solomon) DNA PIN fA Ow saqn 
448 (Abdallah b. Solomon) 31 53 pyna AD OY “34M 

10 (‘Angels’) Josp pan Pee 
59 (Margah) 90) ‘Ww jn2 
831 jin“ MA 3wn3 


758 (Khidmah b. Muslim b. Murjan) nwdv on pm on 
654, 854 NPN AW DWI 5 
126 (Pinhas, H, Pr.) (oN) NP] TM OW %3 
66 ondsyn ie my S93 99 
373 (Abdallah b. Solomon) j}9n AN ° TON... 1D 
783 (Murjan b. Ibrahim) on pon aN oN... YD 
276 (Solomon b. Tabiah) nx wimax ON... 1 
man jo oman nbs... 
97 (Abdallah b. Barakat s,la4l and Ben Manir) 
4o2 (Muslim) yidaa min ya oman nds... 2 
agp (Isma‘il Ramihi) x23 mon y2 omas ndN,. 1" 
651 (Joseph ha-rabban) ayn DAIS moe... 1D 
- 480 (Sa‘d-ed-din Kethari, and anon.) 9X's)’ O773N mON... 1D 
429 (Abdallah b. Solomon) noqwn j2 oN AN... DD 
167 (Tabiah b. Isaac) ny oN oN, , . "DD 
225 (Hibat-allah ha-mizri) wwe min ja oN... 1D 
786 (Abraham s,3)| b. Jacob) naw maw sya nbs... 1D 
467 (Sa‘d-ed-din Kethari, and Murjan) onn wn bx... ..1°D 
286 (Abu Murjan{) ‘aya Nw JD ‘MON. , 12 
852 DIN D jot do 
862, 866 mndya jawn do 
i yo nnaw msnd ap d5 
150 ilboa: b. Sarur, | or Tabiah b. Isaac?) nda 1d jo 59 
a 837 oD Sxnw dap 55 
826 jan povaw dp 
667 (Abdallah b. Solomon) nbw ‘ps ws 
808 (anon.) oo nby obs ndxd ams 
_ 764 (Abdallah b. Solomon) ‘782 wapat mdxd wn 

815 (Tabiah b. Isaac) wea swonn ndxd w> 

408 (Abdallah b. Solomon) pwn 3w nbd ws 
275 (Abdallah b. Solomon) mpymy ann mdxd wi 

291 Syaa xd Sana xb 

93 95) 125, 163 Spa 11 TI33 prndud 

129, 343, 361 mDIpnn bys 7 F733 nndxd 

841 (Joseph er-rais) nabwx ondxd 

188 (Abraham Qabazi) pups dx aby sad 

46 (Durran, no, 21) Amyn Ady vdnd 

270 Sxw 135 sind 

429 (Sa‘dallah Kethari) y2w5 nyssa naw) mm 
477 (Abraham Qabazi) pons) monn p> 


y22 Somme smy xox nbx md 

861 Ap nwo pox nv 

45 (Durran, no. 17) mY boa me 

265 (Mattanah ha-mizri) naw }N ¥ 

“ro (‘Angels’) pyay px 7d 

259 (Abraham Qabazi) wasn np %30 —5 

39 (Durran, no. 2) }99 y29 75 

10 (‘Angels’) qop) }7 *y32 75 

793 Mes sy 525 

83 (Pinhas b. Joseph) manwn odydy sano ndyd 

156 °DY PONT mw AND 
283 (Amram b. Solomon) 1nx 1wyn Aw AND()) 
641 AND NY yaw “NID 
47 (Durran, no. 22) 3pyT AN 3M 4730 
326 (Abraham xsl) Jory Jory po 
38 (Durran, no, 1). INN xox mby md sp 
68 ANIw ov AY AID 
268 (Ibrahim s.s/!) 772) 3p AD 
850 (Muslim b. Murjan) 7257 mt 3b AD 
323 (Ben Manir) "wand yo naw jo 130 AND 
193 (Margah?) AyD jt JAI AN AND 
676 (Pinhas b, Ithamar) oY mt JI) 34 AD 
46 (Durran, no. 19) ‘210 AND AND 
848 (Pinhas, H. Pr.) jn2 awe ndsd ayn 
; 484 (Muslim, b, Murjan) am yp vbxd men 
180 (Ben Manir, or Mattanah ha-mizri) aN wnbxd mtn 
200 (Hibat-allah ha-mizri) "mwn ay nDan syn 
422 (anon.) J20,., onby yD 
419 (Abraham Qabazi) ony... ods “yin 
brew, .. ood yD 
421 (Abdallah b. Joseph b. Jacob b. Marhib ha-marhibi) 
: 806 (Abraham Qabazi) own ty... ond “yD 
806 (Murjan) own yw... odoN ‘AyD 
782 (Abdallah b. Solomon) mo by... ond “sy 
489 yey jm>pn nat 
365 (Abraham b, Ishmael mufarriji) ies nod yD 
479 (Abisha, H. Pr., b. Pinhas b. Joseph) mnyD nadnad sn 
366 ee b. Pinhas) nbxn nny padnsd sn 
641 Sew apy’ nan 


191, cf. 723 (Pinhas b. Joseph) 734 mynd di 

gag qana idan pyobdiyn yo 

475 ONT nD nD pop 

254 (Abraham Qabazi) q>ysi D1 

849 (Muslim b. Murjan b. Ibrahim Danfi) 1278 jnawn bp 
| 42 (Durran, no. 10) 1359 dyd4 nabdp 
847 (Margah) nnxtay nopot mad0 

459 (Meshalmah b. Ab-sakhwah) "3n AX WAS Dd 
443 (Meshalmah) nox jo nN ond win dSdpo 

39 (Durran, no. 3) A> naa mba ny 

838 (Mufarrij b. Jacob) N¥8 32937 fd 

53 (Margah) man 7D ‘HD jd 

745 (Meshalmah) j23n3 AyD jd 

867 (Tabiah b. Durathah) nd5n(0)a pawn 71 

216 Siswm wiatt §3D 

812 (Muslim b. Murjan) win AD 4? "39 

844 (Joseph er-rais) jpt 310 PA "319 

850 (Muslim b. Murjan) wen jn NAP "32H 

111 (Mattanah ha-mizri) AMY jt WN yoy my 

150 (Pinhas b. Isaac) pnd mn ANIM 1 

366 927 737 AMNTN 4D 

327 (Ben Manir) ANT Nyda wR 

108 (Abisha, H. Pr.) pan py AMONT AID 
846 (Margah) amian sn os Aninbst aI 

312 (Muslim) wn) pyyn AMAPNT MD 

436 (Abisha b. Pinhas) mma 55 poo nnindst mn 
218 (Amram b. Solomon) J’on77/ “M87 jk 7D 
853 p>>y onins "ID 

3 Tb wd nbyd spa xd np 

246 ‘syn ponsidy Sap pap 

466, 478 mby Sap» jan 

369 (Abraham Qabazi) youd rote psa 
11g mp nodyt Aan mM 
¢ Say Sdmay qra3 
s, and see p. 878 Pox yrw2 IND JI933 
224 (Sa‘dallah b. Zedaqah Kethari) oip2 JOIN 133 
smb AN DIP? In 7 
632 (Hibat-allah ha-mizri=Nethanel b. Obadiah b. Ab-zehuta) 
776 (Hibat-allah ha-mizri) "mw wna wa3 


839 (Abdallah b. Solomon) ww satay mad sy3 

226 (Hibat-allah ha-mizri) “n° mY 7F 73 

40t (Mufarrij al-mufarriji) m3 amby onn3 

136 (Pinhas [b. Abisha?]) sm ANY DNNI 

824 (Sa‘dallah) nopm pwdr snp: 

49 (Margah?) mvp mans sins S93 

130 (Abdallah b. Solomon) ytnn syw nmnp3 “7ay3 

739 (Abisha b. Pinhas) xnn2 5x min dy “sys 

403 (Abraham, Pr., b, Isaac) ‘2p Sx 0B Ipys 

343 (Abdallah b. Berakhah mnay of Damascus) jniwn “iN nn53 
491 (Amram Darah? or Amram, H. Pr.) Sioa) web MND 
440 (Hibat-allah ha-mizri) wo70n nan nna 

425 (Mattanah ha-mizri) m2 bs ma } NN 

357 (Mattanah ha-mizri) ny 2 nwod spy) 

840 (Jacob b. Isaac b, Sa‘dun) swonn mand s353 

430 (Abisha b. Pinhas) nanw* 710°) {273 

831 (Abdallah b. Solomon) ;295 ‘ny aw 

9 (‘Angels’) so ySn> Tw 

832 prota “yy sd3n3 

830 ‘naw ITI Anan 

See pmoin manawa ody 130 

228 (Sa‘dallah Kethari) jnooys nN ATID 

446 (Sa‘dallah Kethari) ‘9p ‘px 7INT ANID 

825 (Sa‘dallah) 199 ‘oy “Iw ADT ATID 

834 (Sa‘dallah) "237 mann ‘AnD 

824 (Sa‘dallah) nd man wD 

42 (Durran, no. 9) 0°93" DMN'D 

256 (Sa‘dallah b. Zedaqah Kethari) ‘29 \yow Any'D 
690 (Muslim) phy dx ax... 00d mop 

689 (Nanah b. Margah) ‘3p Sx mx 2d dp 

_ 692 (Abraham b. Jacob) an 5x nN 2b ndp 
693 (Ghazal b. Isaac) 1329 AN 15 nb 

80g (Sa‘dallah b. Zedaqah Kethari) nyy no3 2¥D nD 
831 (Sadallah) j2:734N1 JID 

465 (Abraham Qabazi) "ayd “is Jay 

811 (Abraham Qabazi) “k03 mayd “nS Tay 
255 (Abdallah b. Solomon) ondn mn TIy 
849 (Muslim1 b, Murjan) “12% Soa Sy say 


862, 866 Ton yoy Tay 

519 (Abdallah b. Solomon) nin 55 %3p Tay 

212 (Amram b. Solomon) ny Nw3n Jy 

16 (Marqah) sano’ ods nodyt may 

34 (Pinhas, H. Pr. [so V3]) manwn ny 593 nobdyt aay 

31 (Amram Darah, ?H. Pr.) 239 Dw" po modys Aap 

27 (Amram Darah) nanwm sanDn ne>yt my 

: ; 362 an3 Ia I ay 

835 (Murjan) ‘Sy ax monn ‘ay 

198 (Abdallah b. Solomon) (or 1yow) inowsx Syne mo 

822 (Abdallah b. Solomon) jn3 75m »sy 

835 DypT monn My 

432 (Abdallah b. Berakhah cs,t:al) nay %> yn np "1 Oy 
140 (Abdallah b. Solomon) ‘Dy nmby dipn dy 

444 (Abdallah b. Solomon) "11 “10% 5a dy 

103 (Tabiah b. Isaac) ty9 mbyn nan by 

818 (Abdallah b. Solomon) pypx mnan pyo dy 

231 (Abraham Qabazi) nythn onn py by 

595 (Abraham ssl) pips nytn own py dy 

843 (Joseph er-rais) nndw mwe by 

168 (Tabiah b. Isaac) ‘mn ‘PD dy 

566 (Muslim b. Murjan) sy3 nytn nnp dy 

412 (Tabiah b. Isaac) toy nawn nnp dy 

446 (Abdallah b. Solomon) Sma xn awa bdo 53 nna by 

| 213 (Abdallah b. Solomon) mim Jyonn nNnD by 
341 (Amram Darah, but really later) imp AIM Jon ANd by 
641 (Abdallah b. Solomon) 13 Sdym b> way dy 

668 (Abdallah b. Solomon) nw bby 55 ww by 

111 (Isaac, Pr., b. Solomon) ss5non ysaK wd Sy 

441 (Abraham b, Ishmael b. Joseph al-mufarriji) Mn pd py oy 
3 rom nnp by pop sntny 

824 (Abdallah b. Solomon) 3) ‘38 “xy 

129 (Murjan b. Ibrahim) sna saa ow Dy 

363 (Solomon b. Tabiah) n57 ond snosy 

383 (Abdallah b. Solomon) o29n ond sndqy 

388 (Obadiah b. Berakhah Anay of Damascus) DINd3 Sno np ny 

141 (Abraham b. Jacob) ANNAwWN 33 AND PS 
829 (ween IdM "DDD 

194 (Pinhas, H. Pr.) ody Sy min wp 

189 (Pinhas, H. Pr.) jndwn yoy3 mm ‘3p 


222 (Pinhas b. Isaac) IDM N2 *NY 25 

284 moy ida3a pews 55 op 

725 (Pinhas) Joon wot mn JD 

715 (Abraham s.s/| b. Jacob) AyaN 4p3 AMIN 9D 
147 (Tabiah b. Isaac) nin sna mn 555 vbys 
695 (anon.) O13) oO NpD 

734 (Pinhas b. Eleazar) tow mn’ wipa “IN “TD 

bry Yon $5: nn 
490 (Abdallah b. Solomon, with acr. of Pinhas b. Abisha) 

844 (Joseph er-rais) qwrow>) poy nnp 

311 (Muslim b. Ibrahim b. Murjan) ry pp nnd 
120 (Pinhas b. Isaac) WON) fdMHD INN 

779 (Pinhas b. Eleazar) od5pnd oy dy3 qnnp 
235 (Pinhas b. Eleazar) JIDn °D) AYN’ JnnD 

706 (Abraham b. Jacob) yon AaN po aN Ody JID ony 

478 (Abisha, H. Pr.) noaaa nddan amby 

287 (Abu Murjan ?) nwo by aminden amby 

58 ont Sbpp rbap 

479 (Pinhas, H. Pr.) spin’ jaaNX wip 

II (twice) NYMANT AW’ AW 

359 (Meshalmah b. Ab-sakhwah) 4n°Dn Ar AD) DIP 
757 (Khidmah b. Muslim) (sia 3 

11 (‘Angels’) 7’jn moby DP 

43 (Durran, no. 13) jn3Iw yD PDP 

673 (Abdallah b. Solomon) +» Sy owaqpn yp 

668 (Abraham Qabazi) ‘wat imby j24p 

689 (Mufarrij b. Jacob) nn23 yr np 

836 (Murjan) amida Sys mann sap 

836 ANDAM ANN ap 

737 mbbdan nvKn 

47 (Durran, no. 23) 3pp jt nbn 34 

294 jnnas Syn yds32 oA pin 

462 (Murjan) a1» 5255 pon on 

317 (anon.) Syn Oxn oyna pin 

62 (Amram Darah) yon dpa xds noon 


463 (Abraham Qabazi) synon ma yaw ndsS yaw 
ror (anon.) 25 wtp py mx inaw 
656 (Jacob ha-rabban) *32 ANY AN INIw 
288, 476 (anon.) jMIWN ION) WN INIw 
; 859 INIw) 1942) WH Ina” 
335 (Abdallah b. Solomon) s*onn onbyd naw 
433 (anon.) s*onn md inaw 
292 (Abraham Qabazi) mx yo nN AdN yo pay pow 
mip nx nbs yo pap pow 
333 (Murjan b. Ibrahim or Mufarrij b. Jacob) 
69 (ed-Dustan) m2md MOT ANIW 
439 (Abdallah b. Solomon) n'25w) nV oNyn ninaw 
824 JAN PND jw 
192 (anon.) ox odxd niww 
476, 482 ‘a9 Sy may mdw 
368 (Abisha b. Pinhas) 1 xp nen by may mow 
98 (Ben Manir; part of the 12) “wxn mwp by may ody 
683 (Abraham b. Jacob) "wx nw... nwo dy ma DIPYy 
687 (Abraham b. Jacob) 3 7 nwo... neo Sy mm moby 

moy avo... neo by ma ody 
368, 481 (Pinhas, H. Pr., b. Ithamar) 

680 (Murjan Danfi) mbw nwo... nwo dy ma mbw 
442 (Nanah b. Margah) may mx ndwa indy 

: m4 mansd ndvn man msdad nby 

397 (Seth Aaron b. Isaac) Monin ANT Naw) AIM ow 
738 (Seth Aaron b. Isaac) nopIAD AD Naw2 mn Dw 
191 (Pinhas, H. Pr.) 23Nn won nS Now 

792 (Abraham b. Jacob) bpp ND wow 

689 (Abraham Qabazi) ‘Ion pans Anand wow 

649 OD Wy 32 WW 

235 (Joseph ha-rabban) AD JANI Dw IP Iw 

347 (Abdallah b. Solomon) 37231n Miyswn jo Aww 

07, 129, 225, 270, 471, 481 DIAN AXON AMwN 
126, 340, 362, 674 IJIN’ ID INON by wn 

115, 468 nwo 13> Ay AMIN 

422 (Abraham b. Ishmael al-mufarriji) 1107 m vann 
70, 209 (ed-Dustan) md*n Ayp ovonn Andn 

648 (Sa‘d-ed-din Kethari) apy movyy ninon 


269 (Abisha) y)ns TID AN Iw AXD AY DMN 


281 (Solomon b. Tabiah) w»nX “ID AX Mw AND AN DN 
704 (Muslim) 13n “4D 7N,,. O°N 

770 (anon.) MX AMIDA... oN 

_ 698 (Isma‘il Ramihi) m1) po"Mw*,, . DN 

413 (Abdallah b. Solomon) M10 oY m>.,. Dn 

7194 (Zedagah b. Ibrahim ¢6,l2a!) yous map... on 
58 mas nsdnd annawn 

116 (anon.) DwIPA wp? naw2 Annawn 

695 “NNN 77D AS MAanwn 

70 (ed-Dustan) mmiay aps psn 


Aaron b: Manir (14th century 
A.D.; p. xxix): 95, 97, 98, 
179 (2), 180 (? Mattanah), 181, 
185, 321, 323, 327, 385, 644, 
676, 678, 679. 

Abdallah b. Abraham, haftawi of 
Damascus (16th century; p. 
Xxxl): 449. 

Abdallah (or Obadiah) b. Bera- 
khah, haftawi of Damascus 
(16thcentury; p.xxxii): 97(?), 
234, 343, 388, 432. 

Abdallah b. Joseph b. Jacob b. 
Marhib (? about 1100 H.= 
1688 A.D.; p. XXXIV): 421. 

Abdallah b. Solomon (about 
800 H., or 14th century A.D. ; 
p- XXvill): 109, 130,139, 140, 
178, 198, 213, 233, 234, 238, 
255, 275, 295, 304, 399-311; 
313, 323, 335s 347» 357) 373, 
383, 384, 400 (or Mattanah), 
408, 411, 413, 423, 429, 432, 
439, 444, 445, 464, 493 (?), 
519, 641, 667, 668, 673, 746, 
764, 775, 782, 792, 818, 819, 
822, 823, 824, 827, 829, 831, 
832, 837 (or Sadallah), 839. 

Ab-gelugah b. n5p or b. Tabiah b. 
mbp (12th century a.D.? p. 
Kxili): 75, 77. 

Ab-hisdah, see Abu’l-hasan. 

Abisha b. Pinhas (died in 778 &. 
=1376A.D.; p. XxvVill): 106, 
108, 240, 248, 249, 254 (1), 
269, 366, 368, 375, 410, 430, 
478, 479, 481, 484, 488, 494, 
504, 511, 696, 699, 736, 739. 

Abraham b. Abdallah, see Abra- 
ham b. Obadiah. 

Abraham b. Abi-‘uzzi ha-yithrani 
(15th century; p. xxxi): 736, 
780, 807. 


Abraham b. Faddal b. Abi’l-‘izz 
(15th century; p. xxxi): 735. 

Abraham, haftawi, see Abraham 
b. Obadiah. 

Abraham b. Isaac, Priest (died 
in {146 H.= 1432 A.Deguam 
XXxlii): 403. 

Abraham b. Ishmael b. Joseph 
al-mufarriji (about 1240 H.= 
1824A.D.; p.Xxxiv): 365, 399, 
403, 421, 422, 425, 441, 406. 

Abraham b. Jacob ha-danfi (about 
1750, p. Xxxlv): I41, I5I, 
152, 155, 163, 170, 172, 176, 
177, 206-210, 268, 326, 492, 
578, 595, 609, 623, 647, 
654(1), 661, 663, 665, 681, 
683-685, 687, 692, 704, 706, 
715, 786, 788, 792, 796. 

Abraham b. Joseph ha-qabazi 
(16th century; p. xxxl): 145, 
I5I, 188, 190, 215, 231, 243, 
254, 259, 260, 262, 292, 348, 
362, 369, 372, 419, 463, 405, 
477, 543, 647, 651, 668, 678, 
688, 689, 707, 726, 795, 806, 

Abraham b. Obadiah b. Bera- 
khah, haftéwi of Damascus 
(16th century; p.xxxii): 303, 

Abraham yithrani, see Abraham 
b. Abi-‘uzzi. 

Abu’l-hasan, or Ab-hisdah, of 
Tyre (11th century A.D.? p. 
xxiii): 70 (cf. 869), 79, 875- 

Abu’l-‘izz (? 15th century, p. 
XXxl): 193. 

Abu Murjan (tp. xxxili): 286, 


Amram Darah (4th century A.D.; 
p- xxi): 21 (Durran), 27 
(?Marqah), 28, 29, 38-47 

> Sr Qe eet 




(Durran), 62. Also attributed 
to him, 341, 491, 670. 
Amram the High Priest (653- 
668 H.=1255-1269 A.D. 3; p. 
KXV): 30, 31. 
Amram, Priest, see the follow- 

ing :— 

Amram b. Solomon, Priest (died 
in 1291H.=1844;3 p. XxXxili): 
144, 148, 203, 204, 205 (1), 
212, 216-218, 283, 304, 360— 

362, 475, 716, 743, 765. 
‘Angels’ (p. xxii): 9-11. 

Ben Manir, see Aaron b. Manir. 

Durran, see Amram Darah. 

ed-Dustan (11th century A. p. ? 
p. xxii): 69, 70, 209 (nnbn 
pM), 869. 

Eleazar b. Pinhas (High Priest, 
764-789 H. = 1363-1387A.D.; 
p- XXvii): 32 (?Marqgah), 33 (or 
Marqah), 34 (1 Pinhas), 35-37, 
180, 187, 292, 304, 318, 329, 
435, 470, 489, 667, 801, 846. 

Ghazal, see Tabiah. 

Hibat-allah ha-mizri or Netha- 
nel b. Obadiah (? = Mattanah, 
q.V.; Pp. XXi1x): 200, 225, 226, 
632, 740, 776. 

Isaac the Priest (=Isaac b. 
Solomon? or Isaac b. Zedaqah, 
who died in 1105 H. = 1693; 
p. Xxxili): 257. 

Isaac b. Solomon (about 1840; p. 
EXXIll): III, 112, 117, 263. 

Isma‘il b, Badr er-Ramihi (about 
944 H.= 1537; p. xxxii): 
Bue, 8? 783) 484) 442, 553, 

Ismail Ramihi, see Isma‘il b. 

Jacob b. Isaac b. Sa‘dtin: 840. 




Jacob ha-rabban or the Priest 
(?died in 749 H.= 1348; 
p. Xxx): 161, 656 (1), 674. 

Joseph, haftiwi of Damascus 
(?16th century; p. xxxii): 299, 
302, 313, 316, 332. 

Joseph the High Priest (690- 
708 H.=1291-1308 A.D.3 p. 
XXvll): 63 (1), 64. 

Joseph ha-rabban (p. xxxii): 63 
(but cf. p. xxvii), 134, 235, 
651, 652, 654, 841-844. 

‘Joshua’ (p. xxii): 4. 

Khidmah b. Muslim b. Murjan 
(about 1150 or 1200 H. = 
18th century; p. xlvii): 753, 
757; 758. 

Khidr b. Isaac(late 19th century ; 
Pp. XXXili): 209, 210. 

Marhib, see Mufarrij. 

Margah b. Amram (4th century 
A.D.; Pp. XX): 12, 16-26, 
27 (?Amram Darah), 30 (so 

Cr 18), 31 (? Amram), 32 
(? Eleazar), 33 (? Eleazar), 34 
(? Pinhas), 35 (% Eleazar), 
491 (cf. 875), 50 (cf. 877), 51- 

53 (2), 59, 60 (cf. 872-3), 62, 

66 (so Cr 18), 72 (so B 2), 83- 
85, 114, 193 (?), 271 (or 
Pinhas), 435, 478, 666, 846, 
847 (?). 

Mattanah ha-mizri (about 800H., 
or 14thcenturyA.D.? pp. xxiv, 
xxix): 111, 180 (or ben Ma- 
nir?), 265, 357, 400 (or Abdal- 
lah b. Solomon), 425. 

Ma‘yan b. Zedaqgah, haftawi of 
Damascus (1 6thcent.; p.xxxii): 

ha-Mizri, see Mattanah. 

‘Moses’ (p. xxii): 48. 

Mufarrij (Marhib) b. Jacob 
(about 1080 H. = 1669; p. 
xxxiv): 196, 333 (%), 392; 
457, 660, 689, 761, 838. 


also 161, 


Murjan (Ab-sakhwah) b. Abra- 
ham ha-danfi (about11 40H. = 
1727; p. XXxill) : 129,333 (?), 
660, 731, 783, 784. 

Murjan ha-danfi (probably = 
Murjan b. Abraham; p. 
XXXlll): 197, 243, 446, 448, 
460, 462, 483, 680, 681, 797, 
806, 834-836. 

Muslim (Meshalmah) b. Murjan 
(Ab-sakhwah) ha-danfi (about 
1140 H. = 1727; p. XXxlii): 
311 (see p. xxxili), 359, 661, 
759. Probably also 85, 88, 
199, 295, 298, 393, 311, 312, 
317, 399, 451, 484, 566, 690, 
702, 704, 743, 745, 812, 849, 
850, 856, 868. 


Nanah b. Margah (4th century 
A.D.; p.XX1): 15, 410, 442. 
Also attributed to him, 689. 

Nethanel b. Obadiah (?=Mat- 
tanah, q. v.; p. Xx1x): 632, see 
also Hibat-allah ha-mizri. 

Obadiah b. Berakhah, see Abd- 
allah b. Berakhah. 

Pinhas (i.e. either Pinhas b. 
Joseph, or Pinhas b. Abisha, 
or Pinhas b. Ithamar?, or 
Pinhas b. Eleazar): 136, 138, 
271 (or Margah ?), 276, 291, 
659, 660, 725, 734, 779, 80l. 

Pinhas b. Abisha (High Priest 
789-846 H. = 1387-1442; 
p- Xxvlil): 105, 136(%), 490. 

Pinhas b. Eleazar (High Priest 
about 914-955 H. = 1508- 
1548; p. Xxx): 235, 422. 

Pinhas the High Priest (proba- 
bly Pinhasb. Joseph, q.v.): 34, 
81, 82, 94, 95, 97, 126, 189, 
191,194, 272, 298, 348, 371, 
432, 440, 454, 462, 479, 848. 

Pinhas b. Isaac (died in 1898; 


P- XXXlll): 109, 120, 150, 206, 
207, 210, 218, 222, 345 (?). 
Pinhas b. Ithamar (High Priest 
at Damascus 793-834 H.= 
1390-1430; p. xxix): 368, 
481, 676. 

Pinhas b. Joseph (High Priest 
708 — 764 H. = 1308-1363; 
p- XXvli): 83, 191, 667, 763. 

Sa‘dallah (or Sa‘d-ed-din) b. 
Zedaqah al-Kethari (14th cen- 
tury A. D.; p.Xxvill): 227, 228, 
256, 380, 383, 446, 448, 533, 
648, 688, 726, 729, 767, 780, 
781, 809, 818-820, 823-825, 
827, 831, 834, 837 (or by 
Abdallah b. Solomon). 

Salih b. Isaac ha-danfi (about 
1160 H.=1747; p. xlvil): 

Seth Aaron b. Isaac, Priest at 
Damascus (15th century; p. 
xxxi): 397, 738. 

Solomon b. Amram (born 1863; 
p- xlvi): 205. 

Solomon b. Tabiah, Priost (died 
in 1273 H. = 385750 
XXXili): 276, 278, 281, 326, 
352, 363, 366, 398, 414, 742, 
795, 766. 

Tabiah b. Abraham (about 
1140 H.=1727; p. Xxxili): 


Tabiah b. Darah, or Durathah 
(roth century A.D.; p. xxii): 
78, 867-8. 

Tabiah (Ghazal) b. Isaac, Priest 
(died in 120% H. = 1787; 
p. XXXili): 103, 132,136, 143, 
145-149, 154, 167-169, 198, 
280, 463, 661, 693, 712, 770, 
814, 815. 

Targum: 839, 840, 845. 

Zedaqah b. Abraham, haftawi of 
Damascus (16th century; p. 
XXXll): 113, 794. 


Page 1, line 109, for a }7DN) read p}7N) 

»» 21, line 2, for "Mw read “NWS 

» 304, for fN read }IN 

» 320, for Aap read Anny’ 

» 34, Line 3 below, for av read ft" 

» 361, for bye read pbx 

» 40, note 2, read: Or 11 ba, Cr 18 nvday corrected from 

» 42, note 11, for Deut. read Targ. Deut. 

» 54¥, for YAND jd read YAND }D 

» 587 %¥,for by read nndy 

» 59, note 2, add Cr 11 

» 605, read SN3 

», 62, note 6, for f. 37 read f. 34> 

» 63, line 9, for MN read AN 

» 637, read yn) 

» 64, note 1, add: they have instead * wion® mo Sy say 
sip roa pepo Sy xd per suepo pwn before 
the previous line 

» 64, note 2, add: L 16, 17 

», 66, line 17, for (n1)w3 read (Nnn)ws 

» 66, line 22, for (qn)nawn read (})nawn 

», 68, note 9, read: For the rest see the Appendix, p. 870 

», 69, line 10, for s,V\ read J5)\ 

» 70, line 22, for *yynD read yn) 

» 70, note 3, dele }30"5 

» 72, note 12, read Cr 11, p. 254 

» 76, line 1, for 7% read 5 

» 77, line 7, for pw read mpw 


Page 79, lines 1, 2, H 3, f. 48 begins at bo ANN 
» 80, line 8, for WP read wp 
», 81, line 24, for 38D read ‘3983 
», 86%, read spyr (nothing lost) 

» 91, heading, for sams! read yee! 
»» 93, line 3 below, for "Ws read 79) 

» 95, line 7 below, for jkzS\ read JunkS\ 
» 1143, for NMSA read NAN 

» 128, line 21, for jinn read pionnd 

» 148, line 17, for si read 3 

» 157, line 5, for 3, 8S read a5 wr 
»» 161, marginal reference: L 2, f. 51 

» 237, line 7, read | dy 

» 237, line 10, for ye read \ya 

5» 237, line 12, f. 109» begins at bon Syn 
» 274, last line, for \g:3, read \y704 

» 276, note 4, for Dian read oN 

» 289, line 14, for MIDIN read AIAIN 

» 327, line 10 below, for n2$3 read nabs 
» 366, line 9 below, for AYN) read WS) 
» 428, line 10 below, read wn’ 

» 473, line 9, add *4 

5, 640, line 8 below, for ANIM jAN read ANN? AN 
», 659, line 4 below, for pwn read APwN' 


f. 25 

f, 95° 


sip * yp ‘np PID * wna wn * yydyn pp by 9 
p> own *imp> PS WN? DYNA Oa. WNT TND * nyNwNI 
sy995 Hy? on 

xd on owmnd: apna qn? yoyo onns * mimd ew wd nny 
spdy> pinw2 wn ny) * ow 

: noon es waadp * ynNI JIN_ * ANID IMD MN * Jays pas "5 

* yowds momen * miaend om mynd 25° ony nvdy wa now 
:yntod nap p25 

spdiyd qrayd * 4) as nay * NOD) yO pp * Ns NIA) 

*saydy aownd * nw mya ¢ ad nytim * (ao)yon (AN) Ne 
spdyyd own 

eqn $$nas adv ssa pox nny aw IND JOD NWN 

ebaa mm sma? qn wads? pram swe mado awn 
mn? NID WAN? Pons wean * Jao mx ws? Tod dSans 
sp>xwa pad 

 ndyy5 95 aban * ymin spo + InN maANa © Poot mds 
SInmwy * IPA AN pow 

rman mount pmaw. spy sano pos aw ¢ Iwo JoI9 
(cont. as on p. 5) 


sy mp? yD Sy ayer mon + wot mpy inna AND wy 
woo meen mpdy * ip Saw awe Ana AnoN fo nn bn 

x5 sop ¢ nds nop yo so Sy pon yn pan potas od 
ANDI ‘mn pooe # oad os nA py $5H Aw + AD ods 5 om 
zoo pon andy * mow ano pnx 

anynwn 5533‘ pnofa)yo poy nddaan *s°p “ny Sy sayns poyp min’ 
7 oronna ndy wd: php ySm yown Shia’ pny[p]yo pnsn 
rivmbs onde now 

mwa ndp ods 3b sn xd sp abt ndp Sbox appa pop 
yo? pn yam 505+ myn Dye Snap anew + ndp oy yown 
:ma4 away an 

aways [psa] ons ads 1 wip mans | 93% ai Sy apy enna yon 
sanssind wow anes eet Awe 55 post nw ad pas 
mnws wo pars mdp my oynw wp myo * Sawa odst peo nw 
toms mbox we ndsy § Sassy py qen and anes * apa pin 
‘ fmbp nappy “pp 
(as printed above, p. 50)... 770nN 
Page 5, before V 3 begins, P 8, f. 24 has the following :— 
sqmiadp asd... , 
SBD) PIII AwyN * PPM Town INN AMA? pom Ads 
smdvdy) poy ann 
pow 2p? Jap nx on ny Soa 9dSmn + ov 55 qnaa 7d 
spied onnnwn + ptayd ney saa qbwe sins sep oyy mo 
smynan jowp Sy+ none nema? ss my noean? pdr nen 
soryd) ovdoxnd awa mds toa oma oon 55 nip 
Day) ost * on jo mew? oss Sey |) mymNon nwy 
2? (Ayn wad xrviny’ paxd pea napy 
‘ep mo ia nowt seo bya Sona ¢ ooxn nx nay sda 
say 95 a nana 
yma ya awd + qow nx nwadm +95 wow swe? ppyn nosy 

orig 4 P8 mam, but Ar. Lc», 


f, 13% 

f, 12? 


saxo sy ody pony yw mio mone non? omSy ann’ op 
pdpon Ss now) wx Ips 'a25 ony + pap wae awe Sy oy 
mawd +> onwer nbsn owonn 55 aby ad Ann swE 
wad sndpi swe aytn bs $y apnanndy [wan vad Sfoa ape 
send + sywey mason and oad atinoy av sam + ndap) ndaxa 
nbsp ondyo ona cnyyp ‘nap cnywsn onsen ‘nso onxDN 
Jmyo0) nappy ones onysa ‘npwy onda cnxeps snypy snows 
‘smson Soo wp aypo vnbs many ane) ¢ onpman pmino np 
‘wer Sy ox ta t.a5.. pet oo oy omdy psy pom ppm 

smxondy srinyd ndor snawn nbs Zayp 

Page 59, the parts missing in 1)2yw3 are found in P 8, f. 11», 
and with slight variations on fol. 21, as follows :— 

man monn yo ow tw NOT pYNT wyiad © pa aA ADD praw 
wns pbyd* + ymst pot boy + 8aea2 2 van Minds * ows 
| 42m Lp yo 

Swann Soya ¢ may wea 55) nbs nme * ep a Sy mnt a 
xox * pana mnoqw jo * ad md mt 55 Snoe * abaps ava 
smendy pyndsd 

aninds ort Sst ays yt Zanpsy pad $5 + wbnd man andy 55 
ovn nan mados * Samwas yo nan maa (A)baps * Anan anny 
sodyd mand 

nos nn yD sno Sy spiney maa awe poo aminds(s) ard 
ma 559 mm * spas mnyot yoda(x) 55° 9 nin my wna do 
: Ssenun 

ma mwpy * my yD yonwsx yo Tw dy) anne AD mown 7D 
Seu pabnn 

poxi pNt yo pea] * amma vo yp ° poo nbyd spy xd sn} 
snbos wx min mT Tet yD pap 1 on) Syn mina ay 

‘pans Sat maa nwnd + yop myNd mw * oN MOWP tandT AAD 
sodys noon 42 AND Oa’? Maa AWNd TOD ADYP Dep 

1 Ar, ere, (19n ?). 2 Ar. jusl. Fol, 2t:—  * mmyn. 

€ pmo yon po pnw. 5 Aman. § ;iorman’ JY. 
7 mb pnp. 8 mY’. * Read wm? 


an5 | nds: mine wondis xb nxt S90 52 1D I NID RON £. 66 

‘AN TWN AMS pom an tion Sa ynyt ovens) Jnosn 
*pdiyd quip py Ta) soy Mpyy own own nawn Sap 

sins xox nds ps: 

mwam 55 ae mover 55> xa nds mo mans p32 
mieyond sway sap xd mwy omon ox swe? ponn b> xdpm 
% spnd woe mod > ° IND oy mono %dasy wa 525 
wy) ON NNT mow wD OM. wy Ans °D wnsSndy ¢ anyanw2 
Sewd pos mymnnd isdy opr * aoynmp mp2 maw mst ‘Dd 
avon panne mow 5& xd o> qamd xd won 52 pwbdp 
any * yaydap sway AS px °> Anny Amds noown wes 
mm ans yy soxd * inn Soa pose panne qdoxw von nds mim 
+ popd monaa WN A °D * IND TY HD ID pM mds nds 
wmapnb * ynys aD nyP ANN swe sonon nxdnd qrayd nwy 
*snayin wna + Jnans wnans nndy + y> mx w nawTi yaw 
prandy 1b mindy yada ynpsn ms powndy + yeyd pny ond 
spoy invap nndy* mona 52 3 andadady + omxnn San 

samp xdy van xd po) 2 NN ws IDI. WNID’ ON Pr 
we nds * nxwy we ia 5 ¢ mweNT AwND nwa eb pT 
aysawds Swndy ows ond wom swan 55 Ad wn wKa aD 
paw onion dn wan nds may anyy + wh my awe So5 
DSS AN ¢ pM on Sk mn nner pdoxnd mB wr on-ysn 
spod yen) * ANON) YE) py NW? DYDOND TON AN? * MON) TDN an 
Say9 ton aay nbs pox yma xa Ss * yn mipsdy pyn 
Hp ynaw ox * pnt’ > wnpp ox * Jeo Nond Dyer + Jy 
a5 pna yon °> ox * mony yy ondn ox sya any ny oN 
5 55) pon sammy 12 PS ws AN. pn * pwd PM way 
Jona yd nxt esr § yds mynedy vdrnd wd ps toa onns 
pina anes wndos wwe by nbs | aexon py PDN yay oy 
Sey omy nepiny § 2d many minw stn mown b2 5 + 5 Non 
many mnw nndond «saxo sy amp mnp pbpo * onp Iwo op 
‘wen a5 592 poy nawn wen + yD ppwH Mion way nxn 
mm qoqax any) say> ayon Sy on) Jax pono is awn 
sbonson wasp pon by any * msi adam man bo Sy snd 


f. 67 

f, 68 

f. 65 


wap) * paop $25 atom * ayaa misao map ¢ andy Sopp aye 
:aynop xbt 
*Sea xdt moon tayo aa most Saw * poy ads nna min 
spon PS ny 
smn mds mp + mn azdos mans 14 

Page 49 after § 5 :— 
synbb abr 

mmiaat ‘mn mmx 55° Sip np ad mop * nbsp byds maw 

yaa * wp odyd rm Swamp sad ans 55° anys pron 

2 AN ADA AN | NIT an ode DDI wp Arad 

*ansanp ddan my wena day abs nny Py ]Jo aw Sy nnst apt 
xox pana Ansan 15 mds 2am 55* © ppyey adapt nad 
sytay mwndy * pndsd 

embaps naa mans. + md pas pad 55 + yond mas mmdy 5D? 
swap way pono * padpd mnxadp aot * ny po man AND 

Page 81, the end of the prayer of Abi Hisdah (wanting in V3) :— 

mm Seaw yow soxd + yesp min (nix tas2> pips) 13~3) 
mms sod a moy swe pnyyo smo sy ome mn winds 
:non sy wns Sx ayown yow oN 

sow nsx my vbsn otpnn 55 ne miwyd wads many my 
ows mynnds ands min gonad amdy op msn ner by * wpa 
ans qa ¢ pmisod pends qdopa yowds pmbana SSanady yap 
nbs pet ndiyd sep ow pray son odiyd ovn min dn min 
sons xox 

nox ston 52) * wnbms aw 55 swe onde mn ans J 
*anpaa NS swe pont) mwy xd see ae sews xdy * non 
Ww PION ww Jaw ww Jaw wt mw Sa5 55 aq 
wad * ApsAD ndsp3 wins * poawe why pn wo pny 
‘mT Mwpr oO mya moym + Fp sown wabm + ys pry 
yaa mandy * yap oymwea sown ed + naw wnown xd swe nnn 

2 Cf. p. 877. 2 Added above the line. § Ar, Gok. 


mandi + papa pan So ¢ mown pean ¢ awsp addpy owt 

man maa ¢ ds wos? mana poss ppbet * ndyd yan aan 
[: Any lst 

‘seta say ands ¢ [pmds S5]5 yones ¢ nfan sayns] nyt 
(2) snbdaan (2) yon woos 

9 ¢ WD MND px My? ADAM now po + Say mw nn 

sad + p20 psa Anapo * md saps jo aw sayd ana nan nw 

say mds wat nbyd snp pay smn ud tower: mpwo xin an 

seaa ndapy * yn nds ana snd any nyo‘ andy man 55 

rmovnd ma Ns TaynN ANEW AND AMIN MOLY] Zamad 

yomN * ep prea pnan’ 55a op np Syn * apne nN Any 

made * porom pany | smansNet Aan oa on Sot an 

33 ¢ penne md) mo any yo mw * Syn samy md ADD 
:mg2 ta) nbx 

ony? as 55 Symon * dyn omna mwon * mdp pat py 

* orn Sabsps aynaw ¢ ova mn day svi time pa mds pa 
spdyd4 nbs 4 

maw * moow> mdy pn? Sea abot on an * sn dno sek 
| 9a Not 

¢MapT AIT Aaa + dx yo * AIAN Abd rays AMINpY AI NP 

* (mp3 nbsn nafaayo + war Abst yp | 84 adden Sap 37" 
smasn 525 yprp 

? Ar. £329: 2 Ar, 3-4). * Corr, from 120). 
* Corr. from nw 72». 5 Corr, from "2 "Q NIT}, 

f. 18 

f. 16 (411) 



mints pap dad? pat pads t pene mows + oid mad 

st mend + poston dad + abe on mand + aan on nyrond 

(Oy ¢ AMNDIT pnap 5D + naan AnwN yo * nnn mow nw 

‘2 NON poe PN ¢ AMwIt aD jo an nya Sy a And 
spo ‘Sp pwnwn 

990) II IPYT ID aD yD ws by myn * poder ODD ID 
smn nbdap xb 

sin Syme and poms at adap man man + mown yvby be 
| ) pram mdm 

mey (@)moxD yD a by maw oy * youn maa nwo nD 
sAmaawa yard ans + int Nos 

sos * mond oy ops oy + See S55 ores + wos) nwt amide 
ss smn mbap 

min S55 55 + anos nw mdp + wwenex mex py * tee dpr pop 
: say) 

smdpayd waa nen w+ moenest modo pom noy inn mtn 
smep nbapt apy 

tonds sa meena napy Sy nwt ov + nen Sy onde aw 
snwod N23 pyp xd 

Sos npe) rman el + meow moxm * any ado anann 
smd PN 

sot ia * So xdt pm mand nyn jo * mnxwes pyap AN 

mpa * wana xd wh] ° 75 ap mp pm * nanoN2 pp mR 
75 om 

Smad canny masa Sma sna east ya * arn det yD 

mosey * mn Aa Aya oD wd noy ony * anos ANNI 

so monn a yp * abapt ayad van mam adn po vont 
snnxpop nyse 

1=1 Should be transposed. 2 Corr, from 72x. 3 MS. nav). 


sporbyd jo may qin qo xdt mor? onnna orp np by 
a ynd moor pana tp dp nyt 5599 + ands pa Sy5 ne om 
saa Sawa popno nx nna pom dy on nest S$ + pats 
™y mman 12505. 95 
(as on p. 69) N* W 
N has the following additions :— 
After jy'2D Nn (p. 60) much obliterated, and corrected by a 
nearly contemporary hand :— 
‘mwpr mot mans 1 aman nd$oo jo + anmxwe pyao aN 
IPOw ‘Dw ny 
7 OMIA ¢ AANWID NT AND Nypa[3] * An Nn AvP pyoa 
2 AMID NT ANAT AIy3 ¢ [Ay how 
wun‘ ANDP AN ots sad pons moro + md Syn aw my 
| :MANID Ip 
‘par pan mdas ¢ mrs. pps net 2ynw muy ap ot 
sorn wos nddon 52) 
Say ow oyris * map ads mea ops * paddy) pow mya ® 
sdyqw 595 mondfie] + ads 
soon xd) oT Anya Anis nnn noy nw wad moe pl 
smo mbapt now 
pyp xo) nyioa abe xb Nor) men mann * made MIN NDT 
PMD N23 
yous. mn 55 wown mx * mind sox moan ¢ emipas 55 no 
SwIpP pynn 5 
yrs mm TID) py * osm pd ome + mow SMDNIT mytt 
smnainna madap 

‘nmo[p we] (2) mana * fmm ppd pms ¢ mannd spyn tnt 
rnaabo pd yaa q[pm] 
1 Ar, Ginete. ? Ar, Cuma. 

’ This stanza is written in the margin. 
* Corr. from D%1217 (as in the previous stanza). 

f. 16 (3) 

f. 69° 

f. 70 

f, 70> 


anaw podny pet pt 53 peneps pox Tm oNsay pox maa 
syoma S$nn owe pina aby 55) xb ea we Ani pout 
| “0 ANI 

Aman ¢ pda ‘sy ANID dows Ann 

yao 75 pp poet 9S pop anim anaw mos po pr oo 
pay uot ndsa pom ans jon pre dybn 95 san nde 
4 AMI :A4NN 

ny Sie ans ans 553 | pos poo ad past orn jo qn 
yax mond Sx yow gods mad mw nei? qa pdm por Syp 
“1 AMIN 373 

mon Andsy) Ans sop pop dy wen cowayt nae Amino pa? 
3) mmiaay smmibwd one nd wy pow Janno andy + my 

ayy Anny poy jo * Seas aot asapd pores mad ma 55 pwd 
:m25 sa9995 aw 25 595 mm vans) oy 55 Ann aniotT) 
“oy Ans 

nnaw wad xd ant poe oda nnsan syda mae pm mn mS 
AMI) sANay AOD ANT on Ny naws D. * ANID JADDD 

oe Ty 2 

oe AT no Pop mS ones apy? 

m omnnan Sy atn midp * pawnd pox PRD porns pox pwd 
sayn mex) masa md$n sins atin indo on o> aa ans 
“AMI 273" 

ancy $$:a oynt map tay * pooia poos apo pos pox poy 
Oy AMID Pw AnIw py pnaw mow Jay on eds 

nd smo aim ads porta na pon ads wo cm + poy poe pede 
som | pind sa xd sam des past + mid pops aya (2) pan 
“ay mma :Srydt apy 

eahiS5 Sana ayy tos Sroas ynayp os 7S) xt Anon ope 
¢5p9 xd9 a5m anyon 955 mnsn sayy ¢ nd wp esp anaw 
“3 ANI 

* Ar. ie * As above, p. 68 and p. 69. 3 Ar, sil, read mnnn ? 


mand omy mynd 35 owwy op aw. ods: ony omen oxy 
om xpapd minawy oyndr Soxnd may mind ops yowd one 
pywy) OMDIpDs om opin non %S> $5) n2$$ obany Sypnd 
— pya po py xd myonsy wer xd nis by onion edn 
yor rd adm oma ¢ dp. innsn oyyo wna ra ws bien 
payo | ond maxi pp py *2y02) O"N OND pos mind ow ond 
sex oon 55 osm Sym paw omdyn nov Sips omy oxen nnd 
nyd OX ya om wnya ny onnn 5555) ppm inya5) onN 13 
35 ind pry mma pam paw vawor mNdm ods nya ox pp 
snx 55d saw yas ip xdy Sy paca ininxs mypo 525) apn sax 
myn onyn md qind onordwd nanwnd wns po d95) 1b ais 
yowd js van xd pynw xdy ond ops spy xd) ona 1d oni 
aotand oo wn sexd ops yowS windd px onnps 'D 
Sw pea pnd mon mn Dyn Ny. ons) py. onw on 
mond py nmap pain nn ppoind 75 xpd yno paar Senand 
DSI. own py woyn mS onw tprys may saw pon 
ws ND TY DX yw Oa MmaN don DosIwNd mp pI DIP WY PX 
mds my apy wen xdS mSon xd 05> op xd pom yyin 
px naga xd ps NN5) DMD) 8927 D!IN YMIMNX DT WON DIP 

max sa oo $53 142 oD madpn mas oN OND’ “DD 

snap xd dior mys xd nwa yma | xd miaxd ova ova S25 
moonn mnian sypn xd saws en andy apwnr So xd ann pa 
bys $55 vn min onnd awy wm mn aw mn xder xd swe 
Sey ow ay needy oy ads new poindy pen min now AN 
onx yropn imma xd swe S&m ox *3 app ‘Sa monn nxbdnd 
somnd xo swe yen’ nya ons pswpm WAND OYDwN MP yond 
sin S$am oyna now: Say ann Sy xd enn ana one avy 5 
ws pam wyds ny md ssn oxdy abs md nbd wp ow 

spdyyd wow qa odiyd 

Page 68 (n* 4"1DN) the missing stanzas are as follows in H 3:— 

my nzbod Ama smowa vby poor pd snp 5a» xb 

2 Ar. Wilew dl. 2 Of. Heidenheim, op..cit., p. 16. 

f, 58 

f, 58° 

f. 59 

f. 69 

f. 47 

f. 47° 

f. 53> 

f. 57> 


snp PMs Wnt Pay pat NS pas print app ods pass 
amaox mney qnosn maya p> pay amd tap ymeopr Jnixop 
pots pd>ona pony owon) wins PayY 7D PRN. Kop p23 
span jin) poby qn pas po poonnnr praine | Toyo 1>5n09 xd nddio 
sans eds mdse md pda) pans qn pbap pay nowd pdponn 
sno. pend psy on pap jo pa xd pon Sap ap 
ssdppr pat | PIA IA pyowD qr poww prainy qo Poop ppna 
qo annawn pode 55 y$o mewn 
mayt yD oy Awoxr ‘Dap AdyS ma wrannd ba mn ides cyt 
a mdapa sox nds adn porn amas by py anna 
so) annawn wapns dene mynd qminnay whens sinwN N59 
F. 53 as on p. 70, {DD jnN, which is alphabetical, has § 2 as 
follows :— 
pas moby yp Seps mwas anna py povon tx nay anny my 12 
sy wos jo mandy op yp ppat qn answ oy syed pny 
sandydon xd oinn yap nds pow pawn wos 
(as printed) :noby mdto ... apoyo xds md 
beens wade thor Sd> 1 vnaw ov pon) amec(s)2 237 
mp ‘oP M2 THY DM DVDIN mp ‘DDD amd) Andy 7 555 
sSysue5 penn pans dSapnr any $3 yn pan yap 

moy m>n 55) myana jo ons mad abs nawt nny ndwa ons 
(the rest is wanting) 
Ff. 54-56  xoa ode as on pp. 80, 81 (by Abi Hisdah of 
Tyre). F. 57 perhaps part of the same ? 
ony) ovdn ppbnn’ pa pot nein onspy mien spo xb 
on sins 55> op mem pow xd omyoy ppay xd oxen 
esi pom psa msdas way soya Sym Sie tyaDa ayy amend 
spyd ndar mdown oan onan) opin pment * O%M DNDN 
vied yrapoy pind anpo paw pnp pay woo. paw IMs 
nya nim Soy 5s aad sonny * mo $x ma van) on sy mon 
pda) mand on meyds San om pra paso paws oma 
pyyts oon 55) | own omar 521 orden nrada 55 onnr Sypnd 
nyaoy onin mnsnr ody> xd) py aS pan Sa pst ov *dnaw 


nwo a1 papy. 55 spsyy pons 52 we ppy po mDNT ANS 
sad son) pan nip 2(2)5y2 pyy* nyt Ine nowp Sawa sion 
main mind pop: ayp nowp ninp mm by sw ont ano 
yond) Syd mann sda in| Anse ayn mpd pont Amor 
mow> mpwny Apop xdy AnNtS TI|ADI pnw xdy nnnawn poIAD. 
sw ads Sippy ad snyo ose qn adden Sines pov omy JA 
moss md yown dpa moan ad pean aya nono ma Sopp xin nd 
sins abs 

pbyd naonwn andes anvinp ans xdw nde md andy 52 nay 
amp” pp ND JNMawn py yma mind pnawnt jo b> 
nowy md Sy pine sna pysa pray 595 yay tnony prawn | 7d 
sae awd prep by poay qnaxda mos 20 
On fol. 52 the hand changes and the text is part of jab NA 

(as printed on p. 61). 

The order of the following leaves is uncertain. They seem 
to be connected with the hymn of Tabiah b. Durathah on p. 78. 

mea yt pnd ansawn aby peda amas do md wy ade... 
mist wasp 755 Ansyda pons 55 man AD pn m3 Anxapy 
and xd now ans na am ana dy fsnnop sap ind yostpnn pox 
mp nds gop edo ons ody Sie dy nm nds poo edd nyp why 
3 S50 pry syda many nyt mp yt mawn xdy ad yds 
1 Sap wby mown dy on nd moos md oS aw ind ww dn 
$5 spy So) xds ip yin b> nym dont aim ans Anrty ‘5 
syrndn an ramavn anmawn mnt jp ‘pynd sap) qn nny 
| rmnwt jo vp way jo 

(as on p. 79, lines 1-10) :patn.... Mody bo ani 

pido xo atx nan gon oby5 9S annawm dnp poo nda 
xda stor ayod ay yds poner wot Sy xd sysy aynpns xd san 
mds ined nn eos iene prea So now oma 59 5520 oxdn 
xd opnn [sme pdasa qonden aot a mt pyonsy pont ons 
mvp xdy pydne xd map pot naa man sys) win bap ampps 

1 Ar. Low is? J9=?- 3 Ar. ,bly>. 

® See Heidenheim, op. cit., p. 10. * MS, annnon, Ar. pdntz. 

f, 50” 

f. 44 

f. 44° 

f. 45%” 
f. 46 

f. 46 

f. 48 

f. 48> 

f. 49 

f. 49° 


H 3 has the following fragments :— 

smnsnay may py ond anos ma aap mby po py 

sa70 3 mos wads, Apa mn ows Ap mdSp.s pwn jo 
mdo Fae ma aN Swe any sme ma nds ma nw jas 
tap Sy ado mon + 2mbsx mds andy + pons ads natin * pon 
Yt monawa amnds mpypn nivdwd mma jn mows pprt ma aban 
$2 Antay =n AY AM|Ypn) AMa3 maa medy “tp sda pyy 
pawo yo 4 Sy pring mas by pon an ads on ned mandy man 
som xox mds md wea sain poona jo wston osx Sy nd | on 

mo’) ANDON wnon AD mYpo ndoy nmixyp “AD nd ADYwPD YIMD® 
roms gos mdse md woe so van xd) spot xd mon ad mds 

sim pwps mpisnnd sat ay nbs say joo mnpn non 
ayy moans ano xd ad mana mind xd Spoym in xd pays 
pm ot xd nidady yn ads ody + oidoa ads p> + oxnwo xd 
fie apy axdaoa 

wand md aymox xdy pin aa poet pons ad avine mb? 
spp Ana Ta MoT prop Not ody Spa mmds maa poet 
xdy Syn vdy S95 md mpnt ndna ann mont 2 ny xdt poor 
spose om Sy not mds dia sam Sap ad yd 

Sows | ea a2 ary MOXNwD AMIN Ya MST nnwdas mxapy rds 
AMS mxnpa onan myo? aninds mem owp pron 
same sds ads mS iby yds app aay mawm 

mot nmpw mop my mdi axyp aston dion abt pip 
ab mda ambod spy ndisy * ayo Ansaid dd yaw aminpwd 
moyp7 | prom param dads ayy: op Anoand mdy nyry Yay 
ron p> am apa an mawns mds an 

1 Te, mNTT, @Lemm = & Le qn Oli. * Read 
YI or YIY’D. 5 See Heidenheim, Sam. Lit., p. 11. 6 Ar, pols. 
7 This seems to be the contin» tion. ® Ar. cpsigls* , ® Ar. 335. 
0 Ar, ,5is* (DyEnD). 't Read rrp? 


6S) tole 866 

SMM wx | By NAA OW? ¢my Db)’ ANd) mad ndon 

Seaw» Sap 55 onxndy tso.nen onxndy + ovain onsnd ndpy 
syomn snsS ovon * pon 

xd nody yon yD TOW spa PANN pow may sow 
smo xd) apy wyn yyn 

mo vt mbnd nbs nde ndyd top mdr Jue Jace oS Ul 
am Jy Js? US ly v9lWIF WS gp, smd hy wm + pt 53 
ep wl sae Joo soaicll oly isl 

sminyan pon as... 20) DIN A yy AN 

syywn Syp po py 
36 mow mm emp * anny at by 8... nody2 yawn 55 
st Anyodwa nays 
esrmwipo py pa *,,.m>y sanN AyoDD 

2 pay 

mbpy aos) son AMY MAT AON AwRA oor p~dSy Tay 
sonax nes mw Soya ¢ nin’ nd 

Soya? 49% 9% See Som po mint + mews nwa oy yp 
:Syina nampa 

Soya? 959/30 sya Aon Mi? mPOA Awe /> ’p “y 
sandy Sn5 

Soya 5%) say aD ANY Mint? MDA AMNN 3 ’y “p 

Syn 6 5% 737 panne anda vit 36 anmay anny 4 ’y ’y 

" syan) m3 my 
oS 2 CST gly 

Soya 954% say mony 55 mat? mn ANA “yy 
sn OND 

7D pty : 
5... nny nn | 

*-!Ligom. ? As above, pp. 858-861. * The first five stanzas as above, p. 862. 
* As above, p. 862, in the feminine. ® As above, p. 863, 

f. 49 

f. 50 

f. 44 

f, 44° 

f. 45 

865 #0) dole 

POW) TaN DYN AWN Jnaw sawn ps ¢mwld mda 

‘mynd am sys pdnn sy annay at nowp wrt ms 
yn pon 

DM * OF WD WN PON AwY PN * DIN pms) 
| :mpin ond 

pmot pam axday ¢ an man  symon xssyt pron xd nbd 


snomom mon none aps sendy nd op wee adaas amt 

mona) AN. ‘ono Syo sown» min npy 55 sow 

YON JY SANNA Nps) san N12 DIP eANANN win aw 
nn) 2) 2) 

spot oad mtd mS oa smo an Sy min od an 

ss ll de oS de atl Le 50 lr aglerg 

ma yod opn spin andy ye swnn xd * poop ms onN jo AN 
moby ea ID fp * Dy 

smote ay wp poyn inyn dy spate ara sayy * qn Son abs 

ys oopnsy jod my] soo po ap yo * pdys woe vexed) 
:nnoy pop pasn 

minx xd maps ayy som sAaipo Swownx mn nin Jon jen 
mow? p20 

‘oyno poms wt Ps OOwINAD OND ON INN? NDI ws INA 

yop pei ds gi ao yt xd im po ads nw why 
smow? 55 poms sin oN ON 1D Any 

eansy par doa mane sae py way 51° sam pewnn bh 
smoony mya 

sat nr saad qmnd mwy ix awnn xd) ¢ noo pt axt none 
smorpn 2d md) mtn pap 

sup + Sax 55 pon pry sSsnen yin sib” pst Sewo wt 
sma 55 

‘nin mow de ¢mpsansy moby ner i * mpnyns Wwe nnn ph 
:moy Pa Apyt 

smo py pa* ones ad oe soman yn tardy nd ndpy 


6S) tole 864 

sswen pdoya sows pow saws ogo a mm na aN pon jp 
s9owan 53 yoo sawp man maa Soya. s seem pyyn’ ma pw 

yyoy ax simndy wa pdm syns ID AN poy iD 
sypdy ym som Pond a2 psy yppdew yow + anyay 

smpby impor * mans3 Sa ay sade abe eS + arya 1S ied 
‘ypIT AINA AN WN sPHD V5? wan MEX “pn PS vSnn 
252 man AN YPN mynd AN yO AION AN ¢ PID MONT oN 
SPAN WW AN SN po paar’ pons > ap * pry oder ¢ da 
IMs 8 I * onons) onan 

mand donb mm ndoy so? pot am Syma pody say 
* (x56) G38 (Ar) tow Att AdAP pony + ndAP JoD1* (ANNAN ANNE) 
*(ma-) way 192 55) ° (Aa) paynp | my (AN7) pny S12 MS sows 
may adda mera * 58 ma ominnd ommon See Sap 55 on 
* pwns meso * an’ ne smown mer? won amy * on 
+ pdanpai* Jayay * mnmonay* ada oy pasa * onwdpai * arya 
PT Mp TWD A pomad smo samy’? 55 wh * omen 
‘yon * anyones pd ower amma pod jn anpw ata Sa 
Say maw 521 * win Soy oy Say ¢ adda men + nawn are ton 
YD) YD mA (A) + pody poranr po sAppt So) ° ayy 
sia xdy apy woyn yiryn aby * pody (xn) 

spdyd tow grim‘ pdiyd wads qa 
seliy 22Y DMANN ID 

S82 He ye oll Sor all 
SD yn nn my ows 
eyo midy Jlis ved ols se Li Jlirs oll Jil 3,5 

sbox * now ada aman snow 9d xapt $x5° yow mony ar 

maqaxd) * neyo sna andy syown Sydad ni * now qad ava 

362 ax qadas andmy qa mn mpen * yapyd mn 9 

4 Om, for women, 

f. 43 


f. 42 

863 Fee) Bole 

Pana id ‘ mees] onetp Amines Tow mn jpn 42 ’y “y 
spyiym por Soya 4 457 spre amy pa mnt 

+ ADANT ADD] * YE ANAIY Awy Adap pois Adnp qo /2 “y “y 

sme Aas mas Soya 9754/9 | pew’ qo wos aw [* nap wy 

sovma> Jl Cal 

eine Soya +49 “7 smopno way mit AID AnD /9 ’y “y 

py Sopa? 5% sane mint? Senn own wow %o “yp 

647 samp DNDN ps mat wrpn ansn diap 4 ’y “yp 
:vpian sions Soya 
6% 5 49's EMD oops A * Depron mow /3 py “y - 
ron nan mona Syya 

roprd Jle sé 
say penn Soya 6 975% oy syst tn yadat Saw apr “3 “y “y 

Syyn 0% % 4) snpon 55 son * anoa anyt oO 9 “yy 
sania ab 

oyawn dopa ss 5%’ sorsiny wbyt + mmby yp amina 43 “yy 

: Dyin 
sSeainty Sy mms + 3b war may noewp yawn awn 4a yp “Y 
rox ma oman wrtpa + 49/5) 

7 Ny 
sa 55) * (mam) wap ‘nny * (An) Yn" be3 PnP w *Anpy hn 
symm pyty Sma ndp» pbasd synapse pions says * (n°) pavay 
ema ndov ndned Syne 2 a Som vdet * anand ndpn 
25% $5 nbs 
sowp ‘mawe 59) 2,,. oan inxd ndpn 

f.42> mnd42 mp * Aan monsd spin ayn syon ¢ odan + pip 

S> amt onds mn mensa panawy adn boa Spm by * anon 

1 Lio, f.52 nx 2 As above, p. 853. 

5 SJ] Sole 862 

ppsn owe * os> im wns soyow ndod © napona opin 
POY O37 

spon joo * sn 8d Joya ews saint yansa + mine yyy sow 
sonxn xb 

eqprop MIM DPM AWw wD ¢ pox Awd + sx yn 

eh os peer pen pas Sew :qdpy sand nwa awn sos) 

you syndy * ppm ms raph poqa’ + 7» wd ono 

syywwn yp pp py 

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anavm mawn pa 55m am > so awn mndya* wax awn xd 

epamiown nia * ana xd) sanydy oma ° amiap om md 

ANDY Yr AMySD omy sina) OM AMD ‘nD 

rimsop 592 ¢ opto nad> spe tony * oryp ym 

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esmmnbwa says 

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Sapa pw mary :93D0 to ApoN Ndi * Sains ydy pmo poop 

simwipp py pas om. > oe soon nd: ands 1b dp» 

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Kael ad bldly wet Je wil,lel Jess 

wray mint [*myspe * ype] + axdyy maipy opr or pdy say 
snot 72 oon Soya + may yb ndpy sp: npn 

sqbap min p33 Ain [* mn * ANP] ¢ Aan naw 4 “y “y 
qd ya pra Soya 945.4 7 

sAny ay “Any nint [+ py nn ¢ andy] + ayy pen 49 “yy 
gman ja oman Soya + 445% 3 

sAwD way mins [' aw APN mw] ¢ A ANID ’9 “y “y 
smys pnyr Soya + 5% 

30 wt AIT [* aH wast $ ADIN] * AIA yD Mw 49 “yy 
ssw apyy Soya 6% 75.4% sda my pa 

861 » I Bole 

sat apma prods saat ba $y ‘amanden + aban msdann Sys - 
sma mwy ndan 

moi * nbyd sy joo wn rp ypm onm omni onde abs mS 
rpdy on 

somon ‘mee xdoam samp pn asi py ay ad oa nnn 
2927 55 ya 

sbyp pp presen poo Sap on addy en non 

£39 60 Dp Ss ond * ma miyy sow : ot 2a Son * woe $5 Sy sindy 

sm ny vam tp wp mynd smonnd ww + Saw xd om any 

son awe moe Sy no po pa dy oes ann mp 

ee Cal 
s’nd pape port vox So say snwaxd papi * nwa poe md 
neyo by + oN Oo (Dan. ;DUN 7D ‘nopy’ * DIN IAN Jw 
smywn sysn oy fandom asp :/neypn nbydy + “nopn dys 
smixan ons + aw Spy wpm samp jo mpd awn i aw 
sminp> ania ncn mds atinn snaps poms nwd wom 
f.39%  :mstona son * maps Ayan xdy | smn awa nnes ¢ nan yay ma) 
smiya 5s pen * abn Sao sein nds avn qa abs qaeqbm 
:MINYOIT DD Mw WY PD) sw) DMN YAN AwY’ apy dD 
smyton ‘sya * pin pyaway so oNan pen * ond ssw 
smysin Soa ymawn am :4m2 yD JNyM IMD OP aw 
smiman poo ax mndny nae samy opr? anend ndp 
ronan? Jle ¢> lal sé 
smnawn mdm? yaaa pmada smxws abs Sy * pynsn nmnw 
f.4o sin mm ana yoy sox > sinmn’y man 9d 3 pow 
boot pads mm ona 33 > shat aansa + ma dy sown 
stoyd pos 
smn na p32 *s * AAspA Ans snows 55 AMP ty dy * aoe tH 
syow prnatdy) ‘pms mia mown yaa’ + 75» md omy xn 

sOrrd Sls acaid 
so pm nan + ya Rw sDMINT pon | NT NAN 


XI gyle 860 

Pan ona pe ae mAs smpn Nd ono py Tey dx 

xO SON mn IS PIN nD) son on Ix tan wT ID 
sonvanyd ia mar dae wosn 

sodon mmo yin pn spy oom? oan pepdt pons 55 

‘awyipa atinn pen) pnw no wenn ondyxa pain 7d ay 
swonn xd nniyn 

29932 WNT TAN as cic laclye Ws © 
xd ° andy moo ap Sy qdm yon yams ¢ ond ty ooN ja aN 
yoo) ova‘ mpytina ans) :qooy en 

spdonn Ss mown? xwn nd) ony 

ssoyn oy Spy ea ya oy sqd$an qe 75 awy no nor 
spb adnan nr mp ov > ppm 

seyn Sey mmm ndyn yo sade py ap ov? “nan aN oy 
sox in yor sapn yawn sda 

pony say yo Toss am omy aw 55 abs mys awyn ns 
:J5x0N way Nad? yona Jorowy 3 Wy APN 

$33 2D? JOD IMP mom spyp aon xd ny sy ony sy 
21 Won nN Nyon wenn PR sd 

pow mo? Am win sano sont anomdy qad pn nes 
qos moar gon arn sqbip 

psoas movawa cs yaya moos sqbaw nswm * ward ndyp 
yh ye > oe Sys pawn an 

soo by + adam wen axim 3539 pwn aa p+ an aN no 
rp yw pert ots ot an | Toxo 

sp>bnp pnem yas posy sqdxe “nats Sy op pp ow 
sttxnen qo tomy poy sdann 

bio Iprana * Taw aon : Toy nwpn xd + poop nN none 
:yo my nwo AWN * Myon ane 

e2° tnt 
moos SR * peem vont $5 °> s$ynn don + mmd mba 
2 Sy ps 

f. 38 


859 BJ} tule 

slot oo whe 
spdiyd wow qin? pdiyd yynds qn 

sy py 

ST OUND ANY INT EAM ova mp nytt me Do 
smn ndyn 

DYED Is po md) spn nd sn) M0 IN * “oy ONdN PN 

f, 36% ods + nbd ono on onstond sana sy pen be Ne OD 
sup 5x 

snow any abdyd abn 35 alse 

ry My 

sinawar wp smdyn nbd sinawy wna * woo wnaw 

so xdy sy xdicoow eda soa six topo oop ns nD 

sya Pon yp yp do saw ar nr? amp S20 amp 

spin jo xd moana ‘ods 55 sna ww soiyyn Tapa * pends im 

PIPE TPP ova * Dee” own ara sytad Sonn ww mn 

wm on * ma AD on adr syowean xd move © Sen md aan 


£37 sda xdi om ono xdan panos 5s yy in * op spawn 
:37 wD 

mos mS sme pp aon sama yp yn? “ano jo Sma 
sins xd 

haclye 58 



7M DPI OM? A|Yy AMD Pansy saynn qa + qdAay n& no sy 

satan xd) Jweo * nnn same Ansys qeonn by nan + ap qn 

sanosa asm apse wb win aD apy yawn * Sam sonn 

ansi* ads 75 dan an nndy soby nyaa qx + qwaa ton xd 
:ponn AD my 

pp) avd‘ oday mids senwo syayn no 55 yx * qytpa mn 
: NPY 

f. 37> * ON mn eyIN nD | solmpwyns nwyn qe tenn *Sxyne* nt 
sop'yox da) 22 

2 J) tole 858 

banana ow :pransy nody ner qo * pnyns yd pip aw ndps 
smo pay par’ pon 

smnsy yoy minam yon ods syoy pa py iw LIke ms 

nb yay» xdy swat ap sypy va 52d) yond yard mdpy 

Seqw Sap 55 onsendy sounsn wnands * pain onand ndp» 
smqap wspd oon * psn 

xaeopody ep 2D ww spo TPN pon a Dw 
sma xd) apy woyn syn 

Jgiy slat! ols 3b Jest cole Syl, Ges iy US UI, 
cay IE se 
smypdn Nb INN 
anvn t amwas> xs dt samo ona xd) ami pawn poy xa 
SDI 74 

PNT JO NON nee why Gee Jyh elys Ve sary 

eh woo mdr Jalal Jey spy OW sel oye 978 Junie wl 131 
MO oi de soy tll lod, mill sslldl Jy lesey yall 
tmbud nox wbx + ndyd yoo mdr Joe lad Gail sey * OD 
AY DMINN ID Jle se, smd oy »m pat b> no 9 
yas tt eae Gill ola, s= lll rap ws Js3 gs ls 
ep Sl Glo Ugo lod Yai! sey * pop ny os 50 
del all 
| "910 jnawNn 
smd qanbyd ya vam) stax won 553° apse mm wa Nba 
Sept tyny bo oxdm syy ovde S25 am + “ab nde mony 
sapw md) pomp 
scins 553 san ayad aap mS ssp andy $25 any + tnawn pw 
SW IN NIP Aw naw Ip JA sqwsa mawn’ py 523 AMD 

2 Tie. ye ?, 

f. 3 

f, 36 

857 Ja) Jole 

f£34° Jt oopny joo ms rome poop yo ¢ pbys wae nw bt 

f. 35 

| smbvaw ya ybhn 

smMDID PTANwY an pa S9A synydiny 93 ner + iMINMpD DAN INA 

wan yyma ga mono yds non ad) on om mo ten 
| manna 

sy tray Sy mon es yea pny oa nin ya ommand: men 
smms pp mpd 

‘Amand ADM spyy synpty qo Sasa xdy + pod ans why 
santa nd prwn 

sanyo np swe orotym aden bys nin + ots adya nw 1d) 
saa pt aya xs ¢ dia ods 

yom ¢ nw 33 py py sanyad ann oxdy + amp vawo yoy xa 
| :mbay pa 

xo pp pyawm som ads) yea © onon ya1 paAN) 

won moma ay doy] syor Soy ney py po * sanN nD jp 
smoayd nyo * yas 
wo sp rai ds stn ay yy gd son to ade ne dr» 
smn 55 pop: xin oR ND ANY 

soy men dy amw xd say 55 sont pep * tad 1S payenm 
smaty 55a many’ * y39 

qwpr sai snyy 7925 95 ye awnn sbi ayy np meen pps 
smbax yada sewn xb 

nyvonn Sea em satan Spr awe sy Sasn mn any aby 
| smnds: mdxd 

smo by wenn ‘Sas smmimea spon‘ anmop xds 75 an 
ymonn poy sawn)? Amini 

wat an int b> wp) awn none by * np wx qand sw 
smo ap Sy many 553 

on * mpyyn pyow mx qo mina nbd + mbipa awa ibn 
smoxse Joy 

on JEN pano aw spay nwo Soya qm poo pms 


“ee le le a ae a re 

BV} tule 856 

G5} NTN NNTP My PINT MT AON pO oP msnan doy 
| inn x3 

wader * Nw) TIpy way sms TINol dom + qwad qwe2 ode 
fins JD 

sinny ne pda qainina “pr sna owatnd + qnies py aN 

sonn tan non asdp xds | sana qo jot ma Aw nD 1D 
| MIN 

yy ods oa3 no 19 mS 929 snow. an Spe min od apm 

ld dale axils Cas! 
on oop * amyn 75 tn sanynxd pansy any sor oo 72 
| smsaynd 
sme) qn mim Ayn yawn snayin $5 any nawn 75 esi 
smyxwo nnn yan? a andap par :Sanon ania + Sp andan jx 

atom we mon sqmixn oy bn xdi se qmynd wan jaw 

Amma jo man qe samme pos any toy xd ystn np 
sma po nw 

xy mows ona oxdd smainn conn sy ¢ maw 75 ene aby 
soapy on 

sya) xO yaa pay ymy pay pay max pa* pray sao np pis 
: ID 

:INN jo Swng ymisda aye sy qmey a yngon yo oi 

rman a pe wr apy wan sqnin bn asp * qwvnad ann 

mo * opm OPM pon OMIM * ose Dod me 
smoay nara ida 

snmaa 55 wipe myot 1o md ond sme a9 Sy * mir nd ain 

sell 2ST poy lad xda pestle le ssllll Lil sey 

”)) Pe fil wleye wl eine 
‘rw na ind oipn syn ody pe awnn xd * poop my OoN j2 AN 

smap wip? Tan any dy san ma ay on Son xby 

2 Cri5 278 ji. 

f. 34 

f. 30 

£ 30% 

f. 33 

855 J} tole 

nal iyo 

DATIN PMID PND JOws 7 Ponsa Pxwxe my ww 
perm pmeey coms poser PAN mw pIND ADM apy pny 
wOk ma OPA wp) op oyawMm owrpn prodom ds) 
ony oven pss? amby any metpn pap x12 spon Ar own 
Je dpl GF Gly GI mT YW yl YR Tay mn dy doy 
baw» dap dady¢ nd mbo gtx nb my pa san 4! ¢ ann 

HON PON? ON * oson Awe Soya pox Sx ma osmsnd pon 

350 fy Je pata aie Jl? 
‘yovn payor pody onan 1 ¢ pow prin anew ody yap 
Yemymv 1S mdp» asyt od ndp inn pod sayy 

sD ypn mn ows 
sing CLS shyll ad yard? Crow Syl Spiel) JLin Geill Jgll dale ile 
shag ast Sle Yald sary Jnshl (3 ySall oo mdr Sle Labs 
LJ Jlics sil 
sineapy > ANS AN PEyI ANS sows aT wR mn ow 
sey od * Son 3) DDN JON 3999 9952 2 ' IW DIP INN 
‘pay nNonn xwo vn spoon xd qnw ppd aw oN 72 
sins awn d\n an 
toon ed) pax xd qd>y) ap sqoyo yim nom * qo Saw pon 
simawn ys nar psa spy said wad + now pn 
yynoa * yyan qwesd amr sayin 552 an’ xyon no 7b pap 
mon *pnn py dn xd) symo nyona Nbs eam yan xd) 
‘py ink poy > soi Jwerd man xd) > pi yds qeon jo 
smmbs pawn? p ndpe ya py 3397 yawn ov * anyon on bx 

1-1 T, 19 omits. * Lig pm. 

AEE ys} 


vy) tole 854 

$3 dyn oon syn + amded Soa yan.’ sip min’ ows oD 
+ did ands qian tw py * Sy par mos & spew Yoh 
sodiys wow qr 

1%) pINN ns ods min npn 

smxp x3 no'yp nan’ 
2™) nwo | So vA ft gb 
mw yoNan “ynMA Ovonn pyyn van Sy ma obw? —s, go 
some xd nbs mS ody many 4 f. gb 
™) Sew pow 
ris wea... mwyd min wy £10 
yy mm pd ndponen 
“xy ma mo Syne mnyi £100 
sex See qoys maa] *pomand... 0px pono ma ae pnd oar 
swan adn nat... Twp yep 
“yy ndyn ovmatn b> poy wea v3 nem 
pra aan ods ayn * apy nbap nes nen wo mix min ft x5? 
spdywd ww qriar* add indy 

"ID sing Jy oF pais LS ndyd joo mdr Sle ld an, 
piel ally Cag) esas LS Yale’y poy oN 

smo xs mn min ows £16 

oo Je Lent 5, coll Jucll U5 Ibo 
:mm nd doy ®,,. povdy ons 0 
“yy nyow ‘> tox ody “42 ods min mp “in pws %9 

sD ypn Mn Ow fa" 
Lil, Jat Stl (5,82) eR) jens! way \Se 
1 Te ma ND Soy Any) “4 ows > 42) OMAN’ 
* Then follow Gen, ii. 15-17, iii. 17-21, v. 3-5. 2 Then follow the 

accounts of the death of the Patriarchs, with the manw after each, 3 After 
the first mention of Moses. * After Deut, iv. 31. 5 As above, p. 853. 

$53 8S} tole 

smn nds * nds nn peypmd smanan wtp jp? morn S500 

yy my 
son ant nds sin pypm snmd °> ppp 55) ° nxv tn 55 15 

oy md) sn 
od oF Ast 

syosan Sent abs: sin meypmy rien ani jot yma xd) ona xd 

my my 
SM cand Col ype sds var xd Sle Sew pr US Isl, 
| gly SD Se 

4 Sy2 Sx ¢ aby yon pypm spawn yoo 521° aan pwyn 55 
| my md) : pew 

rimndss mp nds xin pypm) rAnosn yo nN ans paws 

ends pdyy om pt 55 ro vt embsaa mb bss» ndy5 por mod) 

spdiyd wow qriayt odd wendy ria 

Laer ye Gab pail gel Uy 
homop ap pd om pny sna one ‘and maxi’ ody nan may 
owt? ovdian Sap esse * pins moet aan? pus poy pony 
mast pop pant Abad abs xox ayna Joy jor * inn. ova 
sayt wo ndp ann pad say * pon ptyoy poSy onan ap 
sma 1d ndp» 
smav nd ndpr abel esl Isl, 
£. 4° Seaw Sap 55 onendy * pmsn onendy * oan | nxnd dp» 
eoymda pnd ap abs paw xb bay mans aan mw + pon 
abst md inans pdas Sy yonna pm + pmindny nbn xd 
‘say mm nowp topo poy xdyoyd ys ap ayo aNn pont 
soy ndp * pwp ‘arnwe 52) ° “now mos 5& + DEN ap2 im) 
ndon * mm md dp» gl + mm ab nds oman? op Oxnw 
sindap 55 snd) + pnend 

MeN Janse ads Wag GI pam? 
es ayt md ndo sans pad sayy * pon ptyoy* pady onans ap 
smn 15 ndp» 

BS} dole 852 

emo Xoo enn * mons ain ows? 

Sell Jaze U gl S de ane ye aie all oS Ble wile 
Spe tig led 945 Bydyty Hemt (f s6ptay IS all Kony J 
77D sly Ledery Lola J] * BMD PND Ly ysl 5 dy Gasll Wb 
mbp» says yd ndp.* ann povd sayy pown poyn pody onan 
paleig nwa cays mm Ad Addr Jl aLel sll Isly ¢ mar 0 
WI 3 AN shal 3 ghey yl Sl * MWNTD Gye ee g 8 phey 
wl SWI DAM oye shal, wolad story sail dl sgl ples 
2 NIT IN ND ANY INT Eb] Gael 425 ds 398 ge 
sell L5G, nny ww Nye fall WI Gayl Je ol Ql andl ie 

Jl lesery Jes TN Is 

smoad abs xd nbyS won mdr 
snint sox on oypm sow Sow nat om po jot 55 
™» yoo mdr | :DIPDY Cris, f.3 

sovdynin Sy abs sin oypm rode: ot $51 oda’ on 55 
| “md 

a xds ain’ nds xin peypm 3°55) ampya * Sy 55) snp b> 
my dy 

b> by Sena + dae an ooypar Sine mmo psa + Sina 52 yup dz 
my my 3 5y3 

by adm ¢ abs aon mypm spoda am pa ¢ poop ba) ny b> 
my md spoon 55 

bs nbn + nds gin pypm saAnotna omapo tans 55) s23 55 
my md) sansdon 

smyt> tbs aon otypm say rdy non ade ean xd ams ed 63° 

yy my says 

mmbp ¢ nbs xin pypm snmey 5x sryp * sane ap 55 1p 
ym) snap 

+ Cr 15, f.a%; Lio, f. 1 

f. 115 


sano mann by 

sic all dc Lt ab Cal 

:DDaN nyo 
smiown 3515 0d 
soqxa Son panm 
syydyp nin pom 
SDOPNN pd 4) 
simiora ANor 55 
sot xd) spy mds 
spp now od 
syn NII mpm 

‘po 3p 

exp ads son 

‘mowy minaw 


‘aN AWwaANn axd 
‘An yw On 

sanimded syne 170 
yma OND NID 
‘spspn mowit 
any ania my 
am car nat 

a5, 1S nowa p> aya 



RR See 

apy mann by 850 

srw ya oS) awe 

min yom jw motin by San’ paw na om news po iam 
smwxd 5 wn 

pny mw was? yar ade mows sands na aed ¢ war wa 

sy + nbwoens acinp mbwy * nope won? nw mp ‘naa 
:Awy mann) x3 

pox ay yp YON ANN Dp SND PO Aw TT PsA 
rnwoy owe 

Seno ow me xp? Sew ws cnr? Sana na mpan mpd 
sxwox dt 390) 

mm mes yydmet $ nysy otpy sao) np xnx > ye 

sno 55 ap nw mI AID * eI wINND MwONA NDT pow 

snwitps wos * nana andy2 > noon $25 mins * nox non NeaAD 

Dya ND NN DD NMS Wyo II Npna * po na onpay 

135, oS mwa y> aya 

sYyo ue do LWT spore? asllé Lisl 
SSD) WN DT yun mab AD 
:mpon 353 Wwe * wn) pn ows 
:mwan jd OWN * AW KID) mMpw 
ton AD paw ‘nwe id mn pp 
PDO NY pep oN ‘nova sor ond 
snody top nsw ‘pdr wo xo oy 
199 pone xd ‘ow mn awd 
smovdwnn ov dx ‘yop adi rina xd 
135 DYwP Ins ‘wan ows mer 
smoy 55 wpd ‘my 13 Nive 
swen a3 nat 90 oI npn 
mm ‘AN AYN ‘non 55 spt 

1oSy 1S nawa jd “raya 

f. 113 

f. 114 

f, 110 

f. 111 

f. 112 

849 spo mann Sy 

:Syan mn pws 

70 all ge all lays op ple pill sell LST Ge UWistl 

*SOIN PT YIN Ww jO WN Nikos we ‘son baa vSy aay 
Swen) psn mit 

xyon xd aya $x mat madnnon psa * minionn. i Ay 
san) Np INN m4 
+ abiaa 55) pam oven ads ming oman ada anwy mat. 
saeyr won ar dy 

nin DYN * PND OI NIT Fannn ayy 55 oy ¢ pon ad ono 

Oy oI paxm) * pow map Soa) * pyr ops May * oar dt 

Dy ws mt opp yaa ins 55+ ope ors ovr Sup yo 
sp wy Man MD) * DyoM 

pra na mpd naw yws nwa wer Adoson po AwWENNT 2) 

sans 55 Sy mn 

sana xd) psp 

noymy * pn oom nwo iat * op dy aan mpm * pon Aa niyo 
saat 553 

18, 1S mawa j> Mayr 
SAM laze pal pee Yat als Gel 

my awe tp andys mod + yon “x ads ¢ aoe inawn 0 

STW IDNs aN Wwe man awn ene aes? ww 

Pew? O1own mana * dys oven syn * add worn + abbn wd 

pap ons prpod nom * pap mS ASwN Na+ paNA weN nnn 

STON Moya * AID DIN * MIN DWT yp a) * yt yy awy 

sw N 


spo mann. by 848 

2 wgol jens ge PmNNT AMY 4.35 Je slyl Je Lal 
“) w3) Curd Jgu* 
sun sb mim sta yep wp ft aad ino * sere ndsed man? 
s95t jo 12D AD POM Wo Pt NS Wd nT PonA naws 
Pom’ maya) orm ar aw 52 Sx toy petowen onde £104 
sow papdy ym mow wordy and wine + nbs nde 
Syonm) ¢ mon ym jo ¢ naw ten Ja Ne YAN AN ff I05 
say Son 
ssup ADA tidy ta tpn sara 1d jn was 
mn art 95 sow onde § 95 orm 75 moe * 95 mar qo 55 
ssow 95 nn 695 ma rs 6 75 ows ox 1 95 yn pends 
s9on mp yf arperr woo ‘mds maw jot wd yn vas 
pind * wp ny[A] pinoy * yw yn oro * wd ayn aN AN f 106 
sow yD 
$957 a3. II pox apy a9 > jn mya * Iw wae AN 
sawed now’ mons Joyo MOwWN ID) I'D * OWN PIN AN 
Swen min pmyin oS ¢ mvt) peas * maw wNX AN 
son mt Yn oyna onder wspo maid yows wx AN 
> mow AND ° nod joN DWN | * pov mA * nodny yap AX = £107 
ainsi tt yo 55 * past 34 posew ods * podaa Sew awe 
ye tondapt son pon ap tonto moat ons pmaw indy 
sy yw 
roa. $5 sa) nt inp wend * seen vans Sona) wx 
Ss yo * ony ya nen by * nbwn ops on ¢ ann add S53 
saypnx mp ame sp 55 maw oD tn on sy * amon ony 
psrys }2 OND * OND IAD INS OND pI jo S DMYD Tay oNy — f. 108 
som * ond aux’ Polo Jnonx jx * oD yow jp aN 
saw wbx 

2 With an Arabic version in Cr rg and G 2, 

f, 100 

f. OT 

f, 102 

f. 103 

847 spo mann by 

ram manos oon ar wt aaa Sk wy pet seen ody 
SDI Maw. ODI mMowN NNT neta! WY AD} AN 
sansi opp ds ° pwn pd nem * pine aoe * awn ae 
nwx Sab + non wow o> ¢ nO 1D) “IND * YOWN YAR ON 
send pw Jam joys qaaba mows + yaw yay me 
sand onde aepn ad poy snows on SoyowN IN AN 
Swen ma pnyin Sey prim pasa) paw ws AN 
ran ars p> sow ond pon po mow + poy sia yo ba 
| :qDIn 
sao mreyn ys oben spp maid * yows intd 
soy2 yo Jap mp abn Soo qe edo pow qn t mda wmdss 
5 yt Tb bea wma * 75 sow wax aN * 75 on onde 
wy ant 
sroy wd wn pomp Syn wos ax poy vas mee poy med an 
bed maws tony ¢ ndxd on orn 55 by + absd pon meni 
| swem priya 
soem pty met pads SSann* inna wader * pads Joann 
soley * TRINNY 

4) 3 Sy eed Se ye saz all dd, antl al Js she 
$I MM Dw 

snnnaxd apd most anstay opps madp 

eT oles 

PANINI) WN pyar smmerom nw Poya smo) ow boys. 
Soya samp onan Soya sanion mo Soya sandy: pon Soya 
Soya osnamidmy oy Soya sant apy Soya sammy pny 
nem Soya sambyy awn Soya sammden ney Soya ranvan awn 
son's Spy | sano apd dopa :Anonay pine Spy :nnian 
353 Spya sanyo penny Spys samp onep Soya sania 
So :nnsy mx oto pdnys samixdoy oyawn Soya sammy 

sminnand mad: ne 

spon mann by 846 

ots2 ann ony andm ov ondm andsy spa on ann’ aon 
ovo modve sy Syn xd mespo Syy anpn xd wtp 52a moo 

1,,, DN) M59 

{MON ANN ows f. gt 
onl Je Se ye Yah Vall HUM well vole le 
US news N72 $7 WNT nanw Lelj, ows *D 
soleig MON I 
™) yor om ods sox 
AMMONT MD Jlb Wey oe Js LW ands pra f. 97 
“) os) APTN ald J up 
rp Sw inxde oss op st aman po amadsst a0 
nds 2 ANID ¢ AYP MY ¢ MON poy pT mw sy AD 
spoyd sy opps nbs jo mono | nan monn ayat joup — £.98 
piay joo adn osama abyn sin yo NIT 
sranana* wad 92° poy yoo anna sw 
roma Noa ostp mayo mt aNnp aa wads? ads oon 
saboa xd + ndyS arian: Spa abs + Syn anon 
mina onset jod spars ima ody) yon) mNpp na wad ona 
yma wads 
swopo adv osnay jpooimS ann mova saa wad xb5 mm 
sow spp mds Ao ansna wadp * post ads 
smamap 97> own ySpy saw | anos wasps west apd f.99 
pmdyna menada am po anna wade west od 
277 ATDN om ayd WII DpopD * DP DPD NA 

Ole WIM syle Ye ad Jy MOY AD dS gt ey J5i, 

ge TINNT ND ATE TPO Casly yay ald Jy alld soy 
DY yd) Beall ate! Gao sol sll pte? KO Uae J 
sapy 15 nobdyay* mon mown * tow 1S onde + siamese 

det] ews Ibe 

1 The rest of the passage is wanting in Cr rg. 

f. 69 

f, 69° 

Cr 19, £.85 

f. 86 

f. 84 

f. 88 

845 spon mann by 

amos * Syne ty Sy shomest Sp yyne toSap en sw pot 
noions mI Ayr poy | § mad ad pwps naw Sp oma 

: 2p 
snahinws any * ody qmanxa + obws tn van pbyn 0 ae 

:npyon nano * my pap at ya $5 5y sn + any qnves 

PII ¢ mows Pon vAN ¢ noN PI > ¢ pot obys ans 

ptoxd pw Sop ap ANN] prin qnyvon * pw yo pmiaw 
stnpdy by 

2 TK PII LI law wy ue el dd ols dle wle 

Jo® (ie ist Ws Logg! ell 3 + all gh Sole mes 
sro avnd may ow 2,,, aI) AMS J 
de Gal Iidy gall ges Ge onan mY Dva wD Le oS sy 
Vig * OWN NTI NN TINNY (ag Lede sill syedl Bed yee 
ee pmb dy yall ale coll Ley TNUN WY sam coil 
We ayes lagdeny (Sine ON IM the Lee .ysll 
sanmwn.. 27> map oa Sie 

Wo ayes lagdany Slee 12 UP ys JG apell UW Isl, 
yan cap 55 mnp ca 55° whp smd Aw oy ain 55) 
min omoy most npy> aw sox ind mnyaa mwa pe 
SMDIN AND PPIX pest no von Soxny xd) po pom 

Bee Cade ole] Col le pe 92 OS sary 
“x nd0d Aman) sans 157 4,,. 0 AMDN 
ale cil] YR sdery ati LS mn ans qa ale Jy OS se 3 
ys VIN 1D AWN she Lyell gm stay 'D9N TIT gull 
ne any logsnzs 
soomnx cond pee oa oy 54 snd ayn ny mar 5dps. 

1 Then follows the reading from the Law, in which L 20 ends (on f. 72°). 
? As above, p. 818 (mv), but with pawon for pr 30. 5 As above, p. 840. 
* As above, p. 68, 

spo mann by 844 

sya3 queasy ys 75 ands + poo pina qoby + yp: mse ynn as 
| :Non|an1 

eyo me 75 onde * ty awa wn yo aN | ¢ dy AN inn AN 
sn2d$> yan nne Sy 

pry) owp ma ° ss 33 sy 75 ¢ “ANID DY ANN 7B 
snoqps yon ny ¢ ‘nN 

SBOP PAD ‘ AI|Y IN|D wnsan ¢ AM wown nis + may ody 75! 

oe vd YW 1s! 
yy S50 * jap > ow * pmo pays ane? yr aw by 0 

naw soy pov gba pe pad | pay pap tam qdp ni qniwn 

Jpse® (Xo 3 

bs pot mx pew ody nis men’ pan qeenws) poy nn 
:mnawo 55 yom’ paw 

praw 3a) 959 3399 55° aby mens sn pa * 995 AN inn mE 

by + and now mown) 3a5n Jat ones Sy + an AN TD AN 
:nosy yowo 52 

may ose) mows gown som 7d ondy | ¢ ey aa aN 
; :na> omby 

ioe Soya? pany ox pend pansy yma? pape ads sos 

modya nbynni * yop py * Ips a Nw) MAY JN 
: nan 

:moanen) on? aya aan sy orp 55.95 zany > ody 5 own 

% pe | sonny qniina sn 1b mam some aN Yn De 

maton op > aw 559° Jom wn 30 Jos YN Ow p> 
: BID) 

38 eld Us 

So yas pe ads ap 6 pee ab adyy sons qovdn en tow 


* Cr1g resumes here. 2 A leaf is wanting here in Cr 19. 

f. 67 

f, 67° 

f. 68 

f, 68° 

f. 64> 

f. 65 

f, 65> 

f. 66 

f. 66° 

843 say mann by 

po nt | mst AN oprinn aspsy mena ¢ nodD aN sm 

sie alll (os, od Cot nde Cal Jos 

pmo M952 awa on wat ny Soa py ne nody awe dy 

sniabwnn oy ayn to to aot md the me por tia nds 

smipsos dy oy? nsoy mod: ndanst man ¢ name 1553 

¢nSnway nndya?* ota wt md ¢ nbw ydy mips | * on tow S99 

1 3 ¢ AYP IN Aypo * AyoN nee 593° Nypy md init 
snp inbp’ 

nda. xd pwps * DAP] wyns * DIT DMI ¢ DDD op OY 

sndyps wnyas3 | so os mds oon Aw mas * toy Soy aro) 

yd tomy ods Ss soma oa my ann Se | ents aed mt 
¢noyy 1m 

smiovpss ND rosy Stunde yb. mS ww wo aN wD a nw AN 

Ss nyo py po Se my fbr oon py ¢ tbe nwa po 3 
:non ww 

sritdin anwasd edt pyn e230 1m *D * pypwar pana ¢ owwdyy 1D) 
ind ss apyy mos pk sey 851d | sip wpa T° ow DI 55 
enyp xdy anv xd + omindsa op samacims abst ines an 
Lal d ayall 3 cae Jai 
poy dy sash sen ynias2 * neq maw «ney my inn aN 
xd) nda qin cman xd + qids on aaa‘ pb mx inn AK 

Go Ke 

36 oem ands: 5 yn) nmana nap yo AN * mnnowe 7b ow 

lal a 
Spy pp) * DWP PT pa oN) DIN JneanD ¢ oy AN yAD ON 

sy pon $5 95 soy * pip> add on po me * PONS ON Inn aN 
snqw> 12 mon 

? Cr Ig resumes. 


say mann by 842 

bs Sypo | moh nian maw * ap jo sop! map my =f. 61 

:nMawD jo paw * wIp oy pd nay mw aD Mpa wey nn 
tny 203 shnn * yaw Sy ods 55° mown px jo * mon pany 59D 
mmoy * nowp Sy wion xd mnnen wor jot myaw pod 
sninpd> xb away * pysyd’ pip * ots on Sy * bp aww 
smeansa moby. imban wa yan 1a oso ead nym) £62 
smn nnn wen dy ants pp * wan mndya ¢ ed ainvind 
sno xd) yp xb ¢ spy mowp Toy ¢ pa pe” now ¢ PE ods? 
rn Aywp sans’ * od pop wb + addy en xd ndSmy and 
srnnsy on? Sot inp Sy + mipy cmp xn] rnaw pps? —f. 62> 

boo yoy * ovtonn 520 tnoup * 22 nvin wby + Apa xb naw? 
: NON 

sina a 55° 5 sh mane nda meeps ¢ ndst mind 17 
ridyy mds Sys qwsp ininw * tp 55 sya ¢ pind analy 
mwa 104° oA popn nnn * wn} SDM “ps3 [san win wn £63 
| | :nndwr 
Cast ob Cal ale Jas 
pTTSM|Nsy pKa + wa poo swt wad md + aw irdy dpe 
pM ID 1b * yop wa dad + jor naw TNA * foN THyY 
pny 593 xyop *ynby Syd pops main pe st naa Sy 
emvInND Jone 19 pe THD THI wbyp pat ws add md mT £63? 
nex mo Diaby + send mambo + nnax nad + nos mon by 
pny xos maz * Son amos va 55 Sy one Fay * Soy Sw oD) 
snows ind man myo * Aaess nbyn + mare mawT 
smo 55d sny 13 * nioryyn Sbaw + mot tab md | nip NDT OT 8 64 
PANN woo 3 53 NIH) DIP * nw Sy 3b YM * ANY vy rat 
gma wap 37 55+ yoy NEW yt? pods aie 59 * Anan 2D 
Prindwria yy * pewds re? oy * pew pra S8 + pen wot 5513 

1 Cr Ig resumes, 2 Two leaves are wanting here in Cr 19. 

f. 59° 

f. 60 

f. 60° 

f. 61 

841 smo mann by 

ods nna * mim Sy ‘pmnd pyna nos nny ¢nd coyny my 
map) * ANON My nw Maw wa AMIN Mm mim? min cp Sy 
moos) pay na yy non * esa a5 gm aed) ny mim * annnay 
p> pyre :Spx payne nad amin mons? po aeay ond gp 
Aya nia Ad nooxr? ad) ny p> py) + ansnay jo mpm mand 
mya naa md nos sad ox m inpyn ¢ nnords mbm + sda 
mn mnns nao spasm sass 9S anpym * pia ad) nd a5 
aad ab mm ayse nad anys | san many npn. * aps 

sanmwe mp jo xo nes) nwo mow n> inpyn 

bee ysl ys vbe 
25 735 73) Ww 
al Lye clas rylbl aa 

smn DWI 

las ce ded! ads Goll ald Sk Gell dl 35) CAS old sm 
ul wc lll (st) ey? Ll Gow 

Hox) ton 39 pom) on net nbdh to ms * npdwsx onded 

naa * wadn sy we nx * nbbwx mn ons rtp pmdxd 

; A N|Ns) 
colds Jartcs! ars sde 

snsto xd sib xd S5n Sy popn wena nn | owe dy deg 
smpan maa xdon ods moa apy yo ON as FAN 
rye xdy any xo + amnay mda yt sy mbnan * ytoa na 553 
yavs wrt jo xd nat ¢ pyowa) pasa a * ony ANwNa Tay 
snows sew + jisnon on | oawsesy ietasy wtp nawit 
triton xb swe ¢ mysan mis nan? pay 55 anys + ytd inaown) 
smo Sse we? moweeta poor? sseatd vain spd pat 
xdysoinwo xd nnn no Sy op andy: no qn yin ast 
snnd> py nn 

1 Cr 19 below (p. 845) mnpyn. 3 As above, p. 40, 
5 A leaf is wanting here in Cr 19. 

sp mann by 840 

ypme mdr am? San amin xdny * woo yar maa madynd pny 
naps) * mbox Sy po nny? pny my noy) * anim mapas ndny 
29997 may cox? prod naa Suen my ana mm may 
ssayt m@>$nm 55 om * pnd may som nope) mayy nap 
sony ans nd nin apa nap snes aw jownd pny» aby 

:MOX “IND pny? DNDN) 

Menor ke ot Ble 
spdiyd yow qriar ndwyd iad syiar’ ndyd 

ote GG ald sey saeny clei! Ml all ayer CLAM oylil cad 57” 
let onl oye dl JF oF Lyall Lad yl aye isKb 
wel ade ss A] dem) ygdew cpl = B58 
2 DWI 
by + prypyn sdupd myer wos * monn npn pen...) pw aon 

Jam... 2nn9n xd npn] px yo35 ‘man ja ons 3 
spdiyd ionds 

8) pak sl! we ew ob Lasl 
‘yonm pox maa? pdyn sat xa conn mmd san 
paras 3) Sy anna npn sda wy oy ar qos * ann 55 padnr 
Ar waned | ion nin ara ?nnwp Soo mat * wep wy MDT £ 58° 
‘yome nrsta ody ps ydy oad oyp xds on 5x ona yo stat 
on ww yaN Yn Me * wbwa stodmy + apd) paw byyr 
symp] Ponn * aym ow wpa: wder now 

spdiyd wow qynai' yap pan ee 
son wes 5" on? > In 

mim? a nwdy anns nova 29 na mn apn * 15 map aa Sr 
smnsxniopnd my nda> xd) * ovnar andm anton: :xin ap adn an 

nm’ ma nw sna por ansoyy * 597 Anx|ap’ now nd | nwyi £ 59 
pannd PmaD NANN noone * Fann nap dy mpios ne ° my 

* As above, p. 839. 2 L 20 wp. 3 Gam. 

f. 55 


£ 56 

f. 560 

f. 57 

839 spon mann by 

PSUS ye BN gee WE Syl plait ae gyal als dle ole 
ax das opal als te iPr rai DUI 1D sfby Jad 5 Sal! 
dx typo Ip - leds) e eel Sine! J SI] SjBy Comal 
Boe Itsy Unys'l lale | 27 8a prism Whar yl dh age» 
CUS dm Wyby Said Qeey YON MINN Pry BAM.» AW soll 
Oy NYY AP ANI MDM al J WS tub aiy Ain ae sell 
: Syueny tiene ON 
ymmtea qnio 1 2... qnay md ap bp 

Larae eaiyKe ayy Sbily® 

:33D2 op) ?,,, may 332 SIN 
axl jg de sama Na pny owas g,Lill ow ols sm, 

DW ws sa yy | :mvIDT 3 LM Je sled J ye wl 

WN dam, sodle cyl Wl ae wisll Jy oy ee pms as'& Dina 

‘oosyn oy * Sonn qoon * oon pn ¢ min) ow san 
fap Do miso cyt Sy xbn vonn xen Dopy ja me now 
poyd * msn (8S apn * Sp nym wound nivon woe * atatm npn 
sorpdyyn vat Soa ydy may ode + moby 

eae pce ye Ube 
endo wads yin yap paw aw tnd aman on 552 
eel alll, Sal shall oye cree Sb Cal 

hos ows Sp modyst * oat anat | * wd sana + md ona 
sy soins oan eo mn pom aw xd som * wdew2 enn 
yds opp xdona ty Sy * apnn nar ndanxy * wip) pp oNDI 
No pYIy OD wy DY whe» Nowa Won www ¢ mann pS mbyn 
syne ovndast aw mas maa Spya + ww sor 

entyKoa ut Ble 
spd wow prays yap Paw ae 
smn ows 
5B) MOT AYINS yt Mn mpypd aKa ¢ Anas ons phys 

1 L 20 gives the passages in full. 2 As above, p. 70. 5 Crig 
resumes. - * Orig, G2 pvonn 5 In G 2 the remaining leaves 
are not continuous, and much is wanting. 

say mann by $38. 

9M yy nN AON MowD sysow onde + sonst ads 
sym peg Sigs mit pe wpa imap 55: wtp ¢ tndns 

‘amoon mows: pas 35 Sy ows Amnden inas sdnset apd 

mmxo ‘pny ja nem Soya [aman ep sndmy tain 

235m Boe wp 
samy * ‘ayy xd mamas mm mow 6 doa pot Tome aed 
panne aw wt Soya evans 55 wp syd 

J i wo | 
sobn * Sam saan * nodys sone + Sew ypr pos tdonaest apd 
soean qdon pow wpa Sup? sean aw nn 

J yl 3? 

Sonn wan yoy dap pa oor amyapar’ sor yada + aby one 
eynnmy yen Sot + axdyy menpy mop? ms ane* spy 550 abs 
aba nim * monany ay wD Tay) * PAIN) Aw 
Seyqoqp ay ds ¢ annay mwyy adap poe vbnp qyoor * yao 
OD DPN? wn sow mm sar ap pr pyty * Yd Iw jo ARN 
modyay * sion jo PEM * sh awI 6 Ia YN ENT NED 195 

4synpp 55 wip wan* | dom awden Sys ym 

WD dem) gill Gyn ul ge zl all Cade yl ne ody! 3° 
yoo 52° piytn pnw ays Jaap 3 pIotdy Saye PIT jo 
MI * PNT NII aT wy INN O23) Aa * SnpA sD * DD 
sown sot yb aa yn wow apy rat doo pyre ¢ pipn yD 
swan 55 yon * 5p mwdwn Soya + spp 55 esp poody ¢ py on 

tiny Coll Js Fs LT GsIL UAW wl Sh: oS ser, 
pp dene bmp ba Sse 

1 Some leaves are wanting here in Cr 19. 2 L 20 om. heading. 

®G@2 abo: wd yoy. 5° meen mNosy np $2 wp sm AYP 
PIwW Aap Poor: wy ywern $1 ° AyON) AON © NWI INE 422° D'YIDDd 
N91) A nM * mdAp. 

* G2 myw de 7) 15 TOR 7D. ® L 20 om. this piece, 

f. 48 

f, 48” 

f. 49 

837 spon mann by 

‘mn pone mm May say wo Sy apy xd pe moon mbes 
mop ynvaa ADD oy Row awhwn Sys + monn vdyoe 

yatna don yay wane xd pana pyr oup Sew Sap 55 
sym paw 55 nbs jo nny wD AN 

Hie |) scl tl wy 82 | yo 

£46 WS le arom ul Sls all ehidy plel eM! syextl Le Je castdl lel 
M932 ol all Lh ed Grad! Shall LO ye wd pai 
Gb Le Cams? naling asiaey thisy ale oF le ye ue ST 

cl all 
pl all we sist! Joo po* sol pn Spa (ests OS wld sey 
ss alll >) 1 pede 

so pyyn awe op by mena xem pax yD mw an non 

£46 onnaN py * onde wo op | son’ wmowsa + ways pd b> 
‘yon sD WN nypa tao mA nos mwo ow by sayin © apn 
sor mb 

Hyaap omyd © pi wom pba ¢ io nd nyo * a sn ontax 
syqoo xd) otxd mon ‘anw xd ¢ nay 595 annyn * na sen on 

‘oy 55 ySan an odin pox? DNpn mr is * oy oa 
f,47 nyad|* psqwaa ‘naa Anm + oon mina 2d) * apx may ADS 

espno'ed ody an eenay po umdy * py ony ows ony Nd yo 
may sion par? Snn pa) espn pa kon pya *yn * max Sesa3 

swe ytona w'psy * pyar Sup Sa * masn py mea no mn 
maa nsx now xd)? pomp am * oon mana wd? ond paws 
sond yaw> swe * pmax 

gaye myo pox mm Say sain | eed) pt jon * sone» abdpya 
pmqaao mda © Sean wow wpa anpp yo ma ney? ma nn sd 

1 Cri9, G2 ON eel Je es etd yee 

spo) mann by $36 

* spy id yo 55 py + pesonm yo ws on b> py wor ny doa 
mindya m>y + nwdwn oan * yp 1S mp aa yo me tpt 
gop Soya) * pynx xd imabdnns * 75p saynyy aye * won anes 

bh nsha own swe | nny 55 

ial oil 
yn ayy 55 de anto mS pow: may md * Noo PSP 
‘moo pa py * ye we po mn mwd dSsyna + pyspn? an 
tron a0 yn aad Sy yon sow mambo sen sows mi 
smo 55 yon + ADM nwowa dyyr 

Pt oS 31 aya GyBl 3 Cal 
ap 5932 NT yn Denn * pa AIA tf ANDY ADD pod? 
7yee NO TY wT * p33 

MM te glee gotll call pd Gall etl Gee (asl 
wT? any ap pat yw ‘Sy ax + nmrda Sya + monn sap? 
mans) Anwnr axdyy mespy * amws wony 55) ¢ yp may maAD 
jpndy * ANSy yor s MwOr AO ANT * AM Sysr + A 
¢ moods pin’ vas)? nea) Any oy aby awn awm AND 
benny * ANM|wD Nw NYT INnDINS war Tay ¢ ANAID JIT pda 
mwyy mbap pons abdmp qopy * anosn 55 sox | * amdy opr 
bon 3 yp * aT amp? Dy * AMY adn nM ¢ ANAAD 
mm + amwnay Sap pa pytia + Me oN wow po me ¢ ANm|DD 
sow sane dy pS DN | AMON ABW AND * YN IDE 
‘Amand snp + aap pinyin coy tania wp pips 22 nh 
Aas AND ¢ AwY mI A Spyay + AMdn synay * man awdws 

vey vyll wil 9 
me pI pny nna Sy | + wy penser? OD ANDAM AIM vp 

1 G2, f.52. Not in L 20, 
® Not in G 2, * Cr 19 resumes. 

2 As above, p, 835, top. 

f. 44 

f. 44” 

f. 45 

f. 45° 

f. 42 

f. 42” 

f. 43 

f. 43° 

835 spon minn by 

ans Sons andy mia xd + yas wy S> Yaw say wat 
Is ow yO MN * pow oy mad + Anpo jo Spa xd + now os 
any + pow ma woray* Pora Pas m+ par Sapn by pa’ Ys 
‘apy modyay yap wa sw poon antyS oem ¢ Adan 

:PNa mimo ow ws ADM awdws 

alee gel pall ps ie le of Sl ll ed ut 
“\) é pus 

BN SIMON MD pa Sind: peers sone sSy as * monn vovay 
Soy * yp AID AAD YT SMD ANY yon wda7 -* onA an 
ayes apy nym 55) * mains maw axdyy meeopr sw wy 
Sob) ¢ MIA eyo. Aw ATOM * TID 3d xSs ¢ AIAN Ap 
pen tn ars Sew sw anapo jpn amdy jpn * aap 55 wp 
‘anyt) anpsma war war an ywyn 51] ¢ ana) ADP pawn 
map syopy * aw 58 Jas pba + mondsy nin van * om AwyNA 
nays imap) wp tana inp Soy adv annay mwy ndap posi 
sow mM aw py ps py * ylb ws ww jo me * qapon by 
ssayne anid nna sp pa omanan ‘my ¢ aps 5915 up + en 
Namo * ap pnsn ‘oy * sap b> ep prindy + wa en sw 
naa maa Sys + mame wep maxn nwdyn Soya + sap. mp 
swan 55 yos + awn 

lee getll all eel eb oe Ungyll pe ds! ot ant 
we (ae dil | 

op? sayy S23 ¢ opno pwyor sa qds ¢ monn spay oa 
abn mim * ox ons own § ms ap pdt * ody oa 
‘mp ast xd yor? mans wip podmy + pa Yn Tow * map 
nwo Soya | + mdm ain) miaxn avden Soya + nodwa ayp aad 

:AMaT PIT’ owWwy 73 

Wd m5 + pnw ons * yds VN) I TS Dp DYypt * ANN ry 
ANOS 32° win’ OY Won’ TMi 3p oy nwy * YO" py * Na’ xd 
. | 1G 2, f. 52 oom. 

spon mann by 834 

sao yom nwden Soya s seem priya mn pawn | oat S52 
| BD 22 wp 
Cal ae Gar GH 
Sn 30 mp? inn yo Jap no ann /xdoy may aay ann 
oem onwads Ju. 3 AD INnwe ay no’ Id ay AD 
‘rox Joo op qnran Sm ¢ pape ap may omeenwns op 
$NN¥A ANS ID’ 7832 AN WII" WNW oD O22 
monn and 

aspa' me pany S33 ° pn W332 733 °° ApnN ond | ¢ Ann SN 

Panny ay? ow 59 cna * wha yap ¢ pr “Syn * op my 
OY yO ANN oR vay 1p yD Ady wor so pT pda 
AVP Mana Yn Ow? mas ow Sap 5a pa pytt* Ye IN 
S082 IPI my ow wpa yD ws oopT awden Sys + yn 

2°DITT MID AX WO) jt ANN smd 

~* DPN MDy WD * WR ONT AAI * DNA 53 | ann ns? 

ywyo Soy + axdyy mepy sot ay ds * apy may man on 
nowy mdvp qroor? onan SSam1 * a AND AWM ¢ Ow 
Pym * 3s wow yo mx * oyaer os 55 py + Anna nw vbnp 
92 9m Tow? Den 3D MT YN Ow AMA ONO ps 
ym ste mows ndwa amp uatm * ods 55 wp pind 
sone odd wb sex ony awdwn Spya? penn iw joe mm 

He fe tall ules soil! call ye dl J oe ol eld wl Is! 
12D AD sw OIpYA MDP) AMEN aN Tone 1b monn one 79D) 
‘ospnd pay + ads) mxspy app sory moy xd wt? ay yp 
P3 pyt * 36 wow jo AN nes ap IST + AN ADIN) ADM 
337" * ap Anapyy syn aw ab pny wn oe mA ¢ oD 
poy Spy + nsw annynat + maxn ayswn Soya + ww) now 

999 OWwy 32) ¢ psn 

ul ve 8 
‘noo aw 552 st yy en pen + pon smn monn wand 

* Some leaves appear to be wanting here in Cr 19. 2 The next five 
pieces appear to be wanting in G2. - 

f. 39” 

f. 40 

f. 40° 

f, 41 

f. 41> 


f. 38 

f, 38° 

f. 39 

$33 spy mann by 

wane woe pond + my po poms * won pn ¢ mim oN 
EI ATwP AwWEI Nim *AManN nw pray wer Mt INI 

mown) ‘own 12 wean an b> wet woe 55 by sind nam 
‘mon po omtaN nat + maps 55 sayy sated caw xn tain aa 
| snoop dyn mw Sy 

sation by mo spo pis nia S55 nis  ¢ np Aon NaI 
+ my pny nar + Saw aoa soy asd saw xn + bd) pny 553 
shena na npan Sy 

mon nadind «naw po op sy sam mean Sea + sayms nan 
brn dys Sew apy nats se ay sans tasted ea ssn | tn 
sand dyn 

1 moe * wy p22 nan’ * monans awsxd 1 ¢ ay soy NI 
Roy ar ¢ nox sp mp 555) * sated om xn ny 552 
:mooN yee na dy + psy 

now * yap mon nisye y aaten Sy may em pea ni aI 
we nar Dy AD yy east caw oat ayy 99 
syany nia may Sy + psy 

31 505 ald dx 

‘AADIND ADT Aw.) APY 2ngy * mann pT ow * net poms 
‘poy A * SAND AWM FAT ay dT* + axdyy aN 
‘mOwP yIwN Dawn Ay oyor* + mpMD wraw * fAwH ANI 
‘moar pt ota anspo pmo amby ppn + mabs 55 esp sown 
MN Pd py * Ve wa we wo ANF Ansy 59 d+ ANnaD ALAN 
spy qnyin %Soy mn | mw Jay 55 ¢ nn 1M Jaw AD ADT 
maa poy y2 awo Spya * monet adi + ma pow * man 3b 
ys! 3 bal 
1 ID AD ONNnT wow oN sayy qt Sey Ry qT fD 

Al mown) * ynnxa nnn * aon AD ‘wont * qnin ‘Sonn * 7133 
nbynm)* anine 20 orpni* ann’ admp pas amp oa 95 ‘ya * an 

1 In G 2, ff. 45-48 are out of place, 2G 2 nano. * G2 tS) 
7793914 * G2 om 5 G2 wp Mmypo ppnni* yon THON 
FDI Ww 1° IM aw 59 Mwy’ MEd 4p. 


spon mann by 832 

‘syn op psowd yam PTD + apa pyr pa pynby qn pIN'T 
mp yor} apy Soo pm spy op maw. py ps Ap wey 
nna) 777 552 pode * ovis 5 neo pads yop eM + ODA 
xy OMY mpaN tom pd wm ynd Sop pawn + omy ap pd 
sex Ao nwdva + oman jo pd mp soe may onDwn * own 
PDYNDDM yor mwd pox xa * ond WawE 


grtl alia ate Jom gael ope Gs 2 apd Leal? 

sans 55a Srpn cama os penoaam owen | * pata sy adana 
‘Mp OND oyPA sovano poan tonsa Sy row In DM 
pdsnd *pman ony mormon pouann Ssa° opm sya soudwn 
bond map some omy moc jer by post soaxm 
MEO PIO oon MNT pa 43 pox AD Sy osyoN som maw 
:DYEND YA) MND) ‘AND Jw yoy ¢ OIA AN Nay A nn 
son 55 pox mm ono | sos py * aAmm ann bs 
357m anewsa win ad) sone ny 592 oe * pine apy 
soo 55 yow AD awoen maNad sow" 

:y7ON DID 

sty DAD yD Ny 

*ovpn nd swe pois yo pap mp * ony nd swe adap ns 
‘pttnny pin’ pa non xd oto * ostom) maps pd we on 
*oya) OND NPY os en * OM DN on noy Sy oSAND 
WE soo wsip2 psn Sy ww * os D9 AIAN DI? 
‘open oinpa man awden Soya: fospspy wy Sy mx 
soypden sina mwe xan Soya 


ws sist! aod JS ye NIM gay Lnzall as Je od s2, 
“121 sll dem) sede cyl alll 
smn pw 

smd) mma + one sat abn tabs aby an ao on Spa 

*pdym mint ¢ aca by etaxy poe ny sa? anim ddan 
oom mS Soa may ow maw yo * po pn pop sy ean my pdm 

1 Not in place in G 2. ? In G.2 a leaf (f. 43) is out of place. 
* G 2 own. 

f. 35 

f. 35° 

f. 36 

f. 36° 

fi 37 

f, 32> 

f. 33 

f. 33° 

f. 34 

f. 34° 

831 spo mann by 

WN PX PR OE ora Sy ye Nw po ON DN wIpn 
vy Sy nanmet mma pbs * pede 55 ep sowna pn 
‘pypno’ pay mn yn owspn Sy on om | + on 55 yn 
‘po yA spa annawm ambya + owe omnoy nip Sew oad pow 
n> ao ony py * ym ovaada pd am eewn2 pop may 
‘NI OMAN wy DT NM sowNd oA np|N* onD_ S53 
osane onbyd anda aps wo awdwa’ ovan Sy oxn min pow 



STON mp yon 2ndy ys mn Tay sm yo* oA jo py? 

AMD NN) Nw|aNsT AND * AnD ma sSya pod sy aw 
est omdy wpm nay * antay> arn) an’xpp Angnd to * nnoNn 
ovpon dys amepa aw in? espn nomin ydy* ono 55 sys 
raney * diy pnd yas) mnwnd sot ¢ mmsony 55 am jo oD 
eandwon nd mii oy sownd nym 2d annoys * anawn ar Sy 
See py mm qo] tansy ous pd pepn Sy pms spat on 
m2) * Ansa pny ‘my aye Ss ode mays anasto mNra paw 
mom mydwa * mminaa patom pot Sn) * Anta owns ani 
aod awe. meas Anat pot pn xen nnsdpps opt 


:DIADD "yma OAD yD py? 

‘mona pa wes toynw moy Sy + nanan cp pnt ain oa 
‘moda 55 nbyn om mx oat nsnad ospn jo mown mp2 
mioqan oa‘ aad apne’ mewp Jot os3 ‘Aaa San’ mpyyyn O53 
NOON Mw OY ‘ADIN 2 mA ooMN TI * AD mA 
sion xd) 5p jox ond ° madepn winnny mnyra wtp * naa aya" 

rmst paw poy AYN Aw pov | AD Noy AD Nd pow 


2°) VS ayate S35 Je ws sexy 
‘onan boa) ¢ mx ODT open mop yen p21D 

1 A leaf is wanting here in Cr Ig. 2 L 20 om. 3 Cr Ig resumes. 
*G2 monn. 

spo mann by 830 

md Anat anon mam paar ‘sya pot tabsnsy onan 
bys poe | exons mtn oy wat mewn oy smaw Any AYEY f. 30 
any sy) * DMD DIND wW2P yO sAINsIA nywpn mdwonsa + naan 
bya * pn wenn yo smiyomy mina %Sa¢ no» Sy pon ars yape 
nopipnsy snap vo Sy main) ¢ ADA AMDT pana Ty 
mao) * Seed sia pnp snaps pnodsea + yes ney 
nbapa man nl mM nxp ¢ oy Ansa wwyon mx pnd 
12 ND | AOwP yIwN IDI yD) AT. ANP ANNAN “ND £ 30° 
ax) mn syap AMY oy * Anam b> wad saan Sy moar 
bo 1d yom * yam yo Sow owe smawnn 55 ww pnd ¢ yo. 
sbom awdwa snow ombs yar boa + Sapna Sy anxsnay snan apy 

wel ae Me all 65) aed CsI 
wma simpa md passa} oaad wap | skwR WN OD IAN of. 31 
moma rindws wd spends pa op sin to addon * wien mS 
pow near’ p>dan Sy wip saps pow ¢ nan mnomD ms 
pra sinner nody sono pos sinow san 395 55 sewn 
ny 55 oma syos2 I DwspA ona sintan sins 552° man 
‘apm ap $5 ona sae yr? ovata ona sands: mn * yw 
ean ys b> ona syyow xd mm? yn tat 55 ona pyar npn f. 37° 
*ANI3 Ans ma pow saya) mdapy + ma onDT pinay mn 
apm man syd mina? 95d aw sanpd man bs 
emda mode wow cam mw AND DPS Poe ID ryowD wItD 
*psotn mor sintnd nna *yanly) po $5 sme sinawnr rdmpd 
sain Ss woyd sox? nw ta yas pnw 
:]ON DIMID =f. 32 

0 WS 9) 2 pt Se GK Eye GS als wy 
‘oon ap ond sews yd pn mm naw pita onan 
spon dy orpawm ma by mody © ouvdy ora pm pnw 

1 This and the next piece are not in place in G 2. 

f, ay” 

f, 28 

f. 29 


829 spn mann by 

1 calesy pomya mond dws 

nnan moby ja mm sayd nbpa Sy sik p> py? 
weal Ando an 1 mop 

ondy | :*nna sadn + mam dy ond) * nabs: awn qo * ponnm abana 
nave ds nos$ nsany * anwnn indy dy - nosy yansa * Annown 
MX ONIN AX Snotox on ow Sip tnxwrntoy mdzn + mdpoDA 
Poy ms pono pa amt a oa S$anse * nbson xo man * 
apy ass emne pd mt pan mosd ny *onopr x mn ON AN 
sins sin sy ondsd | + poaw sya Sew * noyp cox aN * aD 
AS NON pS npyY MD. ay Npwre NAD oMayn sn be tar 
Sbane sinadd onan + pos Seta pnd po conay o> Tio AN AwD 
Sx pw) s'no) myo * pain yp op INN pyy wn DS IOY Spa 
momo ensopy saa) * ponna yoy onaw oman: ok ma 
spy snes aby ads + pny naywar s ondsw ona | * mon 
moby onoon sinddemy ow * poson won * nany wwawd ¢ a 
mbanm :sndpansy oven * od snes * onedn man cow * apy 
m3 :°nN mn az * pw adm nx onna * nao OTy2 * ow 
°%) nw) 
"Oo pI soled gov HG wd sary 
wow ‘meownn Sys sata ann wd) + xwony wrens ddan’ we 
nox ¢ nwad osaam espn nme jowa * nwos po 559 may pwn 
MNT | OSA ww. Nw? AWN ADA spy dn 4p ae 
tama Sx ina yo nbwbwnn * away ad monon niny nd sop or? aw 
mon wars jar ba measp abwhw svar de var yo + awn w2 a 
Sey yos* Se Syn non mea nd moar ta mons + awn nd 
‘maint dynam AN NWI SHIT oD TINT aT Me? pena 
77 AN AWA AAI. ny der an ine. nw annA Ada 
bs yap way wna PAN mAs aw we nym andy mop 
ppsyn mas Soya * sei nan sep + modya war ow | yen 
boys neyipma ann wae poy yo awe Soya awben onpn 
rox OD sway ABM mdxd sept OAD wAD- 

1 As at the end of the last piece. 2 This piece is not in place in G 2. 
8 As at the end of the last piece. * L 20 jon. *Ga2ap ja. ‘Gayot. 

spo mann by 828 

"YON ° YTD PY A 2h * WANS AW * ina wD opi! 
soiwa’ %b 

mo wy wp Awensr’ swans dyson jor wa b> pp “pn 
sonn wenn 

sodwa 9515 spr? “mn Sie onde + “ana abs + ort dy 

mee | gy ao wea qe ses pon Sx + gy po 15 55 
rod sy 

wax py ¢ aysen an by ene? mx pot 7 * an jo op 
ro 5k ma pa 

*Dw2 spy nam ma pow Sy sp pdoxa* ppp cy om 
sodyy Sx min 

spy xd) soa pom and “nem ¢ ods oi * nds 1S spe 

im> > Soyo voN’P mM * Joo op Sion * Jow myn onnax 
spdyd nw 

mbdzap s sayney maw jot Sdet ay aa ada any spa 
:p 1 Anwe 

gan * dns nin asp yor? Seam Sam + Seon py mow pn 

somn qawnd + nbw wpsy ny ndy pax ponds ws ony? 

sw aps 55 nb smn + spiny ain nydyay? wens nbs pa 
:DP woo ovoNd 

nx S52 smemsy| sma: odo ond + idm 1S pvoxd ow 
PDT I YyyM * yaya 

spore sow + Sy ma bee gan) SuS5 gor io wads + Sow apy 4 

sosp *xd wa syd 

TIDY j2° DN nwo ya Nd pw wy opr > pnDA pon 

PDINT AMD IPI) | onan Sap pew) Kw? OYOIT yoo 

mow + ey ody io day 6 de aap io Syn) ydy may ody 
soryp dx 

* A leaf is wanting here in Cr 19. 2 L201 dx. 5 Cr 19 resumes. 
* Crig om. 

f. 25 

f, 26 

f, 26 

827 spn mann >y 

moby ja nbs way som yo monn Sy Sk98 sony Ar sna 
ryox pox mim wdy oye 
f. 22 mM Dwsa 

rrwnr omds min ow poor yen typos man SSpnn 

:Ynn MwE tw ow prom sand obs an ow prot 

PD IOyy PY Aw ow pon sowdA sos onde pw pO 

som 595 sp + nw ow pon son Yo obs ow poor 

f.22> so pp ond | * ne ow pon : ops 55 porn * ods: ow prot 

snanw 595 ap + awe ow poon spin oon * pbs pw pr 

ray 595 ~yeo sw ow pon smear noon’ pbs pw por 

yon 593 an awe pw pron iad) wstpd+ ods pw poor 

spysban paw * news ow pao son myn ¢ nds oe poor 

£23  ¢xpy pmo $55+ nem ow pon | sme word: ods ow poor 

non new ‘nwo ow psn sym wed pro: obs ow por 

sows) mwyd awe ow pan sce wnt + onde pw par 

SUNT TO NBD ‘wp ow pron swe $25 conn * ods ow prior 

$5955 pwade + awe ow poo s Sew ep wadn + ponds ow prior 

f.a3> Spay py ¢ aw ow pron :Spa° xd nop pox * onde ow par 

: SEM) IAN 2 Aw ow pon spon ald tn onde ow pyr 


sO) FN EMO EPI posevar ¢ pmdyay_ pdpya vbxd Sw 
*naypyd py sponnaxd pat mya pom? pam pon’ om psdaa on 
f.24 wrap sp2ors noden maw any myzo* jon | spond wy 
sox op =o spavaw 55 yop ws yan wow 

ST pall dew pel JF ye? yell Je Col nas? 
sv 1b mbdpe 

S1D + nbyS sy aud ovpoms on bps ssn + pam jwdn sinps 
spor Nt 

f.24> 55 oan pee aw bx onys nw) © SwR poe Op yA 
SDIN Ww pyTINT * Awan 

2 Cro, L 20 mm Aw. Cr 19, L20 Js) ss pe byn6. 


rm. mann dy 826 

yaa mw swan ws mo + swe pon aan saan ar bs 

29 552 ndyd + op adv op ads * ot ap pos * odin 55 sya 

mana? mad Avex jor s inwy JA wy yor] ¢ ino Andy 
ry jp 

meyD OT nvm Sytem ima yD wyD* 29 wD mdr a 

mow mr tyne’) wer? mm inapy sor * “an Se won jon 
| :a2t mn 

% * pa per ar pape py won xd? pon own mr no 
sy 73D p24 

£99 yo Sosa * toy ain yyy * taynes 2 a Sy + tao) a5 ran 1 

and 12 om‘ nneps Sn pa’ ambana oy’ annawn jos 

einen 93 om? ya anaany * Sy SxS nae Sy nia aa 

m nd) * ows AH yMIwnda * DOYS oY o'VIAS * DYP AIM oO) 
:n dap 

say wo ovina + Sp nspy dy pow nw jo * man mind 

*mabnd canny nim | ¢ nao dy pbap a nDN yo om ADN yD DA 
:70N) WPI 

evens yaan xd ino yo * mab: Sa xd + any maa pt oda 

290 AS 
Sy saneans po Fawn imbana pwn ¢ ontyp Sy nnn woe 
ryan dyn 
anvat ‘ndpson mayo ‘aia * aban any ¢ nds wp yay pov 
| im 3D 
tolesy “PT JIN TH 
pls Use Gs rm, 

nm * pow mast poax saxn jona nds yo py paw 55 

pNyOwT PN paps AMyOW AX pn ApAITT pn pA Nbs 

b> yyaer * dy) pods dy sayow ada pny + mnosn 5$pp ine 

spy op adi ay mwRa0 ¢ Ania aD cnwona pT st 

? L 20 mn. 2 Crig, G2 om, * Crig, G 2 add jv. 
* As at the end of the preceding piece, 

f, 20 

f, 20” 

f, 21 

f, 21> 

f, 18 

f, 18 

f. 19 

825 smo mann by 

may sos! pe mast awe mban sin § qe pom pda: 
ox on ods ¢ aad nndp 

son’ 8d pe THyND * panm pray won * pasn b> mas aby 
yb) Jy on paxm Tey 

swx 592 pnspen * tdmpdy qoady ends «95 popnn Aynawrt 
| :/monon at aNw’ modes © adn 

+ MID INS CIN) | MNDM paws ADNAN ¢ mina 55 43 1537 

mn ny nnn axing pasa x 55 53+ pyyny ten qt 
BN oN Jor * ody 

se yap dyapa + mavio pos 0 * nym manad * minns 75 npot 

‘AWD TID Wwe mDTan myn wonn Xd) Tol we nd Ww 
soa nx oben wx 

pasa ‘ancana Samet‘ mnsoa pps | ‘Anan Ansqa oy Sew 

mydor paNn apo * tmnt HOY ows * mw mata py or 59 
$b sy py 

ymbya. ¢ qnNya ans qa qx23 ans pa ¢ qntas ris ‘Sonn 

nyo ‘nk yon ombdan es oNpo Mp NyION ¢ Ms AN ID Paw 

r2mb mpost end sae md oma pont abs vt py px tn 
mb son’ yw tay son endsd canny 

mos syd spp yo mpd) Sy owsps p> poy 
syox. ma ab nbpy saxnon Apoy 42 

ay WW DD PED IT I Fmd wy wy ANT ATID 

Seon me ys | yy poe ‘my em 8d + yo bs part 

ndbwm | qa mw aot ¢ pea a2d3 pw * JwowN AD yow 
yp voy 

299w2 12 pat? ppp Soa max * ody eps wd>° ops Sy ya DIP 

yayn ywo2 sn * pope ada9 pe? pen ony 55° paw paw 

1 Crig, L 20 7M. * Cr rg om. 3 L 20m). 

spo mann by 824 

wT ANNI NIN smn vd Mom * oN yo SuoA Nin rnTaN 
ya wd * apy jo esp yn xin enmb 15 ow bbsa5 * pny 
‘nap joo Awow xin snyppy aneewy 3 pos mar in enypon 
nwo sin snyder yyy | oy yoo na. NN rnyTyON wp ID yr 
sat smtt xd) spe” ed oondsn wee ain enrnndna aby > wean 
mama boys ommdwa pn aon pny mind oe ann wap 

smyina xd) axa ap Ox mp mm at Nin snap 

cpall sat pall aged! JF ye yl de saps Lal 
“3 bem) ys pl 

wo mops orn bids AY soopy y2 Aw prot’ pnd Aa Nd 
pyp xO aw sosn Wan an Aw wn ar pT spby on 
MOT WT sont mp d9p + dy ody snbys ay opr adv + ants 
MIDINN) :DIWw a “pM ¢ wa, Mp :odyn 1b shyns ¢ nan DY 
sovin porn Syy + saay snpp 7 wr | odin ona TD ° wynDa 
vi joo nn wp wdax soins my vn? moby mn ns 
ans’o> ‘Sm :onn tn mt ops * inne NDI WD) : ODN 
nwa xn :odwn snap ‘yxy pansy son ‘Anwe mddaan ¢ yay 
sop xdy op xb wat’ yoown nwo xn ppbdiyd oqsn 55 na * oan 
Ska nyt ys yon mw ans podey winy 521° psayn awn ans 
‘ooson nw sms fontym mpoyn bya ¢ den awp xn roo 
:Dp] OM NVNTI byy + mmaeday mms | ody Sy nn mow 
fopam sadn nyosa * yy many pw 

ym pI AP dn’ yo ana 

nX JAI * IP pyoo Apwm * Pon a ons * JAX pan jw 

sclell yo alge 
70 pawn aw sn 
moby sands say so yo mann Sy weap p> py 
“1 yon 

PIED MP osnya 7 ST] ee miypr mpd b owe oy 

sw ny 

+ Say ny anya * Sonow omban diapdy + Sbane enay sy pa 

f, 16 

f, 16> 

f. 17 

f, ry 


spon mann by 

pmdpnyd was py wast awd wes yor aw fa isn 
smondi Sy npr ssa paps’ awd mn jor awy fh pn 
rmopy may vn “anapss maa Awad wtp yor! nwo Fh yen 

£13) D deoy GU pall sew aged JS ye op! de SS Caf ale? 

f. 14 


f. 15 

soa S9a¢35 px Sap snk 

sTa5y 2 ID INA Nays 

swipn woxdp pst ine Sy 

sap sues np bs np vox 7 
sinynd wor 

gman 292255 sang ar Sy pyit 

:’pw wy ayn * pyd A 49") 

soda omen 595° sa) xin vt 

SMW Mw | ° yy. AT 

MIND * OX Me gw ww 
:4 obs 

Sy wy * TAY wwe 

spmon) way Spy * yoy min? ps 9D 

‘OND YwyoT * mn oop wd 
‘man mn’ s2* a wy 72 owl 
‘omayn Sin * pwn 33 
omdan eee | + oem 55 yt 

pipsp) * ova b> nbx TT 

‘ow swe Spsyn bse wa awn 
* onbyn 

combs mim nen ¢ qudp xd ynbit 

‘orown ao Sx dy abn aan 

‘SIND HIN * OOD mar ww 

soy tome tend) py 1) 
‘pps ova max‘ wyd spb jn2 

mm say am jo monn Sy yop peyyp po py 
dl sem, APY 43 
mw * pws stp yoo | enya Soy Ayam + mim pym ada 
pen wan ar env Sy waa) na any my sy mow snmp bya 
mm oy gms yo Ap? ayp ye ym xd sneppp widsd mds 

oi ogmwm oma apdy sap son nr dda xd + poxdps 

emt we wd aM 82 PD POT NIA eMYADA MII * Dna dyn 
osaya * emp dsp sn emo om Sys mmda sy xin 
‘DIN JOU yO NA enon yoy moans May Noy Nw nD 
wo wdbans rddsa9 * ma yoo mptden xin | smyay 1> odym mtn 

1 Cr Ig resumes. 2 L 20 om) Opp. 
* Cr 19, G2 mx, from the line above. 

> Cr 19, G 2 2. 

spo mann Sy 822 

: sombs: mane 
| 25a nbn monn none 
| ee 

sonds many’ 

rye gat dob els sary’ 

29D) OX AN tons AMS mp 55) ° sw obw spe 

sis)l a! ol aged Js? ue Gyll de 5K lil Js diene 

"\) ded sodlw wl sl suc 

7mm Dw2 

S932) DIDy ja Awe ar sta adyny mow yo ha yop ony 
smsor dion Sy * mw ar nea yD ND NNN ¢ ON nA ‘AN 
mov jos Sy samt ae? anne’ apy yp ¢ Shyp ain xin 
SAMA NAY Tw nyI py pA na spn | ovnApy anf 12 
sometanp Sop * woe na noes xd pody nan: anand noon 
spenad and: mawado wont aed abana + amen ath 
epbyn on wildy’ nov anne’ nay jo Thy? yes wady sn 
same pp avo wad 
binds yapyx yao jonas we mae? ydy anon adda 
smo sido we ydy Sno sma says Sydp meen by g ao 
wns mats por pon pais pdy anon ¢ Soyo any wads 
sane mn 
smiovon yd ondyn wee yayxa ansnp ‘ ymens ony dy 
smoyp sys ahaa Snneis maint aves Sy + maa pwad a 
dat | Syan aon any oy pep a2 5d may nde “met 23 
. sysop 
smo soe Noy nwa pat nwnd mt mrs AWD JA INN 

* Cr 19 resumes. 2 Cr ig mp». 3 A leaf is lost here in Cr 1g. 
* From here to the end of the next stanza is wanting in G 2. 

Sar sy mann by 

f.10 :spwony Sov * ave nwo ain sain md Apex * nwo wn 
rand xd vd. nwow nip ot spp 55 wpa’ awn ap 55 pwpr 

spond toma mn myers mp pea spy dy ¢ om ony 55 ony 9b 
moo spn tnd aos sawy oe mp Soa° ips ombanat sawn oda 

249) I'¥3] TIN jd 

Lena payout bly’ 

f, 10 $70 Paw Ww sD 
syndy 3 
730 Paw aw 
; spdryd 
rpdiyd immds qroay syay pawn ww 
cegliadl | 
sow 03) 
00 aw aw 
fu | rpdyd wow qa yap Pawn aw 
rods mane 
sounds mane 

:MANOP pW Manw’ 

1 Ending as the last piece. 2 A leaf is lost here in Cr Ig. 

spon mann by 820 

mary 55D sinopys m2 DPN oD. AM AD smn 
imap) mind * mad 

Wn wd AT As mov OS snow pop 8d * eden nyo 
pyidrt + ana mast synays mdw min? sma ame) pp 

ADP jI NN * pny Ses mand ranma om2nd ° pws Dy)? 
‘DYED IND OY ENPNN AMD DT oO Mony mids san 
reqw ho awd 

moxat * psy oy pon ney sain on nds) * ayn ompyn pa 
$12 ; 73D ANI *2 AYP * oa pd AIT MT yay 39 wpa 
snag’ 55 pa adana* mbwn by 

:7aIn mr MDpII sn pM) wAN saa wha ° ssw nawa 
boo abn + anor abs Sr] ssadm udp wat’ aman San’ 
:"ay yo 

sOea¢y yen op shyo am man ratoey wwe un 
pyod pny? a mops ppd rns pees TA AID SD TDN apy 
2995) j2 mwo iow sninpy 

syns pons yo by ¢ ndwoy admsa sya Sy + ado arya max yo 

saxnon mds syo sp yo med Sy peayp yo py 
sto a 1d nbpy 

mean ayy pan dsny 93 sop 35 wp md) * ond Sonpx 
mmx ppp Soa ydy sow nwo swe * op xdy pyp sto> md oop 
s10by mK 

ty) ow S53 * ony opp Soa: Saw moy ae on Spa nby 
san ¢ pty yo nwo ot $e mea Sy monet: oon enn ar by 
Spm ppxon 

ww Nw Oyo yow? sows MD Wp ONIN Sy 
pos wow nia ond my soda yn’ pn ynon | sodiyn 

staynx yoeand + oomimsy yoD py Sp awyr ins dw onde 
mp oven tansy See dey syasnd ayn Sy + one awy poo 

moos xd sayy wnyd + pnp md saweoa opat * on mw 
Hwwans xdy wpa * mwa wp) IN Fw A DAD INN 

* Cr Ig resumes. 

f. 8 

f, 8” 

f. 9 


f. 6 

f. 6” 


f. 7> 

819 soy mann dy 

£95595 whee andy say abay xdy emp ssbaoa any oy teyM ow 

yn myp aa ny mwew noe yor Smt nyo qa + adaaa ane 

mond tram sen nay pdy ins own’ “ena nah wx 1d mpm 

pp me | seas qd abd ban nbdh + asx ay ws 

rosea ppm awn 35 xn pSxow wn aN ony we? AN 

pSup) ma say omins saxo jo eSpn Spm p22 NON Aw 

—sSdvawa pond sam oroma po ran yy Syn myn 13 9’ 

sara nsw anynay ad ods yp Sn ony ap in 

sma ab ndoy tabs syod apoS mp po py 

"YOD YIM MWD Anon pyo jo * OD HYD ND ‘ANWR WTR? 
smimor 25 yo 
gramps nd yom + soy ad yn sany mmm 55° vn op jp AD 

7 Dy yn sanyt yo pon napy* opp mon by onapy 

sanywos pomea oon iy sansa. por | Sw AD IT 
sanyp mo wwe ads Sy pnonsy ranyy mona? poe Nt 

pAmyaT AN? oy 72 mds sama ner poo + yd adam 

sano ‘San ayn pmepr saninds: yom * onde amdy 

syn) | 4naya pane anes Fud panto sd pbot mn 

xd ors Sox xd ond ops enmded) ov oyoase * a np oypr 

sannawn sop yp 119 Sua dy ennyy qos xd + io Sy aw xdr 
same wad any jo nnn sama md ane + mn po dap 

myo ¢ nwo mr eds sanyo mtn Sy pp wr + od Apo jo 

j2 nb Tay WWD 1 Gayl Le wate po INSP sy6 
smn yon mnby 
w+ may ona WW opimepp pya wad sama pond 
1L 20 SI cpl Saad , - 2 Cr 1g resumes. . G2 om, 

4G@a2 mo. 5 Two leaves are lost here in Cr 19. 


tmp mann by 818 


wo San mn owas? 

mb syor andy ya abs say som yo + oedy monn by 
| sq pd ndp» xnsn pty 73 

smow 9 3955 * hewn “sp 

2d cally Citsly ga pial Jo L Jel L 20, f. 3 
noaw tad ama ins xox nds md) sade mm ans qn 
bod nap? andy in aay ann voy mo rnd yo pan 
gnamindyay anon mana.adow» mnody manny + mT Ab + Poy 

AIIM MHIP Tow APS pT a | AON D.... T 
syos. nnd may wwe worpnd nnaney * nnnaxd mox'’py * 720 ADD) 

maby 13 ndse tay san yo mann Sy mye 1 py? E4 
rox pynn yy 
sSyan nim nwa 
sb’ anna? yo" yo Anwnd 255m opy ¢ mnoon pyn Sy 
ss5yp nv yond samen px min? pap me paw seat ad yp ya’ 
emoun ards aad pya asp) bab pene sya mo ws weit 
s%aay ana pdr nny nem 339m “anwant | psn dwt ft. 4° 
2p xd moo my * ppyn nytnpa :%Saa yop * NA NID 1D 
mp orp ma tases) ow sp om pom * amnbs sam 
rsbdye xd 
yp fanny * wen yn on 22D yo tytp + Samp» mean’ yp 
‘papy yo mapa Shp nnan anan jo * yoy xd to yow 
yp spans 
supa poor myaxa were am ox ndyne indy yam fs 

? L 20, f.3; Crig, p. 1: the beginning is wanting in G 2. 2Ga2,f.14. 
> G2, *G232m™. 5 A leaf is lost here in Cr I9. 

817 Syowi wird mx 

m sony wn md pppsp myn 1 sD NED AID Mwym 
:pown ny 

w5 snmona na 39 Dey sAnsqa yonwn 12 ¢nndpp on anynyy 
:nAnya wip 

synoay pannn Sew aia san Nop sown py ar p35 
son) mp 

from sow a poy rds wows yep | emreP wIPY AMID wow 

SSNS WUT Mown ID sPN 3D AM. smn AD 19 AD 
sw oy me poy 

cad! Gs Jl cull RA 13] 

DY AX 3D NNN sTOOYN ANaw wp oY sty yD IM AD 
:Soma pins mow b5) :135 

boy an poe ony ber spp Sy poy sqnan ww nbs 

sncin 55 wpa voy spss enya owe pnonn omynd 9? 
| snoyy OwN OVI 

:DIOM mwa 

sombs nan 
gt walla gle pye\l pall OND yo S02 
“43) Ber) sow ep! sist! alll we 
29) soy Seay aw 
WD wll, Lalsy awn wna wsdl JI sy ls, 
*Lolesy JOU MN 

+ In the margin: Vl SM She pal Jy ye Cardl lay. 
2 As above, p. 775. 8 L12 ends here. 

Sw Tyr Mmdy 816 

bs pow nyaw pa qd nw swe an doom ny mown pa 
naw) siwpan msde nsw ny now now fwEDD INN 
mo 55 Siapa + minowea on mtn swan pa owed: ming row 
nayyy ann ond yt wat A ap not noy pT ono wn 
‘oy nns3 oy sywyn pd mow S51 ° aya poy pan sawp ond 
pap way sway mw 55 poppy? ans 55 pis Sy sywp» paw 
swan maa ‘nbsdy + mpsmy amin 75 py sawn ray + os 
wi ox Fo mwdwa siwiny xd yond sy Anr xd bev 
meyipay wad wpm waar ay poy oe ny piwi ods Ns 
man * May PowN OD) WONT Swem mY ps wD * mo xd 
swwyn xd may noxdp 55 

| sondy nanw' 
WS dys yt xd nvonsn ypr dee JID NT we Jle way Lal ule 
M3) MODY *DYIN PHY AD MONY ONTW Pt WL all sayy seks 

swras 75 mya 595) sepy ana qo abs sep adap as Sew 

wip sap wt Sy 3q$d99 wea mw nde sds mn Sen 
spoiox ya oy 395 am 

2 wn Poy sana mpeew 7 wow snnaw ov > wre 

mor sawp po wtp S55 sywad» ov 55 ne swe AMan jo 
swinn xd ing 


pn ;pneay by ovynn :nd> wy jnmax 12 :OnD wNon nan 
+ D0 

wy smn oda qs 1 ond smndwa ay sn Sy 12 wm 
smn nw 

sawor min Sip yowna swyns a5 jo 1a eben verde 

Sy :menp yas i jot | sownn xd yaw so win way joo 
rDwawny nowP pawn 

bys seneno mn 55 $y swows daw rep por nee 
swamp 55 

f, 100 

f, 100” 

f. 101 

f, 98> 

f. 99 


815 spawi wi mbdy 

spay yon mbw sores pts rows bad fy]mdp * om swyn 
smmeioa oyp sydiya pan ‘pK wNIt wy MoT 

boa + pn nyaw * pow mpd * DDS DIwI * DDyP wer 
yn imd>) naa :Dynan Din *D by + ony + oMINND © pO 

2 yon inawn s sond sat nwyn 55° ayy iat? we oem 
: NAMM MDI sION WD ADD wT Sy ° sys 

‘sens np ndwndsosenn wt oewn sy ma ¢ nnn * enn 
:nqenwt open sD onnnr? we b> * sar 

*mbsanom sana + mby mins» mbyp po + mbapno © mbyn 121 
:nawns omwia :mbdoo +> mbby san sy + mbant ynad 

p’anzom * toys jaan sayn abe say poy saz a5 say 1) 
y> mon3 39N y * Tannwy Np) aM ¢ soy ADM * TaONn 
:n DON 

‘sninwo tinny * qnvn Soa) Jnieyinay * msg) naa awn 
smans 552 sqnie ppm): qnvin sion) * np an 

mo say Sawin 95 + Soe Sua 95 aye Say ¢ Sap» qmby pan 
smo sd py 2S95aa + Son | + Sonn + Sew ms 

Sy spymest * oon pny * paepn bya * psaxy nn * ome Spy 
snp y2 Row soon $5 synay* ons AMD dn7* Onn apy * ay'pn 

spo * Syapy + Sea aa + S$ om ap Sx ma ¢ Sox sw * Supa 
sma ovata: Sed on + Subs aa md + Subs 

DNDN maa ayoTwI* DNwwIs OMe aD * Dn mY DMM 
PN PMT sD sen pot Spy 


gay voy Wy! eypte ya LS wn TOM wales, Dds: ddan» 
9) mm yon ny 1 

swe ponn + mbxd yt 
swyos dap mo ‘ndion bya xin 
srwpar ddan ror boa 0b ony 
SWORD WON Wy ‘aaa nwo nowy awh 
swan vos oy ‘puny 1 sap 1 
swp at * pwpnd 32 Jy) 

1 This and the next piece are not in L ro. 

AA es on Se 

PYoOwM Tw my 814 

ey tld ye gill sod dd Me WS Coll sow, TID SS Isl, 
mY TIN ADS sy25 ste pe yo soll Vike whe TAI sll 
wliswy slo pe ye vill Wiki, Dray sily anson a Ww 
ioa mibyn dSpnnm pons main moby pat NN yyy. soll 
“131 JON 
sw Syn may ows 
Jie ate giell aye all Lully ba JF ye ae 19 Gol ale 
WN Samy cesta Gel aS pall eM ol SHE oe nlf 
eel ude 
‘SnD ND ID Ww wD ss Ay’ 

weeson yaw jo ws 595 ena swe asta swpno TT 
snow 2 we sy spy) oD) mn 

bsp emp os ¢ may 55 say ¢ mason Sys mpay Sa + nim 
rma Joy ay rama aaa by aw 
+ mmvoxd nds 553 yop + ny yo * nynpds * mws mapd + msan 

f. 97° 

snap ‘Sawa pou :ney S95 ods ney ney ins 

‘mica meet msc myt oad yo * mien + mnawnn 
smansnx ymyznn S52 * mxp don 

bp Soy Sy Son Soe a+ Sonpy ae? Sap ty © Soy ww 
smaanst moan t550 qa ads Spy doa 

nd naan ps Sy + oisna * pawn Sy + mann * oar yen 
smo ny $95 soasn: oii a5 $53° os 

sondym* onawnn toys ny $53 ¢ odo + wand + psy 
sn pq 12 aN sods: p'nvon 

SM ID Po wo * YP IIT wy owen jaw byt + qoar 
| rmay yo Toe sqosy ap by + qondyd 

DY roa Mmyp2 * OIA * DMD 123 * ONDA DMNA 
us snaans 75: * pons * onD 

Sy > mya iy? miyp Sop * myn qos) mye ot * mypn ona 
sna poy gman ony sw ¢ mye + mynda 

Soyo ins s wy Pepa swe als awy ot} wdwm 
snaps 75 m2 yO pw AD oT IY wp sa wads monn 

WRI pan 12 wind + payoa * payary* pap mow * pata 75 
:NIDNN WEI Maw spy swxd* maw ypnoa’ poor [p]naw 

i 1 Not in L Io, 

f. 98 

f. 95° 

f. 96 

813 sMowiT Bin mbdyx 

smanad yon Ans *y4OIN 4ON wy 
smano) Joo n>) ‘yatN 7D 
soma Sse ae 54 snyton dys cones op prt 

meno? opmnppne wast + pyeen om opnean poem oe 
snpm pawn 521° Rison ow im tp xd Ar ny ma * ods 
‘oonbsn we man smn fini mo * monn b> wp ‘pn 
by sayy adxdS om em npnwy oa ¢ ods sy smb gyn 
‘yo Sy sy 55> snspms wp onpp ¢ iy pda’ rnonon nikt 
apy ¢ nbsa mona opnbdiy mney nee mows’ enpnbn novos 
oyn mia o¢nnowsea oon * nbws> mpy 55 sndpipme am 
smn op ond * wn i pyonm sno oye ¢ “pnt 
SD ‘wp? pyomany pyon wp smash notpny ¢ pon’ sayhin 
won nna Sey snoyn qdom qd) ¢ “oan pon ‘ANTh snipe 
wid ov md mp pont envh soma’ Ap ppm ¢ ‘apy dn 
yaad + ay nm) pnbn nay wm ¢ min opm wna’ | sty 
xb oumay mds ennains yoy sans o> pawp jo os nanwNt 
saytnew 7d pawnn envoy 55 Syn * “own moray Nay smoty wD 
Jay yo ww pnw Ak + TonoNT ny aN sn2>p07 yD31 
syy sy * odds pen sow py emmowea anid myn ¢ potdy 
:nnnand faho [ynan oe: ponsdy Sap pony sme sy pr 
mnyod sani * ponyayt pop yowy ¢nanonm 2D * poneiya yy 
‘mw maND mo om rrinh xdy apn dye pony any add enw 

snoyy pwn ona mabsa soxt yo wpa’ snaw sya 525 

tame xox mbx ps otnds: Dorn’ alge 
SON) ION 3 DES TIN pM oN Se ma 

ctype ptt TN Je 
snoxy... on Ske any ands: SSany 
eed Jey 

mow AND mp DN 

3jON JLad slye eae y sil 

1 Six times, 2 As above, p. 72. 

syowm aio ody 812 

ny * ovINDD YIN id? DIDI * DIY Oy yIIN 13) 
231° pn2) * ont Sse 1p) * ‘a2 aby Syn jnsm ; peIND 
sw xd om somdy oy2 mn 

qin 330 :m22wM yo * mana yo RYN ¢ NVA Mp? AT IPD 191 
Sonn ymonn ondxd* mswn Ss ray * mana wo inp * NIH 
| sw’ 
ry inn? toyox qo jo aw 75 dw? 7S ndbw sdon sm 
mbap aa nN IPM jox + Tow Abe Jana + qrady 7S manda 

Sian * AT 0 aN pd * rows * poy) DD’ IN Aa * 
swo xd pott jot synnaK nna 

soy gepoy Sy sna pa | yn ar oe pee ay po ws 
xd aby soon Ar ION PoP SwWN Tay * Ty OWEN ons m2 

non sonyow AD Ans * nsor Nd) ono Noe ony HIN 
wp pyoo pordy Ape sep die yo wyatt + ava hon Sy + onddon 

‘oyapn sowhy yo qbomet * owh cas + obi min pp’ ows oy 
sym ynd Sap sxryyy pos yey ody ovon by onan 

sovon ar ow swine syd ny wyipm saa s wind mo ° ett oe 

HWP PO WIPY DN we ey pa + ‘yay dn ox 93 

sywtp 1 *dyy spysy yady + oh} ab abe’ onep jo oye wow 

Amyoay Soya’ ostwr’* pot | me Aw AND? OA AD + DYN 
NWN WD Ts: pot? ovin man * oNsy 

jO.* POMNyI yy swasns mx MD * pomandy Sap ap spr 
men wns’ p34 WI) * ponysyt pop yom wean pond 
[way ‘psa mw Sys pwyn yds mow ans pody Joan’ sy 
x? may mondo 55° nod man noyy pwn ova resp appa 

ee pl plane age Ml eal Jy ye 10 pt Cal ale selaiy oondes Sonn 
“0 Il dao) dull le, 

:niix *S mnno px ‘wasn np Tb 39 
snpon nANr ‘winn’ no ayndw 

f. 94 

f. 94° 

f. 95 

f. g2> 

f. 93 

f. 93° 

811 syowr Ty mbx 

baw ppr a yo pono dy pap ny wdy soley onde: Shan 
“Wy YO AW * yapA ADI 72 DAIS 

s/Nay) D7 Nit eda syayd + Thy? 

swao’ enn spyy tia ¢ op sp * ain S90 * nin 

pw oxi wt dees ada on bwond inno pe wR 
swan an poo Sapny spb Soay mae + oben mows ¢ wy 
sabn poy wn Ww | np owas ow. NN UN 
swap mon wd) syd > pw spy) OD) MIT) wR 

‘ao yoy AD :wah> ap+ win Dbpp * woes sy * woe 19 
swan adn by swe pansy nn ar qn sow md 

“75 wna ap syown ibs yowen md + mows + yowsx Ian AN 
SND won way sndnrt yas so by + may? pp 

‘monwo san ain pavan seb mya sewoeadn + aon 
SWIpnst mMyID onD soon) osp| 73 

yop sn odwa san mw 592° yoo nwdw ° nya pape 

pp ¢ ina yap yay’ * yaad myn we ¢ apn nw ean 
pmitabn oon bx * mun an * min ot | emyn do qn 3705 
swipor may ‘ndyp 

tom Sp yones 197 9D SA soy tonsa Sy + wane * sowm 
$127 OD PNPENT smn so ap ¢ mryp mdi 

SP ov yarns oa os mbes oyaen win ayn ¢ yom 
swap nan 

spose syym pte bxd + pela’ ayin + pots paw wk 
swap yo wSy Ape sop Diow xd min ° aden yp * woyd 
S17 py 0B JO ¢ MPS YIN JO mpn 394 * MDA an wen | 
* oypoa ‘yn * on 53 pon nyawsh :may py ‘poy oN * mB 
Swop) may na wD porn op * mpn 7 nD Ian sy 

s Sy s13n932 pp mod * Ina AY Tt aoa * wn mm ona 
PWIA ID :awD ww TW yen nwyN wo 

wm soy ap Sy sayany xine aan yds’ + own sy An 

SVP) WN 1 po soryM an 1D’ po * DTP pnyny * psy * DIND 

1 See another recension on p. 465. 

pnw ain mx 810 

swat ar ip Sy espn’ psa’ any moqan woe Sy 
:O5anp jnawnn py woyr* mdana aoa’ * 55907 17 

swor dyy ano Sy yew toe po ¢ ps ston whan 

swrann wp wae dy yt Subir dy Sar dys Sach xb 
seohn wn saz ows S$90 sony Sy > som’ ain 
SVEN WIP’ IN? dy oonpnss 1d * nbN oN 

:w> anos S555 ° awp wnn* waoxn mbana’* 5$amy spy 
wad ndpnyS swe on ws ada osn ¢ enon 

sys nanda wp tp Sx mba yp torD no byt 

swom mm sin i> wer: man py “art jay by° an 
299 197 NIN pans’ * anus b> wtp Anes * nmin DD 
ravn Sy | + pany * op * oa * DY wes * OME) * oN’ 

syoun nN 

swneans yaw 55 ar Sayan ow + yowS woo * yaw nnaDD 
swe nab 7 * pen nyaw vk Tt pT Mo’ oy vie 

:wp won 95 on * myyp Saeed ¢ myp ya saynet * miyon sya 
swoon yon 7 spon yapey’* mixdots minawn yaw 

Sn mtn jos way min poe waw done wy ¢ yawn win an 

swe DBS 

:W5N Dab AD! DwsINA yaw * DwaND* Dw wo 
:wond) “wy YRIa* OvPON * DMN yIIN * OY 12 
sep Nopr | * nay wpyt ANY ys * pnonm Awy 

rwows mda oa yap ND ONION yay 3 

swoon max po me pp Sn poy qrach pas yap ww 
WIT MN AD PMO * PayoY woNMI * yw * Paya PIN 
sway mbprydy’ * noe’s 55 qm mndm mona? andy wor Soya 
Swa>) PINT over’ panswa cay * pansdy Sap» po ndyya 
swoa $25 ponm + pawdader xdv+ ponyayt pdp youn 

, swpn ann Sy? pos worst? poyowa py 
swnann pody wonn say | pods press pon oie pot 
swinnn 7d minoway* npdwar spas non bk yo np» om 
sepa sian? Syn wow wrp2 

f. go” 

f. ot 

f. 91” 

f. 92 

f. 89° 

f. 90 

809 Syow Ty my 

PINT * MDM ypMy s1apT yap) * mDaN Mwy ans 

soon ar + porkS “nasa mb syne “om de * ova ar moinnn 
tsaapn Sy 

‘yyoio ovdwa po saat dy ydy andy ove ne wee tor xd) 
siay ordwa jp 

sy) works * mim od yn pias yom pyan Os iawn 

f230M) aN pI wyo maw sian’ paw tan Syapm? 

Sey * See yoy on aoa’ Pon aN nN wN an rox 
iawn yon 

nhin + joy Sew oe pih popod jo mx! oN wR nN 
syn 1955 

*Syee soy ond sina boy apby awy as nx owe mn? 
9297 ID TIN 

stoY ‘nnn nnn :o5d sox Nt mw AND AMY ON fpr 
sD ND 

ons + 355 ay) mown’ ony fbn ‘nya’ * on Dy iow 

‘ono mt wyn maw ANDY :poND TANS NY mA ow? 
| soxdy Jan mA 

:o059 AN joe Yn Dw toy sosaD wip Sy * ay) wor IM 

‘own Oa) * INN OD pada ;o2pbb nvss2 ox * pomby wnn 
soo> m’nn n-ayy 

Jas I Jl awhy nvmupn 

swyn xd... wn oar Jy 

sy Awyo |... DNaY ;wat 

Nor... O07 NA MAN sows awn pnp apa ‘nnn dyn wdLl 
:y77n.. wn snnn 

mx syd 1 yO WO TOM Juss pom on b& may soNN 
“1 nbpy “anon py 712 

:wipn py Sx ‘mp wax pwn yw no ayn nodD 

1 This stanza is added in the margin. 

Sypwrt sin ody 808 

xd maw yaad Spy p> sna Las LS peap er ell © £86" 
xy yon wy2 yI 

onyn Som * Sew aw gonad sopnds ods * absd is 
Sy 95 woes) sooa 55 wp * poipy 72 nwo 75 mde snob 
oven 055 whaNN mwa’ Dy Aya PADD spy “DY Sh 
ups 12 ¢ myon an yw fossa wens 1° nDan sy 
POwWIN yaw tmyow mmo spa oy * oy mw :DD"o5 
myyan past paw wes :o225 mown pa? oy yas 1957 
Sean qat’ * moon an WN) DD ONY OY ADD “wy! wIp xp 
soanbs mim ed onmew* osipy yrqs yo npn? 4a) :D>"ab wtp 
$0992) onx * p> >y Joan’ mn’ | sos Non’ mn DwH OM f 87 
‘mY Iwyn enn “INI mw mo rod AI yD YN TOW yD 
2095 man moyy ‘own pYD) sO IBD’ wIPI IN’) DY sD yw 
om) :nat bay andy + mena nays snow mt * mont jo 55 
smantdy noaxd + mw ax ney 

na ew yo sony WS nay mans wns son sods mane 
wm son | [x] ans’ Nn tenn tpelesy Jou ndsy mem sf. 87 
Cast gad | Jy03 Ici adap ovanspa ovnsn wady nan pans’ sf. 88 
NDA DH jo INIA dy KAPHA malady ox youn ow %9 

lage GUI wb, OwT ova pon Sx 435 

legal JI Temp py Apwn wp | ie Jad ai JS dey mind? Losey £, 88? 
sosay> ovine onde... doy ns 7d ain’ nna 
Jo py loamy SUI Cael mpdy Port wins yO AN wy 
syox may yon ydya yt xd aot pull 
Bese Sy ¢ qyby wep pig no isn ap ¢ am sewn oo 

rydoy ab 
% xdae esp waw 55> sap) wap oN opay’ * syn aw wt 
7 |  syand2 awn 
naw yonny See 4a, ad ppnam) * pwwm mown in fp £89 

1 As above, p. 61. ? Here two leaves are wanting in L 10, 

f. 64> 

f. 65 

f. 85> 

807 DMOwIT yi mds 

by + Sino) gays oon : Spay xd nbyd pet? Sudpn xd syn | 
sony See 
yor * Sapn nwo :53 oo mw aNp Sew. ay oo ‘nnn 

Dp IpA 
maw. ayn poy ovo snp mx 7D WM OR Dm 

:D pM 

mov ont pad sow id) pepo. oy wewan * pow pawns | 


Syoy MOM AD ylo TOM Labs, moyy own ova ws ale Jley 

™) nbp» s4nn pnsax Sew paw DD 

moan ;prpryy yids op psy nyawa bene oy Supe ina 
yawn WIM sD DON minay yaw MaDD apy * oy NIN OM MDM 
‘yy OH wT MIsDA am) | spyony ydoy py 17 ¢ OBA DM 
SDMOY wD 'D oypr oy ‘pT Sy wrens * wD Say 

SDWND MDT de. Sle Cand! Bed! Gly lil, 

mt py mr anaw oy oust yown Io mM sD poA wtpd ana 
“3 1 Sy wane * ptnop 

yn ovnpar avn dadao aadas snanens Amant awe wn ¢ pb 
sown OY Ar Monn sntwons ovyyon Sppe wp byt emp np 
soo ow Dw dds 11s NTyy 

nowy Cake Vy) qopbe opr eM Des 12) webs, MPN IT whe 
ey lua le pain 
sy) meap adan’ 
qopos mp nw 
my yoy send % ‘Ayan 
[t—s]...74y83D NT 

Shy old Tees Sled bl Seda ILS ly saytll coped ab Is 

1 As above, p. 60. 

Se Se 

yawn yi mby 806 

sonim niaxn ‘nbmp ms 75 nny pn 
spin* 7D on ‘my AND AN DN 
sind nin pK 

lil aaalal... BAR Js ye OWA IND vi mw Cal? 
”Y9) is ‘ 

soMyon DIN own yo toon ods + onds sy 

SDM ON WN nowN 332 3532 “PON Wid * WD yo 13M AD 

spyynon woo mad nim sep wipr My prow 

you» Sy emi yep pnonn omyind sim * noyy oy spn 
Dp Ip 

sya nea Sey xy? ma yo sip? opm 5212 ¢ 1p AD wy pwn OY 
pyran inde 

323nnM *ssnnn 7a asym |N TAPM sam Anand pao dy 

may ymdp3 aay mr sor Anand awa amin? Antsd jo 
soy or) 

sono xdot sy xd dy ewn oy ara ¢ nnn nnn 

1 * MMM jas ‘ow snnyD WD AX’ Any nxp md won 

f. 63° 


‘ov pad sso nonn-byy spn pw jo ¢ DT AN nnn 
som ovr ayy 
seleig MANY "OWA DD 359 
getll pall sie stall aye! CHIE gl Je at Lat ule 
"WN sc de gull ley 
:OMyON Nonn sown sy soon ads ¢ ods yw 

J vyay pad wes Sys spon awoa + pome Sew pone 

; Dy 
; DIM) DA * WO 3 pm) a) bs $7358 VINA ° syon mt pnenn 
“P'N3) * HP Sewn DY 13 3 13'P) WIP INPHA * 13H AY psyion fa 
spsyion indy 
222 yp an ‘lg sep 55 whpa’ “pnse noyy ov 
;O Pio DIN? NIN PND 3 nnn pnd WAM PMID ‘Tyird 
1 Also in L 13, ff. 76%, 77. Notin Lio, |: 

f. 64 

f, 63 ¢ 


:pipn sy poy awn 
sorpon 5x pap 
SDN WD ows 
rordy 75 nb 

:pyoyan 592 Sonn 
sorry 253 
sows wor qt 
spmpion 55a 
:oyoyn 55 na aN 

:qnnaN nw py’ 
nia 1 md yn 
eqn pan 1 b> by 
synyab ao mown xd 
:m22D “an 
sqnwsy’ ans 7023 
sng aon byt 
gnypin ay 352’ 
snob amb 

snavt xd a0’ 
snifin xdy an xd 

:qasy 425 skys 
yep) yw 1 Sy 
sya pew 250 
sy0ax Poy ‘an sy 
:T5n ‘ones Sy any 

spon 3m 
:oMI59n 3959 

¢ pepo yd) 

Sypvm sty mx 

‘Ana AND py 
‘syn nay anyw 

* Ansa in 

epee Yb mn Re 
eand ond amby 
‘mvp san by nn Sp 
* debs 555 pat 

‘pwn jo mm 13 WwW 
sobyn voy 
*Sbpn5 ynyaa3’ 

‘yayie ne 9d min mney 

‘DYp’ > mn op 
‘pin nw) Ww 
‘aydd mm qw 
‘sa an ‘ani 
‘3829 nnx 413 

‘wpm maa 
espns ‘nl www 
‘nwo 2d my Ann 

‘own oN ‘pwn 
‘sary xd) qe nd 

‘yoy paw www 
eNom may yw 
‘own nib by 
“95 op pax ann 
+5 pore windy 

“Ta ON) ADY Oy 
#95 mon’ pn 
*mnaend mpy pn 

* my p>’ nay pn 

pyowr pip my 

— $DOINS yot po 
snadyoxt jd 
:p3225 ninowx3 
:po"yIo non) 
¢o5 man 
:oo"99 poy 33 
sD yD 

sminnw pa py 
sms pasta’ 
:MYDW X23 
gmoney wipny 
sminawon 55 Sy 
:miopM myawn 

ston Sy amiyesps 
sy yo Paw 553 
spay 79 72 dx 
sparynd’ mas 
sya by naws 
spas wed pdyn 
saw) mm 

3) aos eps 

sph Senw. 

sqase’ saw xn 
sqaony p30 
$295 snp’ 
spawn wont 
som pox yb 

soipon Sx pn 
2 DIP TDI Iwpy’ 
:Dy4n 93 Jan 


‘Fy pi saw od 
‘syaran Awys 
‘mp’ nyaw mynd 
‘man soy nysw Sy 
*moyy 129 Spb 
‘onan $5 ply 
‘mind wyn Abte dip 

* pyro ds wad 
*pna 35 1310 
fords 5 py 
‘inaw te yD 
‘ona 3 nine 
‘stan Sew bap 
‘myon ana qma7 

*naws Anan Any'd 

992 pyan xd’ omy Jon 
*nawS ynsind 

‘pwnd jon noyos 

‘poy miny mop 

abi nid qn 

ssa) mM AAW 

‘mnaw ody poy 
aba wy 2b 
om mo ae 
ya vdyn ap 

som Sy mon me 
*mpnoy Seen qow 
mA ey nny 

* pips mny 3H 

sirnyiw NS 
‘mDINT oD wIP 

f. 62 

f. 62” 

f, 61 

rmoqp an jp pYpn 

syowr tyr mbdxz 

emis Sy oyna 

smim> nop ‘oy swy mYIIND pwn wins ND 

: Mon Anipxt 
rnisb wyd ob awe 
smixdasy’ [naa nbws 
sMyyon on yw 
smpyy at’ 
rmiovon mnaw yaw 

swap 55 wp swK 
sway by vhnn 
:weipny yaw 55 
sway jo ime py 
:wrann oi 
:wap xpd Ayn 

ro 25 995 
soomxon Sop 
spony in‘awn 
spo ninow os) 

toosy sn 
soomawn 553 

POD MW) nN Wyn - 

sali “10ND) 

¢moonnty S>ans 
rmIsyd wyws 
say pbx san 
ANP mayor 
{mown npyph 


dys ayo mad 
Suan sow nanw 
‘mand yaw) awed 
‘Fond yps mb’ 
‘nay nana 
Seow ye 

‘oy pwon mad 

‘San www wipn’ 
‘wrap ip wip 55 
‘mysem mnawnd 
‘ow on yay 72 
‘saw wind Sond) 
‘yas imi 

senor pnay xv 

* py5s7 ov ny 

‘oosy saab 

‘any sy any 

*PIIND onywr) 

‘por mmo 

‘orn ‘np by 

‘wind srwy2 pd 
selaig WON - 

tambo man 

bp» snyrd 

‘doy nos ydxw) 

+ Sia py ana mid 
‘monn mien 
‘yon Sy yous min 
*FDNT IAD pnw 

yw Tw mdy 

smyy p> ows 

tHivp side ‘nd 

SMwWAN 7D. 73D pa 
:mwyd onds x12 ws 

Pm INwys 
smosy inindst 
snows’ aan 
smoom ‘nbaN) 
smnby oor 

$y op pn %5 
tmosnn 2p by swe 

fom maa > wp 

soipam mayor Sy 

sodyn yaa oy 

foo YIN 

fO% nN) ont yn) 

SD Pp) ON 

soy) ows’ 

yan yaad 

st Sy sp 55 
:yb po ADy j2 AWD 
sy Joy nD ANN 
sen ett by 

om) mt om 

* moby wot 
*mndyd Ab 

+ spiny NYY MII 
‘Anxya5 pay 

emmd moat 

*poysa oon 

wena 525 pyt 

‘pox menaa pon 
‘amp das 2 

‘a5 yh 

*pyn Sop sina Sew 9D 

pnd ea nny) 
oN Wwe 1 AT 
- a9 923 SbM 
‘mp on wyIt 
‘yon 992 ynn" 
‘Wd IPD 'D 
Soe Seren 

‘rps Dyn mt 
ond nbs sme 
ross a 55 a 
95 sox np? on 
*92 "DN DwPA 13nd’ 
“na ywspt’ wy? 

snp on mos * wp pp ome wpN Wwe. min syd 

smnbdy oopp 
smo nod by 
:mdsyp opin 
smowp ‘dyad’ 

*nep mby rosin 
‘per njio inn 
‘psy pan 
sya nw 5D 
‘peppy 55 yetd 


f, 60° 

f. 61 

Sor pyawn ip mby 

geal ste alll (8) DAMD Land (ay MN (5 MVNA jD 1b" 
monn * ndyd yoo’ mana Enoyy o»own OY * AND odya on 
im sy 
‘mpdowa mw myo smn py dene my 5 ¢ any ip apy Don 
smn yD NN wyn 

Candy Ca LS na Fe tom ss AMD) Ny wT DONA jy 

jo AWW “Non les, Loldis sb nds Lpolaiy MYM NNN pip 
™) py ADY 32 ony a Tyo AIM AAD ID 

sap) nD PS mt »orndyn ody 
som NIN ‘Sen Sen wy 72 
synbp snyin ‘moyy ‘pin ma ind 
syoxd pow 5 Ap 55 ‘px as 7 
smaa id Say p>’ amy aT 
:NOpN °D wIpn’ + Spriny wd) 

¢ Nop mn owas %D ‘oman Sse at 
sno. Sbnb Sry min owl 

fikp wb pyyn ‘porn on id4 
sno by xd prninp sya 555 ppx Tt 
ssoy dy xd abd aw somo io OY 
2297 PIA wwpnr * pen an yon 
ssyp ao xd) on ‘wnt mena nest 
sskp aw mm ot Awy awe do ns onde 
finden 133M ssannn mes ny} 
sinnedy nay ‘Aro nnn nbs7 
sonia Dw 9) +mdot nin’ 
SIMO wpP wd’ "1D ‘spn ABD "1D 
siniwsp jp DP ‘wap owpr fRXT 
sink wp “yawn oy nia 

smowp nds ‘mm 07 
emb“ian ’p3 °5 ‘ona ‘inn pwprt 


SV —EE—————— 

OOOO ae 

yaw Iwi mdy 800 

toins 252 sox) no MD nw py sop qrady nawd * now 
+by mda nen mar poywd 1S Sew + Syne qb nbwa ons 
% atnn no * penn ABD pny poInn IN An’ nn Aw 
tam Syn sas sor 5x yan pba + on) psy nin qn rpypn 
aeay govn 02 rionyo omy an wad wand sodwr’ ap won 
ans ‘nnowy son 55 Sy yydy may qondy * adam monan 55 pby 
bsp mon + 75 omy ma a poinm chm idm + abxd gna 
‘awyn pay mw 52) sorsp om maw dn yp Aner : ods 

atom sordnn Sys Ap + wos watda’ mor’ | ob $5 moys by 

sb cen pos yop mn xe poyn ass oar wom pody ow 
| roby 

maa xd + ayy 55 dy xd extn ayaa mete ton Nd ntyon 
Sons nado ny pe emtdk> esp pan ad ob ayn raw 
mviay anvbsés peop ia poses yaw an ap sate d50) ny 
MONT pyT Py yay mows san b> wap ppm * may 
sa) * in a5 AMS snapwa mpypn swt sands xd snob 
‘Dn AY Dyn sAnw pwp yawns + idy any pene enh 79 
one snoop poy yay) omen mw 55 ranps an now’ 
smwpy ovaapm * porsm pyon oa ry Sop ont + ody 
2 pANan mwa nts pod inset pady Joan’ syn wwe 
smo pra px t mds Sy my mr addy sate sean anvar? pods 
xd) oaanmy yaad aa 2 sox po Jen adwee naa oy 
nan29 :masew? p> mssam tos 75 aan Ao san oxdy nh 
panhh onwde pas sap nosis | sn pds sath naw aaw dys 
‘map nabs WONT nD sN2 AD DN * yaw Tkap Nyt’ noon 
say abn py we ane Sy _up nonin. sme na mpd 
snp yop Sy + mm say 

psaaand ovpion Syne qoyd mdp pam ons Sy ann min? ale 
some xox nds mS + many ‘np sere 

meaay msinby Jaod TINY yoy DWI ODD Ab 3D pT ION 
lel ally pn V v2Oe yay MmyaHT cab ells ray soli, 
yy Syd xd swe sor Sai 
gmay ‘nprey’ dene qoyd ndp + mxnay yon ads min sax, 
sins eos nds mo + smse xd nds md ond: maw + ands pa 

f, 58> 

f. 59 

f. 59 

f. 57> 

f. 58 

799 syowr jy mdx 

sv So) won dos mapp inzn siydsd pray may non * wrbe 
xsoan odon Sy appr. sid oda mvay oom a 212 
xo soma a papa oapm * addon wad) saahpe 
by sm qaa wane 378 wa’ qwN ¢ ney saw aD. pap) won 
‘ood pyon be simwn) poor. mss 2 wT saty Ww 
oy sy2bm Anas ansia* osdn ane oy siawn jwon nna 
Say pron no bon bene “edo sisbs qwn n° apy’ ipsa 
‘mon aoa mnb wa. saath ysaw yo yd niin onan ney syaad 
yoy pyayapad may sad + csp nded wes ocny sxvan ansy i> oo 
ynxd Sew om ia om ody ombds wonder + dbp nth) jot 
Pans pYyaw invas port own ySy mwoar stinne vin + ody 
‘pee piya Se wpa, ono Sy See oa + pee Nw) WI 
sy) o2DN>t 

noni * spy’ sa boy san aw pmo ¢ man 22 IpIp dy 
pans ays | saton 1S mde mars Sense ea Symp saeen min 
ND sow TINA trap mown xd saym nanan dyan + ebp 
n& + mwa poy wowa’ sae poy yn~zoany* > pap mn 
320P ¢2N0 JD mM py mvswn qndma sma yaya aywa’ 
nna) sanhm pyoa' xwann qmodpn. sap Inv Ne 
AMP wert yno gaan paar say p> papdy + yaya mss 7b mn 
‘mow IN mm sD0y2) Ipaa * ~My AN pms poxm :adadn pa 
soap b> py yp nom pms pon 3am ym ma 
be ON SWNT PONWN INIA WD yDr PID Paw ww. spn 
sony web mwa med ayy ga wea. pawn je 71> qwn tw 
sody mom jo swear say obo mm ¢-odn opps Joo qwea 
‘pian sans mm syst dwn vdy swear samo xd amon 
nop saw pody wx nay mon wpa ¢2/ap naron dy * pan 
sp meAB. '> ¢ na aynd 

mans wp iby ary sta wad 0 | soram) fabn ¢ arm on navn 
“TOPMN MDW yw TID POW jp Nn WD MIyy YOwWN oO : Dy 
mba sin Se mm Oe + wp oy obmo form pao op pa 
[wy yIdN2 ‘in mond 15s; orber noe naw * emp NAPPD “TyID 
‘onda yaw sarin my 55 5y sy sane ay Sa S95: pip 
beau Too sop’ to San + on 1) 92. aaa soIwbay nin ty 
soyn jnan. sprpps yaa + mavp nad :opon bx xy + NBS 

Swit Tw mdz 798 

ema minds 
smMwIp wp) 

mayid waw nosy sown DY AP ows “A 7A 

selaig YON) fi9Y YON 

pe’ > spspdon on nwos sna’ % span taza mbxd 
oyn mr ows % sommpay mya pdioet % somas ads by amy 
todyd sy mony manp 55 wd ; syn nonn 

soley ION) PD YPN 

*oryess SSemey soyp adrian Ss swe oman tnds ow mos 
boys) :pySn Mkt WONN* ONY aN Soya toys aby pow S297 
% sows) Osta px Spy. somom aw nds a’ + onan psy 
oy Soya) spnas vax Prb + onam pst Soyay sos nyaw 93 
mo war min? pom may’ Sys sox meyind psn * ONY 
snows Spyar :oym dy 9515 sot myer wend’ Spyro 
yona poy) * oydsn Sp yous im spxrib min sda © one op 

:ANNn jon Abs inpty2a 

ve ndn a gin | spt) manana ¢ aon nw ovdn onde 
+ aby syn Srka sopay 55 top> + bd! wy xdow savon 
em AS DOM spo nAwP ? nw pow dy ston ayardy 
pin soda mind 1d nba * rine 12 vont rad ody adam 
rman oyn by sey msep nx inn san bs say qb * nap 
Dw) ymboyon nny? pon’ ‘at yA ADA ny amin 
pmo Maas we DT mI. py ‘py’ paxdy mm 
;MPDNA main * xy) oda) or say TIA) awd © DADA awh 
yen yo pn b> me my sown per? yyon oyys abs 
pe smo ya ovdany * oypn 75 ann naa sami odin 
:masbn mndhy * myan b> qdom) smi ata S50 ° myap 9d 
tain xdy maa sytn yt i> sost: maw Ary dy. masa 
maa sy yn ton * 951d NT Maa sans one Syd) 
sya) may ax wep maa say ond inn? yned pawnn 
yoy 9°95 55 395 on an sys wn xder xd an abs wip 
. sya 
sw /omax pink pa by | yanmar nb’ ‘om oxdp ow tabs 
meownn 3230p) sy Saya? why som yds sap) mows 

. Apparently repeated from the preceding line. 

f. 56 

f. 56” 

f. 57 

797 myown sy mdx 

sinawa mmd yw 'y5in wa ms 
syNppy’ tne Ad ‘yD0N) WIP ob 
HYIYNI NN NN ‘mana aA 
syyting pay xb4 ‘map yysd a590T 
PYAND YON ot ‘Dypor nar md 

pixyorr pdiyn ‘pps swe Systit 

pixy mwyon Sx mon jo ‘np JA yon nyt 
sind pny ‘DONA ppna oNwyd 

yaNy wow’ tAbdon op ow 

syxda mp 595 ‘ion apn nanw? 

mony pipdyn min tad yy payed 0d paya ¢ pm ons inn 
piped * inne Ayay Ipy pixyn xd aD Ian nn|an + a 
Amoody) sinds mpty pra Sy * wx qnawn Sp by sine wes 
moss mS) ¢ ome mint oaymds mine say oman iaad + chap x 
| sein nds 

mom nnn? aby wy oem by sna amis’ © opm 5x5 55a 
xdoamna pst sn pdm ow + Swby mpmyn “mon emaaip 
asx pncnn byah + Sean Syn nda emshers “na andy © Spo 
Son} AP pe ows sn maw dyr + 5hx onan pon 
f. 55% mpdyn dn spt 55 snnpan wp ‘paws? apy 151d an | embed 
hanno oy Soho rnb orn ane den awn sspney ene 
sonsncn 55 wip Sapys anespd wpm way ensppnse own bx 
DYNAN :nIN3 mp pnp sh pnp AND sms owpd + Hh nndyd 
‘mytny ono vyaw snob &> nym jot + men payor 
smawpns Aw yawnatonn sina Seawed enopns wip oxy 
b> snoayy nnxy? 395 a mows snnod pn’ apy’ ¢ yan ondam 
m Sy sy sow 55 om sno mins jo * anaons AD. wp 
sms ow ospnest ain ova mbed pnw pny 

275 AMIN whe 

sayart pan awn mbes’ "nn sam 5a ybp + onbyn in may 
yawn wind ows "nA "A sey ar i Sy 15 went “nn 

OE —E————E—E—— = 

pyawr aww mbxy 796 

1 WP pyoo apwn apa doo ‘nwy © a AYMat mm dips’ 
snow vow 

7) DIN mMey ON 

solely NPY NID OY MAY IV alge 

meal pall el ade alll aaalal os Cadts inaw Lat ale? 
1 Vl de doll Kye» 

:Seun mm ows f. 54° 
smmavn nbd son veaad ona’ 
spe 1d ey 9x5 Sp Gh yy 

spa 55 ww 9a5 Sx son awn 
sap nd any ‘Aberin nds pp 
rye mvy ndan as adnd xd Sy Gh DI 
sper’ dy ‘axa dm en 
sya aad ops) ‘Ax’ yows yt? 
symin ao 55 335 spp AD YIN ‘Dy 
ttaya Ao xb ‘aw D yp sP 
rsd 55 poy nay ‘yyy ‘na op 
:ym>p2 pom on sym’ ads pvannd 
:yxrsy pay yd ‘maw hob pn 
simvap 595 ynbdp ‘man ap ons 
sya ba) “yyw pate 12 
sya’ yy’ “ama ‘yoy ‘ANON 12D 
ryndw yb WN ‘nod a wed 
syrby janp wby ‘posed yaaphy 
:yyaer > mins ‘wren id Sapir 
ryNDI2 awn pods ‘yspn pyop mAqaa 
:ynavnn po» nbsxd ‘wero 2p jx m7 
ere yi we Bilge 
re ‘aman ai 

* As above, p. 711, line 8 from below. 2 Not in L ro, 

f. 52> 

f. 53° 

795 Dwr awn mbdy 

:’nd mma! 
snaans Ams ondsn in nn 
PnypI wx oy yo nwo ndws ondsn qn mim 
Pm esp oir avy yy Sy 95 want ondsn in mim 
:MIOTN DP YIN 19 Ow “yawn wan ot espy’ ondxn on mn 
:myy pwn py ar nonn owt ondsn an am 

salety TON) fT) YN 
soley 7195 
cstsete bolie Lal | 
men nde mdsd sn mop oo mdsd snper mon mdsd 
mwa omy omy yy Sy 7S woes vbyd sped 55 Aup 

S35 pyyad osmin sy monn open ayo mr oe mbsd pnprsy 
sody> sy mom map 

soleig TON) PI" 19N 
2) mA DWI M33 

ste ay bli 

My aw - Mw OY mM sAx mONT 1 ¢ nnn nnn? 

‘naw wp SAPO sa yw Nonm * nay Dw sw woop) 
Mn oa saon sado awy ¢ sayrin ovap 1 smnny Spd 
MYND 12 De NOT ADA Joy mpy sm A’ SayN aD DOWD 
m yon xy Sono * yd ada mown spy Sx on samp 
pyn wad am yds xxi’ toon xo ynon yow ‘ow snown 
now mb mibipa qnsn rindaa’ pay op yon say ‘ow ayy 
sop yo nadn 5 ody smesps ain qo me by b&b gna 9b 
sop ID NaN TPS Sy aye pp Sy emp yy * pom orm 5xd 
som savy orden pdsn aay) inom “ow pmevawn vad apm on 
mp soon mpY smab pt on ax: mar’ yop ay orden py 
‘moe Jo Toon Ain jo sayyp matron yer * mop Adis) mwa 
soon Seam * soon SD ANY whanny sven An Abs mn 
‘nyow | :mifisoo snaay xd som * tbo a5 pow ana’ sayin 

’ This is substituted for the section on p. 709,1.13 from below. 7? As above, 

. p. 709, line 2 from below. 3 This is substituted for the section on p. 7I0, 

line 12 from below. 

a en, ae a 

i a ee 

Pow Tyr mby 794 

pelal getll yal Bre getll call JS ye oie ear Cal ule 

sme tp bay amby nko potest aD ¢ maw AND ADDY DN 
mY AND * pI TD syst ap ond + ODN DDD yD 
fb ndy smn sansa one 55 sm + ydy nde oiedy penn 
Jav * myon an sy > ody sienss mans yay * mpan nw 
pivnds Sip yones yay myawn an ayy 75 obw siyaas bypns 
py 95 nby ryote oar yao Jay’ oyaen win sy 5 ody 
*miapn an sy 5 aby sindy wenn mimdon wy qa + neon 
bon wddaan * mayy owown oy 9b obw riety esp Sx an qa’ 
b> av sands may sin Sa ¢ nosy enw ov qb ody | tox 
:2wyn mw ANd * ody Jaan’ synnr sucht mows * Syqw oy 
MA 99ND * WN AD AAD PwRI NAO? WAN py cyys? 
Iw YOY PA mA ssa sen oonsy opp Sat pind 
8 m2 onan by pays oa now ya Yn ew FoI maT 
1saP9NN yos 

pon Mw yar saab Soa nowt pan’ aya Sew Sap 55 asm 
E 2%) nrb> 

OnP 93 INI AWD WDM lease, fuss JI 7b oA nbs on” 
WIN wll ye wie eds ‘DON TY nN AWAIT ns beer 
Ske eye (2 WN A de she Lol, AIIM DrDYN 
J pn Ads dyn anyw mn man yd) ANY IW Ss nN 
aialeis ONw yor TEX pan aw owas 125% | wicslaly yay 
yd Gail lyenewesaey Serene pi yedy poy yo oon 
Poy menswear ae bes Sle Gaull EA 
AMY MoT wmIW TON Lasley Sener 9a wn dy mdy nbn 
m7 Sy mA yoy ovapA onnax Sew yproo yo mon 
$}ON yD 

39) Senay) Oy IIT DIN 

“! Lio adds. Not in L12. ? Continuing as above, p. 237, ll. 5-25. 
* As above, p. 707, with the differences noted here. 

f, 48> 

f. 49° 

f. 50 

f. 47° 

f. 48 

793 sow tyr mdx 

pinzand mama‘ oN wan FIP yD. pM InN ID * MA PII 
own ova sinmawy sa ws’ soya yp Sp. wn ona 
may noxdso 52+ od am esp Sopp fim ms ¢ moyy 
"9D InwM ID sinmany yD) OY’ * 7INP wD pM 9d) fin*swN 
md spt sind saymy xd saym) ap op 12) panting nnn 
123 syndy Nd may? pynn md on portvay’ Adnnn xd + apar’ 
pvjoy sins dap ¢ Sew spy samara Danson * thy) jaan 
simbdan i play * ony wae amy sinmsasy mbna’ * yy pa 
m> pO AN * mH MON AN pines) “ad DyA Soy+ sm dp Nw 
Apwn sinyar nnn odyn jo ax tans wx mn pinnayd’ mo 
n>dy may apem siniossy See Joy Toa Den to Twp py 
MN YO AN PIN ADA psn om sindnn wy AN + wp pyND 

sinonn mpy ON * pop nN AID ph) PNYYN 


onl le ye dl og, eu ae i oe en Lol ale 

you) oan’ myyypa’ inpn xdt sno morn mess oy 555 

so Swan tn) yown xd) sone xdey pop payN qwN En 
PMOIN NID po Wy Mw naa naw mein tSyy+ mw 
ONY AINA AD Mw!N I aM pnten oMssa° pen Pyp 22) 
‘oypn’ ‘anayym) stn pwn nnp de * xopa’ qbon ew» snp 
sme °25 ya espon yo yn NNN pnp on won Am 
pmay 2ymined’ sox wa enxpa ayo SB) + ae oo Syn 
sw * omdys “anedn 9S by sonew’ smdisd © od and 95 nby 
q> ndw :tmarpa Pox + ana Ansa pe 7b ody smeay pa 
pyr pp Spy em sonata qd aby semSb mesp ¢ anan nnons my 
‘yoy’ yon ‘ow snypatn ‘nay’ + wstpon pow 75 ndbw :mabnb 
‘DST IN PID NNwI ND mn yop ape wy snk odwa snk 
‘sby) jnan “ow | sMNyD SwWND * nOINA MD Mw snmp ‘“nnpdy 
nnibs sy soma Sap yoow mn qaqa) se”) sn An yy 
‘ow :mdan yori Jep pyoo Ape emis qwND Mwy ¢ ie 
pment sosn don wim pyan ssmimes Sanm * ahoy wenn 

Sa < < \c - 
:Aiso wan sar + prdwd 95 sw semad sys nein jn amwae po 

1ZL 12 sh. 2 Lio JN. 

Sw Ty mdxy 792 

gel She ool 46 SM all Us ye ye Cut ade 
foam osdan + pays oddonon sos aw * $n 9 yy 
30 ax snay 35 pdwa’ tory Abot om bs ¢ aysem ww jo 
‘om water thy ana ppxawn ape tyaned ws yaw rompd 
‘IN Dy PID ON) f DMP) D’DY FN * AIDA pnb so now 
rin’ | sorydd> prin? apd poawn vw” som ab ny ony 
MONT JA oyon mpna aba sp yeen sw wy ° anna 3 
SN ND TN so Nyom oNmDs * odyd sy pox ODIID’ +f ONS 
ipya pom ponspoy pombya to nm: ms dpnd + yo 
mown + wota $s pady so soy apn mynd + pyrip jroyay ys Sapp’ 
to’wayn ‘ayo San ww eps: pnew’ 

sale! lel aged pall Is ye Gent pis oe Cane Lest ede! 
3) sll us) sit! sede cyl sill ue gel 

ap mp) Jy yo way AD finned; 39 AD? nm Syown oO 

* Seay ga oxds pinvayy nin andy: nosy ov pms finsgpy 
yaw yt sine pained sina: obwa oynon inde sinnpy’ now 
may simesp now + pen yaw’ ody sini wniyd mdr + ayn 
sim by aS + opp swy yaaa | sinzin Apoxy * woes abs 
wy ons piman ot nwdy ‘ono sintin apa rnwn ast 
mop Bean sin $55 1° pow ads poo sinws Sy oan + oy 
swa nyt bid xd sere stor San samir non ww ds * nnn Sa 
by msn Syn non pines me pen pwn ond pindsy 
so) simm ms oman * > nn sown oa sina pn yy 
yw ned ana pwn ova simow yp bay 95 np + ponyd nen 
yop simp oopmy aps sy ann sa ym sino’ 
‘yayon jap omewn ody sandy Ayan sen ove + Seed or 
nna by sofe “ea nom ben apa np ynwn ord) santa hs 
Sean sine adv onan ym psn 3 mam 5b) sindy wy 
IP pmwy win ¢ axday pwn oy pimyax oBD * ay mam 
WIENS * WIP NPD YOWN oa simxyw opor + mmd> ‘nur 
sown ova) sina 19d sex + paw sown oa) | siniwp 

1 Lo, f. 24”. 

f. 46 

f. 46° 

f. 47 

f. 44° 

f. 45 

f. 45° 

791 yw Di my 

m mp | se py do op apy mw 55 ye syne’ 55 wpa 
sap opon bs dys soa’ ow) smn’ mon op mw 
sed aya inne pap» odwn voy + sw’ non by sna 

‘omm> ovn enn yds seen omban way oe pao pany 
SOI IP MW Mona AA any) snyawoy pasn ds ¢ ones 
ssopn > yn gop seme obs op + nmap /nnpdy 

sa Sy + moma oy mew pmo vSy amin + mae ya on 
‘ror yoo nx ranvya “A pris’ mowns ibs mypr pms 
onde Anadn smrdya qt mepp pt om smby yompy 
m5 sn tinsn yb xobn non mpdy rmmw> oy ppwi * mys 
smny adbanm mamn 

‘oyon siymd yes we oven ads sox: pena’ qbon S3 
PR. poxt + Dyn yo JAD sown wD JwsIp pyoo Apwn 
rms Sy Jin :DDyp 

‘on fata sap mn way ‘aed + aw don now aw 
:2IndD Dow. AY * DOM yn py ondxm :awn 53 ‘nnnwn 
:myN nny 

% min rapt) sant yadp yoy now * spp my inh o'nwn nN 
nban > seem pen ot Sh nwy sawp maw nin pers op 
smcinn npn Soa seen ney Swyd 

s25 man jo wpm nana ins ada sox many pnb Ty 
:md woo conn xdye mea may xd privon pnnd Aaodsdy orn 
smys nds bya onynw 

WAP pyoo Ape spoons pyon qe: pod mean ar op ads 
1 7335 1D Dwi? pmax ws wym spade wp MeN + novdy 
sip ym poyn yon spoad sin pws pay epost 
:moyn adden manp ¢pws pon p22 

ON FIM PRY ADD | sya YON pro por * TAPP SE 
:mMappa maw ano spat Syn poy oad) pa syn AN ¢ 445" 

sb xd Joo mam fe Nw DI | nN JQ ANA NDA 
and nar sey Sop wton + stb oe pA fn ADP om 
Ps w22 EN wow + a7 AD non po non Jnpqy’ MD? WIT 


* As in Deut. xxvi. 4, though the context requires qo. 2 So for mya. 

Sow Ty mbxy 790 

mins yoaxs) smhon vhs moby a * a opy’ oMpN yan 
my * ‘msans pa YOON) PANY) M229 AON AIP * AsbD ANdyr 
mn sy * my’ syn yrwar :anady nbhey omp AOD * mow 
| saw pra dy yen» smw do 

faxdmy aan poy’ sory by exp ¢ on aw woop 
op sy op odoy pa wp’ sop OM nyen: oD 
soma ona)! | soot 12 nse’ * oman ov $s sonny’ 
smayp sppo ndann nano by) somssnn ymdpn ip 

ossap ody spy OID OMpY * OMADY Day Sy aoyp 359 
‘pps oon oddano sows mien mbddana + omap awon 
: :maps spo Nd pean) man ner 

p>sy send ov nx poy adn on ben: fy fr abs ana 
Saymi :pann yo byono * jk Ap xy spamny’ inmdp ¢ 75s 
poy sam * Se tn bene aw sb po mins 1a mpp ¢ Bk pwn 
syad Sona) nan see’ yA nn 

py * minona nay tay snr ww pnd: moor’ se Synwn’ 
mbmnn xd ; Aiso5 yop nopp * msa4 oy pays emiaNn aD 
saat 55 a’ smsaom miapyn * nist 

‘wSP NPD Wyo DMD :wenn ops jp won ody npn nis 
swopn san opsaand «wan amd on sein yn wy won 
spas nine ad ya | seh’ qnty Soy aA ¢ eS) mows Dnt 

mw * oo omditd yn sopspm mn’ py * onan wpa 
% mxdost op osons am ofS + on ova opy sono ows 
py’ * pan 9292 2 WP OR sO yon nonn ON 
smsine 15 nds Spy somas waday + oon pond soe inNapy’ 

emaw won ows’ snp way aps iow * moyy oe iow 
sane Sew andma Saf nnn bs wap Mapp ymin’ ma5 maw 
‘MD JD yor wd nox sna na poy’ xdv¢ mapo na pryd md 
saw py opnon 

psn yo sa mesp wp :5an ia any + do any yaw 
minds xd yn eda neoyy am? Syne mesp an pox: Sup 
. :mpinn 

eon aoe by sp jowp ora’ nin’ “wn neN 12 °3 

f. 43° 

f. 44 

f. 42 

f. 43 

789 SMW ay mds 

mas sdswn amd sph Sd aw md) bSns 55 sw + 555 
sma Fa(njo yond S$pen nw wwemm * 583 ns 

mbar wpa * was spy yo’ pnw minds ona’ § wand no sy’ 
mn py sAwy com swim Sew mowed nim peta Soy nm 
sy maw sestpo sy > maby pean * wy003 

wy YB Shy pp eye mass + sw mor apyy Aa 
by smb 1 dap ¢ ay $95 nt wx wb soon wp maa 
Spy PIN TD ptt eopey dy nian yep qed esp 
:mah jo DAMN yo syn pny 

Sop osm pra awe nea $a) nanan Sys son ans 
naw * Myon mvna ppnna spy > nw ming’ + Aansnp 
smawan’ amin sass aynd udp: nd py ort pap ap 

‘op odta on fo ED Awon sown * omen yp > Nd 
novss ipo soviny day’ * oan pot ssa’ poy ope pps 
Soa ovan) awon mown by so Sabo omy oo * pypnwn 
:m7Ow) MMP jIwN wD roMaynD Aw 

py en sian Sy ony So mows 1p) Wwe PMN av AD 
sapspm mbar yaqpy 21295 po Sew ndnesx 1’ 1p Ap nab 
:ma90n ov PNI yy 13 FPA Ana why naw mba sk 

yea) * MIDNIA MN] smn OM NNN Yow TS MIyOR on yaw Dy 
yawn smn mnaw yaw * mrevap mdyoy ynaw joo pmun andn 
yoy soxt myawn ai cedwnd smixdp om owon * mys 
SYN IWS Pwyo N22 VypA am Aisa 

py * owen aw Sip sop pone 19 ¢ DDI oY “spn 
nowy ‘ype soy aon yn’ * oa Mwy. soap pot 
Sw wy? NAM APN sop tn 

:mMmwy andpy * mpipn mow raps wd + yotn wsn an 
smnyp 12 maw 55° nndy py naa snpNend inane) * Ah inva 
tN) Sew sax shh :npnty 25 wa ApH Naya aw 

pero ws ¢ ish ae na sta ap wp ° pol so pay 
‘spy Syn wan sb spy cm sorb apn any ynd :sSyinp 
Panes my aw sown ION Ah wa 

wpa’ yson rman yep oD * ANID Mpy yIIW 93 
mat mseh $x on Asp smawn pep dy 12 DNthb * mpppd 
smb 93 AMON 3m73NI AYA wspA 


Sow Twi my 788 

swan $25 oa syn mor Fbye sms ads 59 wap, gtd san mn 

9 ays Tons oy 

eyo qaada nse s5u2 poy tan ads: mptdp 95 ow pda 
bene pum :dya)-qop wasnt AyD myo Ty: Sepn yas yo 
Soo .pay dy ANd t nod 
yen oyn qo spy oe aon a>$nnd Senw Jove 
sy7ap wpa * Pio Ima DIN ws Ty po’ ma 7b any 
syann ‘anos dy ania +95 po wn 

clabl pi de DON JL sim, 

mo map NS aD pS NA seth an ows ¢ eapd drm ths 
TAN] NInNw’ ENOPT DIN WIN PIN 72 mow pw jnawns 
:N02 755 

gosh * Maes Sbm nvm sp aswh po yer + paxn ow x2 
avy se sponn need spy poesx on opm yop on ID 
: pbk Angas nday + praxt b> np [ayy tps ps an ‘xesy * pin 
smand pwn ypsa ny ED 

+ MP!N wT mA RAY Hy sAPTay mows’ * ASN ny AT 
mx snp» mond sors py * mpas’ pya pm snp say yo on 
| rmiowd) mad ° mpwns aay oon 

bey eanay nwed mina :isom aw xd so * ied nynabn 
ombss Abps) sien sion As * ison) wron dpa owt Myon 
st oN Toney ya ta onde: mngh | 2955 etn pn pny ° wo 
syd’ iD mANDr nw si 7 Rim dS! mw men nbd 

noyt OS + OND TwWY pO Mwy ro No va * odd yn Aan 
*oxyoin 55 an soa Sap. + a yon yt Ox so yp nan 
+ DSN IPN) SD yown map) * Nw mom rows 3D 
smn nwow woe Ayn :oyawd apm 

poy 3519) NNT nap ny yt yo nwew ¢ mon Awe woh 
bx manana porn sae 55 by aon + seam say ip ies 
sma wary rd syd pose bad ome an int bps se jo 

msn $5 ¢ Sean mma’ 3S30n ar nos + 535 $y nh ao 
nd mieespn spa sS55n ar peladar t Sup nd amtah s Senera’ 

f. 41 

f. 4 

f. 40 

f, 40° 

787 Sw Ty mbxy 

yb nbenn moro by sfhya mown indy © omerdmy met om 55 

py spk sq myna nki on mona ads soe pam pn 

stay > anya + Joon 

yoy FANWA AT IPN sAMyw In oy’ + TSA aws ny 
eam mS sp 5 an sanindss ‘ann + pron wyydd oan samy 
rans xox oy 

aom * Jaw yo 7 nn symys don pox carndy: any.‘ 
‘moon mado me simp aed ora poms inn md po pimany 
Sin? pay 330 

Sma nes way vp | to 8d poss pot max onde 
pyy Ss ant wey tap syst pnenay* ‘oyat on ap srs 


Ayo maine S$aap sods dS seed saa maw dyn ads 
353. NWM DD rp SNe ¢ ny apy Son 95 soma pon ad 
ronin+ >. Sy mby * mano’ 

“aya yo mx maa snay ary’ ¢ qeynnd imp po nds 
moa ywn say yn dap qd) Jaw ann apo Sy say oma 
sy Sn ayy Sew + qraw pa 

eon Sina qyat ns now) :29 9973 Spans * onn wn nds 
52 my rasan andyay + opa ar qd op san seb’ xd ows 
snp xd sw pyd + npr xd 

snpn many room p> oedy yo toons Ave ony ody 
maa spoy qk yo 7d wd sop omyn pox 55 5y + 9d xy 
ag ovdy 75 ne? pox yp mm Nee rorpy 7b monn 

‘yoy’ wpm mash | snybis amistad yen min’ nds 
invyn 333 ¢nyp 593 43 DDN * DY MN DID :nnowa pyoyp 
rnin xdy sn xd ws’ 

AN poms se) dost po52 TqI5) wapd spay’ mons ops nds 
by yan D3? aw pyosmy ym adpnn aa yon aya dy + 9 
tpon& sna nsx ‘nopmy * way 

yn Dent on Hs jet som oiyds pane %92 ‘3 tabs 
:DYOYOn poy’ SAM * yininn man nt spoyn Syo mm Ae 
! sovon Td yay WB IND mn aw pynd 
Yo ospin myswm pn Ayayja addy mw ren’ nbs >. 


ee ee 


. ———— See eee m 

Pywawit Tyr mds 786 

ovyiddy nay oy pms | so ID Pap ONO yaw 19 
PwIT yD wp mM 3pdsx 55 wipas yew ap2 Tyr ¢nonn 
mand ndway sans ovnyinn indw ¢ vip» Syne ny 1a: ado 

‘mpIwn 3p mw 1D ow) ssobm mp * maw qd ain on 
mon ‘ow ssoda Joon aN mona yok NYY sADIpD wiIpd on™ 
bapy’ swan om cp by sox mim mod opine namn oy np 
sims mimd sn 

*orpon poy 75 ndbw sqdupx poo yo met > ody qdon sm 
yun wind 7 nbw ssw die na 9b ody sont b& sana’ 75 ody 
39m owin yn par’ do ax odbwn poy * voy inom ow som 
simina Sapy sean may yyy yay ad mown ssapn don sp 

na mow da) :nbwa [on poy ayn sp py AX mw omND 
mona ow adap op esp on ster Spa pa smn 
%Sm9 19955 poyny © moyy pons boy spp» near + Ape poy 
. SInyNws yw 

% ndya mdy’ xen pow yosn nwo Sy ann dSSppn oop 
Syty wn AnwRa DIT Nan snody opD fone NMDA ¢ ‘As 
pyaae oyyy’ wan nbs ma Sy pone wean rans’ pwn 
swap sw Spy’ wean’ “awe do SS wean pnd S yoo ov 
Sbanet ean sid yyw min’ xn ww pyp xde’ sion 

ars wl ell ide le Call stb ily askby ind ule Cast 
Goal cylin etl age all cl nally Gall ell lll pal 
| “0 lol 
saymt nop 75 sep imawn sew: poxn by own cp? 
qo D :wspn ywda ox ¢ an Td) nds 32 wt ant mpias 
swqpa 2 os pt may oda 
nxt pda Sy mene 95 aan ya ao nay max or ny 
‘sonny’ yprp :aryn xo Sx ny qoona rayd ona say 55 ain 
sany 52> sam 

_ ? Not in Lio. 2L12 aw. 

f. 38" 

f. 39 

f. 39° 

fF. 37° 

f, 38 

785 pow Aww my 

say xno pdm aS ompdy + nbdpy yon pay spe Nop wtp op 
sy ¢nnoon yada oe anya’ pape Sen qbiow aa Seen 
fn ys 

wipn mweayat aby omwds’ indo pot os na 5 nde 
syn wads wip day roby wdy pom boy + cpp oma min ir ady 
sina Sy asbeey symat ned npr 

soynpa ra spay spon’ andy nm po wd + ene 1d an ansh 
ny mane spiny ony andya + snw pd wn on | soa. oPDN 
Ip oy myIw wax md my se yoy ma py py’ pd 
sinyts by sy $5 spines Sry posta ap any sep 

mop tps psp SenwS pnin owt mpy nay ov ain Okan 
symor Syaw py a says 55 Sybyn xb + ay mpm yawn gyn 
syn sdk oy myn Spy paxdoa nopm ya4p 

wipd ¢ ann WAN NIM) PAOD] wR Nn wR myn ya" 
my pi) nbwa Fp wwe) py 12 1933) ° a yopN 12 ¢AnyI 
simaina’ addy sane 

my 79 TD NIT OD EME MINOT | Myzw yD edwm 
ymo2) ponbm? wasm ysom toss abn mow stanp ia pon 
pinay prado sSsne 58 winas’ say 55 wd 

yoosa soo ovinnd sind sownann yds own paw yo 
yow spn | ist “nb md anys yop ew ya cer eypN pap 
my spainn yaw’ * pannn cmp oan sat wes 1a * NB 
Hinyas) on 

sd 13 t andpp an apne etd mS any Sy ¢whp: ar snay 
“aby monaroay sorpp 55 wtp dx xdy * dw mows’ wip’ smny'p 
syonad siap ymawnn ndyr* yayn’ 12 mowar siden moby nyaaay 

DID 3D JD * DPR YIN pO INP fywk mows waN? prnady 
spw'D NI) may py “pyr ‘oon mB Tn py mp so IN 
‘mm ox mo Jn pannh wow om nyse * ons wy? mod 
soma yay ay Sy snc wep 

san n’nnnay soppon wp Sx wen’ * pyo'n nyaw jo ov 55) 
san 55) sa) Spa pwaned gaye sana saanny ayy + aston 
be espa oy 55 ov 55 spn qos po ine woSk4 * a an oy’ 
sinaxdy mos see on ar 


Pow Ty mde 784 

yaxdy sons 59 5 som * inno ay 5 jm soo amp dm 
sTay po ocm ton» mon 

mY INN ma am pach mosyndt * mpns nip 3 op indy 
poy worn son)? msn ap PSN2 nna code yea + meip 
sqrapy on span? doy nse moe ia 

syn mir’ sj 55 om by mwynsst ¢ wos oyp xda ona tabs 
yo Sony side. an yma? wy AS Joe pA yer? wd 
:qanp’ yon * Tox 

sawn nes Spo wad) emaw sy Srkoo ¢ non pms nds 
myn *5yy smeae xd qanasndy nny pow: Jan :monanydy aad 
sTIwen qe aby’ win 

pibw nena‘ orn Supt’ ome) stony syd * own ya nds 
»absom ayy Syd) say 5 yminsay * ony ay 75 yn? sayp 
:yow") 743 

55 wap) * pyn pr oyawy : fae ta ads) popy ja nowy’ nds 
son * qdom Joma 330 55 nao * ody 55 quan td) sonsb 

insta Sys ap 75 nna sym 7d adap ay ¢ dwt pores 
PIN wns spoxon way Sy por sox AD 7S mvp syne 95 
sqatn ono dy any + 75 


syON min pon ny 1b 2 prDA YD 

35 32 *3 * pow ‘SSnndy sab sin ‘ims ams Sap ssan 
syane’ pao do: win bby qwows sy * wax sd) sono 34 
sims, wa gyno th »day 

yoy apn pds sess so Soa ¢ ws onn at 
WD yD syd ya yom awd sy aon wa yw) soy nk 
Mena gna qwse aads pbs yt syays andmt sya + naw 15 
rinpon ppna sy xd 

tnd 902 PN) SAPS YIN pO ON ayy toma apy dy 

med) sax pwn ano py pod otnyn rodym mot whds 

ow sino 1 Sap nd omyn Sony Sse ur po ana 

1 Lio. 2 Lio mpwn >. 

f. 36° 

f. 37 

f. 35 

f. 35” 

f. 36 

783 Pw wi mds 

% 3m * ash wad sim + mona vos xy ¢ mow nnp by on™ 
sy Sy canis miny ma | cama) maron esp) inpy yD NoDM fe 
mmm op tan 1ad mow wy ads soem ny + omndon on 
SO" whe’ wopr td 

ton'> ato 95> Anam + oppor po espa nays mde ads sp 
won? ndow ND onward’ nay xd pnivonr so npan 95 onwy 
nyop * pay mny pyr sos pna yoo Apyn’ nna xd xo’ 
bby son’ ya poopy ¢ pasa) poe yO * pon’ ay wp 
TYAN WN AIAN PON pon Moy Dvn * pd ww 

pall ae stall age M pall Cid ash cast ani, o> Lal ade 
"i alll doo, Ail eaalal Ly ule 

nda phy mwy nny '> scaom) “inn pan by own na 
trans Son onde ss3D apy toa tm nd ws | ste dy 5 
ssay qb qb d5y 

syos) * ep AYIN Ip maw opr 75° ova max nD Hy 
s7ad spyy sysonn maam + yd) Sy5 pop ans o> spay qndnt 
sma’ $51 anes * nay 

axon Se * by 58 amet seta ea 7S * omedm nit pr 55 
Sy pers add sro on rstoy ods per’ ‘nox ansy sw OR 

sony yor d9a* mawsy opr sanod) aa 6 S$may aw say 
sqwan S95 mnvan onde Se sary xdy ow xd + popa ank 

sp on Soa sqytyda 2d om + amas nds winds ons 3 
smanb sprays pom + pay wns tas tbn Sy 5 van abs 
spb va” Anes ¢ 43D3 

ssay i> yD py 

op « ondy 0b spe same naw Sys * on pon ax nbs 
sme 5 Amin * ato jo Jeew | snanndy mond poxa qdana 
syany wen ty amp oN 7D 

sah admom amon sn ist $5 wp by + aby wie po nds 
+ sdwpy ame Sa Sy. sayy pnd Som + mbsa 75 pes awemee APN 
:Jqn>" yon 

‘annoy map Nyt fon ws apnay anaes non’ mar mds 

yaw Tyr mdyx 782 

ones Sy anars 7o pox wns step’ wpa + ado ans an 

is fan a) 

See vial tll walla) dal aM pall JS eS Je 3 
WN ye) sede ppl alll 

romon ods obs yi 

pra Sew? mor wp 595) * naw wp jp ¢ odno soy Sy 
pa? wim mown semens poo 55° esp o;npp wipnx op osn 
Sony * DIMN ON OP DWTES yD * DID nysaw odwi tony 
spon 3 

man * wr yo Seed + en 2 saynest * On sr wR 
IIT ¢ APTI OMY INYT! WPA RY }D ¢ Ipwa mo|an way sosayn 
‘pins my pip) abwa’ ay? on png’ 12 wm sovnaND Yn 
ro yn mbyns 

mbxdi aes ovoid Sse yay ome o's * nay 557 dm 
emiman nds Sp yowos * mnon xdins ia whem poem vn 
* fort yo pad Sipay sneeby psn jem wea’ man mewn san’ 
sosiaga’ en PNPENT * MA ‘D8 IP? Ap Adi 1D 

3 DWNT YIN mT 1D * wine xd pny owinn yaw 75 
‘WIENS OMNDD “wyM wp POT Fw poh OD yo 13 
wp’ yoo * Amban yonwn 39) soy many yo ¢ werd yp 19 
SOMA Dot AMY pymwad wm + Anya 

12 7° Ips 5543 pom? Tw ADNA In Foy * SwY woMa jDD 
*mBD 37 py MD pO MDD 12 Ty’ sD NaynD OPS yaa 
MNS OAD prow sen soar Sma eany + may py “poy on 
manda * mayady ndrith qos qo owen * mown a’ yaa nen ¢ ney 
ro 32 DMD 

yaaxs xen mpby cngp yIuND N'A TINT PN pIIND NtA 
* woond O32) WIND pn wn soPasy yn qwnn byt ¢ ae 
‘Say. NYDN IM man TD spy Iw Aen? woe mb oy’ 
roynon Son sin saws pwn op prs’ 

rosanD pner? md. wees wp * mes wp myn yaw 
92 DID OPN | IND 1D PDD) weND “wer * wa’ OMDND 
wap * Se ma See aby orp * de ada soba npr Seow aS 

f. 33° 

f. 34 

f. 34° 

f. 32 


781 sow BD mby 

qbap xdve > ame poy edo pad 95 aon + nds ans op 
mds mnt ep yt Say) 9 * madpon mdm dy sate why 
spade ny pay? ondsn 

1 soyowar pasa 5 aninds sondern opin + mas nde 
soon S93 yn son 7 by sons odin’ pwyns my 

cpl dw got exl earl Js5 Ww s= lal Wo Ax) Jles 
“YN) sdekd Xl 

mr pyyn oya ody * AMD TDN jo INNS Ono nbs 
poy 55y%* mmada ww 35 pipw sypte 7S ow * amb sop 
STUN ADIT fd * FNNApy’ ao ¢ wIy3 

poy wonnah nina qynd adr + ayp 55 poy aw pny ond 
sn nnn? apy poy wp nyo samo. Imws JAN” AMD 
sqowe ys Som: qminnw” ein 

Jes pAwa poy yond vayy* wet n& ap Joo Sapy spyy rads 
tem Sap qows1 nein naw * widen nin Sx pnd my yo 
STIMy) Jp sD Jmy pH sye wont poy 

‘anynw mx ow 3 doy ms mdyy sanmay jp qe‘py Apr nds 
main *Syy 375.93 an anny ay 7d po Tower Jabs Syn 
syIw" yO yD 71 

md yoo Sap» snw mas maa 1 695 mya az ohn aan nbs 
syen ytona Toy aw 55 95 mom sFwamy xd wor io qd wan 
paayd ana * ynxp2 you 

ane! qady sib 95 ssomar * S55 wen po quad) pny tnd 
sy poy tyonn + Sy xen Sop by sym gd anon + bows 
sow) mA DNs JmAN ns 75 op 

meson * opt ody smonn mpd’ onary + comer ayo obs 
bbs quad smopn 75 own + ative pnd 55 poyp om smn 
spar inva Ss * mw 

ovonnn * saya poy $$. sopin oyawm * Aa par penn nds 
‘Jnnax op sam soya ap 7 ny * soy quo 59) sores 
:T05) jON 720 

pps qaao yon $dom) wnwar stood you + 2>5p dapy 

1 Lio yon. 


ee asad | 

Pow Ay mbdy 780 

smapyary nwva’ dpb’ | slye 
smanve apn... wnPK PI LI Js, 

WENN * nayy wn oy ar pnonn soyds2,,. oe ana adn 
sondan we ot Sy 

yo smoan pps away sme 55 apy sAndys ma awn ot 
somdse min 

249) SDIPD PIYI PL wie 

AN DAVIN jp AD jd :Nane” _ads Jie, 
pos op Sk pyn dy 
smany’ 55 wpa top pan mysw mwa Seed woes oa 
nya aha} sony omwon monn * oan Sy) AD and Dw 
* DYNPN YIN 12 MoyyN MDF an Sy sAymdp om * ovin yds 
sma’ pan» Sy wrens 
pnna? xd ndyS sm Sy oy Sippay enya wey’ awp an 

Sealy TON IN 

7 monw 
*... 0800 Anan 

dam, iye lei J ast! a8 Je 3,1 1D TONY lerwy 
wel ade he all 

sw mm ows 

mprya ‘ nody “mena mms nm Joann: pasn by pnw on 
nen 3 Sy qos * qiad 95 poms “nwsanr ptt Sy xd qban 
stay ods pai gio ND Any ws stdp 

nriny* 25 nx any) sppyanm nanwn * O22) max DD Ty 
by ‘nox mms) pop) oy Pry my pon’ meena sody ony 
sodiyd vax on + 7553 

pony * pudw $5moy abba aw ny * omardm nia op 55 
abe ansonn ai 3h pdy em ¢ amabs jnop anes 3 tbo 
yor Sy mx 

1 As above, p. 725, top. 2 Continuing as on p. 444, ll. 1-7. 
* Continuing as on p. 444, ll, 12-15. * As above, p. 225, ll. 13-17. 


f. 23” 

f. 24 

f, 3x" 

f. 32 

f, 35" 

L 12, f. 13° 

779 yw jy mds 

Sona ws ww’ smn abn An ows? 

pow saws naw sAppdos 2a mown sym nod mby 
winis mde ma simds qa jas Soamy san son 
DY selsy AIT JOIN welsy mM My sna ADIN TIAN 
RIPON ONT VOLT DWI ID aatKe Igy wile nS $0 9m2 

£14 pall Cahill (3 laS> wads ley snoyy sown orth anopn | by 

mbm sen min meby pat wns jo sony Gus eu 

py ons sen ppomedy Sapy miny spon om $y may spn 
poy) ast, Ge SM oS | smoyy wow ova jy *NOUT 
:aoa mbyn Sonnm manwn odyd) sanon 

“11 Spel oma Y Wl 

: bons mim ows) say mm ows 

SM AMP sm Ty Nonn NIM say ‘DEN IYO OF mdy¥ 
PDO. :3M) sAIID SAM s|D) yaw snaw) eAMIaM Nn 
wow soySer sow) sma) SED spyr mown spy sao 
NDA NIN WD JO Bw WN? sl gL séy Law ¢msT 
3) mn pya onep Syan 

symmap pdpnd * ory Sia nnd 

siemiway Nop ‘op S88 mn 

sik Som ‘on mod Soa qoay 

simand /nysw’ toby ma > ant 

siaywa dan ‘pina bs aw nbd 

¢y25Na1 Adnt3 ‘pins abs 902 Fy 
1 L 12, f.3%; Lio, f£.1>; L 1s, f. 1. 2 Beginning as on p. 443 (top), 
with the differences shewn here. 3 As for the FD. * Liz,t ts 

Lo, £. 4°; Lis, f. 4°. 

:myINa MIT an jy Mmbdy 778 

spon by sinpn xd dyn tan nmin Sete yn ane qwn in 
stp Sy py wD EID AN PDs oypnn wd» 

$72 ww an mows’ on ossay nt Sap Sy eon syn an? 
sim mans spy mw doy° gna Sy pap dy poy + qaarh 

wn jo Pwyo NN JPDNI :m2wn N|IPN ADNN on) ADD? 

nosy * pom) pyyow) DNDN AUP AA wR Am owas’ oor SSamy £62 
myn Sonny * maw mNo Ap on my mAxo’ ponsdy Sap 

: 3103 
wel Jee! whe ais ¥ wl 

1 With note (sly). 


799 :myYIDI MDA on aww mx 

‘ans yo radio * sonno Nd * Rup Sop © Fin Ant Abi 10) 
22009 $20 PN wt anes * aN OD Wa ano In ANDY 
smo pw aNnnd sy tomar ar ip mn > ap wr EN 
sepoy 55 oa b> nest yn at Soa at boa at 7A 

theet!] uw bli 

:myOwA naw spn nos pow + mya ‘ad + Awpnd * AS nd 
syqyd3 mapa aw) ann sayin ¢ NN) 134 

‘avn pd exon Sop sp Mwy Apa + opm * onyon * on 55 
SnD Mowpa 72 Pop ws yI4 WD foND aD 

essy syd a on py men Soya aw on a jo 
eam qady sy pos ona ps opm qn an sca aro a ar 
sey dy an po 7b on 

m soo xdy¢ pow dot otpm oan by © oben * oops inh 
SSN WIN SIM IIT Mw Sanya ams ann 

soy mo tn vam sq pio Sawa + qd * qyem? 
steno tp sgn Sy + gna ay * gnt oxapd op * InN 

£.62 Samy pos Sop * ordwa mney smadoni° madnn * mas wd * maw doy 
sepd yoo) spaid omen pawn jot 

sox mo timpn by smomawa* mw mown an Sy + mawya? 
sytobay Jab sina jou? wo samimdy oy Sy + anya 

ops ae won oy bya awn am cosy * xtworn Spys 
pp yoy ya yay ay pray? ay poy cet saw pyym * awn 
:IND ny TWh * 10 

‘may nbap mx sanxn ma inpon tpn ar Yn + ae joan? 
th) pox: spain Sy * nay mown wan ‘mans sw dy + Asan 
: op) 

wad + nonyast pop youn * nonsaya wy + pomby dap» pny? 
ms Joo as * mmaat moys Sy * anyowr + nmin 5:52: pon 
saan yo wadm) samwp aD 

soy pinne’ Syapn many anyann anya joys evn ADD DN 2 
sy yA power stan’ %Sp 75 py * yaw anys Sea Jaa5 

1-l Written in the margin, with note sil). 2 With note sly). 



PAW] MIA an Ty my 776 

moa’ Sma canyy may py ‘poy woo OMon + mB A py mp 
{wp “DDI Ay 

py Sy apspm) sewa op nya * oonds min ad onnnws 
:wII mows * ynwn 

DMN) nk wyn mw AND. fwopN pyn ax’ o>dy Joan sy 
:wIND) now 

“wyn syion Ar nis) :wo2ons ADIN AID ods on sw p50 
:wspn ans by 

‘AMID wn yo Jw 2B" 75 yoym yor aat b> yap say? 
t1y5a 55 yon you 

bony JEN pan Tw Pepa IND AN PAN Ww AIAN IN 
sw 3> pnd 

nyoo * pay Sy apyn :wba 55 yypw mx ¢ mm See non 

sym * ins op pada :wesm adm nyssa sexy? pomby wonn 
solaiy WIP (NPD ONN wpN Ww mT 

sos oa oe. nk ann yawn eins 

sow 75... Ow MAY JID LI 

oe 11D WN sang led Soy Jus aM own bx may sony 

br Sew po ore owN me? wItD aD: writ si * wen ED 
: saya Spey: Setasn + ower * Seta + Syn 

‘why on py sf tn 525 + pep Sone pa nis ¢ pam wen 
sey a5 sea poo t ey ad my’ wenn 95° esp por’ 

m spaw S95 + awe) ers ta poe att kos a 
mm 25592 15° Some pyns Soens sy * SSone tas + Syn 
: ay 

ses pot smann bs * made’ + mayen * manny * nixy yp 
:synn andna ssayny 7S apm awa’ daz ayn d53 

S> soyt wp np 1a > Nena aa ans > qn caNDt on 
Sonn 24a): TayM wea? saan ards sayny nae * spy an 

ric, ss, 203 OM. 

f, 64 

f. 61° 

f. 60 

f, 60> 

775 ya M07 on Www nvdsz 

PD AN ADIN AYP NyapA APY adn an NT ows’ “D> SON 
YPNIN asty 5g TD POND WI ssvy mda 37 nda nyawn jo 
TT INT tiny Cal ole pao Qa Gull ye TY Sly 
om me ods) saz mayan sms) aon onde apspy nbn 
842 2s etal Jie siz, sala (So is wag 
AoW AMIN n+ se ma OMIT mx yo now xd dna 
1 Sap mo mow pov max To nse Sx an Sew 1 pans 
2x2 m>p som Sans a pes dawn 
Jone sos pays wo md spy mx yyw vnnn pie 
:mowa ovoys why snow 

9% Le see J! Nom Cabs, OITA Mwy ANPY OWI D1 | AdN 34 
NT Jib saey Juss ddan Jlay abl J all 55 oly 
gh®y AnD wo wmIpA ahopn Ny aii le Jie m2 yN2D 
voll He WT yet patally gtr je Coy! OL Goll 
WINN sdmy 480 pdt syetll lave Jlby MID NNT yardty 
NIT gJp82 lodary voli, TP? DUMP Tw Jle lese, 737 AININ 
soliy MID MANN waN) [TN] GS Gy Ge GY INI’ 
NPT ONWA YOU DWI 1D) lac or dyad oN IP gab 
Ns por ‘yawn wind ov wwy Tine max Ss sat anspn by 
MM Jay IND yO NIT Twn’ lew, p3! call mory aT 
“oy mim dn mon moby 93 

sepa maa mbyn nbd sweonr adn + by Sew ae 

mbanydt + awa 7S mdbey sep onyn 55 Sy 95) + sda Jana 

myaw 95 wee) sex mayy2 mana mp min 75 mow 
!Wp *NIpPD MpNN + ony 

AD ost owns mot sw end wIpMT wawn win pp 
:win 1D 

yonu *anainn Sapnn iat np» swans oO MNBD* wD Mwy 
:wba 5513 

swim) now 55°99 TOUT PwINN ARONA oN’ MP yOUN INT 

‘D357 YP TA PWNS OPN YIN jo * AwyN’ moon 1) 
wow ny JA 

sya. MIT IN wi mds 774 

mon ow wi[p]ay spn Sx sw jor ' qdom nwdwa spapo ns 
yon nT jon nt 4K 
sn po jawio ow mde tp spo aw 52a ¢ 1p AD naw mt 
by + minds) miop2 : yp. MBN) MM Minow pa sap? OMND 
*orsdn by Sy rieny pow A oy yoo by sper opp 
* Sion ya xd soy prem ponna: apn wens sppon Nan 
qn :ypppp awe eds npbya ome ney sienw wea pdparh 
pum sien pdxrw * mdi nded | sypsar nyt obna ‘anyp pms 
HEM) prs srs ane Ar my sy ory mare ndsa joo 7 
poy qnan’ on ar ay sap yar ar ow * mpm oan b> py 
ssnmax nda wos spb yo ypbea qrapp 55 wwem sian’ qyndy 
qnp oN? 398299 oO yOR Jn qmew 55 Jay pipe pda ors 
ANON JOD nas * mdapy jx Jw, :1pt pox aa + addpn 
sown by sipm ena pinnm s ammn poy awn sex 
12 mya’ nayy oynwn om soxnna yoo pow. Ay * nmin 
WNDN yO) syd) Wan wyd Tx por mp yn mwdwa spn xd 
fap’ JS ayn * a Dw wpa f1BN OPM * mA wos 

AND) AND AWN DD ITN 215. Jw. MDA * AMP 75 oD 

Hay 7334 oI 

2o2 An? ow ID ox :pad IY potay * oN ANDY oN 
wap Sy mm pwn any spo my ‘oy now av wyn spo 
syom in ood pe spond oy * ann apy don spony 
am os poundy syya* pvonn psd inv sw bxy eno nw Soa 
:p>2a) nx? oad> pln sow yar spady ono yn’ yp nN 
nam. jo yy wn spoon ap jo? oD wT NN) 
% wpm ied spd min om pa? gna ypr wn yd? spony 
SPD) :INND ON AAD wNy WN | ep N IPA wen * ANA 
sina pomp ndm Sop yeas spond ndon + adap ms 75 
mui moana? paas yom mwdwa spora PAM ¢ poy Dy 
ny ods * 1 non) soap MIP * py OND 3329 


sally NIB Dy mY Tay 

1-1 Tn margin swly). 

f. 59 

f, 59° 

f, 58> 

773 myYID.2 Mon an a mbdy 

snawin nisD3 *D ony ww yynd ost nbxd :Sa.n myra 
spdyd sy mom map 55 yywd sd oa ms 

snd amas 

sya pow abn 

a) DNDN MAN wlye 

yuna ws * Sew oor war pid03 donn * Syn ows moe 
sex sym a own saxdo nde sin sayS sos wp own 195m 
wm own io Sy inby som pSy cost op ovr pin nD 
min WD yaND2 WX yO OwDr s12wO oN da Yow Ndax 
wnan eps by) sy25on Aan pany iain yan ody ¢mio2 489 
sioain poyay *jnyay dp you siqy poy + Ne 

:mandy yons mds inpty3 

maid ows ona) Tom) spoon naw ¢ otydsr pons nds 

tabydynn mony yan at a ays be aban mansn ino ody 
:yavnn pwp yr) * nyt ANanay mesma 37329 “pny pro 551 
sp ow “pas Asan prapa sys by yt pepo + nxdp> pon 9 
‘s30w mA DID sow ny spor Soy maa Sop * Awd Sad wm 
yiminsy o¢yonan ben on 3 * wey mp aw sion diapn dane 
pyam ay2 md + poy appr maw Say 4997 Row And + poo andys 
xdinsy * pean antaN 9 soy $5 wa mar’ pe po mines yard 
‘pp ny da syqpna Sy day * p»spy (7) whey FyToy pans 
sopo xdy syomt noaaa xdy oat ad ony adi | spoaw xd) mow xb 
yon oi xd) aedy pee pew adv spoqp xdy imo aby + award 
ay pay ome odoy edt spy no yw sy nd: pao dy 
mum) * Myon) mpypm ¢ oom Stan mb wp wen ads spond 
‘mAmainn pnw eds st ypwa dy main + mm apm ¢ ya Nba 
‘oon pxtowda: sinew pm mya ode: s poy pom Aypm 
myo pm 7adn by a3 ann + pyoyn poser 37925 now) 
nov spon py po ova Ar anay ar om sya sys md) on 
spinon yo Np) oMED ADNAN yows spo’ pnts Sey + oo p22 
sO DY po mya syoxa~ 535 nis + spay pnsipor dw 

1-1 Tn margin $3 lam eg sll do GIy) jam jal ey! 

SIA MIA an sty mdz 772 

pn ‘nem pray 5 awed yn rndwhwm opm + pam sn ops 
eoyndss min ana yay pndBane yn Jam! smax naa eadynd 
smdup nyd 1b mynd 

rnd aman 

‘NNN WN mwD IND rfp ond im yon andy jw pw sn 

sna soap news soy qaad Sey ins anay som) pas 1) 
Soa yon * foun oA AN 3707 DpH. yo ‘aw * px Sew 
‘mapn ny nyawa ow So Any’ yay? py apo ann wSs sn 
nynnapoben qyot ¢ moda pana swrxd sp pady S05 pa an 
:podna db as? pon Sy aS nyo : pop Nyon an D™pA 
PANDO NM PII IND POND ION pom. * mK pI ana Mm 
my jana ¢poxyy own ia aband awe ona sod nana 
nwo nad + any na pown ant soe an Sy maw: abun 
nda | :pady io an pody pen apn pd Ayn sna spd ja qa 
PMN spon Sys yyawN PD AN NNT SONY OY WD ¢ jnawnA 
spans jan pn7a > AS spoy ND ANS Pw yD wD 
mo sot pos mddano spony pray per poy pen pet 
oy * ripdess wd oe sqrosay 5 ndaay rs Goa abi sop 
qr > ppm sows soo pony yas wd ym spop op 
:poro nx qond nsx Joa pps 

n> Ama5 

yds nw ndwt ondsn oon mn ppv ons onder on aim 

wep omy mnay yt by p> west ombdsn an may sony 
mom spo yep yen ar owt ondsn ano mm po 
fo nyaw iawn mapa sos ondsn 

snd mamas 

rye poy idn 

[Aroy]w spr ndyd sy in oyp * tose xd nds md ody mane 

soli, mand 

snd amas 
eld Spas 
mond yoy Sym ads s Spm awn mbes nded Stan qin ndad 

f. 56> 


77% im. MDT on sy mbdy 

syop 1 mbps ‘sont jp nds x2 

syduo pena pp “say ny poo yo) 
:ySwno nnn pon) ‘ams yD" 
rySyp syndy pad ‘ame? oN 
spyaaa oda ‘man ma pert 
sydonpp wr po 53 yD] ODYP 
:yoaw Nwons JM ‘Symp mwa wr 
:y>owp32 osidn Spy pan Sy swe 79 

ry >[ae]ow wD ‘mesnen Jota obit 
:yoaa ID wt ‘ rnwnd snl 

‘yp ome pyr eroe nodes mye ¢ psn mane sn 
pw :ydup jo byp * nwa wit jo ona :ydsax inay ny202) 
sex owen ana xns sy peda moby nba swe * oon awn own 
yoy sys irdda pd swe onpyd nowp wim rydppp ton 
svooa on ads oinwon nbp San eySony int “disp * ano 
emom on Se oma spose nawy minw? pmon ome Sy xp to 
rydpy ap po aya Abed ye son aya rrdn5 son oa pEe TIN 
pymdon aD On + ywE) py Nw iow TDI 

2nd amo 

eat Ap xday xd) exdiy anos yt) pod an’ navn 95. RON 

opt Sm mS opadya aaa ba pox endmny nine pew on 
enddsona wd Spy oon po cmp pndn on Syn + adn xbe 
porn *oson Sy dap. ends swx pain onsasy tn be om 
ssonn omy aro smdsaS pw ses cys ombdsn in endo: oon 
mdym | smdiap xdav wed + aun ow ‘maw pr padan io ap worn 
smdyp my wp sew ‘Sy san xd embyy sew pots + Soy ns 
rons edie ads md) sanded meen adsxd meno ¢ inp ya opt 
mnow jo yn pads yt way edna edt sim ended) oo adm 
xon Sop tao 75 ow wet emdnay manawa wdSmay + apa ana 
wa yop tmd$on Spy po * oer ampn 1 pen eadmyn Soy 
mor snbyw soy xdy soya anor xd port embdn addr + wen 
smdmo id wrasse 75 nny pads xd yon pynr* apy xd oop 

1 Tie. own. 

:AIIII MDT aN jy my 770 

Soom may nme voy? onn mass sanhp> mvp 3’ ean 
ranma ‘naa? > pt pp ram wy “mane * ppd yn py jt 
yon we wat ayn mar samimdp apm * Hayy waa wadn swys 
“may py ‘py EMM “TIA DON MBS WIA py Mp san 
man 55 sanyo spym* pads mm ad s/nnows Sma sanyn 
met > samen an ads qmbap Sy samp aw + Senn 
sma moop. * pans yards 7S sanvvon 35 opm * yd Sy 
‘ADI NN NN mM my sams’ wor? ypn b> ‘naw ir 
:mimwp jo 7b na JoOpN. 
silye gla Y Las! ade 

wip Ss mac orn we by swyn mow mp) ayn mr nnn 
gx 55 * pods pon ow yy FE WOM? AANA aD sD 
oan nsed mdoy siny) wxon * oop ns 555 mdpy 34991 not 
Sy samap wtpd ono’ See Sap 55 mandy nnn mend 
seloig TIONI ANN PII sow. pop ¢ oy mr Sion 

3D tA AMAT DDN S52 ¢ md AMA Anis md) nbs Tran’ wlye 
spdiyd ands qriay my om sw nd Aman pp 

Wo Jl leans Cond! dole 3 Cosdd (ay sp NI 1992 
spdiy> wow qa) Any om sw owmbs... mds Joan 
TDP p22! ‘Fy whale gy Golo Le Ta ye Je sax, 
nano sw ow7 *s dy oshs wa’ nydon bx in ab te 
“wo pay mo wy pax conn bene yow own’ >) JBN 

naw sion’ 7 sna wy PAs oFpaxt onan mp son 
2708 poss 1D IMS Sy ova) “a> NIA MOM pny pa mand’ naw 

:edy ndyn sng ‘soon 55 on at 
2955p 55 ayn ‘syn py por 
spony inawna Sony se yo mp® 

epdyaoy pdm ya tOyvpn Syn wnt 

f. 56 

f. 55 

769 SIN MIA an yw Mx 

moon scyno 55 an nd nds aw wR NwONA NIT 5 D3 
yop ad an ney xd) ass op set nw Sy + endow ada 
*syodn sobm snes sw nd po wee nytyi-miyo nat min 55 
mr syst stays ava bobs + ayn spa nyo sop? xd) sone 
sayID ANS nox? > nwyn mopman sax Pp nos * PDN IywA 
‘smay yo mons 55 sym mapa Joy * Jninew wsinnm qnsian 
sopom xb omeswn prota ima po ws cin stad 
spo py yoo satins ams ¢ ne Sy 55p> poy aay 
:ynnd pyown oyyay* apon mad awyps ime scx dye dy 
wy Ov yaw pMe ond mon pom ops yoo yp Dds 
nowp ban Spam + nay pn peep pox. sa nd ot xd ¢ py 
sop mown ud prays stew onda ot oman nowy oyp 
son mown yD) yA pyaxy yndwm maroon scm snr py 
som sayDM Joon nae yn nyevay aw Sax pind yas 
Sino wt snes ab aw mony mS ssymp 525 3 any aor by 
wp MT eT Pp oe ayn mrosds passe pad ytinp 
ys] sp Ay Ww AM SoD sw imap sony py wand * 43D 
sayy tt 592 ¢ aban xd wah son om eown son oy pa 
ax pain’ poy an ssw pay moot | AONNN poNA nxian 13 
nnoy syp 59D pminm * asm swea ndynm sap AD 7D 
orm mawn 55 ppm) sD vA Anwa min * Aa mn PEN. 
JIIID WOK WI son AM wD? Pre maqam soya 55 75 

sa PIN 3 


ol ede Wl dae, ailye dled Doyle Co ade 

sense pana Any mayt mo Sy sanyo a + ber wp 

pipn jar ayaw any 95 ody sanindwa pydy * wotpm wtp 
‘nsor pny Jes sansa pd aay? mraw an > ody samowp 
yo rand wot met * nyaw amy 95 now sana > ay 
mes nyaw any 96 now smmpwn) qytr yon * on yaa Nn 
pow Joo samads jo nt ado omen oes samaqed os 

10 3 nNyIn. 


12 MIT wn sy mdz 768 

cpt see SF Ye ethy Lala oy 

“ION jO OTIS wow pyr pxdo yD sw one pen nds 
sys jor swe ynd Sopy pear ania ai Se sey ane 
:qxdo iw 

:enap wtp Sy spyne pomp Sp watts sw po pny’ nds 
so pov sp ypy nodyar* qos» ininn Sway: awe mms oD po 

bs yon dap See oy opr Sx maa ott + Sew apy» snd 
synay aynd yor sono poy amo my aw yn ope oD 

tanvr Ss asp xd sanmaya mbyo aint amydn snp nds 
sqwosd yy par sqepay pnd Sony? qepad youn: qeow jo Tox 

3b we mw AIT MD PN wONN pyyn * enpn joson nds 
mnsstay 52a) smoy awa Pay? nan ay Pasa nna snyoy Sop 

‘rypr nappm spp amsd swe pa? pins Sean mma nds 
nan AD Syn sqony xd Asnyds © gon» yorma sqona pdnys 

oyna aby 75 ow sorin apmom * ob 55 yan sa 
xd wp yor pos ae maw anor’ oda aa Sapy os pdy snap 

sean mayors a poy ows xd vbnon $5 sot jo wrpa 


:qyay And in ‘win ma mon nna 

£)2D ‘IN AD OON IN ywste oy 253 
spp ovonnd ‘nbs mn nd 
sNT 0 17 IAN) td ds ayn po 

: aya ANAT ‘ynmay say 

:q193 33) dD pnt minty Seaweed 
sow jo wdoyx wdt3 Psu Syn wit 

‘anya ww) moby sas an jo) Sy * swy ons onpi2 o229n 
ap nnbdyd * ann wins osyepay 32 nb Aan jp ADDS 

f. 54 

f. 54° 

f, 2> 

O 3, f. 53° 

767 sm IN yd mb 

shsewd pown pena qymaons dy den min? mon xd wes 
Sy monn sspm t amdp oS wan otddsa Sban + wit ow qo 
ox Dr %oyx aon aan amp von 295 ndpy aby + snptya vd 
mines 2°%$>o0 an nr’ pron ona ax Soy) doy nr ans ont 
sSvawa onadn Sy spay mys qyma s>ean Seas pany + py 
moyann sao AN pa 3 ‘Syr Soy ar Syn mp pa ney ay by 
oon ' yp as pp ax Spy a2 Jann * pp aN po aw piby 
emax ses anx oSop wand pon + ne swe am pdap mp 
mind aw soy sbon pom tans sex ams pdapnn adenn 
sw pd syn ann op * Jes ino aw dyn nn wre JBN 
syo ann omer JBN pono aw > opm mann) * Jax pine 
952 NED sows MDD pty ND jo TINIAN pnd aw 
m awe pdowm Rom :Sxnw* apyn * pny onmmax Spya : ‘dap 
*spomy ciydsr pin etdoy xd ya tw ot wea qo pedyr pron 
wis pooya imum sodn yor * pon aday so Sup pnp 
nonsays vay 2d) ya ponardy Sap pep edyp 525 pow + anny 
ney :tSen paw pam ponyayt pop pow sma nod aw don 
m * mason an Ty naw 9 3 *dyy pody mo nao ¢ sym nay ar 
syn omannd ov 55° mown po nyaw :°dna a4 may py 
*n955 poy sow py pedo mows piney * pons on aw AND? 
bs yoo AX * misD2 InN nn yawn wins san oT aN 55 
smn mda | 
TS Jal Ll ope jlo Ly spall 3 LITIs! Stl Hl ile Ge? 
dee aed pall JF oe Go we Jib kh ee SS 
laze ageAl pall JT sail dst Lil ale Wt dee, GS Lyall 
18> pail ei as all Lely yea gil alll ase go gall 
soil] soe a 

‘D2 mas oD Ty soomnn) manwn * paxn by pwn opr 
sopay w> $59 wopnn + omerdm nit wp 53; pxyynnm) Joann 
prix “nnpd nbs ans > son Spa yop moa? 7>>n aw iy 
nan by stays oon Soa spp wows fama mde syd 5 
sobdwyd vo on */“naDN ANN °D ¢ DDIpNs 

1 From O 3 only. 

PDD IAN yw My 766 

MN do Ker ple wyxXo mode 25 dG gs ptr aye Cy 
mown mr mxdo yesp son nonn * mn spawn on 
‘my yay nonn wt :oay 55 yot + mnawon wtp by som 
yap2 :D“pIpn pot Aa. 2 Sy wanes sony poy 
wean rosnon pa cdy ome po es soy mows ‘mand ap’ 
:Opy nn st * mypA an wm ro pnp odor + saipn mp 
mow awowa: none wweSem so pon yos * niyay 55 wp dy 
win opsam soar msan nwwo mim Sp oo yonwsy rosa 
xdo7 12 oy awn wind swyay roa pNapy yoox 1d * pawn 
‘mop mot mwy > sony maym tmmdon san po porn 
1 :D3D OD yO wnpn wT MDA an wen soy’ pd onan 
SDD Maw3* mow Aww > sob mn non * NPS yr 
SDN) DAD OMNI NY Aw AND) pO™PON wpe monn pd arm 
:OIDM) mia imnowa poy sondon sodnr + nmin wpa 

:O™ADIN IID) MW 37 wIIp3 

see sxe Wl pial os Cab mopn an sy naw de wy Lal 

DW ND TDW ye Bond p29 os Re (sale we Jie wl 
yon *> * yowsd pore nar 2°S$nn 52d yown + spy omnp man 
enw dy ndvn ads ed inn xd odor? so pn 5 npr ed ayo 
my me stds toe 75 sow * wy ae qoym smbvn pny 72 
man sy ssdap yee ae tana > insy ed yan prwstpo + See 
oviny yp 595 pow * wipp oy cam ssdaws iovdn ¢ pawn xb 
3b yous Sap» abana + wom sion ny stdwea 55 i + ompa 
sex ponds nbs xds quot yiny xd) saedon an 522° wt 
957 awa don awd wy ax tana os ar osn tan Naa 
oon junn pin edo ada sto xb mpwp toons pon ps 
een ses Syn sb xd ame 585+ mavn dp qoar 2° 95 
wx ¢ on aminat | ssa snp ssa man dyn 52d 
yon ome wat 29d) on Soa naw dy od soa wa 
exon poop wn qwKosa yan sym wer mo pdwep jo eer 
mbap ax poy + yap ms mawn mssam 3 own pons * pan oy 
Stn Sth wor ado ebay omen om myo Sny wos *dyn 


Liz, f. 1" 


f. 55> 

f. 56 

765 :ma0n an yr mby 

pall gal mehr Xo pall JF ye MDOT IM segs Le ats 
my all JEL 38 Se aed Ko 

mist daa’ snyiab 55 wb op wt ° piper ar esp qa’ ben 
mo ws envoma ydy pm ayia ydy on * pp? wy anes 
sO smwsp oma nya noms * ow Sop ‘py aad ar’ yds 
smwmap cnn ma Spm pet? opp min mbyay osiyb mnyt 
bo yo? on kop anda yoy yap win omow Sew Jwe 
soo wot np 55 Syaw yoy’ 1 bap in smn 55 wtp spp’ 
Seow yoy’ can sp ymin ‘Sys nwbwn mena ib sot’ pind aN 
boys :mpyyn 55 wow Sen any ‘s+ oyyn sone ard amt pap 
smyrn Sm 75 Synr' op nines “andy 35 19 van 

mp Joy mo mx som 1a S$ann yaw fonn Sy spray 
sews pipoa pros mm you > sansa maps AD ad opm sia 
$M IND) MyawA any nyo ans 413 ANI 

smn own’ 
sis... de oH sedle or ules pill it 

aa snyinosm mbm ym Oe + OYA MeyD m sinosn Syn 
SNS ww wow oa pow * onsen b> bp ins anne esp. 743 
wann ww sox oman 55 So Sysw wy 12 Spm smisan 
sux opon' oads 55 wips my yw rmwstpn 55 wean dyn 
sao smn we dSapnny Siapr yp yyy? oty and wd phe 
imsny yo JAD > yn? ono ner Sy Syn gap atin Sew aw 
mins> sow Sap) *my * pyy a9 mbana ar bo smywm on 552° 
smpna xd) mxtos op Sx op may inp * oaNn 

oon) syana %Sp d span dsr * onan ndans oy byt awe on 
popa syasna 1S ama yd niy asaya oar wep ondins 
2... mm qJoum poms Sew wyd pon 

tmbs 34 

1L1 Jes. 2 As before. 

:MD07 aN Ty mx “64 

NT cag cle | ead aA ony Gass Sdn |... Jaas Obnn’ Slay , 48” 
12 mM Tay TDD pO Maw Tn | smody mya pna syNID | ¢g Be 

sox mim yon mnbw sf. 51 

nv bw snr nds myo mos ts wstpat + add ama 
ma opp 55 wp ain vy Sy weed soap avn ¢ py 72 
Ar sn) mwon ayn 7S WEN. se DMpaY * Mipm myp 
ID DPN YIIN yO NPY Dd EH wIpd an was * MDA an Ty 
nyaw yo ov 55) swe cany* may py ‘poy son MBI WI py 
aw yon pespT nay yw oy Se apy Dy mown * DDN 
maNt mp * osd> pn ew py eA mows DI Dw “poy 
1... PIED s™ pea oa mde cnn sna mw AND sw 

$ma53n AYP) 
“NYP TS [IAN NY sf 51> 


seliy ATM “OMY US mys dewea '32 Hy Dp Ndr f. 53° 
s?nvby mom... £54 

PON mA, ,. OMAN NAP syd 

Dy wavA wind “a AD My abl 

Ssaleiy MIVIN MN TD MM nay wls, Tow MAY Jo GUI 

span dap» mds S38 3,5) ely ny OWN OVD w; Sbby 54? 

oS some wbx nbs px nibs Db Jl ose cl ayege GW Iily 

Jl US ayn ne py gH) wd sid) ova om ole GW 

LAP opie sity HON OVD Sap Aer as Wl, MM pyow 
SPIT NID MPA Aree sighs 

» As above, p. 275. 2 Cf. above, p. 763. 
* Continuing as on p. 276, but the »nx as on p. 716, 8 and n. 

763 smn an pi mdx 

Xe wl asl Labs Sle II 
3) NPT mp adam 
™y syxn pa ods Say 
f, 40° | ay san Sy may ody 
3) nw 9d ns AM 

£4 Sy ssppm o:aiaa ma wd) sanson ayy as Samy som 
yoy ell jaa! (3 qeall awn won oY sey qn: anopn 
. nwoy nrmpm lel moby post winx 
SANDY ma’, ,. OTIS Kap sled 
SONI jPIT Pay wips “wo... mA yw Jbl 
f, 41° soanw a $y... ins nn yawn wins wll 

spo Sapy absr spomendy Sap» pays pom oon $& ma spn 
o 0.0 I" IN ole los Wo ax 0 :7Dw AND ANDY ON Mw AND 

£431) whe SI 55 ime de mby pe obs Donny sonn 

Jad JT Le goby OrNDIT API WP aD OYA 
nwyd... own ov nx onds Joan 
3) Soman 
) “ppY pp omdsm 

f, 44° 2.,.m39 mana wae jas S$nn Jie, 

£47 wl OSS pone xd nbs px pads ddan Sle ws se 3 
vos DUD 8D) 
£48 BI Che Gstall yo ghiry Gel GS G2 gaeary Dall pgp od 
pated (ns yb 13D 8 Je yD 7? sla!) juny wild Cincy 
smyinds ppt po yn 7b ols 
snide dot pray Ont yp vl, 
gy WK, é er Jae? 

my jy ado) jar daa j2 DD NI ND 

1 As above, p. 273. 2 As on p. 274. 

a a toe oh yh an 

a SS 


:M2DT aN Tyo mds 762 

:syanm mm ows 

NW a8 oly sFOPON MWY PDT MID an sy Nd? mds! 
:M2 AVON TAIN smi yaw 

J27D sols, INN NN yaw WIN wel, INTPN WN Mn “yw 
seleig TOWN 7 

mymonm yawn wind py wy vena qx. anson by xopom Li, f2 
ble tin [pansn}oy dapr pry 7939 (3 pao pais envoy 
PMAY POW DVI wij dU 3555 wr Kane s 
nine dyy rmxny pom mb MAN seleiy MPN TI ole Jyby 
somos S$any sony saya yp) ows 2) Pon 

gel Shtd wule gai 9 

379w2 MN DWI L138; f.2" 

smoay noon on aww my 
™ now vy ody apy xa 

scles! ALM pity 2mm? f. 5 
sos55 p> DD mw mND 

ily are LI Us gyeay ote AN ALI Ler 
ws? yyy Sy 
FID ADIN psn M3 ABP OVI mw OWI oD) soley MON IT? £ 14 

mown am yaw naw Msp) | py TID py) IPI API IN 
sarydsy Dipn 

1L11, f.1>: 03, f£.2% This and the morning prayer mostly as for 
Mazzoth (pp. 269 sqq.). Only the differences are noted above, The readings 
generally follow L 1, mutatis mutandis. 

2 Cf. above, p, 272. 

f. 89 

761 :M207 IN yp naw mdy 

pa 1d yny | snod> yon yds ads + advo 1b ro Swe po enanden 
spot yor Sap pynrt + mwony oyaN yo sw inym vpN * aD 
imm>ow mipyyva wD mya sani yo pry ‘Dy ¢ por andn mors 
wpa smn mpd + ya AN nama sm ADD ND DN 

mm snp qnyeed  nsord ine ndaw yo 

2m Dwa 

ol ei eel aad pall Cadi rawr ayo de as’ ste 

‘eM JON YAM) smn ap PEND nna * ayn ontas wnby 
sqmy2d soy 

jON YO. + paws mean span Soo yyw * mam pny bs 

Syma ‘Syn + ya a qenady s snyp San qdy* + aya apy nds 

youn * pp xd papa anny spy poy awa + pn jor tabs 

wom seat qa ayo adi yan ap 7d im * on nwy nds 
: nino 

sqmidy Sapy + wayne S$an syn 5 sors woay pone onde 

sot dn bap yep end qo me pes abs wo poms 

p72 ¢ qNaa any pa qv 75 apy * penpo wns youn 
: N93 ANN 


:MDDT IN wi naw mx 760 

‘yptpms yooh xdy smpsnmgy at mmm * oon Sy aba 
Sy ‘mea pmo poet cox awe Ss sma sam oN ADs 
tond onyti xd sm tow sw Sea * apy Sx pny? Set naa 
mays poo 12° pwn mr nwo WENN) snpN'P onN ‘npn on 
xd¢ an ams xd smmn mon bap * mp bs ap 5$pn yay ¢non 
ayy snody sponse ono * pawersin od x Seen sap xd) ana 
AIND * VN NA IW syowsN ww ANID AN p+ ony by Any 
‘onsn pods jot smpinp po cyiow ¢ IN MD sADIIM ADL 
s05 spy’ na snpn qn pd mows) 3S mona op sme ty 
:mDw Aon AAD OND Aa Xd mM san mona * Sapa 
now * oxyoo nm snodwnn od + abwownn ona oy poy 
py :mmdwa nam pera oan jp pd ap sow ino d50 
227 smown ne? awn yoy wyt rnpy S95 ‘Sup * Sap mvow 
Amnwy jo * pYadnnn osna4 pom sAndwn pnt: 93 72 13 
my oean yd ods smwd mt + Hom) anim por sandy 
papny xd) | smo pd qom ¢ mdy adm may sapynse xd vps 
som jor? poy 595 mnapy sonia moos nia xd) * pnpty 
Seva * SSpnp oo at Dyn pry a3 Ison * wstmnd spn snown 
‘OMY my sONN wnxyot ¢ mins ayo 'S ny snoypr b yw 
not smo ymax ond) oxypoa oxdx oSaxa sapind ney xbdy 
pon NBD MPN * TIN IMIn ID EMOw opp area *°S mn AD 
wnaa yanN ynon’ by pay ot? 92 2 Dy) ‘DY ay snp 
:mowox miapa * pa Sy pny wpoxy saps naswea * dnt xb 
‘ynan’ moa ond wn sani Sop won Ap po? one sy xd 
YD) s moan yo oan + aad ond 5x waa sana we: 302 
xdoamat + porn onda py smi say one mwyn + b> a by 
ymnap ys) :mpton oy oom xdy aoa op we ney adr synows 
mop 72) 2w5 Noy ¢ pdm spor adi sno Say nin adon * wyn 
m mwy * poy inwyn 5:5 pot say So) aby pee nde poe xd 
tamw 15 12 ow xdy smpnn oy wep? yd in 1a op snown 
wa Ok ANIM * AMDTN pA Syd mpd :no‘wnn inwyna xde 
ma om snon Sax an udp mown mann dy cnn sapswa 
maa py * nay mpdn yby adm smpeeino ospona * awa wba 
mS syn smn yd sion xd eye mde Som aman pan py 
PIDy NVOND * THM msn sD. DIM aM * pepo on 

f. 88° 

f. 83 

f. 87> 

f. 88 

759 sMDon on ay naw mbdy 

simew Son Syn ers i mda sins md pista mbox wd 
Uebel Ud gag mon mamon ssyathy xb +inds yo nam 

ssop mp 5599 + main apd) smomn nema ¢ mean bya om 
SN sell! + mara py sor snr qo Sup * nya wabxd 

srydss 2p yotet * pymsn od) a5 spox xd + pean minds 
uelel od let pian doa ray ND pst + pM 

$79 7 Mmdp * oDIT SanDNy FID “NAYP) * BN ‘Nt 
el Cole * andy andy peop nbwn + omds ont 

am sven ony sy tan obwa sawp as 13 ¢ ton’ an ap 
1 ale Sy ld aap xd aa som swan oad some ab ody 

mow DIY pI. MITT ITD Je sll ese le all Oy 


Woo iJ6 GG syON YN tONa PIN MAY ENT Med aN 7 

N1oZ tin (3 yley esaAl sal Jo? Jeo 3 OU cod 

$yown) IN Anan ‘ION AS Was Wd 
syown jo pen xd AIT ANw 
syow xdop yen ab san and 
MND 12 ANNYD IN ‘pp yInaX 7D 
:nOw JI yp maw) *9nptya Aynort 


by woos mr at ap ney tyow xdy ney xd ¢ oda wath 
mawna mons ywpz m6 sat np 7 Sy smomp man 
smooey mda ° §xd mawnn ad md spnprim mddanm * posi 
empbdnnd O92 ON. ¢ANIND ADN3 AD * ty Xda TDN jo NYONT 
WIND PAINT Ty pO ¢ wan bo sy naa ynONn AD av AN 
smovpr muse oye ymydyp nox np snostin ydy Sas + nd 
*nbvoy oy Sup yo ana sandy spy ip * po op sy olan 
snowy op TADNA AM * ANS Ow AwY | sXDdA jD ATAD 
bday ar bs sm ow Sean nen ows atitne app Sy on sp 
smow doy nn Sy * spon Ar nonn wy :npnws own jos ¢ AWD 

1 Then follows in L 13 the letter to the Samaritans of Europe: see Heiden- 
heim, Vierteljahrsschrift, i. 88. 


:MD0N an yp naw mds 728 

boy saa bs samy? ay nds ny sano andny oon ap on ap 
clad! Guatyy oT MIBWIMD FYI Tyr ypro ‘NTN oY : AN 

Pw Aw mom omy oot swe ds + aw wd moby 
USI, ghill nae apdm seann aodya sown wpm 

sen wo py? npdr inp yo 75 no sya andya + apin 75 
let 905 Coyery MPL" TY PI EN¥Oy NP MOY[2]NI* MpIIT pnynDs 

smyam ystems tSya py mpdy sano 75 ow + dSop yown 
yS be pel o,u3 ody ta yD smapn on * we nemer 

SIND 2 MIN ¢ ATP oY TNT) NDS to * yop ‘DIN 
lew ste WS my yor | soypr ADD Ta * May *d wD aH 

or sm yp ‘Soy eanpa ytom s'Sp ney yo nd ow np 
plo yb rien yn stip °> pwn waa pn 

me tnndw sped + oyyny vo pmnn omy py ¢ aby wn 5 
woth igh nowa vey inn 7b 20° DIpy 72 mp 

pice wel SM cade eel (owl pad Cel d peel de lant 
adel Jail 

‘pay fA syen ona mS oy ody sawsy on’ oan pn! 
Ub ye ead ley * NBN noxdy snep pwns 

vow :man 53° wx ynoa | sminds yo pon’ saps ox 75 
ls dose we Se pwns sma ids + otyds 

m smi S50 * paps mxspo sant yb mS pn ° pwn to 12d 
Lelye ola Jo * pnym wi xd rnp awn’ pop 13. 

yan ‘oom + ada Sy apwn my syapr atyds: nis 9S yo nota 
Lnlyngll ploy * abby qdax sna Ayan + yap swm 

:mo5 invainnr tase 1b abe snonesxe Tomes ¢ I3n jDM 
eal ne ye TPENN Poy smDyp ve Sys oye pon 

meds pany omda os om onayp) scons pita +p onan 
Lod, ks? + Spo wp Say sanxn mp npr’ sy 

> :AONMN 12 nD TaD Sow xd) sADIN yOOIND SON) WRI 
vol V sas? we pm | eA Som Sy + an yb: 

1 With Arabic paraphrase as before. 

f, 80 

f, 80° 

f. 81 

f, 81> 

f, 82 

f, 82> 

757 MDD oN Wi naw mby 

‘pawn yo JP pyoo Apwn :dxwa qawd por* Aan ayp Soo 
sow’ m& Joy ne yon 

“\) MN 93N 

£76 py * ops ane awn eds empty xd yao * ander amber 

‘yyymp xpt emayin 55 pp pron: ad) 2d snp on 
ax smapn qmdoy + abion 7S jo mx sme wn wNn ‘DDN 

snyno + 75a Sy sos mk Enby 8 AwyN AD? {ya AN AD Aw. 

$n Soo w NETS JIpn 353 mM IN 

:yyonna pedy on 

23352 ox Awp Soya gion Sa 343 wns KBD 

£78 Jed gol vl cpl wae CAs Cow LS 3 wis Js aoe 
ea aie Pee 
ens Ball ules pl ped gol lee Jelly jail Cole 
mm ows 

boy Joly * en Lissy ft ylbl Gealaly * same bs rd 

Peo) * DON NYA Wow ofoAN OWN TM * DTPA mane 

SMWIN PINT | aD ADM pPNd ¢Nw>2 OWN yO * Many nan 
f. 78> oly nS yw? ‘Rwy NOYN sawn ANNI * mp AMD NM 

sO) SDI DOI AN WED pw PDN pox * Mow pr 
wl Ghs * mT IN!WIND DIN) rO¢NDD) OND f MDI 

mr swam nay? mpd Sop 1 sep “yawn * mpayD 3p) 
ye eal] gt yon Arana, sens nwa ° nund vdyn 

fro smosnn ar dy ¢ 55) 1 mawa smnan nxt’ Sono oo 7a 
vlad 3 tty ° Sen yp smd vane * Syn tba per 

apdysy sono ap. * yoo mde snore got’ tbn jp 55% 
gltl Glyt sqm nana sawsr ton + yb 

fag sqain yia yon aba ow sen xd yo op InN ale 
ke Ge Gail Na” yo yen ny saw spxyn) ‘ Jawn wed 

1 Three times. 
2 Here follow (ff. 76°-77) the two pieces printed below, pp. 806, 7. 
3 Here and after each stanza follows an Arabic paraphrase. 

:MDDA IN yn naw mbdy 756 

SPIED In Ey omy poss Ppna wmiaedy § on ad dd 

any sy ners ‘on woyn spay Sy weat’ mpy naw 

sar spon jo own pos [op>sano sq pa ony * won 
spay apy sy * pny’d onnasd 

Seat Sip awa poey tanps 553 21 * sey pom mnp dy & 74° 
pon :Sonm) awn ov aN On yD wD fn Wwe? InpIy 
:5pn omnany * rayon mer ;taxn xd yoy Sxy* yan ip 
pnasw * yaw ody snnay : spn Jans3 nny? adwn nd wm 
“01 TIA NTT 
ew sq 935 wst tops aw Aer sq Som + ps ydbp 
1D) JP JO * RYID Joy oN sqodwar yaa Np 
*ptows) p25): pn ond am + satn pa wo aby qa 
Pox MD mA Re Tow MD JI spades wip ns 132 
| pM 

sonn Sx mx qo min Sonpp smyp Samy? ray pos pat £75 
‘stoma 5 jew roids xd yon. ads Say a0 ads ni dy 
‘Sey nap roipoa xyb’ xdy* soon ar yon :pyyn Jow2 
rordow 7d oe * pos yop mim aw orp nd sao 
43) TIM 8 
PINON SJ omnes) onan yqmda) 3431 ° oy ows ‘ne ip 
sqmain $0 * om Syn syyny sqmeyp S22 ¢ wan qJoyd pw 
wNIpa * JAA joy Ty) sJmina Ponsa Adon wen ypwn 
symone xdy gay xd patos: mm ono bx o> sqnins 

sipd>oy ya xd yaw. poy tay swbyn yan pore iminaa mds ax £ 75° 
b5 Spy te ady ted po Sy sandy xb emoap * mpm nN Dw 
‘ypmax nds mat Ss pyyn po ms ke wR pra siedap 
soynd me pony met imy ms apy pad nx mn youn 
| 9) TD DIN 

styn xd son Jnvex > 3p pps yow ¢ mnyay doo pow 
qrona :S\pm mst py * Jonno paps md) 3 baw popnd 
syn 35 ymbon + anam onan :da9 Joys Jawa * qnpqy3 

1 Te. opy. 

f. 72> 

f. 73 

f. 73> 

f. 74 

755 SDT oN wn ADw mbdy 

Pap’ Jeyp yor Say Jon Som rayon pay dy + qandwh abd 
yaa idpy moa ompn psy samw joy mS ony mana ony 
tosonpn yon t> :Anon xd prmyay qa ond ane syn nd 
mnwnn ny xd) mnan Sy min) mbar orp’ Ao Ove OWN 
smd noms 5x xiad 
“\) TM ITN 

spp myst md 3 oa wmax spony mons pray by mw 

aay npn xd nN swe mae ppym mows ¢ mos Sy mp 

‘ymin one swe? poms + ma mynd syn spdoys 
syweann onsy+ ood andy mm tnd ppm qa 

nyein :woa qoo Sem + maenan sp swarm aada° poe tbban) 
m :wina mows * Sogn ms yen swan aynd pt Sx + ayers 
mm pow sonny aoe sux renin id pdm qnon Sy op 
:wopa TaN Tos 1D pyr pws Soya prays max s wpm 
“1) TIM DTN 
amw mdy* mnands yaw mind qd» xd ods Sa. ° ny ans dd 
Oba snwa yo Sy say arandsy inn ppm: qy20 Joy 
poor sqyieea pyrein s ay by oman sao om qos 
‘now swe tadmon 55 yam pny sqnia smn * mas mynd 
HqNpI mm exo poy owe xd omyys 
$4230) Exp jo ¢ EsOA MN PON PT pO mys * pow daw> 
nb nyanws sod por SEX IND aw? OMA Pay yD 
wpa oop Joyo pwn sqaaa wm tran arodney 343 
syanpp ndno snap * yom ne qond ms aa ¢ yan 
sno‘ mxpan wyow vx ‘Sp row pos pre wip md qydan 
Sop one * Ssene qoy ony :5ewd srt mids mens dan 
$55 yan52 Joo") opm s%Sann no minnow * San yo nbym sd 
:xdox PD) Iapp my * yaa apy mdswy avan xd) 3 °Sp1 amp 
mp sqoy pons Sym wyay yow sqoy amw mds * pene and 
q5 > sqoyo ona omy apem : sop po pyerim * npion 
sow 200) Pons aR wea spo Nose ni xd + nbn 
:qoyd aysn Sy oman Bs pono ow 

S207 IN yD naw mby 754 

‘say mds on sby pion pya msn pp pa tnpyp mba 
mod, dyn quay Symi pion man cpm stSywS oe 
sew anon xd stay nwo Soya sS$pns onpyy * aa mina 
$%n Sop X_N JIDN 34D MA IN 
eqpo sn xd * mipyyn yyow mx :tya oe pond + naad myvy22 
mse sma mows 5$yn nx jem saenan byo sath nr eyom tyr 
JOY }D ON AS TWN AN pm Mo one $ TS by sx 
Symp mwy town moan entataes 
$%n Sop NSS ¢ ID 352 mM TN 
inson 5x1 ¢ yews Sexy aim opm snwp dx pon Sen yayn yp bea 
tan 55) mor 55 swam xd sai Son nims rent pawys 
mm) FIN oO syn pray owe pon san poe sewpao yo Sy 
savy ons sw doa ¢ yoy ods sep sepa mans an + pd 
“01 MN SIN 
spp ona * pwn yo Apwmy Tos. ana iD? oN PD AMT £77? 
75) ox atm snows Synr :abnp Syne po ¢ aypn ne xvi) 
by bins an p> ovpn ped sawp wnt * oman pas ox 
spon swe Soa pnsow joy wx mam 27am pa 
“\) MN IN 
:mMaw mpIoM *a9n pnda ma sAyayn Jay? Jona nsw YN 
snondny nbyndp * nd onan pont sade jo'wn * joe pox pop 
smowon mina yoo pd apy ¢npaa pw * pana wi sy 
ymetded sxwon monn am 

simp son yay mywed oS omy sensor oy inawna sat nny) £72 
‘ss “Sy My senay oa tne yn Sen * sin ps pwpnnr 
aba onpysy sono od my yep onspy po Sy sonsbdn ows 
snynwd ¢ poyy qa omym po ms nas I ONS ONS ¢ Pay 

“1 Ti 58 
sana pray Sy Bx pond aw sAypN nN cYDM * Anal mt 
sadn menos nan mynd dmr spn nndy Sy + nan arson 
b3b seo) goo nd ow sanon xd impr’ ew yoo 

299 p22 mm Ndi oody snmp syne 

1 In the Arabic version ,) 93° 2 In the Arabic Chaarg . 

753 :M207 IN wr naw mdx 

mossy xdy aad on 55 sty sandwn pp 2 my? met op 
Np pa moana anwyd snp sim xbs ap, spe aD ini 
t'mp yp od * pes Jax ww 

‘noniows pay wow fomnawad ondny * onspmy opt? 
pdxm mo pomidna yoaom * ona mtn wm fonwy np wad 
:On23) DP 34 yp!) * wap oy ons: onxoys Oday * Say py 
‘peor oy onds py sonata” in pom ower Sy om 
soniyy Tax) qapp pyoa * San Se wen toy fpmsx Oo NDIM 
Sy and own saz) fonn sews nnn ands msn pd nyp 
oda) sonny jp oN DP tars Sy my som owE 
ny med oy me winm sony dbs yp ¢ aansa ax nbs 
sonatn Sy mp + xox) aun xd im tonxom poy ¢ yep x Rw 

sms cnn ayn xd no pawn vy 593° oven ar myn 
fro nby Row 3) smear MD AN’ “nny Sona on 55 55 
wipn Sse sian oyn ndy Sy apspne rnanza ty neds ¢ inn 
metnem. aan Syaw sya tin’. sya) sya mya fmm 
meip * jan pay ody mpm smasno mii oy * ody npn 
nopipnsy imap po Sew my Sy spon ¢ ayatdyad amm ¢ mone 
‘AMPED 11 1D PAIN TY OND jo ¢ ANI nya mdp 
Soom snssy ayo mat pnp bya sad wer f yoo) my jaa 
Ss mast nan Sys ap np ryt nowp no yo * min) war 
sbnon Sx ranan pd per ona yedy aan ip pxaw aK 
abn ap b> yop pown xd) pmneeena mn np ¢ qin 
Sm) AMD oO jp yay Dom sained 7 
sya m>p yoy yx taandnay wemistomdy amy 

ioe TD PN 

£.70> pl cil nese wlyly spac 28 Gln Bd ye Liole USS Bole lena 
sy 50g agg soe Kore Wo Sli dill ile Al alma sonn 
Syl Ja al 

Sop ab mee toad ny ps sodyp nvr ddan + grad an por” 

1 I. e, TON’p. 2 With an Arabic version. 


:M207 IN Ayr naw my 752 

sow 8S pms 5s annawn ome + omy ins nm ep onby 
synan 1d nnnmasy* au xd) 

eon mms on Nos rw ontya xd oman nw ar owt 

Dwwr AND fw) AApPYD § DIN) IDI yOT pnw NI nopyn 
wows xdi anwy edo So xd sawn poo mmey nos * oy 
moana) sme yy ayn YI * AMON YD pO sAwDd 

‘om DNDN TAN smesp pyo yo mmd sw + dap ab> any 

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wap yd ds Sybm pba amy smep mownat Any sp by 
rmwox pb ny xox ves nwo wom rmwal PEN Sy my 
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smypap wn mp $93 ¢ ona mab andoy snemy povwa > oy 

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Pmyawy wanes ¢ I Ay A ID EMD ova * OMI 
bret mewsina * pdy npnd ood snxt am ‘any ov “pny 
MIOWN JD? MWD wT EMNoNA Mw jo’ omy sad smNaM 
nnvea osminn app xby toa ond md mbm smywn 
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Vom smpnna amines iw‘ mdnnaa AN wp moy saree 
nm ‘mada wom yino j2dn snp Any say’ mp As mds 



Syn oy voy sandy pa an pra oa now | sAmpo. on ny 

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Syn nr smo yp ana paw yoyo wy oy in sap 
yow xd ipo noon at you smpy pa Son qo * oer ow 
wm yp eds sandy 1S abnny xd) on aa noo aby pnpy why 

1 TL 13 mymw. 

f. 69 

f. 69° 

f, 68 

f. 68> 

EA SID ON Bw naw mds 

‘apy mya Sexn ma | odn yond * amyn ANP ns 
pin may Ss pat aw oem sombdond omwy ays tim 
mnapoa :ovenn wan Ady s snn onennna aya :onan 

soon ovxdon ya tant andn 

typ m3 S$pmn on smmotnd mony md * mon aNpp nd 

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‘nt * yon mt wy wey 3a ANT way jo * ydy any 
nos smrynd advo 5 xd pnyn ner mad mos pann abns 
opm * nam mw soa ow smnatn poo ney poe any ap 
MIOwWI) PADI IPT Myawa po os Ayawa mwp yoy 
mo > wy smn de Sy nb some iaw pd sox mys 
ory’ 5) ° 3 opine yawn ova vox sap po new * pyr 
manasa And pas syne. pyp oyy * oy oysiw So sana 
mien) * peda pS AVM ATID Maenan bap * AN wn nerd 

Syn Mt I DPI * WOM oy PII : ANI NP AD Mean 

‘py sppp pd spox add sioy tat nw * ode aw) ws 
swoon onde muds ambana oy * oo opp smbyd won 
Toy Maw AN oN pot payd opr yds. pw toy 
1 MA AD. DD MA AD At AMawn nada oper spp 
“OX OY‘ DyDINA mioen saya sips Say wy * Sens 
mony | sow ons xd qoy nny +32 39-75 mend sons 
atx en pwpns pon poy omey sexe my mows pods abs 
pny soon pins syay' poy amban sim syop2 nar yo Sr 
ma sos mday say Sopra sys apn jos mmbda saw 


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ssa ms aoe syed pay xd aon and sown sys 
smepr * ppd va 5 says pa sannn wb py Soin xd sox 
TR man Mew ' wn Toyon ma wan raat) pws 
mody saena po otnnS xhin aot: Sean own mowpr ray 
ana sw DysAN oyp dys ompnar snd yaa + 1d ads 
not bs ssyon mdyny* ones Sy an na stxnay prdpa 
ho ryt mop oad oeyn ap man Ss yaa nyt * Ny 
samaap poNy Mondo pay pa ae wns poy add + pr oy 

:mD0n on yw maw mds 750 

rnbaa noes 321° nayp-nowp nd snows ana’ nw Na 
imdvan Dp yo ' NYY POP pS 

bs sqyba ° sSbaa sana ad ree: Syd) me wo saa onde mad 

‘yp 3D AV nom) :winn jen yo Apann m 5a edn yw 
swad ono wot a5 a3 many an yo wSne a wy es 
sn 53 om re ony nde myr an para wa ono 
mo sare were nn nan bo pod:wn mae omayds + yon 
yop om ie omat Syn vp mmm Sap mp yn wip 
‘we nanda yoy axis seem maa omds sar my ony 
mas Sse toean pasa yooindyds ao poo: enn aD enn 
swat mo ods yt ayne Sx san mo yor swat adn nar 
my ovaynn ar qda | se2ant ia sia jm * adn mpnw jo mada 
oa 55mm +S pen onden ana ine ean 751° sp 


: Nan IW NAT * 3 MT by :MBW ANI NW * ND WN Ww ASN 779 

miso syn jn aw da pnpama amy xem ano opiat by 
maa ¢madn oom ows oaminns andes as Sy snp mm 
‘inp ono arom) snany onseds mama * ayiea qn 
pdids) : moe nyt jot amos csv0 by emadmest onan 
Syms mm ae pan smasw pn bx vast poen ean at in 
yess S53 p Sy smppmee pnosr* pawp pmo 55 pps my 
mn mmm anop nods omyo ssa sna moar wy 
power rmaxa xdy ssa xd omaw pony by sda: mapy 
yyy t mon pd caynsr Ao oo may Ss wa sy anexd my 

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PDIP noy wen’ assA yap ana sombw om ayy Sy aod 

yon im nyt * pawnr pn pd xd son apne: ansy Sy wan 
[a7 nwo sos op wa went dee Sse yoda so rpne 
meansd + poor n[a]soyna ins tan sown yo and pd 34 po 
nyondn Wyn DIN ONT PMS | MyMSN ww OYE ODN 
sp¥on) pyaar jaw bx own sp myn yor yon © pbny 

? Exod. xvi. 24. L 13 1:0. 

f, 67” 

f. 66 

f, 67 

749 2D IN Tyr Naw mbdy 

smaina xd) aotp aot abana Syn xa sips 35 ap em 
ano jo * maby 525 manny sanye nna * ima Sy pp yp 

% pnp andy nat mpba peoqps ps * sos ada on 

soa Jaap jot mo) IN nN PN IW ¢ OI Oda 
sandy * dyn oyos See pa jo tone + aed) sn pas 
‘mAwD Awd TON s990n PD pm tad on pm soy maya 
yms opp pw pyn adn ot pt apd in pms ston to 
rat nim | pos Aas avdy sp de Sdmn Sy soy oan 
‘pon wpa may imax hs os sim * ony by qua 0 
mera not meen by snp Sse ap ms ee pp op 

sunny ‘Sena ay ann paps mw ndmen sie xe 

SIN MAT NT as os sys ane * amdedy ayy 

mod yo ‘awa pap pat syn oda bbs + aed et xypps 
qa pow 595s) synanet mena $95) +95 anytn osyont syayt 
motos * arn nbvoo Sya ot sine py ann? ow 
IND SPN AM pt nS snyny wospr sy ip twa 
md) oo wD INN NY ABD synopN ody * aN on ION 
syata nest $5 xn? new oy Zwaons oy srynow wdyp 
meso ‘noms moda pinay wtp yt apa oN 
saya pwesa mp a ony ay sins apr odin 

AX D> AN NT WN soma my Int nD VOD ANwN I” 

sy9y7) Jay * 330 

min nds 9S sper | snadca Sym op + Sean son pope 
smdnwn ody ndys + apd mon smdsm monn * wsnna 
somm xdo oan redo awe om xd pnt arnyd SSpon 
smom sony tadsp nds ppp on pabdsown mona 
mer peda pp yn * ayar d9 ob sabs mndy sar im + adda 
‘maps pasa nya sasyo nop wp arin * Syd pain 
sa wap inddoy andy an py io sane radon xn NN 
nay rndmny neansa * ds anes pos indyo pdyn nat’ os 

413 2022.) 2 L13 2w2nK. 


:M207 on ty naw my 748 

ows NWN 1D pnynDd foopND To an ysen won ud 
wm moos ton osxdon paonow tawyns wd om pop 
S33 ¢ 90 sox mean jo b> :odn on on * ayasyd mow 
oven sods 5a) win 55 som Pop Pom oA fonn Ibn ar 
sopt mwa eps ¢ anata wa: oden sna mops * own 
*m922 oopns mo toon Sen nyt yma bx mp nn 55p 

top od ow mnt 

pa ‘xm 55 ome moos rnaminay nds mow obs Syst ane) 
MpIIN PI sAM|mw wo sxyor adr eody ydsna qd) pamat ad 
soma ony psasd os wa ay samy oman * mwa 
Mm MIDI IN 2 ayy PAMW Mw MN? yD OI 
soxt tamedaa ana qwn oop toni mm joy eamona my. 
tnmad pup yas pa sox ow sandn owmrpns 1 ary sox 
DID Nw aT AD OS wm ranay ms od * oye. won 
sds sm em rmnwN aN ana * qpyona cwdem sami 
ms smmoe> amown jot smn ova ot ranmawn abmnm 
, smmbyp ner tom mx omy 

‘AT PMN PNK AD | PAN PITT wars Na Ay md £66 
boa nd span oe sainn aaonds tas nds abs sawnna 
*man|ad mandy ssany dma Soa, ° maatpay Ama fanN) ans 
sqay Ss poo Toyon ova? NaDAI I yy ssw nye Saws 
*nvdun 55p0 abpsy yow sana rina ada Sanyn bs wr on 
wm sanommb Sony sat Sr pow on say in hd sos 
Do meNy * Oya yor wer pawan ip oinat ¢ mpdys nadn 
‘ayaa xdoqm ossno xd om mor? mn yownds an sspind 
AMmnow $927 727 po 53° pms Sy espa may sand any 

:qoans odin 551° wa 

pas pp jot ondsn ws sa pmand ons 55 apa * aneps oT 
ATDyI* pwn nwo xa rm on a bys pwn din wa mana 
“omds ma pos) 8D PAPI AIT AMI. DYNA NI EDD 
NID ND pmaw pot anew ands xa smonpn aNdas 
sa pmoinsd syn? ody sono ga rowns won ¢ ania 
oo s mimba Sapp xa mans Jy) ANON jo * AAA yos 
‘my pop wad 82. NPN AwSP joT AY yD ND sD 

747 :207 oN yw naw my 

neyo swap ow Syd mam omNop peeva fawy mn 
snyns * odym wadt any jo wen orn jo mony ¢ on onde 
mmr wis SwSey inv Syy ay mp wads sawn man mad 
wom) * OIA. pan ot saeynet od yo be + ow jp 
DIT MR Sw MD) AO) ¢ MMB PN te 2) 
ann $s amar yar mann sesp> Sap ow ow © omd 
533 Sone Ew I Tay pnt on pon ay edwn 


£63; JOC IWIN AI NVR Mw jo pins mn ws tm amd 

syvp oom rim nowoy want ome nyp ir simeensa 55 
sows + apd dp oar pany Sy witen + ndoxn po pny 
wep ¢ naps wna rm sindma spdin * 955 abe aay santdin 
NO DOT }D yOT pinay wo we OY TMD ID) pine Pay 
snx Soa samme pws? voy adm pys ps pins mny 115 
yar pimpny oy See ondys yar i sinmin ins jo ¢ ans 
simian moans‘ aypa Sse aypm yo same nat: pan Sy 
yoy) ‘mw 932 WONT 1 sina andy nasa * maaan wap 

simian ‘nA 

sand sma jo aw nee sao Sams poor * ony ypna pst 
$322) ny new no ys omrayn nest sty 2 1D Ins 
‘nadvn sen omayad :sdnen jan 55 ¢ ayn app yo nda 
Ge sm nD nN new ND. ns nwy) sIpp aps maa ° 
by sazmn * Sen mbaa Sanom) sadam amyay * Sua spa bn 
nds stay 2a mytd mpyp immer ndy Sint “anew ad) saa 55 
san myap na 2 Ss pwn my ND ADS IMIN MUD ID 
‘mnnnaxy mann nao ae sy Sy mad mnmnyn * nyt na 
£7397 mM mys yO ¢ moy jor ayn na ndpan ssinns andya a 
Senm 553 mn ssmy my An jo. * pmo jo ma ap ‘ons 
ssonm meant ow means and an sas) 3953 inn + dy 
£6s> ino Ion MI MM PDI Ma oY jo SM nya pT 
Sx snosor sonny Sy app Sx + Aup jo 2 nay wom : odin 
Ms‘ wn ory ov $5 ma sown naap udy* tas jor 
SDSYNNT svn OY po Cyan mywa tome sy somnn my 
+ L13%. *-L13°0. 

SE ES pale ee, 

os i ee 

:MD07 an Tyra naw mds 746 

mann op :Suan xd mos pany * pyora anitin sip sSom yd raw 
mon 55a) panyn jw) pay pwd danny: Ssam pyyny * po 
poy oy pan pay nord jem : Sen ow ym sano poy jp 
meow Soya Suny xd qa oun os oa nbwmor :Sbany xd 
xd ood yaat* pyya pow Spyay :S$amse ndann Syn pas + mor 
minx Snyay 5 onpy 15 ame Say edd) oe ay mp 1 Spy : Sap» 
Ano dts omp any yp oerpar Sep son map on * pa 

| sSxw poond 

ally de yo AS JLT pylte gle ate Wye End (cond Slee vpnt! 
MW all (58) sede cyl all ae sil soe! Me Jo Ge yee 

™w2 MT OWS 

>So Syn pws “Sonn 55 nna Sy 

tSomn sw ‘many por 

¢ Syms yay jpn ‘pon xd yy nyt 
£555) nw m3 *mbay nb ad 

2555 pmby yun »Sy53 manand 
Sboun 55 by Sun * mot pdynl 
:$5>n0 aman wads ‘DIN own wp) 
:5nn ots mp own abo pn Ana Ww 
¢5p> nsyinpt spy om wd 

soy abs wr by ‘ww wei nbd 
Ss monn *SppOM mIMINA wR TT 

:Soxno ma34 ‘onde ov wR A 7D 

tS mop opr prod +s ab wrt 
ssyon meats bp by ‘MINE pI °D1D'5 
#5y3y sor no rar Sp ‘men diy yas rT 
:55na 95 andy esna2 7b ands 

meer poomoxda nwy da eet oon ow po cenSwnd 
397 Syd sean oye ow + adem ner poor sawp ow 
"Dy *D ADS ANA Man sad jo wad wadny + AMAT 

* The pieces which follow in L 13 are for various occasions. 7% L 13 Synn. 

f, 64> 

L 13, f. 63> 

L 13, f. 64 

745 :207 3M Iyw Naw my 

Maal Ci 
db 995 wan ‘mano my yD! 
:Sond) AM 7D sp) Yon PAD 
¢Spa onan Srsm ‘oo pnd 
:$53 now mpnynny tot $e ot 9 
¢Spa mn np» yowm Sysea mnnwrT 

‘yten sonnets sdaon edo onpiy on yn Sy may npr xd) 

>Sdany wate pat oa oped day xdy ayt xdy msn xb 
nwt ony man pena :dap mnbdyd oS © maenpm mnawnA 3 
nyrn :$sa ana. wn ana) * mwax nono paym sSynp pwn 
‘pa yoo pow ypnay :Sanpx Ins opp Sx pm ¢* “ANTE 
wipr Say xd an Soke are mn apmam aya sda pon 55 
‘pos neaa inns pm: upny ‘nb SSps 55. sw * nyaw nr 
for sdaa poy mpstaim: som meyom pts :5on by adqays 
miny nbwber + oar aw ana Sep mby by ° snwn hyp ain 
sma oan swe Spon dys moe ona md :Swbyne pon 
no sat day xd) pp yo xd + ovo oye bse ba naw 
Dp Oo dy maBon Syp 2 boot pty ja wy * pasion as 
voy :Sa9 x5 wtp oy ra Saowrs bse xd pep ana Sap :dby 
:Sybunm App jo inapnr mans po tow xdy San wer ost ind os 
% wre yew caw xm bapa onp Jas myn Apna JAD 
espana mi 555n0 imenwnar* awyom spor :5ap) qn 
sp pon woe wa ons Sy sSsnwn xd snano oN 207 
‘oasis A Sse pay Snes * pat ya yar: Sey 
py sSwbyny poo any soxypp ceny may sy ond any dan 
25533 prop ona swe min :55pnn waa pddias Sap minw 
yo yO AVN wa ast nya]: don yay py wy + OMEN mawn 
‘opabdmnn oo : San xd spo mo ¢ pom ann eo io :dNw ap 
wen Som spoon ts sy pp an pnp bom nnwnn jp 
pnd ede s pnt ota Sow xd gomany Sans 15 Soy xb + sen indy 
‘ney po nonsn Aw s5y2 ana poms dy adm ge 5bpna 

? Not-in- Lg. 

rm IN jyyd Naw mby TAA 

bboy tyaan py jot wen jo NdD by aun * mokdoa xdyi « 

no Sapy swonm my) ann * mono: by Asda senenon ows 
nan) swaws ny Mar NTI MY | eX yon oT pots AID 
ony dy ai 8d seemess io inimdwat’ awe no iS mp sepa 
xd swno xd sn ama? ton andy aa xd sermon xdy py ad 
swows "Sy xbox np xd mowpr swam ina pnvast* opin Ya 
saws * tay indy ind. swpwn yp espn dan + Sean syn om 
epdy min ody sweon nessa smn zon ar Sy bw swe obwn 
eyby min ody wor por ana yy may odes etnnn ayy 553 
may ody swap spay mw Soa ¢ ydy ma mde sein we bon 
syan ypyn ‘Sues qpy mse vdy yoSy wean jo man bn sy by 
wns eran * Dow nay pe wow ody may N+ Pey Dow oD 
Sey ans pany sey nest oansa awa Syne yaw poy sa 
sna Sy sen pon dss an oe mp wan n& yor 
:wba weapnd ndor* aon pa swowo nny pa imodat «nd 3 
SWSPN NWI mew oy swown AyTd coo yn ae min 

L 13, f. 62” 

wit Som) oxen sen mn sea Soy Sop npn ¢ an pms | 

mow oy :wqpA sansa anaw * oan jo yd np sow swe» ond 
py man ow Avy :wrens 55nnn wddaat + Anos) mwD 79 
pyowna’ wp 9d ao jot + aon *Soya piney sews poo 55 
eypoy Joy mp my sw2ons oD aD AD? me Thi ot 
soo sean mad maw oyAy pawn poy | stm pow anon) 
sway Sax wt + mpynd a py yea ior ond. 7p + ype 
Says we pa nanan my swom absa aps 55° wSy abn mn 
ons sein myn mete man mmo om swas Nd ines 
sy wean jp tnd mpyo awy swam aim apa poss * pat 
qna nbs ow sea S20 pn wen * pvt 1a me wd sewn 
minown pa? wan ads swan S52) ap 55 12 Nyon ¢ Joan 
ANYODI MOP pw waPL ynND * ON WT Na 1: wInnNn 13 
swopr mdup- oy vax * os5> Yn spw poy swan boo nw 
mano by anpn ody seman yoyd + pon yo. ent phan 
SNS 3 WT O30 KID TN OM NIP Pon Wb sm sew DT? 

PWIPI IND PHD} pyar ' was Sys qrayd 

L 13, f. 63 

f. g2> 

Sh snnap 7 
:Siwn 0 

: Sip pnd 55 apm 
s*y saan aa 
sdyarn’ yon 

293 poy np? 7D 

M207 on ww naw mby 

MV Sth! sade cpl ulate. Celli oye leo cay 

‘modys may mt 
9 Awyo JI 
‘omy po toy 

ada oynd po mbt 
*xder Syn md 7 
‘atx nnn nds) 

ree plane gel «aa sil card SS Bole 

swpy we ane 55) 
:YDIN mMnn wy 
swan) minnow 
swe 1a YD" 

ead wim bb! 
‘yand sow 
san ap poend 
+ abn poo Son% 
905 mow yowiT 

L13, £62 205 595 sSmy + pon $25 poo : wes apy Somr* soxn ab yy 
% one Soyo ySy wip swe 555 oan © eat pytyy nds 
MN IY IN PwwP O'Yy Anaw ovata snabys one wom se 
eyo seam eed rim * pp po pyym swe mdpxa nym * ms 
nod impr? wdss mabe span MN AWD nx * wpan nD Sew 
ba * roy apo Ia sw mys id ys yt non xd po swmER 
sspney sew px cise S95) ¢ an yo Ne NI Ww rep at 
ws mond ovo. pp ya rewno WR mm wa NI Dw 
eabiny yen pa reepsr a 1 edd yoo) wi ody seein 
ym swan nap roo ame > ams poo sy swinny anor 553 
yasn Sys manpo aan swans tao Saas ony pa 
noo Says pwnd wm :eopn MNay * INyODI DANN :wIENN 
spo owt ny seednn iy joer yoon wat np sew x 
moby seen epi wd snow wx anmpmy sepa ta wand) 
Som xdoy* paya mwas yyy joy wes pa S$ppm * non sD 
Sy yowns sexo mim a> mx orp os Soper seen Soy 
swtpn pyo Sx nor’ own Sx poor swan do) nbs Soy+ yyw 

+ Not in Lo. 

SDD IN AyD Naw my 742 

weal mmds mde xd mbDy maw ya mNdy jon THD yo NIT 
smizon an yw naw dy apm 
sma map pn ‘mn ow naw 
smn mbdam ‘mow > yn) 
AMY INI *eytpn yw man” 
emoby Sands sma cat yemey ww 

smn 523 ‘maWN on b 
sD minawna ‘mp war oo 
{MDINDI Nyx) *yowN In AN 

TPN WON Ty woes syd or ‘da ¢ apn mr nex 
‘py ova sani b> wtpars ans Sony mx smonin 
‘MDE IYI WRIA SDINMAN PD pat ome pos sm eps 
sand sem snd 93 moat * yaqpA wyn way spomiaKd at 15 
ween soyan osm oa ‘yr Ayn dupne 121 san ona dy 
yan saw vxdoy sperm aw smote aa op tesdwsa 
rmady oxst oy * mean swpns an syoin sons at sen 
Sy moves win) wn) spo nwe2 nN yn 12 ¢ OY won 
“NUN IWR ray mot mwy 1 way po TwyT DY snOwRE 
‘pI mys sow. wows snd wm AD IoD syow Ty wD 
*mmdoy mban :o25 mr on * one ase 7b om) :05_ DprA 
inp yt sme 1d mS now Sy © ways wwyn wo spon dy 
9B smo dM ops yar ‘mde nnn oaawm sandy nyasd + dyn 
mx 75 tone sans Sma canyy may py vp pon mB3 30 py 
sow noaw> smyn ppd * nanan wwown 19) :mDonA ANNI ° nN 
smoby nods ons tony maw mor roody onan ‘inn pdva 
OY Wyn * AN sina mw nN :o25 ayy + ods pon ANY pI 
mo cosnay Sap mays snowm pewn ia $a nawn an spy 
‘ayn Toy sADpen nem * yom oa my 5a, sandy wor 
rnody $3 imo aN * AN wR MAN SDA eADMEM sadn ony 
‘DN ANY oni] smppan yO wes? qoy pnd 52 ox sANw 
*pamby wnn sndn maw AND * Dw! DWI [DD EADYP AI JO ON 
SMAI Ine Op p2dnd sp nysI2 RN 

f, go” 

f. gt 

f. 91” 

“AT S207 an yw naw mds 

PTT WN ITN Iyog TDM PO eody DWI 197 weleiy SSnny ny 
TON) egelesy YaNr py samy LUI mea Cah’, oly 
:maw AND Moy on :mw AND pow dap 

sole Jl ad ems » alll 

f, 82> sTIOAN A DWI 

mibyn yaw smopn an sy nay prBp an nod mby 
cibill, sMOIT  ypY : DWI 1D) ON PN 
™ yy 55 mx mpian yo pds min’ mos 

£. 88> TON MIM Chad laaly Jodi Usgl wands qroar Jas ddan sony 

baa ma Jl samy rpbwd Sbnnn se Jl ie Sle ibis Wiss 

WS Nn yaw wINI AI AWM, 77ID ley lal dl soli 
Sn2D FAM wry 7a Td pAnax onbyy soli, ma03 

Ma mM ¢owI 1D Iyby 2dh2 toMy smyanA ON Ms IMN 

1 TON AT yy le lesey solsl inaw TON solely MONI 

laa yay rmyaon Caki, rd andy sows 

ny sysawn wong nina mn 

£. 89> pocala’y MOY PIN pM NwI Ww yar (§ NIT YD wd" 
2y NTPOM sDNIwW yowr :Dwa 1D 1D) Lreley MIT AN pesery 
moby PIT WAN yO WM jleal gall ye LUM gy0 sanson 
7 snde nimapm soll Goleiy ONT AN Ges 
sy AINTN. 6. TT Ne nA dd 

vied wnatann swe mm rnwy aA awe 522 yoy’ onder sSbll 
“0 INP NW 
"21 map3 ans ann syawn wind sl 

f.go spanedy Sapy yop paon om welsy pom) oom 8 mn ony 
Lslaiy MOOT IN NN Sly Lpalesy SSmm Gale Le Game? Say 
sayoa mbyn Sonnmy :nanwn odydy sanon ody)y 

ural sole Std alee V fle all 

= ———*." 

:m207 ON wr naw mbdy 740 

smn 5 syyen a toe bed ee wi te ciety yt 
Sew pe wtp smaaqo inky mt eX POD AD yam 
wo Nba + yowon ar? yownd sqawh som) * qn canon * Jaw 
mivspa ¢ ty dove stp Swas sulnam ons ay syne 
% xd sw yds Soy ssam * om * sp wd op aw 
s9* yp mn 595° Hon’ ads spe %S xby* pawn xdy + ndpp 
‘mWwI mT AN my AN | poo nan ywox spon oN 
oAx ¢ poyn sow yaar sinsb b> wpa’ sydonny + wey + abyn 
hy sor aN ovn ard sows mow Soy spo poor + pdr 
ssmys mt imby Sap iy sinwwa’ povdy rash serpwn sy 
SqNpy’ POM Iminow” wins ns pon sqnyasy’ pop you 

sy3y ‘oo we 595° maw AND ANY DM) | OIN ADNT ID 

soley INN NON TON PX Oo ddan» sony 

cgyall atl dene etll aya 95 ye yghw 0 Col ade 

* 555 mnp mon sper pips * eon omon ones 

mowsand :ovp) ond oD * oD poe wd sow Anand 
spvonn xb yn copaen win ws sowinn wk am? yp 
‘oNDIPY PINN ID pot spew ym ot my pd oso 
SD wIPA LIP NPD ANN pr pnaw we sown mnowd 
yy CD) :DwEN ow * MBS WN yy MD so wyND yaw 12 
epads mn ed onnoen spwonwe amd are Smo canny may 
spam’ s;DwTAND YND * OP Nawn A ow sD ww oD nyo 
maT ¢ mw AND AN wen sDwsPA Nonn t oswn oY Opes 
spe onin yo Soym sownds ord np xy yp Soya swoon 
1m Soyar sow xd fRyn oyna ton jo Soyay sowd|an sia Sy 
omyon dene) seyin po Spya) spwSen mnnox nx xd * ox 
tabs ip ws ndoya sowed espn saad yn wo Soym : ownn 
oy spwod) ompya ¢ ponaidy dap) in spews 55 py 
son innm + panyasy’ pop youn sovh pod sw bo. * ponsya 
*p2d> nYn oe poy separ yds Sy + nod pysa de. sows 
nod mow ANd * ody pata yin naw sD woNen AD aN 

sow) ows oo 535 raw AND ANY oyM sD wD 

f, 81 

f. 81> 

f. 79” 

f, 80 

f, 80> 

739 #20 ON ww naw my 

so 1 san Ty ay PO AN Las pom on O& mm spony 
sx) ST FOV pI OND pI pera ano Syn yman pw 

[Sypoch + maydS + navi path ada'+ ee 5° nan Sy anys 

‘abi Syn + mded on sien po cam s[pajyo [an]ont 
toby ahd | sandy ama’ spoon Sy + pstand + yop sion :xbp ada 
moma aby oar spy wa: SF wrx pda Sewn obnp yn 
row * DwEN Ow so nawn’ * ony * oyby So si 
sod$ona + obonpp aNd Sy NAD Ip Mayes’ Mp OMY 
SAND ND ID APnoN sn Ar son yoy so dni 
mm ¢ OAD yA sawanos *Syy sw May | TN INAS IND 
mento gaymdy rita’ sty psa samen toads spas * psp 
Sy saptin sam sopoem standson snay yin 1S od pe 
th ab a aS em sms psd ps ops we sypeen toa 
"Aw MID sWAN ONIN jo syaw wm ° yd ma mo ° 35 Na) 
an pwasa poem ar eowsb tay sow sip ta: /mwy'® nit: penn 
rep sy was’ oor saab * awn‘ ana na] swads na ans 
sobs poy pympar’ poner spsiner* papty* pap pd sy one 
HIV oO pate IMDND | TADN PD IND. 29923 aI AN 
Poem rods rom sya Sy syn 55 sem an: sine 
mrtt bo ap sper ayn ow tr maw own or mone ws 
spn or sovany wdas’ saan ay op ana Dw say 
snay 55 Sy spd) yan ins same anas’  ambp om * ayn 
easnyy oa sap wd adya edt 1d md syn Sy + aap ar 
‘OND AW OD DPN yas yop swan pnady sana awe 
SMW IYI May py “Dw oN ' MH WA Py MD sows 
nis * yoo pnd mown naw ar ow | soe annn om nya 
ata nor jy Sew oan: pam’ * Ay pom oar samipn 
‘oanb and 230m 2n * aNAANeN* anden MN 13) sPD NI 
Moab md pynn amend’ 7 2 NT ODD ONT SAAN peMaN 
$7Or 3 ¢ pox mom sana yemp ¢ andoo an naw 1 * ana 
3a an’ nn by abn :emann + espa Nd wip sion au yp 

2-1 Added in the margin. 

i i ia ee eee. 

ce ae 

:MD07 oN jy naw nds 738 

1b boy yah pnyy a pm ne aD po NT blll Jye 

snmp’ AD 
snow nod Soa 

smody 55 3 
:/mdt ab mds 
snowy msn 
:mNDa nyD73 

Pmyawn AMY wapr PII s ANwy 
pny onmnax smn bas’ + awd 
was sme 5 app ° pony 

syOs jon 
‘mows mn ow? 
*wipn ww) naw 
‘ondan nds 
*syonn ort 

‘oon on 
‘yw and naw 

DD) Nwwa* ON NIA LID Awe 
vn mena DN smON Yep ov 
ya nen ndvn sandy owt + apy 

“yaw WIN AP pi | smd wp ‘spp * oy minaw ym Sy f 77? 
ovr smi wip Napo * myrin per paw wie sm pads’ 

bsp yndp ans am pa nd 

PMO oY MPNNT wD “ywya 

np» yay emody nyad an at * moon an jouN win sanee 
nd ans :mds Sha any + may yy wy DN MBS In py 

sad onnnw * pp ans yp Sy) 

sme 55> yop Aw man map 

smm> on tants onim osanden mown * ovo nysw onde smn 
pss yr ew oo ope DI’ snp yep nawe oor ob 
mad wen) :npyp mx jo mx pody oan’ Tyo naw :apnn 

by sna mx onda osYn “ne” 
“WN max wx enpdya yn’ * 

myo :mmben mows’ * pan py 
navn mt wyn mw mx. snny 

max rmoxas Sop wi: JAS yn saw | snodys nod mx * ne f. 78 

rmody nyaa Sy + yan wd awn 

snow ma poo ax AN IwN 

smo Ime op pods sada nyo vos + pomby wnn 

¢? ays 



.nN UAN yaw wins sll 

ma’ nna snmison... gnsan Sa pads ma yong 3 wall! 

* Cf, another recension on p. 397. 

sp? mwyo ... Mi ne 

2 Nos. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 as above, p. 400. 

f. 79 

f. 64 

f. 69° 

f, 71 


f. 76 

739 :MDoN on Ay Naw nvdy 

eat le és FDP Op mw yowI 91 | selesy Ab OT 
rosin mwy cabs 5, 

1%) sSp snnpy NIpt Ap adam’ 

GAR tell Gam dy PeSNI leall ppl] Ge LUM Hye gas Bl 8 
py wy myn als J afd V2NT nawA BY aAN oY SS yl 
“0 yawn wind 

ie abil | Iu C Ls sak ay 3 shat Dy ils J22g 
wi sl lane : 

9) oats mad wyn abs” 


( CSyze Js gk TWP IN NN DNINDD nydy OX SMX Ins 

a2 poe lag mneea “Naa MA Ie Uy any nt 
JONI 33) | jes Wyder Uy Squad ey! senlac shle srady ssi, 
manson Sapna snp em :Snpn $y oansp3 penn wan 
UW, :9D) popNa’ maw mND DMI? OM snoD yopar dnn Sya 
me oyonmy ;mamdb ovnsn wean’ mm yoy ayy sp Iyhe 
smodyn Janine, mddnn avis pynsn Sy sey sae 

sca Spm ak 92°99 
pa spew wads qa 2 moan nos px wx nose byt 

spdiyd wow 

sw sp AN" US yop 33D) PNT AI AAny’ wAS 7pN" 
[t—x] an Na Jlay o'y2 px p29 737 AN 

£76 yaby Jqad SMS ap OMIA gy seldy MAT MAND WAX WON 

f. 77 

F Wests pay jkeall pool! Ge Gily Ley INP nx 81: PAN 
lads :nb> Apdy p37 MIAN Sle posers Leles ely jel Cis 

1 In the course of the Qataf, the prayer of Moses is said, as above, p. 48. 
2 As above, p. 717, for each of the seven days, 254 


PDD oN Www naw mbxy 736 

anew * wanrin 75 minowm :qnn 5) an ° qn’ awn 
:pysw 3” 

sno nw>’ inawn xdbe sno xd) mo xd gdm ad as oy nya 
sonsy) won 553+ wip 

swnann poy may ny ssbte mows n& sown by oop 
rod mA ya 

poy wwen oanpiy jo Swrei ommb ax ood whrin 
soon pod oo sy? ww pods’ notayd 

mbasyd oo Syya smosqwa poy wwyn | mmr aN AD oN 
SOON yor Aw * wD 

Bday asty yb BI SS eelesy MOMY ‘OWT OD w; Le Jléy 

SMNy smmdy 53 Oy A WAN Gey 137 PN NT Yo Jl 

wy 9ON 72 DAIS ypIn Io" jo Manw’ pM TaDIn ANN NIN 
SON SIN A wD sone 

cam wrest mon soa sand + awn janp 12 apn 7a 
mys wy mnaw WRI :OID DI Ow yawn won 
md * fm 33 Je apo’ mpY py fpMpEn wp dx an inno 
‘Anas. “3a mana wads ny soon op mipwD jp 12 nD 3D 
(oy ki POR nw WEY mand’ an Pa by py 

yap oy mx :nbynn pox posing inden Sp pan | : pp 
spn mpy om smby yo paw povaen smd 

soli nbs 2 

Son nawA oy mon an yw Gail Isl mane el ale 

samy samp as Bone’ nbn sam 55 poe * amadsst ap 
mpd sma wp * AMNaeA ova Bobi sax 55 wp 
mennsw wp oy joie moo on spmet ¢ anne’ myn 
M85 pays wtpd on oa an * amino 5 92 Ar osmY ar oy’ 
rmdyp nv oxwn ¢ mma Sap ax pody 

35 nbw :yuras ancy 75 nbw sinaa mewn 9S nbw ans : Bp 
syaa5 mein ayn 95 nbw smep amaw 75 odbw simay esp 
smomby Ara sien yo Sy oder syehon oy 7b by 

f, 63 

f, 63° 

f. 62 

f, 62» 

735 :MD07 on Ty naw nrdy 

nmonn smitty pena’ aw swear ado ur sear pa Seed 
pa wp 2 Sys waane pemp sb xd mds compen ov 
yt warh ww mosy sont oan xd mdse + ovias 1S enw op 
mor sO) DAD po ;O NDS AN AYY DYN sO NON nonn 
* Seow ase my on spmsop 595 pom) 2852 pod amos 
be ndwa unm * wry poo saat bar sda mow and ponn 
indy snow om yawn wind samy on any own 358 ms 

smow3 mewn om ries xda’ moon 

Val ale | est, Gy SI 5S) moy oon orn vj Ele Jley 

DEW jl ol ppl Jie Yl aaah! el on atl J we tyne 
| spose rox: may norms eee 

yy py) sO ON mBD WIN py MP pop yma jo mopA 
soto nd’ Sra cays wh? may 

‘yo ma wb pl smponn mind + yown onpy y2 nbw pink 
so OmMpa 

mwa * wp ONTPO pms sows oon * ony jo woes 
soy |DD. mya 

swIn BN owanm sD an spyo sna eden sowm wean 
sovainy yds’ yawn 

| somesm nimdsd + wansx 

mows * wes 595 may | snow may ja ¢ mow oy cw nm 

sovnaon wp dx? wo mow 55 pvayhy a syn ar we 

may py By) MB Wn py _ rmypx yaw jo sob 12 
sow Smo sony) wn 

mei wpm ocany os os qmbya’ ann pawn * qnta pwn npn 
spyw) mows’ 

pao‘ wrenn ‘poy monam : yan $x ann wr: nanon Sy sbym 
soynon wiad 

mo Sx tin ety aad awa’ sqnny Say an& :ym>y onn 7 
soip jo 75 

SMD In wis naw mds Mo) ae 

some yon mody osor Soya rpenn 95 on qanad nips 
POINT PIN mA ow ws 

sem imm * isin mown aay’ eeainy ida ¢ syn naw ar ap ap 
*mBo on py mp Sp rinn pea my AND * MinowNA IA won 
syqap’ 55 wpa * odin aa and mpd sw “a5 "Dn OMON 
synod Sy when sy sine 55 on bx om nyaw md on onam 
S9m) 5 mM yw mows on& sD INH. AMY way ¢orDwA 
pain Soya sy mse to * pody osnaD Ind naw mw 
mwon Sap ena mndnd ow Soyay ent ap pn’ + pmax 
SN wpa’ * wen INNA aw wisps 3’AD 

may sow * psppyon ATID spa ap potay * on AD Dn 
sip wana mow S5 wyn sponpy we * won pad mown spon 
my mNo sp>dy 23 WayT Mon an Ip Naw mM pw spon 
fan won * nsd> p>"n sow yo) po PN * ninowa wk wyn 
pbdiyn wor Soya snl 52 ep dy ° ‘nora own “Sy spam 
mins Soya 3 yo'23 ony 72° DIT ‘AID pr Soya |: paN ADIN 
sPoO*n Ny Ms oO NonM spowdwD wIpA wm * WwN YI 

solsy WIE SY MAY TIN wile 

rmaw) sp) spy smyson App, ows os adn an ny 
NTS TWD PO NM snk wD mys yO ION sm sys 
nayy °yown oy) sner pwn 74 px oma Syn jnon 
Gs Cite UI sybna Her Ton Gel, Gs SW HS ols, 
pd de yet Sib patnng sali Jot norby sawp es, 
yy pya onep Sean man pw son jo dyna 

b5 shy wa san2 SN) sepID ww mm * eps Iw TID 

syoy py 7% pd wo mane + paw 595 pemD sep yaw 
INIIPY PIIND pap owawn wn yawn won mr pn? wim 
in’ynoy 3 y20ra ynawny oxy wp $295 ymbp Abo mopys :yaan 
mans 55 5y* wom ns oiny sp mys ob + mdyn on 
‘Dy sO MB 7 yy |S OPN yaw yo moon | savdp yp 
aw 55 snysw moon ‘py som’ Sry cai eA may py 

1 The first and last stanzas as above, p. 716, 

f. 58> 

f. 60” 

f. 61 

f, 61° 

f. 57° 

f. 58 

7323 M207 on yw naw mbdx 

nosy naw ar wap pao’ ondyn oon mim somen map on 
soviny yds ow) niopa 

soley p13" ton 

rpoyd sym op stn xd nbs mS obs mane wl 
SmYIN) MDW 9p) 

waleig mand 

by oS weet mba Son men mbes nbeS 5 $5 nbs abyd 
83 AN naw mops ‘> set mbNd sey yds penny minaw a 
sody5 sy bor sap 55 wywd’ Seen 

salasy poe od 
soliy INN NON Mb MD Od mane 

snmax opin + moby sor SSensy sonsnn ry ¢ mn nwa mo 
‘Ae 2 OWN) sik waY oma PD mm ONT mn yo DUA 
snp Inywd sox + mays apy own sri ‘ome’ one) INT 
‘noo nwo own | somioyy ne ‘omdsy Sot * nD ADY Dw) 
nia p1I37 ow + ponyayy’, pop you idoya syns oy INT 
sanpm sqm nes wsidy sso Saka maw’ ¢ inzn pins onde 
SNe van poy yon snr adap ay yous nya spy nan 
bop spay yon jo Ts owen yw sar qaath + adn Son 
Tabo Sp$a1* pswni sswn noaay ¢tyby 95) wibna* yon pwn 
sors aysen Soya stom sow 5a. ° ndp $5 pape wo sy 
san psn wads pop Sy gmat ssn otydse sd ow nds 
ny S5a¢ poy mop toows scsoy dy ma 55° poym ave pdpya 
‘ent Sop sows sco 75 mina * wat n& ap > in son 
stow jx pends ¢ pan saps Job :saw 75 iw IN ID 
‘masn mvdown Soya sano xd obs on + maennn wip dy penn 
sap nw 55 mwy tmiman nds espa swan 55 yon 
Sym * moe mpyom porn Sup * monn mpd’ pnxp omby 
spp ¢ mda TS pke somo ow yo ¢ adap ax 75 yn sp5on 
poy soy spypnn’ ay own + ao dy ary xd by] s ot 
soyapyn 75 aon FWY Jw! sDMDIwA mown) © AOD ann 


PDA IN wD Naw mdy 732 

sp yp aw xd) ¢ 5 55 nb nn wy 

syn 553. on eodiyd wow 7192 
:°p Dp DIP ‘pyynd 399 sn) 
£9w Wy PN yo poy dps 
sym mp 55 nay “yxy 1 
:°NIID yO sme xd) aN 

so9pn jo nds py AN Ww TAN NIT 
pom xd yyw yy Syd nbn 

95 nyosa * en mawe xd sy020) yy * 2 pNr pnd 

sawan 59 wae “nop mds? mins seem pyyd + ons pron 
yoo xdey xdy* pw yooiman sans boa on oy na Sy 
SS + on NBT me soap xd ap sdy ody add moan xd nas 
pow ssp san xd) ow edie pp xdy dina ab med spy md pon 
xd) mxp xd oxdp> jos) ta22 sD mpdyn 595 sim ¢ paxm 
sbi opp Soa ims im sop a ba awy ods aman | sam 
»ySwens pyp sanoy xd wn odsy* oda 555 mypw amos sns tne 
mean yaa san sy tap ap ° yp oon sayn 99 58 wy pan 
sawan 595+ mimsa onbds 58 spn wo na 

smmon wna Tay * awem pyyn sams ded + saw sox jh 
says pawn Ay xdomp san npn node * pee poy $8 paw 
ods psy tion spd cays tw 58 An $e sds Awy ndan 
Sap s xin xds nds mS aman anno say 593 son ° spy 
sayy pny eat maar daa’ awyo Sy aby sn sow AyN 
‘PN DSN DPN) SOY oNNwND wy MwoOND sy aa AN 
om orn wasd ny * Ay wR. DD. AI AMPS yINN jo 1D 
sme’ pares may oP by sadp pesp nen wp pawn 
baa ao wh sh pwpay mya rmy O22 °° wy and naw 
:oSoa Annan 
yoo nwo mbes ods mm soem seconds own am 
mep oy mnay ot Sy 75 what ondan tn min somppn 

f, 56 

yy op pee ond ood onnpdy soxt onda wn nin | soryp £57 

f. 55° 

f. 56 

731 :MID7 IN Wo Naw mbdx 

swap oy oars em nes wad) swe monocot ¢ non pnw nds 
:whe poy won ¢ yoy pos end) sen qnaw + yn 7d anon 
swsp2 saat minyan tabs wripa ea mdesydt * pos on Sys 


ene 55 wpa’ wmoet pid orn oom otyds nds 
Sop Td amy syn > apy ann py’? aS cm sap wpR 
sypds espa mean ans nr nwden Soya sp pox ps ay 
PII Mowry’ Jown + moian Sy pby wa 

soy min nm smo msyom spt olds: monn mpd wp nbs 
mows own yor Tipdy | saw qd wise por aw) poy pons 
mds wpa scwan b> yom? apn ama avden Spy sen 
sqwan nds * mean 

‘ minowa Ink Wyn sApY jo 120 AD * MDA on Www naw 
Shy vay [ops * maa aon py me by nnn snodwa’ ohm 
oo’ nyaw oonds smn ad Yonnows * mxnan yoo ans snp 
ov 55 snonn omynnds man mba sno Sy tpn oy * pn 
‘msdn poy lS apps’ navn an sappb So wtpd! + mn od 
wispar sow 59 qyp Aways mann nwden Soya :nmdwa anik wyn 
smoyp nado + minivan obs 

ma ow oyten aap rpod sox WN DN AMY DN 
‘ow ap poy aw snoea7 pny * OTwa DY AP wym) 3p" 
yor Spyay spay Aom * owen myden Soya snonows pn 
WIPI wnoNT § DASA pa pinay Soy spon mwy * oN 
:PoYn on MAYS MOON Non) pw 

solety mI MT NPY wD Sy MA A ale 

Ay vleye edow we gill al Je ye rina Cot nde 

sw xda Saxn ‘mn ow nar 

:9p 590 %5 ‘moby 55 wa 
ssydy) mrinn “Sip mpp nyD 

sep dy sme ab md *byn snp 125 

sew xdy mw xd) apy xdy aro 0d dd 

:M2DN IN wi naw mbdy 730 

sompnn iat by xb+ nnody 55 waa soypn ona? mmd worn 
xd amadpn * amp Soa ims roby xd) a ody ns dy sh ond 
qa mom nod S93 ppm mane + nos moo NM son 
sodiyd sow 

syndy 5y5 mbps ow da sn rat 58 abeb° ond pon 
pram aman en eds ry ed syste dy qo xd op oyp orp 
:TANDIN ON + IN IN ENP’ Op? ays [my ]wxena’ yD TA INN 

sap ramandby a5 jo pe one sane we * pyay bry 
Any’ md) poon Awy Ambo’ samba’ moby 55° pyo sas 
‘pnawe’ mm paw same od xd py py ads ax sanyo 
| snmsy’ 553 on 

mon nado ¢ san Ay md mse smnds nde + apw nw pho 
ANVNI * wy mvoN. say mma ga oy dy ow xd san 
yow and awa smdp anwp ¢ sw nnaw oy wipro yy 
snon mwy sawn pn many sm@dn mbps say won 553 

smiman poo onder mn smeenan oa oonbdsn wn min 
wrest ondsn in may smn 55 a2 Awe nde ondyn in nim 
In syd nay ar wspy qaast ondyen oan min smnavy ony 35 

solely ONT PI" YN 

spr rpdyd sy in yp sso xd nds md nds nam wile 
Ay ey [A jow 

soles naa 

onnpdy set mox5 suey pty Sie bed san And mds nbd 
po) nyaw iawn’ mop sos ndxd stn py mp peerin ova ood 
spdy> sy pony smanp 55 yyy ssepna 

solely PONT I YN 

wt * pdyn ono SSenxy seem psn’ pypn ow. Mmox 
OY :TBN) TY ODN WONT DIAS pyiyn owe pono dy oon 
san opp? dom jot py sc b> esp by aby + op wes 
‘pdm spyp ownr 2D ND Amtor jov * ndn bs snp mr sswypm 
sama > aminash* mysyn Sp yo baa swan 55 ys 

smxny jonn mds anpty3 

f. 54° 

f. 55 

f. 51 

f. 51> 

f. 54 

729 SDD AN Ty Naw mbxy 

PMIW WN Sy) WI pI 3p wD AY sida mb * mr 
05 Anind smn yoy gynnn 43 oye * Fon) Faand pon doy 
an Anand 

ima ws S55 sympa’ ab syn an ina yined poo 55 759 
aw Serena’ [mojien 55d) 0 “nner Soa + 395 am now’ 
:MyIwD INN May py ‘ay OMON ¢mBo TA py Mp po * mops 
SEDO DvD nya 

‘ride Je “nem soot ptays 47> mos’ * wy ax pnd conhh 
AN mow MND MOY oni? myn nko ‘Sonn | saws oye wy 


IS pall dee sal al aged J§ ue ye oe Lal ole 
weal side SLs all dao, 

sso ap by + oxen pempar senooy by ann * ovhn nawn a 
Sy + onvino pp Jno seeown oy ana * DID Tay Awe 
1306p * panes pd SSny senor Sy yay + pp pop own 2 AND INI¥ 
‘py 55 wip dew sh mod: ndbwa’ ans to smn ‘oxy 
wei Sy sb Se pwnd md + adyd ody oar 3 1~ im13°3d) 
sox on ayosn ¢ pdiyd Joan ar Sy syaaa 55a) + peyp 5& yo oH 

bone Js ye ae ps DPON DvD BNI DW (asl ade 
9) YT sone» Syn jnoA 
1. ,.°O) mn Jnnd 
PIN MON IYO jp Mw jo maw Jl six 
6501 (ay TON YD > nb» 
:mm ows 

siymdyp oma? yaya andr sya saewd mesa * maw: mind 
Soy paxm own nbs pnbs ow ynawna + namon by adn sepa 
2929 mwp + mdm Sap swea dSbenn saeane boa my * pa awE 
‘SPS mM owaD spoons mdm’ sox anon Aw Pw 
simnded 553 1am 
:/nd aman 

1 As above, p. 235 to p. 238, 1. 2, with differences in the P22. 

a =_— —— 


:M2D7 In Ay Naw mby 728 

*pyp imbya wxyoy samay ym bx anyp pa anan 959: pmby 

P07 pAPNN mp sonny imby ‘ow 

9a moron py sienna’ myn * wan id) pny nam xy 

ayea’ambya’ sb$ Sram nam ar $3 snd ay San yngd Sonn 
mw awe pamoqa Sp psa? amdy onn) nyy inna 

mama pro 55 saad) wea sa’? an ndsa pny mato bx 12d 
bx Sean jnsn on? nay’ anye 34 AD ssaynem sD * op 
meas way swe id jw Samy pnny wk poe ‘ow snamn 
via wads wna my pea sie ap 1d nme pe jo 
spp. Myson wan ‘ow sas we yeni: myn ydy mom ryanb 

‘ar wOSDN yNID NN IOS * A ynawna’ yr be dy 
by py Swan anon ‘ow | rove pun Se oom + sw) now’ 
monn) nbs mina qupy vdsn se anam say on ead 
sponnn) mbann jo sy Sym qmon “ow * pom ont b& ma’ 
:ayyh [mayyom nnann pansom 

‘py wp pa nosy rnd ows mddon’ + aban nanan pra wm 
:HD2 po TAN Myoim ‘nw sy AYP yy OM’ sOND Opy 
xem swat min sim ida’ ekan ponn psp nay’ Any an nb 
nda ‘per sTqaN prin ‘ow * Jao An Jon Sowa pw rp 
saminn pon 

ME MA py a 299997 15 DIN nD * wh ponn Hx 
smwy son moa ww pbnn ose ssbb) 9S npn ¢ pon pox 
pray soda 355 Sao ° mby 95 nem pox we mm Ne com 
Jnam ods mae aw mms som say a yO Me ann pon 
* swonn ovanson pom pon 55 :podmpr pms ¢ ponann Ann 
saw nds id om 

monsidy Sap» moon adn som snwyns Ans * wnnn pon phy 
sawp yyna’ * wen ponn say sponpayy’ pop youn * pons 
pbnn whan spodap qaay* psyona Sean ww wpa’ apm 
ody inssonay wont) Az Day Tb sa xd 0 W2’ spawn 
sae pay pyr 75 wo any spadap 55. dyn 

main sat op yo b> som * apy we Anan oar ono 
man mrANs wy s4wON Tyr woND Sew aM? swynr ADM 

f. 50 

f. 50° 

f. 48> 

f, 49 

f. 49° 

707 ;MIDA AN wr naw my 

vnm Sdpp + sin Sdn pps S$pm gsdpn abn ia onan’ Son. 
seen MA TID spo wa’ 13 

wowa’ > mown Ss amy soiyyn min opp * oipon by ‘aby’ 1d 
PDN JO. MN pO IID aD ¢ A Aya “Sone smawa Oye. - 
| :9wp DN mpwn 

nny 7 ¢pn ada’ * oeap Snes manny: prop Find n& Jay ay 
soapy ¢ ona Syn pony avana’ ind sd 53 oy die + Drew 
snaywah pyia’ 5$sn’ + tk Jap anon AM sponay oot dene 
sanyo sy pin ynawnn dips 

ox mm jax bx omn oy 25m Spa’ sawn + bdpy mn 5 
Spy aoa Sy manson systn bean inom ab ‘ow. * yown pow 
AAA ASN * ya AypA spy sw bop Senw sop + bp 
sau mds 1d yoy ny. 

abn ye) * py mina yon std Sp aba’ mid bie abn 
soma Too xm voy Sx onder «dpa yy non abn mows’ 
monn) * pio ma som sap Sp Sba’ * aps mane anam 
moana) saan sp sony) ay amby sswmt sox) pros’ 
: 90 
mapa) * po nnand Danson sands pa mina awabds S$an 
sain) od poss ends mim vine + da ‘am qonrh sy soxwinp 
sony mm may mm m2 ove? my ona’ oddan’ :pdp fh 
SMD Jy ay nb pa san WMA BD Ar Na yap 

yyy anan >) syann oma Se ny sy ¢ bad Ww. OD Ty” 
my nda by * pon jan ma bx san monon jp mpte) * ansp 
Say Spm Sean pnom py} ad) + See soy spy sD pop 
ston mr sana anaes msn sidan Syn + aby Sw naw 

smxm nnn sat 55 nx by anson + mdsan oan Sx any oy 
‘yoin DIP ar yon : yop roa dma “ow * pp yedy psx son» 
omds mio + mp mand Sx dt) snags yaaa pd m2 mds ar 55 
stay) §xd so JA ¢ ta227 mn on ooney “aS pds san 
sp" nanw m5 At an 

bs wy joy mnan ‘ny ‘ow | rome mnan “ihe nde * om|p’! Ww. 
yonnn * n> 92d) anspa pon raze pa oma omby wo? yan 

:M207 oN Tyr Naw mbdx 726 

snaw2 ny * omddm mit ny 550395 aonm smn abn nnk 
2 5dr 

soyoyn nda’ * Ana mwa son syn Jow + indy mnk oD 
‘gym tnd wads an& °> soon maa’ * Bs swe 55) pasm 
son 523 

ll sa catll ayezell pall JF ye eshUdl JU wom (3 
eel ade She all dey Wl 

68 xb spt * onda petty” smn pon ax * ods: gw’ nds 
sovon Sm sad qdann eco sw S& sup 

$2) ¢ mona nan Sy spynsest sayy pny ss aw yo nds 
3w DP wd saMnx ADDI Apinn mpdya-nim swans mds 

1° op Bo xm ‘rind sorb odhy + opr jb jo nbs 
Dx ‘> Ar ps oN? ods yD “x ppm sod ong mondp 
spyown ayy an sonds ma 

:vah mpwp Tin * pay mmr poy sptansy Ma * phy yo wnds 
soda tin snasy edd mmonde Say ° wane estan 

mone * ows As spp» rode 55 swan: oon wn nds 
So an srw man oma st yen pd oops) sen Swed 
s odin 

MBs oy * wh wb) wpm spowa myn awe ¢ yon pin nds 
soyonm onan oy’ 3555 masa Sina oy’? ps Syn 

apy snd soapy spt od ssw ona * cms ops nds 
soody ndyd op syana wids 1d ux manor 

poy swoon osemn PeNa nme px mo wate pons 
spyosay 590 95 w5 sine 75 ck * aminp ap 7S yn sind 

Dp JON. ‘ny ADAM Jordy qatb JIM ° Joy Joy on 
n& mon syivw ome > mm nme? mapa mem’ sp 
: Down 


ma bs sadn oan apnen savon naw ada pls son’ > ann 
"yond? s*yapn onnas Seow pr oe jo san 

Sp 25 jo wy dbop sSbop qymwe ay ¢ odd she ant 

f. 47° 

f. 48 

725 :MDDT an yo Naw my 

:mapn an yw naw mdy 

L 9, f. 33° :minsano ay nds) mn ows 

may yaw) naw sqopds sqm mon an spy now ov mby 
mbyn ww spar sarydsy map) ey pyy som ADIN spn 
Sy som) rman yp) s owas) sqom nmnp Sy sands qa 
smooyt aay mpaor some xs aby md so spent yon 
smanw sn siymds inn& sano» omds 
vee WIND OMIM oOvoyA Sup + Syne war... ots nat adn 
21... WINNT MDA In Sy naw Ar pow sobs 
f. 35 2), .0maN main xv adn 

| ¢nanw 
qbips sovoym 55 pad + Syne ae gona ua soba do 
yah pa coxa naw ar ooe sopryy [ppb on [ao]ena 
Spa moa :199Na mapn nnn sider Syne aay’ son [pan 
tow) nyaw :iwn mp3 :13n32 

f. 40° 

PROP OPI WM ¢ DWI 1 weleiy MPN IM 
ny dew 3 mow mds) 

f, 42> 8 solely Sham son” 

smanw 4... has S$amy sain oon 
£. 46° §... Non Aman 

mI Liew Jes ye Wl ib Jle J,! eS JUS samy 
™ pya spnee Syn 
f.47 poss arnds mim ad$ma s oey sy? OM was) mn? [7] 
sy pasn $y pyown or so00 mide $75 mda ja oN 
soya 75 cana Joon apn st$$n2 and + an& ands: min 
* As above, p.125, for Sabbath, as far as the next manw’. 2 As above, 

p- 129, ll. 2-16. 3 As above, p. 125, ll. 26-29. * As above, 
p. 129, ll. 27, 28. ® As above, p. 225, ll. 13-17. 

:ma0n vay nyaw mbdy 724 

MIN Sa solJT ponardy Sap» poor spony own OR mm sn 

J5 Se vrmer yn OT ly Gale le Geet abl andl 

Jo Cal ex 5) Ware 

pay Tach pay mA ww sul ndvd ones pwn ay 7231 
smd yo pay pony pomayr psdmp 52 dyn 

ss Sy SB ole alo sary 

mm ands S$am 2... MNwE. ONIN TN WN mM MDM AN 

spam oinn 5k 

Wl uae Le poms stay SLL mp insy pyIN jo Sle, 
ch Gell ge 
ool cae dy esis GE le bl Geshe pe pei Lan? 
Le went proad pl der sell Us Comall KF olesll Gulp 
* adel la ally abl stall b Ypernit Jee abil dw 
PUTA TITAN age Syl ble 
MID andy gs lb ST DUM ALS ae 229 ay S ay? 
salaiy mnow wndn Spya 
TSUDA T oy GE ble 
"DID? ay CHE ble 
Be et Ok Se el bl. 
SPD oN weap ax yael> bl 
Lepoleiy rpys May yo Syne ya nm sornon wb: bbam 
Yall us a)! ist) 2 (dy NN Jie sl els dy Jpad OU 
monn * aby poo’ mst smoyy sewn oy * my ndwa ons 
my mp mm oy dene nx qb ¢ ma jp apy on sma syn 
:mn yyw nx wyn * nndws 
Symnoy Rene SIU 5% Yaleis :oo5 man moayy ‘mown oy 3555 
saws mbyn Sonnm snanwn ndyd ssanon ndyb 

onl td whe ab I ts atl 

? As above, p. 128. ? In the margin. 

f. 30 

f. 30° 

f. 31 
f 33° 
f. 32 

f. 33 

723 :Ms07 Dy nyaw mdy 

ty boo... oY my NIN ork Jao esl 

yaty adnan aot abs youd anki * aap menba a nan mynd. udp 
Sy gan pass 58 mm on qnynend ¢ np’ xdy wba yan sad 
sya sw 

sSenw oa... MAN awn wins whl 

f, 28 ol ay ble 
spwennh pn&i* 2d andy miny oi 
cy mre mywed oS mm non ty esl 
‘a yavn wins wl 

Pop C3) er blo 
p>... PIN NX nN oI 
3) Jond nx Jaa ods mn ns ontay ssl 
solaig IVA WIN wLl 

sx, ex bli 
saliy IVT wINI JI 
‘ mmpmy ODN wn ssbl 
™) own maond naan bl 
“0 Jw") MA JI4I 

unsell eid doles 
f. a9 soli, yawn wind J,JI 
yy pads mim ont O81 sll 
“0 Mav orn Ay ww 
m> ondy many * Sus xs’ aon mane * aNDp pap mane 
tnx mi asnbs mat See yow tos xdse me 

sxe! es dole 
sali, avn wind o,d 
™) vies nx 75 mn nna’ astil 
my qed ban win mon Ul 
my prs wns 


:mDon my nyaw mds 722 

“ psyids mad wyn nbs 
spam own S& mam sinds Soam st 23 
9) NYIW) AWK PINT MN wh 182 
Porn’ OM Yaleiy fNY TID Se ay Al ody Lely TIN TOM £25 
125" Yale, AIT MAND wAX “Ny | Ink ans AIT HM Yas f. 25° 
youn :pwn °D oly lal sux 3 2 Te8 pan qw :pva %2 
TNE pO WWMM GLA! Je LUM gy QL Jy samy ONrw 
it LS sxe! abl de Yeats leg LLM trdy ay 
¢2mOON AN jo MY OPP ATT TAN eI ay ble 
t lal, DIAN ON sx, 
TSP TT CW ay ble £26 
‘ye peatp ed sill ay bls 
AP Se ee ee sx SI Sp blu 
unset er bli f, 26> 
™ "s "0 "3 "p 33ndp pyenrdy,., 25p manwn 
troll oy ble 
"Ss "2 "SD Sy ERI... Pon mn 
m™ "2 "2 "3 "> sponna jrdy.,. pny ona nde f.27 
4,,,9py Soya “np 
mp * pom om 58 mam ands SSam * sme abs ads md 
xo nby mS mm oma sex ornd ono bee qoyd 
“ss "6+ one 
wold andl oll oe oy IS Ll clase! Sle rie, 
hel ys col Spe ae) soglno Psp tj 
do JI ce bl. , f, ay" 
spay... ortonn 59 snap oJ, 

1 As above, p. 67. 3-2 So after each verse. > As on p. 68, the 
shorter form, * To the end, as on p. 68, in the full form. : 

721 :MaD7 ‘DY nyaw nrdx 

:mpan maps DN snpws b> AMP Nem stAwnen andy ny 
rnvin mows’ :mm> ann oe nya 

seleiy MPN IT 

f. 16 ral ay bie 
“DIN Dae yyr ww ord aes onn a2 sywnn non 
: wy mown fo ows mopm voy nyse wmaxr snwynm ytd 
man maa pyyn oman oy Sy swspn pop * oman Sx ana pan 
Map. OX swe sown spdy capo ydy mm ody sawp 
nwen mova’ som nyaw md on Wik oman) spn 

sales, nox pa 

wo ap JS Cabal Dupin te Losey Yvan Jlby : wa 191 
sheet nS 3 Wag JSS aol db cibdl sed! ab 
412) WNT PI DMPK OMIM soT! ay Cabs gw» 
2) MB AWY UMD py 
f, 16° SOMO MIM MDM Ske ay IS cy 
“0 PIAS DMPK NPA aI ay Cis 522 
“2 PANT “wth DMPK WON HII ay Cabs yw 
“WE TY ID PV sey II ay Cabs yu 
£17 8) ID MWY MD YN pred an Ciki y2 
“or ID Mwy MD py sadl op Cabs yy 
f.19 spam ons $8 mim steady SSam 
) o7IIN NS wna ny ody am 
DIMI MONK MTD JS le sedl oye yas ae dy 
3) Sb no ow no > NI 

faz lel ob Cm et Bb 57223 tw oy JIT yl so > Jay 
5 WS chal whlame pay 
27) DON IwY DW pl 3 OMB YwH os 
1 Lg mien. 2 So for each day. 8 Similarly for each day, as 

above, p. 717. 

OL ——— —— — es ae 

:M20n MY nyaw mx 720 

w ap SS Jy rmaney LY Uy eye SMI Gale gery £14 
ees Wey bogies manwy mapn voy nya seed! abl 

J>Jl ex bl. 

mIDDn ‘oY nyaw WIN) ;OIP nora’ * paNn) Dwr Na Ww 

$3 app nwo pw 7 Sy snody nysa oman Sy oho pope 

IM MN NN snow 'p by TON sada pow NN pnw: 
smoowy now no nyaw 3mm 

salesy TON 39 

ean es blo f. 15 
smaydsyn yd pa’ wep wer pmaen mova + mys’ Non’ 
sms 55 wp oman Sx ana poppy? miapn ony nya woes 
: DONT IPDS JON PDN A sty aT nwo pris oD by? 

snaso wip dx sp nysw mmS on ans onam 

solely ON 39 
rcp ta ex boli 
* mpm voy nyaw waxy samdn mova’ + ayn jo nox ws 
muxy * aw pw oc by sanyaa wtp oman bs ana pay 
ma> an omam sonyn b> wstp> sex spn ydas rans anya’ 
smnyaa wtp Sx spy nya 
saleiy TON 37 

sx JI ay? bl 
95 pat wend po ow sadn ova * enya aa das f 15° 
S& wp opsian Sx ana par * mon wy nysw wrasy 3p yids 
rDiyyn josen won pea b> wp nwo prs cp Sy: awh 
Ninn: DIpON ow Ms OFIIN NPY soyn isnsa yy Sy sya’ 

:oN mA 
soley MON IT 

nyaw woes) :men mova’? oa) oe pak’ smwtp mdi 
Pawo pie by smesp ops oman Ss ama par’ miopn or 

1 Lg om, . 7 Lg mena, 

719 :MD07 voy nyaw mby 

nyd xa ndp ndoya spy pnys oma mp yn pooh pn 
spasm 55>... min oyna 
sxebl al) bl. 

seliy MIVN BINA wd 
sn Syta S& anpa ods mim asltl 

f.ra ‘nox sin ods mays singon,.. Joy mnvn $x mao ll 
| sinw... pndNn 

:pomby dap» ands eledl Jyiy Lalesy pam DIT ba min Slay 

TMS Jl sony sNIWON § So le Ke le Sy 
costly Gg SIG maar soly emoyy own Odi 5; de ley 
f.ra® = saypa mbyn Spnnm :manwn pbydy anon nbdy> | sae, 

vole Jl om: y dbs ait! 

smn ows 
f, 13 :mpY moon voy nysw moby 
wd Call a3 ans ov luc Le ell Umm see ai ° Nall stay 
sell ss0 Aish Com! ae ITN Gly Ul ding pager he a” 
son nnp Sy) sp oN) pnd slat lol 0x Us! dy abl de 
Jl saey 2? 77a smo Abe mm rman opr sows 1 

f.13 9 smbxd Ton 3) Des TaN pom on SR may winds SSam 

SY rmby mp ey be & Cus US pn we sw sonn 
laswy Lol LIS ry9a Jl Labs dary Lid Cond ayer * popes 
USI ya be Guo mete Sy LT Sadly soldi maw old Sys 
MAN I yl ew Jle nawby ales dary Caml der gl Cond! J 
stl JY eye YI Jt go ye oan taly telly IPD [7 
ples der aye ST Fy utes bl Sell oe pe JT cree pte 
shall go JF call all I31,* mann Dds cay Jib be etal 
PION DNDN wynell VS Lid LUM eres VN pbAD WWI yo Jl J 

* ball cans der age JS dye Cand pte SN ad lnay * baits 

? As above, p. 716: first and last stanzas, 4 Twelve headings, © 

23,33 byte, ‘~* In the margin of L 9. 
* In the order given above, pp. 16-27. ; : 

:MDDM “yY nyaw mbdx - 718 

pmaq mans’ 37 MN Jey STM ANID NM wt Sas ddan son f. oP 

we BUM ye anzon dy xapom rdew yor rt 12 shy 

PAN aes MOY PITT WINK Ly losary aS qaisll Leal! pl 

AS JS wls!) C55 baay | BW lis! lore, Loliy Pom — f.10 
elas LS pay telee lis Oli saedl de wy 

soVl als bi. 
:pANM... “ nX ‘non dS 
yond snodana swe mn ornwy ans swe 553 yoy’ onde wslll 
ibis 33 be oe abn : :mioD3 INK wnn yawn wind wb 

gel ald ble 
:AnpA Obn mr tain: some bie no wow mpd mer JS £102 

ma sex ons nwo bx onds sox 

spond ony... oma Ox Aen sma owe ONT pO WI ssl 
spade min oN > Oy 3799 7D Pd wr ApoN pyndy 
sel3, M32 wk UN Ywawn wins wl 

sui as bi. 

:os5 797 ,., 9D’ OIMIN a may yi 
92 FM FIDNT YO TID PII... MIM Ww oppor ssell fr 
sion jynD snyoen se pry 
selaiy IVA WIN UI 

sv V1 aS blo 
:Jaond.,. pono aw may nw ol, 
syndmay.. . Ando) soma... ‘mann sll 
wlj, yawn wins whl 

cell dl) bi. 
solig YIN wind vy! 
snbxy ton... 82 S53 any soll fr? 
psn van Spya io sqoon $s) a5 Fee os mame wll 
sons) aydsr NN JeIP pw) wow momDI Tay mvp joxn 

717 SIM Dy Ayaw mbxy 

pani pans yoy ws Sean mm ows! 
:mwion mison vo nya 9S mby 
mos may osman yp) powa op) so mR pro ombyn ow 
seleiy MISDI NN YNN “ywN WIND sma ADM Tran :nd> 
NIWEN LI Jody LLM eer pond “ea joy sap mans 
ieee OY MY yo 33 Jo Crmdll JS Sad] Gai sy solells 
SMIDA IN OY NYIW wpe 33 Jo Sle sae lady Coll AS ope 
sdey LIS san DYI *D sing eclsy TPB JT non 3 TT 
iJ \d2 is Will 
Log, f. 4? “yawn wins mann nan 
| spam on S& mm smd SSan 
"ON". ;2Py) MN pnyy ms oma n& ins mx ondy om 
omnds me sapy ondsy pny ondary pana nbs pmax onde soo 
son93 pra sympys Sip yor ;o maya y»Sy on oN AN 
sony xox mds pss ond SSany 

Sb we oye ets AY OWS Isl, 

SON) wpm pen areanny som>s Sb ap we aD > bs 
Syqee ad adkn ma oN rams we one mwa de ods 

Mae pe pdx SAN se Sle pls ytd! dd J J st, 

sinx xox 
iz 9) poms nbs min 
f7> Samal] yo Byw old JT gel Bday LUM ig (Syk25 > Ix, 

0) wy DW API 22 DMD yw oY 
 Swy ‘nwy op cwSwn py 
“Mwy DMD yA DN 
£. 8 — ) AY!N DD ‘wYONA os 
3) MOY DMD wwm OY 
“0 nyay DMD “awn pyar 
*L9,%. 3"; Lt3, £34 

:MDT ‘DY Ayaw mbx 716 

nispn wy nysw mby 

smn ows! 

MN x28 we uy XO let pill asT moon an Je spt 

saat’ 2a Ann: mason an Sybpe xd ¢ my odwa tnd 
:mID037 FOND 

‘AMD 2M DVN DAMM Ja FANM oy “Ina 3 
sandy wine awd 

‘pana’ son 1d a) ¢ any 42 pon aN 42‘ Apnyny ymbsa 
:tn 35 72> on sp 

yoo apm * Shan xo jo tamara ora + See apy qT 

yoy ADY Nosy nx nwy npn * nob Amps nna 754 ayawit 

‘2 * pam won sy + Sup popy a> * mm ow nvr Se) 
Sew 29 ms onsen mops’ 

‘pn Jat pspxm * pam’ ymin ay mp adr by aan} 
spy pad ps 

N23 ‘AMA “pnn 732*AMina> ANA am? Anim’ miopn aM 
sanyaa Sx Sysw 55 

aby psnat pee a by + Sben’ aay samy ° por gmap “S$ 

wm San na + paps mody wo ¢ par pps tyne yO JD aN? 

xd xwonn omy eda onaoud mop + mwany wpr/ wd 
rN Nw ID 

‘Annows mow 55 wyn ¢ anata min sind + any ay ay oN 
smnw w35 oar’ anbn 

* Lo, f.2; L13,f.1. The rubric is from L 13. 2 Lg mynn. 
3 L173 7mm. 

715 . 21527 oY mds 

PIT ANN JO joy Co glaisy Jas DONT OY cu Jha, 
smwSy mienaom qonn min npby 
f. 155° ole wi SS slay DOMED MX ONIN 

cl pled! Suzy pansies Sap» pier kis pam inn bk mm sony 
a3 myn Spnnm nanwn peyer sanon pdydy ddan) wo Koue = 
| owl JIe slye ome: y al 
vee Ball ve) he ooo ul ecalpl eos Cbd. 6. WD. 

by qman maw ena santa on pbs’ ° aya spo mm qob? 
MY o:ymIn Jno * paxn Sy pwn ws symwws moo Ip 
po some dm mit wo 550 symya toad sana + ov mas ors 
ANN 8D syn na InP peo by + abn saws ny synnawn 5 
imams pnd sex tama onde synana esp oy 75° windy 
m+ > pat mdse spmxa00d yn 7S doy * pppoe patna 
¢yn) pats wp * mon Asbo me: mse d 


105, f.108": not in L16, 17, 18. 

syn or my 714 

xox :memwn wenvpon * ine ym 55) mor snmp a3 oy) * yn 
s38) CNYND * YM MDX YN sYaYM TID. ¢ ANT Oy me ANN 
ia :NDIN 

nm IDN DMN Mw yy spoons ow Sx OM +d AY Dn 
sys fo >on spd sys nna gown nwyo by spomaop 
aad) ond nysny* nnam npsn mn :pady ty am m9 ° ansnA 
masn xd cya oxy ¢pouds pan pin py ° mN DMT DN’ oy 
by xn*® spor ap ° 399 pao b> pnt spon ody’ ptt 
Sy odan pons * ponao onmay sporao mdap mx’ pnp 
‘poy poora spray 55> wtp * pind abs poy pons 

*OIPNNT Fw pod |: 2 pow ws * town Ar oN) : pa wpr rAd £150 

say ?phm snow yap sopps wwn syd waar spor Ad 
:pInNo ony mA’ toxd yay pot spn S53 ppm Sew + syiad 
mo 0? * poss Sen po wit stpoed oypn non man one 
53 wip nwow anvaa wor spoas Ao nvden Soya spay 
mm * OD Monn pwwwD MDP © MypD YI PAN pI" 
:o"n ony 

salasy 1D OY MY IY" 

US anny ova om els, mdm 3 TT OM 
lao ya. nyan ANP 
: “a wav wInd mann nam 

AMIN AON cas? syyey S—b Hye TY OP NOV De AV NIM JDO NPN £152 
porn pvr "3 13% ped wd! dap ram jbna Fw LLU 
sons ax Sy saan wya qe panzer by sapom: Sew 
sony “i ps jor Syn jaan prs tom yom | Soon £153 

sein xd) ox oan ep py aN npY oun £. 155 
sinbnsy aynd pospom tans oyd mn nw jn 

1 L 16,17 om. 7 L 16 “wr. 
* L17, 05 nos, and put the two lines lower down. 
*L17,05 popnpenwena, 

° As above, p. 64, with an Arabic version in L 16. 

413 sye27 DY my 

‘ondyn xin min spdy Sy ospn qdpn + onde gin min 
¢osoy 72 nwo pr nde ondsn sa min sop Sk don orden 
PONS esp ovr mnaw we Sy 7 wrest * ondsyn son mm 
eondan son miny sox'ym. Bon oyn am pws + onbsn sen min 
‘onbsn xin may spwxm xomm py po annd ip a oes 
sod npnd nod nxt nnn oN 

telasy MIND als, prom dn 

maa nw sae mbed enon mast mdxd smonmt nbioy ndxd 
f.149 Yoyd mat Abed | smapoy $5 wap ve by 75 sot nded snap 
abso snnym po annn ‘psn mow ov ney owt nbxd smn 55 ap 
Sy yyw sna nn onxpn 520 Senw a Sy sand set 
sodyd sy poor maqp 
Leals soos poe dn : 

Sispa sds ads myen mera sydd) ins wp * mds wnt ARN 
* sua do ax owny :ii2 npwp Sawa ‘swe oon mista iin 
omnis) 27> modes SwN* on) py we my sto nawa* WwN 
spy pam Shaw sweet yy> pre suinnse yds ay * onde an 
bx oynnd * yoompa NT ADM sara now ma oeN aw 
ona enn Sey Zaynyn bx * yoy px Aw pt) pimonn 
syn po *Sne * prow wn nya 

smNN pon Ads inpty3’ 

by span toned * onan anyday gam ana wo * yan paAN ws 
yyy Ss mowp 1d ody may + axspn Sys pone :apinn 5a 
smoy 55 syay ya * ynnay S$ano ons; Anyp ndwan monon* apna 
f.r4gh min naa * xdoy yy we | snow 7 naw + pynaw Sap» dos 
mban a2t* :nnby ons 55 pas sdap myn Sy on: anna 
emmy ns ows yaw qoyd sas nmpn ood own + Sapa nw 

mop wit * pp oy ia ans pny Syn ann ova or nbs 

Jv) Dvn rman syyn oy * oopmeest quon by wan sap bon 
NBT ¢ DIAN PWD jo oyD rmpYpnn nop po kw + ows do by 
spr) ndp :mainn Ponsa * pat po AN Tos emp een ynidt 

705 wabsx moon. 205 wn. 
5 O05 smo mp an “My $3. FM 2 P21 SNTw" DT ND Mwy NID). 

a Ee 

syaIT oY mx 412 
my 72° "MD non sfoyw.wo NnppP VHpd WIA PAN 

mop dn inom op IN OD fo ADD RYN Indy Thy ydy 
"1 YR 19D WD WD Ops Ai yADA pny’ 43 

Sean may ows £148 
: 70’ jo Nid PID WINX ‘spy mown mn 53? 
sqom yD Jowp Sawa ‘Tay WE? MwoINd 
sqodiya yon 343 ‘SION }D APIY WIT 
:qoon 95 xds pp + raya poxw aw xb 9D 
:Jop) DAY TION ‘oI pw 73 
sqonin ynidoyy ‘a Jon 392 
: TOYO NNNT AWN ‘sansa Tay dws 
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sq12d 7b nbdiom sondo yon ans 
spiadn ny psx + mda awy ndan x1 

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syn an pasa on op Sy aw |: qdyp onsw pore pa Toy £148" 
‘ompa anon xdy sqbawa wad pipnay * meraa npn dy 
spbono’ 3 by cD Pom * nna 230 Jwsst AN * stbon Toni 
tsndnn joy fnmwn bx sada mw yea * qin yo wn Sunn 

:75532 ND WR 

snd mma 

1 Also in L17, f.1"; O05, f. 104", 
20 5 -winy Foun. 5 L 16 monn. 

f, 147 

f. 147” 

711 :I7 OY mds 

poy JX TOMI AN sIwN DD ¢ Ponma men AN sieywad aw 
* goyd mynn Sy pmom JEN pono aw mn omy snes Sap 
Saxo mn oym pyd xo nd> mm ome saws ayden ma non 
bs sndmay Joy mnen bs mm ose snp ex Jen xd) * pn 
Sona * mn py2 mh pymwon bs yw Sx1 wnwp dx jen 
sivdy pyod APeN AN TWN AN AID ANT AN ydN IDM 
sivdsew pon ade nts ta) qow jo ome ans Oy ay vty dx ne 
syandmay w¢mixnndy * w2°yd “nndps 
ray nbs mmd ovnn ymdp cpap * soy nawn nam Sy 
abo mba sisyay ont wpm pyo Se sa) me Nw? Jayne 
Hed syeawna sapn xd * sepon Sy nant] sayy td + wa 
sana * oS max > sewyn mys by * syns D+ myota 1923 
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SON MA wD Dyow oD oD sya Ny yD No ¢ Dw 
mor 9D DDN jp OND opy rw2ar S53 ¢ ono odd 
rd ys Soy xb ° oesy oti oan sin. S52 * ope 
MEW PwmMy jo oye * owyon ner sway doa + or Op 
xdy savy werd mp Spy + od we wd ie sinaad mwp * owen 
yon ow S$ppn ar nin id syn comp nen: indy oys may 
pry xdy yoo ad 8d sana b> pot: spy’ oa ons 8D WpYnN 1293 
nds yown ome aby pein av sd) sya moo mow ad) * yosn 
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‘mya px po ma ax | syn. ada ome © ow o22d3 spy 
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sow * psptron map spd ox mw AND * DYN ANY On 
mm wer spowin pombam + pamby am Sapyspoyn mm 
nox ane Srna Sy pray spon TDN pO pon’ sexy * pNpy 
‘ynnn wnnny spominow win + amin vor san spony Sy 
noymy sponse wp dy * wow yn) sf) PII Ws 
sya) pnx * now yo Sy wmaen spoqN po) wp jo * aw 
Soya spony posyioa pom mm + soto %S innon xb 
+ nova ds wtp ne Soya spose ROM * PINK ONIN APE 

27 oY mdz 710 

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PDan yas mya) * awn AM ONT ID DwH :DNA AMDT DDT 

* SIMBA DY Dw PDI AwY OW wD OPT aN spy oN 

mosoat anys wot mon 55 2 pen spot xd amor jot 
spp pody wom myayn Sp yows 

saxn jonn mds inpty3 

syds * mo2wn2 TPIAM NwINM) pO was AAD pA nds 
my oy) DIT IP DyeD Ay IA Oypy ona :oown TOME 
yoo Syo + rmpun nm oyy pop xv dt pope py * papa Apna 
ma yo :025 mas po winds ¢ nan Ansa TN AD) OIA 
neon onn oon pow pono Si bx + poy nawswne ino bx 
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yas spo> AnyN wapA mn sD wm oO nN oy ttn pads 
POP oA AK. san anpa Sos Saemy sorrdy nyt yt 
Sy owansy sp pna sadn mwa noyt * nytn aes by pryes 
*ydys man yo Syn soym maada po jo * nyyinn apsnn awy 
™ soa ony yo ¢ PSD you yody | ona omrond jn £ 146 
mm’ > DMD) Ova mm oy 55 ym 1D TOY? omdy mon MD 
by yennp ino xd xd) sano pmaan > * omdy inn one aim 
ao * ony pox ond) spy NNIa INYDD Dw mM * Gone 
sow mya ond son sn yD op: DApyA 
May 12 Ar syd Dp? On AMWw oy pa man midsn ner oe 
mm * mayn aia ar syawnd pnw 55 mpn i nn * mwprd 
yrttn 32 nn * myvasn syyn ypnn va ar sardny b> by Zoe 12 
m Sy mmbon ony wanna oar sy 39 pO MYM mw 
maw ya Ar sax yoy pom) avon qooy 12 an ¢ nbdad syn 
won ya mr spsesys no wd vban xdy maw xd 12 an + ndspnn 
meno ar sap ‘syd Say soo oN Np AN AAD IP 
moon 93 Ar swpen xo S2o wy now “DID AN snmp 
Som jpnpA Nos 13 AT | so92%N nye 12 mn ¢ See pyd onan f, 146° 
Syn ¢ yd pips yaw PII wy OM II I AN? AOwND NBN 
me sya $2 son yaw ymdon pro joy sty ow) AY nn 
qty joden $93 ana moon ms siesond ndp ¢ aoa sna mon 

f. 144° 

f. 145 

709 WHIT DY mbdy 

spy wy mim pon sa embupn pyn * Sew ow sppnd pny 
‘ompa oy mot See andr ban smwpn spa spnon + Sapn 
smypen mddan 15 yma * aryow ombdsanay enynya op yaya 
yawn apy dSsk smxan aweno sdip ayo * amo ynyaaiDe 
xo px smisqaM maw. py * pw tows smay daa + 
:monon pnt yw 

pid * Sea antp we to pana mivy cond) sens qr Dwr 
pnbn :aninoy as ny xd dy + nbs pan Soin samp anys 
smys omdy maps sano aa wp Sony oye ndya psn “ow 
bb opt Sow sy * mayoa on mde yn) sansinsay nndya 
AMP Aw rambo sawn xd) andoxy * tond ayn mm anyaey 
woo xd sy + oo ndee mona pea] samddsy wa + wd moan 
mAD rantinsy aAN Sop * paysy in® opy “Snr non oy :nmNes 
Dyn JO panwws ofp ow xdooy no ony aon Sown 
snmsow 35 yo py xda* om ON) EAMDEwD MWY * yowNt 
‘pstowa OX Ine AI Pe SAMs DpID * opyos 5a2 3 
PA. OWION MAP DISD Day Nd oN rama i Dw 
HD DMNA * OTN DY ap > sAMvr to * adn wwn mys 
HAT odN am Pi samidoy wea po tnd nevny wm sameqw 
p> by yn) smmpy mem ayoyn mera psy wip snanmpy pd 
snmwpy ova * and 

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woes ober ota ain enya $5 9 aw nde onder in mm 
mp ow ondsn in ma smowy pds psy avy mt dy 35 
SMW yy 99 pat odan ow may] enyany yespt pen at 
ondsn on mm smaswn ya5 mmbp 12 owt onbxn on mm 
:minnand Amn ‘nan 33 |v 

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by spat mdsS spa om nw nde nbxd :no2 nat nbsx5 
aay sy a5yo anya wind swya pipet mdad snsnep wpa 1 
spdys sy mony map 55 ynyd :ponaw in’awn 
selasy poe tn 
noo Sos ¢ nnby sxsr minds: dpo ponay poo * mim pws 39 
peo :pnbos any jot swan 55 SN wn INN DwD : DD) TPR 

:527 oY mdz 708 

mawy 55 qynwe sy ood pre raion oon 95) moN nye 
yoo) t poxw nd save sation poy in nn aS sbany dyes wy 
mos: spon ara yawser? pps Senn as Sy snoan xd) aon xd 
SAID) DOWTIDINA | nD TID aw nN wN minawns 
Jwy on son jo Joo * WP Pax om wd | sox paxn yownr & 143 
sya2 Sx wy pare indsa ne Ta may spe yaa yo + oa 
Amw xd spy ods per e082 wIPIT A oe ND ANY INS 
smans np 55 sayx * aoa Yn ms co petty Ny ory dy 
65 wip wy on ean pyaya xd ody pnp * NbN DON) InyMD 
% popnst * Dy 72 naa nN sone mnawnd sem * nnawn 
syst wy nbs won sy tt mow iat pbdy nov mor sot 
pdsion pox tiny sy yds say) DMD) mM) WX ID INS 
‘Oy D0n IMDS’ MANN ssN|NY ww 3) * DMD WNP spoT 
syins oondsd ynnw * oman omy ono ene Spy nd mds 
xy pm andy pdos xd) pone edd pac dy pity xd ody 
Saw sy spin) syinsy ans b> mm pat mae peo oma 
sw. opatn emp * Syp spp psa] pene Sano mom ¢ mnnn £143” 
symasy. won Soa sion’ Sew Joye sen, 
mo? poo pas Ssw sminann mwy * MN DIP wa MN 
moe my nD tam wea To yNy Popr smaNNn py mn Awy 
ma as smyw 593 yap wn 7b np “news ‘nay “noow smimon 
mys Syn say * yma v2 pysd :nybdnn mayd + ymin pn 
be sda mep of enim py wbnt* pa yon xd ona: myp 
smynn nysonnn jo amdaxa onpys ¢mpn ana nova * ndsowa 
x55 + psst weep mawe :mbann nwy yw ondap* ones one 
sminston p> pspnxt + oxswa minor nbpnns :miaain py 
gS) * maten pasa wnyex’ gnyanapA ‘2 yow * nmapn ndnss 
- yp wy wos smondon satay weNd wns nym iar xbp 
mown jo sandy are pons Sy smnnp wy sain Soy md 
yasn ona by snyw> vp Sy wnxwey oan p22 we. rman 
abn ome * indo mw oman gmidn wy moxdor + way 
wendnin mown enitdnd nyse nis yar con» ySpo wat | smynen ft 144 
randvowy aey adm spa non smrvawn p> pawn ¢ omen oy 
mdiaa ayy smsaan dps mp Sy nd$om ammo :ninyna tp 

707 :NBIT OY mby 

oS oly Jes Gals, aby qnany em aly Joona mans pg 
f147 OM saliy MONK TAIN Jloy | 52K Ta Jle way 
f. 141° 9933 J DANIN TPN TON ss WHY MW DI saw, | 27739 
MWD AIM sie pls) Jyirg Seas wolsg mde dra sey ss 
wie ‘oon sy mx aye sat ne Sane Sap bua 
f.142 wpm anspa nryson Sx wm Gels, mT DO! | INA 
yonmys Inxs anso wy sm awdy on xd pr ovansp awhy iyi 
ancl pA? toe cay ANY TIN DNDN pT OM wT 

yap * thd Aapy* ep Amon oD by nw anaw ann 
smnand ina * myrypd 

serlac whle say set? DVINDOI OTT 1 Lalas, MIN INI 19 sly 

inl (3 paid LS solasy OWI 3) Yolesy nA mand wre Sxpr 5, 

maw ALT MAY WOM sels, Mondor naa mA Ul Jy! 1% 
sy yor *yapn onnas Sew ir sow 

sydy Syd nbd prawn Seay my at aT 

ener Sp pTAN) “Sew Sap $5 ona 

f. 142% :ANA INNA AYSNon ‘99 nw MIT AND 
PIII) DOWN “aoe now pnyart 

rman Sys “NPN mA ows "> wd 

smanoom xdaon pion “ND jOND 7393 

sxcnm Syn pwn mreain pwatyene 

PN NAD IND 'N JD ‘yoxIN 199 AD wIpn 

ror job aos ynnx mo tain) anaat own ar nd 

:mmpp’ mwon dap ‘my papa yw 

spp s ombs mia pony syny andy woe * andes aby on 

yop ‘DN DyIw smywn ner nos * aden po Sy sano andy 
Mwy snes Mwy eA Aw? minawn mnwy roonasx pd 
35 nD + MMOawD MWY SATAN Mwy ¢ MINN mIwyr spe 
Sed spon on apwo aby saa eo mown xd) smnen 
‘san ax ‘Sap anne ¢minn oon nar by span * sam poy 

* Given in full; as above, p. 7. . # Twenty-five headings, 

:527 OY my 706 

stor oxtym ndann Syn ¢ oapoth ansot + own don sxp 

ania xb v “pre xntorp Sy nan ays ima spiatd! aw 
sot) Sew pyd 

” » by ‘ometp sara eds soammne apps xd) amidst dy ND 

yndp * mm ow i’? ney oy sopmat ¢ mp pa mds Syby £1308 


* naron yp dy any * nsdn nx syppm * naw psp po by xn 
synoriny imibya’ 

sony 22 wad) me aa per? mY maw avy ¢ ambp ov ora 

sayy mdxd ays saynem ao Aya pA aA * 2 nw 

ro yawn? mde ab mown adann Sap) * nbdp anny she tN” 
| : DWN 

qron p>) pon oy ma]? ta’ ye * ON pO pevIND sf. 140 

: wap 

sini ond) * sins ae moe 99>’ ndpy so posts ow 

nop} * onnax ay myn Sy ° ome qoa3 ana’ onans: ons 
siny 5 

mm yen obs ¢ nvden’ toon > yo * amane pt ope 
3 :2°Du" pn DTTD. 

seen ge mo op wd + sgh mm nds seh py mx An on 
wa nw 

syandmay ymiond + yeayd “nndps 


geal eel She all da ds ye aati ye ae Lente £140" 

syna yo * ‘osd> manp :sohx mx wo ax? ‘oody Joop ony 
nbx maa’ ‘ps5 nay s Act amy ana’ ‘omy nds mn sAyp 
moray AND * OST THN AN povdyy ¢ poate pyin Se Abs 
* /poywnd’ soy sane ed pomyn * Jponie rer pom: yp 
mbm nia’ yndy + powead) mawn say any oody yi ob 

22 ‘oso mm eds ody enna: pp 


705 N57 oY nds 

* DNB) DANN? DA wp why * DwrpN DAT nds 
:may pt mond 
morday * op yo mown oy ¢ poe’ qa onda bp pan ons nds 

ses * Sew qoyd spor? Sap qn st qm? Sen sway yn 

smn “np 

yd’ nay yydya sb pansy pow ¢ ea bd’ ma mane 

£138 yam Awy * NBA PANN ‘send ¢ Awaly]n Asean ¢ ‘aw ‘m2 DYOM 
sind! yar 

yoo)? ma son yo ote nnd paw own * mde mb nose 
sivowee nbn fy ys 9d 

som ‘ns aa mwders yaaa ary i> Awy ¢ wad we ‘Asn 
| 29 nwa 

‘mow may dyad’ pasod yor mony paring’ mops m0’ 

pay j2 aw an pws’ TD ¢ Dh oD Ty word) * bp 13 Inna 
£138> 9052 * Sew nid pos’ wa wna np mo Syons ns yo sy 
sity by 
nobym * ide md mesh messy aw NN Tm? aD or ny 
san ydy 

:19D33 panNy* Far min tasy 5p yo xa tdnw dwar 

ry929 spd op andys yo + spn adams * Sind 55) %3 55 

mda ¢ opr smans 52) * yb Syd naka + atip 55 sano 

f£.139 nwD powa ‘nx * mw: 55 Rup odwa nsx andy pow odwa ome 
smn 1d mp ms’ + yan 

* wobm aq a NNN? whanon tion Nns ¢ wba con NMS 
si 12 na 

vem ona $5 Sy pons ¢omin ia onown nana 139 Ar oN 
roy mwn 


sb OY my 404 

be pynby on ptt de: yappr pat be ryap So ot: bx 
ig meer: :Yron xd nig 

bs spyya ad ap dx spun bx up by spyy bx op bs 
2p? Al ADK 

Sx 37x pom on bx ¢7nps 55 met 5x ete Sy wet be. 
:y2 nos Ton 37 

Ses spn ww Shae stp pew de sta 0d yynw by. 

:wr wd Dy MW 
' £, 136° 

be | eo 87 PI bx ey de app Sie snow bx or bs 
? JON) JON an WON 

wale wll doo, Lal J ode ey Lal ple 
beau Soy * mae oD saan ID AN * mow AND ANY DN 
bs bod + minawnn orp sunn on ma? pom pomp 1995) 
py t pe> pens 73:27 WD AN? ADI PIM PMs 
bap + ap ms pnp ne subsp oma * po mx mo mx y nbs 

nbo + ont op as. penaw dap? maxnn Sapp NON 

pany 2 mban 2d opm pws ww? we ED end 

bap 55 ones nbdpy sandra awmevndy + ayn “nando: a5: 
pWDINI PIP 2 AP dr1oN dyn say wIp? oMMoN * yaw 

selejy JIDNA ANN 73 

TIAN s-SII s3T3 Jl eal) CSP! UT ISI, sels, mds Joan’ ony 

Pr oS! pall CANE aS Cex! ale Lo ad, ESI woe (Le 

ail de (Ball coyinn gecll py l ES wr pala! gel bene 
piel ally INT 73 BIN TIAN aii Je eK ols iy “100 

» BEN * wa wd yion3 * ws 22 yp my? wan aN wndx 


ayn b> mbps andy ° aw JEN pan + apy pny DAN mb 
mowEr aon 55) 

asdy mpwm * dapby ° nop * myn nw pre myon poy nds 
:nOWw ID 

1 It is given on fol, 141, 

f, 137 

f, 137° 



f, 135° 

f. 136 

703 :EIT DY my 

seed Se sana wns Se sdap mbya be ston be 9 bx 
saan xb 

2 Sy sadam Syn Se stay Sop 582 5x saw md say dix 
2A¥D 135 

by stay mbot bx pas Sx pat bx sta be pet Sy 
“p> Yop yoT 

bx sitysn onder Sy pmcon Sem bs pment by 
:Taeam nD 

be Sow an yom Se stopp yn add Sx stot pad bs 
op mma yx) 

Se stay wm amd Se sta md sit Sx staos aS ant bis 
sty °S am ont 

bs spin xd anvrt Sie | srtawa ab mort bx smawny adyrt Sie 
7 smo bx pn 

sau ans on $x ewon > nae Ss ew bx ain Ss 
saw priya 2d bx 

Se gtnotn 1S oe oe stn op Oe etn Sk ond bk 
snp inyw? 

bx ra pids 55 be stbn dan md bx: Jus dx 729 bx 

qos 1b ndD 

soup n ney xd bx :biap andyd bk : Son sf yo b mo dx 
an own ab bk 

50 5x stOrsn roan bx : Den yey bs pe md 5x 

ttysym 1b ova dx sft bo 1d wp) dx :jnavn 1b jn) bx 
: ]msan od bx 

be sD p 5x mpD bx 3D» xoa bap bx :Dwbns mnyd bx 
:Dyo 1S Mm 2D 

be sy Soa oy Se yap Soa my de sy md dy by 
syn 1b ow dy 

Ose Fox Sx 2D Se App dr 39D be sFppn dee 9D Dy 
Fay xd j55p 

N57 OY mds 702 

de Cal iS ele Fl 45s pasell all coat! ale Jliry 
ples gett pall eedhell pill) Cid Soe ineeS 33 
"3 dem, sit 
‘poy max op ny bday sind pasn Sy pwn ons 
ny 3d) 2 ayww op* omadm mo op 55 adv opm 
stoyp Sy enn sands mms oa spon 7S van ban aw 
am 395 909 pon xd rn Saas qbows wba mas wndan 
ston Sy men 75° manson 

Set: oe 
mobo me NTP TH nMII yO wdyT In yD DAMIAN Inde 
Saye syd spa snpy md wpm ¢ mina ane np ps sandy 
2m) ND WR 
ms op * wpa radpya sampp wp Sy ww ndy yp onds 

ms * Syne qoyd ndor snnyier pnd Sop * win qoyd pe say 

smn §DN 

mS onan * Ssews Samar smmpna gon’ bx mad ans qn nds 
ses * Synw yoyo mas sypw pnyay * Spin pd yaar snpy 
2mm “mew 

son * apyn avdy Ponta snowy wmaat * apy mp ja nbs 
baw» soyd ndp snow ov ma * Anon xd pew snmp pd 
sm IN TN 

pom mx pyya Jo mpeya syoon py 2° pyyn can nds 
yoyd 32 snpy jas EN ¢ poyn xd pom main rap mz 
smm ‘np swe t Seay 

som Supt ones samy pwn nD? mA yoo pins nds 
qoys noo snoow moda * pyr boa yw sno mB OM 
smote ax? Sea 

soma wed oat not 1S os mbt ops oy ar nds 
smn “np swe? Sew qoyd 


pdtv ods podt Sx setoa Son swt Se ett be onder bx 
sNopo pon vos 5x 

f. 133 

f. 134 

f, 132 

f, 132° 

f. 133 

7OI :yIT DY mx: 

spy me way + Sapa yaw + ad mawnn ny | an $9295 

wo >) * pn Ara paps * ana nods + mxon yap qmon ayn 

+ mmdpn nya OND AP PN ONT NN MD “ONY ¢ AM oa may 
12 wITOM * yonwD 13 NApOA * wT bab mp * myeon yw nn 
:wI? ‘D van’ + Sapny 

Seaway N's OY NI OY ow ns Nop? opas See poe 
MIU TR | NT MWI IE + MDD obs mem ont ooxd a3 
¢w5$ smo tan Soxd pmdp ond od ynay ¢ abn 

e op d mn mm onan mwa enn om oy odwa nae. | 
‘yoy sBx pono aw yds mp ay sora Sips may youn) 
Ty Brey net? Bhs bm + ya wnsen jn |e wsany ab dys 
ser xd mds an yds wan 82 In 

mo ovansy ted naban annoys + sw tp mass ‘ut pxty Sy 
swat soos ‘Se * woe 
‘Dank DDD Pps YAN DIN AyAW ¢-oNA ma Dew Tay 
tap ondas ‘> somp ns avon? moar bye See soe ¢ ins ingANa 
| swoon mnypons* Moy NaN 

mp) ann ova ‘Ay map wy? pon was 55 ns ¢ jon RDN 
swnann own wy Sx mea DD pO ANN INN Hwa Wwe 

Sux oat 55 ms synand san sap * Nw Wwe Dy RYN 
‘mans mip od can: nostpmst manent aban Seow mea * ney 
SwAPNN m1) 

‘Sor’ som tgor’s Snny | ¢ away naa ina nx maw aN 
I Pow ANI ' boa NP PIN * Supt Jao Pwr * ONY Pap 
swnenn poy ovonin ‘soy Sy 

Sey 95 sos Son * NN MD PON + yy bsp 9b an 
swsitn nm 55 qo ¢ apy manny 


BIT OY mdy 700 

be nem ms ’xton ¢ Spayn pym bon + won Sy Sax ns 
min bon by + espn py dy JON * JDM nan» nx DM * own 
7 sway wry 

»mrawn xd md sdom sin qa pod sony sy + naan 1S md way 
ond yaya * roy an to by + pny 59 ptpy add tod a om 
swore xdy px xd say myo ape ndsn 

tabs oa sna nop ap ¢ 559 an pby woe © 55 0b wae pr 
+ penser ris | pon 555) ° pon pon yawns ws + nowp wd ow 
swore ws ed woe ta xda’ pyiars pops’ mae 1m 

ty * Sysan sason pos samy * yaa iS pan 55° pan qn ynnas 
wa nds sown ews yet Spy wows pon + bm nvm qos pty 
swans 1) Syd nw nan mad ¢ woNT 

ma. pd md ont pdt xde tn pa andy nn 0b por 
swopns na Sew * Syed nestpnes + von 

miyp 2! + ons awy mypp np ond!) s pwn ow onde. wy 
mwy DON 1 nD APD INN wim MD AYpD InN won? mwn 
swoanms Syn * jswnn miyp wr * own ns 

mop mbynd + pmewp va we * pein ow poax ym 
ME NT tS ON INN, ON INN DMD + DNTP oy + pmnDwa’ 
swan 55 °as mn wn’ psyon 

‘wand Ink won mp? ap nowp by ° ih ao Sy + yawn 
esnan synen Sy omen Avy? op wa Owes DAWA mp 
swan mwys onydiniy: 2wn sion Sy omnw awe 

be wap yo naw Sx naw yo + adam psarm sant ant aby aby 
bx + pena en sy * win bs win oe ano bx ayn jo * ep 
swabs nov JAN DDT Nw) Nw 
pym * yyadad mnsn sma nay 1 yo naney + naa wba bby 

f. 131 


3 DY * won wn pea mers do oye pa yy nani yea | 

seman mondo oy? wo spd 

*oyn pap ons Syaw yow * onds ssn? ayn Ss san yon 
sy 759° 25 xda xdyy + oyy awe wenn op * p> mxnn Sy npndnd 
wn nr ino to wea ads mw’ ppp Awe wT oD ¢ apn 
| = SYN TWN 
Me DN | NSW DIY ANID jo voy ¢ swe y+ ae xdy maw 

f. 130 

f, 130% 

699 mya or mbdy 

psot ax 55 «pads pawn se poy sao wp Sy © ays powon 
mand ndoy sir pad soya xd sep pd yoy xd man 0 
vps ovmion * Seay Sap 55 snxndy ons insndy oan 
:ys4Na poop oo ar don dyn sway 

sel.jy JIDNI Ans 773 

wis all 66, cama Gow as oe ger sale 
sty AY ond gama DET * Spy pm oma mds? 
wan * Dna cons ciydsr pins cade gaa2 pty jy * AWD 
neo wit mban wd op sind mm Se ° SSana ona sana 
syandmay wsmondy * anys “nador :12°32 


yall pss de aK 

swpna adie aya motes * espn’ mp ow? wen Sy1 apy by 

sand) won yas i) nyt ana wx sews adxd men 
swainn’ Sopnm * wn by 

‘mya ovo ud ¢ xyes mo ytind «may on tn aim tn tay 
sw’ mobya in np‘ nyp oy mype 

say Tas wows + pws Sp pen pps * pena opdpy pop yen 
swoT mo any nay mawns xd nas i> aay ¢ tayn ar 

am mo * pis p> osypp ¢ ma ano wn no * amd ans Nop 
swin ods ov 55 axa mena pons yaya pd pyr spo xd 

pds * oem oat * now adn aa md * yown js monn jm 
mown ney poo 55 * apy odyo + opdm ow Sy + mwas 
:w4e nono yam? aw dSydp 

exoy pews any yaw yaw mwy ¢ prams at * pawn Nw? 
SwIENNT mans * pwd pow AMM? pop oa oN’ ps wenn ON 

oa ADINN ID ND ¢ ANTS DD In AD * NyD? yd wD 
“mesa pots Sy odsaon teen + 2mmd ows owp we * mixdp 
swopn Sy mommy: myaun 339 nape nnyd 

‘moxdon soy SSomsy* mwyy2 to mom * moxdon 55 nx yn NT 
*yDa5 MN DUM PTE AN INYO ypIn ns ops ¢ naw yd133 AD IA 

1 NotinL1y,05. — 2 L16 mx 

vB oY mds 698 

sybanr Sane yowpt wan inde maby pone swx xv f 128 
spa jonasndd pyaar py ps4 pyy NYDN 
soyow 72 in Pw NOT NT OMA ss dsm N97 
py sion Seam syn ow sixryds aimbyd) 905 abt pow pen 
wo Te 
st nepp yoy may ody som nby spon roy mm oby 
sway voxdoy soon vas spo ydy mm mby son 
:mowa 37 yp Ap owt | sandys apo Sy smoy wmdem xd gmt 1280 
swear ond 
smoy xda naw awe jody sauwa som ody enonady md 
sa paw jb 
MN wyn 12 oO sosyynd xv’ oa oo sDDNNHN TIN 19 OP 
swyn xd moxdo 55) :p>:nwas 
255 5y wom on :55 xd) mnwn xd oy s Soin na wa ov 
Hwee ODN 
sop aa5a Sy md oy sty yo ay po oy 3:52 on ps oP 
HwIn wD 3 
Jp) | so7pN TI mn by soya ot wyn rodbwa mw np — f129 
sw? yas) smtwa maa say Je ein oan yw 
stow mNo Any ony smb Imidsn nm Say smo Ine 

gol peal pad AI age pid opie eres Leal gle 
ol ulpsly deal all rest set Joslin! 
Da? nob) AYN Mw BONN * ONT AT wy my ANDY sMbdy 
‘nnedy 21939 nwo 1 Sy ye n> Dp sy) INN * DDD INN 
wea) | swe Mews’ DD Dw Poy sw swndma wns wayd #129 

1 Not in Os, 

f. 126° 

697 :V5D7 OY mds 

Ona }) NY AM MN fswAN DMNA fo Mp fen sD wong 
: snes eden 17 

mena Ins EDI Ww py pI ABY wm syst mosS msn 
swys aan; DIO 

sy svordoy nbyn Syn am] : syoy meagan YOIPNS 7D) 
| sw Son nba a syd soy" np fions 

-b yom) :7139 AW MNB yO nn snayn movin voy Sem 
| SEIT Mw mwaN snyp woyo Ain 
MOMIND ¢]I8 nyo adi nib nny ny xd s}DN powna ow 
swan ian sma spy pnon 

oid pon snayne npna nism sannmon Sy. ow anys 

f. 127 

f, 12> 

swera oa ¢mawd 

DPA yw awn mp paw ono somo or by im 
HWM) wron In yp yen 

sy sop ib mon mpdy sspy em ab mS spy oo oom 
| swat i) on 

smptan nx tayd esies AYP) AND fyoun jo Doo INy 
7 swy mo Sy nvm 

Sn :moy AND TDMN OO IN Awe ovpnyn “ya ow 
swe mpd sms mw jo IwyID 

ody xda din smixyion apy pox tp pm mpnyon ar Sy aby 
SwWIN M2 nna pnt Nba 

via awaits: snmp. mmwa moam sane xb map md 
swan by SS snanpm axon 

pnymsy ¢pdym mio nw poy som jo Aawn mm dap 
swina axor $2 sons $x m2 dx non 

nwo vt :op xdy op xd anos :owa sin jo NOins oy 
Sw mM Tay soy AN 

nabs ans wD nnn DD NW FINI NP YP “phot 
? siwad Ny pop) sap 
wen ypwn inbanay nyo rap wx b> wisn qws AD 
sw wipn sayym o¢mp Oe mp may matt nw rnp wn 

by a postin mr sown Son abs tn ar costs Sys an ar 
siwopn mo) :D 


:N5I7 oO my 696 

wy BIO TON TINY pe fled, DWI MoT ales, mM aT lps 
tele all deo, cogleall stro wl are gol pall pad J5 
? | | ol 
Sy sqdea ya’ * prow we nr boa poo wa Syne as yt 
qo 375 xda Anson? wpa yah sade wnawns *° ay 55 
pp oy comm na 530 sqosw dd + obtin px 

sSpbey Juss inde Par Jaks Donny Jl oma Jt anspo “wnt 125 
Wl Lpaled dary Cry Ce Chae oN MM eaake ast? 
TOD ods cle Less MDA ATW DD TON 5 wail LIT 
wide Ley motNT 72 OTN nde Le ul pall agatl ays 
syos wy anmdpy mn? py yeran pr 
sie T9932 seb nysn by spn may yo Jays armas nds? 
poe oya canvas oo os same qwn jo pa 
syoys >on spynn sayy Joo tay smn saw dap» pny nds 
20D Jn sper ond yor spy quad nds own 
sawn by :qobya qd ny no sqobna yey apy ends 
sano ods sespp on nwa 3?nbdix oot pond - 
sandy nnn mbar bap 59d swe :Syan qn sin apy nds 
. s4goynaa vy) eqns vna5a 84m pwn ry 
ONT [TWD WNT NINN sp wNI NaN pon pr inde 
indy 3 sty voy 
sma Jo nina spdpp 95 andya sinp by ow 
simon pt. a byt sown onan pyar pons wads 
ym nwo smespa oa qeeady ememann ban abba 
. : spnows 
Seauwe Sy seanp og mimdon oy sex sermon aromds e126 
3 72 xyoo Noy syminow won :qnaw mx ow 
san poy 72 sox AD > pp sory psy 
at sindnay sminondy saayd “nndps 

1 Not in Os. vita 2 L 16 Nh. 
$ Li7 yn. * L161. . 


f. 124 

695 sy OY my 

mss * phy Tnana mea sor wos /na ony ads © ann Asus ap 
espe “218 

salesy yds ya one end nw de mm ooh 
WIT My oan Ads JI Anpo wm 
: manus) mons ods spin mor S55 nd 
send + pndiox mans 3 :qnnsy Sy synn * ip mx mann 
eqnsany Sy 95 aNt so pp ops paw syne’ 
sem port nt pap. emai $5 5 nb> sae po ay poy ya 
) sqnxapo ‘won xd mann oxnp rad ie 

poy LAS ssn DT ID TON wales, TN 31 Baye 
spr “won Larary W555, 
sul.3, mw is7 TWN OITA TON 

all (ody tile pled ol yay SU Tarren Carl rple 
ural sic gis 
mbx op Sy * pep’ won ud rnwO “In ND ON OMNpp 
‘open noyd snwyns mod poor’ oss oot a nays enwyr 
Soa qwiny ed pws yd nw ¢ op xd) mowp sign on qWwES 
:mwNa) mn. oveN * OA 

wip) wp Ov NA INT Son’ ow ‘Sx Annpp ‘wn 
:manw 33599 MA sn INN Ap DI 

f.124” 33 NEON DY mt fuDD “Ywyn obi’ mysw an woes wd 

abn spyon * naw 13 wana joo sadn xd see xvinh po + att 5 
sy55N0. mont’ Dips 

sex spay awe tmban wd sr sqipn Sa. ana’ np sn 
syandmar [amijondy [av}ayd finbo 45s 2p * tox 

1L17,05 om. 2 As above, p. 366. 
® Not in L 17, 05. * L.16 pm added later sup. lin, 
5 1.16 om. 

: D7 OY ndy 694. 

sy ov past maa’ pat ndyny * pays maw 
SPIVN 31° DPN wd. * DPN Jaw * Opt 
S20" pO? AYA mS * anNA onTaN an Sys 
spot 55 * own yaw * am en yas Sdn io 
soyrnn t sawn ait ee oon’ See Se 
syn 75° ya yt | poss doo * mae por f. 12a 
sy | A po ‘Ms Avs andndy 
spn pean yo yeeSe yy pea Pays 
smo ny 59 * oa poo’ + pynoson ¢ pono 
rina tpn wy jon to97° 5 odna 
sya tad temaw Sart onan mea pot nas Sap 
995 Ot WIN YIM wp) AAD * we An 
syd:owmr said ndoy* tenn ayn 1d abn 
sina pos + mdbBamer ndap yaxd + mdr ams 
saywn nin ode mans’ mit nay mbap — f. 122° 
yy pow ‘yay 55° mens mn Sap. 
SUNT NNT? JAD Jaw ¢ Joys’ * Joy ws 
syne cp amass oop cpyr 0 Sap 
sapas 7>¢ pan pos pat sy ia pon yb own 
same Po Aawn aw na Moy nay AN 
yo IDA M2 DANS 12° Ty wmN 
sya mw * orn ar’? ody may? op anm 
rolety > nbd ww Jlizg - f, 123 
eo Leder IY ink APIO AAD AMTT NIT Sls, 
‘mm Spon sas) spn ona Ar ayn nmbor vin ob’ adn 
syNDn Dw myn yo ow jo Sy yoo oon ‘ny pra 
bx ot swe man maa’ Ddany swine ova’ Any ‘op mp 
sie ON mn Dyn siwp Os yan 

‘DIN? 7D easy DVI D WOM wales, NPN IT wly= 

. \c =| - 1 — i 
soy AD mim * ay Fomor std eddy nbyS + Sep yo enw xn 

693 2527 DY mds 

pepo + 355 Spya + ddd) win + ab ony 
:shbnoy 92* oy da by + mbw qd’ vn ar ow 
soyny JYna DS 3D? ON IO * Ow ods 
f, 120 gtsppr sem gat dan mw | es oncar waa Tay 
9b cet abe) oman ay DwaN * aw DY AN 
tialass wo md Kw Sli, 

oe yl pall Gem Glee Cilia, wT Ca! sale 
My ail JULI peal oslS J Je 

rb) xd ows Joona tan ax ad ndp 

| soywin’ op kw tan pos sp dx aw 

Speen gaan oanw Son | ona pon + ode die ns 

sypmon sms Sap way Soe yp de ae 

333 75 * sway mbps swa-say + see Oe a 

spam? povn ponn $295 nbs de ab Sy as 

e395 spor? phy mya * pdyd pon * ody di me 

spon * mbp S50 t op 9p * inn Sx mw 

spsean’ wip Soa wn daa ww pos 

stom int ayoy Soa ma posi a qop 

swresy Sy oysnn xd ey oe sp ony 

f,121 syenst yo * abr an ¢ Say anes + Sena ony 

eymds nett Sea poona + $5) ans * Spm ow 

29M Jn)? Ja WON IAN yO. JH 343 

syodin $n yo Axe qos ana’ aby ap 

susesin rnp jo ndyp p50 ° ans py 

:wEoNa Ope IONS ADs DT Jw * WS AW 

symp ap ¢ dy aw ppd myo? pn’ pion 

syywe 59° kwn TIMI * yw) py 52° Nw? JOY 

sna ays an sy anny vy + anpa 75 

gue Py0¥5 por? Ima Joo | *ndn xoT* na Ans 

sop. 59+ pr misa* Pay Tay * TIona bya 

spdun Ayp Soo * Ann nei * ANY oN 

gar Sp» own apo) DIpMN yor ON NN 

1 In the margin 1100 din , which is ihe numerical value of the last four 
words of theline |, # L16 ‘pn 22. 


:5a7 oy mby 692 

Sethbe SF v5) SA call Calls Gls wp Castle 118 

6) all SUI A50) Copier age wall Gal peal! pall 

Seri] ean ste, 
(3 bS onydt s ahon. xb oodh + bem yey’ pn She ax 
ssp 590° ddan b+ rat qoay ¢ ody bee aN 
schb nny * nsw. * yak pow + rian dis me 
ges ada yaa pom ws wan pp 
smBbt mS + qndder qoay ane poad 95 
sox pos? ph soma * pip wayd) * pSb toon 
seyny Fayd sonnei s mys smash 
Si Ty nD? et oe ID 
S350 ony) * TaN tO TMonys 12° 795 yb 
scinh yar * snbeady  msnria syn oN 
S948 10° 759 Dy TAN NOM * Ibo ON 
¢siabn md * mye on miny ov oye mon %S 
SoM WED Aye sy sy ody nb sony 
soyinoy 92 ¢ sInby sas sap 1b mS * abyd ony 
say yo jot nyonye a nny 1d np ns ody 
sap Sy anemo> tony pay ° pny 
goo andy fey ytd + Av on owes in 
syay ada eenay any 955) was ose ys 
sp’ poo ta 595° s85 wren + a4 ‘np 
sad 5 boy vasys Sana ways Sob ond 
sce At naw wm psy yobs + maw Sonn 
sab $25 + sinh ndd + awa 55 yp awan asa 
sen xd yt anmads any spor? mndridy 
san epmsa dary Spo SONDRA Aw 
ssyaty abba Sap sot mby anat + 95$5 95 
$9ibb 125 + Jondsh + pawn * eA 
spar and’ * wow ja’ wi Toy ‘wpa 75 

1 L 16 ny. 

f, 118% 

f, 119 

f, 119° 

f. 116> 

f, 117 

f, 117> 

691 NIT OY my 

2y PON * owN Tay ono PINs’ oop ANS 
ny dad * spony ae * Ay oor * spew ON 
90 mt S> + my yom? sin may)? AN Non 
seo xn yea Soy’ wpaa yas wD aD 
:YaND fo MawND ‘cob yd) * on Tay 
pnswy oNpn a ped * mph oo 

srabean + Sune 95° Sby pon’ + Shp oo 

PONT Ny ov mre oy Prayd)* 95 pons 
pm yy saky Sy oebp pony eva ony 
poy Sx oan Sx tts gor: sys 9S 

2 s%on xd saat ads ony * nd qIpn2 
paywan *ayp Soo? aan xd 0d) aR nb 
ssyson xd * amin jot ands: 95° ans 1p aN 
pSyaen spoon joe pay pay pos 35 
2a asso Ion ws pay NnN 
:Yowr ‘amp pos | pow ads au ppm 
sown ayn bes qeans + pp ws 
pan poowe Sei yoy yp up 
pean fy op Ser ins qa ¢ ins ndp 
oun Non yD ¢ NDpa toys JIpnd 

swA aa? oo Sys * oy m9 owe bd 
sons pay’ yee py So ° awn nse awd 
tn jp’ phy” seed * phd sayd) + pho yon 
tion yo Sp sat S5n qoay © Sane 95 
sma ws poms Soya | ¢ pom Ex * pin ow 
ssopwin sank Sa * some yor * otyds 34 
rp S90 *mpap oy ¢ sap die 95° xp pdr 
soy dy myn a Se nips 10 raw owe 
sym oy 55° smd ¢ mn xb 9d + opr 
sym * qoyd mbps yyw ana Joo ws 
suinon rds aoe ydswds + ed poivn 
sonnayoNay Ss enn sn ny pees 
syowway* nobiya ‘nny mx 95° np» on 

salesy 39 MOD Cans Slay 

sTBI7 CY my 690 

s2908 mR pe TIDNA** pnd amp * phy ANN 
sw nda 95 aba’ de mint ody ans 
2yion be gman b> ° ont ya + yon 55 
som * pene sD ws mpl? Awp ony 
sy xd spy mote snp ae anh ony 
seyrein + nan %> md yas Da’ * Naw IN 
ssoyo pms mwa aad ed say 
sok AN? JEND aw! Jan doa yan ess 
subyn pot pene St owas So eowann xd 
sep Sap ows: py 75 py’ oss jmp oft rs 
ser xdt sy Soya + prow ndp * pow JD 
2309 AN anNApta tans awed + inh ower 
gab nim + powon pn’ pox awxa’ yn > yaw 
ssyrein torr don on’ pdt’ onda 
ston * Sep swea’ Som qray * Sew Sap 
$TOBy pd * penma’* pei py 52° xen dp 
snr Sy * nd qa sony Sy > mevn ot 
sts ax soe ym | abbr are sbsh mdse rr5P 
S¢NNN 331° AD fID* AyD AMY DN 
solely 9 NOD aw Jl, 

ayayhl all Dee Prd ill de ob typ Cal sale 
JL Aram dey 
yb ed ser pions ab $& ax ad ndp 
¢ 5 py TIpna * pyys 75° py Sy me 
sp hb) pp Trayd + oinby dp * inn by ae 
pep pk egnda mr | sqrt wt qnibs —f 126 
pp poy ssnoor as snp bipr: nne 5 

1 L.16 »2o wd * 2 NOT as in the next line. | 27L 17,05 ty. 
8 This and the following pieces (to p. 694) are not in L17, 05, 

f, 113 

f, 113 

f, 114 

689 :N5I7 DY my 

© peal nce all (93) Gola prprdnr sales) TON 3D lye 

ma 2 Mpet Adswda + yx Aap Oy Son AN t Anans wiby 
yn Dr nero ma * oY wD 2 *ay py nD oboe 
piday xd prin * poy nih prneay 33h ay sabe * pop 

: 2 a nnp 1 ny’ 732 mp mp 

Osler oil cre Jy ge my Eb Cas! agle 
Ww) oy Wik) seal 

pay yd) son yom an paw qo Dy? ma ya map 
nos mmoyo umd ab po sian awp nt jot mp oD AST Nn 
sup nis spe poy wet yam ova ints and wea opm 
yno wd) petty ona nin Nd mip war seas oa md * ny 
sana’ $5 wb sana v3 ar. 395.999 9D AM * ya 

2995 j3 nap ya ony’ pa mp npn 

a Jon wate sony SSan’ son * pnp Sx Annpp em 
sox poy min pyo Apa ya m2 oD jo 

sab aS swe qoona tp die ax asd mdp 
Janis!) ous sre 

pp to seed nbp swan aps avh Sk ax 

poy’ AwD * ay Spy + qa xdyi + Tom aw 

99D do * Sya 35 + Say md +585 aw 

piv xdy maby Nd gear 15 ¢ hb Jaw. 

syseyy dye gen Sy ¢ 55 mbps + 15h Jpn 
say a9 6% mbprs Sp yn obs qo 

sy nds gob m5’ + spd mdb + qo ai d5 

soy Spot rays ndp* spn an np? pao’ ans 

0’ AN) MT AN yom ¢ inys mdp 

999 252° Sym yaS + Sx) swe + Spm ndp 

2p sway Ta Sap ant’ aw ndp 

2995 3) pox op * Obed 8D oD pp 

‘ ee sbi * Fix JIONA + NON 221" YD Nw 

pub sbnin | Bo wen + ap $92 6939 pox 


>IT OY mdz 688 

Pry TM TAY Co aby OWI 9D) ealsy MON TT wlye 
bands) PIN TOY EAI mop syVWE Jat + moAD pInN 
spp mm oe tydy sp to syran SS * wopney 
soley 277K D897 OND AWD Ox MAY IIT whe 

bs ax tony + SSany son map np Sx anapp wm f, 110 
pox pyan ydy qo 250 IO 7 ¢ pM ON 
2) pom ont by AN 

M23 yyi2 AIT yl! ad bg selesy pom OMT ON AN Ge Jlby f 122 
Wyte pyle ofS Jot Shes wl ded ipee US Gall Has gay 
Js ve ey “ND TY DIN] mt eX de Lotsy stall zo 
Loy eal JWI ely eave cley ade alll dey lil al sen 
ww ssldl als oo Yas ail J lols whe (3 nmmwe mabe 
| | lly UsI 
soma nt Nox oD nmap ¢n2aa OF mynta’ ssa7 wen TaN 

yy m7 nen RTT ny pom mn Ok AN ales ses 
smanw Jli, sie) TIN NN API j>pa 

"ran ye Bon oy ar pods mm + oyiny ovo woes 2 
sm ib easy 55 by ied | sani md mina + anan Anan? £112 
my samby nam Sy qnawnn apy san; Asp ‘op op 
sso xd nowp Say mr samy werd 

colil BIEN “WOM VIN Cy lady DWI 199 soley MON IN lye 
tralia ay peitll sta ys de pats Lal ede yal we alll og, 
may WN mows Won Jem * Annis voy poy anh isa 4 
me noaa jo poy awn seydy pan won + ams on Jada 
$9950 Ja50 yONIA aA NI OY * AMep Ady ov AI ADY 
mm soe spay nd Sans pont sya) pa Awe an 
sox on ody spats ‘nnd 

105, L17 m2 Any. 2 As above, p. 63. > But O05 gives the line 
which follows, * Not inO5, L17. 

f. 108» 

f. 109 

f. 109” 

687 ~“ :VaIT OY mds 

nox pon perm to yo nawder ownpxds: ar Sy sion 

$yOx yn yn to Sy | 

in * Avie dS pI? nwo mvp ad xopt saw Sy mm ody 
wip wav xb 

MINN * py’ 13 ONIN’ FID wD AwHy We? AG 2 po AwH 
grep wo andy 

px sony seed me cawaoimta’ wp aby by sant Ao mano 
:mwoD %) 

‘manny om jpmeam ¢ mia xd mw add * mines on nodya 
smwio nt sensnd’ 

pin’ * yb nema op yx tat pa’ sib ¢ spy abs Sy ony 

$ Five 1a’ 
pps jo ow $25 nov on ¢ shi 1 iawn ¢ yon ndxd ow 

somdN mane” | wl 7 PTY PX THI 

we pmedor wen $53 sarido nawn ova snyiabn “Sys os 
smmo ANY "3 

sow ND NIT ow D> ren fio mayn sw Byn myy 
| syay apd ppnein 

wa pow pyon mt nr smby ayy A> sp porn wa soy 
soins pby 

“soypn cody oma me sawed owp sa ads stenand xd pep xd 

| rnwo mt by mdxd ri 
soos onyow ‘> so psd nnpsn 55 sw son and rons 
: 2D”) mows’ ANDY on 
soyndx many 

ons andys may mptor vbso dybs nada peat apn 
:nany’ sony ;manwn) Wnon 
Sap st waidim smawritd wdpo + Bon oy at ow yda2 
snow xd’ naw awn? nD 19 AYN IN lan :nagin) Kon 

won don Pap) Ip 37 ep Opn mews sy weI Mam 

; m3 qynd adm: awe 
205, L17 725. 

MB oy mdz 686 

yom nah? 95 syd sod spow pera tedd SHh ony sony 
Yo 2 TI ND po Ie nov? ROA mA wa yrs. 
paeTa moayi man mys “owed Soe pe np smn Nw Ann 
sordn axip we ondpbr sondppy nyo ny adam mys ont 
saya aya ns Abn 992 yan peed nee | snes rad stow 
me ¢ pom onyy ovne© nx od ped yn ondam + ps Sy wnt 
Mis pis swe qian yo ono) * qdon ya oes pe yan 
wnoow sow yn py oy hp sty 55 Site pwy pa on 
25 seo Sut ea at eta ter sspr oy abby + adh 
N ypown mon! Axsh wwe oy soy Asop ye * spon wridy 
snr ao’ * aptan we by sp Sy omadm + op avy ya or 
hy MOD TWN Ty wa awh Opn momo so ps 
Mid (WEI nyony * ney. Aya. pain. pst yp bord daw xd 
sam 3 cs5am ‘Sy ad) yp ne ODN AO OD ID REMY p NeNy 
ny pay? *> Sarpds aan en ym yop. Sy pars man by wen 
mays 3% sysbedy omen ann to xd we per da sdsb pein 
£0 Ab AdBom my ved’ goed law xd nny mxom 
‘mbpsnn mayo nse ssy ma sn? Joy mnwn $x may hs 
“YOR 1) AY ND yaa won 30K [Pom por an ‘on 
srydss * yaa pons See 95 on | sen sox avo me 
995 5 ponn pya oy a. dyn op ebyn pnesa sons 
+ sbi yowns 25x 2125s Sion nawdy some mp wea mon "35 
y05 p92nd prays omy INT? NAA yO OM YON Sw DIN HYD ND 
prow pr ayy sy Sewn a Sy spp ain os * oon ora’ 
Den wey swe’ my pny pay AID pny ant sean? ndy mm 
*nody ovdypn povassd’ ond smb qa ayo ads? aoe Se ww 
my shy pon by podem + pando :b32 mA Don 
q102 Aw saws Joes bo way pobs tino px ‘ana2w 
:93p55 nad saw * onk os on ys 3nd wp Sap ° yen Dyn 
pox swoop seardy mwn x de + poaad Soa yi spd 
JON OWN TDN YO WPMD sp np own wh ndpy > pNon saws 

SIN OD TIN WN TM paxn pw “sp 3p qow 

3 }ON slye OID 

1L 16 y. 

f. 107° 

f, 108 

f. 106 

f, 106> 

f, 107 

685 M527 OY my 

s*yym poy Ja po as sybyn ony of por sawn Ad mow | 
Se AN wy Ww 

qra> jo AN yns si snow aay stn Sap vy aw ote 
smd ony Axs TIona : mydF 

e720 8 8 doo qanpd’ nbw weriaws : ganana’ on amd 
S758 pIND 3 

sindy awn any md pe soo ys mia’ 3D) porns nnp bx 
215 1 xder 

> pw Poy ye: soya msds’ soem pion yd pone 
sO°)5N oy mr so 

sed 1 Sy ser sw yD TIONI ww setpA on ana’ wp 
swan) 35D 73D 

yosy saan pS sy saanpa yn py anda” aw yo by xn 
23010 pn’ 

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spose nanw* : 

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mynn neyo :vhyylb mys axon year py Sya mS ens sone 
nyo omdyn * pany apr at mn ted s5Kd oko n° aber 

:ybIT OY mdy 684 

sway wbne may oxn man ap S93 sSonay * pare a nw 

ap yr? Fay 2 ow? done xd wo? td 55 ay awn 
2 grea by 

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xdy nbwn + Sew ny 55 dy + Stas aa yd pir’ dup waa nwo 

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oansay - waa ony 72 ow * aA pI. nda * aD See 
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‘awoia amen. on mwowa wo xd ap by * xwE yo adn 
smu aud ots 

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ambana) * av ano wa * py 33 nwo by ° nde tha xb qin 
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mrad vr? mdaria $b nbw + nbs yo mann any ndmoy pon awn 

mua? ysynd op aa py inn mown py pan phy pw 
SMW ID ‘wna 

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sya ada nny sox poh) om py owen syd) MD snDN 
pote o>” navn 
smpo sda wp oar syaye And sd} smawe on Asis 
snaiwnd > awe 

f. 105 

f. 105” 

683 :NIT OY aby 

f.103> Any osvay smd! omyoe + a oe poet | gasanen aysyn 

f. 104 

f. 104 

xdy rmiow avo my * Sw na owpmr rnaeyin nt mdb + pos 
by pot * ‘ann onan ‘Soin sym pap jo add) mp aN Te ID 
‘omyy tax a say pb yaa dstm * poe ps ed sar ys 
ndvoms smamsined sae + nkr doe abn xd rnoan ona pat 
gn qapew nda xd * yh wny'© amet pasta yn yp * ins ys 
smxpp’ pd mber © qoy Sy chee ap sap Sie thin + up nds mm 
sawo ot Sy qa op sash nd wpm * poms po pywn 
gon® snah ssaw 55 pin) po wey may amp raabs wpa’ 
smae pod * Sy mypsh moray anay sma’ my joy * pen 
‘a7 3932 PANN sy sayy Abyd wes II pp ord per 
PmaNpy po poo * ade pao > mde snsny psn by oadwm 
soy’ xdy + adn dee ops’ my pian mish + $5) pio ae ant 
‘Joy ono poy wooo sms mmya ‘po ad sya spon 
 papry smovad’ seer qe pain awn [sm yow mpyym 
pes sAwwa’ pene Sap en swe sat’ neta * ymdpnd 
sma! 55 pop opm * qmins ond own mean “$n Som * nn Sop 
Mao * maa mn maw man ots pee pd. * pynso on 
aso do nnmpest sami’ Sony ms © pea poy pom apy: MINIS 
same 220 5> pon pm? me cee Fae smanA DADS TAMN 
em by qnan’ on ar ote ssaw ond yo by + by samy io by 
sma mows’ snw 55 * yoy pox aw) saw AND AOY DMN 
mm saysen sn Sy tanya’ wa snow *nY aypr * AIAN “pd” 
smaps. ‘dan * Sew we won) fmt on af Sx * mon nadpp 
‘poy 72 mw pvteay sar Noa” ROM * apy pny Ona : m2 
yond ssopy onrar sony orydsy pnxay sys yp ay wR 
pym pyd saa ndo ‘ad by sno wip sapin oyawm * ads 

PON Ty) oon ‘nm pyd ‘nxw:d swears pion Sw nin 

2 JON sly 2 DID 
slag alll SLI Lal dS sptlly gL 30) samy 

mort nee wd pan awe mend spt nwo by mo ody 

swep ww 1 
swip pyos* weaid ods * wane man IND ' ETP IND AWD 

:y57 OY nby 682 

$MM mont emo ny 93 

smo Sawd sy IT 82 
:movdy5 neh *ndpo pod on’ 
:mnd may o ‘ponan nna by 
sAy My ‘spix ado ad3 
:myonn ond ‘np ya oy wd 
sam mein yanan mp wy) 
sy b yp pe ‘nan’ pds 
rman dwynle *qyab finw ov’ 
Fish wow 595 mm ‘ abna nda S20 
:mpno’ npsAd "y4y" mp “DD 
tmon yey? aim neby ap vast 

gmoias Abn) 6 Aik nrin tiny Sort - 

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enmey dy 555 thay smadoa’ sadn pre pas Soa xd ppnr smomon x 
2 q> mpy snsyn meayp jo %Se amr + ods whe xd sans mds yo 
mS sa pyth | saa pee te 5$anoy nde wad s naonrin Antd + aw 
12 An ape’ pa * ods xd Aap sad Soy sassny Sy yrs 6 9d 
spoon sda 2B * myst ps oan sayy xen prsins yoy pata 
sapmax smd may Sx yh) smb 55 wtp bx eos ome ped 
by may maw nish mawms qop by aw map oie aa Se ake 
smayd ndor* say Sy mim maw tnyariny Fowy Sap + poy 
spray Sy may anew spin maw op: pay Sy may vow 
PE pT Ay myn * Avpn very by enowesh de pan be 
rman mse Powe nip Spy 7b dy samen ix * wa fy 
soe mm pS wer saan as penwn  idpy eb hoch ym 
‘ominy nay 390 smapnr And * ond 75 pS smote an “nv 
*pmane) aan :noder pin by + ony pathy wo pmb on 
AN ssw an yosy.* Pon mma sr sm ws da Sab 
‘3 Daw yO * PME? 12 InsaY AD. smb ty oy pa? pea mds 
SAND 1 RI gn ms on? dy own Ima sa 

? ? Leg. nw. 

f, 103 

681 sy OY mdz 

wel ede dil day ry 1D nawde Je siaty 

ninbm men na orprio ‘ad yo sa. wd Pa’ DY NA 

sway yw po maw s wads 

maayn nde sap» Sxsw ny sip 13 s1ap AD ODN Po oO 
pyayapy naw prdy panpr sine praindy 

:weann maya ia oy :we 595 my is ay sep on Sap ov 
:wba. 55 yone 12 oy 

f. 101? 595 ynbo ya py soaine ovsand 2 oy | soranainn wa oy 

f. 102 

f. 102” 

sporin ov ys ym Senw aa oy ¢ on 

coell Gily IS Jla endl sae 

symyya> ym 13 Mt s abn mow oY nnaw :xoo yaw oY 
semwesd may ia an 

spoyp oyna ary’ pmo spooand nan wn: poysd man yn 
| epodmny onaw) oD 

syoyp’ aay ay sayo swe py xd Senend! bs spor moe bo 
syooyn) mn ow yawns 

36 sony syn ara gnaw Sap sonn be 5 ndp» oyy as 
soyn van Soya said nena 

ems) mNmIN pAMweI My yn tambo oy ara’ smoyy pom 

sox rnin Sey spaib Sy dene poy san) pa 7 ww 
syIOw) MA DI Ty 

nda’ nny psn ae py mx mo on ¢denw mse ony pn 
sey nowa mw axp mov on 2 dds 

somdsx mane 

wlyesly sedaall UG, eelyll we td lee mdac Jed Col ule 
zl eSAl pall wast sso Hob Cid Iyag on Kl olen, 
el gael tlhe re: wl Jel ul Lyin naa esa! wl eal! 

:y39 sy 259’ “‘rinaen’ yas 
smawd mish mood nyo 
smaxvt madi dm im we 

:moY nv op vom an Nort 

smo > pd * “nyo ‘anna’ 

:yD7 OY mdy 680 

pip mx :°NSY wp apy’ nay me ¢/axd Se mano aN ¢ wn 
mney : xox ownp yo own Pd abn: wot ad ° ndann 
gmdp son 5953 ° pons yo par ssp wD jo * Sea pt 
min 3oa¢ nd pach mans’ sexes pat ¢ annawms Jaa EN 
ynomora mr own psnpdo omy * Sew yw yoy oer pony 
mx Sap ssywer dee So) * poxnnd abs ndow oxwann poy 
pow att Soy ane 55 quan wo psy my ax? pony 
HoT one py som | exo nwSen sma opin Spys 
esenay Smpd + maw any mpy ond ssa Supt sar pins: xd 

2 JON slee DIN 

orl gal Bit JE ane ley ele wl dso, sal 

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smwop tw 
S08 PMA yan yo? pat amp odes’ psy my avn 
smu and 
swap pow’ fda asa pons mdse mya Sy © joss oa nwo 
swap yo ep pre id a5 ans)? owen Sen vans * pep aa nw 
arab swe oem yoo * wby sna dy + wd opp xd xno 
| nwo 
sme nya’ yoy? oddiyn 55 05 + poy da pn py xvaa 
saw Sy dey sansy Sse anyas mpyyy ny aa 
:mwna jb’ po eon Na NA non ar sah o1aad py’ wes 
sree 70 Sbows + ado v awn dy * cpr nithba’* aby» yo so 
pywban Son + py'® dy spss waa awn Sy ° nd> obws 
SvAMp ona’ pn wor 55 ¢ a9 Aware pw aN TS Sdans 
58) °° apy) pmyy omnes * ain 55 wb nb * aw sada’ son 
:mwId) OMAN 
:wap mains * sep mmbyat ¢ web Sy saan’ * om oy ww 
*oden mows’ nen? onyn md mow me * on py aN mo on 

wT Nn APN 
soleig PPT PN "1D 

f. 100 

' ££ 100” 

f. Lord 

f. 98° 

f. 99 

f. gg” 

679 7 OY mds 

eda Gp tedy oil SINT ID MDDYS WID FDI JD SYD ale (asl 
least, Blew, Gael Ml ye ad by Case 89 Jel 
:AyD mn ows 

ab mwa pot ny am mn sana 52 Sewn + yew TI Id 

va nan mmd + may xd mm cyn geyna 7b* xd ¢ nn mr ya sya 
youn pyown mnt awa ax f>om sem yd apy ada whee sya 
A yTAN sYwAAN AD wR sp yin stytn na vue © nypndn 
syn opoxyn Swan jor * pwpn ea cxan yxan pnp ja ¢ one 
NUN SORVN AN WwW yan yo tyoN styon 9d aw °D * pty Nv 
xSoppin pays yp wonnn xd sospnnn xd won * won 55 
me myw adr mp by soyy 59a mp aN Peyo Py stytan 
‘mys po stpnn syn Nd An22DD* nw? AN ND TW Nn Abe 
$5 stim) pombe aw tan? nwa saa wad ssynan maw jo 
‘som ossewn ape’ ome ma ow SSmm sown oep da. ° aw 
sompn sw sren scbamd vypomy yawn xd pan por © whiny 
ssopn nbs ¢ yn tir soar oy’ Tommi: ovr Sam Sony 
xd sonoinn xdy sana pow mpsy pndaaa’ dan © Sy 55 sna 
pyny ima xd * pony pnw edt pdy op dys poy a on 
poo NN * wp MWD A PyeINN ND Wy * ANwD Mw. MN 
‘awe axe poy MN s’ndwn nny Ax SI AeA NM sNapN 
espn edd pp ome peyyn pms © meye'a absdr gona. aydyad 
“spwyda on ax poyyad’ moan wees cot 755 me sey bo atm 
AYIT AR SVEN ony WW AyD ON TID AN ste yn pT 
siman p> ps mm wwan mp sexyen aD > ays pon nnn 
mo onan amnpdy * man Sx aw eoynn poyna* NM Paw nD 
ink AWN * myn pups AD snyan won dy * ydy oxnann 
‘mya poop mo s'npwn pd awe * npn pan aD. : NIN 
ay ndaw por nid syonwo por dys nea eexdn ay’ 
soy pat mon pd par NOTIN PosMd * myn pyth : oroyd 
taynyy’ ny Say s*non pa wee pme do me nna TI MR 

—'pmeny yo an xd) p¢xan anevnap ¢ nnsa ov 521 soxyon ork 

‘poe’ nwo poy xn ser py! Sy qe ‘ney’ sox rinw23/ 
npon nx stxdayoe oy’ de> spy pyt yo pam stxpun PO Ayen 

:V27 DY my 678 

we pms war vam don Syya + onsen mest smnby wax 

gmsb nas * mare sda san mint one | sep deee pow ¢ min £. o7 



ele alll dam, Try 1D wnnps Cal ade 
smyntn joo’ aeaoea 
smnmin nbs neared 
emsxcon mao Sy seperate emastads aad eon 
Smyt sw PT esse) emywn mayo tad peo 
smitor oo pryen eminad qoby cvs erey 
smyn Soa oun eS saeo empy Soa von qeeen 
smacnd am aene sD sme py ab entD 
smyt 595 sw eae 5ea emand ars qeottey 
smyouda abe peocees emyowd ars sq eo'tes 
IMYAN NWO Ny ow sma’ my pas 
mms sys pests emedp spew ren 
:myon De Ite en smyown pound qeatiy 
wp ooo mde Seatpes smdos mw nen mr: pertain 

sala ar Pex TWH 

cell al all en! pall Lidl yaw vse Jl Lal ule 
wal ube os Karly wlystly deodh alll sess 
yen’ 42 DY IN TNX * Twyn DY IN PMX * NBN oY “NM TN 


‘pra md st md or sin pn * von yon or sn pn 

soon yids ov “in pms todes wndo pr in pnw 

mawm peroy2 tpt oyn 5513 ta da am ab mp now on 


‘pboy ns noyn pomp b> dys poy qnach pa sere nx 

spOe wp NVM 

‘moawaa’ mow 5> sik wyn ° MOON ANID * maw AND ADO DN 

sx) mbp sot» mbpna’ 

somds none 


f. 97” 

f. 98 


f, 96» 

677 1 a7 OY mbdy 

sdpy yaa vot * ist once ao 55) s empy to aN py 
SDN MIN Way ANI PI any tapaAn mss’ onwy ap dy 5 
smwp wnwad ? ono sy no sy tiends nds otb * mys’ oho 
sy mob nyt> ¢ mxpn tny sy sas by tome mide ony sy 
sep Sy spon * mews no sy smn Sy nan mywe cn 
ory pon ‘no Sy | smzawna sapn xd many ino oy sma 
0) ‘ND “WY res ‘Awyoa'* mm yn “nd sy smMyy Win oy 
eoddny sno sy sn S92 ton * peyy on oy taMiny 553° mm 
Sy spy no sy simaat Soa ob * N35 "AD Sy snenpa Soa 
Sy imowx tay. ¢ mm op ‘dana ono ay smahs) awn? mim 
saw wa mo wwans xd eno sy said mn Spon ody ono 
enbsam mown no wy smoeeda Sy mvp wrists pw ono sy 
money xdy saps joe pis abt xd pie qo xb emmys S53 
bs eem> nav an sam now Sy ar py an sams Soa + mm 
swat om oy dan saat pox qh ean yada’ an: sp ost 
mp mo son nr by w5> smmawd ina’ pby mayen oy’ ayy snmp 
mo oan wn bra pedy man ap * oan wen ab rn avon 
smpwo ordy nevtnnx mp? pay en 1d smpawn poaxa en 
eunN moos wd sayy ody moans np + pan en 15 
‘mop wend say pimp. orin ap * pay on > pp oda 
sama 59 ony woes ADs oray wn 1b | smennnn indy msbax np 
oy’ xdy ety dy mond savdind “nots wopy ap * pap yn 5 
MY * DOT MNT MD MO nw pO * INNA Mkt MD sony wD 
*snaon oon bx santnd qdnnd: nyna xd wax nat san 
mnwa ndtx smay moand span * poe’ nwsa7 Soy :Mwe? nina 
x55 mdm mp me? po Anwia nde smoq may ax * po 
bo Sea + ar dy mm awy mp pmb ompny © op MN 
995 mor asdy we sawn 553 pry nds * nwy 0b add tone 
DN) ANA Dy sD DWP MN yor yon smynND aw 
smn t5y mdyna* > mm Sy np ony sy sadn oad * yown 
smay ad omny * mim awe Se smayo maadba * mawa pn nn: 
ox sends ads pop ¢ “os") ww saab oa AN ¢ oy AN Any) 
Soya * pmbany qoy ony Sap smbp 55 nwy nx + nN TWN TM 

14 Leg. xb mvdny3. 

:M527 oY mds 676 

ty xdy rmmbnn Seb: nen * my2DD Im °> rmiany mdy yp Sy 
wm sab qysa ow * ane movn ym smtppp pyr? mo Nb) 
IN PAWS AI ww * AN NOwWN fA sD. AID “Dp * Aprin 
mony saath ATIpsp * Hoya’ ADxty apy samist anna nna * ne 
nonm :a pn syypda * anya sas) smn mpinw ¢ nwa 
smn sy mvien + pomedy Sapy po sa pon’ ¢ iw 
Sapa? panyasy’ pop youn pnb myo moyt + pone yy 
bop ‘nsnbe > posed saw pasty poaady: poi sinby sani» 
me mov ony sro pds Sys ona + ay jawon wns fyy 

| 2]ON DDD sah My AN * Aw 

pnp Syn ynan pk WD yO * NIWA INP oN 7D IN 
spor voy yNI5) AA py ON 73 

| 1%) aw Sy may moby 
+m meso? Ab yn’ <5 sy [t yon mde ys py pe tn 
25 som’ ps say ton AdSad saynwn 
DMPK MIN salye 

Lal sl sda excl Jl sax 
1%) yyndse mn’ ows 
Dp yw WIN yO DY wy 1 Ww? wpm oye Ar Joao 34 np 
SWIP NPD ANN Ist paw sem ¢ way Ad yd ww ow Sy opy ysis 
mon yn qa’ * poy Zor na ApY** mY AN PI 34 AD. 
smoy aya mys sess mind Sn 

2%) TD DYN 
sondx nan whe 

a5 Ly spor won nbs 1b abo» sp 72 To jo Syn Lol ule? 
bs, sla all, Js! tse sy «} wle sl, Mgr 

zm>dnp so? son on ara say 55 mp ad 55 ID NIA 

me gma san * psy pat gyn poad © sa no wat 
Sop weam smssd owns tym ww pa a Ae ARID Ayn 

:mm DV 

* As above, p. 368. 205, L17 mew “pnon. 
* ‘From here to p. 687, 1. 27, is omitted in O 5, L17. epi i dacly\l ? 

f. 94 

f. 94” 

f. 95” 

f. 92° 

f. 93 

f, 93° 

675 BOM oY mby 

rmosn maps mois * pw po nay sb mam + nen “ahh 
smmbbb oy oyaw * oD mina) saw now yo * DYN) DP 
‘my mo) Mpa ox sowy mew me mxpa* od>am monk 
sownbwm nawy nit smmwyk: memp)* osm moa smn’ nis 
wh INN | sane Ank yow ¢ won Mwy ¢ooinapa nnsx 
sasom indwm * yds owen mos ramnwon mopar? mdz 
nd>piny * mpaenr no wm patty medAh co) ° oxcbn xy 
mopar by wine sae nyawnr* was bsp ovmam sym 
mM cAsan oeph ‘ow samn yo yt nxdva ribs fon pa: Ny 

Jp wep smtaby yey eon S30 Swp Sapd smnatn asta 

noon Sy sncynn ns cy * wp yma pas sano mda ADI 
mon sow smh oy 552° Sapa Sy saa’ on sane mine port Ayn 
mym xq pos Syx* psain eas nis sama myn by + yaya 
sma ‘Apsay * nde nbdp “mow yop) smtnon wom ¢ yds pan 
moon dy tyes oy sy sido Soe xd © Sew nad sw 
whe i Sees to past Sy mosey © pdm mow som: mbyt nab 
‘mda mipw om sandky anos) dp bin “mda snap myo 
‘onde avow | sa dx man * mand nem ‘midd pnnbt an 
Jon eh ado som yp gw po sna sasha’ wy ow?’ 
PANY MYND PO MB AA PN spo mden ¢ *ypa’ mp 
$595 am pose yn mm see tysym prybm ynbn nya yan 
groin Sys meme sere nome hn yo tardy 75 ok ¢anonp 
nin jx smonn mney Siapn pdy mam sna main + an ods 
22 5y saneh odos + nw me iow ox imny wen * 2dp 
yw smd xd) en xd moa nono oe syst b> wip + See 
smo yor mana posayin ad ao pn sys jh ow'n w+ may dy 
mn risa qad> myp ahd smmyh nner? hpb poy man “5d 
‘ano bx mawnm sap anni aa may qeady saevn pnb 
em IN Tbk yen Jaddy) yep JB waa ¢onb orn ma 
‘mmo | ivan on qmmdp ¢ mn she samsd Joy nxdn 

by + mm ote pay O52 Jaws * min oN fYNDN on 

“DINN ¢ mM oe EAyoN Vanby Joua + mi ose soy anow 

vr 1L16 wm. 71L17,05 m0. . §L17,05 spi. 
a Uu2 

257 OY my 674 

sored Sm IN 2 eed) DWI *D) vols mde 3n 
seman ‘aie Sys onde opm) sane mds pat) nw nip psn 
2b pons 3 Som pron yy pox poms aby “nd swt 
solesy MIMD oo MAY AIM wolye 

Spay DIN'D wy Sling Yale Ipéiry 1D III JI yi, 
PMANW ase, fONI Jed NT 
sab mbpy nndys oo: s/n > ay ain’ > * NON Oy vin 
:/npy nana} 

DID Jy LS saan Al e OM DTD) wel APE IMT, 
$JON SY APN nT Sy + vopn ONAN ppIn TD yo 
19) orp 1nd py 
gals) 99D TDITOI nwo dx mn aM 

sro yoy mm py ny id > mn ny ydy 
27/9) PRINT pen” 
solaiy 29D TITIOI AWD Ox MAY IM 

~ bye sony uaz Soam> sion + pans be at bes anapp sawn 
$708 an poor px yoy apy’ yatn py app jp 

mm mined ws ghoond ana sania mows + Sew mm sans 

‘on *> ‘pA AAy. spay mx? mM dd mand anna sno 
asst :ncst assay penn yp Annan : Anan mind» ns 
rats: tds < wdy SNS yaa mb) snc aya yd © Sy yynd 
peoin * pad) onsaxd asiny saan asta * na wp oanaxd nas 
my Ip? RDN’ PIV pyTaHpw wspnet * nad apy rnsby 
mins Sp jaa pase sys aw 7 syd’ mye wn AMIN saa 
mo ?ysen ryan ona Dynan: Sen ndAd yo pyoN aD md 
poy myswa ? wad) “adn many sna mapsm ° pnd nan 
sna* pans yo minino sano nats + dnd! opie sn awe 
syabn em sand dyapn sdb + mem por ‘moor saepy oan 
goto’ own pmwy * cops ty minx rahe nny paw bx 09 
smmsto many? mbox osanp smwy “and seeder sepa nin 

? As above, p. 362. ' 2 As above, p. 479. 
> L16 meh, L17 mon in both places. 

f. gt 


f. 92 

f. 89> 

f. 90 

f. go” 

673 :7527 DY mds 

MNT INT ho TM gpm own de may syne m2 pK 
aby qepn dew yous aps pry * qo nbpy ada 
smyth poy anms com yaw ann spo by sayy Sop 
smn bps’ smn SSenm sno joa wn jaw ‘nonn dyn 

a PT he Jes gi YAS saan ea 11 n tela MN 37 aloe 
2105 jpon 1D * mpyon any m4 a ay as pyo"pn "yp 

enor Soy sytaby spn tas ya poax pees) ona’ ods on 
m3) At WN “DP APAI yyy pp Ay * NAN sr erp NdD 12” 

PIT TN PTA WM whe ek 

APIO IPD JIT MPM 37 ylo lis Ugde gidry THN PN TPM 
gran pectin onde | 

oyna mr oe | oss omyn sows pe oer bane adn 
myo 3b AO pM SyiD psa AD son mimdpn sso + pdy 
sop ody 12 

SD 2INT paw mwa tpyyo :oraada “yy sy sy ayy 
soon Soap :oran Sy axn ‘np ovON 

POD DIN yo hady DWI 1D) sally TON IT 

vam ingen nbem ‘ano p> am sinxoye sb: mp oo 
“SINT DD NON Wwe eho ‘ndsx sinswrd asad 35 + aan 
sino" mn vad “oniaspa’ 

88D DNIIPI pA 2 ww mo she nwo dx MA AIM whe 
seleig INO" 

mproy * Abn AeA pT on | Yale sky “nD ‘dx IPH 
zitoy NOY DN DION 

nem qb nden sada ony 55 Syn + Sense ae gonad’ abn 
pyn mr po * ba yep peasy omyina :qouox i by + Supa 
1555 Sap» mano 

snnyast Ato nwos S$anny :mmyya 7D MP DPN FID 
sqosa by mene 9b ¢ansano a som 

205 pen, L16 wy. 

:wpIT OY mbdy 672 

“aBx pond mn ae yynd :ovmyan boa aw /awin * yon yo oi 
:o%ons > jn 
tolasy $ OND solely 12°08 

man 55) y3bo pin $5 sqep pom on * pom ons Sk ae 

nod * JIDND ANT IN STOP INN PS AN Wwe onN | qo 

| Joy ninyd 
xO omy? Ppm wo puuindax Toon. nn pom om be aN 

amined» yaenyd ‘nnd syn aw TIDNI AYA QwN MN phat 


mn 3195p bh syda wh wp ssdya’ yo + ppm pyyd 9b 
“nn “nds “yb “nndpy sd-yn ions AN Wwe 

spy’ yt mx xyp p’nbym sop wR) ¢ sa AD ke AD 
py sbroon xd¢ ya yaaa mn 

Sex ma pdr nr add 5 aw suo ne? oA NW 
yoy sD JI * AN 

awn 8D :hNIa Anis * pany DNA Jow | swkOn ON + ya Dey PD 

2 “oy syinywn sa beh 

max Symon Jawa * yon dp som 2ywedh + oyin 2 ysdny 
my Sd, MIN TION wy 

wer son xd pnmwn xb pions rypsy © whi ween eb 
py syipsen xd nae yin wbny 

MA sox Mans aD pons sykiba swe + mown oa’ dbz 
py suisnd ne ‘ass mn WR 

Sew mine supe aes ada vine supnth xb + papa ap 
| x ">d) sy3pM'N IP * TAN 

minvopy say BB wy ne “ANS | shy adn * pyeaA Dn 
Sp) satvawn Jom * Pon jo 

+A qoyndy sees owe syn poo saben wes yeind’ aw 
; “py sswes mind map '> 

max syhdsss swe s awn b> yy sanded sees by * to ON 
symxonds + a»nyd ‘nndoy sunk aw TIpma * mn wR 

2116 yy, 2 L136 corr. so; L17, O05 wwran, ° 16 vb 1. 

f, 88 

f, 88» 

f, 89 

f. 86° 

f, 87 

f. 87> 

671 : MBO DY mdz 

"syd 1 on yds wh wo oewdyps pow 7m "9 eR 
sybsa yn andoy por | sudyn qoona + sx 

"ss pepncines Sean own mm saan bya’ “my 7 7x 
| rns Pox Joo wR Joy pn ssn maa bk 7x 

"son naw now Abya smb min? “Mm 79 8 
syysmnd ndpy IDM] wh pM MIN IDI * 78 

POR Me mE wer pdwe 27599 sunn de Joys “Mm 79 "NN 
sirdon xdy naw ms aw snp ppan bx * pion We AAR 

“x "syn in y+ pdiyd 95 aw suo ane! "m9 “x 8 
$1290 JIT * FIONA MNT PR ¢292d JI * “NK 

"ss pono. pion bx + wnaway sano: pad +m "4 "x "sR 
PD wyo swne Ton. :on~ bx Joy pe’ 7s 

yon ny * and Say xd > | synon pep yoy * 7m "4 "x "NK 
sawn wd + ponn yo py sam PINT AT Ns? “NWN 7M SND! 

sawp porn xd Sy wean is sywEr py geo’ “m7 NN 
ote yds tions sar nm oyna sawp Sx jon de Ns 
soopp pnts omds Sy sy seodwm mynd + owe 7 wes aN 
sya pan at nynen ve pyy sta mmr adsa tose + pram ayn Sy 

sony poy sy aby See bx oer sony ay Soy ° 95 wb one ya 
WX. ‘NON Me AWN MX nan soy’ paANd + at IST AA 9 
| : | :DATN TWN 

syed mars * pom oy ona tp xSSe onbs: mand’ + wbbm bb 
nyo pads ma sy ‘naw 21d amder quan’ vox pw DI 73. 
: dopa 
ssn pos by + mbdpa Sz): 98" pow ad * awn bx ys po 
spades may? ons Sk yy nw 39d yoda an awe yon ip 

ONNS ¢ A AN TN Jw :/o2 my aNd TWN * ONDA 73 
NO ona psa * qk Tow ay som * AD MD THON NP 
sex? pmax maa ne now xdy somaya * nme xd yy 
:‘ond yaws 

sqovs anon joy mwyn aw sow poy b> by + bh Ox 
sqoAty oon? ma 75 na eqoy dy jp * aw np jo SnD 
spon pmaN Aw. ‘nw so myn mays + mwyd andn xd 
1116 $2. 

2H oY my 670 

syronry Sap 995 nbd 1 


yondma wenn jp ims SD 0 
somos on “Ion pya ‘Det mp 

fi pass mows by ‘moypn 12d ot 0 
syenaw dap ‘pnoins: aan 

ax ba poby qrap ey ww | sot MINT ID YT PND. 85° 

yon Ty wre pated swe mn ryow Supr : 192) 0204 

Iminn dyn sansa) mae? mn Nn Dowew na sn ys Sy inpn xb 

poy mA? pont nnp by syn savaad mews * toy) An dw 

man yo 2909 Pons $x * Donn DIN :IND TEND) * wR JOD 

Span xd radia myn 551° a 59 andar svdnaa pipnny + way 
sybny myo ‘p> wns 

pom on bx ma 

lpstly sees! ade so ae eld J wr sptll sda ale Jla, 
“Se sax ovarian bab ans andse spews 55 up + ans indy 
spam om Sx ° qow wads spma pmo 555° x 
“’e Se spp op 525°’ “be sop 52a avon ¢ ans nds 
spina ona Ssny pon pon Soni rosy oy dsp 
pons ts wp ppsn bx sqyyda wd wp mm om bk nN £86 
epnywd onnaxd sor so Syp pee mene tee am som 
spray apy) 
roxpyn aos oon ‘pp wot son a 8 7m 74 7 oN 
rorytn wwy tad xb gion ed soyenn nbs pon’ “aw “8 “ae 
"9" sin 0b Jon yo * yD) wd sy WAR ART 7m 79 7R R 
yon Sse wen am oyn nwp ber spn wrk Tiona* “x 
"es so dO TWN yD IN 2D "1D Pom? 7m 74 "x 7x 
IN UN NPN * DVD WNS PIN sw Joy PR’? 7sx 
ons yo * ton wa sd yx sd ponn wd + ’m 74 x 7x 
rin 13> + ons yO pyar sot Tans pees 7a’ oD Rd 

2L16 on. 

f, 84> 

f. 85 

669 NBT OY ody 

py mow> py sie wer Pniny pas ow mw Ss | swan 
mx pasty mda tas sa swxd any an pwd by 5Sn9 + awd 
syne “Ay ¢ OP) DY MT aD pw» psy AwRY* ANSinn non 
matt moy oy odwa conse sanon oo. md + man my obwa one 
Dowa Me :12yWH nas 27+ SIA py oPwa MN :'wIPP yD 
mov Fay S55 ov nowa ne sayy mimdpn sayin + owyn or 
1908 m9 os 1) | MANN TaD oY odwa nx sity mwerd 12 
soy mddanay yyy pap op pant ia 19d sar ap a5 pbs 
eabana on way payne ee xdt mona + $03 yar inner xd 
rnin wasd inst 4p pwn wry tax + nody ata Sban na 
mx ayn ov *p by + nmin xd mmy wat wD pe Io" Jan 
mown ys * oe. sop my sawyn Nd mondo 55) + po nwa: 
Sewn a sy kw on arn s maw ov maw os oyon 
my Aw MON pO pw yan Xoo si we Nw? wIN AD 
ya sands mmx nn spp snwnd poor ao | suetvin xd ida 
moans mdam myyon jo siren vos ants anya. ov NwIn AT 

222 DOWN 

syprp Anive Sy jp ‘yoy TT Ip 
s9958) MIDI MYND 7D ‘mpinn JP 
ruynb nx ana ‘yaaa p25 2s 
$1900 TEx Jen xd pray orp pd 97 
sry xd atayd nvdy ‘prays 75 wT 
sinpm) op 592 ays tay md 0 
:2nNI] Onn pp ‘snywa rat 
2M NBN *mna nynd abr sn 
21553 pypyon ‘YNA Pp’ BY wD 
:ya5p2 Iw sone xo Td 
spaw mo S93 +495 BD 

SYOIPNN fd oy “om92 7pn xb van 
spin xd oD y905p Inna 79 ‘0 
:VywIN D'3II7 NDN yD ‘qnp wt) ID 

1L17, 05 wr. 7 117,05 Jn. > L18 wy (so). 

*L17, 05 jp. *L17,O08 vp, 

sy5D7 OY mdx 668 

WW) doy olill acalyl pel el agezel) ? Loyiale Cast we 
onl we bs 
awn 13 spin 95 wre pa sees spy md * win emby yap 
be do | stein oxnpny ‘mby np nin ie we smeN mid £83" 
swear my ad Sy sayy wpm mn io a0" ::wspn py * Ayo 
Sx Sp) * NPN OINMEN SY 'ep TBD yD ¢ ANI ADSM 12 we 
sali : MWD 

weal Jo ye OND Juad Sbby Juss Sonn yo PIM NOM JI yas 
lps Jl, sem Jb Js Wl saeti oodles pl dl uc Pe£3)| 

ra) pp bY Sb» 55 ww Sy 
:y2 Ponn phys ww 2 
py) pte wa by nde mpqy3 pry 
sap snes ‘swan 525 as 
sandy 523 ‘man 55 ne 1b 

s1°y3 ‘BY * DAT OND AM pwn po 95+ mown nd xp 
pao xd ona * mop moans) “px pana ondsm* pon a3 Op fn 
29 85 ID TIT 1° Avoden oon sara yar Soa * pean oa 
nbs wes ondsn ee | san pty ja ° ny 22 55 spip op sy £34 
mo Sn ydy mm ody sym vinax adap yo Sup pp : uabs 
Senn pyd: nap minwoa :d3:ox 1m * apt wand jo 22d mow 
yo wipa wees swan adn ¢ mompn oxo 55 spe sanyd xd 
‘oyynon mda sep ist * answ wap DUNT sw m2 Wwe 
by ovano :1n202 sins $3 ° Aywn xd posinny swoya sw b2 
wt sis S$pon dias + ayay Ant pox :wawn Hyp jo * ND 
| Ty AYN * PD? PNaY wR sWIPS yD fa * Dw P DI YIN 
2p) IO DOA nywns :3w" Tw yO wpnN AIInnd ; yom 
WIP) ° MDA Ty wp 32H’ AD AYN * MyW sy 30" 
Sym nda synn> p> ny ads yor nd mds apy sy pan Sy 
sgn mimdo. * mwas nyn yo 2 wE. yawn wa * AnD xd 
nan + ody nana nn wr :una tea) hy npn mwa nnx 
3 an + Syne qos po sa5p say * on ar nywasa byp sar 

| 1 Not in O5, L17. 

L 16, f. 82» 

f. 83 

667 : 1527 oY mbdy 

prt Pasty igs SIE matin ealsy world mywna’ a; on” 
DAI Pry “4 py ARDY 72 DMD Syn ymoA pied 

sywa nds nop dys ‘maw wip osD 

simpaw med) Sry *mpdn nnd 23 ip? 
£1FON YN ‘yoy Ipay ya) AMD pay 

991 MNT *pmband oaannd oad 

sore" py + Suny yar no mdb 

syy Woy. INDY ‘DY wIPN 2309 
25 ps onde siydar “Spy) DWH yw JONI 

smapyn mwa Ddydt sly 

min* Snpt OY xiery Syne Sea ae pnbdx ya ynon 
yp) Ow ty Pon nna dy proansy wels, 25yD Andy dp 
ly) de wom MADy Mw!NAI AN3 wANK PII ma +BY AIA 

piers Dbrmy won cast syqug Syd sigue silat! jw gerety MOIP 

we] MAW ANDP DON we Cary ID TPR Glo Gee TN 

Pose Mh 5) Chay ot Une op ppl Game Je 

oy pd woes rmdupr ws wer: Sew yoy nat adn 
maya onBon oy ar pom smby bt awn ov Sy + memp 
3 endo rwond 

mann so sn sSxa any 9d pe | Sees obs mand ya 
smbp yowondy : dap 

Spy fo wieYonr mds "s4n) ows oD) Labs, mo oT 
¢mm yon moby aa mny say 

1) syenn ona * Seed swe sno soon by * bw aps sds 
pao pawy mdm ap? myo oy dy ada syennn nian ¢ min ona 
mo smwo yma by mn pwns snwyne we * DIIpA mp 
sy 253 Nop. Ann nn *p 

Ypolesy TU De NPN 

1 L18 ends here. The rest is from L16,17, O5. 
* L116 aNny por mx mo. $ Li17 adds. 

:N5DT DY mdz 666 

SD NNDA Vw yAWNI "one ows tnt 
SO N|IA oO AM ‘Dyn nyawn yo 
sD AD NYD’ °D ‘owyd wp it 
spynan Sy oxn “ody sand spb 
son S93 “pos *pad sh min 

Sop son osnan “pone anyd + /oxdy sea min ova '5 
oMaN nna AwNA AND so ND’ yan mn Ad ¢ “Do NNDN 
"yovM Inn Wwe so yen por xd ons may nenaa spay> py’ 
mavn :o Ex ‘onyow °> * won mowP yo by romain nbs owp 
> sonia apt $$A + Span’ Z Span oxen sor sna’ Sua pp 
PON IID) WIP yO PS sony ororvdw odd sy + notyd pn’? mm 
ws) ; Dy NANA yoOI nwo? na’ pnw Wp soy monn jo 
swe nowy’ nadvp “nap maw somp wd maw nt b> wp 
my mxo so von nowp dy + may vbmp wine sovay ‘on 
soa pid mp 55) pon may aw sO NID AN yD * por 
*poneidy Sap any syawnn Annas o> by Jaan’ oy ww 
yam * onAaN “ont ys [:D DO pPon [ap [oonya}yy’ yp youn 
vipa’ my sop a tp Sya° pew aby’ awsa sp orb saws 
SONS oY an yawn wind swys Js sown intyd * ans’ 

sss alll (8) ye dew ale ay mds ny onde Sbrny Sle sax, 

[p—s] 7” + An ov odwa one 

snainny’ “na pow: dened mmbdp ov |: aay'> anawe maw ov 
yo pyr’ poas 

vier 9S jh mds Se pbod pos d ade spo nd moe d5 
soos Ssenend 

was | eleall a bls 

239d bs! “rd por syntdp Sov’ “anond snow ov odwa ons 
:o~n p>Sn nbs’ 
‘Sew qoyd sas sibs nnyod’ poss ibn mye Any on 
2mm “nb WWE 
1 As above, p. 62. 

L 16, f. 80” 


f. 195 

f. 195° 

L 16, f. 79> 

L 16, f. 80 

665 :WBIT OY mds 

saa ndnay wemrsndy ways nndpr savas awe prise midan + 5 
| swabs > naw 

vabxd power nay mbap Sy + mawa pyyn ¢ Aan py. px po 
POND ¢ ADIT MIP INI | Aap. Ty) ID | Aw we Sy) oy * AAI 
swims’ pny mandy naad 

wow omas Tay Sy ° omens) qn 9 77° omaNN) 3xn 
‘span xd anbdyar* wes onaw pia ea nae * ym 55 esp 
:wown 2 MDD YH jD * PY? Op? OVI 

stomp 52) ans * pony antes * qs Syn poy * gna on ons 
xd pawnr sy pd yn may pdwa povdy ssnnat psy 
:woOMN pa py wD § ND 

sminown 75 wan * myayn Sp yowm ¢ miyan ay ¢ midyn Sap pan 
Smaa7 jy paren Ade tani + Sew 7a yen mapy 75 ao 
:wunn PIN) 

NYT MDP pny * mens on 1d Son * mo ot Soya 
wow DIDI yr MA nT Awd No Nw vd Sot An add 
swe 1d moby moa sap mdxd wna maw 

swond mywns bo nwes nx * ony) TST po wp 

saleig orbs: $dom 

iS ae ily whe wor GF ls Wl JLI J jl yp» Lol de 

ene! she a 

:°9WN mn pws 
soy povby prin ‘mown dy ips 
sori Sy apis ‘mywpn mind 
soo “on AWN ‘jonh) JA NT 
soynpon yor awa Seon ‘son 30h shoe 
Dad’ AwDn 132’ ‘mtn ns Awd 
:DYININD AN pn “oe py owl 
sonpny dy a %D *yoxh may ndn) 
sonw> yon nyvina ‘yoy’ pods pw 
sDwWpA p'PNn ns ‘empa own Sy 
sowawne noxn by ‘eyyioa apy? ndnp 

: DYN) nwon ‘omn my 552 


:5I7 OY mdz 664 

pa symp xd od ayy pope ony qnay sow > Inyo 
xdy od dt * pypyy pect '200 ¢ Dp TY ODN? ¢ DYPDT PN 
swum xdy pyo xdy + pen 

my sare sy a adap ° psayd ‘nbma nos * ion Sy 95 meen 
e NEW NEW mw’ yar wp pyonr yer yedon moi sys 
:wINNN) NONA yOT | Aa IyyN 

pyyy xdyi aw ovowa Sn ey oanie dt monn sap by bw 
spar? wy’ ty ap sy wp andsa wpm maa? wd ywo nan 
swand Twyd qe wy 43 

mo * oN Yoo ma mS + bynnon See nyd © oma oy nin 
ory mowp dt so arind oon «oda ad pa: oesn ona 
SwN NI oO TAHT oA ne 

*opn wana ayy do1° ova mp 55 pp ° pyr nawn win mS 
Dn AS * WR. awh ¢ Aw DY AS 7IW sy) NNN AwWID Wy 
2 WBN) TOYP * AwTY Joy’ TWN AWD’ Awa3n 

Hn yo wny naw oF ars tins Ad say o> * nson Sy oan 
eye ge ida dee wer dana yoo nd spy oe om yr on 
:wIp oY NA 

ssypop yo md 9 ds wad dt yo ahe Sy nden s ban wpm 
Dron * wy mA 3 wp OADM * yond ay AD * wy ayn oD 
swan ‘yo Sy 

mn oYa 'D ¢ YON DIA yo * Pawn wh w+ ya nay Abmp 
xd sanos Sy | onrym sanvman Sx ambyy + amban torad saps 
:wpion oy mp amp n xd) ad:Snn 

WYN PDI IY’ WEN NS Pyn’ wIpA maps dx? wand aywns 

JIT yx owed wymy¢ pon orn mas * ows nwom ve sean 
:woonn sno Ast’ py pd 

Sys senna m1 995 pot mama oon nwo psa mbpna 
mr waydat day aon ond a aawp aa Sy nym oxen 

© on bp yby nap ai nn wpA apy * ony yoy mde ede ned 
yown) mua * bap py pars sdapd apa; ova nat’ aden ops om 
swowe mnwnd mint yp ° dap mont 55 Sey + sbyp 

mpm * naw nx awe awdy Pont py men dy aw sx 

L 16, f. 78° 

L 16, f. 79 

L 16, f. 77° 
L 18, f. 194 

L 16, f. 78 

663 :NBIT DY my 

OTN ORs) and sox perdsa ans poy sw maw doy 
sown xd 

esam poy yo tay sppy $5 ns mx ods pon Sow yD) 
:Dp way DF ‘5 

n33 ANA PM DMN) Diam pro AM * RYON MA ory IM 
spdiyd poy mw jm ean 

mxtanm * sn pp pdms sonar nvssa yes) * pomby yonn 

spd mpnd nod 
bb si shed, 

smwoonnx... ood mst ann 

Jl sss" OI dy | ly wii 

601 S01 pads pron som Gass pam ont ds may ony 
MINIT poole! 5 Shs 

ol ul paalal  - - SbA2 35 dg ge 10 lay * BA TAN’, 

eS nie ening wile ie (3 Sed wll JIbl d50l yinr aged 
, ia 

SION) IPR 99 MDBW wo wader * ty’ AB yy ¢ T3597 Mn be 
fam]mdp> awry * nm y22 ON) ¢ AMANI SAN Tanne 

mows ay spdwn mynd + mows won ner an pn +t 353 
noxn Sy * Spx mnox s aponn md on + qopn ma yn’ Spann 

smddone waa mbapny wonnay * nddsn’ many nwa ¢ ndpn ins wer 
“soy Soe cap ean pay ss ony Sy mwn xo be oe AON 
| Sy Jmin pon 

poDDn Pay TAN pM DN pan mawr snsd + pw ap dit 
myn mods pw Japs’ NONN NW TION Poy ie fw 

:’npwn par? “npray See dy + “npsae Siapm priya: ‘npr ms 19 
Aowp yawn + nawdy aad nay naowe Sow opr + naa npr 
:wup py3 mn Apps ny 

? L118 in full as above, p. 276, mutatis mutandis. 
* L 16 substitutes this rubric and the po which follows. 

:N5D7 OY mby 662 

yon neyo * yep Sop pay sobwa ywyo 2m * pbs 14 Sy 
: DDD" 

so) 362 Aaws * apsa dws sobyn na wads opbdn my np 

mm ns? pw ‘nypa TON sDIs 92 ows awe by may mby 
| rp Dx 

yaa sym? at moe xdey xd soon pon Sie * inn bx 3 ones 

ey saoqt pan yor spprin way 55 by + maxwa naw dap 
tony wid 

pdixi means modya yin) spn Jn pons + mpyp aww mbam 
:pdn pn 

‘pnd atwy pd ind spanam Awyon wn’ * on coy de 
3 :pp> 520 xvin 

pinan * moana midym | sox'ss wes my ¢ avon yrdor ap 
:nbyi yo bx 

so sy * Sam panpy son ado me yo 5x + Sapa amy aa 

pt Jee xd sy soon nation Sy noypm * oaD% mn noon 
2D73 WIN wb. 3° Nps 

sinan* Rom NS A AN SDMA Spy yar nN my yw2 oyyY me 
:ndn 55 5x 

Spynst * pny? 93) DATA spNpn ‘Sys yo * pop by ods map 
toytpn Sy 

‘maw wind ona sop pop awed ww pe ond ow pnp 
pyn pyd xa mdb spy 55 wip Senw yoy on JBs pono aw 
, sows son 55 15 spay an 

‘soon Sua ana sayy Sep ‘ne awe yndnn yoy mnen bx 
sony S93 Sminn ow 

Sx ¢ ap wnaw dap :ndys sy poo me * aN TWN AAN IDR 
:DIP) TP ps 

rym + Seen qoyd spa so jwhn yp jo mk AN IwN AM 
som Sop 

mx ' 3D bx nim mown saben pnp poy * nap ony ww 
sont mnibdya 

L 16, f. 76" 

L 16, £77 

f. 190 

f. 190” 

f. 193° 

L 16, f. 76 

661 ~ 9959 oy mdz 

0x2 Utgdia g8Ke Gil UL Jl ¢tmany Cal ale els, be on 
ane geet” 1s JI 35 esas! a KAS Ep | ss Ce 
¥ cen cares apale wll dem, sully gol 
wspy yaa ° doa wesnen pmo bs pwr idyp on yn 
Iman ow ida bon Syn nawn oy wtp snawn voy po on at 
:mavn pwp po mr pyhnn' wo:2’ open nkra ows por smordp 
Sew we nay. mr saan’ own wip * brpn esp ov esp 
xd ‘anwn xd wen may is mn my S90 mow wer? dye jo 
sma wast me 95 ds pps oy bs smaon ova my + bon 
you ‘Sx smoomnsy aden 550 13 wo awn ydy swe ova ar 
ma vo man 05d opm snaxspo Sew ane xd qwe byw 55 non 
| so mdp sow SSenet * bp vp by 
smbapny pombdsy poverty ow end’ pox posond imbana: prio 
mow AND Moy on sds yo pay povaen | ¢ndynn povay W1 
| solaiy mb 37 

92327 MA AN IAN sole] Po IIA NAwy AYP) OWA *D TON 
he i> solsi| ONIN Liki, sll 
sapyyd) pred... DwINT INT ON 
n> obs mane * Sob ads aon mane * mxop pp many 
Lealety Saw prow In NON TPN 

Lalesy ANID mdr “ANY PIN TN solwlT JN 9D TM sary 
nbs moby Pray wink WN we Jai O>nny ony 

WD DAP) AY BIA Spy 72 OAIIN PPA wall ow jo SIT NN 
SF eX pall WF aby ws eo 35 1 ]DN JON ON 13 
te eily yal whe woe Wl JL Gl! oll ial sl Je 
sSxyow nadoo bx mbsr many Dywny pIIN NWI ID oye! wk 
soyyney wpm * oon 55 5y spony An nm Bn oy 
sawn voy Sys mye OM wy YIN FONYN pnt * oD wos md 
NWI Ws AIAN aw xn tpoN 55 by pdp + wna po ANwyA 

; Dow" 

1 Not in L 17. 2 L17, 18 give all these in full. 
*> 116, f. 75>: not in L 17, 18, O5. 

sy5D7 OY ndy 660 

pydy mony py ny 1d mane yby spony 
Sane nes bow inyweasay Ban ov ar S53 swe cyan Sa 
may pbs poSy psd a one oy sD soMwEI NX wyN * ND 
*padan pnaw naw spon 553° panyd ody npn soonds 
:p>!2) AwY prow PD by * prix mn my Sw PDI Mw NX OM 
mx wyn send wpa ywawn wins fwstpn MDs :etpn yans3 

cre stl aM pall JF ys mane Last ade | sels, bx an 
ol ele Se Wl dey [yie oil] el 

Mw WAIN oy ar wras yd. oom poo + naam Syn 
*xpn Som iawn fo>mwa nx wyny 13 win pow :osdypK 
wit me spoon ona sy ndsd aw on ax sos3a5 yyyom 
roambny ierdnn pon * op ord tons ood an ayn are my pp 
syndw Sap mp so>mban pow sds + wry dap os om 
Wd DDN * DANA NIM wh Sap yo Syys :2onvIa2. AMD YOM 
| som y 

mywna sanz yp Syst vans pS mea’ sap wp by ayn an 
:DonNay invawn say Ty ayo sya wind 

wali, mb a 

pares silly ally lee gotll tee aye! Je ye money Ga! we’ 
ool el pad upd Kel ulpszly death al 

yoox * myaw ants’ ow daa seen’ ponn * mar bk ‘noe 
seo Sane py 13° wp Np AYN pst pnaw swans oI 
90) * pryyn ova nr Sy wp s.espn’ sow Sonn * navn pady p35p 
syne xd nmiweown jor * mw yy ovainn paw pad) mewn 
Moy ‘aw NA swan 12d mons * wows) 13 Thy naan ea NA 
may? Supn wean py Sy wane yey may? yaa “na pops’ 

sps5|p’ wpa awsst fw mdpnydy’ spawn Dn Aw NINE PB 
x> moxde $5) :p>mwe: ne wen send swys pawn wna 

05 wh. 205 o%'yn. > Not in L17, 05. 

f. 189 

f. 189” 

659 ibn py mby 

dey [TN] ND IND NT pasos shee Cissy aay LS r0ysa1 
ON YOR DVI ND TINA ac 202 Jyad OG *93p 12>" alls 

BIND) DWI 'D paarKew le all spirals sary Tel esis LST 

£187? Ise plying Iyaen? eUs dey 3 2p0NN ON TIT ANI 2a 
PPO YOY vy NYT DMM Gao Js ye Sl cool» 

Symwes ay913 ¢ 95 Nm ONES oy ¢ am yaen © wind news INS 
pimds mand mwas ays * wind swya ? yawn etn 

SOW Wwe aN * OED oy ma ony wd sea * pain 3 
sow meas $d son * oye wd nd + oxi pee 

siennw Sap tardy aw rons’ * vas owe mnt mm onbdsart 
swe assy wns Sap wsomd ndo0 + aemyn Sy onan 

‘oyna SFM apy poy oATIN Max ma oN by aN ot 
1°22 wD 
siSy pox ¢ ap mnie von * fants mda * nyinosn DM 

£188 9 ons qweo¢ ain neon oy Syn on ara pond sn watd 

$9929 Aw pr Sy * “nts swe 61d Joo pps ¢ mdse mn 

‘goa men Soo: asrix tnud + no dy ety: arn vd *D 

mind + o>ymwes ne ony? psd son pnaw nay‘ ynen mar pd 

s1¢93 MIV|aD * Wan oy ma Sap + yds mar + syda wd ww 

sienapor wmidsy * wows Sapn + winds may + ond yo ws) 

‘pondan wMINHNY * ANY ‘andpy * yaynds min’ * ppm 335 nbo 

ma op ne ado ws nik mem ws yan toy aby npr 
ra nnn 

AG Gap So syay sana ty) ya aon art assy may 9D 

syo0 Sap» man ¢ pSy test may ad sex * non Sy xy et 

£188 $1353 Ponta * pyoyy ody op |* Onn onpa TD | PIN) DY *3P 
snvaney mpdya * ans pam pins ¢ oyna pomay’ * ons aN won 

Dom wp pyo Pym ¢ qoyS ayn Sy ona * Jee pony aw 

eprats snndp + awnd yams * praia’ 75 ndpr + Sap ann 
cans xox mdx md 

1 1,17, 18 give it in full. 2 L 18. gives it in full. 3 L17 om. 
* L18 om.; L17 added sup. lin. 505 0. 

B27 OY my 658 

rwap Ss oma nbmp ax qesp sespS sae * meme Wwe mn 
swita mbenydy’ + nem mby2ppy swe on ar pSy * mimdor Pan 
:yixn ypwm * mad awe SSann 

spoons nen mbdan wd snr sade ny PR oN WwWN oN 
ean pyn pyd aa noo sqton an po 2p Tex WwR TIN 
sqion Sa 

smo Joon 3592) Pena Anan pna-anse pom ons Sy aE 
pyd ‘naw? "wea 82 mdD ION ID Toy NVI ANY po Ny 

qov Sy * p4an qoaws sqmindsa ome + ans pom ons bie ne 
qn swnd + spony dam): nde sae ys Sop ym sqnins 
gov cnenvn $s ain oa sama ja pay nwo mby > ppm 
| 2 qndnay 

son 5350 ¢ Sener qoyd ado: mppinn’ AD * anis pom ons 5& ae 
13 AwD Tay naa sey pnd Soo * Joona ak “ED snDwE 
sma ‘np swe Seaw qnyd mas nme poy 

womans 593 Menem) san wipro wows * AN WN nN 
rod apo * pay moyen qd! Sapy + 9$$ad yous; qnapnd’ 
fonioa Sy Ane 95 poe wns Ty pn’ ays wor) Anos 
feat ; 27 

mm Sows poston mny’o :pdaad! sow + mw AND no on 
ma nay mdap ax :po pins’ sb awa ons maw 55 spon 
may dap?» *p “xs poymby min Sap + may adap ase spor. ph 
“My ">" spoons "9 “pe | snows 99 “DN: nordbn 
psy wm 2 pady sain jo by may saan? “p "pe spo naw 
pop Joon * “nabs poy tow yor: potdap Sa by * nody qaan’ 
nydun. Soya : poe on ¢ ONT AD wyn maw AND ¢pooNm 
nonm 2p o‘nwon sya aN Spyay : p22 oy yar yom 
Ppa» ony pe 

S39 DWI *D suey NON IT ND THN aly MAY “DY vlym 
co MyIA yO oN | naw war TI MyIwA Ciki, 
US jon wn LIS nan mana wink son | Loli, * mayer’ 

L118 py. * 116,17 op, L18 oy. 
* Given in full in L 16, 17, 18, 

f, 181 

f. 181 

f, 184 
f, 185 

f. 179° 

f. 180 

f, 180° 

657 :bI7 DY mbdy 

7 py 
sep adap Sane spt “xn %n % senpa son “xn 7m % 
prey oyn pes “xn 7% sep por oy ar ond weet “xn 7n 

swpa bab 
Yelasy mand Lealesy prom on 
ovithoy pv wast mdad sany 55 wp Swen snot nded 
bop ser we’ abed smoy ov arm pdaowst nded ann pep 
spdy> sy pony smanp 55 yd sapem Rn 
salaiy WISN) poy tn 
BN TY) Oy yay asindy sawn TNMs my pA AN 
m xv omy om onde smaney anows ¢ ppriya wSeme snp 
Ska0 xy’ * pny onder snow may Syn + onnax onde sasha 
nab tot’ apy wads save $e neds ppt * apy tabs yay 
sprst 2d) pany mdsyy san oy by ¢ awn man mands s nde 
‘myn mp ns. ow | snaann mwyo joe pone pm mat b> on 
pop yous snpa cy asm + apy ndapd myn : xa xy 
saan ‘ded yin * nonysyy’ 
smxnty jonn nbs inp tya 
soy dy de ds «oe 55 qoyd up sop ine pe ome WN IMR 
soo wit wx nw mdy ppm ssp Pops oar * mo Ak AN 
sqoy> ayn Sy onan * JEN pn sw mn oie 
ne * ow Paya spndyox Ans * Ak IwN AN 
srona * po swans Sean on ar sownds sand 
syandmay wmndy * ayayd “nndpy storks ow 
sqrspp 55 «2 * JM Ada mN spy 13 * AN SWNT 
3 py soo" on ara + mimdpn ooyay spe 0 * PAO JIM 
may | spawn qm | ay adap ay : Jan ID’ AN WN TN 
DP) spre" nvsd NN ANY JR sawn Jon 525° ndp» ayn 
spn pos * yp may ey 995) 95 won * aD nan ner 
som nbd S53 ¢ ipna gon : ons bx ain + mn WEN mA 
may xe sopn yo von * maqam ANN son ma yoy: qnidy Sapy 
spidey 75 nem oe yop 
105 vy. 


NIT OY mdz 656 

esl lao de Jui Px 2 NM Aas gh Do se 

raxXe Isis 5, 

sypyyy mayn yo Sew 2 ine 

Se ot eche 
yoy msc dip mse min’ pow wenias nds: mine Sy. pyy 
styoynd me vdby nxt 

mn pss ¢2 apyy jIIT " po IAW WN sax, 2d2nn 
sro oy 
snnb>y 55 5ya5 + nowy oy ara sanmawn ‘ya + nDy AN ina 
sanyas 55 yyow + moda’ an panas aman’ * not xb onsn 
mbm 522+ mon Spa maw > sAnsbon 55 nbn * arbi’ apn 
px mm wows sammy Soave mpm dS Sony enna ann 

2345 anya* 

sypy7a ny Soa xdaod) anoaa’ sox ayn ax abyd amon 

ms yanp mswnas nod) nny S22] sawn wows + admmy neonsa 

sy synmon yp ¢ ben nya nk stow yniso ¢ adaor esp oy 

no207 Mayr? mow mimdon say syoay pody + doy ponwed 
sim part nbn Syo no sya 
$5 mmian 

pyonmy * nya pao inet :mndy ndxd + ny Soa navn snp 

say * nya xdy om xdoaday sandy sna nos ton ay ay 
bos myo oxdt oypm smo pot nm ody poo xdd rniny 
may * nays was vn yma’ 593 ¢ toy xd any pn moni 
ny vd x5 jo Mp mayo po Manan mans vdnna :amdp ow ara 

145 mmas 

rosea on nen nde! ’xn 7a soon poo ondsn oan mn 
pads an wpy’ “xn “n” spsnap wp yp Sy nna’ “xn “n” 
“enn sD Nw) MN Wyn wD TWwyd Spat’ “xn 7A” sown 
sponay in‘awn ay Iy aye aay2 wind mywnsa sox 
2S aman 

* And so on antiphonally. 2 Os says J J982 ye cs oe. My YT ND 
yx ueszzl J38 uw Ul. 8 05, L16,17 omit: and so below. 

f. 177 

f. 178» 

f. 179 

655 :N5D7 OY mx 

sled! oe pple 
odd wow Jar? jap pores? odd wads grins nds po own 
ponds SSan» 

Jai oayX2 I yi pate | TEN IMD WY kal CSS sng 
:qaond... pono aw 
$7am DI Ok mA sclea!l oe aealye 

yore NOD aiyKe 

f. 170? Panes Igbgis Co dry 
: pons’ * pans’ 
sobs: San + ndiyS ay qriay odd wads qria end aman anio 

WOW yy laser LS Lady pads LS nwa 1D dads ole YJ 
wpe cab tyKe Uplyt Ty! gens Maag * DWM 
Co pam gallery STAN 6. ONTWY YOY 
ST ol ape B peXe wyly Jail dey] sah Soar... “nan 
[:2nva > 2 lS yl bene yow 3 
SIMS MN MON MAD sles! ye eye 
eqand by 6. oat em ae 
f. rr? ny wads mM | Gl,s! 
™y mA Clyd! sqorpsy. 6 6 BMW eet 
“WN MAD lye PAI. 6 6 BNWPY waiyKo 
SPA! . 6. DNIND ae: 
0... DMP PIN DAN lye! 

esis lawy * PD OY PrN ei de wa Jl ols se 8 
f. 172 sSpon sy... Smp 55 Na awe TaN 
sonny way Syy say ma pop 

f. 174 af indy paw | Jl Wo axe rad 
£, 176° Pm) Sdn a eS Tos pam owe $k may mb Oban 
* And so on to 5x1w Jor) 153, with the same response. 2 In the 
margin of L.18, > To yoy Now 12), with the response after each section. 

* In full in L 18, 

i A uli ee I EE 

:yIT DY mds 654 

gel we al os) Lal dl atl de eas Las! ade 
spo py’ ovo abs bee s ota ptr + omdan nds bis 
pops pos * mw pv nds Sse gown padas + pp nds by 
pryawm * 5s yorn nbs bx penn onwon yay pin onde bes 
orp 55 nbs Sx sonsen esp * pay ana tads Sys pin 


spt cw Lol ade 
sian Soa * max pba rinSmp snp ax po Sy qnay’ ows 
yn) NNN oA A? pow pow pds ods + may pw 
‘yom wont syenaw dSapy siexpAd mdpy sae Sap + ms 
pnna- sash wp Ss omnabr + Sew qoyd mdpy sane ont 
2... TIONS AMS PID fs 4ynawA IO ID AT 

SS wiz! OS OW ul LS Yolssy Ani md) abs qnany tonn 
smd on | FAI ADA PID leswy sl wa lil Jew 
mona myszon Ss rm she Us awe i J Joao 75 onnax 
Sw * wT 1D 12M SMa jews OMINID Aw>y wy wNIPA ansNn 
tS arc roles! Igyts sell dye Gis stay Jai JEN pin 
x2 4)) Ul 
sind woop... m0 mand AN 

his onde Oban’ Jl, 

prize Inge [EBS splSGy 1 DVI-D Ys 

pymded Soa yam apy may owas °2 


2/05 aman) ads mandy Ada 

ike Ia 3 
pay * Sy pe mine Sy pee wont $51 + yp on syn 
sn Ww 

f. 168° 

f, 169° 

f. 170 

1'L18 adds 75x. 2 As above, p. 7. 8 The headings are — 

given in L 16, 17, 18. * In the margin of L 18. 

f. 167 

f. 167° 

f. 168 

653 PIT OY mbdy 

Ops xd art by sop sd shy ort bs penny’ aby by 
empd bon nom bx 

95 sd Se sawn “ror ed ao Si pte see ne by 
stom xd one be :bpn 

sow xa’ nowy Sx stow edo’ anv Sx sp Si abide by 
278 oN Tap? 5x 

be 77S dy pod dx: Jb Son wm2 Ox: TS’ mad Ok 
spon ‘nd nbd 
bs Siw and by Sie dy ome xd be bap mead bb 
2 Sap» howd 

sOoms nwa’ Ss sodyn wind Sy soup 55 Zon by 
:Osbo ana bx 

bs spa pon 8d Sx spon Se tad Sie spr be pnd be 
sw ds *Dd 

soy xd ad bs +054 bys WD bx : DAN bx IoD by 
: Dax bx mpd dx 

be syow S any de smh 55 tay Se ryt Sy by be 
Top in oh 

spp Sw FAY SD by Fb wp ob by Fp xb HD by 
: Fionn 

syn nda pos Se sta eda aye be yp 1d md pd Ok 
Yoni pow ips dx 

spin sin tmp dx sprat ds dap bx :pinh xdy’ ap Ox 
rp wp dx 

Se sty Sk omen be efi xd nt Ss TA pew 5s 
:7H" on 37 

Wir adr pew dx wrt Sk ww bk | wispy Se ww ds 
snda 55 yynw dx 

pom xd ppm by smasy xd tem $k os rysne nbn bk 
| :mpp xdi ain 5k 


1 L17 7y. 2 L16 on. 3 116 xy. 


:ypIT DY mdy 652 

bf oF 

b3 1b mdb + no aw vdoya toh wba’ + ayn ona tnds 
sex? Syne qoyd spo | sopyas $5 wea Joy mds on sD dw 
2mm “nD 

:mmwsp ans * ob 55 wp dy randy woos * nes pny nds 
sy 9p samy Soa pp aN Je 

155m 5* we: + ome me toys satin Sys + See apy ond 
sy) 9p sD NEA py At * Joy wasp dapy s ovsay 

saan amadonn yan oy 595 sawn pron + yd pow nbs 
yy ap> yp ae ya me qe yd 

anv’ 7} shy’ * yo ova mot 9m pyyn ¢ Awy pr nds 
‘ay ap sae) sow 52 oNn * yD aN Joxw2 235 

b3 yb mbo ip ax pdoya pons onwon ¢ yay pay nds 
yy apa | sod pox *3 * Joy mds bx “ANd sony 

pyn 553 ¢ pve’ ys 1 sani oon mS + Bn ay ar nds 
Seem qoyd sea pimindss ton my oo p29 pw pina 

2717) “MD WR 

spate! dn)! ay? VEIN ats le (oSl sing 

Ske sToy mse ht $y smnby 55 nbss Sig sin oondss bx 
‘707 xd. Sn 

Sx sSiab noon be sain bx wa Sy soi by aa by 
: Siw wy 

2 Avdan 1d Syn bee star Syn ed naa bx stip ab md mea bk 
tyma 15 S93 bx 

sayT 5x: yo’ yt bs ptanon’ pitt $y staa bs pet bk 
| 2 xdr’ 

Seon mon $k stony rt $y stn ces man by 
rrpn 1d Som 

bs :dompa joo) bx sds ayo 850 Se stv ob pyr dis 
:Wyy no? 

bs 335 Son mpy’” at bse stay nde” pt Sse sty nbd’ ant 5k 

ston ma pt 
1116 49, 18 bon. 

f, 165° 

f, 166 

f. 166° 

f. 164° 

f. 165 

651 :BIT DY mds 

POT PI yo. NHI’ sAnpo sn oo mo spy ANN 
:mowp 59 nan + mown yo Am 
monn %> np 

i) Ll paalp! cetll pall age Al UF pe bytale Cea) ate 
gael we de sll 
mos pmidypy jap oon pain sna’ pwn ¢ wha opr ppm 
sae xd) Sopp ant xd sampl Soa aw yan xyon yao ale yop 
IN WISN Pe EyOT ON NAwWNA Py AP? oD wp A Ndy rn 12 
smorvin id phat copy yoy’ tba sydy dypa * ar 
:marin %> inp 

IAN API 35 pS AN pT Son Awe bx ann Sy py 
smanw peer nodys aay 

POYP FIT PIN NT Gays hs Slag Call as py ily ISI, ? 
eel alll, yo de JWT yy 3D IPN NA LD: yNw yD 
yyy ¢ ah Sop yaw” s pvarind #ain + yon oy or ow boa 
:oaytn foys Yan? mbya non Sy inawnn apy ¢ ovaadn 

pin omapoad sao omeam : 1k pod saya mdSam 
: pvansnn 

pint Sx many Dn oye Ghady DYDD Jl, sels, nO Nn 
:prpop sn pam 
mpm) * tk awa Abbm | sinwasa awa * goa yo adam 
santy S25 amt awed pam pines ved + say mnad ihy s anipana 
sino nwnd yn 

amd PI Juss lpeledy Sban’ we Aw SN NPY de ANIPD "wn 

sys Foy [p]yn Soya + sow mdse py ydy * How pat prs 

bona * oa) Max oD TY sTAINM “ann * pasa Sy own 2 

ad$aay saws ny soos 95 a52¢ omedm net wp Soy yaw 

sapmiax omdyy spo” > “nwa nds ans 02: 74p's ob 
:Joann en pw ms os pow S32 7a” ow’ 

105, L17 omit this piece. 2 L16,18 in margin. 3116 wpa. 
* 2 ows. 

a ae ee 

:N527 DY my 650 

sop xd) wd b+ Anand saa S5en snd’ awn dip + mine Sap ayn | 
smn spose ap poi Sk ma 5p sop Syn Sp : oyyn aby Sp 
smn DN ap rpae pan Aw Sp spay ava Sp | sda mmiabp £163 
=p sD SS Fox mm dp soppy aw 19 Sp spsy mo aa dp 
: mA DIN 
8 “Ip pon a9 mm Sp scabny 12 nda Sp soy monad dp 
sp snbxy ton 39 bp smpwoxe mwa dp srippin nndy 19 bp 
sap sorpdxd son sya Sp s opox’ ton 12 Sp spans tm a2 dp 
: mM) 998 
=P : ye ty xw2 dp : xwant Syne aa Sp | snwwn man yo bp sf. 163" 
£m DON 
:N¥b0 POI IN * TIAy TON AYN Sp) Aw * NYDDn AT hb 
syorbr yea man mind ser soe ayer * Abrida’ soy 
Answax Saprh * wos Sint jh Anan Amana + San yp TH JEN 
qn osm +1253 maw mam sandy wd nom + Apa monn Sy 
snpby 2xnx 
$3 yobpy min ns et pone ynnas Sy? yoy may ody 
: Ops pyxon ? 55 yA son Oy Ata ¢ pAAs ona 
roy apa Nr * pods4 Sy wp soy Amdyss ¢ mn may aw 
:9xd mde ovata bo ny DISS DN | whe £164 

Apa ASYpy winks pA Sony AMI %> inpy dl Ipies 
>manw Jl, AON Wns 

> 5y sp py Sona * oyon nats pra aa sown aw 
PD BON yor pny ja nwD 
:wIpn syn Ar pop swhax > ony. mya sep aap > mw 
so 1597 py “pn 
smye%Sor pam ons $x mm aan po ton sels, abs a4 
36 ma sy yap by Sbamey nome TP one ' espn py bs 

1 L,16,18 om. 2118 on. $05, Li7 om. 

f. 1615 

f. 162 

f. 162 

649 sb OY my 

ese go gl LIS sarin lasery * v2 *D “ON Lalesy adse an 
sods son 
yore spnaw oy * Syssee mitady spapis 4’ * awe pans 
ya ot Sy spaaw oyna * AyD ona syd mows’ + mppA 
sym) jwon ww Tnx? ods xz Ins : yaws na + Dy 
spins Sy nwo Ss mint soe 

sorpds ny dy? 
pips 3 yaw Sener aimsy Syndy spina onde + pony wa ow 
ANP DINY SPN wea’ ADEA wy oP M|DD Awy InN * MMW) 
:pyapws py ¢ ayaa 
spins Sy awn Sx mn’ so 

cashy gb Juady iad volal old Jit lagiloy wr te sie ll ying 
ND BY Tony DIT wy Ox ANP “wn 43,)l v3 de 
:yON may yon sdya ys 

smoby ss ma * NYNNON YPN yA Ms TAY * TIAN’ Tay NA 
sac nds port yaa ops pod 2S mindp * “aa nye 595 
2105) avs + yo my | sioina’ own * py pd tp 

£104 ofa px maw oy b>: yoyo an nD) ¢ DY 7D 139 AD 

roe woes * own Sx on yo : Sane pny pat omy nwdy 
smody 55 xvaa ¢ Tab pap by : nn Pa ayn * pin ey 
mows Tos yO * Synw pBy 1a pm po ay) ¢ oD ND Dy 
0m Arh an * mpdy nay” saa ow om * nds oy saan) 

pmdyqa aaa 9D sot Aeon Sy sab nnd nat + mnyy 34 A 
sown aw ba) * moby 55 rina span nna teeSen od 
sT&o pn Sewar* Aw Sypr many Syp | s na55 nwSw + mbip wot 
sminb pa we * Shay) pan jie sw yab * op ya4) 

: BS) *pwy * 55m io sad: nvipyle fad * pwn onder 

PM MID AD | wy AID Awe sma’ nyt nwDd mn Sypy 
:moy maa * oss 55.85 sain 45$p py * awe saan ot 
seedy ‘ova xd * ney min ins Fwy na oy ¢ ade mn wer 

705 omits this piece. 211.26, 1971), 5 Te. poy as L16, 17. 
*L17,05 ‘on. 




iI OY ny 648 

sagt meypn ndnoan Syn peat oon + mow absr de ap 
smanw ass ¢nnawe’ 7b an apoio 

easy soar 1a yy Avion) AMINA ¢ ID Aw aw’ nb'n 
ayy yO D2 197 NBA ow ar pds yo snyaw my 52a pops 
: rnaw xda’ any aw 

Syn son d> oye 12 says AMAN man nna: prep 
smayin Sop wrix wernt ope” a9 Son rik 

sored Son (WS sain* lesey OWI DWM vals, AD 34 

:miseom myana’ + nbs: Fae’ smiows 53 _yp * me and TIN 
smropipns Aas by sonst owpy eniow Sop Abner * Ardiwd’” Seas 
emswa ip) Swe * pYoswn denne 

smiow mdx) 

SETH 203 dee gill ll wel JS oe pip Lal ste? 
url se gs) 

:Syawa’ ynnax ¢ mist adn swe sSenw apd * nyowy minh 
movyn Sx + marin nbs op dyy se Syop yop: + mda im 
‘mob nding soe pana’ xy mown op ovawr’ by 
mown on dd dra ja nme ya med pana 2552 onom 
pind. yoy +53) AwD Nod mopipn AN 2 Supn poy 
sso. pwn tn * mipndny 

sSsxnve a mow ads 

Apo) Spy” Ana i Jaan’ pet sn’ pins Ser Se yap 
nanw Ion * Annawn 327 

92 Sap) saws: oon 55 Sy) 25am snBon oy ar poo’ adn 
pos way? Sapnr can py Sy sep omyn 55 dyn + Sine oy 

MX ony soD4aD’ wpa’ away spd on AWD In: pIBD 
: swyn xd noxdp 52): pomwas 

+ L17,05 omit this piece, ?L17,05 om. 

f, 160" 

f. 161 

f. 160 

647 PIT oY mds 

son Som mypin at pry NBon oy ar poo pmbms esp ox opo 

soomeon S30 :o>5y ab mim ors °2 ¢o05 qos Ap jai pie 
yShon mn oad 

jeg) det WUS anny lose, va 1D ON welety dN In 
yay xdy¢ mmr yo tp Nd) tnnin po pays np 72 and oN 
nay * amano nnn snows ow Ams’ abh ¢nooN 
SOM “TNA ADM sole 

gral) aie ghall gotll pall ye Ml S35 ye byl Cal wle® 
MAS” Cs, ss (als ll i) (slall 

syow? xd intos) * tayns xb ws smh way Any + sa Ap ands 
ny Sdoxy An tS pay type xd ‘noo. Anat yo’ wa ary ID 
b abs on enor Se aap xdye ta xd amor pom pep xd was 
snpin amisdon * say© sna sop ath) saps ans * tbr 
“psa * sys pox maa) pyonesx mp Soa wast «abs fa 
snow ann 


weal) gett Gam EM ole bs ys | meron Cal de® 
peel saymy alll am we tall 

b yom may? xond’ ad xdy op avin jot’ yosn and wow 
43° mow ink yt nds soa Sex you sm dwna annin soaw 
‘mye mont aw ¢apd Sons ty mdy on wo eddy: ospy y204/ 
woo AWN Nm ¢ mow Anan jo Amos sal’ mMewepwna Ad 
xox mayb yoy soapy pind mop edi + non we Sné say 

1 L16,17,05 om. 2L16,17,05 wen. ’ L17,05 omit this 
piece. * L16 dwn. 5 This piece is added in the margin of L 18. 
Not in L 16,17, 05. § Tie. ten? 

—— = 

ee. _ 

# a, 

sb CY mdy 646 

Dy MIN pyath mypa a Swe asyon Sy | seins yay * in 
wom sya Sos ed + ar Sy wee moe son oot dy * “asin 
syanpay wxdaaa’ * onde min 

Insp Daw’ "aN * yon oD Swe gna men npdn ¢ ayn Sy apy? 
Sqm mm Trot naw sqnvaoyad + yoo Aw tm 
SMX Nk opm’ pax Ax op ¢qmdan oor ¢ qopp om 
pqntdin ww seas pad snes) ae + mim wt 

tomy man? obs ma ovead son ms wna ¢ am nya 255 
PO III T9599 AN Sw AR potas pnd © on Sypa pybo 
sot andy * pon ay ow fob par * maw py 
sod ona mann pr 
soleig “WON solely WON 

saswn npdn ns td Syn qdswa gener Soma Son abs 75 
smtwn mpbn nx tad Syn qooma et Sy qmadpn + oadnn 950 
:moqwn npdn ne’ pons 2d Syn sew Se me pop ¢ myostn ‘a3 
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sawn npbn 
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edt US ris gdline somos IANS API 3b maw pw Gn? 
:nanw se aon J,l 
* DTD I) OY WHEN ¢1hy MIND apy 72 mwd sa wdsa 

+ L16 om, ? Then follows in L16, f.2r $2 po Sn2a7 mn, as above, 
p- 640. * 05, f. 80°; L 16, f. 50°; L1y, f. 28° 

f, 158" 

f. 159 

f. 159° 

645 - :yDT DY my 

sponp Apwd + Ronn amin sadoy yo ‘nDanN * win wort 
:T>b:a0 no’PN * apy pax nop ¢ yobs AMA ows awa npdn 
:p>yp mana? pp “nayin 375 aw ankn * ow Sy aris mbm 
syon qwar gon yo ‘nay 3 $$m qeiaa so mim Sy pein 
:s>5moa Sp * ADD An jo 

f157> ¢M_ INT MIN + A. VMN Aw pny nx ow ¢ See any 
:M|YP AWN yn)! aDDF pen) pm|ypA nxn ¢ 39 TWN yD 
{MPDNDA Nv * NID 3 spon No wR? DIA POND 
rma mdy + qoetasy aad) smapx2 wnea * pow” yy NaDND 
s?ypyo yn * awe apy nan by : npay mys’ * pyn oN 

rosin 2+ abn ns Sw poms nN Foy + wmopo pT 
‘and navy + mom Sao qos son vp os + ee Annes 
by + spy’ ner owa sods in swe nwp ow Abnney some 
‘ynawy Jaa someon owspom ¢ mbann fmnsw so ndsx a4 
‘ory rout jp npn b> mynwoy spawn nw 
ppb jo yon AD wo NN Ss ONwyN OMyOM * minawn 
, :ondon 

samy ayo edo mo eds xd com mee min nya owen 
f.158 Sxyow ‘noni ¢ wea apy’ “ny | syn wna + oy 55 ADP ans 
esypn Senwe oy p nnn aw am) sw en) fe 
MNT MIP Aan) * Miwon wMpb ‘Aan sat 3 FN 
indy yn? ovSpy 125 md) saa ays pe ds bpp xd ney 
‘meyer man pnp xyoo xd > wp paNn may smonp 
synyo oy T Sx apy 92 TD pnp nw NM 

way ss YM * wp inpdy smn a~dy * pawn IN 
AOMNN) $y OM! WI tan nny ssp saws xd sy * wrk 
ama syn oman Ss + abana nny sayy ina * wi 
nniny syipey ain Sy + awe pw nh sich np min * opp ds 
nnn sip’ nds * SA ws nny syndky mbddp na + Joa ona 
Senund swt onsn moy mond sat ys ot nay 35 
Sy * spp mpyym nnn sie xd swe oyna My sao 
pv. yay sym ab WN * Aw DY PDN fy8D) Anson 

2L18 own. 2116 7D Me. 3 L16 pn. £L16 “wn. 
6 L 16 nniw. 6 1,16 wm. 

57 oY mbdy : 644 

spon iS nd» 20 72 FAN OD JD apt ste Slay 

sqpon xy nxn ‘PAN TWN MN 
spond nwyns np “BM ODI 
:apND opin eon xdy ORT 
snap sia xd one ‘son ap by xypl 
:EDNA wNN? Sy *y5 px mpd 
:"pDI yn’ oy to 55 by mdys f, 1560 
smapps ow ydy saa) pRy mn 
:4pp2 sinpan’ xd *ypbn > wow a7 
sappn 55 5y pin’ ‘SAN TWN TMs 

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mvy moa? ya eds on ab syn nwy sees apy ow xd os 
mivoda ows ayo syed ome th in oy Um en pyin 
sion xd adsa ambsr sy ytiny xd nn yey o> py 
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smtio xdy wn xd + ov xd) od5 xd sono» 

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sono ‘pow * Sew’ sna wwe sown Soa+ tn qaan jon 

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sos ym sy pom /osbdy) sown mnidmy * nnn matin 

spn wip * ty22 pas pdm: wn mom. * awd JD 

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‘noow ans in yay cay ay s/mondnn ons wet Sw pat 
‘/nbypy “mwy s poys swim 3/nnsw awn * pond ny 55 nb 
bod pat ovds dy wena xd y’nsdn yond) + qweo mish sayy 
mpiybni * nyo. aa) :’nann pax ms toy $599 joo s/n 
‘swear too nny /ndwo own Sy ¢ pop moat ow) ¢nnis 
:/n4na ny Avy 

1L18 Joon. 2118 py. 


643 :ybI7 OY ny 

sap dbo bis mee spy exdaoah onan’ wits absd yaw Sew 
:mwn npbn 

mpbn Syn + ptpnn mya csr soepdny masn t pay 45 wna 93 

emowm mpd Sqn ¢oSSh rae :odS xd) ova * oxdpy od mS 

npbn Naya * Aw wm Vyyby SyUINN wD IN) * YaNb? 12w7D 

mpba sry sami poo ms 2Swor s misdw one Sy + 55 pyyay 192) 

2 TT npbn SAN * DT DN: DIN) poo * mespp ond 

—¢mswn npdn sna * myst oh mss moxdaay mano’ * mys ony 

f. 156 

npbn Syn + ovdsw 35 pina Ox ax sordoyn myn jot os 10D 

:mowr npon snes aqpa” yom sy xd) yt nds 0d oe pod 
smwn npdn stp par? qaawn qo Sands qvinp awn * Jaw mi wp 
npbn jsapa * mSone wemiwEsd ¢ ADMIN ANA * MYDSnN py Ann 

‘soy yo Soya twat stay 9S nbs yo ox * Sonm nan aw 

smvn npdn Syn 
‘stay nwo Soya ydoxwn stoop sans pron Sy 95 2 tN 

smswn npon san 

npdn ad * anima’ mw os pam’ sponn tnin * mmdyy mddy 

xm orde aa5 ya aby vs som md 55 29) + pips apy nan dy 
smn npbn by 

Axo? oviny aan San spp mx wo mx * odwa’ ny on 
Pon mw 

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+ L16 py, 7 116 yoxwn. * L16 Jor. * L16 npn. 


sa OY My 642 

sony 5x5 wr part oay oan wo 55 psoas sem) Span awn npbn 

syqthon pa pms pay wwe on st oon awn npbn 
sy ‘ya’ 92 

mpy’ * yovax ow 0 indes spay 9s wae * nondar ads may 
| sawn npn 

smn mpdn me ya mano ms | sp ney DN NID yD 

smn npbn as po mya sponse by voaa * pana noe 

smtway maa ¢ yn wya1 sob pnd ‘5 ¢ ot) wrx 

‘mny’D ID PD pAnont ae ond 3° Andes sn Anwar npdn 
smown npbn ox 

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mpbna na mp nih pon xd) : mapa madm * mans’ mw por 

‘ONONWN py pRa 2qp sib AD ovpIm sap AStos mann 
smwn mpbn spnop 

ow * Saw apy nano Sy 55) ney ean ay + Seaway any’ 
sawn npdn 

popon * oman ond naka sonin pny bya + oynaen ann pt 
sanwn npbn 

mpona oywin dw ison’ sony iba) maasy dea mop anos 

min‘ pyenam pyan to Sy snmyen Soa son + ot woa9 > 39 
swan npbna 

11L 16 mow. 2116 jn. 

f. 154 

f, 155 

f. 153° 

f. 154 

641 sya OY mdz 

bonny YS saan + owa 93 lose TONY solesy AON IT lye 
:pip dp ate son jas ody 

‘av + nde by prone sybyp paby’ * neo ay paw sixap 
mwa nea wen svi ast joy’ Annoy Wd ana: ydsw 
spdy aya maps man mays d9n Sy opp ¢ Sp arm adm :yde 2 

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sinad ny nop 

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yp :S5p ay9 mam ovdna mien dm): ctpn an * ope pie" : opp 
roown ayy an onde mt ox ss at ps pov 2527 sor? yds by 

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spot! We Wlyiag NOIT PY NW Je [pdb IIT GLI! ulefl dy 

nya roy moby sa mm say wD yD |yey mwn npdn Jos 

lie Iye5 OX mn 

mpbn mx tes i> ona seine” pyyd sot Sopp 55 yaw Sy? 
: smn 

‘myn myst i921 :Av2DD IHD whi) * Ayy IMMA. IPN 
:mwn mpbn by 

xr ¢ aterm mpd pnd aor apy + pas aon awn npdn 
ot Ob py» 

‘spp oa sot psoun ainon ona ¢ mya an mwa mpd 
ry dyed wm pen 

wp 2 DywIN sons on es ¢ on Aten npbn 
oy bx5 

eer oydym inawnn 3 ipa 2 oyenn bps ann awn npn 
ro 5x5 wn 

pranks sien Sy spy pon “ow ¢ yan xdy oon aten npbn 
op 5x5 wr ope nw ow oD 

Aainn ‘39 npmins : avon vay bya nwa Sy on mwa npbn 
sy 5x5 wy pet nee 

yer? Sy inois mS ¢5y03 on ona * Spm xwn awa npdn 
rr 5x5 yn 

1 In L16, f. 21», this is followed by Jrw 5x PR, above, p. 494. 
2116, f. 14", 

:VB7 OY mdz 640 

md yy tyed moby tina noy sod’ xdss mS smpen pdy an 
smbs ndoman nancy iad’ mynd yo sadnt pny yo ade + nbs 
‘anys 37 ans’ md pr say xd py Nd * o'pAYD O'pn 7d5 
spor ‘nd mown * moby wow sano nwo. pwp ‘xno xd 
‘sry po’ mara ssppn aeaw mo’? pawn 52 2p Sy yar nyd 
ea Sy Sips’ s 95 pane wron poy spe mia Soh saws 
sy poy ana nr seb mr %Sy mom mpm yds “nyath pow 
sews xd) matin ada’ + vbyd wae seer sana sea ndyd 
agp Sy py ida post sawn mad mbyb * yb nw oo 
pomax nds mm * sx woyd waa on so wed nnsian 
‘ym pd ‘oa AD ODD 75 mp? sw ‘one’ swe sao 
snes 3A) Ja man + imiay Sy wow sade miaahd’ yaw 

mx ooa mm xdy* ody 

sismdss mina px 

oF pl Wool, olyte olby of HLM yesll tre wey 
Wsliy wl cram Gals IT Gary clash shy ply cdlalll Js 
pa ye TPBNT Say MYTIN Gees etesll rae Lesly oles 
erst! seall eealpl gotll jem Jed ed ed (stew ole 
OF gael Sbly AD gel vl he Go dll ae oS patel 
tlide lang Wyte) ly tetll toe ye yea etesll tae bie, 
soo ace ds spall alll syne gl esl Yatos ra Je 
cet ST yl Yets tie Mog ceed pall ulie 3 rll, Leesny 

:AIMMAT ya ja mA say ya Ok yy Ge Lee 

‘apndss winks Juss cp Sléwe APIO + NEI MD jRT TWN" 
:manw* Dn 



yy Sy 95 shy syra9 oney ya nw tots po 455 pp Sat aden? 

SY2 1D DNNT DY mr pa spy oar 92 ys * Ody sap’ 

soap ody any sy sanyo poet sda’ np typ opn : pby 
tyspnd ndon soy px pp AI AN DON 

* In L16, f. 21, this comes after mem TN WR ATR, below, p. 644. 

f, 152” 

f. 153 

639 sBO7 OY mdz 

‘pps coin xd soaps moet na? on SoNwe smn mas 
symap ody $95 xe 55 yndp mnt snow ynn an 

sen 5) aed + erga mona Sep sinh any’ yo * mona Sup’ yor 
wm yon jo‘ ymant abs yo 55 snp sy may oy * mon tnd sy 
‘asi Sey t myn mdse stnyta uN ts ¢ myn yo ny sony 
syn ¢ app pny mds: sons vse Sy * swe maki’ Nim: *ny on’ 
so” * mon jo ‘nda tonioa mn i) * wes ne mda xd) sane 
emp mbsy mod sone Sop ons op ming xox pena np 
son nbpn sony nano $k ax? yt pdey smd a5 non A 
AION F'n) “Nw WNT’ PP vaND snp AION Ndd * Joy 
pinnae” bso ea yoy qo way pened’ own ¢ anne 15 
f.151> :9nmop ‘nnpdy * sox swe war | sods “xrpr ¢ adda sown 
Absyy ¢ ap aap > Siosdy sennnoxa wn mnt Sia” yon 
mx dein tba” post) sonpyin inp * yds “nod: nb” 
mo ‘sp $5 5 mdpy senbn’ swe sy * pions qoydonax non 
SMe yt 

omnis ¢yp most mtn yds qn synds mm? Sen py mnin 
xd yo: yphba’ xns ° badF pawn sd synod pb * ‘abe 
eowpd! ares sam pa pst ood! amy sam owen ot dwn 
‘ond jo pss sys wep yo tow pT wand’ simay pox md 
mo yneds pynedo mop ¢ ody yin sSya soxynn non 55 
1 gba syoN DIN pO ¢ AMP) INI yor; YnDw ep oO” * DSN 
Iw PD SyMDy) Pay mes ooo may ne sormen pp pan 
oman) mp * da sexta) synna oa’ WoNd * DNA 
*SnbS ro ay synonn yo 75 mp Sonn on I ANI yn 
fig2 nest pee spy a § tos Boy sewer | symanp wont pi 
Sesh ovaspn awe yy pay syaxd qos ry? pep eon 
oyn ¢ mimdpn vay samen nossa ten * opnds ‘pow “D2 
S yyy DED 

smdbns mw qo ‘ney 55 npn) : 2 pTDy AND YD * ponnm md|aNrT 
pot fina $15 sts yar yo sAbs Abs Sy on * mam syyt po’ 
+ ypa95 ov ssp’ mm + Sepnest yo Siwp saan °d ans 
$ FBI" why pon py) * Dw jnnIK xwhd saypn nytp 2 
bp + syp an nyaa wir sAbyy ams aby Saavs * Sb wd) nab 53 

:NBI7 OY my 638 

sat oopn yo Spyay :nannd om ns * ow cw Oty 0 
ndy + S25 op anit pss ona 1d ows? set 55S nbd nahh 
:ms4yo) MO Ip) * md ANB ¢ mab 

smo mips nen “naa ta | eyo pap nyt nvvris xby ‘mad £150 
smnbn od: nis xb np bx nap saph sy op’? oa nowy 
9 ¢np7 oa? pm ‘“nd>yn sy ¢non $5 ’mda * Sew 5533 
imap’ ay) * ons nabdon syst) sa yn wp oy 
:moDp Anwar wna orn tin san Sx mosp jo? mor omen 
mooy yma) * anon ywom : xy 53) nya? wip oy Adnnsn 
Sus typ PI ps OY A onsy snoow wD * Aw PNP yD 
‘ON) OANA 7D Tay nay yd wh pnoniny ‘Ayd ° “Ash IN 
sox) pment np ps? span Ss qwet pmooan '2N 1 ws ne 
nomen ay fox mpd sex ody moet nse wa + daa 
smonda xpos by * 5 Sox SwRI pmay’” NI) NIN * poyb 
mbpr spy “nen pes /odoya io smd apth: p21 “nods 
tmoka may So ¢ qrht Ss 

maid | rasido on ses may one payne wp) pam pat fi 150” 
xdy sams nm pop m+ qnty Ss py mek ain pya spn 55 
smwy maria sy we jo md say andy pa tonsa anwn 
sy $mmo p32 * xan mon xdy smdsky sy sims a Sa 
xd) sayin apn meiyyn md p> pmnn wo an ops 
emyen’® swe asta Sy wh o> sms inn sea Sy se poy 72 
vor samby oyn are ws Jy smn os oy moan'> 
man ya) sna Ayn aay mdw mr smwasr on + 1d “now 
WwaNT ox > tox + bb” sew samawn vSya wh 
gnm>p os monn wisd + pie 2 yom) fmeDy yme ¢ inns 
:mdxy mano on Pm wD PAM! ws An? wa 

gov syoon Sy amd + Sees Sy ge pene ope a * py ort 
29m ‘nay sy * Joona wrshy smyinn > yaw. * oo wt 

PNM ‘nena mT on vas so Nd sy sows? mons yo Soya 

ns mh sont ySy pot na sep sea a pos my fe t5r 
nk * ow pox ok papa’ no Nt man ydy poset ps 

Syppy *yay ‘nisdma 3 ay we Pda $e spn yor: ay ays 

1 Exod. xvii. 16. 

f. 149 

f. 149° 

637 :WbIT OY my 

Amyna :nson pew oy sp wsn ay pom pqs wen ¢ oon 
sm 55 snobs moy pre mds xd pri saps nym ¢ oyn 
1 Sy smsih mpytin ¢ a! nwo smsae wa we oF 
xdy snony mby xdy spay panp xd smowm jpowon anon sp 
gmona nda sy * ndop ima xdy past mad adi op moipp 
moby yen sy nwo edo rma maton * Sieh sper andy 
sap AN Snty smapp maw * xds orn po md saan 

:msbb ona’ 
gym nk qnb's po a sem poo mx* won pa 
POM PIR DS PAO Town siynds ont + nnows’ pray 
sassy Syn + San Sy som sieds goon py + mah “nen tN 
Spya * yoy jx poo mx sieSy pabria * apwm may on 



esx sa Soya sip to pos) bop swe sieyem ow 
vX yw mom sivon amen wp ses Soya. si op my 
fas ndoya io pind qa pm apn d ‘nae pn 1 

sioxpnd ndpsaom yw a3) ty Ae 

Sy pp’ symm mab ° yn nosy to snus ssans: Syne qndna 

SYOPNN MD Sher’ Os 72 ww wn va. smd S59’ + wn 55 
modo * va sin oo yo) saysy mpaAdy’ + sn mbm jo 
nby Sy sandman jo smows poses’ * mpyn 55 Sher nude 
sna Sina’ nin po payp orn nin + $$$ nin sna :andwn 
sovon * spy miata’; adder ayn + ‘més ony Jiona : nod nin 
by sip swear | addy axa cos ¢ pi wep po stand 
mnt qoy> nbo snot ta ny np o> ‘naps we enon vk 

:mNdm ye py xed gow ansy :nydpnd’ po 

pypn snmayim yn boy sts Swe sy smotyn qrip so 1b ndoin 

Msbb ¢naa4 mp * AT AIM yD YD syinn ody jor ¢ TaNN 
sin matt 55 nso) ton ops “ayy smaqp poan Ssi* Jaws 
swea smanw om inos' mo$p mn» Sap: nana mony ‘on m3 
sex wo pean aba? mow saws spay smaph ash noyy 0b 
sytth sma xdy mst aby inet wy syay aaa Ses + yor 
snap maby ina * Sy awed sos ior pyae ow swy * own 

2 Margin ball. 


syBIT OY md 636 

syd yn ym? tn py me stews ody dy + np sow pe 
yD DPS yaaa owe pr pinnan’ Sey 9 Sma any mnt 
my pinay’ ona yap nos ow pinyd’ sw + poo MpE tD 
pied) sd poe oat ay Saxoy sare pane 7° Sey ney San 
AOD fy). ANMDA * Msp Ms se sanary FINA AAD jnby 
yas mon snp a5 43° pp mad py sma marady + nda 
miss os Na) Ay yy pp Tow yx py fly po yo * ony 
yr ony poasy Sse “pon miss oR AVE py wR * Dy 
mp} sqyoy mapa my ox 9D poy) my * ons 

sinnD pax md * pypyy 

> sop omnpd * ov 55 bo sone oY wwe? Nop an ot 

sow oS * ow symm nD son’ 55 mot’ Bo 1d xp 
soepypn an xd) * pene’ px no sD Dw ¢ NIP TD mds 1D 
myn * ono ad ova son. py IN 8 on ps oppo: Ny 
YD * OED DY yD PONY PX dO’ yp “Da yD sO IND 
mavn ns mow yawns | son aD * ops das DNS 

‘FAI DY *YN Dy 3; De YDND D'wnn * yIns) MND why : DYDD’ 

by oy any so ON Svna* o'Mn oY avn» son yn by 
yndp ya soya mw Sonnos gin > so yp px md * awn 
somaw indo tmaw dx maw sone xo nd ¢ mow dy 

solely “WIND seleiy 1TDN 

bm san preva xd! Sab 3 Sib mndys ym + mons Sapa xb ps) 

yop py o5 a2 525 mas Syst b> Sy $5) + dyin Sea; Syn 
more mss wp bon sSyp ndya ym Sar * vden tb dors dnp 
* gata penn’ xd 3 Sins Say ym yt $25 abn vs dint ins 
san xdy :Sya3 weds ane dy ym pip edo sayy prod dy 
sSuy “oa wim oy * oy ove eds s Sees nndyS sy + mw eds 
Soh: Syond woh? + ops: po Syaa : Suan’ ody « nbya’ maa xdy 
2 ¥en rmx dy nia pony xd dio andy io em sy owdy 
s Sue 505 coy > pry 55 pap : bya wawady + adsd spn aya 

moan o:npAnhb nin’ Ssnw nodoo snsdpen sna * mynd! wt 

OM FADO ANWD no Wino Wi Ase pwr ¢ nyayd 

* L18 Apon. 

f. 147° 

f. 148 

f. 148” 

635 :527 OY My 

sppp awn siya ows? oda apn side ‘omp * mop 
pyae sino Nd pawns any wine NT: nna paNaT’ * paw 

ODT yD Nh wy jor abs pts pay opr + pn 

ww 1 IYNI TWD oD + Nb pax wonm srydt AS ae pon 

Jum syows we udp + poo spy sawn siya penn * pdoy 
ONDE) WY OY wy pO Mwy riN2 TmED we jp? Spry py 

pinoy posed * oy ana sayin awed swy ony why 

£.146> Dy snap mmd> + paqp wapo sispo wip So ° ADNMY “yp? MDB 
yowd> sanaw in sy toys say ards sineny yop * Monn ndby 
SOU Ton sow par ¢2 am" pOIp) ny S93 

9298 DN IM Myon an yaw styaw 5° wopne + nawa 5b3 
2p aw paw pow minaw 32m vyiayw > * mysy an yi 
my : yo’ aby tp ¢ py yaw sna :yaane pdy 1° Sysnn w p35 
yawn :49db pop yaw san maps yo yanan niyo * od 7a ms 
mam aod sna mpt pdawr sy pow pawn * ayaa ow 
“D:D yD (DT * WIN DD yaw s sayy on py * yoyo 
om sand nam by * yndd om paw esdy’ panda’ * spn 
:§xd sp nd son)? naw wert 

SD WIP YIN’ AQ Any win wo sown 55 pes? win mr > I 
yas nay’ + iy pd owt sowone xb pnw ¢ 1 mesma md 
f.147 DIND* pp nin ody sway oprd + tp on or p> | sD 
tend * fas nw pated : ower Soa ¢ yas any poo : Dw2IND 
yas ¢any “yw sows ond * nym emmy 3: oad 
+ apy “manta Say sown xd mndyd + pam pp om snp : oeinni 
mop) mI sow ysis yp oy S-wsm sowyNb pris yD 
nun oven sD va yoo jo * Seq mp ¢ was mey) nD 
“YON po wD PION OD * moDT NpNd sowspon yon * anh 
mwa spwpsion Sx bane ‘on sow: psna4* oo 3 
sown 55 oy’ * odin be 

“YON P4YIPA yIA * MDD PX ND siyow Mop ¢ oyDSM) Diy? 
yyy soytay Soy 1b wes TI MD paepN po ¢ ODN p13 
sanpbo sins bse tne * Smid any mbar sansa Sor + oe id may 
sy mint * st py mas sant See oy ao voN) 

1 ?read nwa, 7 Margin past. 3 Margin urels. * Margin 35>. 


NIT oY mdy 634 

‘myoos) DNND MD py AnD Ndy* mayna Nba dy patypa 
‘DIN TIN MEDD rANpS Towns | nwy Mmyp pT stp mw 
myo wow rym xd ma sion * nwyn xd nivoy satnaa xi’ 
m> ‘om rat pp wiwna ‘mown yawn by spay neon’ pew 
py 55 singh wednd any sax 55 1 ;amindna’ sypo * px 
sapoint ods * mpm pn nwy smnay odes ¢ ary “yaw 
san p> in sy tawyn xd na cpon ston niv * avn op Shy 
1 ‘AMP wR APowN sown pwd * aby ony ay 

sma nbs 

sod; ops tiny aon 55 ond 75 ny o> * pine apy 72 

soma 55 Sy oin * moa qm Sym son 55 pot * mtn’ pda 
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a non :ondsn nnby * ox Pon pa : DM) DIY ya‘ ADD ID 
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“wy one pinay ods a’ wSwm s1nd2 ov minwd Anna 

f, 145° 

f. 146 

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f144 $70 OMIT AT Nl sae sane yar? Samy ano | saan 
mow yo * mwow maw jaw) smo oma * minx bx mopbo 
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vom syona’ sy win do odann nay siden win Sx * pro 
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spanty’ onde nyt dy nm yoaw |: for Seem tenn ona 
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toby sy cay so mi > oman NDP p NDA’ Pon ¢ yh 
om omeytmey sma wa non ew Tod s°NIPY) OTA 
WNT DED! won Noa a oa wy AN min 

1 Not in L17. 

f, 143 

f. 143° 

631 :y57 DY my 

myn ty mara? yous mmS nwo S$emy sows oy ndwss 
mum :omnd mn sos ow enw oa mse nde dys oud 
puxa ;O%D0 ‘An poxn py nx ‘nam * Joo ap paned sve 
yond oANAD APD NPY: A pINT By b> ¢ npn 
My sD ID Na ody yay sod pw mwyd Soy xd 
‘tay ma) aye ana :o2» Sop skp sa ¢ any 2 Ar ona 

sows oyd ma md) 

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my smvay Soa wd way * ads say sy an say esp 
ayo xd) pyyo0’ mip mon smpoy md “aninder * ods mS on 
by ooun by sath oy S53 paw * aoyn snap ‘ny smtp 
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£142 Spoot smmay adit nds mdz Sy | sacy san pina mnpdnn 
‘pya pay 55 amd) seen ood’ oyna * ind mn xd 52 
smmyha xd wat! * ‘naaNn NID VAD AMP wK TIbn Swya 
‘ DYBN NNDN APIS TON) sm! AID pond? 7 aM Nd thy 
nose siipme xd oy snap wnwS’ ae staan psiyn mm 
we ym me wasted syste po nvdy + xdex qin ona 
we mar omiswws °c mn Sew 92 $95) syst xd mds 
mba ‘nwy ndan xn Syp sata ar oypom* py oy pap 
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a5 no. spyipyn my Sy * nyy ‘nm ap no so nsan hb 
sONEDA nd ‘ow PS IWR MD PRD sD oy Sy mp 
ay) * Syta aypa’ sy ON ON Mpyy * yn Py px 
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psa noma soy myo dy * mows’ nopn wax) ; oA 

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Nia. JD PNA Ar Ms yoo savoNs ond AyD sox sane pd 
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sma * janx moor xdse pdon'© any my ¢ on yaad det 
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so7 wiped aw pe sax ona yds ana say xd npn ps 
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myned 95 sponn sand oy + nbs ye san poyn nde 
pdwxy insapd ‘nay yn yo “ee po NY NIT TNS pas 
sox pyn ny mde xd spe tat 1d ‘meni pea’ npn avon 
soo ym oy oon by ee me ap qoo oth’ pony bs 
nnd nwo x mow :o5 oy ndwiad + yow xd ayn wd td 

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ssninss xd py yon ppd * ‘pro mpn b> dyy |: aay ovINT 
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yop * “ANY Sy OD Mp syDA wT In sam a AD pydy 
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‘mo pnt’ ane soy “ayn wxsb psa sopn’ ov 1b oom ¢ fob 
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mined was ned! abs spe sana ny an np nab pony 
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‘mye Sy pss oy) sp sin Som * omen ot nya’ 
m> wm sa py 55 Sy dy sg oan mayo xdse okt ap oot 
9 Se5 wm per somndy om ome md Si aby sD rents 
pws :ppran ida nse aad way’ | sown Akt oy 9 mwyd 
9997 AIT NAY DAD nde : ow *d ww xdy nae onby oy 



f. 140° 

{, I4t 

f. 141° 

629 iT oY my 

rans) cyonn Sy “pay ya met inex ne omy sinnds 
wnwyien * pdms JIT A swt’ Aon wy? DD pay aw 

f.139° nday nx inom | 305 Sy mBY mpmi anvoN wpm 39912 mA 
nioy= para 99d Anis oot yn a keys styd wand yah ° ‘aa 

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957 ap da pias one ds nr ny. :y9095 aw + 1952’ awn 

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send aw iy sinwen noo 55 moe * sh poy jam pion /o3 

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sannn nin mp odyn oo) 39a Awe pond * oy Sota ND 
Sew iow) * ovo yay ny s8dn wns pay * Apw oy ys 
MMR MN! pw) AN AWS aA AD ay ny 1 29S xn 
moss ayta 225 $y pine nw oso Shey inne oyn spy 
msn’ > yoy mbw* ovmayn nds min seo ay sox na ¢ 95 
so AyD yep xy fon 4a poy imp ¢ ndwo’ yo ox 
mo xdy omy pay nm asso pox yo sw yon op ads 
f.140 *M>5a0’ dy pony |: *ad19 an DYy * IAN aw ‘Ay s°sohn 
my xd savy eas poo bn * pms pays radd Sb andy 
S27 47) PIED DIA NY 29a! pO NY Nd yy? mn MN 
‘DI APM pO sya ony xox ' noon np na sy op 
opr s owen by ansyh abn soy sada’ say pony 
3Yipn owen 

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mm seen ws op ‘ndyn xd am ays yon saws gow 
Maa wns AYA oY myyea :2wI9 “nN syn + nwo by 
Sanu) an ma: 'p4 p> ‘nae onde» apn a +> sD 
yax ned oye mbab nohy pons syn po wy Se pam 
‘oad wit sepa ins ad aynp by awan ws mM op oy200 
poem na’? peas ayer ap bm pained coe nw ws ms 
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md Son sean peasd ao» ins amp we ops pyann pos 

1L18 bw. 


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man and od oyn mow new sneer’ wb ayn 7 mend 
sox moon no we nsnba’ + may qedo wos “am one 
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sp mx yn pads nddp > + ape” wy 55 > sydny 55 
sudo soe ‘aaa ov sy in moby Se sydown par’ poe mab 
wero Sean men ar sedan 82 ON SND * AoDAD AI 
pnd: bby paiyio Noha ee PNON DPN ny pydskn eb 
spmias snd vo ton nda Syn qbyo Sen + bh’ shpn bx 
‘omay qo 29555 ode ar my oy ne ome ey dye poo 55 a4 
reSvia onde * pvyn top Se ap pose ona * ods 
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syd omar ant bd nw mr sxsp oan ‘nb rdw’ mp op 
mb vow syn why tnd pom + Sew ‘nos 95 | ach 
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sya adver ppa’ ar ap sex ent ww aby 09S sabes 
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nysyy’ awn sna apd yp xa ny saw py doe qd 
pAminad my wast by yoase ndwn aos mbw soxr snopyd 

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1L18 mx. 2 Marg. skill. * 118 oa. #118 ph. 

5 L18 yp, 

f. 139 

f, 137° 

f, 138 

627 :y5I7 OY my 

:mwnN Dvn por! pd INT WT Aw AIT AID ID ONIN 3 

mown aa5 arin Sy sawpr ma ad sain ybia S55 pn 
mona sy snwys mycin po wy mwyd nyse Sb eh salen a4 

any ssw pod anys anaes an ar steam xd aye pee moe 

ym oye S53 nyd aps ps sent Senw on spa” pvp 
yan Seo | awe Sam) onm oa tan ow stent abby 
PY WAN ay AN ayn ns AD wha yen pak pare 
n> pawn) OD) OMY Iw PD sAwy AD RYN MND 
weeds ody 1 TON sav yn ata ae pwSn ado swe 
ns “naan swe wpa dy ans isSm indy sews” we ay 
yas may pmwprd sash yn? Sx toe pnw am ¢ yon 

rwwr’ wan by avn + pip 

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mown mara orm ona Ryn ons mpwnd samy. ayawn 
wn 3 ND ° “DIS NS BN smowwIN Awd OP * Dy 
ax yor * fn wes daa” saad inde min ap Seip by 
we voy smo) a3) ap ¢ van Sy wxvp xo pmo wwaK 
Hori mcg AN AY ANN may syrt my odyi + oon psy 
Swain rnate nb xb py nioy'© abi + nis-/nnio xb ayya 
sma “ad wht xd) wn 552 pra ip syabn “mon wow * poy 
hoya tp Syn son obva indy sina ods mo wos 
pynn | syn ym nse pom sd ado doy emp ndyd whan 
:mosopn md> mx vany aie mow : yo 82 Sx sos oy tp 
oo sys nay’ > psp oso ond ww * wn pnany ads ons 


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‘any AN InN syANN po 455 nim * Syn azn ar sad 
xo op ste ad ys td pb soma son nda dyy 
pop mxsiy ‘Son sy 7S sop wea sie oN wD ne 95 
inv Ss xan? toy “ond shy pw xd post’ + nan yoy 
man nsw poy yo md sexy) mows wwe son 
rena anes pp aay aren Sy pomp psoas onde * ody 
feymopunninh own yx ned 7b nbs aby sox > pon 
wy pep qnsqad enna pea’: mopar td ap day + spam 


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‘HDT OY mbdy 626 

Sos sy satya ib adm * naw ns cpa mm pista Sky 
sy 29 yyym * pd ow op won son ‘noyy 9 91d Sst 
Swe wT yn ns. fy sady avo ory + spy gow wep 
swans wdrip* ges’ sey mow push’ onder aa’ mn a on 
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65 an web pit sia i baw opr’ apy an J: wih 
IM Mar DIpyd nnp yo? non pra yt swans ‘ma nt 
mot? pney ya apd won pindy om pay 13 ¢ meena 72r 

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sata ods ¢ mwa por jot pins op xdy + pyp xd mem mbit £. 136° 
Siew AND ny neyda maw pandas in*pyay* ep TWN Ns 
Sx oni * doy xo op op ytee enn nya ¢ poyd qxdo nby 
sonny wy now sinpy oat xd op pon pp nk pan 
ssn nds mpd sow estat we yt dy sonra’ sad Sy xo 
AS son? poy nA SAM pws) wea ¢ OP yds MAN 
39 yo mm sixdesa’ any why nape TA ny penn aw 3 
mp sisew jo voy oy noho nox simwy pn “nyt + yen 
yaa mim sins ods mS + and “an or pana “nd nde pass 
simdxa ovona by + pmeanm app ds absn wk wD ¢ pd’ 
vom awdy inyeym na pxds wma 229 * “ap wNn pen 
pyar|yy sty mds) by 

ynon owt nwe Aaa soyetn yowd: Se pot adn Sym 
monym : osow nbdnh nya’ “oa ndvh weed mpm: o'nony 
ron pon ms Al own sow ydy nant} meth ond | 
mow yd 2O°N2 MAN mower * Sener yds mm | som AD. £137 
sow? nanndy + imw nena’ win : way pd any > ayad 
nosy yon wat inp soya’ Soa msn: anna’ na ppyp 
roxy’ ol Amy en Sy pnd mynp na tint soya 
*mnnam) mnpm : onary” ndbwn) * aya pina aynn nx xm 
my sy oper poy mom ¢ os yo mm sop opm 
faaby imshe ¢ nyse na oydy Sonn) soy mm ns sy 
yon adm yp ph sono 7p py dy mp 1d apm s owen 
Saas Sy soy 13 oN II mda NDINND FNS pI YD 

625 :MbIN OY mdz 

£135 Oyo pry’? way adn nar porn | mdSk) op ow ¢ mp “Avy 
says po tnd mS pixvoo na po oedann om ons inpstd 
maa ams) sinwy mp boa ¢ tye py aby sandxd wna ps 
mony pt sind po Says nn aw mr sieaa mpi wb 
simsa yon Sy away eys par aw pa Says nays nds + xv 

nov pa xm mor ona xen sandSkh/ wy ° pss pm Soap 

pyd 95 ampd sampd aond Syne + pap oa ona wn fyb 
sixwa nda by + wp 

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MIWOND nN om Aw TAs Ib adiyn op iar + onde mn SS 
mo. * evox p‘owa np: aonoe ‘oma * yd) Sh nby s awy 
my +3 pa omem apd Son > sy * pn a oo: ION pKa 
* Dopp yd os wen may yor yo INI say pnawnas wd + op 
sory > nwyse ¢ a adds so ssowd atayd oon ‘oun 
£135 92 ooNM * Ad nin Ain | sam A pt NPY JoM MID 
pon Sy + onde may nix ¢ nan nn ¢ monty ma paoyy : qainox 
nytn pio saws poids qwan + Sskn Sox pn py Soo soe 
ny xdy pow xbv+ nisin po toy sopyinn Ssien ade yy oy 
anny? Pp po pahy sas yoy swam + Sst wren ada’ 
sons my 

was dy baer Sb pop yo sons Sas pa one DINTT 
spabn yoy apy sany sam sib sby!* nas mmd mow aor sts 
nyp siabb sn osat sy dy xan hs “mppy * wes i wed 
¢ TENN imi) Dy) tM anyay a7 spay ® wy mors San py pp 
sim snes ne ty yt son dad ony ¢ mm ow nowy’ 
Ponds sd nwo ny spon ow spy § dys. mot” s bin 
eambySw oa yo spp tod pas nyman ta yea 2 Tah oA yo 
moa ston© oven xa * aypad aby ar wnsd sabne pon 59 
ssn ad an? Sayan SranA sas owe dy asindd © yn 
£136 and} * pM TN or Sy s75p wmsta opr * ima ovONI py» 
svoay y2 oan ny * pdwyd pta om py ad : spp ns 

pido wa sy t anvtad’ qoay. 3135 nd spe + moons ody sop) 

29238 mon jl oon pox ax simdyd wor + ows onan 

‘yo 3 Ag7p) pny’ > sn07 yon oy? nan Sya onan 



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soya xdya Vonmdin ppna 
triton nana ‘ proypr Dryer 

yen’ ‘noy’” py nid) eya5 xin mn 
:oyn yo dy pby ‘yaa awy mo by 
soedya ovo yrprby rye YI NIP 
non 359 D3 ‘Dn own pa 8d 
soxapy’ ay xd brn 1b yb Sent 
ppp “aman dy xd) bab md nit 
“S999 Ty PS +yddo per 5293 
son py xd ray cna So wD 
yon ondsn an ab ‘aman ma 
Nyy tea styd + in’ ‘own °S im 
sS"pDI mn yw *mavn ny d> ‘iNd 
s*pl 9 nD ‘nwy ‘pwn Arann 

pm * Sibip ark Nw) sinboma Down net onds ana mes 

hyypsh omw 55 suming’ ss ¢ aywN DD Dw ‘Dom sanytdon 
diy sama Sy pao 55° pass pos | simsayy yp Soy 
yaw yn Syo wx ey pin by aa a * peep 
aay 555) samavaba’ ab * ama mow 523 sim ny paws 
sim YT awh isn  ovpy wp Sy ganna op ra Saw 
‘mOwP jawna DDD os inony oe? ord) ovyindy minind 
nimbwnns owns oxdun oson en pin™aa pep oD 
rimso “ew? ‘manda Sip ayy saniawn!© pa +n so pathy 
yw? moyy man Ah pants pen ° apywd poawn sy 
may yo sin 1d’ + paoisn Ayaw pap vd sone pNnA 
xd ypwnm pd pop px 1D sinonye aso yn mwas? mnipnn 

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addy mevaind’ soy 70 39 non 557° minonn ms yoyNa 
7D pyr simiod’ syd py sey sw mm saad’ DIN Ip 

f. 34> 

623 NIT OY mds 

1S mds tare amd vSpyy spy’ oar oda + myst aya fabn yp 
wea Sy mp oS) psypey oy py * mph yo °> ap rad So» 
bap sea xd qe Sonpn + ydy onynda’ odin sete ony 
by somby mawon vam mow wp pad ssp om ay + “and 
ya ep t mbany yw ssp ww pinn jo ¢ b> mena 
pp2 ov * snp invdands ssa xb’ pyia * nobyd see ne syn 
yonos* fy poo mae epon mpd) npywn wen jp sano 
DY Dor Ef “oon we ¢ Sew onsy oy’ 3 *pDoD 
nowm pay nds by now? pyar poo Df pep) ina 
na coo eds) mone pd moon sd seeds maand + yn’ 
£133? s35aD)* mm NDT NP YDYY IN POW" po * MpIN pO wat | ¢ DI 
sno spn 3'p by wot moa’ Sy mp xdy yaw of po by 
nb ssabxp px ‘a san ay mn ima’ pawd weny xby san 
mn ¢ pbbpar py 30 fp Oyst Anann ‘dys * pein TDD yD 
ONIN DPI OY Ey sy yea’ swe poy ppdsni at 
ayn mina pS 

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igs UI Fak Jeol! st By3 Uerkany poles Htall Bre) 
ipém Jed 2 el eM dew lie Cad Laey yomey cyl 
SUS ali oly Jes al stan ppcll SOM sell peal! sol 

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f. 134 smyo mim ow2 3 
pris Sy ty Sy sya be onde? 
seams by es pyyn ow 7 
sna ap bp ‘pp 1-ow On 
pmiom ndss oxyde wear pdt 
pop my maa mot Sy xd ompin 

1 Not in L.17. 

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nn yw AMIN? Ap opr Nd mA sno. yIN wpaIN PD 
‘POP DPN ID OY ym Ow Yn Ponsa tn sp os snan 

———=— rel —_ 


:NI7 OY mds 578 

smdis) miny owas! 

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wae Sod of) Gall obleeI sist ye oll! ant, ll 
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‘Soy yo no ndos wen dn qoay sawp Sx yen Sey + Sy oman 
son M2 Amst :xwin ny Say xdon pm amos jn ene 

PywEr py awa’ oradyd 
* Not in L 16, 17. 

f. 89 

577 ‘BIT OY ndy 

xO noon poy ath nsw) 'nonn aa sown * ndonny anww 
mt man da po nis :enmay wards * my ona ny 
xy oman xd ony Sx ¢ yp myo jo uN po sony myn 
b> yr sn ys po mm enya Aycis Oy + owas m dow 
Sy3 ony md) pmyt pyp pyoy * ama oS mS ar oy soma 
ry Sy semanoa 55 x39” + yen miyyo pondap ade + oat 
sine van jor oa ovo pnt Sap pn jo + Sew oe 
moons md) ww says pm Sapn ppt: sy wer 
ON PI sonywyp pons toa yD Sy ads enw 
Sean ome mpgs wi Syed ady oy sion oma 11 
£88 me wer Asa °> AwaNT Nim | stmimsdy > Sy + DATIaN 
pin) vax jo osnmay yyy po S5aa * pon 15 mom: nd> 
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boy pemins many nvr oy’ sn on 9 sno sonvnd [nJonn 
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myo pnonn sy pos + mxpan yyde ax sondywd syn xd py 
rnp qnywd + poy: qa ony jo 

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yam) * wpm py bs pon snosn aw $95) + on sd insnan 
ynyanosmnriny ya * Fininbsy appn :ronsy [Ay}ya yo 
2ASs wd nnamy * Jot yn srpsm pep 595 + wen 
mys mos Ssaw moon : nay “and p a * ove A Anainn 
Sx oown pny Js PIMA * Jaw yo pw AN DIN ¢myan Ad 
rmasansy naa ows Sy wade menan ad opn + qo 
mS ¢ mw AND AD ON EnpSnN yop yas + nt Sy wopn 
f.gsb wn ‘Syn | non aw 55 ‘yen: Paynda nnn :nionyy apy 
xopn pny. pay mye qneand nnan :nan oop son ° pypn 

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2L17 on. 

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mp 33D IMD? OID op ssw WON + ONOYN JD 
pops wn nsdn s2aswny mown? xiv ar Sey ay 
b55 sawn * Sound aw sin stds sp ap yo * npr nya abt 
‘pray’ mops bt ya? dnp any) oon mBD oy 2 y 
ton mp pspr ay ayo * Sanwa monn 55 pnw mn andy 
:oy2 55pm) + inp ae my semen mr an mp ¢ Ap AD 
Soy * mnwony poyonn yo sn aD $5 nay * nam DONA 
syenp mm oy 52) + 395 am Anowa | :2oTID NaN Dy jan 
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ssvomy ayy 55 dea ¢ moar See ppm Sey scixpmee nda Syn + qad 
modys + pmax mye sny xd sme Sy) ° iat Sy myw 55% 
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sen dx gad yy Se see spbd yan? qrow ap Fixsim 
modmy ssyaw $55 yas * Ams pon Joe 15 say 55 shy ip 
mm) soo mS pepMm? porn an AM® saver anna yt nddn 
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‘say Senw qa sap werd yoy timo 75 avon spon xd 
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yay yo 75 od: asenen mawp samen mdyn nar Sy + adam 
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ap3 mA SP sD pa Nd Or! DD woes scyny 1 PDD 1D 
spot mm Anand awa ° intsd mim joy ; ie’59’ mond aw * ast 

f, 87 

f. 87” 

575 syn oy mdz 

ve S95 * nyaw amy pia pay dene pyd ¢ mone nownn nnd 
Soman Ox say OM pay Na + AWN wT a pe 
‘ys mis 33 pw spay d+ yap main a snp spn den 
simp xd Sew nyd + oy mywn wat ste ms ay Se 
spn’ DYp"T anna aw NA paseyy yo Jy d+ mawna Mphy. 
synnay mdanm * mbyny sapoa port a2 * wer 125 py 
*)Bon oy pm sean oyynet ov ar ds + ow 5p oy 55 
“ony mwa nny oy pywe Soot moe oN yD NT 107 
£36 ndbya xb md ov san ser bon + ompo won ayn | sy DAD 
yaon 131 ane xdy So ya med oy sans op ov xd ¢ yt 
ms 9anos voy Ox DY 21D) NIDA ¢ MAWNA Wyn jos waI 
Mm say ND ¢ MIN yO OM) 12 OY syn poMwMD 
mbanny * on Jax nds ep stp wow jm Apa wow 
dy axn op piyoxy Sap: ominyy axn sp sp smby 
spond oemexonds *yyayd Findor sd Jam opm ¢ oy 

sony “aid wd + py ys mys po san wer + Sees ae qos 
yoy “apne * qoxtya ony sym ya Sap © omm poya md) 
12 * ymdo Sp svi spo mimdpdy + py 595 newas : Bs 
+m) MINONT sD YD Awe? va po annd st eI ypn 
py > sdwya JN nypa * myna ans noo scnb xd °S an 
syoan maw ¢ ody spy svt da. ody npn * sin pba 
ssyon xd yaapnr? joxsa wr sony poy Abani’ pasn 12 75 ap 
Soy ayn sy ¢ mda mw 55 sox ID MD a4y oy aye 
oo AMM meyn soy2a pay * Anan ‘AY AN yn Jody 
saapo breny sana mem * mayin b> ayn) ssw m2Iwh 
£.86> SSIITIOD In? yan mis ya | sop Joo Sy vdae + Jay 
goes Sy otpn ma smo xd brn pax * qmaap jo pp 
MW SN WD TIN yy wp PT INA soo AN ah AO 
pis st pr apr wx DID mT sw yo dn © DYN AT 
im Fseydy + wpd Sm sary $55 sym + qand mmos 
wm aman md) ssyym yn xd Foam + dy 52d mae saw 
PRI NTN MD Ny ws N  mbse ova + eds onow 
wipn pa Sia ssnon ‘dan pen? pwpn ‘dan ow saw “1D 
stnmpn pay gown pare ban par. 

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mp ony oy fDNDyM 3D * IN OETA soOmp>S wp pr 
PDN yen pa’ + wy poy ow :ONyID DMD JO ° DYN 
MNp wy yo? ora mdi spyow any 59° wD astw wd) 
* yownm nxn ary spy wo? aw Sx wos spa 
su0d soy yan sy arden be nd aps sony wp px) 
%% ndsnsr * nbanyd nwo wir soon wan ondady > wnpp 
yoad) * nya mows rpsxyomn 55 ¢ anya reps soxdaon 

sown in py’? ayo me poy ma ody |: oysy 

yor * pyonn ‘ad pan sow yp sw by © anes’ Sn aD 

* win Jind wonwe : DIT 353 137 * Dyn Tyynn oa sp ADA 
DD'S) : OSHA ny * mA DN OX nya somano mbps 
soyano myoe Ox * seman on so™wenm odmom * opm 
soy. Naa Ine mA nds my soo Opyy * oD OMY 
mavn jo * men px xd soxe nny aby * nwo Aan ma 
sy eon mown Seow add mysaey oy oan spy 
mwON Mab * AyoM ANT OY son’ DAN MMd * MD fo Sap 
"yn jo Don NN) son nya ¢ mpdy pa ne so|D 
by soem se mee? os Sy men 95 spepe” xdy aw xd 
WAwII | JIN PII Own Menon 3 ¢ Poy np 34 
saan See pow soyy pnd Sony + pnd ent boo romp 

sovnpyy won doa * nbyd [aso tndsd ma so mbip2 
swap wana smn pt vdaa sw S$ppm * ops dann AS 
yIas yO * nonye 13 nd swans win 55 mm * pyyne) espe 
1 Sy swws wp po * Ayn por pnaw | swow 1d ops 
‘DY OMI YIAND HWM OWA yIIW Fo py pd oow 
‘opp min aby sway omprd * cot wn on yp sw ands 
SWANN AyIIN * mw ar mT pwd wer 55 + Ayo Dany 
ayrae 7 * Saw mann Son swim xd odyd + gam pp om vp 
mwhy no 13) DMD yIW }O* Tayhn 7 OMApM | wyne 
mand sw) pret 7° IM IM Pana. wn OA Dw 
myaads sane pt wn Sy so a swad ape sm? wn awn 
may noxdo 55 * wip NIpo Ayn pr pnaw swan xd 

swyn xb 
‘ L18 my. : 


f. 85 

f, 85> 

573 yD OY maby 

maar jo opisqya pe Ap * pad my awn sit yo aw 
minow2 $x” odaxn* popps Sxnw s19939 pat * osyoA 

f.84 oy ds * pyp pawn yo D'ytIND | s1swn yD OMA) * OAT 
sen xd ip emon Sy no wos yn wown pox sronn 
‘ayn wy ca xd oy sdin xd we wawm + Sewn ina 
‘SYNDN AT IMS ION IN) spor? pwepmr + Swan She :19ba yp nis 

pow wp sisopy 1a py %) * sat ony baby sash ay on 
mor * mbyn nan by syne pmawnn 75 sy ° nt by dap 

nd sney stoxsp yo naw pats ayn sy doa isp» wy 
£1993 Jaw2* yoy naw Soa ss NpwM * man 

onds mor * paw pv im sper Snes Sy + monn nya. wea 
asap xb abwhy sade voy sum sano pot pom sanin 9 
xdy vim’ xd ona mo ppsy soy paw jo mpR ya 
swat} opiyasinoon sadnn xd oar + yay wy : Awan’ 
porpns a pan don by ymomy* pee PMN wRIN yADP On 
DD new * oy jx DIN Ty 1D sAONNN mde meer odin 
pm aN nd pA pan moos jars mann m2 nwy ya Aon ND 
yor wep pp)? pnyia’ spans 33 :Abn xd wo somdy © indsy 
min SesueS ya pany eds a * orpon bs spy xa 1a sup 
Syn mrp Sa mwp mayo wy 12 sAYp mn ast Sy) + jpsw 
*mopn paap Soxhaa sabe Ads maa * oop wey 12: YPN 
opsian Sy ¢waway* myp dSsien pv new 12 sAe IoD ANT 
£.84> ay mp rAd p> oa * mwo mon yo ynnn ar 55 | sApwn 
myn xd) t pady snmp sox say xdy aon xd * penpp 7D 

sma DDD 

says soynonn ard «snp inves pyow pd yo * pymiom O32 
you 1 Sy * aos ha yop INST :DayA mba ¢ po Abe 
‘RID OD ONIN SDN DY DwONI * Mysy yawa ;pyoIN 
mya) sory wo ndwars See wawd soyapo yon nin 
ronawe’ Sew wy aw may ow sp yan mibypa * py 231 
pp minwd) ans xan oy :pyyD) pwn) * Ww IN nypa 
omy awy ow miey Do NyD ow vn? ov mwoar ; oda 
‘ pyonn oyawa :DyDD nym * paw awy ow Dyn 
* ton 1H yD Ow wy mrs be wT soyt oprds 

P5207 CY mds 572 

emmy vns Sy daw sAostip yea oinn * andya say mp str 
bad pw ue | spans dpe * way $5 wom smwd wo pnw 
meswn * wixn ads Sia 1b med saan Spy 1d mpwn xds + an 
"oy po pw sme psbA + own onnm snp 
minonm) sap psn * oN ND maw sAnya py wn 
2 tnxd md) * Sy ar spn > sma So od + es 
mast noy smoot 1d pIpAs nD? an me Sonps ANT s AND 
miapy ww * pon wo 95 npr sax Sx ane sy * DoD 7 
sanwa orn say pat dy + poo be yd) snap pa qd 
smm oxds yin xdop amo ei op smmxwn xd annds 
aby xm obs we raw an pmo qind Sands xn 32 pos 
rnp ° ymanxp pwn * ada yma powe mio sew 525 
oman yo mn aon sy snwn prayer? wt pont nid 
smox sp Sy nips ¢ Sy ewan qoyad) snompn sons nwa 

sx ndp sper Samet * mdpnn bya mbana 

bwyp ans‘ mnyns anyon sSxnw indma San + spy wy mar pdm» 

wows 35> 1 py 55 eyd ings innsn awn we eddy xd 
Sean win * pas pion oy payee son ny ampm ° ana 
Syma 9a 1 | deem xnp ap 553° amp wp Do Wwe An 
255nn xd pan * pep oyna Sax ib mpyn mot ¢ ons 
moown * yin pep yawn 35m qin 75 ani: Sew Jaw 
‘yeh pyn qos Sows 9d prow yy mp: arm 
som :S5na yan mpory * pays poy aon dD Joes 
255m pvn qos san poy ind :Sban qb saan syn pn’ 
Spa wns oyyn ayn ar $8 ma orn 8p WD Spy nn 
xd smo > Sapr daa pons wmardy mp wd ndp : 595m 

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yino $x + wen ym spe stin $x say * jap min omnes Wd 

meyar + pea wd yan risen pw vd nyt by wenn siodws 

- yt nyt by s07 mawr sans wat ony Sn $ 13D). 

sw 5) sypon NO satay * pea ma jo S51 35S pm 

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pss nytay sro wrt aad 55) dyna nine yp pinda an 
1L17 Ny. . 

f. 83 

f, 83> 

591 :y5OT OY mdy 

xo naw 35 yo an aden ata maa * Seb Stas: nbwn 
:nby-Soa awe yn jo eds eyyy jor soxy rdy sat Soy 
xdy san ed pa soyynn yop 591° omar on by nbs ayy 
sex “wx fonn jose sn awp mio 1S 1 spdyd sy om 
Sonoxy soda mr oon dye oy anny ao xm sadyn ar mynd 
spxpn ‘Syaay* pap AN qwataiay sow xd may pons ¢ ina 
by nnn sia: Op) oS 12 pNeym * ant wD pPwRT pron xd 
BRI MAM | py pS won soya po pean ambamd * an 
meonnyy soxinod a 550 93 my ymnd or 2 nor xd 
emwos Seaw nae sody xd sat qn * dine pie b> Sy pip 
sandy wSy yapay pats IND | DIPS 93704 

yanz2 smoxys mds qa 7d pana smanen peta * Sew 95 mp? 
snxsvm ndmn oan ¢ pup osna smn ma * Bwpn 
‘snp ap pndsy say 1S awyn vy b> * anip Sy om op 
£.8a> yD Jo aM rman ny S93 ¢ poy qb omer | saw jar d52 
msi ead) 95+ psy pa qb sn smawa yo yon? San aa 
syon xdys yonna pom smn ainmin $5) ° amp wp Arn ja 
yap) * My DP KLINT AN pM maw * yoo uD Ty smOD 
* ain Aspn ny smaanpn xd mynn ¢ mayin 55 sin sany a2 
SIN) :mIIwo MX OX * Tay? Sy ‘oy Mn smn Kd sDD 
pwr smd mp po Sako * moa 9d snd ay * nwa 
aon * Sip 525 ANN Ox smn moby IT yO * NwE 
mS sasbyay xd yaa po oom? oe Say dt sna yon 
yn swe sw ede smaton odya ab md) * pwr po awn 
min ym sasnya wb yy dy * woyy ao yp xd sasha yn 
sya xd say Sob) 6 905 fia mwpr sap ADIN yo * ods Ha 
wm? sow my skos smrzoNd on add tho mby pam 
yap say mpbys « yewin an yn awn smawm op oy 
wm aman’ edi s yoy an ap yt md soy yee Soo. + mxonna 
m5) ° 993 Wwe? KYO smoNa9 dN ‘op © Myo oY NoN sw 
mx abn iaxd enon i soe ¢ mint ye mae smapip mrp 
wot smo ms poy ¢ pp py pn smo OY Dn ¢ IND 
snvom Sxown ¢ pv dy sdanm sry xd) poss ¢ mye ow 

1 117,18 pnw’. 

M57 OY mbdy 570 

myn Sonos) yoy mpp yon stn [wed ons on + own noe 
* awd xoap yaw mm ponds abs pp to amos rr simpw 
wands min’ saymon od mwym sme ads abs mo sddona ms 

| smanan $5 34 * sme mm 

5 wap nh * sansa ent ae $e so sow swnd obi srt f 81° 
wooney no mdy at yo sono pn wn ns wd my snep 
3p yD pH) pape yo yan pant ayt 55 wd nb sano na 
:apax) pa Sonpx pep DSTI Iw yw MDI AD * py 
boy * yd yon Jat > ssaym Assan yo ¢ nan no 7b sna 
x55 wy sawed ayo mtd sande yin pen ssoney noida 
sqow tad np smd > mys ome Sa paste nD AN ¢ ptyn 
yom * py pop es spy sow bx pots © pyn qo dow 
ppp pp day Sonn yan Sy * ot miyosa 234 sa. 1 
AY :4NNN Aw AND. * naw @mdap snar sty wid aw yw 
mov? mt Sey ar Sx men ssoans wa nears yoy sw nbs 
wp AN sawnwN No wan? oye we Ar sqwIwnN pun 
$5 by yet ya * Soi pep opt ssn sins. os pynn ° pp tn 
* pwps p> NNN) STN MD NID * MH IY NINN 2 4NN 
Ponyt 2d way sane mse 1b qo yt mad e992 52d Soar 
spop yo xd sawn saint dwn arabs spp" poy pip 
Sn pay own yop va soy dS) modya pao do + ipo 
% xdingy son abn yoy + nan py pod say mnsps 
qat gS + ons Se mbox) ssnany ops om * wena minon 
imm>wa ws) sana xd) np xb oo po wD yD sw p12 
snexi won doa + pby nde aon ar ssboN yy apn * andy 
sanpa ‘Saa* ydy min ody saaw S25 as wdy ndwn so 
san odwn wdy * mada qin Soa) 

mom* * adm mos) nat sony jo AwH NDT Sn WIND AW f. 82 
‘yon man xd py soar any* * xpyn 95 ya oven 
som pe Soy xd * not pow jo Set spn an ar oot jp 
by nwo + ambyan nbdst ayaa conn modem dy som ay abe 
1 OMA AD) fy) PINAY DYOwS * INT AN Own pas 
py won + ds app’ aw pips ins Sy pon b> ° meena 

* L117. 2 L17 nap. * L17 transposes these clauses. 

569 :27 oY mbdy 

ran pyr satyn xd yr po poy. ann spews yas sox 
PSNI WAT ITT TW Wy sANaye coy > ow oan oy 
25 ¢ ayy mp and pam smmpord ane mds + amwy mnpn pp 

P82 JIT MND manw * sox dd ca sy ow 

ynaad my dyer Sap smems snap omens + yown pe mann pn 
ny Soa¢ §xd son po mwy rman minon ¢ me py npar 
‘aypny ow 55 :ayawn own awa ida 292 Wwe rman 
bob) mama yp Soave an pdoaes :nadwo snwa ons 
‘3 sawn. ym sy pao dbo smaem ydand + awnn ans 
rman 55 on an + psn ovo to ora? apd an * mown 
‘2m pn oan 1) sayaox ooxdon yo + mda pny by 
yim. smawoo pypna * mn xd) gon xd smaoip mm anon 
namo? mam oot spn ao 5. sman mon ppna * ona pbn 
maw ooo ya * wax po ppny no by smawnny pasa 
wo xd * oon dy stays mS snaap pnon * ywnn wpm 
f.8r pnawnd | snare ya mxdom * wpm py xin ps rnawn 55 
sngawo xd) movin xd ston yop syapp pon da7 + param 
"ye pO waned syaw xdy ays yp aby nw dr Son dy 
‘mw own ono say 595 xb * myn ond md) snapa andy nor xd 
md) sand no o’own jor? pnp wy pany emznaony mdsnna 
* yp) yd NDT IIA Mane smapya Avena: ovds5 py ain 
smn Nov INN fo * Dn jo oN 

1D pon wn AD * yi Myyna sow minon jo * pon 7b wnat 

+ modya yaa Say smaney syne Soy med) * a5 pminon > eaepon 
sy 2m 95p0 snoypy * minds Sy mpy oer Aap po ba 
mwy Man * oy oo ars saps youn yp * noma Soy xd 
amar aan sana aNd smo mya andy caenenr rand 
ana) sayy ada may open pna pan ad wos 
SPN maw yo * oadmny ow smo mdd. oe an Jen 
AO * WIA ANI wy :M23D? wr? nN Id TON? yy don 
‘pts Dha30 at b> gmap yon pat minnn nn yAMaN 
YOR. NEY 3a my apa ¢ adbym miota say po wT 

1 L17 omits this line, * L17 movypnn.. 

mT OV ndy 568 

mise oy * ays xdo> pmaimpn 5 onn iat + pdwa nym bx 
mR nay an wan xd) * Jaa pt pwn Xd semyD Ins 
‘oy. pn pyIwn ww Tyn nk NN Ady mi 

smawn saynw: ads naa any Sma map sn sen non 5 

mma opr now yo ppnsy ran ined pans * nest apy 7 

35m * MNDNA ID wa EAN NI OW * amp yo I bx aK 
nm Jwe2| smmxn jo onds * Tikoa Jwen Jad samy my 
apian * on xd pa andy o> smmavn wa jo ad. ayn 
TAI NM samp Aa wed md¢ mbm qn anym st ynynos 
wader poy Sap mm nest ow samndwn nat * amy andyd 
JDO NM yyy my ayn samsda sya yo bry pane 
ar oom to nyt ony pn mdyy * qada ney snow or 
‘panna yan wm smtay > sik * wen 995 59a nan 
ID MPDN ANY RPI Maw * aw yd MawN Dd enyow ww je 
¢mnann xd nytn msm ‘andy oy mpand sambdsn mayp * main 
smmins 523° zinta xwonnr smi 55°37 * pain Sy ayn 
*modya inada ar snnmawe ato va2da > nanny ins Spm 
mia yo :nnar 7 mop * an AX AN HIN yANI pow nam 
‘Syn + owen mor mpd panne yo Hyp AN? Ton wba 
‘pYown n& aon rnnan’ 75 amyiey * ad qa yoo’ smnpon 

:n202) nyawi ndsxi * mann wypa po sanyo 55 snwn sy 

mia yo * noe 75 moa sminea apdya * nnn ayep pot pot 

‘ons myn Nd Ew AIO TIT tw pT isda po san 
navn xd pe smyo'n xd Janpnr * gay» yada sanwn aye 
x5 * nyt 55 ay snay saven xd qnaw * pads min mx 
:mmson xd mayina * am APN AD AND ry4y awn Nn 
xdy pao edt * pyren sok yoo rmmup mp * nyt ar ton 
mS * Syoa em pawn an sxqps voy as * oon ab simp 
smons da vlw * yan axon qad aw yp | smn np ods 
:TMBON NDE) ‘Nod “psNd sAm|d’ 55 wp *ynyind nner 

np? dy 7b xyon mdy sainos 7d Samm * qwind xyon. 

‘app Ton po $5. svn Sey ma tom * pn nip Nem) snr po 
sxap Ibbms yp $5 ° wax idm nya son md pte wrpoa 
1 L18 mnynn. 

f. 80 

f. 80” 


f. 79° 

567 :BIT oY mds 

te Ny “wy spNpd 7O we nD "Ns “x “py “w sD YEW AND 
sonavna wd wp “es x “py “we [sory 12d Sy + “x 
esx > don aro som aud om mb ER ey Vw 

soywen spor’ yysnd ndpn soya px yo m35 mK 

my aS ayp gS on yo ony oneyp ¢ ony nytn oy new 

+96 and maw sqod ya om nis * oon: psy nde sqoy 1a Sop 
enmyn noon $95 spon sad wy + propo say cr 2 qdm i ep 
Soy dy saan mr qaqd + py pipn mio xd spay mova Sob) 
spon Pon a sys yy dys qop 0d men ams nyo? ow 
ys a nny 7 Sy sqeamon 555 no + opwan mab dy 
Soy pao Soe apina ome eqs sta * ney dy onodn syn 
‘nana * ond snesp ston anon are no Soy py Say ¢ qd 
‘WEIN INN ny spn innw yor? odin Ar Soy spown pe 
sqay ond mop osp>a oman nynp ays sqwnon mann 
wna mys spat pss pon xd p+ ween or by ndxa onawnne 
‘OMA MDS nn PoP wnt OF Ar? MD syayNa snApd 
sp spe nsw Sopy som wen nso sqenn 2d sont 
roy -saox mon Joo’ op sn sw by © yor oy mB 
ye odwa sea td oo sind © she ow saad voxdp 
eaten ‘> ao spnaw yo pons * ayn xd py eqn 
poy) Jann yp Aan np qnyeed span ody yay 
spon Inn * yn Jonn xdy | sop prs oy * MINNA NN) 

prasad sy + osnnn Sy son sna phe oven ¢ andy pop xba 
snow ada maw sana caw xa sada wo dy spd awa sodas 
syapo dp yor pS snow wads mewn 1 py wins 
“oD? OWN ID we rma modo on ¢ wasps pam 
snown yd sexm so woy ayo pest pas os ody mmawnn 
mowed * anainns ydann op raze $55 mann * nyt pyo. oN 
syardy moms 95 3 gna pow moa, * mans AD my enn 
smanaino nywor yo * aw Sp ank sy span 59 mop wma 
inmy syawny Soxn wor? we 7d po cde smawy dor mada 
wp edt + oyrnn 55 qa woas gar od yon ads + wis 555 

VHT OY Ady 566 

ayy ods ayany s anbom anyt oy pot sath pp b> dy 
eopby xd ovby ma] swe pion yo min mors any qnx nyap — £78 
yay sos’ i> ona * aa dda mm we sna Ar ot) 
* aoa Sapa ba som sans fay pa’ oem ap Suv nysa 
Don ssn arn * yoy Any dion dyy sa por Arix po 
22" jop ‘Pin * mw AND AD 

rl pl ple gotll sar dary p09 2h JF ye MOD nos mye? 
MDYON Mw AND slel (3 Js al oe (ds45] yley geil eal 

sSyan mn ows f, 78? 

spy ovaada spy) nytn nnp Sy 
s DN pe 1dt ‘min Dipper x AD 
:Dyayn oO) “9932 AD YW 
SDS PR AD pop’ ‘moyen yype> 
soap i> Nt ‘spon Yn 7 
~ gD yyay mynd miner ps ‘wo op 7> ar 

by bigs 95 mS wes nape soon ms perdi eR Rw 

* shy mnayn 1s o'non Aa amp dandy yao nea so Nan Ar 
saa5 onyox sow pya 595) * pmnds ines o'xdy ovand bx 
DMX ‘nxyD ¢ AIwWM My onan sonsnn omer by * smo 
nymoy sno soy pady mdr * ay wit 555s nnn 
pox awo mp? pen boxe wd pe spr 12d) owen + popp 
wa. ma spyion ‘ya wea? bem ow ‘i: Deon 
so NIA ND ww tnx Sy pane nda som oddnn + Sap» 
menim * oom pa 55 sp. so yene wi: Sopp > a 
anny ans oyay pond * ane xd finvox ‘> sonp> wp 
md oD) spyown yy snd ep. soyA Nam’ dap 
SDNOYA NW own ia now sown yd wS xde + py 1 
syypoy s mawn nmap Sy somn capo * DSNNT onD NA 
xdit mmdp ov ara soyaws pds ¢ mbyn mam by so nawnn 
PDN oOo May j AMD awR soy wnyd wy 
mow? x “se "py “w soem maa aon mae ay ody ow 

1 Also in L 17, fol. 72. 

f. 77” 

565 SBT oY Ady 

I ebp Awe by espn non May enon yaw 14 
 Seaws aby mm ga pembS ina po pnyno + dayn’ ap mio 
wn sp nya 93 ow ¢ ya Nopn np? sadn mAmdan 154 
AD IS pow’ ny spp ¢ at) yyy * oD Saxe nna bx on 
sy span wid sim sy. Sako yds xy etd mde 
sop * apy adam ins ny spy iad Sy mm © qdon by psp» 
nbynn ya jo mse + oy 585 yn 9b ndw som sony wy jo 
or Seta soy aiy mp ant * 75 Sos Joo ona Jay: nay 
ow thoay'nn * ndwa yay jon ow san poms + pose ona 
‘ana en's ws senpan S52 mwy costs toon sox sony 
spay ¢ynp ‘enn ow * NSM NOON SA Mp sD oN 3D 
yoy * pds wipnny xo 24D my ayn + imadona qdon 
non ase som een sap spy don ad moe ow. 9) pwn 
‘open yo [wp nyo apwn say 75 nd> pony + nmin 
pepe” 129s ow * insy Sew qoy. gaa sh pnd dap dy 
Sener owe | sen yoy Spnnim * abawa sn b> ow pwn 
oy ¢ pads mm n& ayn yaw :stinns dys 75 an * Jawe 

:n ny S53 

yo * mows yy tay sm Tnpad nox * jnxwa2 mono MN 

ssownd Jap qm edn onnn Syne nnn pcan par wy 
wer Sob n° maxon jo St ew ppm iat Syan pra ar 
espa Se aa po anon tenad ma * anpnwp inven sna 
moses onydss San yma + wR npr pow sn nr psoas bs 
‘ome yo nde ow xdy soy ineyasa mpd ¢ wna ob 
pnp [Sy}san [ynjon * wh [wan pres Ym s49 3p2 IM 
mowhy sor wx manp xd yyod : anman’ p er pop 
o’pp proep) * ndyd sy moon xd sewn pra napa * mea 
say pnp Sy nnny * ova ara pyaar 1 on 99 552 
ym sow po soy [ora ana ¢ yb [»]n wna ads pt 
pwesr * ray Sy Son xd qenay : Sonos ambyat * abnp jaw 
om soypne 2w ar oy * moa eds yoo do mS oa say 
soe ym soma pay wat any sap > mS 99 * pay dSapn 
sink 55a) mow * oven jdpa min: ast > noon xd ow 
*9ga5 sx yO WA ISM san MD uD * awa TIN md 

:N5o7 oY mbdy 564 

sos aeyn a wad pxeyy’ mina xd + naw maw 75 ony 
min by psipy :nd55 omy ¢ ped nse > sum pW AN 
:20N9 Poms «pon on OR me oO pa WA * ONT 
aw * Sap ‘noes ym saynd mse mend * onan: ayn ‘poy jm 
sux max sirdpys ampn xd * psd wm wD sina nk 
qroy ym sa¢eend ndor + Sap inainnt sixdy axn Joona * aN 
syondnay wmiondy sad! nndpy sana mem mban + 35 pvp 

sex See Joy ons yon | ;Dn4 SS mn nme xn mxn f. 76° 
Sues onyy ore hd sae mawnr ‘Syn sp spp pop sin 
sym) * goin Sem sow S20 am sem * ony yo 0d nin 
sop roy xin AD. NN * ows yD Awy sy roby Sop 
nos See poem sodwa py po Noy ¢ NY? oY Ar nap 
330 ap sons tn 353 * mon sS$y nnn som Say * m3 
mp ron 12 “py 55 * ompyn poms sonpmy wn Syday + npn 
jO MD * PIN DON NID : DM fd wx nid ° Ws WH py 
soyr sods maid md) * monn qo py ade spp’ onn yon 
eos grist mS abs myn sory yo pbn 12 * may py 
mo sin oxd sovoen syonn ni * amp: Sno can sowp men 
1295 yo ye san 525 moe sory 55m yo pl? nm ain hy 
xs spp woyn’ xd mon + moon sayn ny JWR som 30 
soo xd) * monen 525 S$pn pwn som jo + Sk TaD py 
* anya Sx ndym) opm pown) * mows awn Anny :D2D 13 
Swe :DIpon AD obo * Anan Ans yowo Sa sopys sym 
manny © wos AN AMA pDINN Aye MMe ¢ DAR DD's NIN 
emanan ‘Sp DME sD OY AIT? any! en AD pon an 
soya mr poy wm? ansia wp 5spn anes sowyn Synn ows 
sodw 75 nem. Nw oN) Jona’ no 

ww * JQ oo NN yoy ow Ja or OA TS dw 4.77 
maxn 55 say sox aps * san by nrin idem sina pope 
boy semaa py nih ¢ ose om nyse sr ona mS + Senwa 
pidat* yawn Sy wap sy ssp wp dx un + pdm yo oy 
yd joa AD 33D YwIPT * Ana oY TD’ WW os sbYnp 
2118 5apnn. 

r. veh 

f. 76 

563 :527 OY mds 

 IMwP a PSN) ¢ OM pop wD same ND? 
inapoa * op’ ono Say sanvaw* aay sy sayy + dnp» Sapa $9. 123 
woe oxdyosomay wes im * aie tos ayn simby 
snawn nswp? adm nano Sy sep: inxeeda wo sy * Anim 
AIT NYY N'A AI Ns yay mAh * nya pry yo “yaw 
sinsey 93 wad sim * wpm be a simaind nan ty 
‘mnon by mown Amy sinxon me npn * mopp mein xdn 
Sy osm same py assy + Syap ab ain qn sansnay yp mxdpd 
may mbsba’ * nas pina odo. :iniin nspans * non 
soon odor A simsin aqaannm + Syapn pnp yt sinoyy) 
xd ome sant mbw Semyds + yen pie by sony in*pon2 
wa wady rinses oy [espa [apjod waa sy Saka [ie] 
sma ya) ya ses) ayn nby ney sindy nx nygn * yy 
nym mveasa es sy pindmay wy * Sew Srp $5 sya 
sinsyox, pony om * 9 MD WHI Ty sinypsd> ADT NY 
simiowr qoys nbp + may oe siminy oy mdp * mn oN 
simywe qoys nbp * mm ome simaaw joys ndp + mn osx 

sfimjon Sxi yen dey + nin oyn nyp ds yon dx 

son * pomaa jo nia sivdse men poy pet po me Pep poyp 

yw py OK | § Tom ana Sy pryy sma na 
sda man dy) po p> tay apy siemdt on * oni’ 
seed morn md ea sadyn pnd So som * Syn “me pe 
xd) saa a oben * pa3 ono py ID :1NON NBD 
‘AMD ‘OY Mane] sy JI naw * mow oa jb nin 
xdy sap aes ina xdy Aya yanp xdy sain vy mdi 
symwaa ona * pad wa sano) 2p wyo2 + aw Spy wd 
‘nosy * paxn wy do mya sient Sw ow ¢ oy DyD pr 
pay :pd$y myn oad: wh Aypm aman :poxws qppp 

xdy moet ow yo Sm oxdy sydm mon con ¢ may oot 

DMN we pi~d>py 2 DION ONY MI I pty OY II 
suays Sant wn + afo}m wo savand ‘pe wn + andy 
pny wenw * ma wn wea pub ot * awn oan %5 
29 mip wp owns powna swe ia AD wooy mn wd KE 

1 L18 wraen. 

sb OY my 562 

WY SNM ypwnd § a2 soy See sen mIwM ? YIN mwyD 
by * py gman pax yo] seme yanp> wp ¢ 4a or IN DN 
DY AP yp 33 InpMy * DIP pnyno PD AN :wspA AA 
sorom :wana met Sed prota some Se panp 12: wanes 
sand yay ads nym ond swpr ayn wat pop ara 
py $n wpm :wwpd pen yo mi * ox2 ND’ Tay > swown 
AMON Ym * Ady wp Tay RYO AD swwor yoy ym * mon 
m sw min nod aw sy oda poya ind sed pop 
* B25 Ayn :woeon yoy popnx mos * poor pnaw pans 
wap xopor :wadn on mip * mnainny amam : wp qawn 13t 
Iw sey moym * 32 dy» DD sep. On + mm 

swwd poy ma ser mow xs now 

ja MDI * WT AWS yan bn 3yI Moya pop * mn_ Aawn AND 

ay "3 3yO7 pT py yt oaom * ap 55 eda op ad spy 
‘op. * onym. mdanm spor jw apy ay awe * owp muds 
mdvdn $5 3550) JD) Jpy * anyne SSenp pnnd syNTT TNT 
mnwon :jow wien dy + pyy swe Sean simon toy oy Sapa oy 
Met yO :joN sy vay aya wip Sx sia spy Jan aa * wads 
mim>p 330 mp)? pan ow pan sjow wpa wins * yas 
pidy npn yoda * ako a rm mam sp be yt pepo ¢ nvm 
* mae po mbupm sino pop» Sov ana sya siya | yan 7p 
mimd>on ‘2979 * inves Sapa whann :jn mn ya xyo oy 
mwa nme oy sy yt dn jn Sym + pyn ar wows Sy synan 
NO py 3y22 Tnbm © ovd wt Nd ow sy93 Jryd nidr* sD 
* wp 92> “BID ‘pny oY 3p xd) AnwD xd + Dom Ndr pio 
ova > :poson van op Sy * anyynx “bo p70 mdson nen 
‘nen ovn poy wn :7> ona onion don * o>*ey Tas) AIA 
md} :ypa2 ow nwdwo + mimdo: [pyJon pn sinm Sopm 
2D :;ouIN oyn ar * anainny amiAm spp oD xd ¢ wad ar 

syo0 Pin ww a> som vr by stow 3 

aD AD * BY yO IT AD sina AY jANI * JID py pry 

12) * mwa nN oO sink ora md) ¢ Sys oy aD sanaipy 

* Dyn mr pay sinw> 59 syn da * psy py smaaD © 

f. 74° 

f. 75 

561 :VHI7 oY mby 

sbem apy t onde mana awe mim snon Spa nba + sem ne 

:monn sy adam swe net poe oan Sapm stp. snoop aps 

sans dyp nym 55 ay smd vere [D°]ptm * por praia, 
:mm DONS Po. Dt A DO) sm NON oy | 

mpo max md) say Sys pa ynnp ¢ yo any ine nied 
smwon nimapd * spppn Arm saws pr smart ida0 xd) * pane 
bmn rp In naw nanpp ¢ mann sy N20 INS yA 
mead * non oa maw 55> smyaw yaw * ow yow “ppd 
npnion * Ano. ‘wm sD yous * AD DD WRIA sipry 
samp. yam smn oop nds * oda wbwm sap 
1D DMO NYO * DYED wonm sow po ond jon TD * pp 
“yD sna wawm samp wm * pony Sup wm smo 
pnany imo snapy nappa * 35 mon xd saw tps by 
Tnoa * wben cwdws sme Syn SiBwa * omy jews 
* Spo py qwm saepeby anes * opsay mb nin snp 
£74 py oypy :msiw yapy * Son Sy otpny | samena 55 Sup awn 
mow io par? made ads Sypy sdb py nim + pyown tondp 
oy Soy sap yo xd) ap po xd ¢ ado sna aby np sow 
xiao xdy sagas $5 ans pods nds md sain pba 
nyoo hn mmm ja ans’ xdy sna’ pan * awns pw 
om Sy sao typos pox tnd sea’ ch esp Sap xdy smentp 
oy’ * mbxd aytno ndx5 ano sippy 552 sin * pind ony 
smyy WI 

mr 55 * ay ods 55 wo sethny pda nos oan pn hy 
“yD ID fwsa NY OD * Mn in Nt AD seND wa 
sway Sy wip S55 * nano o'esp swop ana wip) * Ww ona 
vee Soa * maya pnode :wowm ova * tooo by oon 
ma ydyy swsene ads Syst + aywaw an pT pep) sen 
moins * odo yaoxa jonpp :was moon ew) * San 
ap) nnd) sep NPD ANIN * PDT Naw wRI PWN yIyNr 
swos ip apy Sx * wed pnaw :wotin op 9 NoN ¢ pR 
127 ¢ Nawn oo nis :wox por any yo * maNdp Sap 12 IM-awn 

m Se nos swam ada mom? 12 To pens wE nay 

257 OY AN 560 

Se gan ta 5 any pas Sa 8 aa sates ody. sa 
STOMA) Don Dy? Yon mn 

Sy * mano pox Ps ys. stor oy py * Spa Srey poe 
opipny tons n> awe? jawnn pwp px saps Sy spin 
sy) 10D Ar pnyner sswan vaNd ooxdon jo * Aan oD Ip 
Soa win xd * yownn Sys a ssonwp wend an’nn °* any 
nr Sya pons fa sosanm ayn vbyn * mown vO yD 
pw oytinon * owinn nix nono :conox ids + yon 
ym ned sayy a ae oy new Sy new mbar sswy 
sayom :cayn $5 aD * insay nnn 497 MPN * wown jo 
on * ovine pone po scaten yoy ospnsx Apa * mx jp 
BO po :qpand qoy sbi + xiao mown wie pO | sqeDDA ayy 
1) sTOyNN py poom? mdy op i905 sw. Ww? * DwINA 
pmax 12) ASNI mM) D2 13); ADIN nwa ony odyn oN wad 
sds yay 0) apy a op ray? pny? sda aay san ands 
sswens Sew ia) * MDM npn nop 13) :9DIN ON'PA ID) * pyon 
10) * DP? OY Op 19) SIA PAN ADK 1D * pwA op 109 
mayne yd :apaa psa * oye, baw xy) soiyn ann 
sano) myp Sy * moan yanp Sam sana xin an ¢ wy 52 

SIM) apn * DwM DWN 

* Sew» sind Sonos snmonn mya qd ° adam mon nna 

:mooey m5 ° AnwN) my “NOY PoP :ADT Pa oon 
‘oop ovpaa poxdpm snow: 55 mp a Sy * mm op Sy oda 
too 55 smmyy onSm jr ¢ pansy am sani yo Sy po 
sti * pry ain aim at by snpy pa anand * aw yd 
Som snmodyn mand iy * Abs mio wy oars imin’ panp Son 
by ynen * mp oy Sx ins Sy :nopp Soa ony ° vIn oa 
ond nin :noyne xd pnp * om pd ndaxs jon smn nay 
moma ono * edo yor sp smppa Ayp praatdy * ovo py 
sx | smo qede 55 saya * ands monn ax) :npinp 
nnonansy * naind yw snp. nosyns) * Dn DD nypaK 
WAIN way 2H. po wy ¢ ya pons Sew randy oo 
mov joe ' See me mip ye snow? pnp aaw2 xd + abby 
nyp wwe jon sandyst ayaa nya wows * ads mda yor 


f. 73” 



559 : 557 DY Mx 

‘oon poyp pons rAMmaya odo pn $2) * spin wx pada 
ym osasm ramban owt ps? sat xd sin xd samindy nip 
ranvea pwr padaxd iw samya ova pad md + mde 
‘oma min eon t> | sama ‘dya wy * ay’ pnwy mp yy 
ramuavon Sy px ot pea pe pawom saminda oda pn 
anes yo tod ony Spm samy *Sa pa ¢ Fos xd nowpr 
esmyaa pinddsm smmyp ova pad mS + pod me nord we samda5 
sAMwsp ANN pan * Mw pnw sami maT pnadn 
‘Ana pmo samba [pjoban nro * yan spy pnw 
samaap xdy oan xd) * ads pod md ar Sy samnn pnp 
Ww oPSaA ‘py ramp aD oa nw * oa ody AypN pr 
Ss wow ¢ santa dn pow Sa samo pa por * ona 
sno rnmby nwo qo wndap * ond man sow ood some 
‘a3 Awol snann sAninxa nodya * owyn pa Sew 
ody sanyo yoo psy mm ody som samindy wdy opm 
min Sy opps + ydy ma ody sanrmoym oeyn Syn + ySy min 

snnyy 552 so * yoy min ody sanyo 

2 WONI) ¢ WON 

stdin ppp ‘nae: oto :sayns 7b na * pnoan Sow as 
mw ow? ayn Soo Jana stan san qdon * pads mayo 
S27 genase spp 75 yoo gonna eda geen sar poy 

myo o> ope aon min 95 nm say 1S gow * aA 

Sex pata yap wast a5) ony ya? psn mown: tnbp 
Fr Nd poyay * IN POW mse 8 yA ons psy ANd 
sayy 2952 odin on Sy pypr + mopoer wepan war] st 
mim * ndsan aninds amy ssyoxs nan masa ¢ yp Sy yaw 
sa Sy Sap gon sshb andy + ab ma sos ssio1 apy 
ow Sy sap osyon paar t ayoNd mnw po soon man mans 
my * yawnn Ms yO Dyn ston war yar b> * mys 
sux ppnob medot ¢ ann oma op pa psnyo owen 
wera we ony nia xd ss ty 55 yo Nday sea DP 
35 an moa nnn ftom xdy wy xd ¢ 95 ons Sop ow estan 
sTayn way coe s papp sop Sy ssyp 95 wna * Aw 


yaa at + pdy nya man sane an * 325 ay Anya 



:NbIT OY mdz 558 

NYDN EN VaNY sywar oxy jo Poy nor * PIkos JOU An 
925 nosnay * wpa xyon wer Sx aw sripwh p * ar 
ey AMS 21902 92 om 93 TM po Te oN Joy" 
odin qa) ° opm phn ansi stoop 55 bins Jay ¢ ona 
:9990 33 1 * wo AD o'pwnA DIANA AD syno Syn 
won Soa ° ypby ma mby saw ans pan + pasa ‘25D poe 


wed ps seas pcm [ayjaam Sysan Sm * sme may wands: ana? 

xoan xox saw amdad add pace ton xds ¢ ano wtp 
rayon wa ape. * adm opya mdsoomdaa saan wows 
spon * paon ond dy pmynorya ¢ naw wown np JA 
sy smn cn yoy ape * ominn omy miwst san pa 
‘ayn pI) Ayn} *> AINA MA May * oMweE? jo wn 
pop sya mpinwea: op jo xd mpwt sminea meena 
STII PPRVI NM * ANI Dd aM saan amd. * AMA pdr 
syads Sy5 ond + enn dyn sanwy moves) on news 
Sy ots sryo yo pom ¢ oa Don ap) py aw y noyN a 
*odym miota $520 | :mnpp nA TY yO NINN MixyDN apy 
Swhyn smnwds mays * Ay ma’ ina syne dy Ay xd pix 
my oman bx * nay Ss oe 5s mo Se sanwyy awy ¢ nmin 
swy ow yop opt sxc mp os bs ¢otSn ween Se pin 
ssp ¢ psya om apm rapatod paw 55° paw 
spp bs + poy 5x nap bx saw aa mbapmy* op 2 am 
mows rae apdy wow * ondsn wes mow rain andy 
bs abyy synp ove * wea ond oon mimo mn * wan 
sry pp 55° Asn 595 en san oe by mm * pewn 

SAMOS TW ApS yD * Py mA ody 

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f. 48 

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bya som qa ayn’ oy soya ob nyt yt yt 1d po 

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sia’ sonyne> Sy sin mp jax poe Sst sonan nin py aa’ 
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syyn nowy sominy So mse pdy vy sw mans sony 
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f. 46” 

f. 45° 

f, 46 

531 PHT DY Mx 

sTInD’ 12 WN yon naw ov sas Sx pnyna+ yay jp 37 

omny mbya¢ Onn ons mn dws nan mons nea 1d my 55 
ae ap wads amps swe pms Sy wad yaw snpan xb 
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socom’ mina Syapm + ansnaa amby Ssnm saat bo m aD 
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wo sy sanxi ans 55 ms nwo ana nwo sto ata Sdn 
soy ambya mnie 15 yo 55 | satan nosn pwr? A NID 
san wads inca ydyts namn Sypp wes sy saton oy 72 
% 9 55 snomy mapa oy? sy Saxe aned Sapa bap 
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moan oy Soyemand nan 55 Mm sam 49 55 py copa at 
anipo aw stop ann ar by ssp naw 55 pm eqpsm 

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sonds mn ydy sani paws pe Swe 

f. 44° 

f. 45 

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‘MN yar MND op yn may 725 3405 swe modnr+ mys 
sqoy Py Pa msspn n+ sy Say nna ova pax py say 
sspnm nan * pbdwyd xd apnes ar Sy 

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amwovnds + ono Syn sons a sy Sax wy 
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boa pmwy) * ap poy spy Mya * DwIPA py NwI 

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snx oy 555° ey) +p mpandy somwy own ow naw 525+ was 
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pwoy + moon an ody sp mmd omyy ov Se nas yoo 
f.44 ‘wovn ova | son pnw Sys es) yp wn ova yO IND wT 
wIDnn ova? ?D) PII ay. ;OMAND oA yD’ a) tn 
ST pIwA OID) ww oa) :DNN 1D tN ys 
“DMN wy 1 SD Nwwn Dy non? noyy awn ova ¢oEID 
bs spypan wasn ey es won wen bony sopn bids a 
smopm nyvpn sade spowen wpa conn nby sabp ar 
nbmp sr ;DMEPA MsoNA* naw MD) DYNA Min 
so2 9 IA I MD pana 

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ans ws yO MD AwIPT EnNaw owNn nor Ty b> sya 
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sanodwn ov bx any sy toby na ond sanms 552 
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‘pons nsay yn yams in yo Sys spann xd mney mon spy 
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ssayn) ya jn na new> mw wows monea scanoy onds 
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roy om won nna Sy AoiNA mp mes sap don wr 
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Sapnb ansiay + ny 3S AD say Ny marr Aad in Son 
Tay AIT aN TaN IN > oN yd Joon wry stom 

f. 43 

f. 43° 

f, 42” 

527 SIT OY Mx 

mbps oyow °> ons on’? apy mad soxn mp posi so 
soyno ninp nar? omdsyd ood ony sonawon ban +d pan 
mn ANP modya sowman 55 po + na xdy min ana 8d in 
aydin aoa Sy + mown pom mspy so sam adatoms 
nodoo nbn abap spew wap Ma ND. a DY ON! 
soda ona ona om ony 55 by soxdy ova 

oyn wD 1D Dy. mo PN AD Soa omdy Dap onder 

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mo pays maw od oniny roy oa > wwe pons 
13D) AND) |Yn soNODA Sap + mwP onYA ONeIpNAD :DNI3 
soxypon opm b> weSwa apa nema sony pa ym ¢ mown 
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ronpa pry qare odd wox Ja on sD NDya 

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pmo SYM WAM SDA nA snpyp rn oy Sn 55° pn 
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mo anao An sayy DIP MwA TY TT non saws 55 Ayp 
Say eda mon coy sy ads snd min amen’ a> awn wa 
yp xd) snpoy pdm rar war Syom omrn yo dy sia sap 
mma * yds Syd ody poss ta) soon am aN ADD * nny xd 
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smiow? 59 yotb xox ey von ads san adp any wow + na 
yoy nday* oyoyn oad snpox wows nds 35 yD An 
mm oN NIP ID emMMwW AN PIN: owyA on mm smyrna 
% mpd shy mise xd ton Sip saonn sy aw ino + pads 
mop NYO: AD ANY nNAd woN wens aD day sADws 
pod sin awK manda oN ar by snp yp pwbpa* pans 
mip yay sandy ama AA Py ww WN ODI nN ynDINn 
maat nmap * pa 325) pad smn pd wn atm * qazdn 
tAmn mo nny) sap mata ad pay mp py sap 

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‘aya ama my pmenad ey cay xd nds we any nos 
nox aw xd) sma max nby ayy. pp mina samy anap 
mo me pd sox pinxdy mem? sanp ny mays oman x 195 
on Aw saNo mane? pa MINDY ONY’ pmepy ‘ns 
Mop) ANID orspim yd yo nN saw pp wad + jn 
nm minw + nosd mnaipyy sam oy mvdday + Any oy ana 


solely TWONIN solely ITN 

roday ods pms by wm sods way ‘wo AID oo nay 

bby + nen Ed wwpn smd mop sins a0 AyD PvE 
*yspn aid mam sordds a1 pa pina pan’ soon any 
as by sovdaa nd Sart nmay Se oanpa sodupn mbdynd 
rpd>oin onan wy we Syn roddonm nat: nbn waa 
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om son mad pyayye om pina won sy radon owsp 
mem rodsy yey ody ody Ssne sordap nvwd vin + ony 
rod Sys md mem men sodoae apy Sew + nw 
‘pn. pyyos Avy rode. po D * AWD INI NMRX) 
maa so>qon 12 oa * po aa Syd) mon yoy sordyen nar 
tabyo Ss mynd ia bya soSp yd sons edna mop dya 
soo nn» Onn yo * 2 Tayns AD voy: ordSmam ovina Sy apy 
‘oven pd pnox anna :o%3: masa + nbn mow dy ovo 
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Ss nos room anton yom b> yp io wow po nme rodye 
mm ox > poy ows xd sorday mwsn now awe abdnon 

sayns san nwnr annwo Say soy oon pa nsas yn Dds 
‘Dw nwo PDT 2 NN we ION nay yo pono pd 
wy moan son ANN? yD AA Monn rp yaw. nyawa3 
open jo towden winn oa iN2 wo son pd pmpy + ond 


epose sopronn bs sp yosn yos mdr nn nna nw po Nay - 

f. 42 

525 :IT OY mds 

toys mw coxdo pb ond aay amet amon: Sans 
awe mos eye apnos yar ySy aps mown sS$pa Sbpey 
and won ow are nse 

syoyd indy ny + “nwnd ya nay’ sypw an Senne + See ads: mia 
‘minen yD ‘Awyy AD sipom) an ana AMAds ax bo am 
md mwyy spin ar Sy gay ca wee fio oy Saw op 
mo % anos ainy Se nem avn sro Sane oryd + ad apne 
aiyod mmws $100 3D) nw nos yp xd) yey yo pi 
f. 41 sy0%NI po? Ty ow pos Sean | s105wd 9S ans + mained 
bboy movin Ss nny oops “pwn wen ad pom ondsn ana 
pppoe Sew ep sm as awe oat b> ns sia AN 
so) avo mone Sy spina sinden wad sy + py Sy an 
+ pombapd 12d syowa natn saws arin yo qx) sy Jan yow 
syownn See non moi pwn Sy aayn asm spn wwn xd) 
a5 mn paam simpon naw 55+ nap ana naw pawn 
as days yawn daa wow ap Sa sion sty pbaond + myn 
syontdy pews aey awe Sean min awyo me fiom am 
mr Soa mana saps ond indn + nwa oe pn 
mypr sip yo yard sw mmr ponxd pyan yo sip yd 
1 3 Spy tsnyn oyn Sy qa sone awNDD mw Dy AMD 
ndp> oaaim som ben mboa nin xa mnywm sk 
syn yr Syn oma, mos pavdy 

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‘yoy parvaad aya sano vxdas + maby ina mo) :N03nNT 
moin xd sme nod 1d saps ny 1d Snes ay smn nw 
may pore xo “mas yyy rina Spx pm + op mind 
ned :scpne sn ova Meo xy’ on sma b> mips 
*Syawe aa mans pA b> vin saya + pmyp poss pad) 
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myais sy mowed od om wo smvoya wey ood inp own 
npn 3 sm 1 MY a May IA poom sAmwS oy qwy 
f.41 $3990 3 DYDD Tayney | myp Avan * oa Poa) nD|A 

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‘ax ms poy on yo yma nndnd ymin or ma + nn 
my yomn ym smpy > andy? won oN op in imine 
mov an’ joy nd ‘dino mowp jm snnay wy vm ° 1d none 
nsoy sm yds nono eye xd+ modya aa ar mn pn rn 
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Aypo smo ab sayy my wenn ar ody mina sn paN ‘aN AN 
myansy oy mn 1D) sNINAN NINO 190° AYP Sy odyn 
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1% wows ond Sox won emp 1 mops syd pop min 


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son py 55) many yaada Amine sby am oma wn 
ana oxy nen edn pan dae awar yo np tay 39 an 
yyy? mr oan oS 1 3% qorpo Snn nn sy? ydy nwa 
moan ap qa nim * sme by abed meno sedy qoand 
maa amnow now 3° as mans wwe boy * meowns jxym 
xaoty 3501 ap Sea waa ine tor sedans ydy ams in 
12 mosey? Ame ia yedy me sdiaa say pon io ar 
ma jos smoyp mn “avy sin awe boy “atwdr meaa :Spy 
mm ap wa xd mp pyo S5px :55an wor xd nn + ndan 
sombdsn Sx oninw Sym s$snw’n pan pyy* omn on ona 
9053 553 0b nan Saye nwden oon pdppa ond ron 
nov yoy away sn mbddanis yp aaten ans peyn nwp tan 
xd yy saan No iow Tony 293d amd qxdpm + wx mand 
rs by “awn /awy * ‘moon pnd ao spy oma owen med 
poor: mnwaa 53 wad jon ::dyn1 Seann ° ymawnr prrana Sbyn 

f. 40 

523 >IT OY md 

WAN WT Mey “pas NAIA IND MWwP finieyOD par 
sins Sy nbn ater swan po danst | sina yay say awe sy 
wt Sy mony fins Sony oD new po Ana a wen 
pinay momen pp xd ops simi oat or § yan 
mop Saye waa Sx aa jo sinay snend Sunn mn ob pen 
AMT * DWwyY PAD pT NY saMipny ow -o9ya wo yA soni 
WyDD DY winner sinsweD nda + mNeA tnysINa : imi 
py2 sinsn naan ppp myn xd sintyy adap Sy + xp 

pimimiss psa ws Syd) mam my sani misna ¢ Mans) 

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IND MwA eV oe TwR ns mor Ddyd sy syd swoon 
soNan An’ 7s oNyn mpwnd min) moa awe rasan Sy ayy 
Ssopn Sy yawn even aS ay poy awe edy om my oxy 
TINT) DT 82 PMTIAD yr Tox wn Naw ny xba+ mas 
symp yd sams mo ma yawn mw 55 sya apa 
poy wan by ows pa NY UO ON MN) ADI mw 
by man ody sama Awana ine NS pp) nwo Nya + opi 
NOUN ONION MwA nw ETN we Ar oy? yoys 
anya yo raw dy win ad ny an Sy SSn> sant Sop 
mnvs yo an 5$>50 andy by sym sawn cn nner + appa 
nda jo sp AD cnins qian Nd mops med nou soe 
3° PD Ava ams pox md bo wos an at 
moa swan mndy mn pyo mwa yo any ny sey MD 
Awa wn ye dy spy dam | snp’ ano D1 ° plan way 
mye Sy sdanmy savay bd sau pa + adsd qx xd sry 

syyap muds npwp ay dy van st wy pnd 

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TDN 12° OWINA 7D MN AD aD rman PnI* AwOY jo 3 
bond nw Ae NAN) * nwo my mya rmans mm 
camino Soy smstet cnxodn ip an aneedsa ane 

ee ey Oe Ne nee ee ee ee 

:I7 OY my 522 

SNy Ip Ma eons pnadn 3d say 19 AM na * pads 
+ yarns wed) wid sindne anos yor amid ny amyspo ywdy ndpa 
Sy samp ona os odas nw jon pindesx amnwe 3221 
‘owam opdan nn sme any yn on Ana pO NINN 
simima Stanon + ndst aay anyon) sy» pyo pyo jn 

wos oroxdon S$pp ar sy nw nyt yep Snxo An OIA 
md * AND. yO WMI EAI wes * Orn py o mpd) sma5 
smst paab ana yo pypy sya yin 55) ° wa oan pyp 
Say syd yw Sy5 Sx pyyo s macnan pa wan symp yea by 
moma an yy pin sp pO ID MA AY My TDF AD 
ax by qwa) wy ret AN TD AN wad ape yp 
sap onndy 5 gna nn jan Oey nym pnsy ¢mp AN nxon 
mnomp msn ns xdx sannay bay meny po od awe 5a) 
ma smy qwesd mina amwowss 7S na emnwo dy vow + 5 
‘amwnwn qwesd nina : moss oy mys yp + nody mbwnn 7d 
36 jn) smn JB Dw? Ay Ow PI eMmsn ans ins Se 
ond Soxn yes nyra ndap syn xd yar yo xd © yy nda ond 
ys rey Sx aw sy payya poy paw sAN ws yaNT yD 
* opin 55 py ny sans syn andy nw yp + onsay mn min pd 
pd mA AN OY ANI smn wns dy war by oa 
by pox maa ymiwe pws: odwon dos on bey samo 

savsn nywind moa ¢ ano 

nat by mp xd osx qn sinyta wom anys mp omycny Sx aw) 

sinwora Pow * yay Bw AID MIP MV sinwy po mA ADS IMs 
‘onoommy mow sy sinnap ow may mpdy asa wives 
sun mr simaxdoy poo b2.° moxdpn on sannsma pd ans 
pdiyn mansd + moo jYytH2 waNy sinnan 1 oad + opr an 
sas mabn5 simaowa pap ans 55y° odin pans pimsayt 
YON PN pO OWN mNY ND) simxyony yan yar baa ° mwyoon 
sinvay by wx we pre ww wird amine edd pinime jo 
‘amar nbwhy yo b> sin 2 poy ppt oy * noppne mn nay 

f. 39 

521 sy OY my 

SOP NA OND yO DMPAY mya yD 74D AD AD Sy ¢ mA yoo py 7 
my‘ /ow oy nddsnx say sanap pown nd Jaws mony ip 
swt sapwon 7 Sean? mandy moaeS maps, poy owe oon 
pnoy py pp So + mean wad onde sqayy mona aw ody 
nodoon mer stnwer say yt adap 15 pom 55) sa5npn 
apx 55 san amps Os evan my saat mon xbs °° monn 
‘myn dy yoy may sqaym nn py AN! mp 1 sApNI 
nbn myn? owns adap andna sawpnn odin ody doy 
sano sy PY" nyONOR yO OD wn’ nD) sqBODD owiIN 
‘mmeon xp> by ae say sttn py mp Sor: yden nox 55 pn 
say mona? pswm porn ydy aayn sanoam vdan nyown spd 
ysy Spm ra sary ad ayo ads ya me aay ar doy ssoy 
mo) sw ANNI Wom + ynydyo nn mpdy ps sy Ao TAIN 
pynnop na ome) stan aa by awsn Awe ien wd oy 
oa astm smy xda 5$>pp pa snaind anne nap xd)‘ 22 
on yy Soo sano b> nn’ sp)? mypa oN Spans) anno 
f, 38° spy jn yt asm da8 pa > | stown nysn py nr? Soxn box 
maa ws 521 ax? or ans by ow wo oma sqpynn 
mewn yo ¢ | 2 apn Nd 3795 wins Joy md) * 73 tna 
sayn vos ombaa Sp meat mings poy owas sary xd 


sysn awe and aynwns np syd owd nay nystn py nyt 
HNN DID AID MA AD ADT swap. Mwat md a oD) 
bays ananay wa men sea pa por an pm py pip 
say pein eds nbs md mt amaein yada pwpr singe aay 
aoa Syy nde aya nda tin risyond amw edie mena 55 
eorpbnny odidan yo sido daa edym nana im pixws ado 
nan yas by * amadps ata mynd stmer own 55 aps 
pon mm sys > ny ¢amay mina ads adnnn xd pycant ] 
annad + nwsn oy wnon 550 sy saxo Son many ary aN An 
MON sys po wins qws xdy + Sox pn py map sinda Sopp 
ry imoyyas annmed awn aux piyin xd yay wo yoxn xb 
INN) ANA MPM sinpaY ory ‘aD pdx ova ode yD o5 
siyow man ond: wy pm omy ws sam ioe need oa 
mnm2 nnsy sasanny abp an’ joe pna qoano may dip ns 

:N5I7 DY mydy 520 

rSS5n9 mnundy Sbo2/ ‘mynaa chedn ww 
Spy Sab sae ad nen ‘meyom pownd 
:Sypnp ANN) nioyp3 *manan 55 3259 
sSoy mp omin* Sif pdm one Sy 7 

$55) vaxn nap bx pen yas dy sadn bot 
Spy pon 591 hino’s MP oy 

Syn own nad ‘win awa a> 
Seen poy odin ‘may says ay) 
sSaaom xosn iy ‘ypa’ myoprt 
¢Sunoady pean’ aims ‘ona pewnd yaend 
sSpoay xd any sy ont ‘mown spn) 
559m xb nowp ndny ‘pmby a 

wom oo myn yon edo 1S mnx Sonon 19 andy 
sbbany wow yo * ows Nop? Nw) PANT :>y wom 

‘my omwy yo op rnyn werd om pn ned YEN Bs nyd 
nay sm mma 55 yay + maw Soap anw savin yoon orn 
‘opr own 55 $x mam samay jo ma any nadyd yoy 
PIN MN NYA AD yn miss nowpr ssw mda jo 
MN NYT yANY spy” nay xda + midyn nkr md wea ops 
smyma|sy mmped ¢ aysys Syn Say smnwa’ os nya + awn 
ynpan ‘AMM wp xo aba yan sAepN maa’ * nnosn yo AD AD 
mos Sonpsy saypy miaotapy* Say avn pSy sayy smyy ad 
SPI TID ADY* DMO!WA ey Nw sAMdes a MoM) mI 
by *wonm mpnam? | sm po oswm* DMN pO PINND AD 
ya sopse rin ow dy asad oyp am smadn yep yas 
sme yp ode? dy memp anos stot paid md + manan 
*miniwon nytd a5 smnon om jot ma me anid Sons 
rena omer jo ndap mp mend oy rmdo pn mowps 
xd ponnn 550d ywh) sndp pon mos mina ap yowd pom 
xb ons Ty * oNyn nxt yn pwns ow sana syn SSons 
moxd  Snnem aye 559 savody sin pas ms) mp nna sayin 

1 In L 18, ff. 38 to 46 are inserted from a somewhat earlier copy. 

f. 36 

f. 36° 

f. 37 

A ha 

519 :527 DY mds 

nyo oO TIT Tw yen soyNMbP Wop vr oy) on 
sex mp 2d mw oy ry Mea mEpA spy sins 
syndnay aymstomdy * pad “andpy sandy b5 

ty sm WAS + Maw WHIM sw E yD ND’ wa WIP 
syd “nndpy paa2 mwa apr nd caw spp’ wtb + spn 
siondmay emixnmdy 

wpm’ wah + mwP war xdy sod wee b55 mmwen’ amit 
spa Aw | mo wa ym pny’ oy ah yd an 
syndnay inisvmds + ayayd “nndp 

snap ‘nay’ * wr ier en sasd ‘na mown * mw wd nw 
py wan ¢ynon qnysa’ sind ow + mown jn 7b ap 
syndmay wemondy + ynyd “nndpy 

£29982 Dp ows? awd Abnda’ sep Tinos ab AN AD DT 
ouomy map an by mown 215 1S» qos yn Sp ~wann 
mywd! + sapsr on ara’ saye’ 525 + sna Se ax ndp seme 

pianena wmiswndy *aayd “nndpy samp 
wd MAD PN 

sSyan mm ows? 

nivw yonwn owyn wspn ssn oy Sy mpon maw ada mw 

ao yom o dwn voy mown Awe pe ynn yin’ nwa yay 
sya mm px poy node ra may say 
mom mn ows 

2b5$5nm 55 mnp by ‘on 55 ob IY 
2mm yw’ ‘Shy mp owl 
5530’ pvp ‘inn xyon 55° 

£555 ya AMM + ndyn wbx aw 
:2559un) pibe ‘amnn naw and 
:Son mys ys’ ‘yipn ya 
Sunn wd b> dy ‘yon 59m 423 

+ L 16, 17 omit the following pieces. ? In marg. JJcuw. 

NDT OY mds 518 

:odwa oipnn Sx* ncn ayn damon: oN! IN * BION ny 
MI TOY POON! ayy ya say “MD * wopnm sa wad im xy 
ayn * Dw on AD. Mw DM!WN IND * OND YIN 
mon aw sprnyn by yop nis* yA mia ny] som ono. sf. 35 
PDN OMIT Hy)? Owe oD 7D sO MwID oa? mbyn 
DDN 131° WP! PNTPOI soyp ann? om Sdn Sy nym 
syysn pd pn sa soron poor oyn’ xd + oan ona : py 
¢yna soydwa wy aay ana Sx wb> nm aatm sp pon 55a 
[WN TIN “Ia wey mam soo’ Amby* Sbonn sy ayy 
mow ap rode mows? nan vm ins 55) sp %yn ona na 
pny 521° son 55 pod mas somdw ons + porn ae 
‘NOwOW Ty INwaN room ym ns ¢ poston Swasr sows 
7 PI soyomn|n won ‘> wn yn Sy onpn why spp omy 
im spyown wnbxd + spy oan mr opr sown ona’ 525 ww 
sppwn jo wp pyoo s povdy Ape” 

yn Soy spony say Ta yap orn ar NEN 3D ¢ mM and 
aynyd ‘nndpy samp mynued + spe Joona Ams pws IO 
syondmay isms 

somina pos maa wos at sep DIP NW AD NW AD 

moa? eps, dewa nr by saeaya Sbam + mn ya eyo ow sf. 3g 

syondmov armindy * asnyd “nndpy 12°33 xp 

xvod dda omy mins maw ponds op ¢ yy wenwed 
rinaa aw Sew + mina ana Sew sisdew Sew me pa 
syondmay ymindy * anyd “andor 

riyaxa Sansa soem oy mr piyep novas yn Sop sed 
pn aps md yo by sinddsa wo sy sa np TNA spy 
syndnay wemixnnds + wend “andor :y*mbp 

nya sone Soa aim maw awn p52 spyo + spn nn by 
2195 pep) may aw map ya Ao simwesd xo. oy * mn: 
syndmay anxnndy + anys “nndpy 

53 sapynr yy am 585 pmawnd sap jay mn nna nnd 
25 Sam) Aw ynp ovawd mr simp INYOD yD IW AD 
syndnmay wemitmdy saya “nndpy 

f. 34 

f. 34° 

B17 sypIT DY Ady 

sony yada saaaoy paxa awe + py b> syban sya mbypn 
mo asst tay 9329 on 1d + oy wt ADD stab» yn 
wna 102 $$pp wan! ma Soy) any) s1d0 ib por? ws 
ryan’ wpa PI * ws apo pop $9 25 ped’ ¢ os ynon 
ryan oxy’ oye Sew a sab mp may oy * or’ wa 
rons pI * Ino’ nds 42 13" Ip * ya nyA 5542 
syanensst ymin by * yahpn odo sist news + nawn pews 
‘myp SSkn oD nwwr syamp inva wx 55 ond myn by 
onnap) :ip mndy nya S& mya oma pawn syaw 
sy psanx ama navn ominep o:pna oy Dp won + od 
I) Moy Mw ponn $197 yep Iyw * yawn naw ninep 
synd pypn oan pibm mina: mew nwdy xdy syonpm pap 
pan om :yser yaw 595 sapped mya am sysname yb: 
synaany mnowm ¢ andy nyma sayin oyn 55 42 ¢ ayaa5 
siaynn wipen* masd yawn saw pynady + man 1 yonwn 

pias) aS yn ¢ a pytn 319) 

rtinoy pnp Soa ¢ man mow yo psytn pd mss nn Sew 

wind 4a mown a ws penn ssadn pda + on andna 
soppy may ype oypes or nat bse shin apy iat eedwn 
sade Nwos oy awn win an rsopans nos + md ompys 
‘WIP NPD AYN stay 12 oD ANd + mor pnaw wi | sty 
fam sp ssazn win b> byt wsn yo aay ap stynn Send 
sqaam yaad + yy Sew pot soon nawnn py ¢ nywn mw 
nap by saps sy nda 55 ssa mina spn * naw jaidya 
* BOM oy wet sD) 7 yey’ oyyn on mr dee 3539 pow 
too 1s stbno xd Spm naws xd naw sanno xd ay 
‘aro nyw 55° pps ond oto stay jh oad omen pynon 
13 schyb wad wwe’ mgan nw NA ENN MwA MND ¢ OBS 
minm *asond ny awe xd) sqay awe inson jo ¢ npn aaw 

sqas) oy ja wen nem min nbn 

yp roby mwa abs ony poy yn? oy Seow oy 
pay mp :Doyy ody + sty oy sanyo spin om nds 


a ee ee ee ee 

:VI7 OY mx 516 

pp sw py po eons pan em mn ‘nop pay 
:INDD yn? DAD oN sapO yn pay * ombaby’ 
sand wo Sy am oy wown st DP * Aw DDN 
sp mx Sw ony coy adky retom am nos dy ynawa 
MON JOP? yon sD ssa voy “not * Sew qoys rps 
mo? /aNch sy soy’ sway waa me nds 1d adi stow na 
ramban ondap sown sya ad ast dy spa nwys 
ON UND Any wo pbin aps daa ap ow sven wns 
MYM : PIN) NADI YN Mp AS be sy Tere A 
mst op yo edit Syn sp par sem daa + Ken tN) 
mor maw 5$n pn oyn Wwe on sn wpa + pdiyd oo 
Sons Smee wp stp Debden * non ayn “pw son 55 
aden swam coy mp enn nn by aw seen py 3 
Mh ma “Mwy mpl ax poy eps oy aywnn mina 
as ‘nd$n oa wwe Avon NM smh pp pxn pawn onipn 
‘anno omy ym em ay pas pon awdwn wip’ 
fow ys sD me pdyn: ppsyn isa RY sepa WX ADD 
say ixyoy med) * ot mypta way emis Spy nd mde’ + mand 
Senet yoy sya mw S$any ste yoy ay * nw pope ‘ow 
MPID :0N DIDS IPI|N’ oym spo yay yay AND ADA 
sUPND WNT At oN Apa ssyay fy’ pd+ op pw 
mid) * pak my ym syn’ ony * on ya Aw SSan 
Soe xd ed nvisymy semay nd swe omea wt ad: mpyn 
nex xdeoas sy son mimp jot nd nwynm np :nas 
toyony ods on : apo wip nyo onyn 551 snaps 
pnd mS :’axco myn pm pws pA pA myn pninn 
Spin) pnp. Pa IPN wNA mew wD pwe wwe xdy + Syn 
mins mayomds may san sow Zoydn + mn byw sy 
NBD nywypy’* op oy PIN WW Ar :in'n wan mew 
sap Sx 953 pap awa wh wp sas an sy son nop 

sy ndp’ omy say waa mon xb 

mypw car pons ond sayy ys TWN car? Dida ope ond 

POND DMNINNA POX s199P 9 WR Aw YAN NDI. 3 14nd’ 

1 1,18 adds Zax above the line. 2 L 18 tpn. 


515 :NIT DY mds 

oom AN mt py smo Tha npr nwa paw snomye Tin 
yma oro? mynd min syd snmp nan 

soy syanpp may yo * pom omanp not stp wnat ¢ Sanh ont 
£32 :msp Sx sa’ odbwa in ana | sna ayy) mp my omar 
I PPA IAD AAD yD AY oy” sypyoa Tab * wy be ADE 
xdy* owon “apon’ adi poe Dew AD § N72 yen’ Dy’ 
pomsm :yinwa yom ‘tiny 55 * owa man ed sryep oad? 
poymy papa par 559 ¢ faynn ovaapm smo xd don * eapon 
m sans py edie mina qown by ssin ans + mone adn by 
oy 55 sya Sworn: Sysan pasa spe” ononn * wwe pyanson 
vero xd rym nN mire ows anna ay syatpy adap Sy + aah» 
‘ovip mawy-o 55 syne oy? Ssawe gin ssp Sy S95 + pon 
aye om ops so xd mawmsids spnn an sem yan 
soy ovmay Sy sta pyn 55 Sy anos Bs am sD” mA 
“vie 55 ween shy Son riya paxn nnwm) sya say 
‘on 55 qeany sree ym Nd pam mm sy ADDN) wan 
Syg3 py ops oy spy ID) ¢ OP? OY Py 7 ssi odmam 
MOND PIN MID yO A mA Ad min pp TwAd Ns 
:97) ay maT pp oy aNd WIN :moID wo Ndr TON 

f.3a% $999 youn n&ssnasy S$ysx sy siomd pow + mst soy’ arnt 
sth Soy xb Syn po an pines mais¢ ops ov mids 
MAN D7 Per Al M|N ON PT vane np xdy* NT pas 
ay psy owen po aw aos psx: Jone pron youn 
SIPNI WPT noe oven spy’ ado are ony pdke Nd 
sam da Sa satan pwd Sow xd + owas mi ee oD 
PSN prim)? pps py ys wR a ty * Sete yor nez0n 
ma sn ma wnbs ma some bd nya ym ssp jp 
‘op b> mx mo a oye 52 dy ead py tiny : een 
DDT 3b yO py jor? NWT Sky’ po sy) AON. oy) DIND 
:mmoad pin pina’ ody nym qe aNe ayn odman + psym 
soda Tox t may aD AM yw SS now po twa do yan 
ANY wT spy nyy 3099 OR wy’ pNd NT Ne Ne OD ANY I 
*MOINT ypand ; apy’ pox yNn nN pat :ansn b> yrnn 

1 L18 149. 

:V527 oY mds 514 

Nas Ar DY om sintiny Awl 1D oN NM pip 
wp OMIA WD snNweaa sansT aT Ay TE a7’ 
Save qiaorinyt ada am anna noe ‘ow sins oma ned 
pow simon anna ar ory nov d xn pints anya mot? yn 
so ody | sinned’ sia t wdy son ody sinvasd’ per + pdy oon 
dy oom ody sind dy Sony + by em ody simiard won + dy 
pps sinnas ommon Sys dy wo ode sma bx wow op 
sora simby) pny ya nwo dy mo mby sininp sb ann 
7 md ‘Dy? pwd Taean TNT pO sandy on ar’ sansa 35 


PIs MMR PMS Ty Toy snow ya512 mye yon in monn 
ON WN Jn. jm syowrsd yan’ by soy mar ryowR 
3> mp smon 55 say 12° no 55 95 anax sy syot im dow 
mwa’ 12 per’ inna ayy do) syown Joy ww + anDN1 TD’ 
myn oy * tone vay sy syow qratd shy + pad wb 
‘sen main > npr do own xd+ pby onyaws on sponwn 
saat nny xdy samo cmwy xd+ an mr py oe sat pd 
Jn7 125m :xb bsp oman’ opty ja wd mote onz|e xd 
Sy :monp Jn pn nsdn x ys) san pay 52) ° anwp 
syot insian Says tans omypy snp oy nosy ony 
Ink now * wD pon wnaDy :/owD OWA wpd + nyawy ndoN) 
+5 anaes wttn ym enon 53° dane + oan sna sy | sap 
pon 95 ap) syoun aanmy' maa nw por syows pin Sy mp 
Donn Jy * DIY y2 st yor sAmpn ydy saxr+ an pom nm 
* 3H 12 AY NANDD syo ay I AANA mtr > snow 
sanm osmmyy anya pt awe 55am ar b> snp nn ans 
3D :yows Wow) ‘AN poyn Nd ym smodwns ywnn ¢ inva 
:‘ond DYN NID ¢ nyow mypa rysw oyn 5) ana * awd abs 
anno ad? poy poy paw sane wads qdoy + qos omnes apy 
xd pyp an sar eds aye xdye son cay am dy snonen xd 
$5 poy espe” vroon dy samp mp wnt nx? bwa 
sds mann own xd sys esp oy ax aden yoy’? od) enn 
‘FON nyp “pr smo 75 Says own Pa yA ynndy pon 

L162 jn. 


f. 31 


f. 30 

f. 30° 

prs md 55 sinsyd a» nop 55+ adap oma sanmina’ nste7 

513 :5I7 OY my 

maya nop man $59 xv ar potas’ ed aby po paw 
sind toy Ty Sy mowp sans’ Sapn’ w+ awa wn owa yas 

bo aay) mam prem pad op ik ws aya cam sabe ny 
may Sy ray san py’ awn? ys min I saw 
*oya mA Tm re) :'29nd “ADy mp? nan 3s py’ sans | 
ai yd road oy Soy xdyenge ay ppr | edad mm ain 
mxn sey pads ans mop wp Sy ina: tyon awy sy ' ? 
mrad panainy yids: awe can arm yo pyp an pds 
‘odapn on ssano’ “yew * onsen wy pn) wR | AWD 
sop ond ods an pans’ wpa sy Sy pnd s/n’ awe 

sind onbsd + son “avy 2 ons :21nD 

‘Soy nyt xp by avin sintiny mwy ansp¢ p nna) ansDrT 
»ga5 mow smn sins 'SSpnd) san pont piney sini on 
lamp AN snk Wows sy eed ome mr ap sin wa Ym 
SP aT any Fama yy Na joo sinyow AD Ym ¢ poy 
mows sims min? abwa shin ny simbwon anna psa 
simer ‘ann aann ar Sa my sino nw pnd w51D1¢ AYN 
simvaa weady ano 9 ine sanman wibdy + may yds sap 
woot? fey Ten mam imi. wown Ma + mn 73 DD Dp 
pipn) * jawon any canvas wsp Sy mw art we Bb) sanvaa 
may? mA ndwny | sinetepy minarony * py we qo SMI 
mom mp simbiya we * mmm ams) mm amsy simi) nysyn 
sy ya tas ayn Sak Se ay sinnep op * Annon 
‘moa Sew pw indy ms new) Syne Sap 55 sya) sama 
minnym simaap sapy + ndwa wy Tay ins po pox 
pinay wd San + ovaayn pwd $5ay sans: oveya boy + winhin 
tar ‘apa ods my xdy pimana sSyas oyeen mon Kwon 
opy pinsax oy Sx aton mado xds pinnn x5) by wd 
pins WD + REI Arey simbwo sw dan dy sas 
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smo mao poo tabs by rn 

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awn san dy prey wo oSwon * on in pao | sah 
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sane) pp) om Aman copes sapiny “adm + Syn 

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? L18 opin. — 2116 nyona. 

f. 29 

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pint by + adap mdse cdnn spyp poem 4d ann pSy ‘ova 
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edad Jasl Yale are abel bai M dyed (gu 

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sooypn po ware amy ona Syn somyp Soar ara wp ayy 

1L18 wm, 

f, 25 

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moos yo snowy by ap bee par wor ssa jo pn dan 
stor a Sy soy cannes Sy apy 005 etdy oy wenn xd + nabs 
NT IWS Aw AI ma sas~ ony 73 ¢ Syn wn pop sy 
sy hy og po pao A MN amy po wpm x sain ap 
ws spy iada’ ar ayy sant nby yo ssn pysn aw xd yor 
ms nwo pt Sy nrino etvin 1 payin ode ‘nan xd on 
na ayy momp sy ssyb' 7s wona * omdx yo etn saan 
qb wsdpy + pind 95 om andy ssoy na ‘ny Ane myo Anim 
p> m2 s4ayN nD TaN NON MN AYN wIIn IN stay 
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sasy AB 33D yy ar oy t my So xiad Sow xb nde star dyn 
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smap? oy + own 55 2d awd sine be qoby + oop ody 
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‘mona owes smNw awa b> yi: anne wm sa WWE 
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syrup ndsm santa Se wea yds mon ond yon ¢ say dn ow 
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on na sym Aon pa oy Seow a7 emp nme 
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mays sims spiny Sy mash mydya sinude om opdn 
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avon “ot nD wn Ny sinyn oypa‘yba po oydy son np 
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f, 26 

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sanpn soa mms xd aon qoy sy por > nby sss 
eooosoy ody oc sea nds om eS apn oe qo oninn 
evan wns Dy rman mova omada Sy mawn sn) mp 
‘3 DNND oy sean owes’ nen jin sen oy ede pnd 
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m3 mq. sn ns py’ + ody moma nna. ome sor 
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mo yay s%apy ped nnd. stoma ort sede 15 ox 
so aptya pam om $8 mn ans ody omy pean 

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so Sy soy sown Jun rns ow op Arar? Ay omy nbd ene 
22 Axnb pny aay mora’ my aa mand’ ow dem smn 

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powa’* spin any nwa sMyyneD pPINn * inns. maw’ 
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‘aman ander smnns cpp’ nd ans aby mony pw ines 72 
spo om> smsnay jw opr omy naw” dS$an snow yw 
ime pos qenaemst 2d ap ino iy ono inp. ana 

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saa s 95> ops sno ma Sy mined Ao mp sox 
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MAND PPI sy yin Nd per tomb bx pays + psay 
stam’ ppino by *amaw nmpbn xyon snaps mm * py’ qess 
mpsy can ash way nays st dn qad om now ams Soy 
pds tn nw AIT sya naDNNT ANT Bn RD s5 
spp rose Sy am spor b> Ag+ ow ome byt sow’ 

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xox nt san aN messy AN Anand any pow 55) sw yor 
smn > nnnams a5 Sp xbe ar ay s&h) wo ux? tos 
Fos neo ays pddon mans sini pmyy pass Sa 5 
S50 spy’ 0S myow mips | sy oan ad ay pn doy 
sino a> aps nk moos wae StS mips. 22 nd ner’ 
sis Soy + send tbnd wow seisty onay * mis nny nm 
so mp no sb am sme nein candy ses po bynn 
soni ads qymea pox ones ny sw voyy an& xbs 
sp pad xa 5a Sem aww soy pov joo an poy aber jo 

sayy nny eminn no 1d aon sys pen 7b ody sep: 

1 L 16 vermna. 2 L167». 


f. 24 

505 sy OY mby 

econ waa by ‘mrinsny pone) 
:799) bY OYs) NY ID WY 4D 
SN HNN No ne Hop 

say Ad mndyd ‘yop min 55 93 
:793 on nn emeyeney obit 
so ida Naa +) nxdp) 
S75) Bw xv aA ‘my moa an rt 

xd may say pay yan swoans Ss om prem jo WED INT 

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An assy has eo Som ioen s4w> oybs wyb mp gh 

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won any NI Ansa nd obs psn’ nyt yop yy 
352’ Amon yyy stain ot pen SS wae sine pou 
oO mse me ADD say Awe tp by © bem wy stindr *d3 jo 
p23) D2 ;TONN M3 jo RMD DP NDwI sy IHD jn 
mand Apsna : nb > vay ya ars 15 yo :4yyn yo DD? NNN 
tos ios bs nbsp wwe mney stem pad orn ¢ nyt 
ah pxoyp md scion xy ad pare yp Sp ad pa on ppt 
% yo sa yo ww Sy md dt oy 0b po stim yan See 
wr ab mm sams pay gma pare od os po pee bow 
sayy id may po ape yen po ston xb une * pawn 
awe me pen Syn senna ni rdy pe ane 1d po 
yr saya xox ar mde man mm eye ana sash 1S oe 
oyys* sn mon ma xd spp mpsn $55 ont? ana aAnw 
£23 van yo | swyn oy monn swyd sdenn :oindS pwn 
2159 ov Yow’ * yawn 

neyo ND Nd 12 SnodA rma ke M+ wD BY aI dy 
“OOMONS AD OM enw wees? mn Ia NS AD pnnN 
:nMamM AMD mp? 13903 oSpy’ AwY we nN Ons ons 
mon pdv¢nns 32 Ap 39 yo snmn bx ane’ yD ods Nyon 
mt mips onys) emp ay tap’ Nd) Ant oD IMD smn yd 
PMwNI wen os ys dy enon ar my’ a * anspor 
mobyoy’ swan ads abs smd pe pons msep mim on aa 

ee See 

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pando’ min As’ weed o5p nanwn Aes ses ap * pen) ie 
SANT yOM nt arn ans Findps 135 opm « pn pady arn 
xox nbs my taped pan sanan qmindsd prot pny men 
Sapn’ * bap inann sannawn AY nays qnnawny pn sans 
‘BNI MNEN Pom mn fips jh pips po mm Sn rnnann 
[ND pin nbn sash +d wwe yoy’ yt nein fiply wwwx 
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call ag? yall vile Uo Jl eaell Lie 
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poy awh spay 95 on pnntyb 995 AN * maw mND AMY on 
aon den spn dyn sane. msi’ son * oyn awn pin sans 
tmp mds nay nn * te yer 
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ny ems ome Nd mean As me ny wy! 
test Fed Coed Cay “UN PN 

sys nds “Sonn nna Ss 

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soo YNDY * FN pe Ady? 
7) yNI) po’ ‘DRT IDD ANW 
STN Wh) oy aw dy 5p why 
2a) en WwW ‘vin 0d 
say voy war ed + peetya pons wan 
tym d ynr pon *anxian pnd 
stay wea’ Ww rao Sy ow? 
sbwa’ yw ep yy 

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soy yora ans pw dyn and 

sqpy wp nod Sy» ‘pnn o's ‘DTD 
sap Ip wk Sy *ydyy yom sip) 
sty phy qe mn ‘yy yD mA 

 L17, O5 omit this piece. 

f, 21> 

503 :WHIT OY mdz 


:jov.a9 md ANS asins’ a As fp! PY say ° Sp’ do op yp? 

no Ss paves we np don tforn toa nda + Sew sw 
HIN APY ow ae {> wy apr eydy. ypan mpi son 
son fay’ se ps py ey eye si pam mpm aw in? 
mm, pyr. foro op dass ya! mr med): fee po cath ewan mB 
+ Aadys son od sem nes yyy sana sy Apo sj Sup + pby 
‘THI Awe iow who by * py» cw bran synom anos 
pp xd jor sfior and nbs + Hivind opr mm sfow oyn $s nm 
mw ya py pea’ py pawon.:jor 1 tex op Sexe ydsn ap 

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yy np Se nnn awn it’ aon sons $x ina sm * pipon ar aw 

map no pork ap np ssa ya’? aad or anows | tn 
span: ‘Syn ann nswn :npy mpn ay np * thes 30 aD osm 
oy ds ¢ oy 55 py 55 son finwn npn’ poo xyon awn p23 
my ms qmbya’ scthhom Sym nino oyna ste ornwn 
Dn TW yam sayyh msn * man ansom s7p” aw 15 
+imgar’ Sx yon Sey saat ar nbs © qety $95 mnaipin ste ver 
xd jathy iat Sy mye Sp ame Sy any doa saaann 12 po ben 
NW Tpa mn Thy’ ano wn on sqppn’ AD AD nD 
'nY nD * We npy DYN Ain pN) san) ony nD * nyb DY ain 
Ty Sse sar qanpy xd anos ond asp ova min per swe pr 
pTanwe ima dom * asst aby Sym sap obyn + evn 5x yaad 
spy” nvdy fon * JN'2 IID Myp * Tay wa Syn * Pa’ nD wen 
ney’ sam xa pep xdsx rcs ae by ony dy awe xd 
ma soy nnn awn Frean poy wren pos s195 vA 
anss :tyds y2 pny ja ywray andy wpa’ AD sqHwnd’ 4b 
‘pody anxsna mim ae sqwy nydy mowa- sino Sak nga 
say? poy mw mo? own mr nota po. s5nDon MD AN 
‘mn yor} sq99p aa’ mn vist + poy’ Abe 1d op xd jor 

asi Anand awa + mnisd 

nainn :nnainh jon)? on a anian sana ayn nnn wnnN 

yon sansay oad asx apn asin spp quad * ANN ANT 
moon :Aanse5 mS py aa win sAwy Wwe ov? 1 P23 

1L17 Pn. 




ad hee 

:wpIT OY Mmby 502 

Shr. wand +95 apy yom seapp oy oa stem 9S apy ann 
+ nbd vox on sea me ANS tomy | pee “asin sonay ds 
ND Any wr sen Syn pare odd woe on seyda ny pan 

toy ods. pen Ni ON 

soma Sx oan 55 qnien ot sqminnd ssn: anid’ mwas pot 
my “osm ena mye pena sqm Sop + wie Sbpn npn 

sansa * Papo AD /mNSY sow po pers na mye na stony 
io. mad o> sqnxon mm op monn Nd mix obi sqneined 
any ‘awp oy va sans moos “mwy aD yn AD sqnwy jo om 
ov ths ads ydy nx ap ysn md ssnyt ovo “enn ¢ ans 
Sono sy pad sqnevpy ov See qmsine on bes qmin 
soap sins 55 sqmaus on mp mmx nny Sy bee sqm 
I Aw OY. INN A Nash mina sna wa’ 
STno on pNn pawn mpm pan. sqmbdxa ‘nonpn ¢ swe 
SIND ANS Mw “NIN son) “yw spo sods Judo soapy 
ns pads mm awn awn 75 a0 sqmep anes wn ‘nddn 
‘JEN nD aw smn SN JEN pond. aw IN snow 
‘EN nD aw sooty’ ns PI? EN nd aw sqmo2don avn 
aw oqmins mn > nna JN pan aw stron’ ne ino 
: MIN) JEYP Wom * JEN pn sw sqnaihy ny’ + JE yin 
+95 mo im > om in sana. aNn pa’ an& pom 
rn ys syns jo nr nbs /axsosnn sqman jobws’ mnan 

sina jh Sap mnyayy sqnywsa nwy ea 

MM spay’ mse Nw hh pos pp may ey ey aon Typ 

+ fw ray spon sysepo ‘Smee atta pay syaaeza soy + opp 
yaw psy yan sya Sen + Asb joy pam set Dn 
mmm ao) arm asi sya Sas wwe ova ar oar sown 
eannon sido npr spss Seen + Suan inomy spate pow) 
emom Sw dyn] sts Syn wes Sy sabe mipp sya aden 
SD Mwy :PIIN P| * DYA AMD Ne py mR pe’ Nd 
myy sPdopr wasn po obs yad sm ny sya naron + ois 
syot ap pst bn ar aud wow seo “ip yo + pan ‘mypn 

1118 4. 

f, 20 

f, 20% 

f. 19 

501 57 oY mds 

a msn onde mms mm samaen epy sy Sak Sx 
pone arin andm sad ‘nesh + oon my ar oy) ¢nsin 
‘oyp oys orn Fox :maweh yn’ + Sw yp yaw inn 

syawmr Sskn + any sy sayo snadn sypn 

sintosn not oo * yd xd yard xd santo ov pare ey ova ny 
sinnwn doi sys Nd yn singe indy nawd xb naw 
sayo sinydin aden 95m mom simta’ poe © ome ids Sup 
sinsy qa pon San fon Soy sano hy Nee oy oy 
my mows oy miwd ov sintay’ fonds baa poo’ AND mone 
Sy psy mwa sinstpar sino Soon ana aynD sini) 
Sho dO ADA sarispta’ ES © pea ova an sims be wea 
by ‘mn mis) sinsarpy’” poate oyBS py > sinwow Jing’ 
and ne yy sm compe Sy mew sind by mow * amin 
Dy sins) DIN) ASW By mpoD Sy sineb Ryon * my 
SINYINT ON AY ans SnsAy sanAsy wa iny + St» ov 
boyd yn ste mda py simian on ar? ade ops ay 5s 
9h 6 par 55 sinvpey oy gh xd? ond os md oy sink 
me poonpy fink sinawn ay sy? sys wy sinads pkn 
sy ndomA 55 samainn Sy sn 55 ¢ soy dene sin” aD wae 
mas xa simdun dyer’ mon ay sy simbyi nips + apa 
sindy ms nwyh oxy aa wld) sintnd whos sy Sik bx 
sy Sates mem xd pod sina syay sya ¢ oes ayn nby ne 
simby1 mayor’ Soam ara amy sins oy eps tasd w23 
‘anairiny aninn singon 5x9 wen Sse? ain oyn awp ds yon bx 
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swripn saz dan nix yo sendd wad 

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2 Wwe? mon yaw S95) svinant Tbrip: 9S npon mya nyo 
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syysay’ yop oy Ss py po xy yan wan by smn nosh aes 

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nnaw 37 AD way? oN oT pw | see 1 WwNd NN Dd 
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“yO mm) Aap’ oan san anh snappy dy. “aw Sy 
mnN ¢82) DIM wor oO NdpA | sayIIN MDM WD AMD 

f, 17> 

f, 18 

499 :NI7 OY mds 

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pay 55° paw awy pow stppp ab sw 55 sews’ owy ow 
sya nx popm sna qay> men oben oon mom saw wdyy 
Soy’ say) sy Tay sy sma ony qngynend scay oosh wo oy 
Sue pany nwa + por po ons Say saws aon owas ar 
Say yer we nw ww awe swan by xia oD Dp 
pansy yar Soa yby may ow samp: $95 sd + by py aw 

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haminm awse ov goin tin sws ov? ade ops oy bs soy 
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POR 7D psp ws VN rekon won as aD va 
Ssn owa andy nop os sek tp bm win * ods wayne 
nwa apane ya sen 8d rinsed 3 DN pp 12 :wripn 
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xd oynr opr? poy oy) owe ney mom pny’ ome 
mm Span sett yds op ow + Seow ox yn op a set 
rena Sse ay pot Sew aes oa sem a Sy + pawn 
Sbnhs qony mst mS seapdo xdy soy nd soinyd nan ay 
oy ody ser no pe nbs ¢ an pm qnst oo sew Jens 
awe tad nyaa Sx anh on sep Ss won? apa sy an adn 
pasn | oe Sew a: oi by ndnn’ noaa mona seria 

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mi mda) smiways minays + pose adh omy: medy mina py 
sy cidy. smeay yey yd) “aycoy “mai smarts no? mn yp 
imei’ mb ¢ mio na aa AND SAN? JAY ANT JA’ JNM 
ym smosan by sone rity xd addy emia nds + Syn yond 
yas Sy * ay ansdnn soo emp dy ovo ab 6 ab ag» xb 
m5 am ay. smd. ai dy apy ob mS px ym smsen 
S31 emai 55 Syne apy Syn wien Sy emiytinn ym ode 

m smi nnn mba Sybo smn mixtna mewn. 

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smixdpan ‘nwy * mane yay 55 sikn nikt yy + na emens qwd 

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son aw say 535 sweep Sy wat aw sno i> nnn 
“ay poi moan yd aw bn aw snp yd aw apy 
stam tam San nan’ nsanay| sta bs aye pned aw 
by xd + axws nnn yom fan oy Adnn* yay’ ann dob) 
wd’ odom spp mn 595) * pom ods 595 trays nyt 
+ mend? wnn snyp mazad apy’? Ay yd one ssindnd min 
ma naa Noon xis pana ow pao NEN jen wady 

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S29n Aap? wD HY por AN yD sway Ow py’ nody ons 
sary dns ¢ “Awysa’ dsa stat ot pod $3 DIN my 

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sapiny an are pote Ss soph sqwae So wey nth © SS pow 
95 oo ANTS 3 55 win adr ndsy wx pow may a 
at bse ons 55 py ame dn ppm 3754 $5 wp Sy arta a 
wor Annoy! mo Sx sana ana yh) * wows ON sw wy 
wan Ss sqown ona mai’ mon po omax bs fasy Sy oy 
spy ay? adn qws bb | stepd Stn sy’ dk main awe 
anaponY ada awn an PAwynn yo wed? Bhan tn 

1 Li8 xn. 

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f, 16%- 

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roy ws qm saws qady enyow awe pa’ pms 
snyaw nbd? naw 93 amin 

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smyvoyn iy A cedaoesy app aia a yeain a 
‘mo mep So ryan ows ° sso aan sda on 
msdn ssaina Sy sn 55° ot aden 2 5Nd ome * ow 
Mas) PNM * AyawA own sad Mi ¢ NI Gm 
svanap jo Man aypy sw Sy masa b poo S1° youd 
yom wn Saw 5205 em th pe ow > * ptm ar ya 
soy Soppn $5 spn aa pny? wow am wow ar syradd wen 
mowp pawn sawn wn Sx man mr abso” sab pb 05 
22) WNT ND Dna Wwe Mon 2/N2) NR TN * WN 
moe xd sys mas ayeno SSppm sniyy’? wwe tayn’ sayin 
mat Syn wenn am > yy wen pwn wy ww 2b 
moan say py pnd ane: an sp by mor ar sean mw 
m 5955 por mam a Sy mor mm sedoy cd grin * “ro ony by 
f. 15 syamed oped + son ‘avy an yo | s/evan 

3595 wr yo * mindy fade by sed omen + ypna my rik 
ye yoya “mci wee por samy S95 sae + oya aac yon 
snoo ane symp wa sds np md awn > snp aby 
syst per nih py tao Sup sp sy wows’ + 999 
mpan? sy syn ps ony nyt ste weady * pena “ad ps 
AID AP ID Ey! MN nyt Oya no ps NON PM 
ans 5505 sme pst me Zam dye anahy “aby syn aad 
spy nds ayy xd + mar’ pon Sy son dy ayy xd> ainy 9d 
3b) yo 19230 aby sme eon war aa b> + mesdy adanm 
xd + suino a» smxy poi mato | yon’ >) sn se 
xb> Sy sry span way dy ay ake ony sty xd) moe 
wen svynn dpa’ + man poy sry seypm ytd + Sem ap 
wow saan mod sm wn wer ot pds + wap my 
sx) Nw JID? winnn> PD) ANt P2* od 37 yr | sre mdr md + adwh on odwh on 

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snndy mp “nnpd Sra te ind nor eripb nba “ams poe paw 
‘mowyy ast ast da’ sntinam aa’ ap by an yo ba mo 
mms astoe Sat rnin as * anya as xdty smmapy 15 
eoosay’ pois xby eds py aby anya ard sy pwnd pod 
synod yada apenas semmyp yazan yy opm dee: rind» px sno 
mow 52d) my 1d xa 55 yor oda 1d mba 55 momansdhy 
spy. ends min bob) min maw 595) sm pwn bob) ° wn 
DSN TS pom on O& ma sro onenp ows * ya A 

rips) ION 3) 

ba$ awn oman nea ANd $95 yn + peyton nyt 

PNION pI ma) yah oy shoe md gunn ox yh 
moda syn po 12 AD pon ayy peat: /A ont’ oe 
SNIw) “SAN pat paws pont 5502 syns wt in an nowp 
soy yo Say ayn ov pn Soa | snpd mops + sayy on’ 
wod) yaa mse wim Na py’ pp Ose oye Som etnn Aap 
ano’ ynews SSonm yin) py syow *ino'x Saath sy own 

pp. qwe pdyn soa Sup jot od nbya oat sa an 

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% obs s/n yo Sa oa + 553 5 Sn ara sexo mips 
Px awe ya mm omy ann. xdt sana 95 vp nim + ydsn 
‘Sem son ara ps5 pn ow pwn pn ww*® soph pnd 
any nnn’ seynn onda’ bon by Sym steam aw aro 

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monany Wwe Awen oo raxdo sy Zamna’ + meyd ms yo 
pny’? opm owe ¢nyan Sy aannstr+ andy myst snyax 
sobs pt papp ens boo Ko ey Ben rnyTN 
penn pyr smd som pyr ab op rnns Se nny mabwy’ 
‘pain mya andy snmfaxs sem * pnw nwdy joy nydn pan 
13 ‘AnD -snnwD pow InN! ‘Mwy JOD Jon rnnn mmbdiwey 
nna yao pysy + mwyn yp yarns Sy snnpry’ mpo xem + poe 
pom yaa et xd | ymin ja Dnoy jas nw A> yo wan 
JIp Nb snNwo Nwn pw sab bonny nym mh oy 

1 L 16, 17, 18 om. 

f. 14> 

495 sb OY Ardy 

yin wos ndnd ‘nown Ar ep nia 

sty 1) Ara AIT ‘yop NTT 

:ryom nm bad ‘nD wP mIND 

say Bed mo yD ‘ayn don mn 4D 

rand! 82 ons NTT *9nB) Nb NTT 

sont 9 3w3 ‘yoni qt 53 


step by ax Alt | ‘opiny py a7 

f. 43 710) PAN) DY N72 ‘NWN. INI 
rvs by Sept aby aby mart 

mI * “py sy Ananny saw an” Sy +99 ody mie’ 
saman msyn 55 ney sta qn tah? po nan SSppn soy 5 
piann ws em stay $55 wars Ses mnvw nn sp Ayond one 
Spy sandS own oxy * “ash 595 on penn yyw? pan 
NHS ov ows’ * DIN Ar 

1D MY yO swam wn Pa sey wy wy’ paxn own pa 
Tasty qwrny an pa swspns my ody t pny mn pa tes 
won ¢ DA pa swonnn oar? SSay oven pa eed) ana 
PD) DON PI ¢wOD INN) Tay SM? DY Own Pl etn on 
seas awe ard are nr opipdd ar qe swan nin: Sypd’ + pa 
:YSPNN OMI t myTNIT w 2s epD mint ‘ndys * pon) nl Ps 
nn waa’ nr? nm nonan pa: wh ps ws ¢ wt Ayn pa 
mann dy + Sost xd som setpny inn + am mr rot seh’ 
pvsnmy * dm Ay ps pa penn wey wnt dyn oon pa twa xd 
fy pd orb fie yor am ¢ ppp am nD Ip pwn wa ms 
33220 own any ows’ oy + nem moder sworn md pspipm 
swabs oriows por) es TM 

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Sx snodd ayn nytn Sapp poo sin'n poow’ + yn ona woe 
pind * ying Nos yy emins nn oan’n * onbdsa noon wy 
aye mma sy poo xot pm yn Sy xdt xan pnanpd 

+05 mm, 


PIT OY mds 494 

bob + say gyomia’ pity qbax eed wine stow Sap + snon 
myn ops pnts Swain xd paewy pads: Norio we ¢2awtt 
mdban | sides 25 + spon eRe san my 53+ pads sindiy 

sonde mays ps 

modys may mpany stn ds mds md so peat ton 
pmane* won,  3diwe Sais Tanb’ ornds 

mt poo sm Yep se osa2 oy oyaw Sed west adn 
ayn dnp 55 spy: yay sane son Sop np 197 * DB oy 
smAy enn mppz* ownp oxdy any sy 

aw I'M) FIED wmaM TD ‘pp ony qady qwe2 wn Jw 
7M SS AN ¢ JEN pM 

pind as UW atm nwa sr fuss Lol, nds on 

soar 55 pba: mm 1d sess soso wax ¢ mn pa vain 
im soot po pin ed qoAnn spyvands ommnyd + ow Se ow 
yom pr son xd oy wy? pydhby | sohon 55 wna yay * oon 
POM y+ pa os 
Loli, DW yYN) DYwN ja DIN 
mron mao ada mw spony syd apy xem Sx amipp wn 
AD) }2 pnp 72 yeas aan Span ymon pK wD yo 
“A HIST Carell 

sn’ oD YT NTT ramen Siva pbs 
grind xd 3 nl’ ‘mwsIID : 
s7yNb yD xy) *y pr’ “ay? 
SW oY mn Ow *San wn ow 
SWNT py sae Y Am my apy py 
sip say ep bya oy Fy 55 yypna 
syay 55 win by oy) ‘man or mn $x pb) 
spp ‘Sp 33 05D ‘ip’ 3 op nnd 

ST pow py ye? + Ay? yo» Day jy qb» Soy say pd 

105 wn, 217,05 whew. $L18 yt, 

siya pda ax + 5 n3 

f, 12 

f, 12> 

f. 10» 

f. 11? 

493 227 oY mds 

finer swe nd awry ws pink wt awed + amb inde 

sinxyyy pads ¢ many ms own “nepay sins pdpnd + py Jxon 

bn you 1b ton aya mB | sae pom arm + wads: mat 
epndss may enim Ss o> anxynr ss aynend ¢ pap wn nds pis 

gS syn to pr an AD yy Mr SDM TAD wr IND 83D 
symasp ny pst ondsn sim mayo pymad ob ads * Snnws 

‘opin om sori 55° sax many sown 55° BD ane 
sour ney? ondsen nds spon pam 

sma gy yop wy xdy* yp sows seas Syn + mid SSay 
sepa naam Syn Ske sin seer ny S92 + aba yo 

sas) ¢pyonnn om * ombsnnbs sorndan 95 ¢ ens we mn 
PDD! TO ep pyoyo Apwn so oyyN oy * pMDI 

adic emppry middany + nye id tha emiydeon ‘nwy + mad Soo 
emedam aoends mind minpin enn 55 psy *x wep 

sooa Sony tan b5a¢ daa Sbma | east amma nese Sk brn 

sooo Se wy prison toa am s5w ater som gn yn Syed: 

bony ny Soa aba $$my sonny ose pt ory o& we ed 
by py mm psy > son JES nD aw TONI mAN soy 
onan’ ay 

oh ssp Syn pry mo Amer ea JD § ward doy on 
ombss pe gi ase any we pte Se me 5a + adiey pa 
: "Oy 

my soon’ nds + mien 55 Sy som Sea arse moan Sp 
spdwy saan on’ “nape any cody de ass pad + ten nbiyd 

spy 1p) ops ova’ * ovens ox sib ow pet wy om In 
yoy nOIN Ta yd se pp swowa DPI * pYp"yA 

ets gl t solaiy TON = weleiy WTION 

ony’ | inde PSM spo | sen sismbyp yore + ona pon 

min yaw) aber siedoy myn) yo mds pid pwn +12 tw 
sun xd pom mo odt sixdpy mun sds awn xd sindpys 
man Jason pion $x :1nB29’ on ¢ rie vyin. Nov: 52 
sY rxen a+ daa pop sm Pes wn qo 1. sds 

‘nop. saymax na om SR ax csr piped’ xw + pom 

ma ne gw pays 1 Sx syondmay aemewndy + wnyd 

ee ee 

:527 DY nds A92 

md Syy nda oy) ada ° ew ary pen goxay $25 + nboa’ “nena 
wr fons ‘wy ws own pO 7 ODN: INN + Nw AMN 
sommdx ans 3° pyre 

px awes pp bad per ender xd anor 59 ¢ Jon ans apo 
onss + awe owyom :xdar ox qo ant aa sadnn 
yee | | : daa 

poy snd aw swe | cpp dv diaa qd pars anis San vin 
70M) aryow ops dy Ope nie sys xd Sow + 4a pain syn 

Ms aNAON MY sAyOW me PN pas py mp ra pyd svmab 

pio Ndi nosio wos xd) ann non fh dst oy dy po ud 
pimomsy ass nbs santas oy np adie ands saps 

asar 3935 Dp ns Py ws man sya winds + mavd Sbnp 
$16 min’ nondpa * a3 mA som) MON * wR 

Sy wnhy ¢ mon Toa om ornoy odan pwyo on AD 
JOD 1 WRN TN pA Pa wR NMA AD OD” ¢nDws 
:mm pox 

boy obs 55 nown poser se 554’ anyy * Son “nena aris 
:wIPI TINDS PoD 1 mn we 52 enn + odoNI POD Dy wn 

on Sy ssazy oy Syn oan > sak mimd + ioSm) onan 55 
sayy pd do. mays poy ana mn: N93 NIN Aw WES 

TP sO ywyor mI NID | ;oO'NAT b> on * MADD DDWn 
somdan Son + may Sy va sp orndaay pyinpaa’ * 1d 

mam sopty wy? d5 Sy ory spp ypo oon * Dy MN 
so‘ndxd spn yw)‘ nox) Ion an yD’SN aN pom ' om bx 

ye pin np otp xdy so oaada ya sate gd any? on at 
sin sop Oks wow spb mma. sanenspr awe + ad 555 

say D> oans protons “ney swe odan pwyos mwy ow 
| sqwan 525° mmm abs Se sme prety Sx ¢ gy nar ks 

my sqm ‘2d qk po wr samp ‘ad ¢ qk S$Ay ow 
SIMI PwyN. AY’ DY sIripsn 2m * IAD doy 

+ L16,17 omit this section, L18 has it in marg. with the note \jo 

3) ast! seal paola gentle es gd + Capall 2 Lay mero. 

f. 10 

f, 8» 

f. 9 

491 :N5I7 OY my 

xO pay mor Ans yanay omy seanb OMAN Nw mon ID - 
ssanca nyp xdye nw wind sdyoeedth ny ado + sth ob one 
xoxo 9955 pry sa ommainos tiyds say aden aming abt 
sinen smdy + nao ime xd sand mow xd) + pin on ony 
bx5 moors? mona fra mom nie aS manam awd adh: mn om 
aya Pox NI DIN AIA TNT wD In by wdsa IT WN 
spam om Sx min 

by simon dy amin pnesan Sp sme onan yaa Dy 
Seow soyd BS ako rmpDN oy mp yo * Sew Sap 55 
mm synan Nd Avan * mayd nop may te | sitwawn pom yb 7 
Nos Ose * DR na OMIA yn) Mw|I + Mn 7a IM WD 
‘man AND pO nn sman ma anyway’ nde ops ova sx 
Dp mas NM ¢ ww AD od ow Mp smnNd nody nr jp 
‘y00 Joa wan xd smnon nbedem nw par pa py 
rmmpy we Sy qaw ‘may wwe rst mw mdpm 

Jes pom) om bs nm 

so eS * stl WS dx Joi 

+ bay 5Smay pyemya epay say? anos pivstsd Syn * tote mina 
mam * Syn Sen san po ondsn nds sindyd pion 
siymdss mints px ton Spa aka stem 

695 mdb smiam any tk xb “nen sam mn owE AoE 
ans ¢ ombsn 55 savas sex mens? toad on anki san) nn 
smbx somabo 95 * ovsben day soars ans * pve 531: pane 
xd someon oy ans min pp | :o3 Wwe 52) Dn + PANN DWN 
sy) spmp Ani * rivto xd tio xd pore §bnn nny * qi wen 
som nN man IaDD Pe. 

pYBI sonwse7 Sap + Nba an? Any :nd> on + S30 eh 1D 
pysa) :onipys b> yown + nny pypa sonrno: 55 ‘nih nn 
‘pemino any somdwp inn * nny pypa) :omiay 55 yon * nn 
SOOM TP. oA Joo: spnaw Pox 

yn xd sone. Soa * oan 55) sorinsn $53 + oman 55 
TS) soma owe xda’ ‘nwy px spond onbon * onk 

* L17 adds 1n psi m1 DWP Ww" xP. 

:5I7 DY my 490 

: é | | 

md>sy som $5 Yt psy a 55 sonbo abuse my pa 

sony’ “wn “m0 San xd ome symp 55 mitaxa * noon’ 
sondyn nds + app por 
lpalety OYTDN mINY yO" 

wo mnMmdp vp | won usd els, Sonny ony onax MH Dx NPN £7” 

332 ass Lrnle Jie, :jON MD PV yoy s/t pny DD 

Jg35® (Ke Grow ghd le dy lyst) mosh Ms all sei 

all (ey yjll Bown see lig ee Cited! ates! bine op! us? 

ise SON sil ad Joo pt af ew ote vel Sal ne wliy 

del Gls al, Lisl ne 
ryan mm pe 
:onn Skn pws Ons Sony 55 nnd 
sponnn SSany + Syn ow espn’ 
;D7py) jn ‘ANI ‘ANON po yr 
sonn xd insdpn. ‘mn 1d mY 
sompar 1d WD) ‘AO WP MD 
sonm mds 555 ‘nove mbsana 
sporpna dian A Sys ‘yt nnp nna) 
:powa2 An ww Ann ‘7D MD WAN £8 
son Sap xyeo ‘sd ndmna p23 
PDWN NDONN 7D aT Tw ypn? 
SDN'YD pa oMpyn ‘pray Sy may anw 
soon’ pin pK ‘Dpyp Jon nna by 
gpa Spa no sod wh 
spam om $y min 

:N°DN nw Ins03 ‘Np? 90 
snd mw AD ‘omy ob “DIN 
sawn 5 ‘DD IM) nw AD 

> L18 pian. 

f. 6 

f. 6> 


489 2b DY mby 

monn: pnd yaa emmy adym sine yaaa’ * wpm pdanr 
onds mony owe mnx si~dy pnann mom * nay ny am 
wow wpa: :abapy woma’ * mem mbm syst ‘mown + an 

syepda om tins pp 2 75 ap sayy andy ape + Sean 

Jed ay Tan PIA sayy MApyI mM dbyl 2 dmPM ye whys 
mM | Lex SPM ye UNDE PID lye logy call DYPIT gm 
mwa ows we Jl eis om nna by pps pray ads 
mt 2 AW ND owNr Finns own dma own Sona qowar 
yy oad inom oped ows > by mado apn sanpnn 
| “Ay NN 
md>>yy sam 55 sydors som aan sands ows + apd drm ws 
mows siedy mw sp ony aay pawond ndo + yn bop 
aon ap Aaa swrbsx pp’ mynn wa p23 Aw ¢ Ot 
sambed Say yams saps mi ova > oda 

yon Je Jl NAWT gy QXe Ul, AMIN | WP TMM hss > LI Wye 
Pmanw Jaws ow jo nodys may mpwr 239 ape xn* pT 
‘oon mow mnaw 2095 owsp ow aa ow orn a wept 
soomwasd ny ia mn op nypS ox 12 Ar :po3 pp IT Ow 
yaya wing qos dd3a9 wea $95 my oa nn swale maw 92 oP 
PDD Mwp) ns vyn swand wwys 
sorprdor ovnds: Sban» ann aeleiy dN 37 

stub amd mines mawhn nna sey $25 yey + ymdpn mim 
stow Neva mosoN) abana Shhy stay aad Aye yan yo anna 
mse sm xd we pon oS sony nin “mad © ‘nova’ xdy os 
Maw po’ nia poy aap wer saw pox md + dy ben 
srywya jx qwrd nen ds mn 

OPN DYN SONNY samy | 3y5y lS aay Jedd Hy Sahl spel yy 
sods may yon Sy mierda Spy 
ayox son 55 pbnr+ a 55 ayy somds main am dyn 

1 1.18 gives it in full. * Liz gla 5 05, L17 por 
pnw 7D. * Li7 omnn, 


:5I7 OY mby | 488 

2ws mn ows? 

ayn op * nwson mona’ Sapn 55 snowy wip Bsn py omby 
Tw ANN AND WN wpm anon DADA ws Aye oyna 
| esl le le moyn pyprn 
ng nde mds md om abs nbs ps onde Sans * 
selasy DY 1D) 
+ pdpys some * apyydy pnd pmmaxd qiayS nor ens Tw nn 
pms imeapn Se yyw Sey wnwp 5s yan bx * pray nwo Spy2 
soley WD a1 pam orm 5k mA nny Jo Mp DEM DYyeA 
osnse mn mds: may sine dy: mdse pe ponds ban» 

CB alps Caml Se oe ee SMNON NES ay Gail lily 

solesy av oY nN DAbN TIN Cab! us yyy Naw shill 

cel ally 
yawn wins nnn mn 
Hogg MOV AND MOY DIN Je Male Syiy Yeliy weno PonN Lis, £. 3° 
A00 all (8 Gyall yo yl zl ay D Moe LI 
sien yw per] “nano md ain fg 

YUMIN TIA NIN WH yO ord mmbdy yr Jes eld se f sb 
ad ° 
mM all os, 

syd Dw yp) mown aw ds 
SWI Ayer — e prsxdon ppd 
syndy pp 334 *piyyn own wp? 

:yanp dap ddan + pown bx por svat qa i * pn pn 

11 16, f. 2; Lry, f. 3”; L18, f.1; Os, f. 65>. 2 Twice. 
* L18 in marg. jox On 120) Mr? Sap b> OVANDOT Wor 3 me g% (3, and 
at go, moon fl [L17 eagXe] Syill gon, Cond! a ge 

iil \d2 ee Nag thay Dw ly [L17 adds Sb]. 4‘ 

f. 172 

oa. a2” 

f. 173 

487 navn pies mn ne) mx 

J[oD * DNDAR NM 1D? NNW. yw * Poms pro 
sqminw xdy gow xd pnb may om bx 1 * ynrina 

mason Sy *omn jo Sy omm | * pen po apyn’ Nm mw Bp 
ONT A WwE MAN DD Jan wRd¢ qnmdp fisr* DD 
amd nat Sano * ppm map op * nnawn ow? * DDD 
soo Td ina aBN ND my aw yd > powNA 

homo eA Ww Ame mp am wm oup arsy pom ws3 
mind 95 * NON MND * Maa NNweD Dd ¢ indy yw + MD 
mp Na oY | smspn nan * wd pn Poy jes mp 
gran dy con xd gary dy gow sd np ya mdm 

oD Ma wn WNN pn pa ty pnxvdas ows aww 
aan > * mppN awdy © Joona AN * MBN wD * ona SSam 
sap nds wha xd ° moot qb oma + maby qo by + 1S amos 

‘ony wep * apy ndapd mein * onpy ya aon | awn wd my an 
perpna my moa mown Sy * pyyny snan’ + ods mmo 
endw po myn dy ° obw> mdy + nppm sadn’ wap: apna 
sow? sow ar odd wads qr 

sp 25 pom pyasoome ax > Annawn 

saws pps mn ndd mds 486 

‘mwera ia swe * made b> by © pense ee et mia qmds” 
1D WONT OMNI pox NT | Nena past oy + rsdn poss psn 
& op pwyn Sy odvare poy? qoy adie pd md + neny Srna 
¢pwann one os> ond: mays pepn nad wwe pon + ona Sy 
‘ANYON DN yD *wS Mona nen * mwydanda+ modya say 59 
may on Son mane * mys pion 55° myyen apn ar by 
sere nw Sqa Sand symm pay aps ON Nat Imp AdS 
pinnae an nbs oat ‘Sse ap toset | sandy 

nnn yao tas Sy man ¢ ya Sap yipna * nnawn rex b 

mp onyvain ya oxen %> nbpy spams span * Nw 

rity joa qow *Syap nor? yap 

wnes dip inawn omni | * say yo 197 ¢ mn Dyn ND nD 
mov? as Sy arwat ap app wipd + pa ans * ony 
opm ssny > mbyny * pmyonn io wow mp aa by ipnos 
semana wpa + Syne ad pw sneer * indy nvnd + qn» 

tyosyy aan ed dsm mdse + enn nobya + pawn ni) 

meon nds mp wt tows ow mot + saan pwn onbyd 

‘SEs pany aw sap op ads a wwe ans | oopnys 
syoyd meyd raat awe ayn Sy min om sores many Sy 

xd sgondse qmint sy om a5 mbp oon * annp yndd 
pox woe a dno xdy* anans ynmawnd + pw=spp AABN 
se mban yo mpm + ad ‘now wow ¢ om Jaw > * WANN 
syondmay wninnndy + aenyd “nndpy + wan pany 
‘royy Pwyo va tea me qd my * nbyp ppm | ¢ om nna Sy 
poisnd «Syn non in ar npyo bby 19° opp piney jo MD 
93° JD. AD or? nD Pyba Sot + AN AWN ANN * MSN 
SMON) ION 3° DDN JIN TIN) * Mowon ma wED 
*abea mena ned + say npn xd qroma sade vaada ¢ yn oe 
*abwa xb paw saxon Sy cams * bap pom: xon 55 Non iN 
a$5pm1 nanosa* donb) spay | * Spy annd+ amy ynwnx °2 
syypa “nyowr pads ma sy “naw 


f. 169 

f. 169° 

f. 170 

f, 179° 

f. 171 

i 71> 

f. 166 

f, 166° 

f, 167 

f. 167» 

£ 168 

f, 168> 

485 — pnawr pep mI n>) mbxy 

mxwrt coo bx vd mo sey ran ops yo 1251 tan aN wN AND 
+ mpyp nm spsrsonsaan pon ‘dos opt 2> pos yer + pps 
wera * yyy Wwe vow | eA nna + opn xd pn andy» 
syy dom. 

Sup myn ayn qa aw pry + Sea nm dee 5 md on by 

ayn xd qm 3 bap dyn qo pdin nn + on po pox 

br awa? Sma amps dpi * apwm pram pan dew popnd 
dna may owas spd ar dy sapm + 535 wren jo + mpeg 

mney pay posa xdy tnd wd noe yy ans aps sre oo 

+ atads pads sjnnawnd ymca + ato “nope? nnbdy “nena 
xy mad) mms ws nx nays ayn + pay S95 nds o5 
sma prom: pwyo Sy nanwn +’ atw 

‘yom mows? ppna ma spon | spp mena Snn awe Syn 

sypmT pops ine war po 55 by + Sen mre 

yay pry’ coset ¢ dan 35 prpny day cay) a mo wat 
simpy 2d ¢ min min any oD 

HOON IND JO TE AN POS awe na wet nde mine Ay 
Foam + ay “nso nytdyp otb | sso py po ° oN 8D ON wD 
ondan * aeyy Fianpm + ap 9b enn * vad “nyswa * ony: 

‘omy moon? pons Tews * mas onder cond ony ont 
reminds mio ms nwwa + MSD yon * ND? pI ANN 
nok * mown py mda rds | om Sap sy * amy may mop 
snp qnywed ¢ 9p mn bmn * MN ep 

by moby mtn 7p apes npw 55 Yn AX? qt twa YM 
‘mene 75 pawn 2 mos ine to * poms p> nei? moby 
‘mwa Dl now p> tin * max cw ne andy nny 
sm np jnywd sanynwed ump + mew own wow %9 

Dw onNawm > aM pom Mon pom mse amr py 
MII NTN WY MN POM wT onAN myx * “dy Jngn 
Pomstdy sayd + moto mnt onepm ompy mina yn por om 
pn. ms mone paa cy Sy pom 

PAawm pbs min nod mx. 484. 

fmsaso ods gyn pry sy whem eaomin oy Sys awn on 
SAD OY AD AD one) sawnn DY nyen monn 4 

sali, MON 
esl ee ere sell 

Js ye ANTI WON ANTD vig Ce yySe ag NN Le pA 
29) dam) Bll yleze pall yl plane pel Po Sew pr 

‘ mOyP OMI DMD. sn yn Sapa pats myP mdxd aN 

moor same ada byw vy * yyoa wow mmd> rn oy ody tnx 
‘ma ovyn Syn yan jo sos and mopya + wan xd 7b ae 
tna oyst od onda now Sa os | nad cps ydpany 
ot Seay yds yar adm wr 539 1 ydam * Sy aw pd poyyn 
gor soymn xd synip ada + rye yd pom td sSybpn ands 
‘aon ma mind nd. son xd war 52 xd myp noo oye xd 
rpoys sda pbay adh poyp dy pyaar dsb s poyyn ondyn 
emppy i pep yavna spy nd Sew oy + poy od on pow 
xd smoot py ov ¢ mn aadoy ants mS spsnp nwne mo 
5 seen 95 ona my moptpa sma ny Say xn Amys adnnn 
7) md oyys | sory po Ay ont aw ¢ oy Seo ids oa son 
ANIWN mw OY TaD yO wp naw so) my awe Abd + sx 
‘poy yrdy toys jd spot dt Sew no ' popyd mdp» po stay 
wre) em Bo ny Spm awe + mynd addy pow spor nd mow bo 

syON POY MAY yD yeas aon mon pred vdon 

don nt wit sy aw py tmbasnsy min one ae pop Sdanss. 

‘op mAN qow mane | nby ws pow + pr porns ‘pat 

xb Joona ¢ abana net ep aps pop? ads yoy Anw xdy 

:ndp min IN 

9p 95 yom pya oe AN ab Annawn 

a £ 164 

f, 164° 

f, 165 

f, 165 

f. 32 

f. 32> 

f, 33 

L 8, f. 163° 

483 snawa pba mn ndd> mby. 

Cage aby mim abs pian uae bam Lalsy 2d my min 
M2 ADM TAN ley) OM AID | Jley ohyd Ssnnn Je _ 
nyaon ds wn yaw rey a2 7 Max smb say nndpr 
37 NT sold yawn Naa MAY OWI sD sIM ANDI yy Spm 
soe lyay nyaon AYP? > siHdy nwa wy; Abn 
“a oyyawA wind Aan mani 
wndse pa sm pres Sew qoys ndp myn pom abs mm 
sons nds mbox md stn bse abs nnd sponds nawny 

yb sma mer spoyo Pra yyona sw wp npsoA yD ypDn 
SPOM MN cw ny Prat nne jor sosnw pow sows 19 
SPAN) DMD 2p by ox BYNoNA de MY ne non wd 
yoad snsbann sw mn rnwy any ws S93 qoy onde coll 
ma ons as med ones spyy qout moym one toxdo mbw» 
| :DAIN IN dN 
syndhay mandy wyd nndor sll 

‘ms joy ponds ae nonsidy Sap por pom om bx mn om 
P3 mands loe Sle Sled! Ysil say tamon pdydy bL cas 
so! slJ ye Gd Je 

van BND INNA jo : Nao mo3 nan oN 

U9 dad! jy ay Gils sell ay Ge Waen vIn Gal Il 
Bale Goley soll Caw col Ta2Dn Nay oll SbF oH cand 
Woystne wap Be Cw ths 2 Wis, solsll Soh Te 

Pall ole get ppl al etl ae Jy, se a 
uw ay) 

swspy rat adn snedyt mays + mawn pp i apn aw 
smowsr son Sop yprpa moa + Sw apyd 2 oe saw ins Sper 
npn mwa nny yas oma mote onyn nips po ppor 
Ml poyyT mpy omy AN yhoweN wer 53 Nyon xia nya + ody 
ayp mimda sap “py by wrans snodbwa anya py ps nd wx 
| snow 55 

? As above, p. 85. The rest is wanting in L13. 

navn pe mn nod my 482 

‘soy Moon pa saps sy addr 55 ¢ ainn mippa ‘sm a span 
‘AYP Dy pa sqpwn yen’ pa * OM wn pa sae mimdpn 
anya pa ata 55 Samy + Syapm ern nnann. pa | sayyn mpm 
SSNON MN MHS poraey pPoMa win sap jw + nwDN 
says} DMD pI yenaN Indo ot n|13 oy 


po tnx 525 nb: mm sandra mn py met ody nao naw 

mvp 5x yon bs sama ya nwo pox mban ood op sinxon 
sinson Syi yen Sens nin oyna 


WM g9INAY 3A 7 OMA Ab Ja velsy IDM ANN WII 

ynawy | saa MAM ows 99954 :d5p2 ovansp wa nyaon bx 
lane 929 TBD) “dey Naw nyspn AyPr solsll 
“ay yawn py ns onds Jay 
Valedy FINY TIA SMM Slay shyt yore? GI J MWD NIV yo gy 
your owas sbapaady sna7 ay snwsp op nyaon yp app 
ssl pine Sx nan nwa 2 sanson by spam sd 
pim bs mm yyndnaa wmexonbs wnyd Findor SW! wlll, 
Spnnm nanwn odyds sunon ndydy pomandy Sap» pny pam 
sa myn 

weal Std ule alae 9 al 

Sean mn ows? 

mips) pro moyn pw son naw Bp pan nod mby 
38> SU adel law de Hopae MeN ANAM yp pwA wn 
™yy MOTT yD Dds MAY MD 
AI m3) ¢nwY pox np Denn pyyn won Sy may ody 
samy pp wad ayn pep pbs amdy andys apn andy 
smuma Synwea saa ny op xdr zodiyd mbden ydy sands ma pono 

1113, f. 27°; O5, £.63; L8, f. 163. 

f. 159” 

f. 160 

L13, f. 

f. 154> 

f. 155 
f. 155» 

f. 156 

f. 158b 

f. 159 

481 mim >on ‘ny nw naw mds 

8b aypy pr | rsa ayn tp enn dy onan wa syn 
sor ue pee oaba qed p.anr mae toy er ar d>¢naron 
Mae sw nO me py poe seo ay op saw > oom 
TT AN sean na poy mm ody sean pnd * NN INN 
mays poy mm ode owan pena epoy ma ody ¢ on as 

rapox Sow xd) npn nam sanany nat py pd 

fox poy min py 
1% nwo AwD.d spt + nwo by ma ody 
smb masa rnd yn snd oma stom abs oy py ope tn 
somds many nd sony pe say to sndnad scanner 
1/99 yymde MAY OWI 
| onds none 
DON] cycedl sae Apo tabs bybs nab pe any p> ana 
ail by pall ala Bag J3 gy py [MOY D8 DION I ON 
wel smc ds 
ynany” 73 4n3 an". 
soleig eh Inn own owaW nwo w dy owes abba by onde 

spa yow mon nom petty S5any sony nea See spy 
smanwy Caee pom po xm 3 pdy ds odes aprny 
£19) mw 
aoleiy WON PII MAPYI AWI DoY>T wee 

:yoy may py sh hei son yo voy nON MAN 

by IpYANT § IDI MD shay rnvsy nbn was arn “px orbs 
xwow ponds smoxdo mim sas apa ypn yo cnds samay wp - 

moomds sayat parison yma jo cabs smndn ponpa + dp 

aqya ‘iby wy pa sto p> ai d5a* mm>pn ony mwy 

? As above, p. 368. - | 7 O05 wy Tw WN. 

rmm>on ony nowy naw nvdy- 480 

rpytp Sy moms orman by spd oo pet dma omen eSban 
pnaya jndwmy +g pwon ons | symm op bx + mos sy onpdo 
bps war ans ood omer soup any wre inden by soy 
295 2 nnp ya * oy yo Awe oO dn ion inant pnw on 2 de 
Sy omy ) onpw 9p CBN by oni * OD onyOw nox 
*yoran toy we imps med coon oy any io *S tox rye 
mmomp) :Sox oa ax otp + ob now 0S ape smn aN py yo 
P3MD AN JYna Any § S39 Sy onypy 550 ommp nwhw + ndoxi 
327 Joy * wo Aw nN WN pn Awe TT on pan pan 
‘py mbya oS mio sto ovsdom ¢ mans ow pap Dp 
nwo wen | samara pwn bx * pas ae omays sinapd omay 
eyana ydyn sane an Spas abs abs may sam dys am + ty 
[ON pry mw xw osm mows vd) amby ponm sym p> am 
sx od om samba ponsam sans md pens sans qo % 
mo pa nm yw) 69a opatdy sent cwnand + may qa od 
mst Ss mby mw say sanyo jo mp dip xds + cn ar ps 
pym * odpm ayy syns. nor? yp Sy awn sap. smanD an 
‘mnnon own Sx syoy onpdor: pnws awn poor sap aps 
oe] siap osxdsm se spo by mw toy soda emennn 
AWD WT ny oy ovsxdom :1asny ANN ‘aN +S Oy oP 
pow 395 monet wn 695 now ms si pwr yoy woder synp 
pan awe ax? 95 nbw 35 bw sqbiox Jao yo met 7b nbw 7d 
moon mane 95 nt Soy m5 mea ans ms * qb ody 95 by 
sp mn nwo me ne xb od so ame toda qaea soe 
Joys wnt awed nosy rodm on obs mow by yodyn 
v3 mr a | dw yeni s omds ona oe pe oy pw ¢ war 
80) Ar yD PND AN nN oo oe AD JAY p Saw yyy ¢ nya 
sasm :pxdoa xbyi yd Sy myo npr symaciyds yn inya 
van Sy spon om aimdy aw anm pp ha? pay 
yowon Se wmay sy snip wn NA apy NY rp IPO WIP enn 
Hox sTIaNm mans by ospy + ows awdy omen ode now 
[ONS JUN FOO OMY Dw Ow TdnA yer syd aN 
3 * myyyna saypn wip * nwo ond mw sontsy adbwn + oman 

f, 152° 

f. 153 

f, 153” 

f. 154 

f. 149° 

f. 150 

f. ERE 

f, 152 

479 Smimbon ay Mwy naw mds 

sero LIS sain pws 1 
pmopm yo pytet monde wee pane me oy Sy + pein) pen 

md$oy | see OND DN 892 NNN P92 WON Aw mw “Tay 
nD ADI sD paso Sw we aw sD tat md + may 

sorpyonr Sdanmy apm spas bs nat Se anpp swm 
sone Syn qnom pnd 

aps ape nd mp a tna bx ay spiny pime wp 
miowy) sayow ody mom mas ana yds 1b syn on mp 
‘aowom Ssaw sqyays ADA DM AWA Ey MATT SIA 
bo ons sen pow ANT INN AD AD Do sD wn aD dy 
snort > ods ow awe 
sted a Syy pase bs nas 

ond: apy sod PT Tony oat mde bx annpo “wn 
Pmanw wim onder | no yp 

emimdpn soy miwy naw soy ar epr na daa wws onsen 
3 ¢ AD DY AI AY Dp Mewn2 wnann fom 1 abs 
modya staan a poy mm ww soyp oy min ead ann 
sodw 95 oy sow mm Jou san qa. 
aelesy TON 37 

sop ony sme naan ows 
Moy AMIN Ww 
(2 yeraN ain Syn yA pI I yO ADIN TOM 7D IAD 
mov omy nds po pay povaw smten Any * psdns$ nw? 
‘admin *S pow sop MN JD ANDY AN poMN | mw ND 
mya ‘omen TN soo ome Nd om ome opdSn oon an 

NEW Spa say syne a5 mow pon rap od stpmest 

sane ine doy xd emis onda ab md opr Sena dn span 
you xdye xy noo cay dsp ayn nop pan pened yown 

1 As above, p. 366, lines 22 to 26. 2 See Petermann Chrest. p. 24, 
and another recension above, p. 366. 

smm>on voy anwy naw mds 478 

Jpg valdl Syastly soll ys mMby JIT NN Ab J, 
Le 925 Nl pomandy bap» poy pan pm Das mm 
ws naw nrwnbs ow spoetowat... pomedy Sapy pip 
ADM ¢NIwWNA wy nywn 7133 Ja mm —— ‘me nIwy naw 
by | potdy qnap pa my ww Wl no me ry oy Aa 

:mox yD PAD sNDMONN sien snayonp 55 

eleW cay YS ddwa ins Sly sales, DNDN bonny 
gic dls PAN sy 3 

2... mov oy ndwa ns 

rnanna ma pow fSsqwS mmdo oy s2ay mnawe nay ov 
rnp pyat pons 

may 9S om rmads 55 spond pod xd ede pow nd mos 5 
ron dsr 

sSyaw qoyd nap sms mynd pops ibn sayy nov on 
smn “ND Ws 

7 md Jl o> soy wT oS, sels, wind nywns wij, 
syndy owa * dm omy mbyy sands: nonaa + nddon amby 
mer paws ody oman pos tad mp’ po * ast dy sayy 
spawn abmaa + yoo 253 3 sy ry yownd + natn 
Ay napyny nema pbydt wl 

AMD Oy) FMON PND wall gdery saleig WAN PII Le lay 
om Sx mam nds Soran | Sle. saan yp) sows¢D1 Listed 
saxnp omdsr may winx Apwr 237 mde Glo Sle, fom 
. :manw 
mado * may xd na wer snow poe Super + wspy nat adn! 
mov pmo OM aysw any pa syste anaw pt Supr snows 
smm> yn naw °> :nwspA mn 
soliy MON I 

? As above, p. 276. 2» to 0 as above, p. 62; then as given here, 
* O05 119. * O05 om. to p. 479, 1. 14. 

f, 146° 

f. 147 

f, 148 

f. 148° 

f. 149 

477 smim>on ony nowy naw mds 

symm ma ooannm oasxwn nisw Sapo sovamany ymdon: pd 
f£1g2> je | 05 mawnn nna tmmdon ‘oy myy naw mroow dma 
aay) AmAN mn nna sKd syar par ar smawn wns ms wan 
mow oy am ney by oops sy spy Sop siemwes ann 213 
soo popns aD 315 mando de ova oy OAD D259 
ma nen: qoyd ayin Sy omni sis pnp aw mi et Ion 
spion Sua :nm opm pyd xo ndp mm we siymax avdun 
sop mnen Semin os ppndmn siymeonds paonyd nndpr 
mao simon Set siyen Sey sirwp Sx in be sqndnn 
soy wx nwo pray mbanay say oxo Soya som poms 
spn qwe dsp spna wmards sn wd ndp epee pa 

BINION NW Jo TIN YA HY Jas salty MON 37 sly 
Lae yo) Dosa Aap dy yadm sans 
sy yawn py ns ods Jy 
£144 pnywd> omaxd [porihand snyaw ws pon ner yds mn op 
f.144> PMY pAIIN AM ww aDdy ower] ndyd sy and ose apydy 
ma soomsra mbapno powa mby 559 mbaspn mayo snow sappy 
saleiy DNITON mM spam DIM be 

nd WA Dw 99 49" vols, mI AND wae as ddan any 
rosaw pow nwa v asdy ryao ada nyszon bse nm i qBRN 
boys 1D yb, ny2oN jo wo LLL pp poy pr jo lay 
gig t[ Jyad Il] IMM gb sdwy ssl] CywS smdw indn 
loo ayted [1]loo wblbil, LUM moby qrat inns oy Jlée ws 

GE ly VMI THI TDI R tll ye cw yl ble? pe 

Jas pptll ye cone BE abt pel came KEP cell ttl Gol, 
f. 145° PSDP Tt ye ew GE ble | GLI we 

colslled! lal le 
146 ~¢pEN2 mpayn xd *,., warn adm mane 

:MIDM AN 7 jMVe¥ Dap 

* O05 adds. 705 0m, L8 gives the stanzas in full, 3 As above, 
p. 68 (10 lines). 

i i ee 

"= 7 

SIMD ny wy naw mbdy 496 

mb oww md nnd oy smoans ansna Sion by my amp on 
‘psy jos) moby tp minx pmnbeney nor yea 30+ ow 
. smo 5 pan md5 

yada ine pow stom yor maw dys “monn dy): pr 
ped sdan oan mam > spy sq pay andar sqowm adm 
snnn shy yn sd gary dy ga xd os qoy em am 

:ysn ones by mney 39> pox wns sow Ain Jo 
symm oven pywyn can Sy min ody sawp ne min nis owe 
map sondst amy | nndys np modyt ma nya nw poson 
pp xd ndyd mbwn yby nbs ma pomp my pp wad sam 
US alety wid Sera 123 TY 

wld nbs MM Ja wade Ta Gus ddan’ Jl, ols, mn tony 
Tole wayd ‘nnddr ls slay lS Ma HG yell sole 
mem) US ya ws mans at ww my aa 75 oma nds 
Jad loaly Cade TYIID TWONM wold YS Hl) Js ptd spiel 
842 dy soleil INI 
2/myy jnawN ON won Inaw 
smimdon spy mawy naw ari Sy 35 ene onder an mm 
soley TON IY 15 
2/4 AMINdN yoo mad 
Jom smimdpn coy mwy naw in ws nawn oar pads own 
n> onset mmo py ma Ap yas) smawnn vor nyen jo 43 
Mn ww 3 Mal 
TIPS TI PN NT NTT TN sols, pom orn Sx miny AIA sale 
mayan ins mndy 55 Syp may inns apto wals, nna os 
oman Sw iprann jo nan [? Rye JT soll mes 71337 
sy poy, min yom oyapn 

O05 Te pus 2 As above, p. 288, with the variations given 
here. O5 om, 70 5 adds, 

f. 137 

f. 139° 
f. 140 

475 Emon vy ATwy naw mds 

3 pptuo a Lal tele 
imwp> :nawn oy nS DY DS Him. PR WN 
soleig MON 37 
:?mpphe mw ow | 
“ayy yoy rand > Ayn 
£134 9 Ap AMY Oda MP pT Tony dbAM soli AN INN 
:manw pay wns 
pnnm) TaDM) ¢ PED ‘ny wp wre * Yy22 My wp DIN Jaw 
*syow qoapy cde 458 pind aw oma ome som + SSennm 
aM Taynyny spay nb aon yaw “nonn dys yan yom 
nyaw) Tee : yay apydy pnd omand sor tom sy) one 
‘42 ond 
B pauo et Cal tale 
ON INTN wpa eM sninaw nx qpNT yn AD dy 
f. 134° oy pny ye by amen otydss jaan 

£135 MAN! TIN’ DON API! wIPNN Tan’ pT sels, Sn» ann 

PPT Da NN TY std me be may ram ter 2s by nbs 

“ay pms “T7DN whee 

:D IY pI I yo many] 

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ean nawa are psd wmas yy dyn 3 ebon 

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soleiy DN UD NN WE 2 NP 

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£1369 NAN APIO APY ADT don prot Shan” selaig TN TON" 
:manw G.ii AON 
yO!) YA Ar espr ada snes na7 Amat * om pon Sy 

105 sdcll Amp. 205 ‘want 1D FDP. 3 So O 5 instead of 
the preceding nainw, 

rm >on ny mnwy naw nds A74 

:w2 mA ows f, 126 
phos) post ands pas mbyn ww smimdon wy miwy naw mby 

wy en yon Spy Zaman oypy ows osy* pom nna dyn 
mane pe mie” jo mnbys may mprnr poyp 

roads mya‘ nnay mipw mos spypad minyy py p post abn 
:OMONA WN DIY 72 * joxon ‘aon Sy whens 

yor Adin wns. awa snow) 55 Aopy snndys ma AWD In 
| sods min 

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romds mn yo snempn mans tos ponder nds 
“MN DIO pI fA] sly — F126" 

Byoy JW FIT TON WT Oy Llo jews SOM solty MIN TON — £128? 
:mane nanwn) sanon mndys may 
yp psa nopym syn 1S qad oven: nom awy mow ada 
"nyo pry yo Jaat en * awn maa tpbsdy snyad qrown 
smivded xeon somo mm 75 op | see pM sen 9d Anaw £. 129 

HAN wp yawn ay nx onde pa tox pimindsa pon 
galedy TON DT 

”AY yw WD Seow 999) 

BPIP BY 8M NTT FN Penny eels, MIN TN” f. 131° 
. mane MMIn WINN APD wspd 

nnn ya qmbyy sad) wes on ow nnaw inxs ows adn 

Spm * way ado ya mown yaw | a7 bx saqpn + yaiph £132 

DPA spoy IN po men spon Ssana ‘nonn dy :qampa 
sya9po mbno onion spo" ney qond nx nar 7 

1 L8 om. ? 05 ins. aw) 1d) Mw OPN. 305 tom 

473 STDS MM oN ony Nowy mby 

Sar Sun as? blis 
apy by + mim) pos cys) tnanmne’” apa * mena on qws 
f, 116° sanvan smn + mindpa wo mwy Pe pen | smn 
he By US rainy nya mn seleiy ndM TD Gass JT de whe 

rabid in acl git cel cl) cong J 
f. 12g? MIA WN Sass Sdam Sle. nny Tra Jl a el dy sele’y TIM 
Jas ND Bw BWI 12 19M FAI nana way wwNy* anspA 
f. 125 LLM andy yas ins 1D Slay | Seen pow 
Se oe Cae S sod! ay ble 
PINE MITES cpswl ay ble 
TyIDTI'D OTN BI ay bls 
TWIP EE TDN Aa oy ble 
OR cseaeee ax blio 
2 POM MAN sw.duSl Se blio 
2/43) AY Sys ny ny pry oTIIN TON x0, 
OX MM THAN ealasy way ‘nNPDY ay IS GZ olgy LU clue, 
vole (3 las Kg Svs pSnsiey Sj [1D aled! Soi pam) BM 
bbany 3/40 mM Ww TA 8 ain MN Jl& sey ste 
1D NOY PIN 119 Sly wy> kas pamd om Sx mar ands 
Lyamait Wing bl piel ye gall abl coud Jo mai cay blll 
A Bad heat pad a La Nag ds! 
“NIM T ATS ay 3b 
pmeaeeepes ex edb 
‘neDto*p: re 
TMS DVN ap cual 
New Tt PN ap sds 
3) SN INN JD Jey wn sadn saydw sndn Sys mp sony 
mieyn Ponnny nanwn abyer wanon ndydy S38 3; 5, wind nywna 
pl Sleill Jl ay al dy 13003 
pole ltd om y all 

* Then follow the poup for the six days. 2L8 om. $ As above, 
p- 128, | 

Hamps mim >on vw nowy ody 472 

n> Www Slay stn eds nbs med min ne awe pnd 
soleil yp ley US meyea Jie, moby 0p ww yt Ls 
bl de tend Bo eter ay US ll UI BLM sday dT 39 Ulsg 

PAMIW $2 IM EVAN ANN yas ay bls 

2F320M IANS) sAnnAwn 337 sl ex ble 

saxop ods. sanay wins 31 ay ble 

STM DNL EDP DMPK Gueedl ay ble 

Le adel ay cdg TDM DON. bull ote & ag I Jb, 
BUM SM cyte gM ae VOM DON coq bat ne 3 Jlix 
many esuJl el! oF a JS ds s\,,3l ot et 3K 
eh BS went Lavy 

re) ar bli f, r15> 

*mnepn ‘or nowy poxn ow snpsp nna ¢ pwn sna qwN 

snowed nips 
tally MON 3M 

ol ax bls 
poym pen smavdyy yd pas wp wow) sagseon AON ¢ ayn xons 
sma mwpd + mmdpa ony niwy 
SUS age ble 
‘mintSon soy miwy pone oe Ri A mova awn pow nosy wes 
: ymin smn 
sx) SS bas, 7 f, 116 
‘pon ner osnnd ony sown pops? paar yay 399 Iw 
yd syndy war YM FPO yA WDD omy rom yd 
sovorn 95 ynay sss ND min ae 

poms Ow SAWN ADI * ODN OMY pw ee ae be * 
smenpad min * mindon ony miwy 

1L8, 13 om. 705 om. 

f. 114 

f, 114” 

f, 115 

47% TMs mm>on wy mwy mdz 

Srp S> wea nw Ta ws spy Sow onde pane ons 
PMITNY DWT MINT ele PON Ty nM Teen mat ny bye 
bby» Jby ANY TID Slay shydl yersty? sl 33k» laglsKy 
oy DN DPN MPI pps yow MD ADIN INIT Sly w—d Jas 
Sa Ry ons GY ye mane Sle Ge pom pn xm 
ee axel ell uw 2 
ress) ex? blz 
iar yar oar AMwn wasn yn | subyy yo aw oS * ANON AMinn 
199) NWA yw AMIS PEM Awasa pIy MD 
solaiy 2278 JI + Aapya Aw Ddyds whe 

ge) ay bls 
mind saw om omm NM sayywe cps ands * mxpm mninn 
33 Aa) a3? dlis 

‘andor sanaw dap mm oe sandy sie wends + mon aman 
2yyndx qa * syndnn windy saad 
sa) aye bls 
ipod prey NAD ION AIwH saw yn wa) ¢ ANON Aman 
$999) NWI ANN mn jYEND MN|X WD 

Used ay ble 
| : 193) AW 
Sarton | ar blio 

sapmiax mera saxpnd nbpy payee se nds) + ayn aman 
saynyd “nndpy sivaa nem mban wd opm sind min ome 
syandmay aemixondy 

selesy womb II Napys mwas ndyds a JF 3x, wlye 
sinry selesy Wyo “nme mI ADIOAY Tan AK mn AON" 

osmion Saw qoyd nbd pam om 5x. aim ands Sbany Sle 

7 Os cont, nS Or WTR pS yo TI FDIOT Cini m9 TN MT sary 
P22 PP OTIS ‘RX and omits the rest to line 28. 3 L 8 om, 

saps odor py nowy mbdy 470 

we mas ows ma dy det aw Sy “mien Sie | ody Sie orndag? £112” 
| : mbox 
rams mio wpa rrp’ Aa MA a dy 2 
smiondoa maa * mds amp 1593+ my dy oda ep yaa S992 
ssam an? Syn Syn + ban adn yin ondsit 
sodiyd wow qriay sands omy mpage ay ¢ tay) a 
rim ‘Sse mr a gow are payd vst san uy omit 
emia Ss oon ner ox es on mina onde? mw xd on 
simp * andy 55 abn yaw amwy me tp nw? b> np IND NY 
:pbyd wp 
sayy pdiy qooy may yt pd any ytad omy mim snd an’ 
mo 55° sap Sy ams yoxm own 55 | dey mim nad £113 
b :Y9 33 
nod «sin nds nds md ny Soa Peps xd + ao mn nd 
. | sinanby 
yep pynd- Dd ws D+ PwyOD ALY D+ INT DDwI Sx OND 
39n1 Sy snaa* 61d) 99 po? DwyoR Mio? wy ndan sw 
ppyomn ip ta bt yb + yy dy Gib pwyn Soa amd 
sawp rat 55 Sy * spon pina vdy + aman ommy * nennm by 
savy on mda nmns na spa + ovaadh wins oryn yo SD 
4am xd mpoy sway dy anpty sn DIN ayy an Iw py 
DInn wow NIP * PwpIN> amp ‘oyp AMw xd wop + paNM DY IP 
| sym 
RMN wn + nox Jon 3+ ODT word * yd Ow 394 
wasp wow * adm xd ody | * nw mpr xd paw + ponn 55> paw f 1713? 
Jom Mn? omnNy aNn * wpA Jow man * “nes newp AWN 

spwM) NNN 
song xox mds md 

1 Also in Cr 18, f.99°. O85 om. this piece, 2 Cr 18 wp. 
§ Cr18 my 523 wp». * T.e. won as Cr 18. 

f. IIo 

f, 110° 

f, 111 

469 Poon ny nowy mbxy 

yow qin odd wend qa nd aman ants my abs san 
syywad wmepmer wind mdo ts 82 ame we ame* + ndayd 
myn amy uns Sym osswnr wars a wns Sea ypedy 
prisny pen ar nmwyds awd one abo wma awe Dyn 
mS Se ma pm pos, Peo prin pet peawn) 
a's 9n 
gle wyts XS M2 MIN Ww ANN pO > aM 

Soya goon Sa ana wrk Ne toma yxdy ony ny Sony 
| STI po wn 
TD Gedy eee od Sle wall LLM Gaye Gy me DO Slay 

wll FG LS ald Sy 258 wy wind mywna wy 

dsl aly 

die Sad eae y asl 

Svan mn’ ows | 

MW SS le wllall sie, cleall de all gtsl elle dole Ble 
mm DVT wy e \te gx Sar DAM s|)y tet ay S dls las jis 
ax Jy! (dy OMON) PND stall lal sy Sahl shal xe a $15 
esl & palsl Jay TON yp DYA Y PoM nne by Jl 
lang vom hs Oban? Jl& ISD gle QI fl secdl Bes ul oul 
sll sir LaglaXy we sila DON TY Ms SGM yall Lad 
ball caedl Nae area de Jle a SGhl abl axl ot eal gb 
(sJole as (sine etd wd Co BM ately 
| yy nba dyds vad 

sme nds nbs: md a 

| taleiy wb. DONNY 

XE 92 Ue) pyr! Brew JF oe | 

| 3743) wa 5& obs 

rons soe nbs md | 

105 thrice. - 2 O5 ins, ws'y 553- 8 See above, p. 37. 

smm>on ny nowy mds 468 

sSean mm ows? 

dodo 8 WM JU Yale oll call os pli Utell ls tle Ble 
Sy TNT DNA ye gy BWI AD ale Lay ld Syl mug st! Gogh 
Nagy ais Dm Jl YIN ger yl LI ame als see sygey coe 
Lalyssl amy Spaill de logy Bon wy II sSall gy ALI 
; aed Js 
21D + MSD APY ETP’ ANYyMD) § DDT by Aw Anw non 
| smnsnd anny + marypd 

Slay slyil_al dt slat 5G, 
span’ fonds maim * apy ndap nvm mwo vd aly ann? 
Sma) ANN YT Pop DI? OMT AN maws vnis mS) an’ qhay 
npasy nom aAndm yo Ap» vba Anow yo yn ynys wt Fw yw 
Sy proanay Aans2) A322 mwa AMwNa* AD jo Ana nda» jo 
pray dy a> saynw> np Ann myn yaw ows © amen 
mon yt Am ops Am ys Aw oa won Spy wom Sy ad aon 
qa ADDN ANN dys Ama mS sme it poo mms yt Ad de 
mw Seo pt add ww gra odwh wads qa qnan’ ayn mn 
amos mm soe sds mdse md + sme dss nds pe onde Sban? 
* pa we day on paxm pow nbs + om ade ade med sone mip 
‘PON ION I ODN ANS pom om by ain 
aye Mwy swonn 

Mak py IP mp Xd Np ANOM yer py xw2 orDdxd son wo 

sy) ody soo ain oan Sy oendy Sy ova a Sy) ona Sy 
pep S53 winds mas yds pranp ods 1b awe Sa a 3 
msin min 555 ops pawn orn 1d mw Seta na r+ ws 
by spy) pms» oman ond emia nds nds may wd ina wes 
‘amd °2) PR fw yOXWA AA OYONA Pyn von Aw pK TD 
*mesp pyoo mdapy msn myaa adam) * am mi JI. AON AN 

1 L8, f. 109; L13, f.g>; O5, f. 46. 2 Not given in fullin L8. The 
text here is from O 5. § L13 oN) AN. *O5 om, 

f. 104° 

f. 105 
f. 106 
f. 107 

f. 107” 

f. 108» 

467 rom pps ndd mds. 

2 ws mn OWA 

ops poss mbyn yw mwa 2a sy pid nbd my! 

nnbdpy aa AoW 139) Cae do nbs min AMM spy ows oD) 
may vyy LUM Sma wo por als, mama ws Faoleig way 
willl lasey WS sain rows toy nbn 37 pet sobdll naw 
| wsydl lee de 
salaiy Dbnny | 01 Mann Mam 

solesy Sdnn» | “in ana nx ods tom 

| soley. Ddmny | “ax asd xd myAN 

saleiy Ddany | “1 omnes dus sab 


2154 AI AIND WN Jey ANIA NYY wo Jas bmn Jl, 
slay BLM wl Jley 49! mmody pat wane Nw yowr Dea 
mov pam ym DR nin bby wranyd Findor ld Se aed 
Jo She masell add SI sell eye old ye Sally [ponais Sap» 
pleall seem cht SI Cededl ald geg mmdDT mr MWY ye 8 
NNT AD OY AI Md yD) ADwnA voy nywn jp ws Je Jle 
ndyby sinon nbydy war old JT MN ye Slay © j3ull nds 

: els! ail) : mann 

1 05 insy mm on ony mov my om. 2113, f. 3° spall sole (5) 
‘Ay PIO WIT WIT wi pron ny po sate all. $05 ins. To 
TO” IN) DOTTIN. * L13, 05 pom mn. ° O05 pram 137. 


MPS ows wIn Iw my 466 

YIN 33. INDY DT AyD yIIND) ¢ MNAN ys * nyt 
moy ms pop Ayton ndyy * mapw mwdw * nsayne ¢ nap 
"IB 7D wID? MYA TOM ¢ MY PO saw + MyM ypnn 
SND wspat wen seed yo mayn op ¢ ypwor not 
cased! aly 131 

‘SyiT 12) TOOYN Maw DY sy IIIA wen mr aD AD 
: wm mowm * sonmy awn 

‘maw sw 9S * anw jot nawnn ova? mnws DD ep pt 
rN) yD Towa Sy * ptyod sD nN indy aw + mow abs 
ey ON NR EmBsb pwr) ppwRI NDR 197 
wa im sy > mma mp ax mp me’ pnd’ mows 
novton yo Swans sy Sy sma qa sn ar eowe aw onayd 
1 md spn ar oN PoP swe TI ay OWES sy towan 
*spnot gd) mmx xd ony yan sepa oe | an xdady san 
OM WITT Sonn ar Sones poy ons ID) nyny AD ANN 
PDN Ow AYIP 92 DO OMAK MND MDM Sy eondapy + onnr po 
neyo * maads mows maar ew. | NID THY ¢ maT * AAD THN 
*pnep main 1b + pnep ip? oma ow rn mvs Sypr’ sap jo 
‘apy + aw oar evan 1 van py © bya» wands + pn ad nds 

paanon bxyoe ya oman Js ye Call sda") 
Samana pnwen* rmama 55 yoo + aniodn sanar? andnn Sys 
[:2aw yoni * amban pod Sap» yes amipr py'awm 
SSMS poRn * qnyayt pop yor * nya ww 6 qmbdy Sap» inn 
ms J} my Dm? nDy ASNT 1D * INNpY Do JMnow win 
mwon Sapa ands mney + moby sworn + nodwa + now yd + ny 

mosey? pony AYOWT ONDIN APY OI Dd welesy Ode ObANY ule 
imow AND mY On sow Ans Sap» 

Syed sulye ali V atl 

1 L8 om. 705 continues mim ren ow row pw2 > sll, 
sa7m2 moxm Scrmnm sels. 

f, 103° 

f, 104 

f, 102 

f. 102» 

 f. 103 

465 STS wawA wIn AyD mds 

axp) ¢eopm pyn mx ads pen ane jr ewer adp + pomby: 
moe we) 2p pamby wnn prey nwa + ove Ar iwyn my 
swind Ina ‘yawn wana * IAN Dy onder 

snvdy nympn 
spo myn par pnaw ood am end sna wan eins JS 
ose XS smmd mew pnanpm wyn xb may noxdp 52 wp 
toby 75 own pos 

baw pr ’p yD po Ton Jess pom) on bx may aon 
“yyy yor nbs yapn oma 
Sow spasm a+ say Soa wpa eenayd ¢ ss say 
my wx bn OS ANTS eT es MD wat DDI? NN 
wonm wats ap? win Sopp wnpx sy) ws tS sey pn 
tydpe bx eben sys an Sopp + nes map sm. aon * we 
‘mons? mows? yowx man as saa boy bw 55 by + by am 
(o> BMEN AD; ANS yen IT + pow md * mond Ne3 
“py jp rmayn nwa wt ¢ eds map cp dy + mys * may 
awoy sm qwon tim oor? oar oa * pon * oy 
tar ds car xd op ay a wad mini pina * nm nwdey + nm 
AWD Mi¥OT aw DOT + ways + aw owind sw DY 
PMIBDD] MwA ylawsy OMyion | yaws) mynawn 

sheets! ain csily 13! 
‘wn ¢ mowenr ' Ayan 92° AAD 32 OUST Nbown now on 
sp 553° antdad + nyad 
settle Camull cgily Isl 
endnaarspmitndn oar’ naw ova * mown mere nis mo 
no WN Miown Awa an|N TTBS tans ody sown > ap 
me 5 pep spor? pwwa nyrn + mor? pnaw | so" Iw 
‘med pon neem mow + pnaw :mNenni + IDM sy? pw 
‘mapyn met sinned wip spor + paw ypniod ny) + pon ax 13 
‘myqoy 13° ma san * nye * mm Tape * NNpDNA 

IDS WaVT wit tyr mdy 464 

yada yan osyind yt pep NPD AYN pT pnaw + wIaNN pRapy 
2 TWO pawn win wy Dytopaw pow MT sane 
ymowp yawn onwn + nodes mnk ow? snopwn nowd wen node 
Seaw 95 ¢ panna mow 55 one span yep 55° py Pon yD 
am) Fionn 5yy spannws pnt pody aw maw 55 spony pin 
Don * AD DYN ANY DYN spor. mw AND AD On * pod 

:mpswl ANY oN * AY 5 AY ON ymy AX 7D nD 

sombs none 

ana xm owen | pea Aw UWS ma nana any 7ony 
36 wap 1954 sls, nID MAND WAN MN rata aN 
ywavn wing anson by sapom daw pow owa 21 Jyad 
pyox ma px vdy nody ya min say 

oy) myaw Any joo17 Sean) wpmNt * am pt opdwa ons 
myn 1a7 Bon oy send mwyny ayend wenn sep yaw 
aos ny sy yo ;wownr 12 Tnyt) mann “mw Nn wn 
mont ymdp jo ds wad moo Nyy mow ine ora swe 
‘apa mo mbys seta wes dy mm 55° pad os ov sepa 
ham po oawy :wonad ming py op Se a] sep maw 
Ss ayn xd) seman pminyd yx amp AN Jaw swonnn mw ds 
yrds swpa Janay? yd yar jo nawn wm :woN AY Ay + oy 
sw mdaryds + mao qbioxy seman ooyn yo aby pox anp 
pyo dy tony ae py xd pen) met mana: ony Jy 
"2 MAST AM pH swowo pad + ooy yma oy xdx rw Nd 
‘op mt at swowm mv mioxn mowp m sympa niwd 
swine ndy on pw nos Sy sya Stam 

Caraull Ke 3) Jl Gad lao 

swap i> MNS nyaY ADY seop oy oun nyaw amy pn 

vam * sow 55 qospor syne pram * pady Joany pra A 
+ Seaue syd ras wba 55 pyow aN ns wN ons nN |: wad 

by ppwn sum 55 Sy wi AN nN Tw ons 3 hE. pny 

105 700. 

f. 100” 

f. 101 

f. 101» 

f. 88 

f, 88” 

f. go 

f. 99 

f. 99” 

f. 100 

463 HTPy wawr won ayn mds 

Sy sees nw cp Sy + wpm maps mwmp xd swe on 
TaD Ton ar ow saben nny * ose iw. pp Ann 
rmbs yo pap povaw sod sow andy mbynn pony | cody 
H WINN ANT pot osd> my OM 

sally Mote an 

A all pec YstS So ols 958 ae Canal XS IS pts Cost astae 

sy wes a2 :wa enn in pa awe day asm own nds 
Saw mows Super swap dS Sapa min ya nna? aysw am 
‘mown sy nb ow sep nat andnat wy on + aw 55 pabp 
saan sy rwer pm obyd mwam oby io tones ay pt omps 
mpm wow moS swoon onnn poo aD MAD wp qdny 
bye pass Sy ia yop oe swe msm yt 555) + yapy awn 
sw poss way pry moun Soya swoon me tp 

Joy oy my rsa Son soy dopa sqpapr an andyds awn oA 
Sy myd monn Sy saw 592 yyw pom ssa 59 95° apm 
SWIM TIN PD Me rw AND AD on pod aw | son 

saleig nbs pe i) 

ess! law de oat my Ap’, ANpoe Tw ow 3) 

74) SOpT ANP sdany 
rRopoS Opin mw” 
My ANTI MN ADA opm yy psd 95 Ay 
PAM and0 wy) WPA ansen pre ayy as SSany aon 
wll ss2 JX'ID NF YD TON" 

2°43) ANNWD [NID NA 
pm mop yaor yo Sayan App nyt * ANNWED INNID NA 

Min OM OYaPA DAMIAN IMD po Mow oD bya aM 

sy pdyn 

2 8 ynaw naw owind wt pynaw oynon ara naw ndxd naw 
YIN Wwe |: wpA Ion a * esp oy mx vdxd maw syaw 4 

* O85 om. this piece. 2 x tot (O05 also 5). $18 1w. * O85 my. 

IPMS aw win jy ody 462 

IN FYN|YI WD wIpn pynd :wwBI nx wp yy? may 9D 
Dap ton aa Ae sayy Sy onan JEN pn mw mn 
yaemben 3 pps swe tes ad nbdp mn ome ppsey 
syndmay maondy + anyd Andoy s99 oy 

Pps mows *amby mea sno“ mK yp * pn no ON 
ma ane syn pos mw aso ody qnay sy mn wow 
mbm anata max andn mor smn ost ax $5 ° porn 
pap pssynnr sr Andy spp nwo mm maa mbanay snyne 
sw pom Pin? AMY DIM 

sivndss mana ps 

snxy? ayo ands apaay spp pot adn an pt on £. 84 
smanw) 42597 mA An 
pwn mrad + oar an pa most nd sepa yon penn pan 
wo Sy poma :wosnn mr py Ar’ ODI AN wy AID :en|non 
syaa mdanyds + onsen yo Soya : wins) mows * Dn IN 
wind * pstap wpa west 345 909 yod DON] On Awe In 
:V5P NPY AYN mar pnaw o> An wind shea syswn 
seleiy MON IT 

(WY tas Ball vleye all Js ye Cal se? 
awn wt Sys amn > sin baa niyo aw $955 + pm om 
my wow syn oo d+ anans no tw > xd pen 
mop an yds * pynony mown ows pean pydyt + pea 
NIpo t Ayn yr pnaw | ssp warpy ypIwwd w+ wN AAW AM f 87> 
TID WAY PDN MY WwyN sD Ya mY AND fysw) wIp 
syyawn win sy mr ; oop 
saleiy TON 3M 

"OM oO NIWA OY WoT IA NNN WN Mane ny wy 
“Ay py pnp Syn jnon 
ova ar ’s> var an pa noyt abn sta dont espa son 
Mot oysen’ won wa wp maw swabs a md ar emennn 
swans mas yo Sy Tran * wooMN PEDpy yIIN 7197 MypWw. + wTES 
b5 byt + wes 595 may wat Amy oy mm nny oper rp 14 

1 05 om, this piece. 205 N01. 

f, 85> 

f. 86 

f, 86° 

AOI STDS Yaw won ayy mds 

swan yor pdya ws opp xb saws nwy nip? wp 22 INT 
Sym pay ops oy mesa panos Sy pypy oda D> pone 
yp dy tym aan py man qn mp Ss mp adda, snay mms 
row dopa + ppp ma pay spp 55 wp * mn 

nd Son + apes pop tpn pope 5x5 maw opr + mr Syne any) 
ry by 9S west | sodwy ops ons nw qera Sy pon 
‘oon np 5 on ode nowa ners poy may sox oy 
sodw 95 ow pos yop mn Nw poo MADI 

on sa oyoyn 55 by weet enby oor prado + Sse wp yt 
ramay mndy Sy soy qa Sewn 0055 a mds 55min pbn 
*mavnb jaws smn 7d no nea + Synw yaw xn mon *23195 
Poy pn a+ sys wan pon dy snow add doa 

soledy WON solely TON 

:qasn passat ma yn po psy 595 sp ¢ ao AnD nad 
Na * myyom mdm stam oy tan nwo by sohas 
ssap aw on Sp + yonesx ass psan yer ssayns mw 55 

sn oma yyw awn sen ar potas wa dydy me 0 
bibs abn qn own pay senens yds) wna ned | sew 
a Sy swness ad may pansy pxpy pansor pwd nem by 
SVP NIPO Ay + por pnaw sen sw mdpnyds + nw yay 

none sopwin b> ¢ wsn vrends spo aman + 25m pya wy) 
pod mimdp pat’ oon Mwy wen spo yn pa 6190 AD 
}INDI A AW AY IAs DIMw_) ns wyn + iat AY pnonm 
:Donav anvawn sy sy mayo saya wind mywnsa :o95 

man yy wp MAN AI AMY ANA fw any poy © pom mimdD 
mo nwa ap wens mmdpn wind pws ovsnna * nna Anan 
soso) * wp by5an Sebo swan nny epon AD * wo AD 137 
swyn xd may noxdp 55° wp sapp ayn oy tween Sy 

12 | sany pabat + mispA an syn ID sr pOPr * ¥Ia DIP? ANY 

sy | OMON MED IN py MP yO Mp * mows ops 

HPsy wy ay MD PADD AMD paw tomdwn by DIpr sqweD 
past ava nr pdyd sy and ono sty pds ony 

DS avn won ay mys 460 

pteyp si 53 po sna nD Nyon toy py pdre sna mr op 
‘Dy OMON NBD yn yy | npn pat’ noon wy nya pow 
7 SIPS mow2 mie wown Sy ospmy sawn say may py 
pim * mow 55 py sw san wd nem Sys) oy prow 
rawr yD 
ND PO*NA : TDS PION WN NI Eve monn ewe 
Na Sy My wwesr wn syn by onpn dy * potay Sy azn 
3D pI NMDY* PYM Tow A sAMAIA N Ads wa esp 
mow nN * PD YD wy) man AMMA + pI I. pm 
AND mo om ssw poy byw Sys ay> pwn wm | mp Naf. 84 

1 all omy BN Gleye cotl all age Ml Gadd gb Lol ale? 

sop S& mn ows + sapd dnin 
sempn yo nbs ppp + Synan xn wow Ja 
eon dyy nonnn ‘Sap mpp yd 

sp Som vp ‘yobwa tanpo 

sya me xd) app Soa mn an) 
PONS Won my TT 

98 SN DONT nbd wow wpn’ 

smd PR ws * pono wow Sdnz sintn’a nobdy + sas awl 
sinyatennn Som + yam pew sp pimwy mdo2 + minonn awy 
pbnnn xdy* pom nod abn sama. on + yp op omp 
HINWIID) YO. Aw Moya YT AD AwY Mone :iniudy 

smo. msrp any pray aast smaar boas vannn aby nad £85 

yonx yo 12901 * oo Son panm spy snnwea + wy nox 
by samp Tw) DT Yep Ow WIP *yawh DM: AMPS 
:mexo mex mm wbboot yaya on + 

youn ¢Dwor Sos soy Sneed) panpis mA nna oN yoT 
by syap 55 wp + mina roy qos) say ows ¢ mo nip 
na paws * Maw aw NM OWN ‘MINAw NN IS AWD WAy 7 
synayy poy pd moansars pypine yw mpdya sy rewoa 

105 om. this piece, 

f. 83 

f, 83 

f. 84 

459 STDS Yawn win wo mds 

yan ¢ oD mdxd eno wean ponn Sy say yoy De 3 
bo idyo on + po ms po AN Ton] ston b> wap + aopa 
‘soy mbt Ss men stay’ yoy any 52° mo AN mo aN et 
stiodny yn +P Np|I opr sy sy Pp rw 
soleig OND solely WON 

7; VNOST MAID fa * nnsyda NSN 3552 WAIN * OMyyVN ro 

oyd odind * nyaw ymppo :tpp 55 wpa * wtp “NPD MPN 
IT OMNIA yw) sTSnoN pa aw 55 men ana Dw sw 
PMaDDI ninaw yaw ‘ana way sanann oD 

YD AD ND yO AD :enens yds + yawn won nro AD 
‘AD OMS DI wm mew oD ws owns mS sen ip 
yrs 3D sey ayn md awe apy omy swe 595 my 195 

Soap inown yy 305 aap ant * awn win ard Sonp3 
nyyn wen | rosdsps mp ia * pwn waw i so>nawn 
wyn a NED AD Mwym :o5 mimd> pats mawnn wr 
anya wind nywnsa :pssaa on cp by + nbs aps n> : p> mwEs 
Pony wnvawn + ay Sy Tyo 

pends yawn win mrs Sbs aba xyon ani oy oa pnd 
wap yawna* py ton mr sSavm mynwn wd wean 3 bdo 
‘omyos ia posiox sdups 1 > po awe nowp yawn 3 oe 
S33 wwds ab oy on ar by Sas 1b mos Syn 

Sonn 9 * penn pox 3 59a mot ninvdpn ony mwy 
‘yy Soy pov sain Sop pon * Now Sp ano pa sm 
‘Oman Jax IND saw mA qo SSanay sain may op 
saw 70.» WONT awe Tray Soyay s apy" pny oAIN2 

m 3w Id Ty pM yy ANY oa * MN AMMAN onD 
poy Sap + mn ome sama qo? mn bx SSanay samy 
‘ynyd Fndpy say wea? mm ome samsxpnd ndp + min wo 
sandnay yemondy 

Hoy yy ominD y sy py Ssewd + enemy a3 aD 
mbddann + Syaw paw so xd ard ads + pow nd ns 5p 
p’paton * pYpwyn sar syoornn pod: + mbyn nam Sy syn 
soy mows apo myd aw pp sw 

MDS wan won ayy my 458 

pan own ib awe tandem yr 

2a Kd 4p 4n ‘yw and oad f. 82 
:Taynwy nD ban ww wopns 
yn ppna ‘minonn awy 
773 TI 1M “xp DYyp ONP 
2735) pM) oN ‘ay qa wa 
23D) aniandy sna ww 

MYON pny ONNWND MND NDT pay Mw yt Ad na wdg 

malomos ran werd ota Son onm enon mans * wy 

bod port savy S20 t ayaw nova nae sAMpa Sa + py 
smtp S25 sad sy 

PWIINS wwI* NWOS MwyD PweNX mA’ + Anaw ony 55 yo 

> Oa Naw yD MY pwIT AD) 13H AY < DY jo I AD 

nwo sp Sy samwep ane swp odes + pyyy py an we 
swe mesa ydy mn ody si 

mp mds) sp Se mnds snp nat pon wn nwy ni INT 

ey nosy) son ious nw mwn xo ape spn pn tp bs 

‘rym mm pa | sats $5 wap sand yn perp tai wd. 82 
se wp dSapd 

poy ya * aon awe ot Sy sin mow pos am a ans md 
sot nw Sy scans ‘aon are adapt anyw mm ono stam 
ye sed) wy i> anny ann m’nnna soppy nny 52) ° wp 
modyy 7D mn? omox poxdom s soy mn nem: Seay py 

by ssnED’ wpa sn pepe yo TD Ppp mp? Synw ay ot 

sna» 55 wap? ona dips 3 qiaby adn ¢ nw pa 

ON JIN InN PD mA spn qesp ¢ nydy wor dan 
sry pas Seo * poy Sapd Awm spay 

my pow sap d abs rena SR am sows wed ody eT 

DY SPINS Toy PDI II ry WES ydoy md say 

sso MpE ¢ mrp by myon swap b> wtp + no13 9 
sya ab pt Ar porpad saw 

457 SMS WAWA WIN Ay Mmbx 

Sapna. sewspn pop? may am bs ama yay sew osynd on 
nm wip? espn San nan ssestpn wand pap * nna ans 
enor tow iy sawn ain Soya + pavers wow dy min sep 
sma onsp awe Sse qnyd ndp 
my nomi aa5 apa moon sins os sa sy ons as pa 7 
nyaw yo oy 5) sen ap po Son qos jo nw sews 
ay yaw * myy own oy be pay uD) mown * Dn 
snwin op ax * Sew ms pa apn spas 
ymin mp awe Sew qoyd ndp 
sSyowe qoy ony oot me ody oi dam andes oome ase ody ow 
f. 81% *y900 Jn wean xy] :5x ma opin Sy * sax wd awm 
59h9 95 some 
sma np ws Sw qoyd nbp 
ren nd jo nmby ner sy ms yo AN ny on ADP ON 
‘DMD ONY WN 1D sD noypa Sy sapn Nd powna 
rpya pwot moa xox omronina mp : px pnyp nnn 
apo Syynwy nodnnd spun mow wn win jos *eyyaqn oY 
Ss wp by ¢ yawn 5S sm po wo soo Oonm Dp 
nan maa mbanay sina mndnd on masn awdwa sons 
MN }O NN Mw AND ADY DM aD tAwon daps * nn 

rindss mMD PS 
pnt pl etl ge cecil ll geal Cia spat Lest ale ® 
“MN bem) coryth! Gyie» iol 

roby Sk mn own = pK Mw} BAN 

soyp S& sw bk ‘yn 9259 NN 
soon nan ‘Yow mn 
soso xd pip 1S mS nnn Sa pb 
soyyny wpm’ ma Nd) a 
spprpnia 15 Een mds ody or 
room mod S53 ‘pn wow na 
10555 wip. 2 Cf. Heidenheim, Die Samaritanische Liturgie, p. 49. 

O5 om, this piece. 

HDS Yawn won sy mbdy 456 

eye TONS aT Own yaw ara sted poy maps + mys 
DyowN oY pO MySwn nywo pn Awe 
Belesy “WONI) soleiy 12108 

sayy yay mbyn nan Sy sasanp amp * jnawn jn ad 
syandmay wmixendy + inyS Findoy ryxps a. © nyay OD 
1femap [np fw (Ssw) (qoy]> [ndjo* 
‘moyn Asa id inn Pom mn sands nan * wt pon yD 
‘spay Ando: saa. oy ya nw Pray Syya puonan 
syndnar wemeonds 
smm ma awe Sew qoyd nbp 
BIEN :OnDy ya nw yon Sy odwn sooan nvsta * px xp) 
rpdway nowa dy may soy oy sy Sy 5 
sm np awe Syne qnyd nbd 

soxwa spray jon rmx *> se ptona amid mp od nbp 
by + sown 5 opm) spay apy pnyy oma * na stn 
sp IDD wp 
emma nse awe Saws gays bp 
:won oon wa? wpm on nm swe ado ° Sy Sew ve 
nox 12 seme pd orn an mey mimdpn on swspr Adup 
wins sw mands nw say Sy sespm ansa + many ydy 
Swap spp Ayn mer pnaw asd am pwnd ones yawn 
sma np wwe Sew qoyd ndp 

IND) +O) AwWH 3a wo soD"NdNd mnawna + pons Inn’ 
mavn * ay Sy ayo aya wind mywna :o55 qx 329° wpa 

: ponaw 
sma mp awe Sse» qoyd nbp 

POY DISY pO ADw!N wR. pO ot + AY wy 
mod op sy to wNN 2 yo t pd apo AIA IN NN 
soon ns con? ys nx 7S mAY nny ; MIA MaDI * NN 
smm mp wee bees qoyd nbp 

‘misono an ayo Sy oops sy pswwar mows ¢ pipem AM p22 DIP 

1 L8 om. and so afterwards. 205 0». 

f, 80% 

f, 81 

f. 80 

455 STDS wawr won ty mdy 

st 555 ab md) San Son sna pip yon + aN Ww nN 
MAX pon dowdy nye mos ad sy om ap webwa mma in 
srom pm Ss mm 
rw 58 ayn $+ my $8 ane penn monn’ nN Ww mn 
wm yp pre mos qweo pena ab onan qo 
yoy ods pri an oN oD any 
som om Sx aim 
N72 oT N+ Syma Som Syta span Naas AN WN TAN 

SDNIT NNt * N12 pT ANN. Mane sornan 55 mx ¢ inpona 

sop 55> pna* nN Iw AN 
spam om Sx mim 
pa pos Joos nye wa pany qop Son aN qwN mAN 
sows mays + py painnam saan py ax qos oo Fwy 
satin Seta bse + aN awe ane 
spam om os ma 

INS Apwi’ Aysaw Moy Ast sx Wan * NN WS TAN 

Sop pep smwy ovo * mow xd Aspyr sayy mye 
main ptt mar 7d mbm | sano» oon 
spam om Ss aim 

1999 WIP Sy stay yon Ar ot Sey ays mbann pat yp 
‘nym wow oa rowan b> yos ty Sy + mep ayn sow Sx wasp 
‘Tapsy inva 55 saw ower’ yon jD NNN PTwWN DIY 72 
samp 595 aaa psn aw apy xdy or na nd) 
spam pm bx nym 
:MOWINT WIP MD? Wn 1 190 AD EAT ANN DpY ¢ an ywawn wn 
by smonn wansa ad mm i DN sap DY “pNN * oD Twyr 
my pyn wind wwy. wawen wing snows b> Rup nwo May 7 
: DI NWE? 
spam pin Sy mm 
WD! nawA oy yn sana b> wpa wp * wp way 93% 
myaway yaw mpd anny * myon coy onyawar sya ped 

1 05 ins. \pw tom nv. 

STDS owaAWN win Twin mdz 454 

py * minown nwonns 12) ssp WD AND * Op Tayo wD ry 
wy} | sem OP WT AN MND py Pm a pen Awe ab 
ws wyn orn Sy otpn sy es adm ny on. mwa 
poy 13 noy :9 NTI NN BSA DY ws paw b> OTN 
12 7D wy? OND o'IIda Ty sy myo sana b> wpa + DD 
(ON SYA AN PeTPA sr2eND AND? AINyD py ppd 2d 
ANDY PN ma pOonN* pody Tap yw ww senwn pn ond 
p>doy may nant oom saw jor povfajady + pd mow 
ony 72 Soyay s*aon ed pmo mp po oon Soya soma 
:Avo ap Sado spn an oes AN wpa pnd 22 yos Ta" 

7ow * mana ow yo :podma maT AID * my AND Moy ON 
WIN yD ar pt spo Ta saw 55 pond yom enon min 
yy gpa Ane mw mM ins wyn spody awa jays Soya 
:pa"nwa ox sian nyad yowm spay wap dy * mewn nad 
qrop yo* 05> ooyn vey yoy spay TI + po wn Nd 
ayn nwn Soya :poas Rom * ops DN Soya :poqN) oan 
:pPIYn nw wD Monn spond ow 

salty WD Sy mm “7Iy wee 

nyapn ep LS ssn ova app yt nbn an pet* ann 
lane 525 BD (ae, NAW “yaw wow 
AY HNWon Iw me ods wy 


MPD AVY WN 49 ans * Us sn Two ton Psi 3; S 

nyo pnw» Syn inom pe IoD yO AN! Nw ADNwN maw 
syox. yy anmdpy aim 

PON MR MP pT aa a sew aoa ome AN Ww nN 
xd) ansab md) mon yay owy 2p dew bx ee pom om 
eso Soa mw spat menAN Wwe ons | 2B 

:Snomy pint dye min* 
* 05 solgiy mom menn nwa »>. 2 As above, p. 435. 0 5 gives 

the stanzas in full.  ° O5 ins. Gas’y gh = OF PPT TIN as’y 5g 
5 L8 om. and so afterwards. 

f. 76 

f. 77 

f. 79 

f, 79° 

f, 46 

453 TMS Wav wIn jy my 

nbs smpon ny qn me my mp op mde aded emobyy pon 
ody sy pony manp 55 ymyad say mor paw on ar by tox 
soley 13" YON 

nb mynat ¢ Andy sxor S$ana sno) Jon an ¢ min pws m9 
by Spyms op) rman py mote ane maw Sy. owns noy 
yw) nwa osp 22 pAN dA wr sndoxpn i cweney namA 
wap Sap smh snaps yn or na mpdt + now yas po pdm ny ew 
nod mney? panyays pop yows in smmaon byw Sopxs + pomep 
: snd ap 

‘yom oy dow Sy smn moon mint’ wo ovdn pine nds 
nbpya :mbawD AMipN IDS AwyN MDW) 8H sADINY OIA MI 
naw ¢ paw npy So snovde pod ows woond ADy AN 
yma pyo Jada ann psa owe poy maxon sa yaa 
bb nbpn + abddes poy myn way sndind! qaas ator ¢ adyns van 
No) ¢ mpay po Poy ead man ads eps 55 95 yown : son 
m wpa sno i pwd mor gop nw5en Soya snwpnn onan 

* pys 75 om pdnya soonwon oman * ony ans aydss by 
ppsn wan sy? adm wes asp ano ro Non ons awe 550 
ASIN) EDMAN YweTPL YIN § Nd wo som) sy) Oo 
soyyow van niyyn ‘Spy spy Saxe mnpa sonar yoapdy ston’ 
pox ww OI NI)NyD’ OdD2 fOyIwN opm yen’ pa oA 
‘sino px noad wown soya tawdy anim joe tom aw d90 
SDT wa TDN? wow nian TaD wdoxm so NY DoD Onn boy 
nwoy Soya somn ans qn yod spon sy wmann poy manam 
sonon san Sapp + oyean yoo Soyay ¢penayn Ww wp ¢ DNF 

saw own poe ay an wad semaine da on oyawn win 
baw by + wows tn ND 2994 wNP Syp * won fp 13D AD 
12 Synwed synaen esp spo ¢ myn mst pnaw ws aon Nd 
pays s9aada syd + peppn maw jo sips ia nnd + amen av 
mmayds od Anainn win in %> s:ann 7D paw * ONY 3D 
yndp yay semmen bys pap + mmona Sp Sapnn aay saw wb 
pyyion yD) ADDN now wan om scary json 1d ° son 52d 

1 In marg. Siebel) la2 crND mow 9. 


STDS Ww win jy mby 452 

S80) or ory ay aT 

pyn may yo Sp ID ‘AN AWN TAN A 
soy psy ayy ATID MD WT Nt 

yup Dyp oP ‘mon 1b awn 

bn xd ama toby xb oi cin 

pa xd yyw ‘Day yyy ayn 

roy 553 tpn ‘pawn wort 5995 

mys oper pepe 5505 mes smn ory 5x5 + poo ons 
YD YI PN PO PITA en|ws yop wk * Dyas od om pons 
nnyw em ymin som jonn xdy + pop mpst ay s¢mds> omn 
sm Sapn ynpry xbs oven ow So md o> senawn on att 
mix om ‘SSpna mow pop emi Sy ones osin Spy erin 
spo ompyy o> npys yows pow ody min ow sms 
snp qnywd + poy qa ym wD AS Mw TON JD 
by nndy aye inn pon snawe owe dx5 + -y03 pyay ibn 
moon ppnd* Down yprwa sADy. DDN ow ON Newa rn 
amy? winn ndy ppm snawny mw wpr’ wowm mn mesa pas 
yop so mae dad + an omens oN) nano oywn 

:m2 mo UNM Downe + mse moby wo rma ‘Sine sy + 

smoonn od ony as nox saan Maya yrosy ¢ mans S93 
my 592 apy * ONDA TMwor sms 75) pA aD wp oy 
oD AyD OW? OID MPN AWN WIN Ty mr ow os nya 
‘mows > ndpy 19s snay PON EY DO nD Oy AID AD PND 
bey moos pmaad messa + ows mmawn ar by nan Son prem 
smaws Janne? vdy* pms any 

pada Sew wy anata %n “A so nan ap onbNA wn mn 
Ya ts sesmadn Sapp my yo nwo mbes /n 7m” yon 55 
m ows “n/n” sponds yes oy oy 7 by 15 wnext 
pyt "n/n spina PY poomn oat yaw nm pt pds 
mm>p wo sywys oe “n/n” sop [psahpy yaosa am 
omy mrwpad 

oleiy MIND saledy ID YN 

provn Sy orssy wont mde sme 9S on ommn ony mdb 

f. 74 

451 HTD waw wo Ty my 

mp Sy nnn osne pboya soem peda mm + pm maxnm 
rove ayp do -poyo sw * pon’p 75 72m sow TI Mba’ YM 
oy 55 sannay yo JEM OPN ay ow sania AID by JNem 
ymon jor sor xen 5595 ndpy + taps Joey pow : oD mwy 
b> yor arom ta isdn yo Syya | soyapyn 75 2 * INE? 
:Dnon pn * yn INNA yw wrpz :ON"D 


pyavn win odo xvas anodes + syn ar ap ap 

ynanss *imdp won sw ya ow rans 55 wpa’ apy yIINA Ipys 
1 AD MINI AMD * Op Iynn 12 ow ssn ovannd 42 
[nxjond ams ony dyer sane owas mya + ow ovr Ip2 
sonn ndbyy oss win nby sad sean moo Sy + oody and 

yp ma owe sata 55 qo Sap + poy snap may peamne 

f, 74» 

emmy JS monam © pos 
ma ¢ meter any ppd a» poy ¢ mw mND mp on 
BAT YT sponewa non am + Sw as wnnn spomban mpo 
:p>ompy pn? aw3 INN wyn spay. mo” Saym Ayewn naw 
mmx * ond) poyn aw poy sponses esp dy * aa won won) 
wowan * ponpty bw spowew mnay + pay TON WON fp 
osoin Spyas eposy wyn awa ood spy sy spor my 
nna: Dnwon* nwow) Anya TN ¢psaN ADM * awown 
solaig WB Dy MIA Tay 

up! sa al esa! ra go dls) ils Js wy 9 Cast sale 7 
WM sea SII yleye pall 

sap dx pnbsb ‘annawn ‘Sp pips 
son yo mds oy ‘mnana 55 3 
sonon pn] tary amin aaa Sy 
ssopdyy mennn bad *yOT priat jNyT 
+ Cf. Exod. ii. 24. 2 05 om. this piece. 

EN ile ee 

HMDS weawTT win aD mds 450 

PVT FAM WoT AWA won or pe sani oy opr’ Tip 
DsAnA 327 * NBD wo. wya ow step b> wpa py ymin 
Sows 27519 } pws) mxpnn po. wt mayn yo oond ow :opinn 
py Sx + nawny wp dS] sanor Sa on Spa + nawn mind Sew 
snd ama 
pas Saw ana “A “nA” sam 55 poo made an oe 
ened "A 7% sna 55 yon awn mbes “nn” pnt 55 
myay ney ps pod ows n/n sae wer boy oy a by 15 
:mana 55> wopa pNapy yprINa any os “mn 7m % saw padys 
smambp by mp wyr ows “An 
solely MIND selesy TDN) pI-1bN 

nbx5 swown mn pa oinpsms most mbxd syspa ston nby5 
pyynon pbsosst nbsS sep nd ovyn 55 pada Saw ana 
:wIP spo Ayn post pnaw ar by set ndxd senann pwns 
sndys sy moor manp 55 wyysd 
DON Many seleig 3 oon 

mde sayy ya mndy worn Samay setnr nde ¢ min op pips 
nom) ¢ ya na nds emp one inwe Sy cost mn 33 
mder py ow op set * Saw apy ondsy sn is ovondnd 
S3 wap Sapa macnan yos wads pn ovodn anat + Sr ya Apr 
sayix sy pod may * myayn Sp you yds1a sap 
smaxmay jom nds inptya 

+ passpnndy niasd sat en Syn wads + naw nasa pas nds 

gap) worry sty insw> jad) + yoy sass bya saw py Ja 
soy 25 yen po qweady + mye gb my sar wee qanpy dy 
spdpy ms mbyn s25nw db wn at yoy? medn mason sap 
awowa Spya sain? ny Soa ° poy joo noe stow 7) 7370" 
27) DBS * TN pom DM ww wpm swan b> yo + Jom 

sy) Mox) TDN 

msn pvp yo Soo: onan pynwon * pny TpnNy “Wyss ‘TN 

1 L8 om. ' 305 "pr. 5 O'5 [5 ]we. 

f. 73 


i Bu 

449 SDS ww wo jy mdz 

Ine 529 $73 ADO TI Won" 

wind mywns soley TIMND IW WIM volaty INTIPN WN MM “yD 
solatg CWNID WY TIN PID selesy TOV AIT FIND sel, IYI 

Cady Cand Gadd TW IND aolety Sanwa Toaz 75 DAMN nes WON 
seleiy mddan awsn pynon Sy ap) pansy }2wa nyabn OX BM 
ays tony Ss yows own 2) JEse pan aw rad yeaa dy Spon 
Lpse Shin crnedl ily bolo smewrneyedereaen min pray 
ca Mody ond Syya mmr ene weary Serres 

MMay ONIN pI MA Tay DD po NAW DN I 199) Gary 
:7ON MA wNM : pwns 

mast isapp 5995 omer say modyd 1 d+ mawn od wes 
yp %S avy say ods S95 Sony mon yo syed stp 2D 
SPE A yO AA mor ann wd. sybn 9d ow awn TT + 
sya sapoms Nd ar by ss 55 sme sy anyt TT oye 
snnwea | typ Sy xd psa sot ot md mos abs ots sayy 
now poowadsy tay ama oN aa snyp xd) nan xda + mn 
ombs sy sa mn ye Som) nw DPN yINN yO InN 22d 
sop Tw mm Awy awe 55 ns 

:2nb anyan* 

sayt swspa son tans nayd swam adn ¢ ames ne 
Sony mapy yy meen yo se 55 Sy wn ot + pays mena 55 
my pm popny wow mpm Syn + ome in pnts wawn mdvdy 
nox yawna aD oven ann pn by :won tesa odenn 
mows os 1D swe ny 253 I mA Ow oo ar by sep 
rnd mma 
saan mpy mds ath ann 53 poo sawn pra ¢ aby: aby 
son 55 yo andor Sane anat scapm adn nota + naw 1723 
Dep omymat sayy po 75 mm en Sew ee saps 

105 Trt, 2 L 8 om. and so afterwards, 305 20. 
F f 

HMDS wav win ty mx 448 

pio ow ine * padmp ano by + pody pons inn sana oon 

vies get) ll pall Jes oe gt ew Lal ele! 
73) 9) dull 

PND ¢ TDN yO WIN wn yp 1b AD AM cyown won 

wm yD ap MD senN mBown nwd im sayer Sew Sy swnws 
pemas 1S INIT py pI swox Amy Syd an 
‘mw wow “pns repr 595 mmdp wp sewys ov sep xp 
Sanson ary sway imayd yobs nenp py ji mn 1a semen pep 
Dsyom =: we” pnp wa pody ma wp swam maw 
poyan :wopm jan Sys yawn ood ody swina pody mays ins 
:WINS MS wD pady Trap yD ww :was pINn * Nw dy 
son * Sean ww wrtpa sw mbes opr nom awdyn Spya 

: vipa 

wp! wpa drw ae rad asa! Js wy dre way Lal se’ 
“1 Sem) lS, 

saminda. mas oon | sidap Sy san: aun syn ar 
now + mean py Sy wopm) swyn mow me oa pn onAnn 
pa nat osyem siny 590 ypanny + Noy boo npn : D's 
mm ow: parora we samy S52 ¢ wm moon; nnn 
+ ppaat boa sinyoo pody apes + pod amin nna s15tws 
om sam) osnt ax 55° psen mam tow gi 52 pow pm 
sna WO Wn AP onny pay w4p ds ODA + NN 
boast pea Jow Wa :i~dew vy Poms * pons ANS 73 
syn wr 59° sods Syn qoapay :19dmp 

sp ¢ nd amin on S9a¢nb aman anio mt ads nan’ whys 
SI my ony aw amd ay’ AMY ond wt Ad AMI yo 

rpdyyd wow 

105 om, this piece. 

f. 69° 

f. 70 


447 Ips wawA win Ty mby 

sp pony DMNA * MaN Too pms awdar Aa dy * yt wy 

ana onenwnn tame sy oda om mp ap apN qn wy 
pins mw myy min abwhy pom pine omen id) ont a9 
mM NNN “AMD ANYAN' Nov ID AM pimst now mn 7 
NI pinyops Dyn pans bx + nuos ty oo Sx saa 
“op Tox ono 5) a9 now oma mwyns wd op * ods 
wm wna tanns mndyr ayo ¢ sasy apps hs AD rsp pinsdoa 
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‘pon vminds: tp 301° poopy ox maa wor stinyin mand sSy 
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wipn Sd) simwnwna ond + ppyp pon ym * D7 DNDN ADy 
sims Sy wo an oy tan qn nat mp bs mare mp wands 
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preps wow owe mnaw ov wp ani ap dds mr sans 
roms sy baby ee wtp 525 99 | same yo wtp don + apr 
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may mp sin ovina md) + owen xd paw? DwanD PN 
samp b> po. wp Npod pnaw Ip W|NN) wIPNNT* wn 
mm py * Senwe xox pos Say naw oa yen + sa ayn por 
sy pinxon ayy anw pp 55 aw: mawd wisn sy sin 
simawn oa moo + pes ow Dpyt ¢ pyynest any by * pdwa wap 
snx S> osm yan pat pponn pn ovo yo NI AD 

? L 14 (f. 41°) ends here. 


SDS WAV wIn Tyr mds 446 

ssond mowp by soyayn won WNT sty naw om * wp oy 
stay 52 yoo? pys ma nwo sc? by esp xda+ wpa ray wp 
mx poss psn tow 32) Iona wAN* pody Jaan mn ww 
sqasm pty ya Zane ybom awbyn Soya ssomye me jp 

poonm nan mew? San ww wpa 


tle alll samy gh agp! pul Jw owl ast J we cseod Lay jule® 
0 eany Ball ley al eet JS ge ell, yal 
po >A oy po yee ody amir ods wor nds 
ynd Som ° nossa 95 ow abman an Sy aby want pny onde soinsn 
+ madonn $5 quad + Anan pax Dap 3D * ANSt apy nds | eH 
am oSme ssn wy sa mat toon poy onde say poy py 
opdy pep ce tw) psn awa nds paar 95 omnia + poy 
mws mona pax nds sapw rat don qhoyn + py phy ypma 
sew swoonds saps 55 95 pn * mappp 4d ow * mown 
mbox 37w 9S) Jon * DIDIA TWADYD ow + OID InsADT DSA 
my yp qwaby sa aot ast b> pen nome ' Sasn non 
‘aM yOM aN My may mom + 9d yopt oA nds | son 
mm? Joup mona sno Ap? oy S95) 95 orp sawer qb pnd don 
saat Foon xd+ soy pads 

simyse “yp yowndy 127 pony anne opp ¢ spN ANT ATID 
eymn>Na INN Ow * DTD MND PA ND ND yD * NaN 12 AD wy 
sym mann sand wo xdoamsn203 ton meat b> wnat 
Hinpoysy pS AD ImwNA Mans awa 53+ pws DN 

bob + pnn ooN nevada) * OND DIN INN © opr jn pw bab 

1 PT WE) DPN ON New | WNIT I yom + wads poy 
sin IDI Ty 

7 O05 exon. 4L14 nn. > 05 om. this piece, 
‘L14 pn. 

f, 68» 

f. 69 

f. 66° 

f, 67 


445 PMS wawT wit tyr mdy 

ana ow nin nay np b> stony yma om ndna opin 
Soom yipa :tmas 19 Son Sy + oowa 55a nm | sams on 
$3 yo onwy ot opipney ssayn’ pasa np b> pm + mdwonm 
espawa wide scan yo mw bet Sup by Sap i :ddind as 
man bo pny nyden ssp mya 553 ain ody stabs wydan 
sayy nd adios 8 sso ondymy + podwn sen pmaynd :sdnen 
:Tan ny nwo non Ps my nxp Sx ney sopinx My pr 
mp penn yop ao qn ssdon SS ons. abs * awow ip nx 
ar onbmen soy mymed mtd) prpwon 0b seam adn an yn 
ssayns Syd) mae pore enna py mat ssonm nan Sd + adn 
Sp yee Soi scaxy ony wna 7D DN 1 pm AD 
smpya sper mn yp ywowsr orp rat be psd pp Sapdy 
x05 Sy non 55° owspa ia pds) 3339 and AwY IN ma + dD 
nos wp yaw 5505 adn apd awpnn 12 Sm scones yn 
yoy ‘Myson DY wer ETA yawMm snww man coy ; Spans 
‘mon yaw Soa ssaynn mysw yaw sp nds st be an 
yor nyawy samp moby Soyer an by ma nas sn yaw 
nr | scans dant yawn wn ar bx pra: tayd xd md + mapa 
‘wID STpD Ayn :tayne ow and: or pnaw ws soyIn yIIN 
mera ssaoN mm own by ant wn oi mp sty Senued 
my maron Syy + wpa nw> ssmw saa wad sys + naar minpyn 
pon sy pro xd mo ssp win nby Sy + own say sy 32 spy 
xymi wadn 34a 55 by sazon + mm ney psn psaony mn min 
monn stay xd poo Jn ome wow nia sap tn poy + mnbya 
sin oqo 75 fonxt* 72 3 n 

AY wary Carl J capedl Gily 11 ode Cae Cost ode 

ssaspn Sen ondsn onde ssom aw 55 pmo mo py son 

wap say toad md) pon newa nd) 55 da + nndy wnat 
> :Tayn tay doo + bya) na naw 3929 yep ow “yawn oY 
nay | ao wp dady* say 525 pom :satm maw jo + ep oY 17 

105 Law wy. 205 my, L14-7p0, 


STDS Wawra wIn Iyw mx A44 

clei! yo sly 
“3 DIPO AyD psf. 55” 
3m) APS WINN APIO AEST MID pT wls, Sonam sony sf. 56 
setts TNAWD 5 
1/”y omaN many sw adn 
DON MPW) DYN JAIN wel, DAMM sali, MN WN EF. 60 
pnanwy wesn ondsy no yp 
‘syn app oe ryan ap > ym pnd Sop 95 np adna 
sap xd pon mw sanyo a jada mips sen awn yw £ 61 
syno nt ssa poy ma sow mA Janay ey mar pt Sen 
| sya win 
SAPON DPN eM OWA ‘DD sls, mdN 3 
>) now dx 

2 xelaig DbTINY TON f. 62> 
py yo yo Ton... 2 ass Dbnn eels, TN WON f. 65° 
pox. map py oydy andy yo may say f. 66 

‘snow pay nds sqntay moyy ¢ ndap nx qoom pmax nds 
35 pw poy nbs sqnsapy Po pn apy ends sqm om 
bap mnweya ‘nw nan mya abs syn say yen win bon ody 
sons) Tyds nds 3qma cy aw b20 ¢ nom pins nbs sqmby 
sim sqnwsea conn * %Sn 55 poy yon :qnpy jo Joye’ pmo 
SINSD yOR | Tino pry nad pwn sqmyad oy + a2 In 
syne May ons Dp sw Syy sqm wpa ans ny 7b op 
ANS JD * INI AMX WD: FNM mMpy ° apy Ja A Ndy 



ssn pw Pas * ID) wn 55 by 
:Tayn 10 *winny 55 2 
op nd) 55 abs tow. + ayn Ty nT 

1 As above, p. 129, lines 2 to 15. 2 As above, p. 125, lines 26 to 29, 
* As above, p. 129, line 27 to p.130, l.1. 

L8, f£.54>- 

‘443 swt oyawn win ayy ndvd mbxy 

saws Span mim pws 
sawn wae win sp nod niby! 

AopoN) Man yp: owa YD) TOM np Sy on pms myn ww 
mds mm nds qa tony ann ane by naw wae wow 
M3 DION JI) Caak 

solely NOY TIDY PID seleig TOM MM IID 

INI OY sebiy slo pt ye 2pm rw rw Ta 7b onaN sabe 
Snsa ‘yawn wna anson by sapom LEM pnp ‘iw> pov tos 
rmwow mimon § SI Apey PIT WINN jor seliy WIN? 

selesy INTPN AWN TID “Ty ded 
soleiy MM FIV voleiy AWA WIND sb 
soley WHIT INDY TID Ja wlll 

nanwn doyer mann doyle salt JI Sua) pany pw b& may enn 
syox aoa mdyn Spnnny nx .e ys 

pal sole JIad abe J ail 

sSyan mim ows 4 
say yawn win sy mby 

mbyn yaw carydss tao Rom Arn) yan Aa yaw naw Apo 
Sy apm aman oypy jam nna $37 ps pray nds ya 
sano? ods: moby may aproy tne ds nds md qo pet yon 
mane” ae nN) 
PID YD OW SD MND AyWaw AM pa py pomn ows adn 
~ Sys qwnans ovesp omy son mpd mmSor + xonn yp 
:OoNN wiN 
yo :notn yansa awsat snows 55 AMP sandys maa aw in 
sods myn 

1 L8, f.54; L14, f. 28; Os, £. 18>. 705 sie nS Qype MN ANID REM 
“yn $y yom. * 05 Pom mn. * L8, f. 55; L14, f..36"; 05, £ 23" 

Ne 4 cae | Sl |= 
—— a Singhs 
j be * 

Oi: = aS Senieet jaa 
" x ® 


a en 




ba Nos 
vad et 

*£aTMog Aq*pe 


"S° TOA 
‘AS.04TT weqytreueg ey], : 
ete wegey 

ee | 

- = 
os ; 
_. Se 

‘ae Pap 
Satie aired 

prea ace as 

HP ss 


abe deh 

sia anc 

far saan 

: eae 


Bags ast 
Se yittiter tsi 

eae ts?) 



ii Py. 
z oe 


Sh Oe 
te cor 

Me yt. 


angen ioc Sabiaey 

riay ; 
heats Bai = i 
: soe: = 


RAeait Meir i 


pate teh ors hi bat 
et tf 

tee te 

ak = % 




oe ays 
: E ay a 
- Po 


as Pie oe ates ~~ se hit, 
Tenhatt tia es iS ae ayes thy 
Pry ker " ci Re Hatt +, 
Hep eee Ge neat 

i . 

taht hus Maly tea edad 

salty mith: 
2 as TR 3 


ie mi 


Be oe nee 
st Au ah vata Unie 
14 fa 
est ? int Preys 
me mie 

: i 

sien te 

sa ae pes Al 

ae she 


Heels — 
rote ey 

Atel e 


alae te 
Ppoerecthe: es 
So ne i 


Ont bh 

oS tbe 
sth oe 


rit at 



iby ke fs 
as llamar 

RAN Aas 

eo es 
me us oy : rust me 
ptt fait 

; ee : 

gla ot Ge uns 

i RNS i i] oy ct ys (ch 
oo a 

hontai uest stad mievatts 
aS = Nano an — 
* asia eta su a Be : md Sas 

ern » ye . 


rebeias fest} NS 
fe pe Ati Si 
5 a Pees cae 


neh Sst ata ay Mabe + 7